The Warriors Get Back To The Future


OAKLAND – The crowd at Roaracle Arena was the best kind of insane, refusing to sit for long stretches throughout much of the building, turning the building into a cauldron that sent people into the night with their ears buzzing, reaching a level of frenzy that reached the days of the 2007 playoffs here with the “We Believe” team.

This was a release. Obviously within the locker room because the Warriors were underdogs as the No. 6 team in the Western Conference that had just advanced at the expense of No. 3 Denver, but almost everyone had arrived in the last few years. Obviously for management and ownership that had taken public abuse for – oh, heavens! – trading Monta Ellis among other decisions that obviously had zero chance of working out, but the bosses were also new. Their bad memories were measured in months.

Thursday night and the 92-88 win over the Nuggets and the 4-2 series victory was about the years. It obviously would have been a special moment under any circumstances, beating a quality opponent and advancing to the semifinals to face the Spurs beginning Monday. But there is an added celebration for those who had truly endured.

The Warriors are in the West semifinals for the first time since 2007, the electric season of Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, Don Nelson, the late charge just to make the playoffs and then the stunning upset of the Mavericks in a 1-8 matchup and the kenetic energy inside Oracle. Even when Golden State got eliminated by the Jazz in the semis, it was with one of the NBA’s all-time defiance moves, Davis barreling to the rim, taking on the bigger Andrei Kirilenko, putting one arm in Kirilenko’s face and hammering down a concussive dunk with the other. It’s still amazing the roof stayed on.

That series was six years ago.

“It seems like at least 10,” said reserve center Andris Biedrins, the only remaining Warrior from when it seemed so far-fetched to have confidence in making the playoffs and then advancing that “We Believe” became the popular catchphrase. “I swear. It seems so long ago.”

The losses.

The ownership change.

The guarantees the Warriors would make the playoffs that turned out to be a bad campaign promise.

The roster changes.

This was just one night, and a reminder of how being Golden State means never being in the clear, the way the Warriors went from being up 18 with 9:11 remaining to needing to desperately hang on while trying to give the game away with 10 fourth-quarter turnovers. Except that it was so much more than just one night.

“It means a lot,” Biedrins said. “The team has come a long way. All the changes. The ownership came. We were on the right track. I think now, finally, we realize that we are finally getting the feedback. Fans deserve it, the organization, the city, the Bay Area — at the end of the day, we finally got there.”


  1. Anurag says:

    man curry deserves ring not now after i hope monta ellis comes back to gsw the team would be amazing

  2. Kal says:

    watching the playoffs this year, not from San Francisco (not even close!) but the Warriors have won me over and i am now a fan… great crowd. great player (Curry) and great team chemistry. (and Mark Jackson maybe a great coach… we’re about to find out in this Spurs series…) i hope the Warriors go all the way in the West!

    (Warriors couldn’t win in the finals, however… let’s face it, LeBron and company are having their mount everest year — the best Heat we’ll ever see and LeBron’s best year… nobody is gonna stop them from another ring, unless, say, Rose comes back with the Bulls… maybe next year…)

    ps. but i’ll settle for the Grizzlies in the finals… another great crowd/team combo… and, if it comes down to picking poisons, Tim looking for 5 Duncan and San Anton over broken and hopeless OKC…

  3. Bongo says:

    GSW fans are crazy lol, they do not sit down.

  4. OK. All of these opinions set aside. Here are the facts about the officiating:

    1) The Warriors as a jump shooting team had 24 free throw attempts to the Nuggets 21. (go figure?)
    2) At one of the most crucial times of the game at the 3:55 mark when the Nuggets had all the the momentum JaVele McGee clearly was run over by Draymond Green right in front of the referee but was called for a blocking foul.
    3) Most importantly. The blown call and review by the officials at the 0:11 mark of the out of bounds call on the ball tipped by Wilson Chandler and saved by Corey Brewer that would have led to an open dunk by Kenneth Faried which would have tied the game 90-90. . I challenge anyonyone disputing this to review the video that clearly shows the ball was not out of bounds. How did the officials miss that with the review?

    These are the facts not opinions. The game should be decided by the players and not by the officials. Unfortunately the facts show this game was decided by bad officiating.

  5. eris says:

    I had the Nuggets winning this series, even with the Gallinari injury…. boy was I wrong. Steph really thrives on these huge platforms. That was an amazing fight from him and his team! It was an amazing match-up too, I wish this series went to game 7.

  6. AJ Mills says:

    The refs made a couple terrible calls at the end of Game 5 that definitely disrupted the Warriors’ comeback. But you know what? It was their own fault they got into such a huge hole in the first place, so I can’t really blame the officiating.

    Nuggets fans, I’m not even sure what you’re objecting to–McGee got unfairly called for a block, and then got away with a charge on the other end–seems fair enough to me. In other words, STOP WHINING. Refs didn’t make Curry’s shots go in.

  7. Bongo says:

    With Gallinari, denver wins this series, it was a long shot without him. I like both these teams and hope GS can make a series with San Antonio. Underestimate this team and fall victim.

  8. Edward Ho says:

    Mark Jackson got into the refs’ head.
    Good job Mark.

  9. Kilroy says:

    This wont be an easy win for my spurs, but im hoping for a sweep…


  10. Calin Radulescu says:

    This spells “upset” in the WC… Curry needs to get his ankles right, to be able to contain Parker, and Jack needs to bully himself into games, SA might be vulnerable to that… they don’t have a very good backup PG.

    I’m also hping Memphis gets out of it matchup, because if they do, I’m picking them to go all the way. They have all the necessary equipment to bother Durant (size and length – Prince, toughness – Allen, energy / different look – Pondexter, plus inside Randolph and Gasol should carve up the Ibaka & Perkins duo.

  11. chandler says:

    thr eorries practicly handed denver the game on a silver platter. 10 turnovers in the fourth quarter?!

  12. Alan Hollway says:

    Bogut what an absolute legend, best centre when healthy by far. Now its Bogut vs Duncan, I would pay to see that one!

  13. Curry the master of 3 says:

    Dudes, the refs didn’t ruin this one for the Nuggets. The refs ruined game 5 for the Warriors. They had a lot of calls that ruined GSW’s run. Mark Jackson had the right to be upset. The Nuggets played dirty in Game 5 and the refs tolerated those things. The enforcers of GSW (Bogut, Green) did what they had to do.

  14. Scott Cason says:

    Quite an accomplishment to beat Denver with a home court advantage in a series… cograts to GSW! It’s gonna get loud in the AT&T Center next week!!!…… Warriors will earn a win at home but Team Spurs take it in 5

  15. Unkle Daddy says:

    First off I would like to say congrats to the Warriors. With that being said, Spurs it’s time to regulate. Also, Pop can we get Andris Biedrins and add him to our bench this guy is going to waste in Golden State, I think he needs a new start.

  16. Mavs Girl says:

    Ummm . . . not quite. Mavs were #1 seed and WAY better than these Denver Thuggets!

  17. latigo says:

    CONGRATULATIONS GOLDEN STATE. My Spurs now await you. This should be a fun series… Bogut, Curry against Duncan,Parker. 🙂

  18. sixerssss says:

    It’s kinetic, not kenetic. And it refers to the energy of an object in motion, not the pelt up energy inside an arena. I hate when sports writers make basic mistakes like that. Your only job is to write articles, at least make sure there’s not basic mistakes.

  19. Lynn says:

    Enjoy it, Warriors. It all ends pretty quickly with the Spurs. You have no chance to win that series.

  20. Karlo Garcia says:

    Warriors have come a long way since 2007.

  21. W/E says:

    And yeah, they gota tottaly robbed by the refs especially in the last seconds of the game,Denver got robbed really ugly Warriors dont deserve that win even more the qualification to 2nd round.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      the only reason the nuggets were able to stage the run late was a combination of sloppy plays and non calls. Quit crying Golden state manhandled Denver. That game was lost in the 3rd quarter when Steph Curry took over!

  22. Seweryn says:

    of Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, Don Nelson, where is J-Rich… everybody forgeting about him

  23. Jimmy jazz says:

    What did the warriors get out of the Ellis trade? More responsibility for Curry. Bogut (14pts 21rbs 4blks 2nite), room to sign Landry & trade for Jack. & they would have had a lower draft pick & wouldn’t have drafted Barnes.

  24. Thaddeus says:

    Bay Areaaasaaa!
    The Nuggets were a balanced, good team but ever since the best home team lost at home GSW had a chance.
    Great playoff series so far.

  25. asdasd says:

    i can’t feel happier for the golden state warriors. so great they’re back in the playoffs

  26. Gillsy says:

    The Warriors are becoming the team to watch. You have two big guys who crash the boards and play defense on the inside. Have some leadership in Curry. Up and coming players in Barnes, Green and Thompson. There are some strong bench players such as Jack and Landry. While it is just scary that only in their second full season together the number of threes the back court can put up.

    • villmatic says:

      You can even say that it is their first season together cause Thompson came off the bench most of last season, and Curry was hurt like 3/4s of the season

  27. aa says:

    what a terrible 4th quarter for Warriors.

  28. capasc says:

    nuggets deserved this more.. the umpires ruined our 4th quater run with 2 game changing calls.. the charge that javal should’ve got and they called the ball out of bounds when it didint even go out. nba staff defiantly didint want the nuggets advancing with those awful calls.. almost made me sick watching

    • Yuri says:

      You should always be aware that calls like that may go either way, that’s how it is and always will be. At least NBA referees make less mistakes than soccer referees.

    • Mister 215 says:

      @Capasc….. Typical bias fan…. I guess you didn’t see the blockin call on Green that should have been a charge on McGee…. He got his chance to redeem for the bad call eariler by makin the freethrows, but he missed them…. As for the out of bounds….. I guess you didn’t know that a player can’t touch the ball if he is out of bounds already, becuz if he does then the call will be….. Wait for it…… Out of bounds…. Chandler CLEARLY stepped out of bounds while he was tryin to grab the ball out of Jack’s hand…. Look at the replay sore loser!!!!!

    • Flamboyant Flamingo says:

      It was supposed to be called out of bounds b/c the player was holding onto the ball while he was on the line. Correct call.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      the play right after the Mcgee charge call, Mcgee charged green and they called it on green, those calls evened out, even the announcers were saying it was a make up call. Steph Curry was just too much for them

  29. kaival13 says:

    showing perseverance and will to win, warriors as the name speaks battled the mighty nuggets, a young and inexperienced team show the world that brotherhood, home crowd, and a humble coach is worth the victor.

  30. Will.I.Am says:

    That was an awesome game! Go Warriors go!!!

  31. I’m i die hard Celtics fan, but i gotta tell u-i said on one of these blogs just b4 playoffs started-i thought warriors would upset somebody in the first round-not that i rout for them, i’m just also a fan of the game.

  32. W/E says:

    There goes the Nuggets, what a big dissapointment.

  33. dirk45 says:

    One more Memphis win and the Warriors are the Californian team with the deepest playoff run. Now who would have thought THAT?

  34. wooderson says:

    ANDREW BOOOOOOOOOOOOOGUTTT!! the best centre in the game is the reason they are where they are and the reason they can go all the way to finals.

  35. acryn says:

    im a miami fan and i would like to congratulates gsw for the victory against denver nuggets well let’s see GSW VS.SPURS gudluck

  36. Lucky Cat says:

    The 2006 Warriors were a chaotic team. Unthinkable plays, fastbreaks and scoring, all of them were organized chaos but It was really entertaining to watch them especially the way they manhandled the Number 1 seed Mavs. Now that the warriors are back in the 2nd round, it will be tough for them because the Spurs are much more of a defensive team than that was with the Utah Jazz in 2006, But still the warriors are a bunch of, well… Warriors themselves. If Curry will step up again like what he did with the Nuggets – Warriors series, If Bogut can defend Duncan, if J.J. and Clay Thompson can score 18 or more and if David Lee can at least play 80% then I think they have a chance for another upset 🙂

    Go Rockets though :p

  37. Kevin Chen says:

    Biedrins.. my favorite player 6 years ago and now my least favorite player today.

  38. Rockets Fan says:

    They censored my comment… Here’s my original comment: The refs owe Denver a Win tonight!

    • Mister 215 says:

      It’s funny how a fan blames the game on the refs…. You makin it seem like yall had the game winning shot and got fouled causing him to miss the shot, and the foul was never called…. That is the only way you can blame it on the refs…. This lost is all on Denver…. GS pretty much put the game in Denver’s hands…. if you turnover the ball 10 times in the fourth quarter and still win, then the other team don’t deserve to win….

    • onofre89 says:

      The refs owed Golden State a Win in Game 5. Bad moving screen calls and out of bounds calls stopped the Warriors comeback attempt late in the game.