Twitter Reacts: Collins Comes Out As Gay

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On the heels of veteran center Jason Collins coming out as gay in a story he wrote in Sports Illustrated, players around the league — both former and current — as well as those outside the NBA react to the news via Twitter:


  1. World peace says:

    Love the game of basketball not to supportive of the gay thing .

  2. Stephen Kwasi Honore says:

    “Right is right, even if everyone is against it; and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.” Penn, William

  3. For everyone who’s commenting from a religious standpoint w/ scriptures -whatever your faith-remember this-all Biblical books of whatever faith have been rewritten 100’s maybe even 1,000’s of times by man since The Great Creator loaned it to us-hence how much has it all changed since it originated & how much is one convicted by what man himself has rewritten time & again. Some times people judge through their convictions & WHO IS ANYONE TO JUDGE ANOTHER BROTHER OR SISTER FROM JUST ANOTHER MOTHER. Let’s just be careful w/ our convictions-after all-most images the world over of God or his Son are depicted as pale skin, blue eyes, & strait hair-then he’s supposed to be from a region in the world were everyone born there are of darker complexion & hair of wool. To each his own as The Creator may allow each & every human being to come to It as he or she may-HENCE-EVERY HUMAN BEING HAS THEIR OWN RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CREATOR!

  4. Chris says:

    Trending on Twitter… #FTheHaters

    You people are so hypocritical and dramatic.

    By “you people” I mean the whole Gay activist group of yall, and the others who randomly seem to have a great understanding of the bible.

    I’m not claiming to know the answers to life, I’m just observing, and there is hate going both ways, so can yall BOTH stop preaching “Love” one way or the other, and just start LIVING IT AND BEING AN EXAMPLE. Please, Please, just be chill. I believe that many people agree with me, and they chose not to post because that’s what the right thing to do is in my opinion. But I aint perfect, and yall are making me angry with all your hypocracy.

    Just chill… please and thank you.

  5. rafa says:

    fed up with this propaganda.

  6. RondoFan says:

    Well the bible did say that as the world is coming to an end the world will be worsened and sin will escalate through the roof. Also for many of you who think gay is the new norm and GOD is ok with it, YOURE WRONG. GOD WAS SO DISGUSTED WITH ALL THE GAY GOING ON THAT HE BURNED A FREAKING CITY. WHY THE HECK WOULD HE BE OK WITH IT AND BURN DOWN A CITY. I understand you voicing your opinion but dont call us ignorant for standing by GODS word. Thankz

    • Common Sense says:

      really…burnt down a city because of all the gay going on? Which part of the bible is that???

    • Common Sense says:

      When god burnt the Sodom and Gomorrah, it was because a group of men were threatening to rape those in the house…rape. I agree rape is a sin. Rape is not OK. But Sodom and Gomorrah were plagued with sinners. and homosexuality was not labeled as one. Woman are not typically looked upon as threatening rapist which is why Woman having sex with each other is not remarked upon. Had homosexuality been the problem in the bible they likely would have mentioned woman with woman being the problem. They may not prefer it, but the sins to burn down a city are related to the raping, stealing, killing, and so forth.

    • Common Sense says:

      By the way Lot offered to give the group of male rapists his two daughters to rape them as they wished, and God saved lot. He also killed Lots wife for looking back at the city as she was being saved. So should I come to the conclusion that being a woman is a sin and also if a woman shows free will she should be killed as well. Just saying…You’re choosing which sins to be magnified and which to ignore. This is your choice…

    • bigwes95 says:

      he also says murder is a sin, but that didn’t stop him from killing everyone on earth, basically. and the Bible has been changed so many times, is it really still God’s words that he issued forth?

  7. Nicholas says:

    I do not hate this man and I hope no one views my comment as exhibiting animosity towards him. However anyone that has this problem should seek psychological help. Since all these NBA players are demonstrating support for Jason Collins, and everyone knows who you are, I strongly recommend that if you are sincere in your statements that you take Jason Collins and introduce him to your wife, your children, and your parents and inform them that he has sex with other men, and you accept this and you love and support him, then return let us know your family response, you claiming your love and support for this man, who wants to be a wife and role model for your children. Which one of you NBA players is willing to encourage the management of your team to recruit jason to gaze at you in the showers and to rub all over you in practice and games. Should you approve of this, then you are just like him, so let the truth be told. Let us not forget just yesterday GOD destroy the city of Sodom and Gomorrah because of this behavior.

  8. Nicholas says:

    I do not hate this man and I hope no one views my comment as exhibiting animosity towards him. However anyone that has this problem should seek psychological help. Since all these NBA players are demonstrating support for Jason Collins, and everyone knows who you are, I strongly recommend that if you are sincere in your statements that you take Jason Collins and introduce him to your wife, your children, and your parents and inform them that he has sex with other men, and you accept this and you love and support him, and then return and let us know how your wife, your children, and your parents respond to you claiming your love and support for this man and that is why you invite him to your home.Which one of you NBA players is willing to encourage the management of your team to recruit this low down, filthy, nasty scum, dirt bag to gaze at you in the showers and to rub all over you in practice and games. Should you approve of this, then you are just like him, so let the truth be told.

    • Common Sense says:

      yeah…no animosity there…:)
      you’re funny:)

    • bigwes95 says:

      saying you don’t have animosity against him and then you go and call him filthy, nasty scum is basically you calling yourself a liar to everyone here. and I don’t care about having gays eating at my house. why I should I have to tell my kids he sleeps with men, to make him seem immoral? I do support him, back in the Civil rights movement, people were saying the same thing about blacks in sports, such as Jackie robinson and bill Russell in college. why even play basketball if you now you’re going to get touched by another man, just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he’s being sexual with you or that he likes you rubbing on him. it’s like kids that get erections while wrestling another guy even though they’re not gay, it happens every now and again believe it or not. have you ever been in a shower with a gay person? because they don’t stare at you any differently, I know from being on a wrestling and basketball team with a gay person. and no, i’m not gay if that’s what you’re referring to in your last statement, that anyone who approves of this is gay or something. you’re very closed minded, how about you actually meet gay people and hangout with them sometime. and seriously, how are gay people born unless straight people are having sex? straight people make gay people, so we’re immoral because we created a gay person? everyone knows gays can’t have kids, so you should really be calling straight people filthy, nasty scum for making gay people in the first place.

  9. SYDALE says:

    I don’t know what’s so brave about this… If he had real COURAGE, then he would’ve come out at the beginning of his career… not at the end of it… and faced whatever scrutiny from the jump…

    • Common Sense says:

      if he did, he would have never had a career. Let’s see you face that when you just got your dream of making it to the NBA with your brother.
      Think things through first…

  10. DesiOnTheLoose says:


  11. Bigups to Collins-it must take a tremendous amount of courage to come out like that on that stage of a sport that millions watch. I have friends that prefer the same sex & our friendships are no diff than those of heterosexual friends. Must have took not just courage but a deep fortitude of spirit that he has which many others don’t. Fortitude of spirit is a very powerful thing that of which most people don’t know how to deal w/ so they’ll judge instead of appreciating the strength of that persons spirit. Then to top it off, most people that judge as such, claim to be so religious or spiritual yet they judge. By the way, doesn’t the bible say “leave the judging to me”-me as in God, The Great Creator, Wakan Tanka, Buddha, Allah or whatever you choose to call it. One other thing i want to say-when we talk about what is right or wrong from religious standpoints-lets remember the first basic principal-love for humanity-that usually helps a great deal. Then the not so pleasant to remember-our earth’s history of religions past till present have said it’s okay to enslave people the world over, take over a nations country & murder aboriginals to near extinction, then in the same breathe ask to be forgiven! hmmm! Then turn around & tell someone who they choose to love is wrong-now what’s wrong W/ that?
    Anyways πŸ™‚ !!!!! Again-Bigups to Collins-do your thing Bro!

  12. David says:

    I don’t understand, if Jason Collins is so brave why did he wait so long to come out of the closet. Why didn’t he announce that he was GAY before he was drafted. Now that would have shown some courage…Britney Griner waited until after she was drafted but not very long after. This guy waits twelve years ‘COME ON’ he’s trying to get another payday, PERIOD. Who cared whether he was gay or not, I’m pretty sure people knew,but who really cared no one,,it’s not an issue…The only issue was whether he could play ball or not and to be completely honest he was not a baller. He had height something you can’t teach but he was third string at most. If I had to choose between Jason and Britney for my team I would choose Britney,she is a baller,,does anyone care whether she’s GAY or not NO,,it’s not an issue it’s what you can do for the team and that’s all that matters.

    • Common Sense says:

      It would have taken more courage your right but there’s a reason this is a big deal. Believe it or not, if had come out after the draft people would have been much more likely to complain about the locker rooms, the showers and his career would have ended before it started. Also people are more comfortable with woman being gay than men. Men being gay is gross, but woman being gay is circumstantial. In fact, men will joke about woman being gay as sexy, but when men talk about men being gay, it’s usually an insult. You have to understand our society from the outside to understand why he felt so scared to come out, and why he wouldn’t risk his dream to have a basketball career. This is why he waited. At least he didn’t retire first. And now he’s the first.

  13. wooderson says:

    the reactions are great but really it just shouldnt even be a big deal at all. i dont think there would be a single person out there that really cares about or isnt respectful of his sexual orientation and those who arent accepting and respectful are never going to be heard and their thoughts and feelings simply dont matter or deserve to exist.

  14. Ennis says:

    Don’t judge. Let others live their lives. Congratulations, Jason Collins. And if for any reason you don’t approve of Collins’ lifestyle or decision to come, then you’re _______. Why is it that those cheering for Collins and tolerance and respect are largely intolerant and disrespectful of anyone who doesn’t completely agree with them? Is it not hypocritical to turn around and declare all Christians who believe homosexuality to be a sin as hateful or intolerant or ignorant or close-minded? Christians don’t approve of homosexual behavior, and people who approve of homosexual behavior don’t approve of the Christian faith. Will calling someone ignorant or any other adjective change someone’s mind? Personally, I realize it takes a lot of courage and strength from Jason Collins. It is somewhat selfish to do, because it puts the spotlight solely on Collins and will create a circus like atmosphere for any team who signs him, but it does require courage and strength. But there are also individuals who may not feel comfortable showering and dressing with someone who may find them attractive. Men and women don’t usually share locker rooms, and I imagine there would be quite a few athletes who would voice their discomfort if it suddenly was required. But any athlete who publicly admits discomfort to sharing a locker room with Collins will cause controversy. Athletes are forced to coexist in locker rooms and reach compromises all the time. Fights break out based on someone not liking the music that’s played in a locker room. Successful teams learn to get along, and I hope that any team Collins should play for is able to do that. But it will be because Collins and his Christian teammates are at least respectful of each other as humans.

    • Common Sense says:

      Well said…but this isn’t as much about approving homosexual behavior as much as it’s about the approving that someone who is homosexual being allowed to tell people, like a heterosexual male can be heterosexual. And not all Christians believe homosexuality is a sin. In fact, many churches put the colored flags in front to show they are not discriminatory.In fact, the only info I have that says homosexuality is a sin is that marriage is the union between woman and man. But it does not say that woman and woman and men and men cannot form relationships and love each other.But i don’t think by you, not liking the behavior, makes you hateful, ignorant, intolerant or close minded, but I do think that sins should be looked at closely. I also think sins are subjective and are different among everyone. In my opinion a sin is something that knowingly produces harm to yourself or others, either directly or indirectly. In my opinion, homosexuality doesn’t harm the person or the community, directly or indirectly, so in my book it’s not a sin. But as I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I suggest that calling it a sin is opinion, not fact. That’s all.

  15. jr says:

    Just when did become cool to go against God’s laws?

  16. Gary Payton says:

    This is the most important topic on any blog in a long time! And all open minded people applaud it and Jason Collins courage……

  17. daddy says:

    so we suppose to be happy and support wrong….i got it.

    • Common Sense says:

      Support the ability to choose, not the choice. You don’t have to support being gay and look up to people that are gay, but you can support someone that wants to have the freedom to choose in a society that says that choosing is wrong. And that there is no choice!

  18. David says:

    What does someones life regarding sexual issues have to do with what I thought was suppose to be a family sport. I have kids and for someone comes out and express what many Americans consider perversion and this is great news? I am saddened by all the comments in support of immorality.

    • kenny says:

      I am saddened that you consider what is natural for many to be immoral. Families need to know about homosexuality as your kids may be gay too.

  19. Gary Payton says:

    The more humans come out and express their true feelings, the more the evil people will be revealed! That took more courage than most people can comprehend, I think he is a hero and everyone needs to be accepting of peoples choice! If you disagree, keep it to yourself, it is hurtful and shame on you! Live and let live, do not judge!

  20. KB24stheman says:

    All of you who are trying to downplay the significance of what collins has done are afraid of what encouragement it will give other people who have been led to believe that they are not natural, or that there is something wrong with them. Let the coming out party begin! Once more of these contradictory bible pushers and homophobes see more of these influential gay figures in society they will finally realize how ignorant and hateful their antigay sentiments really are. I have a gay friend who played on my sports teams growing up, sharing the lockerroom with me and my other bros… I was proud of him when he came out. We always knew he was anyway. If anything I have more respect for him now because he has accepted who he is and is confident in himself. He writes columns for newspapers about standing up for what you think is right and promotes gay rights. These people will change the world. Just wait and see. Judge me if you want but the future has you shaking.Now the likes of kobe bryant are on the support bandwagon. You know Ellens gonna make a big deal out it. Half of the united states are kobe fans and half of the united states watches Ellen. Nuff said.

    • Common Sense says:

      And some are Kobe and Ellen fans, especially here in LA. Clearly written, thank you for your contribution. From one straight man to another, people need to open their minds and sometimes it helps not to here it from their enemies. Cause let’s face it, right now, a lot of these people consider gay people as sinning enemies. Sad but true.

  21. Patty says:

    Mr. Collins, We are so proud of you!!!

  22. TMJpn says:

    I am looking forward to KG’s tweet…

    But props to Jason, in spite of what people see in thier own world, there is still much discrimination and close-minded people that will not think his character is good.

    This is one more small step to progress.

  23. Widowspeak says:

    Does Jason’s admission directly affect any of YOUR lives? Those of you who are judging him have absolutely no right to do so. It’s not hurting you in any way, it’s not affecting the way you live your day to day life, so get off your soap boxes and keep your hypocritical comments to yourselves. Perhaps try appreciating the fact that someone has had the courage to speak about an issue that has burdened him his entire life, and that has not been made an easier by the fact he is a professional athlete in public eye. It doesn’t change who he is and it doesn’t change how he plays on the court. I commend the league for supporting Jason and his family. It’s just a shame a large part of the community can’t pull their heads out of their rear ends and do the same thing…..

    • Gary Payton says:

      Closed minds, they need to open because they will be the ones everyone is looking at with angry eyes! Let people live their lives without being judged,” Be a hero and a real human being”! Stolen from a song, but Jason is a HERO and good people recognize that….

  24. David says:

    For these speaking in the name of God (that’s what they’re doing in his statements) only one question. You say that’s “against God’s laws”, ok but… did you live your life respecting ALL of these laws? Because, if not, I think you’re not in a position to judge somebody with these laws.

  25. Randy says:

    I’m not accusing Jason of grandstanding, but I think it will be a lot bigger statement when a star in the prime of his career with something to lose comes out of the closet. In all honesty, this guy’s career may be over anyway. Why wait until now? As a washed up basketball player, maybe he’s ready to make the public appearance circuit. However, even when a superstar comes out, I’ll still say, “Who cares?” All I care about is whether or not these guys can help my team win a championship while being at least respectable citizens.

    • Lion King 17 says:

      Great Randy! That’s The Most Intelligent Comment Thus Far, The Guy Is A Free Agent Who Knows Fully Well That He Wont Be Signed, I Believe Its All A Publicity Stunt To Gain Attention After His Dull Career

    • Common Sense says:

      Well, now maybe that will happen…thanks to Jason.
      Good for him

  26. Tim says:

    funny how all these people support him but have to explain they not gay….. waab

  27. Randy says:

    I really thought an athlete had “come out” before, so I was shocked to see the response this “story” generated. Even once I realized he was the first to announce his homosexuality, my first thought was, “So what?” I’m past the profiling and just see these guys as athletes. It’s a shame, because this shouldn’t be a big deal, but let’s face it, as a basketball player, this is pretty much all this guy will be remembered for. Now, a spare basketball player will be remembered as a hero of tolerance, and although that’s pretty cool, it should have happened several decades ago.

  28. Tomas says:

    @nate…They’re not villains, they’re just ignorant. but you’re right, they shouldn’t be crucified by the media. They should be enlightened. and another thing.. why would they have a problem with having a gay player in their locker room now? they’ve had one for 12 years and not been bothered. and that’s just Jason Collins, i’m sure there are many more in this league.

  29. Jeff says:

    So cool to see support from the players. Gotta love this league.

  30. Stephen Murphy says:

    I don’t care if he’s gay…..just want to see the game being played the right way……..if it has affected his game thus far and don’t see why it would be an issue.

  31. Stardom says:


  32. Doucheku says:

    As a DIE HARD NBA FAN and an openly gay person myself, I am truly moved by the strenght of Collins and the response from many of the NBA players that I look up to. I am literally in tears.

    You cannot imagine the fear, hurt and isolation one feels, when you have to hide who you truly are, all because there are people out there who may physically harm you or the fear of being rejected by those you love and respect.

    In the end, we are all the same.

    And I hope someday, one’s sexuality will no longer be a a topic of discussion.

    • Joe says:

      As a ex-gay, i hope it’s a non-issue soon because i’m getting sick and tired of people accepting homosexuality as normal and innate. It’s not!

    • Young says:

      Can I ask one question. If the question is dumb, excuse me. I thought if being gay is “genetic” — at least I heard many say this — and cannot be changed, why is it that his twin brother is not gay? Are they identical twins? Just really curious. Not trying to offend anyone in any way. I thought this was somewhat interesting point when I was reading this article. Again, don’t mean to offend anyone in any way.

      • kenny says:

        Well, the most widely used numbers are cited from a 1991 study by Northwestern University psychologist Michael Bailey and psychiatrist Richard Pillard of Boston University School of Medicine in which identical and fraternal twins were studied. At least one twin in each pair was gay. The study found that 52 percent of the identical twins were both gay as opposed to only 22 percent for fraternal twins. In other words, there is a 52 percent chance that if one identical twin is gay, both are; and a 22 percent chance both fraternal twins are gay if one is gay.

        Second: Does this prove that homosexuality is genetic and people are born gay?

        The data collected about the identical twins provides the most insight since their genetic makeup is more closely linked. Interestingly enough, the “50/50 chance” findings have been used to support both sides of the nature vs. nurture debate. Some argue that since 52 percent of near genetically identical twins are both gay if one is gay, then homosexuality must be genetic. Opponents to the “born gay” theory cite the remaining 48 percent as support for their claim that genetics alone don’t account for homosexuality. The answer will continue to be elusive as the ongoing “born or made” gay debate continues.

  33. nate says:

    the sad part is that no one is allowed to voice their opinion if they did have a problem with him being a gay ball player…
    our society has labeled anyone who has a problem with homosexuality as a villain…if one player so much as said anything about them not liking having a gay player in their locker room he would be crucified in the media

    • Joe says:

      agreed. it is sad. the hypocrisy of the progressives in today’s society is insane “tolerance/acceptance! (unless you don’t agree with us, than you are evil)”

    • kenny says:

      What do you mean by “problem”? Do you want him kicked off the team? Is it OK to have a problem with black athletes? What about jewish ones? I’m sorry. You have the right to voice your opinion just as we have a right to call you a bigot for having that opinion. Freedom of speech is a two way street.

    • Peter says:

      There is no reason for you to have a problem, and if one single person has a problem maybe it’ them who shouldn’t be on the team?

      Playing on a basketball team is like going to war together. Ift’s about trusting your teammates to have your back on the court, to play the game the right way, and to play their role. Jason Collins has always done that everwhere he has played. Why should it make any diffeence to anyone if he is gay?

      Did it make a difference back when nobody knew he was? If not then he obviously didn’t let it affect how he was as a player and a teammate, and as such it should have no bearing on how his teamates feel either.

  34. lol says:

    LOL!!!!!!!! GAYYYYYY!

  35. Joel Whited says:

    God created adam and eve, not adam and steve. Nuff said.

    • Kasper says:

      Wow. That’s the most outdated comment if I have ever seen one. And also completely without substance.

    • Sam says:

      Amen to Joel Whited’s comment.

    • Des Smith says:

      exactly Joel

    • Common Sense says:

      “God” created “Adam”.
      “God” created “Eve”.
      “We” put the “and” between the two. And “we” put “Adam” before “Eve”.
      “God” loves “Adam”.
      “God” loves “Eve”.
      “They” are free to love who “they” want.
      Nuff said.

  36. PatG says:

    Jason, you are just too cool!!!!!!!!!! Although, this shouldn’t even be news in this day and age, you can now be you! And, from what I read in these posts, you are truly one great guy!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Bob says:

    lmao tony parker just copied bruce bowen’s tweet

  38. radu says:

    very cool of collins to come out. like someone said before, gender, sexual orientation, religion, whatever, should not be the things by which we judge people, but things like character. hopefully more will come out. i am straight, but i have gay friends and i think every one has to right to be what they want.

  39. kaydeelethal says:

    #Wierd… Honestly, may’nt be as easy as such. a Personal choice though wierd!!

  40. Chris says:

    Jose, many believe we are created in God’s image…black and white, gay and straight, men and women. And many believe Jesus’s words: “judge not, that you be not judged.” You don’t have to believe that, of course, but your interpretation of God’s creation is NOT the same as others’ interpretation. Believe what you believe, but don’t state your beliefs as fact.

    Jason’s a brave man, any way you believe!

  41. Dan says:

    I am so shocked at who has left tweets that they stand behind this man who has so openly admitted to being an immoral person and sleeping and have sex with another man. Being a Suns fan I was so disappointed on seeing Steve Nash was one of them. This America is going down the road of immorality so fast it is not funny. These professional athletes that we so wished were good examples for our children is slowly gong down hill. Immorality has become the norm now and morality is the bad, WOW what oxymoron that is. I feel really bad for the ones who are OK for this, There is a day reckoning coming no matter what you all think.

    • Ian says:

      Prove that a day of reckoning is coming. Please don’t mix your personal BELIEFS with a FACTUAL situation.

      • Proud says:

        As a gay person, who grew up in a small town and watched all my sisters get married without being able to marry the love of my life of 10 years, AND who LOVES NBA BASKETBALL, I am very, very proud of my fellow Americans above and below these comments who are preaching acceptance, equality, and to NOT judge others. Before today, I never thought I would see today, openly gay athletes and people from all walks of life supporting those who are simply different. Thank you for drowning out the hate in “God’s” name on this comment section. .I have hope, not only from this story, but from all the positiveness here. THANK YOU JASON!!

    • Peter says:

      Day of reconing? LOL hilarious

      I’m not gay but I’ve known many people who were, and it sure as hell didn’t make them a worse person (or a better person).

      Some people believe it’s wrong to date somebody with a large age difference, some people believe it’s wrong to date people of another nationality. At the end of the day who a person dates is entirely their own choice and nobody else’s business.

  42. jonathan says:

    To Jose god wants everyone to be happy point blank, you and everyone is blessed to breathe daily but anyway what does that have to do with this topic big UPS Jason Collins because this opens this door for honesty and respect…..Go courage its a 3 pointer…

  43. NBAfan says:

    Tony Parker copied the exact tweet of Bruce Bowen. Just sayin.

  44. Raptor says:

    I think seeing all these messages of support actually rings the bells about where we are as a society right now… still far from where we need to be but closer than in the past, though.

  45. Jose says:

    This world has gone crazy when they call what is bad, good.
    God will judge what is right and what is wrong.

    God created men and women to become one flesh.
    This is not possible for two men or two women and it is shameful.

    • blahdamean says:

      If your God judges this as right or wrong, then your God is not a real God. Love over power Jose.

    • Seriously... says:

      Usually I do not like to reply to these but this has to be said. You are entitled your opinion, but if you have nothing nice to say then its best not to say it at all. Please take your hatred else where. “God” also has a golden rule, “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.” and Mark 12:31 says to “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. but you seem to have ignored those and would rather try to push some stupid idea that “God” hates gays. If “God” hate gays then they would not exist (DUH!!). Gays do not chose to be gay, just as you would not chose to be straight.

      This report was to embrace a person’s strength and courage to help the world be more open to all different types of individuals. I hope one day in my lifetime that this won’t have to make the news and that someone saying they are gay is just the same as someone saying they are straight.

      • D says:

        I have no problems with gays, and in fact, I’m glad that this is happening and that more and more people are starting to accept those in the LGBT community. This is a step in the right direction all be it later than I would have liked. However, I do disagree with this whole notion that gays do not choose to be gay. I think the idea that gays have no choice but to be gay is insulting to gays. Its okay to be gay, but to say I don’t choose this just seems very insulting and demeaning to the LGBT community, which is why I don’t understand that about 40%-50% of them choose that stance. I once heard a prominent liberal say “why would gays choose to be gay”…doesn’t that statement sound demeaning and hurtful? Once again I support the LGBT community, but I don’t agree with this notion that they’re born that way. It is a choice, and there is historical evidence that points to that.

    • kennykneck says:


      Exodus 35: “These are the words which Jehovah hath commanded, that ye should do them. Six days shall work be done; but on the seventh day there shall be to you a holy day, a sabbath of solemn rest to Jehovah: whosoever doeth any work therein shall be put to death.”

      Hope you didn’t have to work this past Sunday. Because if you did, it is God’s will that you be put to death.


      • D says:

        Way to look up a Bible verse. Too bad its from the Old Testament. I am in support of the LGBT community, but I just thought I should point out your ignorance. Many in the Christian faith live by the New Testament and merely use the Old Testament as a tool for learning. So to quote verses from the Old Testament and then to make statements like that is ignorant. And don’t get mad because I’m using the word ignorant, it simply means “not knowing”. Many use that word in a negative way, but really it doesn’t have a negative meaning at all, which means those that use it negatively are they themselves ignorant. And back to the whole Bible verse thing there is a verse that states that the Old Testament is in fact for our learning Romans 15:4, and was written for the children of Israel Exodus 19:3-6.

      • D says:

        Also I should point at that technically the seventh day is Saturday not Sunday, which is actually the first day of the week. It was the Council of Nicea that decided Sunday is the Sabbath even though many agreed that is isn’t the seventh day of the week, but it was chosen out of a matter of compromise.

    • Bespoken says:

      I am amazed by how some people are so narrow minded and brain washed. I am not gay and I am engaged to my 5 years girlfriend but that doesn’t makes my “way” the right way. People can choose whatever they want as long as it doesn’t hurt other. It’s called freedom. You are either a bible freak, someone too young to understand life or simply just a troll. (See what I did here? I judge you as well.)

    • A curious fellow says:

      If God judges what is right and what is wrong, why are you speaking on his behalf?

    • Des Smith says:

      I agree

    • Peter says:

      Have you met god? How do you know he isn’t gay? lol

  46. Common Sense says:

    By the way…is it just me or did Tony Parker literally copy and paste Bruce Bowens tweet?

    • SpursFan says:

      I noticed that, too, and apparently so did DeadSpin. Haha! They should probably talk to whichever PR person handles their Twitter accounts and ask them in the future to please be sure to at least TRY to make them seem like they have their own thoughts.

    • Des Smith says:

      lol…so true, just saw it…lol

  47. jojo says:

    I remember hearing a couple years ago that Tree Rollins had come out as the first openly gay NBA player (retired), but now I’m googling and can’t find it anywhere. Anyways….
    Big ups to JC for being himself and allowing such an enormous spotlight to shine upon him in order to help our country step forward in our intellectual recognition of another human being.

  48. Common Sense says:

    What’s shocking to me is what I just heard. Apparently he is the first ACTIVE professional athlete out of Hockey, Football, Basketball and Baseball to come out. Many admit it after retirement(for fear of losing their career) but NONE have come out prior to retirement! I hope this breaks the seal. The only thing that can destroy HATE is the TRUTH!!!
    Thank You Jason, I only hope everyone in your situation follows suit, IMMEDIATELY!!! We welcome everyone with open arms!! And for the record I’m not gay…
    A Great Day!

  49. celticspride says:

    It’s only in countries like USA where this is “news” or in David Sterns words. “Very important issue” but respect to jcollins anyway.

  50. TTKIN says:

    I dont get why everyone is scared of what will be said. Almost anyone who has talked about this topic knows that just about everyone is ok with it. I have yet to hear and athlete say “this league aint for gay people”.

    He’s just gay, no big deal. about time someone got it started though. much respect collins.

    • AckWrite says:

      I think its more for the fans to sho respect you know? Their are a ton of uneducated hateful and just plain ignorant people out there especially on the web. I’m glad he had the courage to come out.

    • Common Sense says:

      Your ignorance is beautiful and I mean that earnestly. If only everyone felt the way you do. I agree that this shouldn’t be a big deal and he shouldn’t be scared, but it makes complete sense that he is…or was. But for the record, there are still many states in the country that can LEGALLY fire you for being openly gay!!! This is why many people wait til retirement! You must live in California or New York…A lot of states consider gay people as second hand citizens BY LAW! Literally have less rights than heterosexual people. It’s crazy but true.

  51. Michael says:

    This is very cool. I’m glad Jason has the strength and courage to unlock and open this door. Stand tall and proud my brother. You have our support.

  52. Larry says:

    Agree with Steve. Shouldn’t be new, but it is and I am so happy its occurring. I don’t even think we should be stating “FtheHaters” we should merely be focusing on the positive. We have negativity in all communities, so enjoy the newfound (continued) openness and happiness. Our country and mankind should have progressed beyond this already, as with many other facets of social acceptance. Regardless, it’s happened now and so let’s catch up and be supportive!!

  53. GuitarSteve says:

    This shouldn’t even be news but him coming out is helping us as a society to get to the point where it wont be news anymore. Congratulations Jason on your courage and conviction. Wonder how many more will walk through the door he has opened now?

    There are gay people in this world, if you don’t want to see that…stare at the sun.