CP3, Del Negro Top Disappointed Clips’ Summer To-Do List


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — California’s basketball hierarchy is on its head.

As the second round is set to begin, in is the All-Star-snubbed Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors; out are the two biggest superstars set to hit the free-agent market: Dwight Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers and Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers.

In strange symmetry, Howard and Paul were both ejected in their final games of the season. Howard twice lost his cool and got the heave-ho early in the third quarter of the Kobe-less and totally injury-depleted Lakers’ Game 4 loss to the San Antonio Spurs. Referee Joey Crawford gave Paul a more controversial walk to the showers late in the fourth quarter of Friday’s Game 6 downer at the Memphis Grizzlies, the Clippers’ fourth consecutive defeat after taking a 2-0 series lead.

Both superstars will become free agents on July 1. While the smart money still says D12 and CP3 love L.A. and will stay, unceremonious endings to what were supposed to be storybook seasons for both franchises at least adds a layer of intrigue and speculation to the proceedings.

For the Clippers, 118-105 losers Friday, suddenly the celebrations of a franchise-best 56-win season and a first-ever Pacific Division title are being washed away by a tidal wave of disappointment and tough offseason decisions headlined by Paul’s choice of where next to take his talents.

“I got a lot of time to think about that,” Paul, wearing a Clipper red sports coat, told reporters after Friday’s game. “As I do with any decision I make, I consult with my wife, my parents, my brother, my family. I might even let little Chris chime in on this. We’ll see what happens.”

L.A.’s front office will wait on pins and needles for July 1 to get Paul’s answer, but they will likely move much quicker to determine the future of lame-duck coach Vinny Del Negro. When management assesses the job he’s done in leading the Clippers to the playoffs in consecutive seasons for just the second time in the franchise’s 29 years in L.A. and first time in 20 years, there will be two sides of the coin to each topic of debate.

Since being hired to lead Chicago with no previous coaching experience, Del Negro has been scrutinized, even ridiculed, like no other coach regarding his acumen of the X’s and O’s.

In this series, Del Negro’s team allowed a 2-0 lead to slip away. But how much of that is on the coach and how much is on a team that seemed to get outworked in the final four games? Did the coach not have his team prepared or did the players not show up? Did the coach fail to make proper adjustments or did the players fail to execute?

Paul averaged 22.8 points and 6.3 assists. He shot 53.3 percent and rarely turned the ball over. He didn’t get a lot of help from what was considered to be the deepest team in basketball. His All-Star teammate Blake Griffin sprained an ankle and played 24 minutes in the final two games. He finished the series with a well-below-average 13.2 ppg and 5.5 rpg while nemesis Zach Randolph dominated in the final four games.

Veteran point guard Chauncey Billups, who missed most of the season due to injury, played as if his head wasn’t in it, finishing the series with more turnovers (eight) than assists (six). After going 4-for-8 from the floor in Game 1, he went 7-for-28 the rest of the way.

Sixth Man of the Year runner-up Jamal Crawford was 7-for-21 in Games 3 and 4 and was benched in the second half of Game 6 after going 0-for-5. Matt Barnes, who threw in 30 points Friday night, was 9-for-24 in Games 2 through 5.

Caron Butler averaged 5.8 ppg in Games 2 through 5 and scored five points in 34 minutes of Games 4 and 5. Del Negro ripped center DeAndre Jordan‘s effort. Grant Hill, either injured or buried on the bench this season, was on the floor in the second half of Game 6.

The Clippers could look quite different next season. They have $45 million tied into Griffin, Jordan, Butler, Crawford, Hill and Eric Bledsoe. Two million could get returned if Hill retires as he speculated he might last month.

So let the introspection begin for a franchise that has scrapped bottom for decades and seemed to be headed for better days, if not glory days. Owner Donald Sterling in his later years has seemed to soften and to smartly open his wallet to make things happen. It’s resulted in two sensational seasons that have produced regular-season results like never before, two rare trips to the postseason while also rousing a fan base and creating a fun environment at Staples Center.

Yet the Clippers failed to accomplish Del Negro’s goal and that was go deeper in the playoffs that last season’s second-round sweep at the hands of the Spurs when Griffin was again hurt and unable to perform at a peak level.

So while Curry and the Warriors keep doing their thing, the mood is considerably darker today down in L.A.



  1. JerrellOV says:

    Guess which of the league’s top Point Guards and top Center are playing in Dallas next year 🙂

  2. Ns says:

    Lots of typos in this post-

  3. HEAT NATION says:

    or i think cp3 will go to miami to team up with big 3..dont think the salary,just think the ring and the experience to play with the KING!you too d12,go to HEAT this SUMMER:)

  4. HEAT NATION says:

    or i think cp3 will go to miami to team up with big 3..dont think the salary,just think he ring and the experience to play with the KING!you too d12,go to HEAT this SUMMER:)

  5. HEAT NATION says:

    Guys, just listen to me..D12 will go to Houston this summer to team up with harden and if its happen,CP3 will follow D12 to Houston..Houston is a great city and has a lot of great players..so D12 and CP3, just go to houston to team up with HARDEN..
    starting 5..

    bench will be LIN,ASIK,GARCIA,etc..ROCKETS vs HEAT 2014 Finals Match UP!anyway i am a HEAT FAN:)

  6. Pilyo says:

    Barnes, hollins,turiaf, odom, bledsoe should stay.

  7. The kid says:

    The clippers should resign cp3, trade butler n djordan in a 3 team trade to get luol deng. Then go after Bynum maybe getting him to sign a kris humphries type of deal

  8. Eli. Odell J. says:

    whats all this talk about die-hard clippers fans?
    did any one of em support em 3-4 years back?
    hell, why would anybody be a fan of that sorry bunch, just the lakers little sidekick brother, there aint no regional fans so who they got? some ring-ins and bandwagoners these days
    aint nothin die-hard about em

  9. steph curry says:

    go spurs go!!!

  10. Alberto says:

    Does anyone else think that CP3 and D12 might team up with Dirk in Dallas?? I could see that happening, not sure if Dallas have cap space to do so but I believe they don’t have many players under contract for next season.

    • dirk says:

      I agree dallas should sign cp3 first then try getting D12 idk if theyll have enough cap space but it would be a ice move
      starting lineup
      OJ Mayo (if they resign him)
      carter collison and elton brand and brandon wright and sign another veteran guard.
      this team could go far like in 2011 if they have the cap space they should do this and hopefully cuban can convince them to come to dallas unlike last year when he let derron williams slip through!!!!

  11. James Moore says:

    3 words that would get the clippers over the hump and guarantee chris paul staying. Hire Phil Jackson. Vinny is way out of his depth

  12. juvz says:

    if they are trying to amnesty Perkins, they should have done it at the start of this season and re-sign harden. does it make sense?

  13. Bob says:

    I seriously think Del Negro has to go, Clips need to trade away some guys. CP3 should stay if there is a new coach, other CP3 should leave this guy really deserves a championship. Maybe CP3 was one of those guys who won’t win one, but Clips are just athleticism…They need a new coach

  14. ROn says:

    I think CP3 will go to LA Lakers to team up with Kobe and Dwight, a sign and trade involving Pau Gasol and a third team will do.

    I’m envisioning

    CP3 to Lakers

    Pau Gasol and Matt Barnes to Raptors

    Bargnani, DeRozan/Ross and Nash to Clippers

    • kid says:

      the lakers can’t do their favorite sign and trade move anymore because of the new cba rules. any team over the luxury tax can’t do a sign and trade. fancy that.

  15. xyz says:

    I like the Clippers, but I think Blake Griffin is seriously overrated. If it wasn’t for his freakish athleticism, nobody would even consider him as an All-Star or top 3 power forwards in the league. He is working on his game though (he improved his FT and his jump shot, but only slightly), but his PPG and Rebs are down compared to last year. Even with the injuries, he still isn’t performing to the hype that’s been created around him because of his insane dunks. The Clippers should fire Del Negro asap, go over the moon to sign CP3 (arguably the best PG in the league) and Blake Griffin needs to hit the gym and improve his game drastically (post moves, decision making, rebounding, eliminating the very late release in his jump shot, overall consistency). I don’t understand how Blake Griffin’s rebounding numbers are so low for a guy with such an amazing leaping ability -> he should definitely learn a thing or two from Zach Randolph.

  16. bj says:

    I wonder where would CP3 go ? There is hardly any team that are up there in Playoff contending, only I can think of is Knicks, or he will then have to go to building team, and use 3 years to get to playoffs ??
    I guess as a superstar, he go to a big City team??
    My advice, stay with Clippers, remove Jordan and/or Griffin and get a perimeter shooter !

  17. rellsixfive says:

    For starters, most of the greats are able to work on 1 aspect of improvement during the off season. Granted, Blake showed slight improvement on the little mid range jump shot last year (not enough to be affective on a consistent basis), but the problem here is, Blake has an athletic mentality. As long as he looks at that score sheet and it shows that he’s averaging a double double most nights…as long as lob city is in full effect, he’s blind to the things that he can’t do. Maybe it will take a series like this for him to see that he truly needs to overhaul his game. His potential is amazing, but it take a superficial glance at stats and the ability to get the crowd hype, you will forever be blinded by your limitations as simply being able to “play the game of basketball”. Z-Bo’s knowledge of how to play the game exposed Blake for what he is…..Simply an athletic beast with little to no consistent basketball skills and knowledge. For DJ, once again, I see immense potential. His problem appears to be more in his head, but with a great big man program and and some basic training on how to play the game (outside of lob city), he will be ok. But can the Clippers afford to wait for the time that might take. CP3…I love me some CP3 (even when he was with NO), but if he decides to go, I can’t be mad at all. I really think a better coach may have produced better results. For as good as those guys appeared to be this season, the coaching strategy wasn’t displayed. They were made to look better than they actually were, due to the wizardry of one CP3 who basically does what a point guard is suppose to do and that’s facilitate until called upon to score for himself. Al though i’m a fan, looking at them from a business standpoint, you have to consider their age. I love G. Hill, I like C. Butler, J. Crawford, and the rest of the squad, but I feel that it’s just flat out crazy to try to label this team as BG & C. Paul’s team. The ability to dunk shouldn’t be a prerequisite to being one of the team leaders. I say start with CP3 and nobody else is untouchable/unmovable!

  18. VDN says:

    Vinny needds to get FIRED ASAP!

  19. SeeMeNoMore says:

    Before stern got his hating self iinvolved in matters, cp3 was coming to la joining the bynum/kobe core, personally i think thats where he wants to be. Dwight is goin dallas or houston (most likely houston) coz he aint cut out for the pressure, the great Cs for la were egotists uf u think kobes gotta ego u shudda played with kareem or wilt nvm shaq. Houston r known for their bigs (yao, hakeem) n with mchale there to teach dwight how to post he’ll improve immensely.

  20. Mario says:

    As the clippers season comes to an end with a disappointing loss, there is a brighter future ahead to look forward to. Retaining CP3 will be the larger issue at hand as July quickly comes around and making serious changes to the roster will and must be a priority if the Clippers want to be title contenders. Yes!, this years team was fun and exciting, but, that doesn’t win you any championships. Let’s take a little detour and look at the Lakers franchise for a second, why do they have 16 championships? Easy, they’ve had player like (Magic, Chamberlain, Kareem, Baylor, Kobe, Shaq, West and many more), which is why they are the franchise they are. Back to the Clippers, CP3 is the best player acquired, if you ask me. Blake Griffin isn’t in his prime, yet, although he may be in a few years to come. DeAndre Jordan, quality defensive player without any offense and a liability at the charity stripe. Caron Butler, when he’s hot, feed him the ball. As for “A BENCH CALLED TRIBE”, what can you say? It was a good bench, just not enough. Crawford proved he could win the sixth man of the year award and look forward to seeing him next season. And Barnes had one of his best seasons as a Clipper. The only thing Clippers fans can hope for are, trade DJ, and most importantly KEEP CP3!! Who wants to go to the playoffs again next season, just to see DJ sit out some of the 3rd quarter and the entire 4th quarter? Not I, said the wolf (Little Red Riding Hood)..

  21. lbj says:

    cp3 why are u staying with a team that can never win a ring? LA is finished, come to miami and win it all with the king. trade Juwan Howard and picks to the clippers for paul

    heat starting line
    pg – paul
    sg – wade
    sf – lebron
    pf – bosh
    c – anderson

    thats a line that can win not 6 not 7 not 8 but more rings!!!

  22. CP3 for 3 says:

    The Clippers lost this series because of lacking of experiences? I don’t think so. They’ve got more ‘healthy’ veterans on team comparing to last year. I don’t agree on trading DJ, yes he might play really bad in this series and defensing seems to be a long term problem for him, he just needs a little push to be better, he’s got potential. In my opinion, it will be good if Monta Ellis can join the Clippers next season!

  23. JohnDoe says:

    I like the idea of Clippers to Seattle. They are just always in the shadow of the Lakers, even if they are the better team. On the other hand, LA is big enough to handle two teams…

    Other than that, yes DJ and Blake Griffin are overrated. Just athlethisism isn’t enough – LeBron will realise that at some point (but probably way later than Blake Griffin) as well.

    But since we are at putting unrealsitic teams togehter, how about CP3, Kobe, Lebron, Durant and Howard? The Bench should work great with Parker, Westbrook, Melo, Ibaka and Brook Lopez. Since the Lakers have no salary cap they are the only ones to do that…

    Let’s go Memphis and Spurs – beat the Heat!

  24. chingn says:

    CP3 LAL

  25. cirenah says:

    clippers should get pau gasol

  26. chandler says:

    cp3 needs to go to the jazz itd be so sick!

  27. OC says:

    CP3 and Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!!


    holy macro BEST TEAM EVER

  28. Ralph Peralta says:

    I think that they should make some changes in the coaching staff. Just think about it, they had their best season in franchise history, and they couldn’t get by the first roud!! It is obvious that the coaching staff did not make the right moves in the lineup.

  29. kid says:

    wow….i’m sorry to spoil the fun of lakers fans but they can’t go for chris paul this off-season because of the new CBA rules. it’s not allowed for teams over the luxury tax to go for a sign-and-trade that they usually do to obtain superstars. unless they amnesty kobe bryant to free up 30.3 million in cap space then sign him again after acquiring cp3 because they still have bird rights for kobe but that would be burning serious money for their part. then try to sign re-sign d12. the clips can also do this to acquire d12 by using amnesty on DJ if they still have their amnesty but they can’t re-sign DJ because they don’t have bird rights. they can only wish other teams would sign him to foot the bill some of his contract then re-sign cp3. and oh yeah IMO both teams need new coaches.

  30. Jonathan says:

    Clippers is nothing without Chris Paul…

  31. Michael says:

    live in los angeles, hate the Lakers but respect the Clippers. Lets start off by lettin yall know Cp3 would never jump.ship and be a Laker. He will either stay or leave but never a Laker. Same with Lebron he will neverrr be a Laker makes no sense. He choose Miami not Chi bc he didnt wanna follow Jordan, what pressure…u think hed wanna follow Kobe?

    Go Bulls!

  32. Patty says:


  33. AnnoYouLater says:

    i heard the rockets are going to be the number 1 pursuer of D12…i think hell be a good fit in houston..

  34. David says:

    Clippers just need a new coach. Their roster is OK now. See what Tom Thiboddeau has done for Bulls.

  35. JT says:

    Is anyone here outside Faker Fanatasy Fan believe CP3 leaves 30 MILLION on the table to skip across the hall to team geriatric ? The Lakers are a mess having to amnesty over paid players have a full roster of over paid players whom need canes and walkers… Get real CP3 takes CLIPPERSnto promise land!

  36. BID says:

    first off somehow this team is overrated because they have a whole bunch on inconsistent players crawford, barnes, jordan, butler besides coach del negro has failed to set up an identity on this team defense-wise…. I think first they should fire del negro and then exchange butler and jordan for a true wing who can make 3s consistently and center who can rebound and defend not just taking lobs and most important free bledsoe which ceiling is so high talent-wise

  37. Alvin C says:

    Chris Paul, the other CP, CP25, is waiting for you at Houston. along with Harden.

  38. eracings says:

    A Team as talented as Clippers should represent the WEST, the problem was Clippers was too melancholic. When they win everyone was full of joy and suddenly improved, when they lost or beginning to be behind they didn’t know what to do, they couldn”t cope with that. Now, is that Players problem or Coach Problem? Clippers won 17 but when they loose its always a streak too, I think the coach did not have a strategy, did not know how to use this super talented players. I think this is a waste. SAD!

  39. john clenton says:

    Clippers need to shore up the post position. They also need to expand playbook. It looked like it was hard to run plays against Memphis. Also let’s get every player shooting at least 70% in free throws.

  40. NBAfan says:

    Clippers will never win with Del Negro. Awful Coach…. Hollins totally outcoached him the series. Griffin needs to work on a more reliable post game. IMO

  41. Chillax says:

    I think he should go to Houston.Lakers are full with geezers! They”re not going anywhere!

  42. gamfen says:

    CP3 is going to show his skills in Texas next season – Dallas is calling


    Pleeeease let’s get a real coach…. Not letting Grant Hill play till game six? How is that possible? He is the reason we won the home court against memphis the last time Clippers beat them in memphis… ..Clippers were behind and Hill comes in and wins the game…Vinny… sorry to say…You are the worst coach in NBA…

  44. calo says:

    Chris paul go to LA LAKERS so you can have ring too….

  45. ohBlazin says:

    Chris Paul or Dwight Howard needs to go the Houstan Rockets imagine how good that team will be or what if both of them go to the Rockets

  46. Hell says:

    Change DJ, center with 5 or 6 rebounds on a good day is only good for laughing. Change coach, still new to the game maybe in 10 years he will learn. Bring some sg or sf, but barnes is ok. They should’ve played turiaf on zach and griffin on gasol. Playing smaller and only shooting without cutting. Idiotic.

  47. karmazz11 says:

    i started to be disapointed byt the clips when they destroyed the real clippers-core (griffin aminu kaman etc) to make a fake hype generic team quick (billups, odom, barnes, i dont even remember the others) . paul was a good add of course, and they surely had to make some hard moves to get him, but still. the team is the new phoenix suns of the nash era, super regular season team, no playoffs potential. and seriously i like him but what they gave to deandre jordan is crazy.

  48. Camilla says:

    Lakers should trade Steve Blake and bring CP3…

  49. Ramona says:

    I was a Laker fan before I became a Clippers fan. I love the underdogs. I think the Clippers should let go DeAndre Jordan first and foremost. He is a very expensive, unproductive center. Then, get rid of the olds like Chauncey Billups and Grant Hill. Try getting Dwight Howard and resign CP3. Make sure to get players that are committed to play defense and
    make their foul throws. Vinny Del Negro is just good not the best coach in making timely substitutions.

  50. penguinmonkey says:

    these clippers are just too deep. look at the game 7 rotations for the grizzlies and the clippers. the clippers were just throwing players in the game for 10 mins. they dont have a set rotation. they dont have Consistency. sure in the regular season u can win that way because over 82 games having the ability to rest players is key, but come playoff time the more prepared and mature team that has a solid 7 or 8 man rotation is going to win.

  51. BMW says:

    Doron: The clippers play music now? No? How about composure.

  52. pchhorn says:

    Cp3 to Houston

  53. jay says:

    Hire any of the of the Van Gundy brothers and this team will win the championship even with the same group.


    Grant Hill Please come back … Vinny Please gp

  55. nathanyel says:

    chris paul to the rockets bench lin

  56. LAKER FAN says:



      Howard and Paul is the best combination with Steve Nash coming off the bench… But!!! not when Kobe the most selfish player ever played this game is there… He does not let anyone else grow in this team….

  57. i know Bball says:

    The clippers when healthy are a gerat team their bigs are just fine the team is just fine blake a susperstar not just a good player but he got injured before game 5 the rest is history clips do need a decent 2 chris paul will stay 100%

  58. jack says:

    Keep CP3 and bring Dwight. Both like California. Say good by to Odom, Hill, Turiaf, Billups and Hollins. If Kobe decides to return to the Lakers, this will be an incentive to D to sign with the Clippers. We need a competitive franchise in LA.

  59. Brandon says:

    I knew this wanna gonna happen to the Clippers when they signed CP3. They should have kept their young talent like Eric Gordon, Aminu, etc. They should’ve have continued what they were doing as a talented young team with the duo of gordon and blake, They should’ve continued to build around griffin, cause in his first year, you could see him develop into a Superstar. And they could’ve developed Bledsoe better by making him the starting point guard instead of making him, what like 9th man of the bench. It would’ve have taken a bit longer, but I think it would’ve been a better formula to work with. Agree or Disagree?

    • James says:

      I think CP3 is working out, some others aren’t though. Bledsoe should maybe be the SG, he is too good to trade but too good to waste coming off of the bench, yet i don’t think he is meant to play the point position.

      Billups, Jordan, Butler, and Turiaf are worthless, all must go. I don’t understand why Green got benched, they were much better with him before Billups returned. Keep Green, Crawford, and Odom, they are usually reliable subs. Although Crawford really didn’t come through in the playoffs.

      They should go with CP3 at PG, Bledsoe at SG, Barnes at SF, Griffin at PF, and they need to move the rest and try to get Bynum maybe. Fortunately he is a free agent, no need to trade for him, just need to offer the right amount of money. Its reasonable to think he might want to return to LA. Seems like a gamble but Bynum was the top center before his last injury. They might not have the money for it though.

      Screw depth. Depth is nice during the regular season to save wear and tear on the starters, but in the playoffs most teams are running 6 or 7 deep, at that point your just running subs against starters.

    • lizz says:

      Completely agree and it would’ve made financial sense too leaving more cash to add depth.

  60. bigboy11 says:

    all they have to show for the season is highlights lobs and posters (2013 poster champs).

  61. Doron says:

    Vinni Del Negro says the clippers didn’t lose their Composer.
    I think Chris Paul is one of the greatest Composers ever.
    thats a funny word flop

  62. mac says:

    CP3 and D12 have to think about teaming up together, likely either in ATL or DAL. Atlanta has pieces they can trade to add talent around them. But in Dallas, they could win it all in year one with Dirk and Carlisle, and then have loads of cap space in 2014 to rebuild around them. Carlisle is a better coach than they’ll find anywhere else they sign. And Dirk will happily slide into a supporting role with no infighting and pouting like they get from Bryant, Pau, Griffin, and Jordon.

    Dark horse: the Knicks if they amnesty Stat, and trade Chandler and Kidd.

  63. nba fan says:

    Relax Laker fans CP3 wont be on your team next year !

    • Mario says:

      FYI the lakers just signed a 2 bill contract with time Warner cable they can afford to go over the limit for at least 5 years and they don’t loose much lol so if Paul wants to play with Dwight and Kobe he will sign with them and continue with a great team lakers all the way next year

  64. floyd says:

    great comments, I believe that Chris Paul should walk, the cash strapped Lakers will not be able to sign him they are trying to retain Dwight Howard. Vinney Del Negro is NOT the right coach Byron Scott is a better fit since he was Chris Paul’s coach in New Orleans. They did not adjust until game 6 this is a sign of poor coaching, there are a lot better coaches available. The Clippers should keep Butler, Griffin, Barnes, Bledsoe, Jordan and Crawford if CP3 resigns. Get rid of Billups,Turiaf, Hollins, Hill ,Green , Lamar Odom is questionable? As for the Spurs they are aging and if they don’t make changes they will go out like Boston and the Lakers, nobody learned the lesson from the old Detroit Pistons, basketball is still a young mans game 1

  65. Brandon says:

    If the Clippers could sign Dwight Howard…
    I think they have the money if they get rid of DJ and a couple of free agents.
    They still keep Lob City, they get a better defensive anchor. There’s less pressure, and Dwight Howard brings his all every game. Hes getting healthier and his free throws would be better.

  66. Jeff says:

    First off the clippers beat this team last year. So its not like they hang with them or beat them. Memphis just played better.

    • brClipper says:

      A lot already said, but last year’s team was actually not better – just had guys likke KM and Reggie to bring def intensity. with them gone, DJ was really exposed. We have a number o players that we should keep and build around.
      Not the old guys, but Grant is signed and could be good back up. Willie G good piece, BArnes, JC, etc From tthere
      Keep Vinny

  67. jay says:

    The clippers reached 56 wins because of good players but not a good coach. Vinnie is good but not good enough for the
    Clippers. He should be replaced to retain CP3.

  68. Brandon says:

    Good bye Vinny.
    Terrible coach with terrible adjustments with no half court.
    DJ and back up bigs need to go, they can’t defend against Randolph and Gasol. DJ shows no effort. What a waste of 11million a year.

  69. LA AC says:

    The Clippers need a new coach. They porbably would have at least gone 7 if Griffin doesn’t get hurt, but that fact does not account for their consistently inconsistent offensive production (other than CP3 going one-on-one) in 4th quarters throughout the season. If the team wants to ascend to the next level, it must be led from the top.

  70. SHUT THE EF UP says:

    CP3 is free agent this summer, if he don’t comeback to the Clips. Clippers should just move to seattle instead of Kings. After all, Lakers still own the city of LA for a very long time now.

  71. Croakus says:

    Chauncey Billups late turn over sealed it for the Clippers and then they hit a 3, guy too old wrong to used him he looked lost!

  72. CP says:

    Joe Crawford is untouchable as long as his girl friend is still dictating the NBA

  73. rok says:

    Lakers is the place for CP3,,, with Howard He can be the best, also for 1 or 2 year there can be also Kobe helping! 🙂


      Not as long as Kobe is there… He is too selfish to let anyone elae grow in this team…

  74. max says:

    teams that really want to go all the way to win a championship stay together, PERIOD! Players, like C. Paul that keep shopping to find a already sure bet to win? Well, they seem to end up being the ONE STAR on many teams, but never get the gold ring. Look at the first year the HEAT pull together 3 all stars? DID NOT DO WELL!!
    It was reported in the media that they even cried. However, NOT one of the 3 stars kept shopping, but dug in and stayed. Now they are looking at trying and coming close to winning it all two times in a row. Staying together, learning more how to play as a team, is the only ones that win it all. Shoppers lose. It takes more than one season to learn how to be a team. Look at High School Players. Start out as freshmen and sometimes after 3 or 4 years walk away as Champions. Word to the Wise, Stay with your team, Agree to work and work, learn to see your team as a family, Share the glory and get over trying to be a one team STAR! Most do not do this, BUT shop until they are too old and DROP! Lot to think about with July not far off. Now the 3 Super studs with the HEAT? DID NOT WALK!!!!!, could have for more $$$, but stuck it out and now they are thoroughbreds!

    • brClipper says:

      Good point
      Just start w/ DJ – need someone else
      Keep Coach get CP3

    • Chris says:

      Didn’t they reach the finals the first year??

    • Lady Janice says:

      Only Chris cried because it was something he really wanted. He explained why he cried. They are together and couldn’t walk away because they are under contract. If you call not doing well making it to the finals then you do not understand basketball. A lot of people would have been happy to make it to that spot. You are right, it does take time to learn other players when coming together as a team. CP3 has been with the Clippers for two years. He will probably stay with the clippers. So many of the players want money and the talent and expect the teams to pay for it. We will see. He will make the right decision.

  75. Noori says:

    Laker fans dont think a salary cap exists

  76. Dave s says:

    I’v watched Joe Crawford over the years. He’s earned the reputation of the one ref in the league that you can’t even look at the wrong way without getting Teed up. No one reigns him in. No one polices him. Fans have seen him take over games before like the dominant ref that he is. Showboating and bringing all attention to himself. last night there were 7 techs. Folks , that’s nothing . A couple of years ago, ironically in memphis, Crawford called 11 techs in a game that he dominated like no player can. Michael Heisley the owner of the Griz at the time, protested the game to no avail of course. As a player, i would evalute my status leaguewide before confronting him. It would have to be a real star , respected league wide. a major draw perhaps. Someone needed by the league ratings-wise. Someone like a Lebron. Only then could a player give to Joe Crawford what many have wanted to see over the years….. a punch in the mouth that lands him in the hospital. Only then would Joe perhaps stop treating players as the overpriced slaves that he owns.

  77. Sinastac says:

    chris paul, come to the dark side(the lakers)!!!

  78. Rk says:

    Play off second round is about to start. How many of the all star starters are still playing.

    • chigga says:

      a few of them

      Mia – 3
      OKC – 2 (RW is injured but his team still there)
      Griz – 1
      GSW – 1
      Spurs – 2
      Indy – 1
      Chi – 2
      NY – 1

  79. 2e says:

    CP3 got use to the good life in LA and if I am from him!! I head to the Lakers that is the place he was going to in the first place.

  80. CP3 Should Go to the Lakers he Have a much Better Chance there then the Clippers

    • ALLDAY says:

      yup for sure

    • LALALA says:

      Hahaha talk about stupid. The lakers are already being discriminated for lack of bench depth and here you are suggesting another blockbuster deal. Sure CP3 would be great with them. But paychecks of Howard, Bryant and Nash are taking more of the team’s budget as it is. The Lakers need depth. Your comment is so stupid. No matter how good is your starting line up you should at least give them a decent backup. I suggest the lakers opt out of Steve Nash contract or if howard doesn’t come back go and spend that cap space on a bench worthy to wear the yellow and violet.

  81. Jonathan says:

    I’m the biggest DJ fan there is and he is leaps and bounds better than he was last year and is well on his way to being Tyson Chandler v. 2.0. However, he had no consistency this year because he didn’t get consistent minutes to play through his mistakes in the regular season. Having not gone through the reps and playing crunch time minutes or even the 30 minutes in big spots in the postseason was setting him up to fail. It’s like giving a student a chemistry final exam when you don’t go through equilibrium or concepts in acids and bases and they make up a huge chunk of that final. You basically set the student up to fail. You can’t blame the student if the teacher (VDN) is unqualified.

  82. JONDAME says:

    Chris paul belongs in NYC with Melo amd the knicks !!!! now that will make even king james have nightmares at night ,lets make it happen …….

    • Tyrone says:

      well Lebron said his destination might depend on where CP3 goes. If Cp3 goes to NYC, its likely Lebron will go to NYC too. then it would be overkill

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Chris Paul to OKC, Amnesty perkins move RW to SG, start Paul, Westbrook, Durant,Ibaka and Thabeet

  83. Ewan Bodenham says:

    Clips need some serious rebuilding this offseason. Firstly I think Del Negro has to go. He’s had a chance, but the half court offense and a couple of other things still just aren’t good enough. Secondly we need to add a lot more toughness. With no reggie evans or k mart the clips weren’t tough enough to deal with teams like Memphis. Then trades… DJ is over payed, childish and inconsistent. I think trading him in a package with Bledsoe and maybe a couple of others for players like Paul Millsap would help a lot. If they do this and manage to keep cp3 I think they’re on for a good 2013-2014 season

    • gritsngravy21 says:

      Agreed. Del negro is a good coach but not for this team. I honestly think they need a coach with more playoff experience, someone who can unlock the talent and athleticism they have. I watched griffin play this year and he almost seemed to take a step backward like he added nothing whatsover to his game.i know injuries played a part but dude is getting paid too much not to dominate. Chris paul needs some help he cant score 30 every game.

  84. YankeeClipper says:

    Clipper Nation can stand tall as our team had a Great season…the Best ever! It is not the time to jump ship or bail. A few course corrections but stay the course! Clipper Nation Rises and will return!!!

  85. holyspectator says:

    didnt expect clipps to flop this quickly…so grizz vs spurs in the WCF…should be interesting, what a crazy years its been

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Don’t sleep on OKC, yes Westbrook is out but Memphis strength is their bugs, Perkins,Ibaka, collison, and Thabeet are all healthy

      • chigga says:

        i love your enthusiam on OKC and i agree.. if you have a durant dont count them out, kmart can still fill it up offensively also.. but u named thabeet as part of your argument so that is now void..

  86. ko0kie says:

    Now Chris Paul really values David West from their days in New Orleans… I like Griffin but David West would have been a much better matchup against Zach Randolph

  87. amitpal says:

    I think clippers need to get rid of deandre jordan and get al jefferson. Jefferson can post up and hit the mid range jumper giving people more space in the middle. Hes also a big body on defense for guys like marc gasol. Hes not as mobile has dj but still. And I really think the clipper need a younger more athletic shooting guard. I thIk they shoot trade eric blodsoe for someone like wesley mathew, a guy who can defend and hit threes.

    • brClipper says:

      DJ is #1 to go on market – got to happen
      BG will work it out and come back better again
      VDN – defineitly should come back
      CP3 -should come back – good for him and probably won’t have to deal with DJ anymore

  88. kilroy says:

    this team is severely overrated.. sure, the alley hoops and dunkings are fun to watch, but that just isn’t enough..
    Lob city is not ready for the playoffs., swept last year by my spurs and choking on a 2-0 lead this year? damn..

    you wanna see fancy dribbling, shooting and high flying dunks, watch the globetrotters, but if you wanna see real basketball, watch the spurs..

    • Chris says:

      Overrated? They go from the worst team in the history of American sports to playoff contenders and they’re overrated? I’m actually a spurs fan but I highly doubt the clippers are overrated. Let their die hard fans have something to be excited about, sheesh

    • Pakyaw says:

      @kilroy, if you wanna go fall asleep right away watch the spurs..

      • Kilroy says:

        Lol.. Do not hate on greatness manny pakyaw..
        And your still riding on that “spurs is boring” bandwagon.”?

      • Bespoken says:

        Only people who plays the game appreciate Spurs ball. who set the pick, who cuts at the right time, who calls the right play. People who only enjoy the dunks, the 3s, the fancy dimes are the same people who think cars with decals are faster.

      • dred says:

        yea but they still got 4 championships so I don’t think they mind being boring.

      • chigga says:

        werent they top 5 in the league in offense the last 2 years.. if thats boring then im pretty sure its just you watching a sport you dont like.. this isnt 04 anymore.. these guys score the rock..

  89. W/E says:

    No way Chris Paul will stay with the Clips, he can go to a better team,Clips are done,the young guys Blake and Jordan got no talent just athleticism and seems like they cant improve at all skillwise, Bilups,Barnes,Crawford,Hill,Odom, these guys ar old the core of the clips cant compete for a championship, it will be a huge suprise if Paul decides to stay with the Clips, he will have better choices in the summer for sure.

    • Chris says:

      If the clippers resign Cp3 they should go for one of the shooting guards in the pool. Griffin has potential, don’t see how he has no talent. He’s got a lot of work to Do over the summer though. But seriously, an upgrade at shooting guard and/or small forward would be great. Unfortunately there isn’t too much to write home about in the free agent pool at the three, but Kyle korver can at least get them three point shooting

  90. dattebayo says:

    When David Stern retires, Joey Crawford just needs to go with him. That’s gotta be one of those package deals like the one Doc has with KG and what Pop has with Timmy. How many Techs did he hand out? How many showboating calls did he make? And how many players were ejected? Wow…

  91. nba fan says:

    chris paul might leave after his team played in this series

  92. Calin Radulescu says:

    Although I’m a Lakers fan, I enjoy watching the Clippers as well. It’s a very likable team, except it has several flaws… Athleticism can only get you so far, and at the same time they have enough talent in the stables to contend with anybody, it’s just a matter of recongizing what their strengths are.
    Beyond Paul, I think that instead of trying to develop Jordan or to motivate Odom, or reinvent Crawford, they should take their four-five best players, regardless of position, and say: This is our group!

    Bledsoe is a stud, he has a very high ceiling. Again, as a Lakers fan, I still see how little he’s been used. Why play Odom, Butler or Jordan, who are either limited or growing old ?!? It makes no sense, their biggest attribute is their youth…
    Go all out: Paul, Bledsoe, Barnes, Griffin, Jordan, subbed by Billups, Green, Crawford, Hollins…
    They can get value out of Jordan (defensive Center, anyone?), maybe Odom / Butler for more stable players, even with longer contracts.