Jack Tells Warriors He Wants To Stay


OAKLAND, Calif. – He arrived in a July trade and embraced the adventure of a new city and the new situation that would have been difficult for many players to accept. Jarrett Jack actually liked the unknown.

The season-long discovery process led to a decision. He wants to re-sign with the Warriors in the summer, even with the clear understanding he might be giving up the chance to start somewhere else for the certainty of a backup role to Stephen Curry at point guard in Golden State.

Jack is so sure of it, he told NBA.com, that he has informed management and directed his agents to re-enforce the message that he is hoping to stay once he becomes a free agent in July.

“That’s one of the reasons why I’m really trying to enjoy the moment right now,” he said Saturday with the Warriors holding a 2-1 lead over the favored Nuggets in the best-of-seven first round that continues Sunday night at Oracle Arena. “I’m appreciating everything that’s going on. In the summer, hopefully that process is a little bit further than we all want it to be. There are a lot of variables that go into making that decision. Hopefully, I can stay right here. I told my agent. I’m sure he spoke to the powers that be that I have desires to stay right here and help this franchise grow to the best of its ability.

“I think it’s just a perfect marriage. My teammates, the camaraderie we have, I like my role. I like what I’m able to bring to this team. Could I go somewhere and it would be bigger, but we might not be playing for as much? I try to make it a perfect marriage. The economics, that’s going to take precedent at times, but you also want to be happy. That’s the most fulfilling thing I have playing on this team.”

The eight-year veteran has been locked into a reserve role many times in a career that previously included stops in Portland, Indiana, Toronto and New Orleans, but never like this. He started only four times in the regular season, tied with his 2005-06 rookie campaign as a Trail Blazer for the fewest in his career. Still, the 29.7 minutes per game with a constant presence in the fourth quarter meant a major role.

Free agency on July 1 could be Jack’s chance to find a place where the ball is in his hands all the time, reminiscent of the days when he started at least half the games with the Raptors, Pacers and Trail Blazers. Plus, he is building the resume just in time for the offseason, with a very good showing the first three games of the playoffs as the Warriors went to a three-guard starting lineup of Klay Thompson, Curry and Jack when power forward David Lee suffered a hip injury in the opener.

“I’ve been in that capacity before,” Jack said. “It doesn’t make or break or define the player that I am. Could I go somewhere else and [start]? Yeah. But I like who we have here. I like the role that I’m in and am comfortable in. If it’s able to work out, I would love to be back here.”


  1. I realy ❤ the Warriors they r awesome I hope they could beat the Nuggets, I'm a Nuggets fan too so IDK who's going to win

  2. Bernard says:

    This is a player the warriors need to keep,he enjoys playing in the Bay Area and with the team. Please sign him.

  3. BStarkey says:

    Great, great, great. Love J.Jack, his attitude, his play and his personality. He is a integral piece of what makes this team so special. Look at what these guys have done this year and then just imagine how good they will be in the future . . . Jack sees it, bring him back, FOR SURE!

  4. BevRob24 says:

    this is such good news! great player, great season….

  5. Wayne Turner says:

    Great player – Whether it’s coming off the bench or starting.He’s showing his leadership skiils,and playing good minutes.Jack has made a huge difference to this team,one of the big reasons we made the play offs (WE HAVE DEPTH NOW!),and the big plus: he wants to stay.

    My Golden State Warriors – Please resign Jarrett Jack!

  6. RocketsThunderFan says:

    Good for Jack & good for GSW! They are lucky to have a player like him. I see him as the second best player after Curry & I’m glad to see him in the starting line-up because it obviously works!

  7. Run TMC says:

    Jack is the true embodiment of a consummate professional, I liked him a long time before he played for the Warriors. In the era of drama queen superstars with mixed messages as far as their loyalty is considered (Howard) and many others not worth mentioning. Jack’s work ethic, loyalty, and respect for authority are qualities that really come at a premium in this league. He is worth way more than his production on the court and I hope Myers isn’t blind to this and resigns him. We want you back Jack.

  8. dan'o says:

    Good for Jack. In a culture where agents insist players deflect questions regarding the future with insincere replies (ahem, D12 “I really haven’t thought about it,”) its refreshing to see someone come with honesty and say they want to stay. I hope the team will commensurate that kind of loyalty with proper pay.

  9. olmanfeelyus says:

    This is what is called Character. We need more players like this in the league. Should have been 6th man of the year. Kudos to Warriors management for building a team with character as a priority.

  10. john says:

    Bring him back! Even if you go over the luxury tax for the next season, don’t destroy the chemistry of Jack, Landry, and B-rush. Don’t forget you get to shed Biedrins and Jefferson’s contracts in the next year or two and the amount of extra money the team is making by being in the playoffs will help pay for the penalty.

  11. Agon McDouche says:

    That’s great to hear. Jack is a GREAT backup. Hope we can keep Landry and Rush too.

  12. Big Al says:

    I really want this team to bloom. Most people did not expect them to make the playoffs after the loss of Monta Ellis and Bogut being injured for almost the entire season, but they stepped up and performed impressively. Klay has done pretty well after being promoted to a starting role. Jarrett is also a very good backup to Curry, who also thrived even further this year. Hopefully, the big guys will be healthy for 2014.

  13. Charles says:

    If he wants to come back make it happen. He has been outstanding whether starting or off the bench. well worth it and a great presence in the locker room.

  14. The Bay says:

    He is an absolute gift to the team. Dub Nation definitely wants to see him back as well!

  15. this is great says:

    if he wants to stay enough to take a pay cut we could hold onto rush landry and him as well. he may have to take a minute cut for rush, but it only adds depth and defense. hes one of the best backup point guards in the league and this will just be the continuity we need for multiple playoff appearances.

    • villmatic says:

      I completely agree, let alone that if he takes a cut then we can use the money to continue to improve our roster. I can’t wait for Biedrins’ and Jefferson’s contract to expire, nothing against them but they’re holding up a lot of money that can be used elsewhere.

  16. Steven says:

    I really hope we bring him back, what a gamer; couldn’t ask for a better 6th man!