Lin Will Come Off Rockets Bench Tonight


HOUSTON –– As the Rockets try to continue their march toward history Friday night, the troops will be bolstered by the return of Jeremy Lin. The point guard, who suffered a bruised chest and hasn’t played since Game 3, will come off the bench for Game 6 against the Thunder at the Toyota Center.

Lin has been attempting to get back onto the court for days, but had been unable to get rid of the pain.

“Once game-time comes around, I probably won’t feel anything,” said Lin after Friday’s shootaround. “It’s been the longest week, a really, really long week. Just the fact I get to play is a huge, huge burden off of my shoulders.”

Rockets coach Kevin McHale says that rookie Patrick Beverley will continue to start and Lin will come off the bench.

“Playoff series end up having kind of a life of their own and a rhythm,” McHale said. “To be thrown in the middle of that rhythm a lot of times, it’s hard to catch the rhythm. Our guys have a little bit of rhythm in this series, as Oklahoma City has a rhythm in the series. To be thrown out there – that’s why we have to be a little bit careful.

“We’ll bring him off the bench and see how much juice he has in the tank. It’s hard to enter a series when you haven’t played in a while, but we’re going to try to keep what we have going. Jeremy, we’ll try to fit him in there, see how he is and see how his arm feels. If he gets hit or anything happens.”

Lin has shot just 5-for-20 with 14 points and eight assists in the series.

Rockets shooting guard James Harden has been diagnosed with strep throat, but will be in the starting lineup.


  1. Chad says:

    All the talk about Thunder getting outplayed in game 5, if you put thing in perspective it was really about the 3s. Harden went nuts if he had missed 1 or 2 shots and thabo and kmart made one or 2 more each it would have been a very different outcome. And it wasn’t the Rocket’s/Thunder’s defense that resulted in the shots falling or not. Kmart was open most of the time and harden was defended well. It was just one of those nights where the luck was better for the rockets.

  2. tims1973 says:

    I’m so sick of people bashing Jeremy Lin. In the regular season, when the Rockets BEAT the Thunder, Jeremy Lin OUTPLAYED WESTBROOK and scored 29 points. Against Steph Curry, 24 points, Against Tony Parker, 38 points. Against CP3 His season matchups vs CP3 have been pretty even when they face each other.

    Those are max-performances that that only high-end capable players have against these high-end opponents.

    Answer me now. When has Patrick Beverly or Aaron Brooks this year ever had a max-performance in any game??? Beverly has had a ton of opportunities to have major minutes when McHale would cruely cut Lin’s minutes in multiple games throughout the season. Lin is getting no respect at all despite that he’s shown time and again last season and THIS SEASON that he can have big games. Why on earth would anybody want to see a player like this SIT ON THE BENCH???

  3. RocketsRScrewed says:

    The Rockets lost the first three games with Lin starting, even the game three without Westbrook. But without him they
    won they’re last two? They finally let other players handle the ball and they have somewhat better production on offense.
    If they start lin on reggie jackson its going to be a bad night, cause I know reggie has to put in work, which he’s been doing better than lin so far in the playoffs. They’d have a better chance with lin coming off the bench cause fisher
    can still provide something, but he’s not his young self anymore. So at least if lins 100% and at least keep his turn overs at 1 or 2 tonight they’d have a good chance to form him in incase they win or lose. And Im sure it would look bad if lin came back and has a horrid game. Its harder because the rockets have nothing to lose but lin has everything to lose reputation wise. Hopefully he works on his game and get some weight lol

  4. Tree says:

    Team players play for the team. Rockets are great people in one team. No matter what they did, what they do, what they are going to do, they do for the team, they do as a team.
    I believe they can do this game.
    Lets go rockets!
    Good on yaaaaaaa!

  5. nba fan1234 says:

    I’m not confident in Lin returning to the lineup, Lin is a wild card. either he could have a could game or he could have a GOD AWFUL game like he had in games 1 and 2,and then he turns the ball over too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Chris says:

    Harden is in the top 3 in turn overs, and just look how many shots he takes to get his points. A lot of them have come from free throws as well. Not taking hits at Harden just saying hardens Pts wouldn’t look too pretty either taking as little shots as Jeremy has. Both of them need to work on their turn overs and yes I realize Lin is a point guard so that means it’s even more important that he avoid them but still Boyh of those back court players gotta make better decisions

    • Chris says:

      It’s just funny people rip on Melo for taking 20-30 shots but if Harden does it it’s okay because at least he isn’t Jeremy Lin. They’re both team mates, fans should be cheering for them to play as a team not trying to pit them against one another

  7. King-Kong says:

    I dont know if this will help the team or not but for me Jeremy should not be back on this series at Oklahoma. He should be back next year or if in any case they will go to the next round.

  8. W/e u r ignorant says:

    You are worrying about Lin’s turnovers? Shouldn’t you be more worried about Harden’s?

    • W/E says:

      i am worried, Harden is even worse than Lin,the guy makes horrible turnovers every game but he can get hot and score the ball, 1 guy turning the ball so often is enough, 2 is a disaster.

  9. ken says:

    Its Houston last game. Might as well let him play….Honestly Lin is a good player but Asian players dont have the strength to play in the NBA.

    • Bubba says:

      What Asian players don’t have the strength to play? Yeah right. Bet you can’t play KEN. I’m Asian and believe me if I was playing, I’d be playing close to Beverley. I am an energy who can pound the boards and drive into the paint. OKC fans don’t worry about the NBA playoffs. Worry about who you are drafting in the 2013 NBA Draft.

  10. White Mamba says:

    GOOD NEWS! I hated when Harden tries to force his shot while Lin is trying to create shot for his teammates… But still, I prefer for him to be back-up for Beverly this series unless he’s 100% ready to play.

  11. Rockets says:

    Watch him explode off the bench and force a game 7.

  12. Eric says:

    Man I really like jeremy lin and all, but man 5 for 20? I would love to see him develop his shot a little more this summer because those missed threes(not even mentioning 2’s)have hurt us all season. When he is knocking them down we are pretty dangerous but he’s got to be more consistent. Aaron brooks is playing very well right now and has had playoff experience. If I was McHale I would stick with Brooks. Lin is coming off an injury and I’m sure he is not 100% right now. Brooks is fast and can make his shots so I would definitely not bench him. And sorry “You’re an Idor” but Harden is putting up 30 point games and lighting it up from 3. Yes harden does hurt the team with turnovers but so does jeremy lin. Harden at least puts up his points every game. But like I said I like Lin he just needs to work on his shot and those turnovers would’nt be so bad.

    • BballFanNYC says:

      I agree w/ most of your post, but I must point out that Harden gets his points by being a high volume shooter, not a an effcient one. His shoots the three WAY too much (to the detriment of the team at times) and is nowhere near consisent enough to shoot the long ball as often as he does. He leaves more points on the floor than he actually makes.

  13. Gian Carlo says:

    Jlin practices humility, his not the one who asked Houston Rockets about the contract that was handed to him. That’s the way Houston Organization lure him to get away from the limelight of NEW YORK.
    Houston believers, Jlin will deliver, looking forward what he brings to game 6.

  14. W/E says:

    Thats bad news, he will mess the team up with his turnovers now that he is hurt its gunna be even worse, no game 7 for the rockets i guess.

    • You're an Idor says:

      It’s good news. Harden is the one who hurts the team at times with his iso ball and ridiculous turnovers. And yes Game 7 For Rockets

    • BballFanNYC says:

      Wow, Please check Lin and Harden’s Player pages. Lin averages nearly 3 TO’s a game, Harden averages nearly 4. Also, Harden had 10 TO’s in game 4. Over the season (including playoffs) Harden has TWENTY NINE (!) games in which he turned the ball over 5 or more times. Lin has 11 5+ TO games. Hmm….. Also, out of all the games he played this season (83) Harden has had 5+ TO’s in 35% of them. Contrast JLin, who has had 5+TO’s in only 13% of the 85 games he’s played in this yr. So, who’s hurting the team w/ his TO’s?

    • OKCKD35 says:

      It doesn’t matter, MArtin and Thabo wont go 4-18 again. All OKC needs to do is knock down open jumpers, also don’t think harden will go 7-8 on 3’s either

    • TT says:

      It’s not about the turnovers; it’s about the defence. Scrutinise games with and without Lin-liability and see how much Houston Rockets’ defence improved tremedously. Since he went down, the Rockets went on a 2 game wining streak. Patrick Beverley and Aaron Brooks are defensive-minded guards who complement well with James Harden at the offensive end. Houston certainly doesn’t need someone like Lin-liability who’s overpaid to do his job, and he certainly doesn’t do it well as a defensive package. He’s fortunate that Russell Westbrook went out; or else Russell will avg 27.3 points per playoff game with Lin-liability guarding him.