Lakers’ Future On Hold As Contradictory Dwight Howard Takes Step Back


LOS ANGELES — Is this how Dwight Howard’s L.A. story ends?

Does it finish with two technical fouls and an automatic ejection with 9:51 left in the third quarter of a second consecutive home blowout? Is this how the future of the franchise, as general manager Mitch Kupchak called him a few months ago, exits — walking off through the tunnel to a golf clap before much of the sold-out crowd had even made it back to their seats?

And then, like ships passing in the night, the Lakers’ royalty of past and present emerged from the tunnel for the first time during these two playoff games at Staples Center. Dressed in a black suit and moving slowly on crutches, Kobe Bryant chose that very moment to make his appearance, to wave to the crowd, as if to reinforce whose hands still cradle this proud franchise. He took a seat behind the bench, serenaded by the familiar chant of “M-V-P” as action on the court played on.

Howard said he somehow missed Kobe coming in as he was heading out.

“I didn’t see anybody,” Howard said in hushed tones. “I didn’t even know he went out there.”

Bravo, Lakers. No one does drama like you.

Meanwhile, the always sympathetic 7-footer, Pau Gasol, remained as last star standing to finally bury this tragic season. If this was to be Gasol’s last stand as a Laker, at least the faithful sent him on his way with a heartfelt standing ovation with 3:08 left in the game.

“I guess there’s a sense this is a possibility,” Gasol, with the topic of his departure sensitive, said after producing 16 points, eight rebounds and five assists.

Gasol and the ragtag Lakers that mopped up this season were no match for the San Antonio Spurs, who are headed for an extended layoff after finishing off the depleted, and now officially defeated, Lakers with a first-round sweep. Sunday’s Game 4 was never in doubt with Tony Parker, Tim Duncan & Co., going wire-to-wire for the expected 103-82 thumping.

And so here we go dashing into your offseason story, L.A. — Lakers held hostage: Day 1.

Three seasons removed from their last title and anything more than a first-round series win, the Lakers’ future is now trapped inside Howard’s head. And after the loss, he was at his contradictory best while talking about this lost season and the season to come, wherever that may come for the free-agent-to-be.

Howard, almost comically, used the word “nightmare” to describe this season in its entirety, an unintentional nod to the “Dwightmare” moniker that media types dubbed Howard’s final, maddening, flip-flopping season with his old team the Orlando Magic. And, on a beach somewhere, those bums he used to call teammates are laughing so hard they’re spitting up their Mai-Tais.

“It was like a nightmare. It’s like a bad dream and we couldn’t wake up out of it. That’s what it felt like,” said Howard, who settled for seven points, eight rebounds and five turnovers in 20-and-a-half minutes before frustratingly getting a second technical. “It seemed like nothing could go right from the start [of the season], injuries and all that stuff.”

Then, Howard continued with a most interesting “but,” that perked up all listening ears …

“But,” Howard continued, “we get an opportunity to get some rest, guys who are injured, coming off injuries a chance to rehab and think about what we can all do to better ourselves.”

The questioner told Howard that he sounded optimistic about a return to the Lakers. Or is it reading too much into that?

“You’re reading too much into that,” Howard said softly.

Next, Howard was asked if the team can turn this disappointing season into something positive and return the proud Lakers franchise to title contention next season.

“We’re all going to take some time away from the game and focus on us, and focus on getting better,” Howard answered, again sounding as though he planned to be part of the “us” that’s focused on “getting better.”

Really, be thankful that only the Lakers’ fate, and not that of the free world, hinges on Howard’s ability to make a decision or say what he means. We’d all be doomed.

“It was a rocky year. A lot of things happened that I didn’t have any control over,” Howard said. “I think I handled some situations good and I think I handled some bad, but it’s a growing process. We’re going to keep growing, we’re going to keep learning. That’s why we have an offseason, to get an opportunity to reflect on good and bad things that happened during the season and try to make it better for the next year.”

For whatever reason, Howard can’t or won’t commit to taking the Lakers’ max contract offer of five years and $118 million that will be on the table July 1. He won’t allow Kupchak to begin taking bids for sculptors — you remember Kupchak’s statue talk — or to begin a master plan of building the program around the 6-foot-11 Howard without also having a contingency plan. Only Howard knows what he intends to do. Or maybe he simply doesn’t.

“I’m going to step away from everything for a couple weeks and clear my head before I talk about anything as far as next season,” Howard said. “I think I deserve that.”

Sure, Howard can “explore” free agency, but his value is already set. He will be a max player somewhere. He already knows the handful of teams — Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, to name three — that will have the cap space available to fit him into a four-year, $87.6 million contract, the max that teams not named the Lakers can offer under the collective bargaining agreement.

Howard’s only consistent thought about his future throughout this season is to say that he hasn’t thought about it.

Reasons to leave L.A., to pass on the challenge of being the next great center alongside George Mikan and Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal, are worthy of consideration. Does he want to continue to play with the domineering Kobe? Can he thrive under coach Mike D’Antoni? Does the lack of a young superstar already on the roster worry him? Does he want the responsibility of being the cornerstone of a franchise that demands championships? Can he stomach the constant scrutiny of spoiled fans and the media and of the ultimate vocal critic in Magic Johnson?

Howard wasn’t done with his postgame contradictions. Here he was now talking about his relationship with Kobe, how it was “pretty good” before he came to town and how nothing’s really changed despite perceptions. He said people “twisted a lot of things.” The “fake fights and arguments that we supposedly had” being chief among them.

And then came this surprising admission that seemed to genuinely come straight from the heart: “We’ve maintained a pretty good relationship,” he said of Kobe, “and I want to continue to be here for him throughout the process that he has to go through recovering from his Achilles. … We’re not best friends, but I want to be there for him. Having an injury is a tough thing to deal with. I just want to be here for him as a brother.”

It would certainly seem strange for younger brother to then pack up and go.

But who knows? This is the contradiction of Dwight.


  1. Neil says:

    Howard must go back to East or some better teams there in the West. but not in the Lakers (Losers) again….

  2. Dwight Howard sux, and needs to retire while he has anything left of his career and pride, He might still be able to play oversees

  3. KB24#1 says:

    I want D12 to stay but if he wants to leave then fine leave i think thats how most Lakers fans feel. Were not gonna whine about it he didnt perform as we thought he was going to perform. He is no Shaq and i don think he is ever going to be half of what he was. He plays pretty good defense but lacks offensive moves that he will probably never develop….

  4. razorback_ph_tribez says:

    Dwight Howard is more GAY than Jason Collins!

  5. SYDALE says:

    The Sixers will GLADLY let the Lakers have Andrew “No Knees” Bynum back for Dwight Howard… LOL

    At least Dwight plays… me and Andrew Bynum played in exactly the same number of NBA games this year… LOL

  6. SE7EN says:

    Trade Dwight Howard for Chris Bosh and the Heat will limit their opponents to 50 points per game! If I were the Heat I will consider this. Last year was James’ ring and this year will be Bosh’s ring… so no hard feelings there, they can let go of Bosh and acquire Howard. Go HEAT!!! P.S. I always wanted Tyson Chandler to be with the Heat as their center.

  7. KingJamesBallin says:

    Charles really laid it into Howard’s game…

  8. Bob says:

    He should go to San Antonio. That’ll be good for the the Spurs and for him.

  9. Pokie says:

    Brooklyn…. Brooklyn…. Come home, Son. Salary cap? We don’t need no stinking salary cap! Let the new arms race begin.

  10. KobeWhiner says:

    the biggest ballhog should just retire so howard could maximize his potential and be a true dominant big man in lakers. unlike this season he just sits second fiddle wherein that kobe ballhog shoots the ball 30 times while dwight shoots it less than 10 shota a game.

  11. nelson says:

    i hope howard leaves LA so that the lakers can be cast to an endless vortex losing all the time. forcing kobe in to being extremely bored, as a result of this he will go back to mo–lesting children.

  12. Willy says:

    His bad attitude showed until the very end, 2nd technical foul, then walking past your boss on the way out after being ejected? What did he say to Kupchak? It couldn’t have been good? I think Kupchak made the decision to get rid of Dwight right there after his walkout! What an idiot his salary value should drop considerably after that last game.

  13. Ken_LakerFanPhilippines says:

    Lakers management, just FIRE COACH D’ANTONI…Laker team have the pieces but the coach doesn’t know how to utilize their individual skills…he can’t make plays for the twin towers Dwight & Pau…look at San Antonio, they only have Duncan as legit Bigman but Coach Pop knows how to maximize him in the paint…see the results? They’re in the 2nd round of playoffs…pity Lakers if they’ll stay with D’Antoni, they will have the same results

  14. ThunderUP says:

    Brook is way better than howard.Marc gasol is also more rounded then howard.ibalkas better then howard to u think the tunder would trade ibalka for howard NO way the Nets wouldnt trade Brooke and memphis may trade Gasol but only because there mangement is crazy.There r plenty more options.

  15. Sean says:

    Lakers are better off without this crippled quitter. He deliberately got tossed out of game 4 because he didn’t want to deal with the fact his team was getting smashed.

    He has not played like a player woth $118, let alone $118 million. He’ll never be the smae after that surgery and he’s a locker room cancer.

    Let him walk and ruin a different franchise.

  16. Papa Psyin says:

    Lakers should blame the Office staff and bosses. They sacked a good coach and brought in a losing coach who was sacked from New York. In about 10years they have worked with about a hundred players. At the same period San Antonio use about 20

  17. ThunderUP says:

    he got ejected one purpose he get banged around the most in the nba he should be used to it by now.He knew the lakers had no chance he didnt want to be there.The lakers are Kobes team he showed that by his timely entrance. He wont be a laker next year and they dont need him anyway he didnt change anything he made the team worse by haveing to give him touches that r better suited for GASOL.He can only rebound and oop.

  18. suchclutch24 says:

    if we had kobe on the floor, this would be a totally different story. since kobe was injured and our top 4 guards out there is no way that lakers could have done it especially with the spurs. but i still recommend lakers selling one or two old guys for a young player that actually had 4 to 5 years of experience

  19. ene be a says:

    Fo fo fo fo , the lakers loose fourt in a roll for the second time in 3 years. Increible pero cierto

  20. Rolly del Mundo says:

    I think the best place for Howard to go is the D League. If he is not welcome there, perhaps the Harlem Globetrotters can give him a slot. Anyway, Dwight’s work ethics are tailor-made for this team since the Globetrotters don’t play serious basketball.

  21. What? says:

    Why in the world are Lakers ‘fans’ clamoring for the best center in the league to be let go? For absolutely nothing too?? Even if you don’t like him, at least re-sign him and use him for a trade later on (which is dumb anyway, who are you going to get that’s better? How will the Lakers attract free agents without a superstar in 2014? smh) I’m just glad none of you are GMs. The only person that needs to go is the coach. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for not making any adjustments or having a specific game plan in playoff games when you are getting blown at home. That’s ridiculous. Is that what championship level coaches do? Injuries or not, MDA is simply NOT a good leader for this team. The results speak for themselves because I have never seen a Lakers team in so much disarray and confusion on the court ALL YEAR LONG.

  22. Art says:

    I think Howard should go to Cleveland,they have a good young team. He would fit in good with Mike Brown and his defense minded game . Wasn’t Mike out there in la la land before they decided to forget about defense ?

  23. lakers2424 says:

    First off, Kobe Bryant is the best player in the world to ever play this game, and yes that does includes Michael Jordan. Secondly, for your fools that don’t know anything about the game of basketball, if Dwight Howard were playing with the true centers (Shaq, Kareem, Ewing, The Dream, etc.), he would be coming off the bench, and no one would want give 118 million. Thirdly, D’Antonio needs to go because he is truly a garbage coach. Look at the one year difference between now and the Knicks of last year. Finally, the black mamba for life, and he will be back. Kobe Bryant fan for life!!!!!!!!

  24. Alan Hollway says:

    Dwight has to be a franchise where there is going to be a dynamic duo or big three to challenge the Heat either he stays at L.A where Kobe accepts that he is now Robin not Batman or he chooses to go to a team like the Cavs where if he teamed up with Irvine they almost have the best duo aside from Durant and Westbrook (when recovered). This decision has to be one done in a serious conversation between Kobe and Howard that is what it boils down to. My wish as a Spurs fan is for Howard to join Spurs support Duncan in his final two years and try and win another title before Duncan retires. Maybe that is just wishful thinking.

  25. Anonymously says:

    DH should go to Dallas, he will be the defensive anchor and dirk will still be the go to guy. Add one good point guard, stay with current bench players, and I think they will have a very good shot at the title.

  26. FIRE MIKE (NO D) ANTONI says:


  27. Kimmy says:

    Dwight Howard should go home to Hawks. He is needed badly. LA Lakers should hire Kobe as coach. Get rid of Gasol and all the other non-players. Take a few years to re-build. Game day bucket go boom!!! GO OKC!!!!!!

  28. mad scientist. Haley says:

    The lakers should trade daughter for Anthony Davis straight up…..dwight is immature and I’m sure kobe sees he is not willing to man up and put bigboy shoes on



  30. BobRizzi says:

    Howard is still living off being a big fish in a small pond at the magic. Nothing he has done this year says he is worth a max deal. He is a liability at the end of games, has injury issues and what seems a bad attitude. Says a lot about the NBA how everyone still wants to throw max money at him regardless of how he is actually performing. Lakers would be better off spreading that money over a couple of free agents that can give them some depth and get them younger. Iggy, Jennings, evans – they are not going to carry the team on their own but will contribute to making the Lakers a team again. I should be GM of this team, I could get them back on top within 3 years.

  31. realist2013 says:

    Wow. Well some dude said they have nash to run the offense. Kobe isnt used to a real point guard tgats why he doesnt let nash run the offense. If he did theyd be better off. Dwight doesnt want to step on Kobes toes. Nash doesnt play off the ball. As soon as he lets Nash be the play maker he is the better the Lakers will be. Nash won mvps with weaker teams only thing limiting the lakers is Egos and a weak bench. amnesty Metta get a cheap 2 spot shooter and an athletic 3 and stay healthy. Lakers would be ok

  32. LAKERZALLDAY! says:


  33. Sakee123 says:

    I think they was wrong when they said Lakers can’t win another championship with the same team they had this year. All the Lakers need is Phil Jackson , he would bring that attitude and domination to the Lakers Mike D just isn’t the answer to the Lakers but , I do thing the Lakers need some more speed and better perimeter shooters. Lakers FO LIFE BABY !

  34. I’m just hoping that Dwight Howard will come back to my team the Lakers next season. I’m also hoping that we will be better team next season when everybody is healthy. Go Lakers and win more championships.

    Ray Duque III (GMBD), USA

    • treblhig says:

      i like kobe out of this la team, get lebron and stay howard……. lebron is a great player that make co-player to have confidence to their self co’z he is not sad either his team mate make an mistake. he encourage them to make a shot.

  35. xyz says:

    Dwight can only thrive in a system where he gets the ball almost every posession and if he doesn’t score, he kicks it out to the perimeter shooters. That type of basketball is impossible for the lakers who have pretty bad 3 point shooters and a player who handles the ball a lot in Kobe Bryant. Howard and Nash weren’t the right peaces for the Lakers. I think Howard is a good fit for Houston and Dallas (not really Atlanta). He’s considered to be the best center in the game, but he’ll never be able to follow the footsteps of great players like Wilt, Kareem and Shaq. He’ll always be compared to them if he stays in LA and that means a lot of pressure. With Dwight gone, the Lakers should go look for some younger and quicker players….they were very slow and painful to watch this season. Oh, and I almost forgot, they should fire D’Antoni asap !!!!

  36. Jon says:

    Kobe wanted to give the fans something… ANYTHING. Because they certainly didn’t get any value out of the tickets that they purchased. Probably had to fork out a fortune to get them also. In good times and bad, Kobe will always be there to represent the franchise.

  37. stinson says:

    best fit would be Dwight in Boston. pierce and garnett get their ring, as well as, dwight. Boston starts their rebuilding with rondo, dwight and green. rondo will give dwight all the good looks and with dwight and avery on D boston will be the team to beat in the east and the nba! BTW im not a celtics fan

    • steagle says:

      I think Dwight would be a great fit with Doc Rivers and co, but there’s no way Ainge can hold on to Pierce, KG, Green AND Rondo – what would he trade for Dwight?? There aren’t enough good pieces that LA would be interested. I think LA would only be interested in Green or Rondo. LA wants to get younger not older. And you know Ainge won’t even consider trading those two – well, unless he’s literally crazy in the head.

      Anyways, to get Dwight to Boston you’d have to do something like this: Trade KG and/or Pierce and Avery Bradley or Terry & Lee. That is a LOT to give up for one player, especially one with questionable health and maturity issues. I’d hate to see Pierce get traded this late in his career after everything he’s given the franchise. Personally, I’d try to ship out Lee, Terry, KG and some bench players and/or future draft picks. That probably wouldn’t be enticing enough for LA, but you never know. I’m pretty sure Boston would have the cap space with a trade that big, and Dwight would benefit by having one of the league’s premier point guards to play with, not to mention a future hall of famer in Paul Pierce.

  38. theholyspectator says:

    if dwight leaves it would confirm the fact that he truly IS the PROBLEM, if he stays well A. shows he can be a mature player, and hes gonna work thru the struggle and make it happen, more then anything dwight needs a change of heart and attitude, this guy just does not show the vibe of a champion or someone who wants to compete for one, he seems to just care about himself and makin money..when i think of a champion in todays nba…people like james, bryant, duncan come to mind, but when i think about dwight, i think about cry baby, loser, whiner, and someone who just isnt a real man…he brought all this on himself..i think id be more surprised if he stays in LA, but if he does, then just maybe he may have reached that level of transforming from a boy to a man…regardless tho if he stays or not…RIP Lakers..they not winning titles for a very very long time

  39. Rosanne says:

    Superman NEEDS to come to “Big D”, and play alongside Dirk. He WILL be the face of the franchise here, not being lied to in LA. Come play for the MAVS! GO MAVS!!

  40. W/E says:

    Kobe making an appearance after Dwight got ejected trying to coach the team…this guy is hilarious lol, making a hero entrance when all is already lost, maybe they should hire as a coach for next year, his team where listening to him on almost every play the whole game after his entrance, i bet D’antoni must felt really uncomfortable.

  41. Shanily says:


    Dwight Howard and Mike D’Antoni need to pack their bags and get the hell out of LA. My Lakers need a healthy bench, Phil Jackson, Andrew Bynum and Kobe Back. I’ll take Bynum over Howard ANYDAY. Dwight Howard IS NOT a leader of men. He is not worthy of wearing a Laker uniform. Steve Nash should NOT be starting either.


    • Hater4Life! says:

      Bynum who didn’t play a game this season? Nah, I’d rather a guy who shows up to work and doesn’t take unnecessary 3’s.

  42. deJavu says:

    Hey D12 b4 you leave Lakerland…if dumbtoni will be kick out/fired..( should have been months ago), just think twice…or think about your name and redemption means..

  43. ene be a says:

    Hey Howard, just go to Miami if u want a ring. Howard and the Heat are the perfect match, miami need boards, howard need championships. Just forget abou the money, championships will give u money .

  44. JimD54 says:

    Howard should have went to college, in eight years in the NBA he still hasn’t learned how to play, he’s big and strong but that’s not enough when you come up against the big time players in the NBA which is the reason for all the drama he bring to a team, Max money for Howard? If I was a GM I wouldn’t have him, I’m a Celtic fan and I hope he stays in LA, they’ll never win a title with him being the franchise player….. Dwight, do every other team in the NBA a favor, STAY in LA.

  45. jaydee says:

    dwight just needs to work with some legends like hakeem, or kareem on his footwork and aggressiveness and he should be good. He not wanting to put fourth any effort to be better

  46. truebucks fan1992 says:

    lopez will be better then howard

  47. truebucks fan1992 says:

    the lakers are done until they get another great player 10 or 15 yrs from now

  48. truebucks fan1992 says:

    i say howard will leave la and go to brooklyn . since the bulls will beat brooklyn in the first round brooklyn will make changes and brooklyn will sign josh smith also. then will trade wallace or either lopez for a foward and draft picks.

  49. LOLakers says:

    Come to Miami!!! We know how to treat a star!!! You can help us win 10-15 championships!!! The greatest NBA legacy ever!!!

  50. samuel l Jackson says:

    Gasol dosent play unless kobe rides him all game wohrld peace dont run jump cant make threes ehat is he good for the few defensive highlights he has are outweigh by the many wide open threes he misses the should be called turnovers cuz they result in fastbreak layups he cant run the floor to defend n grampa nash is so sorry oh my hip oh my back went out hes robbing they lakers with that contract dwight is gonna have foul trouble every game if nash cant guard a cp3 or t parker and they are running full speed at dwight hes gonna foul them i hope he stays but i think hes gone i wont even start on the bench they gotta let the contracts run out no trades start over make a push for kyrie irving or lilard and the moment the manimal kenneth faried hits free agengcy pay that man thats what la needs hustle fight swag not squares like gasol n nash i think its about chemistry kobe gets along with them n bynum cuz they all r into soccer gasol n kobe speak spanish whos dwight kickin it with morris

  51. Big Boy Pants says:

    After listening to Charles and co, I think they are talking sense, BUT, what I want to see from Dwight is effort, a good attitude, a win at all costs mentality, treating his career like a business etc. I just see him cruising around. He is not a grafter. He gets his stats because of his athleticism and he gets his stats almost by default. What he doesn’t do is help the team win. If I don’t see these aforementioned traits in someone I don’t want them around.

    He says he wants time away and says he deserves that. Ouch! I would be reading Anthony Robbins books to get my head straight, spending 6 hours a day shooting foul shots.

    It’s all common sense.

  52. AnthonyFernandez says:

    Lakers has the best talent in the entire NBA right now. Best front court and back court players probably. The injuries are not reasons to end like this. Because on the first place, kobe should be healthy when hes minutes were monitored like San Antonio did to there Stars on the regular season. I thought Mike D’Antonie is the answer to their ugly start. But he made it worse that the lakers end up on the stage of losing DH and PG plus KB is not certain to when is he coming back next season. This is a nightmare coaching and D’Antonie orchestrate it. I thought that hes right when he wants Carmelo out of knicks, but now i concluded that he just don’t know how to use super stars at the same time. Hiring him is the lakers biggest mistake. No wonder he can’t win a championship on Nash prime.

  53. Johnathen Davis says:

    Anything that Charles Barkley has to say about the Lakers is automatically void and irrelevant in my opinion. Knowing how he is one of the ultimate Laker haters, he gives the Lakers no credit and trashes them even when they are a championship-caliber team, so it’s clearly obvious that this horrible Laker season brings him great joy because for the first time it gives him the opportunity to justify his constant criticism of the Lakers. Along with Mike D’Antoni, Charles Barkley is another douchebag that I’d love to hear has lost his job.

  54. Debbie says:

    I want Dwight to stay. Everyone is so hard on him. He just had a back surgery and hes so doing so well. Give him a chance. I think next year with the Lakers you will see how great he really is. Stay Dwight 🙂 Stay!

  55. miami heat says:

    GO TO MIAMI HEAT …Dwight,Bosh,Lebron,Wade is a perfect team..champion always

  56. Alex says:

    I think the only problem Lakers have is the coach. It is incredible how you can have one of the worst defenses when having Howard on your team. It is clear that he is not able to coach this. I would try to bring back Phil and if not possible Jerry Sloan is a great option I think. With Mike remaining if I would be Howard I wouldn’t resign because he makes the team loose and makes Howard looks bad.

  57. Big Time says:

    He would be the perfect fit for Houston. Pairing up with another superstar in James Harden would definitely make Houston a big threat in the West. And obviously McHale would be a great mentor for him.

  58. Du says:

    if dwight wants to go to brooklyn why don’t they just trade him for brook lopez. he’d be a perfect fit for los angeles..

  59. Devon says:

    Dwight Howard will never be able to carry a team the way Kobe, Lebron and Michael did. He is spoiled kid who thinks way too much of his skill set. DWIGHT is a LOSER….Go and retire and spare the NBA your childish behavior, PUNK.

  60. Pedro says:

    Just get rid of him and Dumbtoni. Best regards to Gasol also.
    Nash, Kobe, Metta, Blake, Meeks plus some big free agents is the best way to go right now.

  61. fabrizio says:

    if LA get brandon Jennings ,Dwight have to stay in LA if not must leave to Houston

  62. Smiling Loser says:

    Dwight Howard is NOT a franchise player !

  63. Shawn says:

    I have been critical of Dwight all year. However, I think this experience is really good for him. He needed to learn that the game is about team work, he needed to learn humility, he needed to learn that he is not “Superman”… So, i think his comments were very good and sincere. He had a nightmare game / season, but yes he can learn, yes he can improve, and there is nothing like a good A-kicking to teach a little humility. No he cannot say what the future holds for him, yes he does need to reflect. All of that is good. I think he will probably be a much better player and a better man behind this, and it is a good thing for the Lakers if he decides to stay. I am extremely disappointed in DAntoni, i think his comments about crying every 15 minutes, and laughing at the reserves in comparison to an aging Nash set the tone for failure, in a most win situation was the worse thing i have ever seen in a coach.. I would fire him on the spot just for that. He defeated his own team. I applaud Kobe for coming out and supporting the team when DHoward was ejected! I applaud Pau Gasol for giving his all during the game, and for never quitting! i think that Kobe, Paul and DHoward can actually have a winning season next year… But, they need a coach that can lead veteran, rookies and ego players… then they will be just fine.

  64. Gene says:

    No truly great big man was ever co-exist with Kobe. The history speaks for itself. Instead of focusing on essential matters like team, Kobe cannot let go of the “my team” syndrome. At a time when he should have been displaying more of a cerebral approach he wants to hog the ball (took it from Nash and insist that the outside/inside was the “only” way. In any event none of us truly knows what is happening behind the scenes, but if we have eyes we can clearly see what is occurring in the open.
    What do you think the outcome would be if Lebron was a Laker (current team) and Kobe was a member of the Heat (current team)? The drama would be with Kobe and the Heat.

  65. Moe says:

    Besides maybe Jeff Green why on earth would we want most of these bums in a lakers uniform, unless you have a time machine and can make Terry, Carter, Odom, Iverson & T-Mac all 25 again.
    Jason Terry – (35) – 10ppg
    Nate Robinson – (28) – 12ppg
    Vince Carter – (36) ,13ppg
    Jeff Green – (26), 12ppg
    Lamar Odom – (33) – 8ppg
    Allen Iverson – (37) Out of the league
    T-Mac – Knees are done, nuff said

  66. White Howard says:

    Send Dwight to the D-League or China!!!

  67. ball don*t lie says:

    i have a hard time seeing dh motivated sufficiently. with a rolls and a bentley in the garage it looks like he has reached the point where he would rather enyoy life than create a legend by being the foundation for la or any other team. if it were my $80+ mm i’d spend it some other way.

  68. Kwolio says:

    Any thoughts around here Bynum will knock on LA again? haha, If he does,I hope LA doesn’t give him the MAX. Feel bad for Philly not getting any out from him.

  69. bball says:

    The Lakers need to trade him now! And i mean Antoni:)

  70. BJ says:

    I doubt if Howard stays in LA. If I was in his shoes I wouldn’t. they need to clear their rosters for some new young talented players. Kobe, Gasol, Metta, Nash all need to retire. None of these old geezers are of any value anymore.

  71. Leave LA says:

    Who would want to struggle to keep the Lakers in the ranks of NBA mediocrity

  72. niko says:

    we want phil

  73. niko says:

    just back phil in L.A. beacuse lakers need phil

  74. Moe says:

    Not sure what Mitch was thinking bringing in all these old washed up superstars, didnt we try this years ago with Gary Patton & Karl Malone, They need to get rid of Nash, Blake, Jamison & World Peace. Bring back Kobe & Gasol for one more run with Howard and find some young blood to throw in the mix. Rebuilding going to be tuff Dwight going to be the only superstar left in a Lakers uniform if he decides to stick around.

  75. GJ says:

    If Dwight really wants a ring he needs to go to the team that JUST SWEPT HIM! Dwight needs to go to San Antonio. The Spurs will have the cap space. Ginobili is a free agent at the end of the season, Jackson’s 10 million comes off the cap, and Splitter comes off the cap as well, so the Spurs will have money. Imagine Dwight and Duncan banging in the low post! Twin Towers version 2.0. Duncan has 2 years left, Parker is still playing well, and I guarantee Ginobili doesnt want to leave San Antonio and would take the midlevel to come back. Pop is a no nonsense coach who could handle Dwight’s personality. With Duncan, Dwight, and Parker, OKC is in trouble. Duncan can handle Ibaka, and Perkins is no match for Howard. Spurs would definitely be in the finals for the next couple of years and give Miami serious matchup problems

  76. swatguy says:

    Dwight, we love you in Atlanta. Come home and thrive with AL, Josh, Lou and Jeff. We may still have Kyle the sharp-shooter and DHarris (going strong to the whole). We have two first rounders coming and an improving Jenkins. Dwight, Zaza and Ivan Will Have Your Back. Come home Dwight it will be right!

  77. aa says:

    I´m a Dallas Mavericks fan and i dont know if i want a bad attitude player like dwight in the team.but imagine what the combination of dwight and Nowitzki could bring.Nowitzki would have several open shots cause of the double team on dwight and vice-versa.Lets see…

  78. MJfromOKC says:

    The Dwight Howard trade also dismantled the 76ers. The Sixers bleak situation is an aftershock of the Howard quake in SoCal. I guarantee LA was plenty happy to get rid of Bynum. Dealing with Dwight is a big deal but imagine for a second if this LA team had Bynum and his knees on their team. Dwight Howard is in part responsible for Doug Collins’ breakdown.

    LA spends a lot of money on Kobe and also wants to spend a ton of money on Dwight. They are going to have to have a D league bench. This puts them in the same situation, year after year, because they cannot afford to pay to have a well rounded team with a good bench.

    Paying Kobe Bryant 30 million a year to do what he does is absolute insanity. This is the third year that LA has not made it past the second round. I think they should amnesty him and resign him for like 17 mil a year. I wonder if thats a possibility.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….you mean “players that know their role”……. talkin’ out of both sides of your mouth now. okie

    • JDog says:

      This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Paying Kobe 30 mil /yr to “do what he does is insanity” Paying Dwight $30 mil/yr only to have him shoot 10% free throws and score only 7 points in 20 minutes is insane.

  79. ronnieshepard says:

    keep kobe reduce his salary so you can pay to get bench players keep dwight howard and trade pau gasol his weak tail and the lakers will be champions in 2014.

  80. LS says:

    Dwight is unskilled in his position. BIG men don’t whine about being fouled – ever. He is also not mature or professional enough. And definitely don’t even think about going to Boston – we don’t need or want Dwight.

  81. eris says:

    I’ll say this about Dwight – he really knows how to leave when things aren’t going his way.

  82. KingJames says:


  83. sally says:

    you will never get a “real” answer from Dwight because he is all B.S. He could care less about “being there” for Kobe….give me a break, and if Kobe comes back next year, it will be another year like this one. He needs to retire, he’s done, whether he wants to admit it or not. The Lakers need to start from scratch to rebuild and they probably would be doing themselves a favor to send Dwight Packing, he’s just a big baby who wants his cake and eat it too, but doesn’t want to do any work for it. He did the same thing in orlando. He just wants to be a pretty smiling face without being banged around. Good luck Dwight !!!

  84. the nba man says:

    im a laker fan since early 2000’s. i think the main reason why the lakers lost disastrously to the spurs is because of injuries, not just one or two but to many players; many important players. well the injuries may be because of exhausting playtime in games or the also exhausting aggressive style of play the lakers have even though they are one of the oldest teams in the league.
    so this means that lakers should have a slow-paced playing style to prevent exhaustion which lead to injuries or whatsoever. the triangle offense fits here a lot, but i dont think the management has the guts to bring Phil back.
    i think the current lakers roster still has the possibility of winning it all next year, provided that they dont have injuries, provided that they will have a coach whose style is slow-paced and can utilize all of the players’ talents. they may have a 65-70 winning season provided this all happen.
    utilizing their talents will make this team unstoppable and may be better than what you ever imagine.

  85. Undercover8 says:

    This is an absolutely ridiculous article and one of the worst reads ever on Seriously, the world would be much better without writers like you, who continuously try to stir trouble and create media attention out of nothing. Truth is, Howard has grown much as a person this year. Yes, he was a bit of a drama queen (or drama king rather) with what happened in Orlando last year, but he has changed; he has changed an awful lot since then. He has admitted his wrongdoings, apologized for his faults and regained his focus on basketball (which has inevitably helped the Lakers to a playoff spot). Yet pathetic writers like you can’t seem to give him breathing space and instead continuously try to bite him in every smallest possible way. It’s cheap, lowly and despicable what you and the media are trying to do. Honestly, it is no good trying to fuel a flame of hatred between two teammates and it really is shameful to attempt to twist, turn and misinterpret the words of a man for media attention. Let Howard be. Let him make his own decisions and report truthfully what he says. No more of that distorted piece of rubbish again please. For Howard, for and for your own sin, stop this garbage from happening again.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….yes….let the spoiled ‘rich’ big man be……he might get his ‘feelings’ hurt……… lol……. maybe he should just grow up and act like a man….just a thought….

  86. kieth says:

    dwight should go to Chicago bulls with rose….
    its much better…

  87. rastaman says:


  88. Johnny Smith says:

    Dwight Howard is an athletic freak, but that is about it. I don’t understand why people think he is so good. If he didn’t act like an 8 year old he might be worth paying a chunk of change to play on your team. But even if he was mature, I don’t think he is good enough to pay a max deal to. I am a Cleveland fan and I wouldn’t even want him on my team hogging up a ton of salary. If I had to choose between Bynum and Howard, I would take Bynum no questions asked.

  89. camz97 says:

    Howard should just go to the Bobcats.. to improve there stats. haha

  90. camz97 says:

    Howard should go to the Bobcats.. He belongs there..hahahaha

  91. Obz says:

    Lakers need the Red and White Mamba together with the Black Mamba, just my opinion

  92. Bobby Richards says:

    Dwight Howard is a great center. A bad attitude will get you knowwhere though. I would like to see Dwight Howard return next year as an LA Laker. Teams are going to have bad seasons. It’s part of the game. What matters is how you deal with it. I have been an LA Laker fan for a while now. I have seen them have good and bad seasons. You don’t just leave after one bad season. You stick it out and figure out what can make your team better.

  93. Dobril says:

    I am a devoted Lakers fan, but the situation now is very disturbing for the franchise!

    Maybe the biggest mistake in the whole franchise history was hiring DÀntoni – it is obvous that he is totally incapable of building a team with these great superstars, he and only he is the one to be blamed for the dissapointing season – which turned out to be a total failure – and for Kobe`s injury – which is a crime against the sport!

    Lakers` management should fire this pitiful moustache immediately! Otherwise they will be ruining the franchise, what d-r Jerry had been building for more than 30 years – his heirs can ruin it for a couple of years; the losses will be far bigger than the compensation they have to pay to the absurd moustache, mistaken as a “coach”, when they get rid of him.

    Please, owners, don`t be a shame for your father, and fire the moustache immediately!

    Otherwise Dwight will be right to leave – he has no chance to win anything with this collapsing team “lead” by this joke,

  94. Jefongs says:

    Why not give them the chance to get better as player, because its more fun and interesting to watch teams with superstars with their best basketball ability. Its for us who watch every game.

  95. eddo81 says:

    i think he should go train with shaq

  96. FRAXY says:

    I prefer CB34 -))))) Howard go back to Orlando …….

  97. edward says:

    people always says Kobe is a ball hog, take a look at these 4 games, can anyone produce while Kobe is out? First thing I want to point out is it’s time for this team to rebuilt. Pau Gasol, after winning two championships, his fire is gone, He’s not the same Pau anymore, although he can easily gets double-double or triple doubles, but he just can’t lead a team to victory. Dwight Howard, he still a kid, a man child, He doesn’t have a heart of a champion and honestly as same as many of you, I am freaking sick of his drama bah bah bah. Nash will not be 100% ever again what so ever. I only like two players to stay in the team, Kobe Bryant and Metta World Peace, they have the mentality then heart of a champion. Mike D’Antoni has to go, if his system works Phoenix Suns could be champions many years ago, when Mike coached at NYC he generally destroyed the team.The bench of LA is very poor as well. Honestly I would trade all these bench players like Jamison, Blake, Hill, Morris for players like Jason Terry, Nate Robinson, Vince Carter, Jeff Green, Lamar Odom. Allen Iverson, T-Mac. The reason they had a nightmare season is because starters are old, they cant play full 48 minutes, but bench players are not in the level to replace the starters, that leads to the downfall. Honestly when the moment Kobe is done for the season, why LA wont consider signing a scorer for the remaining season? players such as Iverson or Gilbert Arenas?

  98. Rofl says:

    rofl nba really hired you

  99. Tom says:

    Dwight will never be a champion, regardless of where he goes. These last few years have shown a lack of heart, focus and unimproved ft shooting that precludes him from ever being a serious contender again.

  100. Willy says:

    Agreed Sportsfan! Well put! Harden and Lin will do more for DH than the Lakers. If they get Royce White going and DH no reason they can’t win the West! But I still think he is way over rated considering these proposed 5 year deals? Nobody is that good. Go play ball with Hakeem this summer, work on your skills man! Buy a house in Houston forget Wilt!

  101. Jason says:

    I think Dwight should stay with the Lakers. Redeem the name!

  102. Steelo says:

    trade other bench player and get some bench player that can help PAU/HOWARD/KOBE…. and one more thing……. change the Coach and the Staff…… Mike D’antoni doesn’t fit to the Lakers team…….

  103. next time says:

    Well next season will be interesting. Another new look Lakers, just less star power.

  104. hapihenri says:

    LAL should get brandon jennings it’s time for the next gen of duo’s in LALA land jennings/howard all the way baby!

  105. vijay says:

    Coach Must go, i think boston will send PP and others to LA ( PP’s home town ) for dwight, as carazy as i sounded saying that, DH must be packed off and sent out he is a egocentric bad attitude player. am sad for lakers and am not liking the fact a great effort of Kobe to come to palyoffs went in vain

  106. brooklyn says:

    Anyway… great team win for the spurs & great to see T-MAC back 😀

  107. Jeck says:

    Bring back those good shooting guards! Farmar, Brown and Vujacic…

  108. gulinp1 says:

    First i thought that shaq is just a hater when he spitt venom on howard after a trade now i can see that he was whole time 100% right . i don’t see point of re sign howard, he will stomp your cap space , bring nothing on the table, just lot of miss free trows, lakers deence is pathetic with him so don’t see changes there so why da hell you wanna him to stay? artest nash gasol and howard should go , get some young guys, you can sign igoudala after they choked vs gsw, at least you won’t question his defence and he is not selfish and can play 3 positions, bring some young point guard and serviceble center , era of superstar centers is over , today you must have superstar young point guard to be good . go for cp3 clippers are choking too

    • AusieCeltic says:

      The defense isn’t bad because of him. It’s bad Because D’Antoni can’t run defense properly.

  109. Patrickmarc says:

    As they said : “Howard is half the play he could be..“

    Or : “Howard needs a go to move.. “

    He should work a move, as Nowitski did at the beginning, hours and hours moving back on one foot.

  110. Lakers Fan says:

    If D12’s gonna leave LA, I hope it’s Bulls or Rockets. To Mitch: time to blow up the line up and invest on young or going to their prime players.

    • Nathaniel says:

      the bulls can not afford dwight and they have noah and boozer they dont really need another big guy down low best bet is to go to houston

  111. If there’s any team that suits him perfectly and have that required room under the cap, then it’s Houston. They already proved they were on the rise and furthermore they’re young and have so much potential left while speaking frankly LAL’s future doesn’t look nearly as bright. Not to mention the fact that Howard will be coached by one of the best bigmen of his time in McHale there and that’s an easy pick over Mike I-Dunno-What-Defense-Is D’Antoni on any day.

    More than that, Howard woun’t be in a position like he was in LA when all the expectations simply took the best of him and IMHO Dwight simply couldn’t handle all that pressure. Playing with Kobe who takes zillion shots a game regardless if double or tripple teamed on any given night doesn’t make your job any easier as well. It’s definitely not going to be the same in Houston where they share the ball way better than the Lakers do.

    I’d take Asik over aging Pau right now. He’s young, he’s eager to learn and he doesn’t cost as much. Lin over aged and constantly injured Nash. Obviously. Harden’s on his way of making it to the league’s elite right now, nice company to be around. And he shares the damn ball. And he’s young. And he’s healthy. So at the moment he has my pick over KB with all the respect to what Kobe had accomplished troughout his career. And the list goes on and on.

    So I’d say, go to Houston. Just a thought.

  112. JD Drew says:

    well i am sure that , in his heart,DH doesn’t want to stay in LA. I tend to agree with Shaq that if he did want to stay, he would have made it clear much earlier. And yes I do agree that if he goes, it will better for both himself and the Lakers.

  113. Demp says:

    I think the best move that the lakers management will do is to change the head coach, just bring back Phil Jackson and dwight should stay with the lakers. It will be the pretty good decision of the management

  114. hapihenri says:

    Get brandon jennings, he’s free next season LAL needs fresh legs next season so it would be the era of jennings/howard like the great tandem of old!

    • lakers fan boy spotted ^ says:

      How much money do you think they have? You see there’s this thing called a salary cap

    • lakers fan boy spotted ^ says:

      How much money do you think they have? You see there’s this thing called a salary cap………….

  115. Bulls are rose says:

    If DH12 wants to regain his old glory date, he need to teamed up with point guard like Chris Paul or T. Parker or any other players have the same caliber as D.Williams and L.A can’t afford him that, So he better leave

  116. BostonFan says:

    Dwight needs to be in boston!!!
    combination of rondo and dwight will be lethal!!plus boston needs some serious help right now and he will be perfect!!

  117. marc says:

    Heat fan. Best bet, keep Howard and his many flaws. hire offensive MONSTERS. Good 2 go.

  118. y2jerichoholic says:

    It would be a good career move for Dwight to leave L.A

  119. KEYSHAWNJ says:


  120. kumag says:

    I think Howard will not resign if it still D’Antoni that coaches next season. The way of that coach doesn’t really utilizes the strengths of big men.

  121. brian says:

    If I was a GM, I would not want Dwight Howard on my team. As good as he can be, he is very non committal, and injury prone. There are probably loads of big men in the NBA that would love to be a Laker. He is getting paid way too much to play so half hearted.

    • Ian Thomas says:

      Totally agree! Just by watching game 4, you can easily say that he knew that getting a second technical foul would get him out of the game for good! You can tell that he didn’t want to play any more than he had to especially being down by more than 20 points not even midway the third quarter. HE JUST GAVE UP ON THE TEAM! If he really wanted to play, he would not have mouthed off to the official for something not even worth mouthing off. HE JUST WANTED OUT! If that is his attitude, then the Lakers organization should not even consider on re-signing him. Especially right now that he says he has to think about it? Shaq was right. If Howard really wants to be back as a Laker next season, he shoudl have stated that long before even the playoffs started. I say Lakers move on and plan ahead for next season without even thinking of Howard as part of your plan. Leave him out of the equation for good! You’d do better without him. My hat’s off to Pau Gasol though for sticking it out all the way to the end! Pau Gasol is a model of a TRUE PROFESSIONAL! Dwight should learn from him!

    • Hater4Life! says:

      Dude I’m sorry, but it seems you just started watching the NBA this year. Dwight Howard, injury prone? Do some research.

  122. Grid says:

    This article is a senseless as most of the comments on Hang Time blog…

  123. Bespoken says:

    will this be the last time we see those annoying lakers fan boys? I am still laughing at “2013-14 lakers champs book it”

  124. Dwight's attitude says:

    Why leave LA?….if you leave LA, you will be the only all-star that wants to go to some mediocre team…you are going to be legendary, the only big man who wants out of LA….

  125. Ren says:

    To this date, to be honest, I don’t think coaches know how to use Dwight. You need to move him w/o the ball. The main focus for him should be defense/rebound. He’s not an offensive post up go to guy. Well, at least not yet. He’s not over powering type like Shaq or Skillful like Hakeem. But I can see he can be a Mutumbo type of player with a better offensive power potential.

    With his youth, he should be able to grab 15+ rebounds (5 + offensive rebound per game) per game easily. This gives him lots of opportunity for easy put back and scores. He will get his 15 to 20 points a game that way. With his focus on rebound and defense, the opponent defense will be less focus on him and he will get his points. I am just sadden to see that coaches thus far, don’t know how to use him. Use his advantage of size + speed. He’s not speedy with the ball, but he can be speedy without the ball.

    • Hater4Life! says:

      that’s how they try to use him. Remember it was Howard who was crying about not enough touches. You can coach all you want a certain style, if the crybaby you’re coaching doesn’t want to play that way, there’s really not much you can do about it.

  126. THE BUTCHER says:


  127. sportsfan says:

    Between Dallas, Houston, & Atlanta Dwight’s best choice would be Houston. That would be his best chance to win a championship since they already have a good young core & he wouldn’t have to deal with an ego like Kobe’s. If he stays with the Lakers’ mess then it would be another bad year since Kobe would return around mid-seaon. The Lakers will play a certain way without Kobe for the first half of the season & then they’ll play Kobe’s way when he returns – this is a big red flag for the development of their chemistry! Kobe will make a good comeback but he won’t be at 100% of the level he was before his injury & he’s going retire after next season. The Lakers will still easily be a step behind OKC, Dwight’s best shot is with Houston.

    • dirk45 says:

      From the team you’re perfectly right. But Houston has big backloaded contracts for Asik and Lin and you’ll have to see if they are willing to pay heavy luxury tax in 2014/15.
      And there are also good arguments for Dallas and Atlanta – I wouldn’t dare counting on facts to predict Howards decision 🙂

    • dan says:

      houstan not good enough to win a championship, no ones proven. dwight dont want to wait 3 year to get to the conference finals. dallas is good if nowenski is healthy tyson chandler made that team an unstoppable force and dwight can get dirk one more maybe go to clippers and trade jordan to somebody LOL

    • 34yr fan says:

      go home to ATL

    • CRichie says:

      Now that is an intelligent statement if you know basketball!! The rockets are a couple of players away.

  128. noel says:

    Go to boston! Ull be a perfect fit =)

    • Le2e says:

      No, he can stay the F out of Boston.

    • boston says:

      he would really fit in boston style where they focus on d more

      • steagle says:

        Howard would actually be an excellent anchor to the Boston defensive scheme, especially with Keven Garnett’s dwindling minutes and possibility of retiring before his 3 year contract expires. Rondo and Howard would be an absolutely devastating combo. I don’t know why Ainge doesn’t at least pursue this possibility, as he already has his young superstar point guard, and an emerging SF superstar in Jeff Green. Everyone else on that team is basically tradeable (though I’d hate to see Pierce go).

      • AusieCeltic says:

        I agree. And with his scoring and rebounding, (something in which we lack of) the Celtics could be deadly.

        Hopefully the Celtics 2014/2015 Starting Lineup

        PG: Rondo
        SG: Bradley
        PF: Garnett/Green
        C: Howard/Garnett

        Although doubt Dwight would come to Boston because of how much we are paying PP, KG and Rondo

      • AusieCeltic says:

        I meant 2013/2014

  129. JJ2013 says:

    ur a horrible writer. ur trying to hard to make something outta nothing.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      That actually is far from the truth. You are a great writer if you can create something out of nothing. Sorry to burst your bubble ;]

  130. Kobe Bryant the Black Mamba says:

    its just been a real tough season for the Lakers. First, we fired Mike Brown, then we hired a even worse coach…
    A coach that does same offense system seven years ago that just dont work anymore cuz everyone knows how to defend it. Injuries throughout thanks to the new coach who only plays 7 ppl every game. OFC u gonna get injuries。Hopefully we can come out strong next year. Everyone needs the same winning mindset as Kobe. Just want nash to win one before he retires so is Kobe’s sixth.

  131. lakersfan4life says:

    I wish the media stop twisting every word that DH12 said, to me it sounds he is coming back.

    • Howard Chan says:

      “You’re reading too much into that,” Howard said softly.

    • mytownla says:

      LMAO…. i hope u really dont believe what you just wrote, seriously, if you cant see that Dwight has NO DESIRE to be in LA, then maybe you dilusional folks need to pay attention to something less difucult for you to understand. lol i mean seriously bro, what has Dwight said that makes you believe it sounds like he is coming back, really, i want to know what you heard, or thought you heard…

  132. lamont lewis says:

    Dwight Howard will never win a championship until he changes his attitude.

  133. nba says:

    Man Dwight come to clippers… Deandre Jordan is Useless. You stay in LA but with chris paul dishing you baskets.

    • JDog says:

      And what would Griffin be doing while this is happening? Dwight wants to be the star/ focal point of the team, yet also wants really good talent around him to win him a championship. How do you accomplish this? Good Luck Mitch. I do not envy you.

    • neweraCLIPPERS says:

      oh gaw please no. how can you be a clipper fan n say that. keep dwightmare n drama away from clippers. beside, the inside belongs to blake griffin. he controls it.

      • AusieCeltic says:

        DeAndre is an ANAMZING centre. As a celtic fan i would KILL to have him on the C’s! Be thankful for the amazing front-court you have.

    • CRichie says:

      Man are you kidding!!! Dwight has a torn Labrum & bad back!!! I don’t think so!!! Send DeAndre to see Hakeem and call it a day!!

  134. Kilroy says:

    Even in the face of utter humiliating defeat, kobe still has to make an appearance..
    He isn’t just a ball hog, he’s also an attention whor3.

    Go home, rest your old achilles and enjoy fishin…

    • Rajay says:

      Yes I agree Kobe is a ball hawk and he want all the Attention

      • CELTICS FOR LIFE says:

        I normally dont do this but I have to disagree with you there. I am a Celtics fan for life and honestly have no love for Kobe or the lakers at all I cant stand them. However, I have much respect for Kobe as a basketball player and his career and I think it was great to see him come out. The game was clearly over and Kobe did not have to come out at all but you could see the crowd exiting in the THIRD QUARTER. When Kobe came out it gave the fans hope and it gave the fans finally something to cheer for after 6 LOOONNNNGGG quarters of nothing to root for. I have accused Kobe of selfish play more than any one but this was something more. If Kobe wanted attention he would have sat on the bench or went over to the table and did commentary or did anything I would have actually expected him to do. But this was different, he sat in the back and supported (finally) the Lakers organization first and himself second. I for one actually commend Kobe for doing that and even though I am completely excited the Lakers got swept (funny as h#ll to me) it was great for Basketball to see a star like Kobe humble himself for something greater than himself finally.

  135. horribilisio says:

    i won’t even read that more than 20 seconds, drama drama drama bla bla. lakers season is over and it’s good for everybody, starting with them. they need to do their basketball life like every other teams and i’m sure they will.
    i don’t give a F about the infinite storm of S, now time for basketball. playoffs are more interesting than this BS.

    • Really says:

      If you don’t care about the Lakers and if you didn’t even read 20 seconds, then WHY DID YOU CLICK ON THE ARTICLE? People like you are what’s wrong with society today

  136. RocketsThunderFan says:

    I think Dwight will leave the Lakers. He wants to end the “nightmare.” I’m guessing we’ll see him in Houston next year.

    • AusieCeltic says:

      You don’t know he’ll end up in Houston. There are another 29 NBA Franchises that will be more than willing to bid for Dwight.

  137. amitpal says:

    I think Dwight needs to leave LA. I think thats better for la and dwight. La wasmt dwight first choice, he wanted to be in Brooklyn with deron. Besides LA is going nowhere right now. They dont have cap room and wont have any for the mext couple years. They dont have enough talent and they r to old to slow and bad coaches. La player couldnt even get the ball down to him when hes open.

    • He should go to the Rockets next year cuz like Charles said he needs Kevin Mchale lol

      • HEAT says:

        it doesn’t matter to me if Dwight stay or go, because he will be a max pay player doesn’t matter where he goes. Where his destination is how he wants to draw his path to success. But, one thing that matter most to me is…FIRE MIKE D. I said from the begginning not to hire him bc Dwight is a defensive player and Mike D doesn’t know how to run defense. Thats what makes Dwight look bad. Lakers need to hold on to the big 3, dwight kobe and gasol. and get rid of the rest to rebuild team.

      • HEAT says:

        one more thing to think about…Mike D is a offensive coach. But he is super excited to have Nash on the team so Nash can control and run the floor. When Nash is down, he allows Kobe to control and run the floor whichever way he likes. So, where is the coaching? Why coach if he admitted before the playoff, when asked, that Popovich beats him every year anyway so he’s not any surprise if he gets beaten again…What confident in a coach.

      • jose says:

        Here you are cry baby!!!1Where were you Don’t ever click…Whatever????
        I know…… , you were swept away , along with your Idol Kobe…
        SWEPT AWAY….under the Rug…HA < HA < HA……
        Dont you remember the"73/9"of Ron Artest?…or better , you saying that HEAT wouldnt make it???and that LA will win it all?

        Do not hide away now like the Mamba…at least Howard had the courage of facing the critics…but YOU?
        Yes I clicked your name and I want to exposure you as a pretentious HATER

        Heat champs,my friend…Los Tres Amigos are going to win the whole sheebang.. and I am going to write to you again…
        Bye Bye….
        no one , nor two , nor three …HA HA HA………………..

      • ian says:

        This most be the time that you realize how bad of a basketball knower you are. I remember the championship banners and champagnes you mentioned back when you signed Howard. I then commented that there is no-way Lakers would do anything this season. After that I said I wont comment on this guy again cause it you are an obvious fanatic and not a real basketball fan. Absolutely no knowledge of the game what so ever. I suggest you educate your self. And we click on your name because you post the worst things on Thank you.

    • chalice says:

      Why does everyone think Dwight even has a choice to stay in LA? If I was the GM, I would weight in a lot of factors, namely how well Dwight performed this season. He never played like a max contract guy at all, Kobe don’t seem to like him and Dwight just doesn’t fit! With Kobe’s injury and mostly everyone’s contract finishing next year, why not start looking for new talent instead of Dwight (Jennings or Smith anyone?). Also, lakers fans aren’t happy with Dwight so why sign him again, get your fan base angry and go over the luxury tax? I would be very surprised if Lakers give Dwight the max deal everyone expects but, like botching Phil’s return, these are the Lakers.

      • HEAT says:

        Dwight is still not 100%. As a Lakers fan, I’d rather Dwight stay and get new Coach. Mike D doesnt run defensive system so thats why Dwight doesnt fit. Mike D doesn’t even run offensive system, he relies on Nash and Kobe to do their own thing with offense. Where is the Lakers management? Paying a guy millions for relying on players to do the job.