Beverley Ready To Block Out Loud City

HANG TIME, Texas — Patrick Beverley knows a thing or two about rough crowds.

There were those throaty and angry Euro League road games earlier this season when he played in St. Petersburg, Russia. There the seasons in Ukraine and Greece when he was pelted with coins and played with a bloodied face.

And, of course, there were those mornings on the mean streets of his native Chicago when just getting to school was a challenge.

So even though he’ll be regarded as public enemy No. 1 for taking OKC’s Russell Westbrook out of the playoffs when he hits the floor for Game 5 against the Thunder tonight, Beverley says he’ll barely notice.

The rookie point guard has been the target of vitriol on Twitter and on call-in radio shows ever since his attempted steal and collision with Westbrook in the second quarter of Game 2 resulted in a torn medial collateral ligament and a seat on the sidelines for the rest of the playoffs.

Police even investigated a part-time worker for the Thunder who had tweeted a death threat.

“You know what, that type of pressure really doesn’t get me,” said Beverley. “With the type of pressure I used to growing up as a kid, walking to the corner store without having something happen to me, I could really care less about Twitter or anything like that. It was just hard trying to go to school some mornings growing up.”

Beverley has been a hit with Rockets fans since he joined the team in January and steadily began to get more and more playing time. With Jeremy Lin sidelined by a bruised chest muscle, he started Games 3 and 4 and could be back in the starting lineup tonight, depending on Lin’s status.

In an arena known as Loud City, the hoots and criticism could hit unprecedented decibel levels.

“It’s going to be fun,” Beverley said. “I’m looking forward to all the boos and stuff. I understand the crowd is going to be amped up and I hope that is going to get us more focused.

“Every time you catch the ball, you’re going to hear boos, so at least I get to release some of the pressure off (former Thunder member James Harden).”

The 6-foot-1 guard is averaging 12 points and four assists in the series, including 16 points and a key late blocked shot in the Rockets 105-103 win on Monday night. He laughs and shakes his head when reminiscing about the road game atmospheres in Europe, where the fans in Greece were especially hostile.

“I’ve been hit in the face with quarters and played with blood running down my face,” Beverley said. “It’s worse over there, but I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be pretty bad (in OKC) too.”

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  1. Duv says:

    Beverley is a beast! Fire up son for Game 6. Bury these Thunder thugs!

  2. Pat Bev balled. No effect from crowd. Chicago native is unaffected.

  3. slider821 says:

    Beverly played very well last night, did not look inexperienced at all.

  4. jason ferguson says:

    Go Commando, I am proud of Pat

  5. TT says:

    Still talking about Lin-liability? Houston’s defence improved dramatically without him. Clearly over-rated. Learn to scrutinise the games with him and without him before even mentioning his name. Patrick Beverley and Aaron Brooks are defensive-minded guards that complements well with James Harden’s aggression at the offensive end.

    • KC says:

      What you’re saying is correct. It seems Beverly is faster and more athletic, making him better on defense than Lin. Too bad his defensive routine includes cheap shots to the knees of opposing star players. Even boxers know that you shouldn’t hit people below the belt, but apparently it’s OK if you’re playing basketball.

      • TT says:

        Patrick Beverley already said it was accidental. Russell Westbrook had his knee pads on as well. Dahntay Jones used to slide his feet under shooters e.g. Kobe Bryant while they are still in their shooting motion. He received plenty of negative feedbacks for that. But if the victim wasn’t put out of the season because of that, I guess NBA fans are forgiving, or perhaps forgetful. But who knows if the ailment is already there and just needed that trigger to result in a serious injury, in this case, Patrick’s accidental knee contact with Russell? Russell Westbrook is an athletic guard and he has knocked knees practically throughout his career. If anyone should blame Patrick Beverley, perhaps they should look through the archives and reveal past incidents with other players in the league. Injuries are inevitable because the league won’t send every player to do a MRI scan before every game to clear them to play.