Hang Time Podcast (Episode 115) Featuring Michael Lee and Rick’s Lakers Rant!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — A groundbreaking revelation from Jason Collins. A season-ending defeat for the Los Angeles Lakers, with reactions from Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and others included. And season-best rant from Rick Fox.

You get all of that and more on Episode 115 of the Hang Time Podcast, a discussion, debate and a diatribe from our very own resident Lakers expert.

Collins coming out as the first openly gay professional athlete in one of the four major American sports is a topic that certainly deserves our attention. What his coming out means for the rest of the league and the future was a discussion we had to have with the man, Mike Lee of The Washington Post, during what could very well have been his final NBA season.

Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Shaquille O’Neal and nearly every other Lakers great of note has weighed in on Dwight at one time or another this season. The reviews have usually been pretty harsh, too. But no one has been as consistently pointed in their analysis and criticism of the young(er) Superman in his lone season in Lakerland.

Rick pulls no punches in his latest, raw assessment of what Dwight did in LA this season (not much, according to Rick), what he needs to do to repair the damage (take the Lakers’ $119 million max deal and now) and what his legacy will be (damaged forever) if he can’t find a way to finish what’s been started in purple and gold.

It’s a must listen, right here on Episode 115 of the Hang Time Podcast …


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  1. slider821 says:

    another great podcast to get me through the workday. Rick brings a great perspective on things. Sekou is a good guy too. I liked Mike piece too.

  2. Rick Fox says:

    Oatestwder I hear you I’ll temper the rants : )

  3. Grid says:

    There are only two things I know about Sekou – He’s Lebron’s lover and he hates the Lakers. I wonder when Hang Time will have unbiased writers, not to mention some good ones who can write articles worth reading.

  4. Oatestwder says:

    Though i love you rick, I’m getting a little sick of the Lakers rants. great podcast though guys keep it going!