Courageous Collins Breaks Barrier

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Jason Collins displayed his courage routinely as a big man whose specialty was fighting for space under the rim against the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard. So the journeyman center, who played for both the Celtics and Wizards this season, had nothing to prove to me, you or anyone else when it comes to courageousness.

Jason Collins played for both the Celtics and Wizards last year, his 12th season in the NBA (Brian Babineau/NBAE)

Jason Collins played for both the Celtics and Wizards last year, his 12th season in the NBA (Brian Babineau/NBAE)

Yet Monday, he showed an entirely different type of bravery when he came out as the first openly gay athlete in a major American sport.

“I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.”

Those 12 words he wrote in a piece for Sports Illustrated will not only change the course his life but the lives of his friends, family, teammates and coaches (past, current and perhaps future). They will change everyone else involved with the NBA. Now that this barrier has been broken, Collins will forever be linked to this groundbreaking moment and what comes after.

I cannot think of a man better equipped to deal with this new reality. Collins always has been regarded as the ultimate professional, one of the smartest players of his generation and a teammate willing to give it all up for his team. No one spends 12 years getting cracked in the face by the sharp elbows of some of the best big men in NBA history without being willing and able to withstand some pressure.

Collins  always has been one of my favorite players to talk to about basketball and beyond. Catch him in the locker room before a game and bring up almost any topic and he could educate you on a thing or two.

So for every person who has an issue with Collins coming out — and there are sure to be plenty of them — there will be just as many who support him and have his back, folks who commend him for his courage and his refusal to fear the foolish reactions of some.

When you have as many friends in high places as Collins does …

… support should not be a problem.

“As Adam Silver and I said to Jason, we have known the Collins family since Jason and Jarron joined the NBA in 2001 and they have been exemplary members of the NBA family,” NBA Commissioner David Stern said in a statement. “Jason has been a widely respected player and teammate throughout his career and we are proud he has assumed the leadership mantle on this very important issue.”

Collins is a wealthy Stanford graduate with options galore  and seemingly no need to share his truth with the judging masses. Yet he does, unflinchingly. Collins explaining himself is refreshingly honest:

Why am I coming out now? Well, I started thinking about this in 2011 during the NBA player lockout. I’m a creature of routine. When the regular season ends I immediately dedicate myself to getting game ready for the opener of the next campaign in the fall. But the lockout wreaked havoc on my habits and forced me to confront who I really am and what I really want. With the season delayed, I trained and worked out. But I lacked the distraction that basketball had always provided.

The first relative I came out to was my aunt Teri, a superior court judge in San Francisco. Her reaction surprised me. “I’ve known you were gay for years,” she said. From that moment on I was comfortable in my own skin. In her presence I ignored my censor button for the first time. She gave me support. The relief I felt was a sweet release. Imagine you’re in the oven, baking. Some of us know and accept our sexuality right away and some need more time to cook. I should know — I baked for 33 years.

When I was younger I dated women. I even got engaged. I thought I had to live a certain way. I thought I needed to marry a woman and raise kids with her. I kept telling myself the sky was red, but I always knew it was blue.

I realized I needed to go public when Joe Kennedy, my old roommate at Stanford and now a Massachusetts congressman, told me he had just marched in Boston’s 2012 Gay Pride Parade. I’m seldom jealous of others, but hearing what Joe had done filled me with envy. I was proud of him for participating but angry that as a closeted gay man I couldn’t even cheer my straight friend on as a spectator. If I’d been questioned, I would have concocted half truths. What a shame to have to lie at a celebration of pride. I want to do the right thing and not hide anymore. I want to march for tolerance, acceptance and understanding. I want to take a stand and say, “Me, too.”

It takes a brilliant mind to articulate thoughts as meticulously and honestly as Collins has here. It takes an understanding of who and what you are, at your core, to do this knowing that there are so many people still willing to give into the prejudice that is sure to come.

It takes true courage to do this without worrying about the repercussions. And courage is something Collins has in surplus, both as a basketball player and as a man.

He wants to march for tolerance and acceptance and understanding. He wants to take a stand.

I’d march with him any time. I’d stand with him.


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    I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.
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  2. For everyone who’s commenting from a religious standpoint w/ scriptures -whatever your faith-remember this-all Biblical books of whatever faith have been rewritten 100’s maybe even 1,000’s of times by man since The Great Creator loaned it to us-hence how much has it all changed since it originated & how much is one convicted by what man himself has rewritten time & again. Some times people judge through their convictions & WHO IS ANYONE TO JUDGE ANOTHER BROTHER OR SISTER FROM JUST ANOTHER MOTHER. Let’s just be careful w/ our convictions-after all-most images the world over of God or his Son are depicted as pale skin, blue eyes, & strait hair-then he’s supposed to be from a region in the world were everyone born there are of darker complexion & hair of wool. To each his own as The Creator may allow each & every human being to come to It as he or she may-HENCE-EVERY HUMAN BEING HAS THEIR OWN RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CREATOR!

    • BIG DEAL! says:

      What is the BIG DEAL? I’d like to come out and say i’m openly heterosexual… -__- see? BIG DEAL! It’s the same with Collins for me. Sorry but he needed not to say anything; just live his life the way he wants to and people will know or not know (cause they don’t care) regardless! I recall a particular family member of his (after he told her) said she already knew he was gay a longgg time. So again, BIG DEAL! Peace!

  3. Bigups to Collins-it must take a tremendous amount of courage to come out like that on that stage of a sport that millions watch. I have friends that prefer the same sex & our friendships are no diff than those of heterosexual friends. Must have took not just courage but a deep fortitude of spirit that he has which many others don’t. Fortitude of spirit is a very powerful thing that of which most people don’t know how to deal w/ so they’ll judge instead of appreciating the strength of that persons spirit. Then to top it off, most people that judge as such, claim to be so religious or spiritual yet they judge. By the way, doesn’t the bible say “leave the judging to me”-me as in God, The Great Creator, Wakan Tanka, Buddha, Allah or whatever you choose to call it. One other thing i want to say-when we talk about what is right or wrong from religious standpoints-lets remember the first basic principal-love for humanity-that usually helps a great deal. Then the not so pleasant to remember-our earth’s history of religions past till present have said it’s okay to enslave people the world over, take over a nations country & murder aboriginals to near extinction, then in the same breathe ask to be forgiven! hmmm! Then turn around & tell someone who they choose to love is wrong-now what’s wrong W/ that?
    Anyways 🙂 !!!!! Again-Bigups to Collins-do your thing Bro!

  4. Richard says:

    It scares me that so many people are ignorant because they trust “faith” more than thinking. If you believe in God do you think he gave you a fantastic brain so you would believe myths with no factual basis designed to create control for some group of men. Science has determined that people don’t choose to be gay just like the earth is not the center of the universe or even our solar system as past religious leaders demanded people believe or be punished.

  5. Randall Bradley says:

    This is noteworthy because Jason is the first, but if we are where we should be as a society (also as Christians), we should not make too big a deal of this. Jason’s sexual preference is no one’s business except his, his partner and God. As a Christian, I believe it is sinful, but he doesn’t need to answer to me, only to God. I have enough of my own sin to deal with, without worrying about anyone else. Christians who would be disrepectful about him, remember, “Hate the sin, Love the Sinner”. God didn’t suggest this to us, he commanded this of us.

  6. LS says:

    Jason Collins has gotten more attention for claiming to be gay then he ever got for performing in his basketball career. A lot of people didn’t even know who he was until this story was printed. I don’t agree with his choices but I don’t condemn him either. He really could have left his personal life personal, the way it should be. TMI (Too Much Information, Jason). And to give this article such a lofty title is insulting.

  7. Jason Collins loves the male form, what does this have to do with Basketball – it seems much more suited to art history!

  8. Unknown guy says:

    I’m a hawks fan, and I’m not ashamed of that. I was always a fan of Jason Collins because of his defense against the NBA elite big men. He was also a guy who would take one for the team. But if he is a Christian, he needs to know that this a life that God does not approve of. It is in the Bible if you want proof. I don’t hate him, that is one thing a Christian should never do, but I hope it is possible for him to change his ways.

  9. Kjshbea says:

    Im a gun owner. That is socially unacceptable these days so if I came out and said to everyone that I’m a gun owner will they call me courageous? Maybe Obama will flip flop on his stance on guns in 10 months and tweet to me he is proud of me. Because 10 months ago he disapproved of gays/gay marriage. I dont care what he does, his sex life is none of my business and doesn’t need to be displayed for the world. Keep your sexual preferences in your bedroom.

  10. Bo says:

    Collins needs to read Romans 1:24 and Galations 5;24. His eternal destination is at stake here. God, whether you want to believe Him or not, is not accepting of this lifestyle. Serious consequences are to be had for this type of behavior. Now, if you don’t believe what the Bible says, then you have nothing to worry about, in this life. But are you willing to take that chance? God hates sin and it will be punished. I pray that Collins sees that he needs help and this lifestyle is not one accepted by God. Like it or not, God is sovereign; He’s still in control; He will still judge the sin in our lives; those who do not turn from sinful actions will reap God’s “rewards.”

    • Scott says:

      Effectively half of all traditional marriages are individuals that sin due to god not accepting the lifestyle choice of divorce…

      Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery.” (Luke 16:18)

      My child swore at me today! I was considering the modern punishment of removing his electronics or making him do some yard work however after consulting the bible he shall be put to death by stoning! as to avoid sin on my part.

      Also im wondering if my choice of wearing two different types of cloth will effect my entry into the afterlife…?


  11. Props to Jason Collins. Life is too short to not live it the way you want to (provided you’re not hurting anyone else).

    Obviously it would be a bit more exciting if he was a star player, but who knows; maybe Jason Collins opened the door for a more well-known current NBA player or other sports star who would now be comfortable doing the same thing given the overall positive reaction he’s gotten. I mean statistically speaking, there’s no way he’s currently the only only gay man in 4 major US sports (I’ve heard there’s a chance 4 current NFL players are considering doing the same thing before this happened).

    I look forward to the day we live in a society where this isn’t actually a big deal and its as commonplace as seeing a person of color and accepting that is who he/she is.

  12. KIwi says:

    Good stuff to Jason, chuckled abit when he said “I baked for 33 years” Stoner Stanley would be proud aswell

  13. Ben says:

    No one cares, bro.

  14. Only way for Collins to make it to the news! This is not the forties anymore, u r not brave to say that you are gay nowadays, that’s considered to be normal these times!

  15. john says:

    you want true bravery announe that you are a conservative in hollywood.

  16. someguy says:

    If there is a higher, all knowing, all loving power, I doubt that this power asked King James to write its meanings down in a book. There are many religions and spiritual notions which suggest that the natural way has sifted itself out through history. This process has given us beautiful people, beautiful minds and a keen way to understand our world. Without detractors we wouldn’t have a society, just people with the same opinion. So prejudice aside, I do believe this is a step forward towards a conversation, if people would be open-minded and give people the same respect they wish upon themselves, then there might be some enlightenment here 🙂

  17. someguy says:

    Jason Collins has truly exemplified courage in his statements. He is an outstanding man of character and morale. Yes, it is true that two homosexual people cannot pro-create. Which in my opinion is a fine option, the world might be better off without rampant overpopulation. There has been homosexuality documented throughout our greatest civilizations. Some of the greatest minds and contributors to humanity have been gay: Leonardo Di Vinci, Alexander the Great, Walt Whitman, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, to name a few. So if all these notable predecessors have come before him, why at this moment is Jason Collins coming out, so important? In our culture, as one can see from the comments of this article, being gay is still outside of peoples comfort levels and as any person who has been made to feel uncomfortable, it can be a burden on your soul/person, especially around people they love or appreciate. Jason is letting this generation be aware that you do not need to feel ashamed of who you are or who you have found yourself to be (while baking in the oven).

  18. RayG says:

    I see comments about Broussard being homophic and calling him names. I dont’ think Mr. Broussard is doing anything except for voicing his opinion and his beliefs, but apparently there is no acceptance or ‘tolerance’ for those fundamental beliefs. I have family members that state they are homosexual (more than one). As adults, they have every right to according to their sexual preference, but I don’t celebrate it. I think our society is making a grave mistake by promoting what is an unhealthy lifestyle. I pray for my family members and I love them unconditionally, but i’m not going to promote something I don’t believe is natural and furthermore unhealthy for them. SSM isnt’ really about ‘marriage’ its about promoting and advocating a lifestly contrary to what a good moral society should be promoting.

  19. The other guy says:

    Really? Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  20. The other guy says:

    Really? No wonder why evrything is going upside down in this country. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  21. Truth says:

    Everyone forgets the Bible. It clearly says it is a sin. It clearly says in the last days people will call evil good and good evil. Very narrow is the way into Heaven, and we see why. People run their lives on what they think makes them feel good to think. It FEELS right to except anything. In the last days christians will be seperated from the non-christians. If you are a christian, you will not believe in sin.

  22. ion57 says:

    john amaechi did it before him, do some research for a change Sekou !

  23. KylePhillips says:

    Im proud of him it takes a lot of courage to do what he did. So for all those haters out there please get a life amd shame on you people like collins are people i look up too.

  24. Richard says:

    What an awesome thing to just be yourself!

  25. Reemo says:

    I feel like its more about publicity than anything else. He’s at the end of his career, and probably wants to spin all this attention into a book, or a few talk show appearances. Who would be talking about JC if he didnt come out of the closet? I’ll wait….Does it take courage to say your a gay professional athlete? Yes. Does it deserve all this attention? NO. What was really the point of coming out at this point of his career? Being homosexual is accepted alot more in today’s society. It just doesn’t feel to me he did this for the right reasons. Either way he got it off his chest. Good for him.

  26. john john says:

    he is an emabarasament to all of the NBA….. i’m glad that the Celtics have lost and he should retire ASAP…..

  27. Anonymous says:

    I’m loving the defenders of all things gay in here..

  28. SubZero says:

    Let’s talk NBA and the Playoffs…………

  29. SubZero says:

    Came we move on here…..It’s not like he saved the world……..Why are we making this such a Historic Statement????? Just because he came out to say he’s gay doesn’t make him a HERO…..Please people can we move on???!!!!!

  30. Raps Fan says:

    I really do resepect Collins for coming out while still active in the NBA.

    The only question I have is why did he also have to tell people he’s black too? That really doesn’t matter and I’m sure everyone can tell by just looking at him unless they are blind.

  31. howcanyounotlovetts says:

    This is funny… this is absurd as well… how can someone sleep with someone of their own gender is something I will not ever understand; simply because it is abnormal and unnatural. Think of it like this, males and females are like cathodes and anodes in batteries. (+) will never ever work with (+) … just like (-) will never work with (-) .

    • Alan says:

      When the object of sex is pleasure as well as companionship, I’m willing to bet it works just fine. People are not batteries. We’re a tad bit more complex. Most of us anyway…

  32. Josh says:

    It’s ashame that this kind of act is applauded. Why weren’t we applauding Tiger Woods for his adultry? The Bible states homosexuality is a sin and is no different than the acts Tiger committed; I pray for Jason’s repentance.

    • jfack says:

      tiger was married and had kids so to betray your family like that is seen as much worse. plus tiger is much more popular therefore had greater expectations.

    • Alan says:

      Josh, do you understand that the majority of people in this world are not Christians? You can believe whatever you want but don’t condemn others for doing the same.

  33. roy says:

    What a shame for humanity!!!! People are happy to say they are gay!! Why is it so difficult for them? simply bcause it’s not right!!! God made adam and eve not steve!! Even if the society bring us were abnormal things are considered normal the TRUTH remains the same to be gay is Wrong!!!!! Even if it becomes easy for them to say it it doesnt change the TRUTH! SHAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    Every human being is the result or fruit of Sexual Union between a man and a woman!! and they want us to say God is wrong : HE HAS NEVER BEEN AND WILL NEVER!

    • Alan says:

      Do you seriously believe that your god created Adam and Eve? Are there still people that follow a literal interpretation of the Bible? If you want to accept something as “truth” because you read it in a book that, by literary standards, can only be labeled a work of fiction, then fine. Go nuts. But don’t expect anyone else to believe it.

  34. Marsu says:

    It is quite a sign of the times we live in when sexual perversion made public is described as courage. I am both dismayed and at the same time not surprised that actually publishes an article like this. This is a basketball website, is it not? Should it not be about basketball? I am sure there are people in the NBA who disapprove about homosexuality: will publish their viewpoint also? I doubt it. There is one agenda and it goes in one direction only. Even though it is being claimed that it is for equality, it is not: it is for the legitimization of one way of looking at society and morals and the rejection and silencing of those who think it is wrong.

    One further question: when kids go to to watch highlights and see results, should they be exposed to reading about the “courage” about being gay and coming out of the closet? I think should stick to basketball. But I’d love to hear about the courage of those who in the nba stand up and say “this is wrong and immoral” and the courage of saying “no” to sexual perversion as well as all the other perversions that are being made mainstream nowadays. I doubt it will happen.

  35. chubbena says:

    The comments here are cenored and thus not really reflecting the opinions of the majority.

  36. RealTalk says:

    Dude says he’s gay, makes front page? big deal. no i am not a homophobe, and for all the people criticizing the religious comments saying they are small minded and homophobes and should get with how society is now, why should they? just because you may be atheist or not as strict religiously and be fine with people being gay does not mean others are, others are entitled to what they want to believe in, i mean some of you believe in equal rights, so why should they not be entitled to their own opinion? Nobody has the right to say oh get with the times gay people are accepted to people who are against it because of religion, religion is important to most people, gives them faith, hope and something to believe in, don’t go telling people what to believe in or how to act just because you don’t agree with it, you want gay people to be accepted and treated equally? good for you, go talk with their kids, oh wait?

  37. Tim says:

    Why is this news? Why is this on This is 2013! No one really cares about what people do in their private lives. This non sense is no different than the situation with Kris Kaman and Kim. Players should keep their business to themselves be it straight or bi/gay. I don’t want to hear about anything, but how a player performs on the court and nothing else.

  38. Seriously..? says:

    This is sad on so many levels..! what this man did was courageous, and what he did took a lot of guts. And no, im not saying fighting for ones country is not courageous and im not saying what he did was overly spectacular in today’s society, but to be at the level of “professional athlete” he has opened himself up to the speculations of pathetic zealous attitudes like I have Read in this column and the speculations of millions who support and watch the NBA. Yes We May Not All Agree that “homosexuality” is the right path to live by ( I proudly support being gay, but understand thats not for everyone) but we can all agree that 99.9 percent of us on this column would not be able to handle the scrutiny that this man will face or the challanges now presented in his occupation and in his general life!
    Kudos Collins Kudos
    You Truly Are Courageous!

  39. mIKE says:

    Will the players who believe that homosexuality is a sin that warps a person from their true self and that they can find freedom in Jesus Christ (as many others have) get the same level of support? We’ll see how much tolerance is really out there.

    I’m sure Jason is relieved but he’s not free. He won’t find true satisfaction (as nobody can) until he submits himself to the Lord. I’m certainly not a hater or in fear of homosexuality but it is wrong (as it has been since the dawn of man) and majority popularity doesn’t make something that is wrong suddenly ok.

    This is just another step in our culture’s descent into chaos and madness and only a turning to the Lord can get us back, for which I pray.

    • steagle says:

      Keep on praying buddy… the world keeps turning, societies change, we discover and learn more every day, and we continue to evolve as a species and as a planet. I guess you haven’t noticed but homosexual behavior exists in an unbelievable amount of species on the planet. No, it’s not “statistically normal” because if it was there would not be enough natural procreation to keep species alive, but it’s also not “wrong” or “madness” like you proclaim from some moral high ground. If you want to believe everything some guys wrote in a book 2,000 years ago and base your entire existence around that then go ahead, but the rest of us are going to do the right thing and accept and embrace people of all beliefs and sexualities.

  40. I am very proud of you to see the courage it took to be yourself. You was born this way so love yourself, take care of yourself and GOD BLESS YOU.

  41. alleniversonnn says:

    People shouldn’t be afraid to go against, if the don’t like it. he is gay – Ok, we are born to live our lives… do i like? – No. Do i want my son to like it? – No. Do i want to have any kind of relationship with gay person? – Common, let all us be honest–No.

  42. heat fan says:

    what I don’t understand is?

    Mr Jason got kids and now is he gonna leave his wife? or what?

    how can a man be gay, unnatural, isn’t it?

    • SubZero says:

      Yeah…to me ………ITS UNnatural.

      • SugarKeys says:

        We as people do a lot of unnatural things. Are cars natural? Is eating steak from cows that live less than two years natural? Humans definitely do a lot of unnatural things. It happens, and its ok.

  43. who cares says:

    who cares! whatever floats your boat!

  44. sodom & gommorrah says:


  45. julius simmons says:

    Well that’s good he came out but what did this prove nothing at all I think we get to caught up on other stuff and just play ball who cares if you gay or stright just play. Now we have another topic to talk about which it really don’t hold no weight I don’t get it who f cares

  46. Srikanth says:

    Courageous Collins.

  47. LAKERSfan says:

    This isn’t courage!!
    this is a very ugly shameful thing!!!
    its against human nature!!
    its against what God create us for!!

    • SubZero says:

      I AGREE, LAKERSfan!!! 100%

    • Alan says:

      Actually, science has shown us that human sexuality is fluid and that all people who reach sexual maturity have some degree of homosexual impulses. One’s sexuality lies on a continuum and is not simply one of two possible categories. Homosexuality is not against human nature at all. Sexuality, in general, serves not only a biological reproductive function but social and cultural functions as well. While homosexuality doesn’t contribute to reproduction, it does play an integral part in those other functions. But you, like many others, use religion as a short-cut to understanding the world instead of taking the time to educate yourself in order to see the more complex truth that surrounds you.

  48. Master Lefty says:

    First off, I could careless that he came out the closet…for his/her own, but what irks me is: How the hell he is considered a hero for coming out? He is not the first one to come out so why is he getting so much media? It’s a sad day when someone who comes out the closet and now considered a hero. So if Chris Bosh comes out the closet does that make him a hero too?

  49. Why me says:

    Who cares the only reason he say his gay cuz his contract is over. Now if no team pick him up they gone pull the gay card he knows nobody was gone pick him up .. Come one America lets think out side the box …and what’s hero about him saying his gay his been gay all his life who cares ??????!!

  50. Ace says:

    When watching sports, the least I care about is the sexual preference of the athletes. I want to see those guys play, win, lose and it ends there. What they do after, really no interest at all.
    Also, it looks like a very selfish decision here, which was probably a good move though from his agent: His name is tossed around suddenly, while no one knew him really before. He probably had trouble finding a team who would want to sign him for next season…
    Maybe Allen Iverson should have made a “coming out”, he might have still played in the NBA today…

  51. Mariusz says:

    First gay in NBA? What next first gay marriage in NBA?
    homosexuality is a disease that should be treated

  52. Srikanth says:

    Jason Collins displayed his courage

  53. airlifter says:

    It doenst mean that jason collins have just came out in the open and he will be rounded as a courageous man?nah, i dont think so..
    Whether you are gay or not, as long as you won’t practice the life of sodom and gomorrah, it make sense to be a gay..

  54. GODwhatGOD says:

    You crazy Americans.

  55. CB says:

    I am a man of God. I feel that if you have something mean to say, say nothing. If you have something encouraging to say, say it. if you have something to say to promote homosexuality, then say nothing. I don’t support it at all, but I don’t believe we as Christian’s should bash it. It’s a topic that has grown way too sensitive to touch. it has become too political. It is wrong, but I think we all know that, as we know racism is wrong. people’s opinions are normal in terms of agree or disagree, but be respectful and courteous to others.

  56. AaronC says:

    I just love how coming out is considered such a courageous thing. I guess knowingly making people uncomfortable especially in the locker room is okay and courageous. The players that say they don’t care are lying because they don’t want the bad publicity. #dontlietoyourself

  57. Karlo Garcia says:

    Very courageous of Jason Collins. God bless u & your family.

  58. Can We Play Now? says:

    GREAT! Good for him… Can we play some basketball now?

  59. d-dub says:

    Kudos to my man Jason Collins.
    Know the haters will hate, They will dismiss the historical significance for sports and more importantly, society. Their ignorance is theirs, and theirs alone. But those who see are celebrating your manhood.
    Young gay men will stand prouder.
    And as one very hetero guy, I am tremendously proud of you as you stand tall in the middle of the storm.

  60. Richard says:

    What a chaotic world we live in. Can’t we just stand up for peace in-between everything?
    I only have this to advice to you all, if you have nothing good to say, keep silent.
    It is also written in the bible that no one should stumble his brother. If you have an opinion about someone else, let God be the judge of that.
    If you think you should support someone, then go ahead. We go through different things in our life, and so does others. Let’s try t be more sensitive and dig deeper. It’s not always our thoughts that is right, sometimes there is a deeper story behind.
    Love, peace and Harmony.

  61. xander says:

    Tim Tebow is chastised and criticized and brutally made fun of because of his love for Jesus Christ. Jason Collins comes out as gay and suddenly he is a hero and a leader and an activist. That is sickening! This country is getting worse by the day.

  62. ??? says:

    Nice try Jason but Rudy Gay came out first!!

  63. CLIPPER_BOY says:

    We are in the playoffs and this is what you care about. Sekou really are you not watch the game at all? Please stop waisting my time. Can I please hear about the PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!

    • SugarKeys says:

      Sekou didnt waste your time dude. You’re the one who spent your time reading the article my man.

  64. and WE are all in sports others just do not wont to say it so hold your head UP high and be proud of yourself we love you yours trueley SONDRA BROTHERTON ALSO A GAY MALE

  65. Matthias says:

    It has become fashionable to be pro-gay. The majority of people who support the gay lifestyle do not give it any deep thought. They just say they support it because some famous people support it. If you ask these people to support their reasons for supporting homosexuality, they give you some pretty week answers.

    • d-dub says:

      yeah, kind of like how ending slavery was fashionable, recycling was just a fad, child labor laws, and the world being round …. all just things trendy, historical fads, that silly hipster Martin Luther King Jr., integration?? Just a lifestyle without any real thought.

    • Alan says:

      First, you used “week” when you meant “weak”. Second, I don’t think social equality is a weak answer for supporting homosexuality. Your argument against supporting it that people only do it because famous people do, however, is about the weakest I’ve ever heard.

  66. to jason collins and the whole gay community just wont to let jason collins know that WE LOVE HIM AND SURPORT HIM YOU GO BOY…

  67. JM says:

    Hold the phone, he’s black??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
    It’s the end of days!!!!!!

    Seriously; one step forward and two steps back. Way to pave the way for gays while maintaining a racial barrier.

    • d-dub says:


    • eris says:

      There’s homosexual stigma is particularly bad among black people, which is why the article pointed out his race. I personally think it’s great when non-white gay people find others they can relate to more easily.

  68. xander says:

    He should not be in the NBA after this.

  69. Juan says:

    NBA keeps blocking my comment, just shows how biased they are.

    • JC follower says:

      Same here. There’s very limited room for disagreement with the gay lifestyle, regardless of how it’s expressed.

    • Common Sense says:

      They only block it if its too long of a comment. Write it in less words and they’ll post it

  70. The rebel says:

    I don’t really see the point of having comments, if you don’t agree with what the NBA is promoting or with homosexuality today you are attacked. The whole thing has become a giant circus in my opinion.

    • Common Sense says:

      I’m not gay, and i have no problem with people admitting they aren’t gay. In fact, I’m proud to be married to an amazing and beautiful woman. They will welcome my comments every day, the only comments they don’t enjoy is when people start saying that only a few of us deserve to voice their opinion. Nobody is promoting homosexuality my friend, we are promoting freedom of speech and freedom to choose, and this we should all be promoting!

  71. latigo says:

    For me, there’s nothing wrong with this at all. So what if he’s gay anyway? As long as he has the skills to continue playing in the NBA level then that’s fine. He has my support and respect. I also encourage everyone to do the same. :-))

  72. Tired says:

    I am personally tired of all these gays – eating up media time – with who’s coming out the closet – this shouldn’t be news – stop wasting media time for this stuff – if you’re gay – OK be gay – but please stop making it seem like this is news – when I come to – I want to read about basketball…………

  73. Jeffrey says:

    Doesn’t matter how different we are, in the end we’re all human, brothers and sisters! Treat people the way you want to be treated! Hopefully this will give light to the gay athletes out there who aren’t out, they should be able to be who they are and play without fear of being beat up or bullied! Props to Kobe and all the other stars in this league who have shown their support for Jason! The world we live in is changing and for the better!

  74. Laurie Edwards says:

    Good job there, Mr. Collins. What you’ve done takes guts.

  75. Daniel says:

    So how is this courageous and what does this have anything to do with the game of basketball.. When will we get the first NBA player to come out and openly admit they are heterosexual. That should be applauded more so as they can create new life. Just because he is “Gay” doesnt mean he should be considered special from those who are “straight”.

    • why are people like you so threatened says:

      There’s no need because for heterosexuals to come out as straight (so to speak), because straight people aren’t systematically oppressed. That’s obvious, isn’t it?

  76. g says:

    he’s black and gay, what else can go wrong

  77. Evan Turner says:

    Personally, it is a good thing what jason did here. It’s good that he has come out openly, and is not afraid of whatever people think, or whatever the media says. However, Jason was in his last year of his contract, and he has been struggling, bouncing from team to team each of his past six or seven seasons. I am really just hoping he is doing this for the right reasons, and that he isn’t doing this as a publicity stunt, and that he isn’t hoping that this is going to benefit him by extending his career, because the way I see it, he is a rather below average basketball player, who was most likely not going to receive an offer next year. I’m really hoping he did this with good intentions, and not the wrong ones.

  78. Justin says:

    Way to go Jc!!!!!!!!

  79. Romeo says:

    I for one approve, we already play with the Spurs, whats the big deal?

  80. BlackDove- says:

    now jason terry should come out

  81. So happy for Sacramento tonight says:

    I can’t wait for a new arena in Sacramento. I hope the NHL comes to Sac. God Bless the NBA relocation committee. Thank you…

  82. Jason Collins says:

    Thank you all for my supporters.
    For those who don’t care or are against me, I understand you as well

    • Common Sense says:

      It’s hard to believe you’re really Jason, but if you are…thank you for starting this discussion. We all have a duty to educate people on our beliefs. We fight wars over lack of communication and wars stop when each side understands the other view. We are not here to make people believe something else, we are here to allow people to have beliefs. So to both sides, especially since I’m not gay, BOTH SIDES ARE RIGHT! Heterosexuality is awesome! I love it!! And if your homosexual, be proud! I’m proud to be married to an amazing woman and you should be proud to be you. And hopefully soon, we won’t have laws preventing you from being free to be you! Cheers!

  83. Alex says:

    This is definitely to courageous. Some NBA no name coming out of the closet is the farthest thing from courage. The people who saved lives in the Boston bombings and 9/11 are courageous. It’s appalling to call this man courageous. He should not be compared in anyway to someone who fights for our country. Very very disturbing.

    • eris says:

      If you’ve never been persecuted because of your sexuality, I don’t think have any say on what’s courageous or not. And by persecution, I don’t mean criticism. I mean justified fear of physical danger or ostracism, justified fear that you’ll lose your job or cause backlash in a traditionally heteronormative environment.

  84. M. Murphy says:

    Be strong Mr. Collins, I hope you breathe just a little bit easier now. I admire your courage. Don’t let the bigotry drag you down.

  85. Common Sense says:

    props to and for posting the article on Collins on the front page. I await…

  86. Funbrain Club says:

    That was shocking true!

  87. dmart says:

    Good for him.

  88. WJh says:

    The choice is yours, here’s my choice and belief, if my father (male) didn’t united with my mother (female) then I (you) would not be here, it’s really as simply as that but I understand that we have a choice and with a choice comes consequences with that being said I leave that choice up to you.

  89. TrueCelticFan says:

    love you jason

  90. Alan says:

    So many of you are saying “who cares?” and that this has nothing to do with basketball. Well neither did Magic Johnson contracting HIV, but it brought attention to an important issue. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, homosexuality is and will continue to be an important issue until homosexual individuals are treated the same as everyone else and are no longer portrayed by certain sections of society as immoral or inferior. Further, the argument “I have friends who are gay” as the justification for trivializing the importance of events such as this only prevents further discussion of an important issue. Not talking about homosexuality will not somehow resolve the issue of the social inequalities endured by homosexual individuals.

  91. mikke says:


  92. can thought says:

    kudos JCol!

    i think the miami floppers are the ones next who should admit it and come out now. no need to hide it from the world.

  93. tomer sharon says:

    hey jason.
    it was realy moving and inspirng to read your couragous and beautiful statement. as an isralli, a country that is torn apart by racism and prejudice, i find this overwhelming. and as a fanatic n.b.a fan for 30 years, it is no less then incredible. it takas a man to be a real man! good 4 u and 4 all of the rest. i love this game, and amazing realy happens

  94. Tcam says:

    Be Proud of Being A Man
    Be Proud of Being A Woman
    Being Proud of anything else is not worth it!!!!

  95. anthony says:

    ughh, while I have some gay friends, I still don’t think this is an accomplishment in pro. sports, that someone whose sexual preference is with another man. IN MY OPINION, that’s all homosexuality is to me, sexual preference.

  96. Can’t get attention on the court? Why not get it off the court by claiming to be gay?
    Jason Collins has been a bottom feeder his entire career in the NBA by posting below average numbers all across.
    Finally, his days as a player are coming to an end with old age, but he wants to make a quick buck before leaving the stage.
    Why not get some offers for gay commercials?
    Well player Mr. Collins. Well played.

  97. Bacr says:

    Being gay and promoting homosexuality it is not courageous. Running into a burning building to save a life, that’s courageous. Pulling a wounded solider out of the middle of a fire fight, that’s courageous. Amazing how liberals think these days.

    • Common Sense says:

      They all are buddy…they all are…
      Stop hating and start understanding…
      What would it be like if you lived in a society where you weren’t able to be you. Ask women in the Middle east if it would take courage to take off the black veil, put on a tank top and shorts and walk through the city on the way to the airport on your first flight to America.It takes courage, whether you like it or not. And by the way, many of those Firefighters and Military are gay.

    • d-dub says:

      ok, i get it, jackie robinson, mahatma gandhi, rosa parks, none of them ran into a burning building. losers! now chuck norris, there’s a hero! cuz i saw him on this one episode of walker ……..

  98. I think Jason Collins just wants more money and sex.

  99. Staytrue says:

    Let’s see what happens when he defends on the post.How understanding would the other guy be .Lol brave yeah right

  100. Woooow says:

    Now it’s time for Chris Bosh to open up.

  101. Mark says:

    Kudos to Collins for being able to be himself, but for the media to say that he is the first openly gay player in American sports while still playing (active) is inaccurate right now. Why? Because he is a free agent now and has not played a single game while being openly gay. If he is not able to sign a contract with a team and ultimately chooses to retire (he is 34), then I have to consider him another former player who has come out after calling it a career. Now, if a team does sign him and he is able to get a little bit of playing time, then yes, he will be the first openly gay athlete in American sports while still active.

  102. SAS says:


  103. James says:

    This is quite disappointing. I have never imagined something like this making it into the news section of Although it sounds nice under the name of “freedom”, it is still something that many people consider disturbing. It sounds no different to me than a person coming out as a criminal and getting praised for it because of being open about what they really are. These people are who our children look up to and seeing them openly challenging nature and advertising it is pretty sad. I have no absolutely no problem with his preferences but I find it being advertised in this manner quite disturbing.

    • Common Sense says:

      For years it’s been a borderline death sentence to admit that you are gay in this community. The same community that said black people are slaves, then 3/5 of a human being. The same community that didn’t think women were smart enough to have something intelligent to say so they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. The same community that CURRENTLY says that we can legally FIRE someone because they admit that they are GAY. It’s great that you have no problem with his preferences but I suggest you understand why THE FIRST PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE to admit to be gay is something that will be advertised the day it’s admitted. If you have children I think you would think differently if they were gay and were scared to tell you the truth because you think it’s DISTURBING/CHALLENGING NATURE/SIMILAR TO BEING A CRIMINAL AND DISAPPOINTING. I pray your kids aren’t gay for their health, and I pray they are gay for yours

    • d-dub says:

      um, homosexuality is not a crime. so your argument is dust right there.
      as for your child, teach them to be tolerant and they and the world will be a much happier place. teach them to stand in judgement and it’s a time bomb.

  104. Will.I.Am says:

    Wow this is so surprising lol. Not sure why the media is making such a big deal of it, when it really isn’t. Gone are the days where you received big time criticism and hatred after coming out of the closet.

  105. cobalt says:

    who cares about any of this? i peronaly a, against gays . doesnt mean i have to be rude about it.

  106. Stay in the closet. Contrary to my principles to highlight these civilization destroying habits. NBA is on the wrong side of this. Looks like I will need to start by boycotting and eliminate my contribution to the financial welfare of the NBA.

  107. Chris says:

    Its so wrong to be gay. I will never accept it.
    “im black and im gay” – really hard to note that your are black.

  108. Jeff says:

    For those saying ‘this isn’t courage, it’s despicable’, etc….you’re proving exactly why it is a courageous decision. To be fearless enough to be who they are in the face of hatred and intolerance…that’s big, man, and I hope it inspires others who are struggling. Kudos to him.

  109. Luis says:

    Why do I want to know who is this man sleeping at night. Is this relevant for basketball? No!!! Celtics, focus in wining. That’s what I care for..

  110. #BullFanDan says:

    What will Tim Hardaway say about this?

  111. Bird33 says:

    To the posters above who supported Jason, you make me proud to be an NBA fan. To the rest, keep working on it…..the 20th century (and 21st) is just around the corner…if you decide to join the rest of the world. A few closing facts for some of the really ignorant above…homosexualality does exist in the animal kingdom and is well documented. The research has been funded and well documented by most every country in the world except the USA…which as a rule does not provide much in the way of funding for sex and gender research that touches on these sensitive topics (I.e. anything that might offend the large religious right voting block). This is also a well known and globally accepted fact.

    Sadly, there is little use in trying educate this group. Their religous beliefs make them unwilling to be accepting of others who are different. Ironically, in some ways, that makes them similar to a number other intolerant religious groups……hate and bigotry is hate and bigotry, people, no matter what religious “brand” you try to use to justify it.

    Jason (and David and Adam)….you made me a proud fan (and C’s fan) today.

    A very hetero NBA fan

  112. Tj says:

    Look peeps this is a country built on freedom so this is nothing new or courageous in my opinion, but if this was a country in which being gay is frowned upon then yes it is courageous. Just another day in America.

    • d-dub says:

      hey TJ, take a look at some of these posts and tell me that freedom in america is truly free. the lynch mob is pretty much in full force here.

  113. dude says:

    It is a sad day when a man comes out of the closet, admits to living a life of sin, and then is called courageous! This isn’t courage! It is a disgrace. If he had come out and asked for help then I would call him courageous. It is easy in this day and age to be gay. All of Hollywood and every news outlet has your back. But those of us that stand up for truth are lambasted by media and Hollywood.

    • Alex says:

      This world is going downhill fast my friend

      • Alan says:

        I think you have “truth” confused with belief. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support what you believe. Other people believe other things and you can’t logically invalidate their beliefs with yours, as neither are based in fact.

    • Dionte Christmas says:

      Maybe cause it ain’t the truth mane…there was a time when those who voiced their dislike of the Civil Rights Movement were finally rejected and lambasted. In hindsight we know why. Was it courageous when racists stood up to protest Civil Rights? Truthfully, that kind of opposition to change isn’t courage, it’s fear. Just think for a moment that what you believe may be wrong, and don’t be afraid.

    • d-dub says:

      dude, if you want to live in your fantasy of “sin” and “satan” and all, fine. meet your maker when you’re dead. but here in the real world the rest of us are trying to decrease real suffering free from bigotry and prejudice and hate.
      you are living to die with that myth. we are living for today.

  114. Jerrry1 says:

    I don’t understand homophobes. Their fear is often tied to their religious beliefs. My religion is atheism (my one true father died 20 years ago). Religions should demonstrate acceptance and tolerance, but instead it comes out as arrogance and hatred. Where in the bible does it put you as judge? If my beliefs are wrong, what should that matter to you? I accept your right to have strong, misguided beliefs. You should be able to accept mine.

  115. skyfox92 says:

    My rule of thumb – If your Gay and behave like a girl – no respect, i will cringe if i see you
    If your gay and behave like a man- Normal

  116. Luke says:

    Why is this of significance? He is a professional sports player, we don’t need to know anything about his personal life nor should we care.

    • Common Sense says:

      But I’m sure when Kobe cheated on his wife you were up in arms…

    • W/E says:

      It is significant for his teammates,from now on they will be twice as careful in the shower not getting their soap dropped on the floor lol..

  117. Alex_d says:

    Nevertheless the first gay in the NBA is Rudy Gay

  118. Rick says:

    this is a forum for basketball, not for sheltered, religious, bible bashing fanatics to preach their words of ignorance. Congrats Jason, people will always say something against but its important to know that support is with you and it’s growing.

  119. InnocentSmith says:

    Tiger Woods should have a press conference tonight and declare to the world “I like women”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The world must know this important news!

  120. mrsister says:

    It doesn’t matter that he’s gay. What matters is that he no longer has to be secretive about it. It’s not flaunting it. It’s just from now on, if you see him with another guy, you’ll know why. There will be no speculation. It may also lead the way to more athletes being open about it and allowing them to have relationships they couldn’t before. This doesn’t create more gay athletes. They’re already there. They just can’t be who they truly are.

    I really don’t understand how someone else being gay is somehow a threat to people. It shouldn’t affect what you believe, and if what you believe is truly correct, then you should be satisfied that you will be judged favorably by God. If anything, you should be worried that what you believe is wrong. Then you’re in trouble.

  121. wut? says:

    now hes going to play great defense in the post..haha lets do this!!

  122. wut? says:

    this news is SOOOOOOOOOOOO GAAYYYYYYYYYY..hahaha

  123. KeepitReal says:

    and this makes news….must be a SLOW Day.

  124. BobbySac says:

    People shouldn’t have to respect what they see as perversion. Period.
    Bryant’s comments are purely for appearances. Remember his remark to the official a while back?
    Just for that he gets to be the poster boy for homosexual tolerance.
    And who cares about Bill Clinton’s opinion?

    • steagle says:

      A hell of a lot more people than those that care about yours.

    • d-dub says:

      Google Bill Clinton and you’ll see who cares about him and all he’s doing today.
      As for Bush I and II, since they’ve been out of office they only thing they’ve done for this country is shoot gophers on their back 40.
      Hell Jimmy Carter does more in an afternoon than any of the Bushes have done in their entire retirements.

  125. James says:

    Good for him, but he’s really only coming out because he’s thinking about his career outside of playing pro-ball.

    He’s a 35 year old career backup, and will likely not end up securing a guaranteed contract next season.

    He can now capitalize on his new-found popularity and begin a career outside of pro-ball, but after he’s given many paid-for interviews and published a couple of books.

  126. LS says:

    This is the big story on the NBA website? This has nothing to do with basketball so stop trying to make it appear to be something important. This is Jason Collins’ personal business and quite frankly I don’t want to know about his or any other player’s private life. He had to do this to play the game?????

  127. eris says:

    It’s fine if you don’t care whether he’s straight or not… because this really isn’t about you. There are people who will read Jason’s story and will find solace in his success and the public support he’s receiving. This is a great positive message for the LGBT community, so it’s hardly fair to dismiss his article just because it doesn’t personally resonate with you.

  128. SoFlaFan says:

    Very proud of you Jason! Yes, he is a good example to kids who are struggling, and yes, are gay! It matters, and I’m proud he had the support to put it out there.Wish you only the best!!!

  129. Herr says:

    I find it funny and ironic that Kobe is being supportive after what he called Bennie Adams a few years ago.

  130. Cheese says:

    Collins will be a free agent after this season. It will be interesting to see if any team will want to sign him because of this

  131. Maybe it’s possible that he’s not gay, he just wanted the publicity?

    • chubbena says:

      May be he just wants the opponent to think twice playing him. Good move Collins. MVP 2013-2014!

  132. Rumsi says:

    My deepest respect to Jason Collins.
    Him being the first shows that so far it can’t have been that easy to come out.

    Some complain about him “living against man’s nature”. They don’t get the point.
    Every man (and woman) is free to live the live he/she wants to live as long as others don’t suffer because of it.

    If you are so stuck in your believe, wait for him to get his punishment after death. Until then, leave him alone.

    Those who don’t care: My respect to you, too. You live, what society still has to reach. Total acceptance and therefore equality.

    Greetings from Germany.

  133. Celtic Expert says:

    This doesn’t change anything!!!
    It just gives me more of a reason 2 respect him, he’s a great player and not afraid 2 speak his mind!!!!
    Some of u might be against it but i say U knew the consequences of ur actions, yet ur decision is finally!!
    I’m a fan of his, but it’s his choice and none of us can change him!!!!
    So why not accept his decision and move on!!!!

  134. Gomez says:

    I don’t understand what this has to do with basketball he really should keep personal life personal who cares? We don’t need a update with everyone and who they sleep with just play ball geez..

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed. On another note, should he play in a male basketball league? I honestly don’t know..

  135. Henrik Jensen says:

    big deal?, maybe not for some persons out there, i think its fine, by doing so he makes sure that recism towards gays in major sport will not become a thing, you did the right thing there big fellar.

  136. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    who cares

  137. playoffs says:

    jason collins, take a bow

  138. brian32 says:

    There have been so many athletes/celebs/artists who’ve had more to say against gays the last 10 years that coming out for some of these famous folks is a bigger deal then it should be. Collins ignoring all the hate and broadcasting his sexuality is exactly what sports needed so other athletes or any other average person would feel comfortable to come out without harsh judgement or criticism. Funny, now athletes are apologizing for their anti-gay rants and more athletes/celebs/artists then ever are showing respect towards gays coming out.

  139. Aram says:

    Nothing courageous coming out gay. “Hello world! IM GAY!” – So WHAT? Do you think you will be a good example to our kids? Cmon, is it because you are not ashamed of something you are is in fact- courageous?

  140. B says:

    I’m proud of Collins, but does it really matter?

  141. card one says:

    Astounded at how many hateful comments are on here. People spouting off about how “real” courage would be standing up for traditional marriage. Unbelievable. You know, the unintelligent tend to latch onto the simplest version of the world that they can (like religious fanaticism) because the true complexity and incomprehensibility of the world we live in scares and baffles them. So they defend to the death their hateful, ignorant oversimplifications of the world so they don’t have to strain themselves by actually thinking. People on here are actually claiming they’re “persecuted” because people won’t put up with their uninformed, ignorant, hateful, intolerant, simple-minded, useless views of the world and of gay people. And the funny thing is, chances are they’re just lashing out tp try and suppress their own homosexual thoughts! Haha! Too bad most of these religious zealots won’t be able to read all of these big words. At least I feel a little better now. Cheers to all of the smart, reasonable people commenting here who are secure enough with themselves that they don’t have to give in to hate and intolerance.

    • steagle says:

      Well said card one. Obviously sports attracts certain types of people, including the type you so eloquently described in your comment. This is the reality of our country and it’s not going away any time soon. All we can hope for is that education and knowledge can chip away at the religious indoctrination that keeps so many people living in judgement and hate.

    • RayG says:

      Name calling does nothing to further a conversation. I know this might sound very strange, but just because someone disagrees with you / holds to their convictions and beliefs / they are not ‘intolerant’ hateful or simpleminded. If you are as intelligent as you state, then you should step back and see who it is that is really intolerant.

  142. Chris says:

    Its important for someone to take a stand to make change. The realm of sports isn’t exactly friendly towards gays. To all you throwing religion in, do not forget you were commanded to love others as Jesus loved you, so spare us the hypocritical nonsensical hatred. If he came out I’m certain he’s not alone.

  143. omar says:

    For those of you who think god approves this type of behavior read chapter 1 of Romans.. And see what happened.. Good loves all sinners but he does not love the sin…. So Jason i love you in the love of the lord but i do not agree with you.. Good bless every one

    • Chris says:

      If God approves?? What are you talking about?
      Should Jason find the truth within himself or in a book you like to read?

  144. Azriel says:

    Great post Sekou. I hope in the near future this won’t even make headlines. Normal things shouldn’t have to make headlines, and Collins is as normal as it gets.

  145. the truth says:

    who is going to guard him now??? anyways, it takes a lot of courage to come out of the closet in a league like that nba

  146. SacTownRoyalty says:

    I think It’s funny how the worst player in the nba is a queer

  147. j says:

    who cares

  148. Coop says:

    What about dennis rodman?

  149. Will T says:

    Isn’t it usually the case that when twins are gay or hetero they both are and by that logic did he just out his brother inadvertently? Either way more power to u, and I wish you never had to hide it this long.

  150. Eli. Odell J. says:

    biggest sport news of the century
    oh wait… this aint sport…. just some political activismin by people who got no place doin that
    how bout you sport writers do ya dang job and report sports?
    front page and all…. my God…..

    • June says:

      This isn’t about sport… Not when you consider him playing, especially basketball in a position where he is playing it in a more intense physical level…

  151. Eric says:

    Happily married to a woman but this brings a tear of joy to my eye! Good for you Jason Collins. People who spit venom your way are cruel, have either warped belief systems, and/or are secretly jealous of you and wish that they too had your courage.

  152. Hat down says:

    Very courageous from you. In a society where religious integrism and ignorants and loud and louder everyday, it shows real courage to say this without fearing for your future. Bravo !

  153. Yakimo says:

    If gay and homosexual are the same? Do not be proud about that. Fix your life man. A man is a man and it does not matter what he wants to be, either if others are saying “Bravo”, this is again your nature. You are a man.

  154. Darryl Ramey says:

    Can you do your job? That’s way more important to me than who share your bed with cause that’s none of my business. Good luck.

  155. Adesede says:

    I get it, Everyone is saying kudos for coming out because of the presure and oppression of being gay. But to say that you were baking for 33 years is hard to believe since there is no way you u could have being gay at 1 years old.( NOT EVEN KNOWING YOU WERE ALIVE). What we need to understand is that disagreing with someones lifestyle does not mean that you don’t love them as a person. We argue with the choose our kids make every day does that mean we don’t love our kids or we hate our kids no. So with all of that being said i utterly disagree with the gay lifestyles but admire his committment.

  156. murloc says:

    Many will not understand the magnatude of his decision and others will simply show their ignorance thru hateful comments.
    This is a huge milestone in our society and I hope to see more follow his lead. Everyone should feel free to live their lives as they wish and I wish you all the best.
    the first Spurs home game that you participate in I will cheer loudly when you are introduced (no matter what team) to applaud your courage, after that, I will do what I’m sure all those who choose a different life style than society tries to force upon all… I will treat you the same as all others and boo the heck out of you as you play against my team… but still respect you as a person.

  157. Bobbbie S says:

    Bravo Jason Collins, Bravo.

  158. charlie says:

    Bravo Jason! Good to see supportive reactions from Kobe, Baron Davis and others. One day it won’t be a big deal to have an “out” major professional athlete, but today it is. No one knows how GMs, other players, and fans will react and treat Jason. My guess is that things will go fine for him, but the point is that until one athlete makes the choice to be honest about themselves, other closeted gay athletes won’t know.

  159. What a debased, demoralized society we live in.

    • steagle says:

      And what backwards, indoctrinated and spiteful people our societies and their religions continue to produce. The religious are too blind to see that progress and tolerance are beneficial for humanity as a whole. I hope you enjoy the close-minded and judgmental world you’ve subscribed to… I and the rest of the world will continue to progress without you.

      • Common Sense says:

        I am part of your world but urge you not to de-fragment our world. our world contains some incredibly beautiful religious people. In fact, the topic of conversation is about a very religious gay man. Don’t say things like “the religious”. Over generalization destroys the rest of your beautiful argument.

      • Wow says:

        I agree with you common sense,

        There are lots of religious people who believe being gay is not a sin. It is only the hateful closeminded minority of people who make the rest of us look bad. That is also not a generalisation. If anyone from any race, gender or sexual preference excludes or demoralises others for ANY reason, they are not following the word of god. To all those who oppose what Jason Collins has done here, please do not suggest you are a man of god if you do not treat him equally to yourself.

      • steagle says:

        Fair point, I should have added the “extreme” religious or similar. That said, I can’t think of one non-religious group that condemns and judges gay people, can you? Religion has a huge part to play in this debate; in fact, if it weren’t for religion’s continuing influence in society, there would be no debate at all. Being born a certain way is a result of genetics and other physiological variables that we have very little control over, insomuch as we choose our mates, but the results are completely unpredictable. Atheists, agnostics, and others who don’t subscribe to religious beliefs understand this fact and have historically been the kindest and most tolerant to those of alternate lifestyles. I agree that believing in a supernatural deity and whatever story surrounds them does not preclude you from accepting gay people, but let’s be honest – if you follow a faith that says it’s wrong to be gay then no matter how nice you are outwardly to gay people, deep inside you still have reservations and are making judgments. This to me is the great sadness of [many] religions – that a group of people long ago set the standards on what is right and wrong and still thousands of years later people subscribe to those same feelings without looking at the world through their own lens and appreciating ALL life for what it is.

    • JayWil says:

      I agree with you here. It’s amazing to me that we consider ourselves “advanced” because we can openly embrace unhealthy and destructive ways as acceptable choices. People forget that if both of your parents were gay, you’d either be a testtube baby, or you would not exist. As the idea that homosexuality contributes something positive to society spreads, we forget about what negatives it carries. My friend is a transgendered girl, and she has been used and abused by so many men, because they view sex as a mere past time, and not a unifying act of love and devotion. There are many homosexuals who ARE loving with their partners… but they tend to be the exception and not the rule. Homosexuality cheapens and demeans… There are very few examples of loving and dedicated homosexual couples, even though they tend to push this agenda ON TV, to brainwash us into beliving it is the norm. Even celebrities like Ellen and Rosie ODonnell tend to have short lived homosexual unions, and pushing gay marriage will only increase the divorce rate, not consummate these unnatural unions.

      As a person who has had gay friends for years, I tend to avoid hanging with them because of the promiscuity in the culture. I’ve had simple convos turn into situations where I explained I was straight, and was still hit on and offered sexual favors or “mind blowing sexual pleasure.” I love all people, but can say homosexuals are a little more outrightly sexual in their environments. Straight society is catching up, through the idea of women being more sexually open and the term “casual sex.”

      For some reason, people tend to equate the term unnatural with evil. This is not true, but aside from just it being a choice, would anyone care to explain what benefits homosexuality brings to us as people? How does homosexuality advance us? Does it empower us? If homosexuality became the norm (aka totally acceptable) The human race would become nearly extinct in a few generations. Stating people could have sex with women just to make babies isn’t really an option, as if you are truly homosexual, you aren’t attracted to the opposite sex, not even for baby making.

      Once again, how does homosexuality advance the human race?

  160. MACIII says:

    John Amaechi was not playing in the NBA when he came out.

  161. jOLAN says:

    The sad thing about this is that you will only hear about the support people give, no one will really hear the cruel words and actions of others that he will have to endure (and I hope it’s not much, but there will be some). Brave guy to do it, Someone had to take the lead and he is a great guy to step out and do it.

  162. Mason Nichols says:

    He should sign with the TRAILBLAZERS next year.

  163. LOLakers says:

    This isn’t courage!!! Where’s the courage in coming out gay in a pro-gay liberal brainwashed society?!? What takes real courage is being a man of God in our society!!! If he had said he was for traditional marriage THEN he’d see real persecution!!!

    • Brian says:

      Thank you. Finally someone who has the REAL COURAGE to stand up for what’s right. This is nothing to celebrate.

      • Jake says:

        Only to the religious fanatic would the act of pushing your religious beliefs upon everybody else be deemed “real courage.” I look forward to the day when your beliefs are looked at in similar light as those of the KKK. They have no place in a rational society.

      • Sean Simpson says:

        How is posting hate comments anonymously courageous? In the future you will be compared to the same people who did not want african americans in sports.

      • Historic Hyena says:

        Agree with Jake and Sean Simpson. Religion is a choice, being gay is not.

    • Rick says:

      Ahaahahaha. That’s all I’ll dignify your moronic comment with.

    • YoudaMan says:

      You sir are on point. i find you courageous.

    • I wonder says:

      @LOLAKERS: Glad to see someone with normal senses like you.

    • Numskull says:

      LOLakers, you are the man! If you are brave/courageous be true to yourself. Admit that the reason you are gay is that you like to have sex with men. It is shameful to hide what you truly are. When you are alone, by yourself, you are what you want. You can change, I’ve seen it. Gay people have go back to being straight sometimes because of religion, sometimes because they get tired of being selfish.
      Sure, nowadays, with the deteriorating genes due to sickness, pollution, etc., we see more and more people who are born with hormone problems. Still, just like any other illness, it gets treated. If you are born with male organs, you are male and vice versa. If the hormones in your body are not chemically performing, get treated and make it right. Parents, teach your kids about human emotions. When kids our hormones are all out of whack. Boys will hit on a tree if it starts moving and producing heat. Girls will fall in love with girls because they treat them nice. This is normal. What is not normal is to have intimate relationship with the same sex. Have you seen a male elephant trying to be intimate with a male elephant. Nature has it right. Why can humans. Even if you believe in evolution, there is no denying it. Intimate relationship with same sex is not natural, and we should not be condoning it. Be courageous and ask for help. To your parents, friends, or family. Being normal IS being BRAVE! Just do it!

      • Wow says:

        Numskull and LOLakers,

        You have your opinions, as does everyone. However, can you not see the link between your comments and those of the KKK. You suggest you are religious, yet discriminate against gods children? Years ago this same conversation was raging where apparent ‘religious’ people said ‘non-white’ people should not be treated equally. I am white, religious and straight yet i know how rediculously bad societies view of gay people is. The same as societies view of black people used to be rediculously wrong. People should always be treated equally and that is what religion suggests. Not to exclude.

        Also Numskull, you say people can be cured for being gay? Hypothetically speaking, if the bible stated that everyone was supposed to be gay and you were still straight, do you think you could ‘Cure’ yourself and turn gay? I dont think so. People do not choose to be gay. It is within them from birth. Same as you being straight.

        Food for thought

    • Common Sense says:

      In no way would someone ever see persecution for being for traditional marriage…this is a mindless comment. I’m surprised you spelled all of your words correctly. Pro-gay liberal brainwashed? Some states literally can Legally deny gay people employment! Man of God?? Man, you need to go back to church and actually pay attention. A. we are all gods children. B. Love thy neighbor. C. We are equal in gods eyes D. You are full of hate and when you are full of hate you have no room for love and god is love, so you have no room for God.
      So, long story short, my friend, you are not acting like a man of god!
      God bless you…

      • Sly says:


        Love thy neighbor by helping him when he is sick and not encouraging him to commit sinful acts. Negligence is a bigger sin.
        The real people of power use the media to brainwash you making these sinful acts seem ordinary and the people with weak minds are victims. It seems you have been claimed a victim as you know nothing about your religion, except the lies that are fed to you controlling your mind since the days you were a kid watching disney movies.

        Wake up

      • oh cmon.. says:

        AMEN to Common Sense, have some of it haters!

      • Cris says:

        First off, to spell God with a lower case G is blasphemous, and says we are all equal but does not mean the homosexual wont be punished for what hey have done,God said that a man should not lie with anohter man in Leviticus and in Genisis he burt down the city of sodom and gomorah for mainly homosexuality and Paul said that Homosexuals don’t go to heaven, so God does see us all equal but that does not mean they are exempt from hell if they dont change their ways

    • TJ902 says:

      So it would take more courage, in your mind, to live a lie for fear of what others might think? That’s pretty much the definition of cowardice.

      cow·ard·ice/ˈkaʊərdɪs/ Show Spelled [kou-er-dis]\
      noun lack of courage to face danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.

      Also, lots of athletes like Philip Rivers and Tim Tebow have been vocal about their belief in traditional christian values like abstaining from pre marital sex, for example. They have not faced persecution, in fact in Tebow’s case a big part of the reason we even know his name is that he’s a devout Christian. He’s not very good at football. They’ve had their time in the spotlight, now why shouldn’t Collins? By the way. Collins IS also a devout Christian. What takes real courage, in my opinion, regardless of gay, straight, religious, agnostic whatever is to be proud of who you are no matter what.

      This is a first. No active athlete has ever admitted to being gay. Lots have endorsed tradintional christian values. It’s a big deal. It doesn’t effect me personally but I’m sure a lot of gay athletes at all levels in all sports think it’s a pretty big step.

      But I probably just wasted the last few minutes typing this.

      • Common Sense says:

        It’s not a waste. People appreciate your views. I’ve even appreciated some of the very angry, “i hate Gay Sinners” emails. This world has a lot of people, and the more we communicate the more we understand, and as i said before… the only thing that can stop HATE is TRUTH. Keep it up, the world is always listening, even if we think are words fall on deaf ears.

    • zayvado says:


    • d-dub says:

      …. your tradition is yours. not mine not my neighbors, not jason collins. do your thing while the rest of us celebrate the waning of your close-minded culture.

      • JayWil says:

        It’s time to be real. Gay people themselves are the ones who feel the shame… That is why they don’t tell people. This guy didn’t even tell his brother. I never hid the fact of my race from people… Because it’s openly visible to the world. You are not born gay, you become gay when you decide to have a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex. Attraction is based on personality first… or at least it should be. If Collins dated women, he must have liked something about them. He just chooses to embrace sex with men.
        If we were to replace this with “Collins admits to being sexually attracted to animals” people would find it to be disgusting. Why? A human can have sex with an animal. It’s possible, and an option, just like gay sex. We find it repulsive because it’s not natural. People have been doing it for thousands of years… just like gay sex. Even thing that is possible, is not acceptable, but if it’s about choice, what makes one worse/different than the other? Can someone explain this in defense of homosexuality?
        Stop comparing sexuality to race, you are your race from birth. It’s openly visible and totally uncontrollable. Sexuality IS a choice.
        Lastly, from a religious standpoint, God gives people the right to choose for themselves. It’s called free moral will. He DOES NOT APPROVE OF IT, but he gives you the choice. He loves you, and wishes people would change their ways, but this doesn’t mean He approves of homosexuality. Yet, because of His love, he leaves it to each person to decide for themselves. As with anything, the choices we make bare consequences, but the choice remains yours, as a God given right.

  164. Dylan says:

    I am a Celtics fan. I really enjoyed having Jason Collins as a member of our team, even though it was for only a short time. I respect Jason Collins as both a player and a person. He is truly a great person. It took a lot of courage to do what he did and there will be a lot of negative reactions. But there will also be a lot of positive reactions as well and people who will have his back. I respect him even more now and couldn’t think of a better player to break this barrier.

  165. Neil Citrin says:

    About time someone in the US professional ranks stepped forward.

  166. BJ says:

    I mean who cares? this is the norm todays warped society. is this suppose to be a shock?

    • Sean Simpson says:

      People who support human rights care. People are standing up against bigotry, like when people infer homosexuality as warped. No, this is not suppose to be a shock, some people might be, but I don’t believe Jason is trying to “Shock” anyone.

      • Cris says:

        TBH i dont care either i’m here to watch the playoffs, and haf of these people that sent these tweets are ‘homophobes’ behind closed doors themeselves…and yeah i believe homo sexuality is warped because No body is born gay, we were born to pro-create. to like another man in a sexual way goes against mans instincts to survive. I am a christian but for all those athiests out there i’m looking at this from a scientific stand point. before there was surragacy and things of that nature if two gay men were with eachother for the rest of their lives…they would die and that would be it…NO CHILDREN TO CARRY ON THE FAMILY TREE!!!!! but if a man and a woman are together for the rest of their lives they would have children and they would grow up to have children also

      • F H says:

        No, two men or women cannot procreate, but that would not lead you to a scientifically considered conclusion that therefore it will not happen naturally. Just too many variables to consider. I believe (!) currently it is hypothesized that homosexuality does not lie within a specific gene, but has to do with how a set of genes are expressed so to speak. These are supposed to vary upon environmental factors (Which the person in question cannot control either). Guess that according to this hypothesis, it works much like how a woman becoming an alpha female or “queen bee” will have a substantial spike in the effectiveness of her immune defense (or translated: When a man/woman finds him/herself in a particular ongoing social/developmental situation, he/she will become gay). Furthermore we cannot conclude that this trait is harmful for the human race either, there are theories to the opposite. Other mammals display these traits as well suggesting it is a lot more natural than you think. Not saying that all this is true, just merely that your logic seems a tad too scientifically inconsiderate. This is just my opinion, but I think you put too much faith in what we can actually control consciously, weighed against the biological robots we might be. I personally do not think we have any kind of control outside inherent instinct, genetics, environmental effects on these genetics (development and upbringing) and so on, but that’s just me  And men and women could have kids without being together for a long time. That would just take a night of fun.
        Good for Collins, could not have been easy. But man, why is this such a big deal.. I would get why it would be a story, but not why it is breaking news… US society?


      I have to be honest, the media cares more than the average person. He’s not an Allstar or a really good player so who really cares? Good for him for being honest with himself! I applaud that, but other than that its on to the next game.

  167. Jimmy Buckets says:

    No courage here…no one cares get over it and yourself

    • EB says:

      The fact that you posted a comment to express how much you don’t care means it bothers you, so you care. You should get over yourself for thinking you have the gall to speak for everyone else

      • Another Heat Fan says:

        Why do you read into it like that EB?
        He doesn’t care, so what? He’s allowed to say so.
        By saying it bothers him, YOU are the one speaking for other people and YOU are the one being prejudice towards jimmy buckets here.

        He doesn’t care, and that’s not a wrong stand to take. The wrong stand is if he was against it. The other wrong stand is if other people (like you) accuse him of being against it just because he doesn’t care.

        FYI, I don’t care either. I have some openly gay friends, and some secretly gay friends, and I don’t treat them any different from my straight friends. In fact, it would defeat the purpose if I treated my openly gay friends like they were heroes and my secretly gay friends like they were victims without a voice.

      • Common Sense says:

        Another heat fan…good for you, and you made a point but EB didn’t need to read far…Jimmy Buckets wrote “No Courage Here”. He also said “get over it” and “get over yourself” Ask any of your openly gay friends if it would take courage to be the first black, male, active professional sports player ever, to openly admit to being gay. My guess is they would say yes. So good for you being friends with everyone but it does take courage to take a stand for who you are when people say their religion/society/morals/(or in the case of the US – THE LAW doesn’t allow it. Many states prevent employment for gay individuals…LEGALLY!

      • oh cmon.. says:

        Thing is ‘Another Heat Fan’, Jimmy Buckets here IS speaking for everyone when he said ‘no one cares’, and insisted that there is ‘no courage’ in being honest. Surely Jimmy would be left alone with his opinion if he personally claimed that HE doesn’t care.

        I for one think that it is very courageous, and that it’s not true that no one cares.

      • J Call says:

        It was wrong for Jimmy to say “no one cares.” I do think this “coming out of the closet” stuff is a bit blown out of proportion though. I’m bald, but I don’t see anyone cheering when I take of my hat.

      • LDC says:

        Thanks EB. The fact that he said “no one care” is a stretch. You can see from the players, fans, and organizations that clearly people care. The only thing Jimmy Buckets can say with absolute certainty is that HE doesn’t care. Which is fine, but my point is: fewer people care if Jimmy Buckets cares than care that Jason Collins is a ground-breaker for athletes everywhere.`

      • Klondike says:

        What is the big deal? Why do gay people and those who support gays make it a big deal when they admit they are gay? I don’t see straight people coming forward and saying their straight. Why are you courageous because you come out and say you are gay? Why is that a big deal? Would I be just as courageous if I came out and said I was straight? Would it be such a big deal then? Why do gay people feel the need to broadcast that they are gay? I don’t get it.

      • Big difference says:

        Klondike, one thing is for you to the part of the norm, another is to break social paradigms/acceptance. Do something different than what is considered “normal” and you will feel it.

    • Keepitreal says:

      Agree with jimmy buckets… When I think of courage I think of oh… People fighting for their country or families, that sort of thing. I’m straight and you don’t see me needing to tell the whole freakin planet.

      • LDC says:

        Probably because you aren’t discriminated against, and victim of hate crimes for being straight.

        Your argument is thin and baseless.

      • Deadpan Guy says:

        yeah true, lets celebrate violence over love.

      • Klondike says:


      • Klondike says:

        @LDC-well if you become a victim of a hate crime etc etc because you come out and say your gay, then why broadcast it then? What is the purpose of broadcasting to the world that your gay? If your gay, good for you. Live a gay life and keep it within your inner circle and be happy. I don’t care to know if your gay or not. That’s your business.

      • Historic Hyena says:

        Klondike, you just don’t f’in get it do you? If the president of the United States calls you to personally tell you that you are doing something extraordinary and groundbreaking, then it means there was a great reason to do it. The PURPOSE of telling the world is to change the world, and not keep it the same with all this ignorance and hate crimes. Get a brain.

    • Sean Simpson says:

      Most people have never played a competitive sport before, and if you have you know that locker rooms are traditionally one of the most homophobic places ever. It is courageous for him to come out, due to the fact he is currently the only one who is out, and you know there are many more who have yet to build up the courage to do so. Tthe support he has received shows that a lot of people do care.

      I wonder who is the one that needs to get over himself.. Anonymous posts take so much courage

      • Fonz says:

        Your right no true sports fan cares about a guy who never plays is gay or not .. If he was a super star that’s different

    • Tommy Lee says:

      Not a man of god… not gay… not even a Jason Collins fan. But reading all this bickering back and forth makes me want to chime in. But I’m a hater.

      I’m a hater of people trying to impose your religious beliefs on others. You say you do it as your religious duty. But you’re hating as you do it. You are so condescending when you post all these comments.

      I’m a hater of people trying to push their sexual preferences to the public. If you’re gay, be proud. If you’re proud, keep it to yourself. If you’re not proud, then stfu. We won’t know.

      As much as I am a hater, I’m not hating on him telling his story. It’s a first, and I think it’s cool. So stop hatin’ people!

      • PdaDunker says:

        Second that! Good he came out, but nothing much really shocking here. It’s a first…next please

      • Historic Hyena says:

        He’s not pushing anything. This is not like some religious group trying to convert you to their religion. He should come out because he should not need to hide his true self to the world and not need to “keep it to himself” because how can you be proud of something if you have to hide it. I think there’s a lot of logic missing in your argument.

  168. Wasn’t John Amaechi the first to openly admit he’s gay while playing in the NBA??

  169. Mc says:

    No reactions yet?
    Kudos to you, Jason Collins.