Conference Semis Start Dates Announced

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We might not know exactly who will face off in the conference semifinals just yet, but we do know when at least two of those series will start.

The NBA announced the schedules and national television arrangements for the beginning of the Eastern and Western Conference semifinals Thursday afternoon:

Eastern Conference

Miami vs. Brooklyn/OR/Chicago

  • Game 1 – Mon., May 6 Brooklyn/OR/Chicago at Miami, 7 p.m. ET TNT
  • Game 2 – Wed., May 8 Brooklyn/OR/Chicago at Miami, 7 p.m. ET TNT

Western Conference

San Antonio vs. Golden State

  • Game 1 – Mon., May 6 Golden St. at San Antonio, 9:30 p.m. ET TNT
  • Game 2 – Wed., May 8 Golden St. at San Antonio, 9:30 p.m.ET TNT

Additional scheduling information will be furnished as soon as possible consistent with the need to fulfill league obligations, per the league release.


  1. JOHBU says:


  2. Jason says:

    Um, If the Warriors played like they did against the Nuggets, they’ll lose. Did you not see how badly they played the 4th quarter?? They almost lost the game. The San Antonio Spurs is one of the most disciplined team in the NBA. You can’t honestly believe that the Spurs won’t make them pay if they have all those turnovers, I mean come on. Basically you’re saying that if the Warriors play like that throughout the playoffs, they’ll beat OKC, Miami, Memphis and the Spurs?? Come on, disciplined teams know how to close games out. Just saying, but for the Warriors to win, they have to play better basketball.

    Also, I am predicting a Spurs vs Miami Finals. This years Spurs team is wiser, smarter, and better than last years team. The young players know how to finish games and step up when they need to. I am excited and can’t wait to watch the Finals. GO SPURS GO!!

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  4. Jacob Cunningham says:

    I think the Warriors will beat Spurs!If they play like they did with the Nuggets,they will definetily beat the Spurs and win the conference finals and THE FINALS!!!!!GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!

  5. I HOPE the Thunder take it all the way without Russell Westbrook

  6. Naterbater says:

    I see the warriors vs heat in the finals, and of course the heat will win. As for the grizz, if they get lucky and finish off the clipps, they’ll go to the western conference finals against GSW and lose in 6 games most likely. GSW is too quick for the grizz, but no one is as good as the heat

  7. caloh says:

    Spurs and Heat are seem like a sure thing, but I still want the Bulls to beat down Brooklyn. If Rosé doesn’t come back against the Heat, I say the Bulls lose in 5. However, I think the Bulls win in 7 if Derrick comes back. Bulls have a toughness about them that Miami can’t match.

  8. Love the Heat says:

    It will be the Heat facing the Thunder. (again) Even without Westbrook, I think the Thunder will win in the West.
    But the Miami Heat will prevail again. Go HEAT!!

  9. JPR10 says:

    The Warriors will make the surprise to get to the Conference Finals!!!

  10. KingJames says:

    yea the Heat beat the spurs WITHOUT LEBRON AND WADE LOLOLOL

  11. Heat fan all day says:

    we all know that miami can beat the spurs and grizzles LETS GO MIAMI!!!!!!

  12. Spurs says:

    NO ONE CAN TOUCH THE SPURS, BYE BYE MIAMI, IF YOU MAKE IT TO THE FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Javier says:

    Spurs will beat Warriors in 5.The Spurs D is better than Denver and they will not be getting the same looks .As long the spurs are healthy they will keep winning because they still have a heart of a champion.Tim Duncan is one of those special players that come around once in a blue moon and he is trying to get his fifth title.Beating Miami will be tough and probably not possible,but that is why you play the game.GO SPURS GO

  14. Josh says:

    It would be awesome if it was the Celtics vs Spurs in the finals!

  15. Pam Lawler says:

    Look at spurs banners, most of their championships were won in odd years. I think thats this year. Just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Heat Playoffs Streak says:

    Golden state will win vs san antonio in gamme 5 or 6 toni cant stop curry manu cant stop klay duncan cant go and defend the post vs David lee and GSW bench is way better rotation , heat fan im sure that it will go the conference finals in the west GSW vs Grizzles and GSW will win for the finals and In the eastern will go Heat Vs Boston if boston plays perfect defense if not hawks or indiana but i like Hawks vs heat or Back to Back conference titles Boston vs heat Finals could go Heat vs Gsw

  17. THE BANDWAGON says:

    I would like to thank all the Heat fans that joined when Lebron came. Your dedication to a team is what really fuels the NBA. If Lebron decides to leave again at somepoint, I can be more than positive that you will be all be behind him. Once again, you are the future. As long as your are changing teams/players every season… your team/player will always win. *cough*BandWagon*cough*


  18. lAWRENCE SWAZRT says:

    The Heat is gonna destroy any one they face face. Best team in the NBA!!! Go Miami

  19. BIG MEAN & GREEN!! says:


  20. shelly7_ says:

    spurs all the way! heat got it easy in the east just saying! the west is full of competition. old or not, we have alot of heart and motivation age is just a number people but the spurs ain’t a show off team! i’m from san antonio texas!!!!!! spurs & heat in the finals! (:
    if i had to choose a second team tho it would not be the heat but the knicks! carmelo anthony is the truth!

  21. wooderson says:

    warriors should beat the spurs, cant see anyone being able to handle bogut on either end and if curry and Thompson get hot they will smash anyone. I think lee should and will come off the bench and give the second unit a huge lift. cant see the spurs being able to match and all the warriors need is one win in san antonio

  22. Jack says:

    but who knows if Warriors could beat the Spurs as they did to the favorite NUGGETS, all the while everyone was counting out on GS, but here they come, new Western playoff teams are rising…good to see all these in the NBA!!

  23. Jack says:

    im counting on the Grizz to upset the SPURS, i wish Zbo could make difference this time, Gasol will be the problem for the old Spurs…HEAT v GRIZZLIES,…that would be new trend of basketball!! Small Heat team vs Giant GRIZZLIES team..

  24. NBA Fan says:

    Thus far, I think the finalists are going to be Heat and Spurs.

    Heat have been playing an excellent basketball this year: They won 27 consecutive; they are a very unselfish team; and Lebron is leading the team very well.

    But you never know what will happen in sports… Sometimes an excellent team loses. While I think the Heat have the best shot at winning the ring, they might be the most vulnerable to losing, reflecting off of the Heat’s last three seasons – losing in the final, winning the ring but struggled against Pacers and Celtics, etc.

  25. heatnation says:

    there is not a team in the east or west that stands a chance at beating the heat…..goooooo miami!!!!!!!

  26. DMAC says:

    Miami will repeat and I am happy for them. Spurs is old and they will run out of gas by G5 if they make it to the finals. Miami and the birdman will take the crown again at G5

  27. DMAC says:

    heat all way!!!!!

  28. Nah wont be the grizzlies.

  29. joelg27 says:

    So, you guys are ignoring the Memphis Grizzlies? It’s going to be Grizzlies vs. HEAT in the finals. And of course HEAT will win the Championship crown! 😀

  30. Heats06 says:

    Heats WILL be back to back champions

  31. Soj says:

    Heat back to back again!!!

  32. Chris says:

    Indiana’s my favorite East Coast team but for the sake of a rematch I want to see Spurs vs Knicks. But it will more than likely be Spurs vs Miami considering Knicks look like they could get knocked out of the first round right now.

  33. kaival13 says:

    now that lee is cleared to play, warriors would be a formidable team this playoffs

  34. Grit n Grind says:

    Cant count out or big boys down here in TN

  35. Authority says:

    Sounds like the Heat fans are looking for an easy match up, come the final.
    Your marriage is with the Spurs come the NBA final.
    It is nice to have thought about the Warriors and Nuggets, but got the Spurs.
    Especially when you have an healthy Spurs oh you is on.

  36. PM says:

    Oh I was hoping they would announce all the games because I need to buy my front row seats for game 3 when the Knicks/Celtics come to the Highlight Factory to get a whooping from the HAWKS

  37. jake s. says:

    now that the thunder are a no go, GO SPURS!

  38. kent ballesteros says:

    warriors will upset the nuggets and spurs and may go to the championship

  39. the nuggets will run the spurs out of san antonio. spurs gettin old. couldn’t keep up with the tempo the nuggets run. same with the rockets!

    • Realist says:

      You obviously Do Not Watch how the playoffs change the dynamics of teams ways of plays and how pop turns the tables by his tactics. I’m a spurs but i’m also a realist . The Nuggets might have some spurts of that in a couple of games but not so much so to beat the spurs in 4 games. Think my man,.. THink… Spurs might lose 1 or maybe, maybe, maybe 2 but not the series. Too diciplined.

      • Chris says:

        Nuggets still have to win 2 more games and this guy is already talking about them beating the Spurs? All the Warriors need is one win out of the next Two possible games

    • k.garnett says:

      nuggets are ousted already !! so your prediction is very non true

  40. Authority says:

    Doomsday it was Cav. when LJ was there.

  41. Manuel says:

    This doesn’t say the date, only the time. So, its kind of pointless

  42. heat242 says:

    the heat are really playing good. they are the only team playing at full throttle for all four quarters. i think they are going to repeat.

  43. Doomsday says:

    heat will be swept by the spurs again…. gospursgo…

    • FACT CHECK says:

      again? when did the heat get swept by the spurs before? answer: never

      • 305TILLIDIE says:

        @fact check lol obiviously Doomsday doesnt know his nba history talking about the heat will get swept by the spurs AGAIN… @Doomsday do some research b4 coming on here and posting nonsense!

      • Chris says:

        ^ I Think he’s taking a shot at Bandwagoners. Spurs swept the Cavs 07. To bandwagoners The Heat pre-Lebron didn’t exist. Or he’s just stupid. Take your pick

    • King Gary says:

      when did that ever happen… Fake fan.

    • jim says:

      Are you in Stand up comedy?

    • Pakyaw says:

      When did the spurs sweep the heat?get ur fact straight.. U making yourself like an idiot ..

    • NBAFAN!!! says:

      Do you have mental issues??

  44. bigtone says:

    spurs are going to finals in tha western conferance…guarantee

  45. Nike Elite says:

    Heat Back to Back championship

  46. CJ says:

    Stop Heat are gana win easily 4-1 again or Lebron might get his sweep back from the Finals he lost to them

  47. Authority says:

    Whoever it is, they will be facing bricks wall.

  48. Larger Than Life says:

    Spurs vs. Heat in the Finals. Spurs will be crowned again.

  49. XD says:

    True that that gonna be exiding

  50. I hope the Heat will face the……………….Bulls, & I hope the Nuggets face the Spurs