David Lee May Play Against Spurs


And so now we know his calendar is injured, too.

Eleven days after the Warriors said David Lee was done for the season because of a torn muscle in his right hip, even if they made it to the Finals in June, the All-Star power forward said after his shocking return in the series-clinching win against the Nuggets that he may play again when Golden State faces the Spurs in the Western Conference semifinal that begins Monday in San Antonio.

Lee is still contemplating surgery to repair the tear suffered in the fourth quarter of Game 1 in Denver and he said his 87-second stint late in the first period with one rebound and one missed jumper Thursday night at Oracle Arena was a struggle – “No stability. When I went to backpedal, I couldn’t even really feel my right leg. It’s not so much pain, but I definitely have limitations. I knew that and coach knew that and our doctors knew that going into (the) game. But it’s sometimes hard to tell me no when I get something in my head, so I tried to go out there and do something.” But he also would not rule himself out for the season, as if anyone would believe the claim anyway.

If the second round started Saturday, with a two-day turnaround that could have happened, Lee said he would not be able to play. Given the opening in the schedule before the Spurs series begins Monday, though, he may play for the second time since it was announced he would not play at all.

“I’m going to do my best,” he said late Thursday night, after the Warriors had eliminated the Nuggets 4-2. “We’ll just have to see what this break brings. If I’m feeling the same way I am tonight, it’s going to be difficult to expect much. But it’s already come so far in a few days, I think it can be even better by the time we play San Antonio.

“We’re going to hopefully have this make some improvement. The reason why I kind of thought of tonight was because it’s a home game. You saw the crowd’s reaction. It wasn’t necessarily what I was going to do on the court to help the team. It was more to boost the morale and to get the crowd somehow even more into the game than they already were. It accomplished that tonight. I’ll just have to take it day by day and we’ll see. But it would be limited minutes if it were possible.”

Lee said doctors told him he could not to additional damage to the existing injury, but that there is a possibility that overcompensating for the torn muscle could create new problems. That made playing Thursday a risky move and any more games a greater risk, although he said he tried not to think about the negatives.

But, he said, there is no danger of being healthy at the start of next season in exchange of a couple cameo appearances with no real tangible impact late in this one.

“I’m crazy, I’m not stupid,” Lee insisted Thursday. “I remember sitting at halftime tonight just thinking, ‘What was I thinking, thinking I could go play a playoff-intensity game with one leg?’ But it was worth it. And I wouldn’t have done it if would have jeopardized anything for next season.”



  1. OC says:

    Old man river and these grey-hairs better be ready for the New Deal because the Warriors have gone thermonuclear

  2. karmazz11 says:

    if it’s an attempt to enter in popovich’s head, warriors you are loosing your time.
    if it’s for real, im happy for you D.Lee, great basketball player with real game. you deserve to play that serie, you and curry made that possible. but don(t do stupid sheet with your knee,playoffs intensity will damage you for real if its not properly heal and rested.
    I don’t respect the choice of D.rose if he can play (i think he can), i don’t see why he is not figthing with his team. not enough millions maybe, idn.Nice boss, millionaire life 🙂 . or maybe he is still injured after all.
    but you D.Lee, you are not ready if the injury announced is correct.

  3. Big Al says:

    Spurs may be old and didn’t need to play 100% against the Kobe-less, hopeless Lakers, but they have the smarts and experience to get the job done. If the Warriors don’t learn quickly enough from that fourth quarter scare in Game 6, then San Antonio will drive rings around them. The young guns from Oakland may have all the energy, but lacking a true leader and proper playoff experience, the silver guys from Texas may just pull this off. But hats off to David Lee for committing despite not being 100%.

  4. max says:

    Wow, MWP played after 16days of surgery, now David Lee????More to Rose’s injuries than the public knows? CARE To BET?

  5. tony says:

    NO one, i mean no one predict the Warrior to beat the Nugget and yet they did. They can also beat SA too. Last year no one predict SA would lose and guess what, they lost 4 games in a roll. Nothing is 100%, LB can get hurt today or tomorrow and Miami would go down the drain too…..

  6. Wael daou says:

    Lee def has the right mindset. Overhype the crowd with his appernce is a big boost for the warriors. #nopainnogame

  7. ZEN says:

    All I Can Say is that

    “WE BELIEVE !!! ”







  8. Victor says:

    I think Spurs will go all the way to the Finals, excuse me OKC but the good thing about the series between Warriors vs Spurs is that the young guys of OKC will learn how to play smart basketball. Warriors are currently playing a shootout basketball but we all know that won’t work in the Spurs as they have terrific wing defender. I just hope the young guns of GS will learn to the veterans guy like Manu, Parker and Duncan, because if you ask me it should have been the Clippers on top of the West after a dissapointing loss to the Spurs, but I guess they did not learn anything so I hope Curry, Barnes and Thompson learn after the series.

  9. Patrickmarc says:

    I don’t think Spurs will win so easily

  10. Kilroy says:

    My spurs are gonna sweep the warrirors…

    5th banner….

  11. SFWARRIOR2017? says:

    The Spurs will MORE THAN LIKELY take the series, regardless of whether Lee plays or not. He’s probably going to play some minutes, I would prefer that he rested simply because there is a slight chance of the Warriors beating the Spurs without him. He could then instead make his return in the Western Conference Finals against the…Grizzlies or Thunder and potentially contribute as opposed to just being on the court to inspire a reaction from the home crowd. He’ll do whatever he wants, though. We’ll just have to watch and see what happens.

  12. miguel says:

    go Dubs!!

  13. Kris-MHS-KSA says:

    I cannot wait for the 2nd round playoffs, sure its gonna be a good fight for both teams!!! but i think SPURS got it all d way…! gonna eliminate this fella.! Kudos to My Spurs. Seeyou on Western Finals.! Go Spurs Go.!

  14. steph curry says:

    the warriors will go home upset. no way will they cause an upset. When asked if they could beat the spurs, not a single player has yet to step up and say yes they can;why?? because they are going up against the best and most experienced team in the nba.

    • Agon McDouche says:

      Lillard thinks they can win, though. :))

    • Harrison Barnes 7th says:

      you say the spurs have so much talent, but they havent won in 7 years. They were too slow for westbrook and durant. The spurs even lost to the grizzlies a couple of years ago. Even if the spurs win, in less than five years, the spurs will be in the lottery, while the warriors will be thriving.

  15. The Biggest Spurs Fan in America says:

    The Spurs will surely make it to the finals this year for a number of reasons. But the main reason is that the Spurs are the only ones who still have a shot even if one of their guys gets injured. The Spurs already have an injured player, Tiago Splitter. But even if one of their stars get’s injured, I think the Spurs still have a shot at making it to the championship. This is because there is no one player on this San Antonio team that is their star. One of the reasons I like the spurs is because they all work together as a team, unlike the Miami Heat. If LeBron get’s hurt, Miami is done.

    • Crazyfrog says:

      Remember the last game? No lbj no wade no bosh and still ur team struggles lol


      Lmao spurs fan, Miami doesn’t play team ball? Thats the dumbest thing I heard today. Miami is team ball and they all sacrifice! silly spurs fan, I pray to meet you in the finals if your team can make it. Maybe they will flop like they do every year lol

      • Spurs Fan4life. says:

        Dumb naive Heat fan. How many championships does your team have? Lebron got swept by the Spurs when they met up in the 07 Finals. The Cavs had the best record that year and Lebron had a good supporting cast. Lebron choked and knew the only way to EVER get a ring, was to jump ship have Bosh follow him to join Wade in Miami. He choked in the 2011 finals as usaual. The Heat won it last year by stacking their roster with proven vetrans who were willing to sacrifice thier stats to ride the big 3 nuts. Without Mike Miller and Shane Battier, they would not be the reigning champs. Then this year they add Ray Allen and The Birdman to their already stacked team. Without them in the mix Lebron would choke as usual.

  16. WAH says:

    This just reinforces the fact that Derrick Rose is a huge selfish joke. Lee playing at 10%, Noah playing at 50% at best! Joe Johnson at 50%, Curry with shots in his ankle, Griffin the same and this guy Rose refuses to play a game because he is mentally not ready?

  17. Peter Baron says:

    D Lee, you are the man!!!! You, Curry and the rest of the boys are doing us proud. You heard it here first. We take Monday’s game in San Antonio. Yes, I know all about the history but our young guys don’t and with Big Man in the middle doing his Bogut thing, well that smells like an upset to me.

  18. nba says:

    i hope i see lee play

  19. SPURS-TACULAR says:

    Yes, he should play …

    Because the SPURS will teach the WARRIORS how to play efficient TEAM basketball !!!