Knee Injury Will Sideline Westbrook

By staff

Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbook has a torn meniscus in his right knee and will undergo surgery to correct it in the upcoming days. His return for the playoffs is possible, but uncertain.

From Turner Sports’ Rachel Nichols

And more from Presti’s release:

β€œWe have thoroughly discussed this with Russell. Despite being the competitor and teammate that he is, he respects and understands the decision and is committed to come back even stronger. Certainly Russell is a leader and core player for this team, but we are in the midst of the playoffs and I know other players are determined to step up and contribute. We have a resilient group of players who have always taken pride in playing as a team and that approach will continue.”

The Thunder next play on Saturday in Game 3 of their first-round series against the Houston Rockets, a series that Oklahoma City leads 2-0. It figures to be the first missed game of Westbrook’s five-year NBA career. He has played in all 394 regular-season games since he was drafted fourth overall by the Seattle SuperSonics in the 2008 NBA Draft and all 45 playoff games. He has been a starter for all but his first 17 games.

Westbrook, a three-time All-Star, was averaging 24 points and seven assists a game against Houston in the first two wins in Oklahoma City. He averaged 23.2 points and 7.4 assists in the regular season. The injury happened Wednesday night in the second quarter when Houston’s Patrick Beverely went for a steal along the sideline and collided with Westbrook’s knee.

The Thunder did not set a timetable for Westbrook’s return. Los Angeles Lakers star Metta World Peace had a meniscus tear in his knee and was back on the court in less than two weeks. But others have taken much longer.

Westbrook’s injury also tightens the race for the Western Conference title. Reggie Jackson, who averaged a little over 14 minutes a game during the regular season,Β is expected to start in his place.


  1. -- cavsfan says:

    all eyes now turn to Durant. since Russell had never missed a game, we really don’t know what kd can bring with THIS amount of pressure on him. however, we have seen his ability to finish in crunch time, which i’m sure he’ll get plenty of in the coming week/s. Houston can put up a fight now, but i still give this series to thunder. — okc in 6

  2. -- cavsfan says:

    okc has a tough road ahead. they should still be able to pull off the Houston series, but, lets face it. they will eventually have to play the spurs. without westbrook, the thunder is simply not complete. they r still a great team, and with kd on the floor, they can still compete. however winning a combined 8 games against SAS and then Miami is not very realistic, i love okc and always will, but this year is probably not for them. the best team to face the Heat would be San Antonio.

  3. I’m a Celts fan but i have to say that it’s messed up to see rw go down right @ the beginning of the playoffs-like i read someone say-i guess it’s the year of teams all star players going down. I expect that okc to still make a deep run w/-let’s not forget-they do have Durant & the rest of their core-w/o KD then i would not think so, but w/o rw-ofcourse they still could.

  4. tayriley says:

    all the guys whining about it being a dirty play are clearly just okc bandwagon fans and NOT fans of basketball. what beverley did is what every good player should do and does do in that situation- going for a steal before a timeout. it was a clean steal that resulted in an unfortunate injury. THAT IS ALL. if it was truly dirty, it would’ve been called a technical on the floor.

  5. stop crying says:

  6. Melvin B says:

    Can’t blame PB for that play, people do that every game! No one is looking to take someone out like that, he is just a competitive guy out there competing! It’s just that kinda year where star players are falling left and right (Kobe, Rondo, Stat etc). I understand the saltiness from Thunder fans, but anyone can get hurt on any play,

  7. definitely not a dirty/malicious play. i’ll admit i’m a rockets fan and have never liked westbrook. he’s is unsportsmanlike and a reckless shooter. that being said, thunder are still a great team with guys like ibaka, perkins, sefolosha, etc. it will be extremely difficult for any team, even the heat, to beat them in the post-season. like i said, im a huge rockets fan and watch every game and i know without a doubt that beverly did not intentionally hurt westbrook. like any player, he likes to play the best. none of the rockets are dirty players and none would want to win playing dirty. beverly had never started in the league, much less during the playoffs. he was simply just hustling and making the most of every second of playing time he got

  8. J. Shmough says:

    … all these comments and only bball sees it – watch the replay in slo-mo, they collide, then Westbrook moves his knee out trying to push/trip Beverly – he’s as much to blame for the injury as the Houston player, if not more so…

  9. MJfromOKC says:

    This is exactly what a lot of people wanted to see. A lot of people dont like OKC or Westbrook. Seeing him go out must bring serious joy to people.

    I understand that matchups will be different and OKC wont be a guarantee for the Western conference finals but a lot can still happen.

    I’ve always felt that OKC was really deep and had people waiting to be put on the roster to step up. I predict Reggie Jackson will almost make up for Russells production but we will have to see who can make up for Reggie’s production. They will probably play Fisher at the PG spot and put Ronnie Brewer on the bench line up.

    OKC wont beat Memphis without RW but could beat LAC without him.

  10. Boricua says:

    The guy that injured Westbrook should be suspended. He hits Westbrook and runs to the Rockets bench. Idiot I hope that moron get so injured that never plays again in his life. Westbrook already ask for the time out. Perkins broke his neck in the next game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. theholyspectator says:

    spurs vs miami 2012 nba finals…miami in 6

  12. LAKERLAND says:

    now we shall see if Durant can lead a team carry a team like Kobe Bryant…next to Kobe durant is my fav player Lebron who?

  13. neil cameron says:

    all i know is that having a pro team in okc has been great this team is more than just a team to okc its put a great spotlight on how great a city okc is i hope we can continue without westbrook but it will be difficult but either way great job thunder of showing how great okc is and how long we have waited for a pro team thanks

  14. juanito says:

    realy all this and that about what was clearly a good hustle from Beverly.. nothing dirty about it … play till the click runs out all 4 quarters

  15. JAz007 says:

    reggie jackson and the rest ot the bench players must step up for him,

  16. Heatgirl says:

    I don’t like Westbrook, I really feel he tries to compete with Kevin Durant. I feel he is way to selfish with the ball.
    I don’t even know if I feel sorry for him, it’s the playoff people will get hurt, some will survive some won’t.


  17. Junior says:


  18. Nigux says:

    You guys are making it out to be something it isn’t. Beverly went for the steal and unfortunately bumped knees with Westbrook, that’s the end of it. You must be kidding me if you think he deserves a fine or some sort of punishment because “he was obviously going to call a timeout”. Until that whistle is blown he has every right to reach for the ball.

  19. sanjay says:

    I urge serious fans here to write a petition to the commissioner david stern and it has to be immediately addressed! West brook never missed a game due to injury and this has happened due to inane play by opposite player in the name of hard physical basketball! I have no idea how to reach the commissioner!

  20. sanjay says:

    I saw the play there was no steal there! he was out of reach and grabbed like a mad cap and he had to hurt him as his whole left part of the leg crashed in to west brook! i am no OKC fan! That boy deserved better! This is deliberate and happening. And some teams like chicago are notorious! This has to stop! An example has to be set before some body gets seriously hurt! we want to watch clean competitive basketball and not a wrestling or a boxing match!
    Deliberately elbowing, kneeing or tripping in the name of hard basketball , playoff, no easy lay ups cliches has to stop!
    The commissioner has to wake up now!

  21. lookatthereplay says:

    Hey Haters…. look at the replay in slow-mo. Westbrook puts his knee out there when Beverly goes for the steal to try to turn his body and shield the ball. It was an unintentional bump!! Can’t hate Beverly for going for the steal before the time-out that is a heads-up move and he can go for the steal at anytime until the whistle blows…. stop hatin

  22. sanjay says:

    This deliberate ploy of players going for the body of big players from the opposite camp in the name of “hard basketball and play off ” should stop immediately. Chicago bulls are the biggest culprit and they are going unpunished. Now the latest one is westbrooks incident! Even james almost got injured twice in one game. Going for the body has to stop and I have no idea what nba is doing here? This is not a wrestling match, it is basketball for pets sake.
    West brook incident was purely idiotic and demands a heavy penalty from the league to that player.
    They are deliberately targeting marquee players because of oppositions inability to block or check them or make shots dificult. Lack of skills cannot be compensated by injuring the players. This non sense has to stop!

    The nba governance body must wake up! It is getting way out of hand here! Is commissioner listening?

  23. Oakley34BLAM says:

    Not a dirty play, not a cheap play, not even a particularly hard bump. It is a shame though for any NBA fan. No true fan wants to see any great player taken out of the playoffs due to injury. Not an OKC fan, but I hope he recovers smooth and clean.

  24. sanjay says:

    that beverley is an idiot. plenty of low iq players in the nba who are played millions( they have no college degree to say the least and not that it would have made a difference!
    He is going for the ball aggressively after the time out has been called and it was a flagrant foul! I feel sorry for westbrook. He had every reason to be pissed off!
    Beverly needs to be suspended period!

  25. icemanxi says:

    Everything apart, this injury was bound to happen to Westbrook. Everyone kept talking about how he has never missed a game right from his UCLA days and the five years in NBA. This talk went right through the game and also in the half time show. Question of Westbrook being a victim of an evil eye? πŸ™‚ .. or just plain Superstition πŸ™‚

  26. Edwin says:

    Was already 90% positive of a SAS – MIA Finals (OKC isn’t as good as last year, and SAS is just too deep), but this pretty much makes it official. Always a shame when injury is the determining factor in a path to the Finals.

  27. fairness says:

    Now it becomes even. Lin got hurt by OKC player Slofesa. And Westbrook got hurt by Beverly. all are by accident but not only okC lost the main player, Rockets lost too. With in in the game, Rockets possibly won. Beverly maybe did the wrong time. it’s terrible.

  28. danito says:

    they can beat the rockets with no russel. but they dont stand a chance against lac, memphis, or spurs. without russel. there season is over. its gona be an easy one for the heat, since all the west teams are injured

  29. reynol pers says:

    I don’t know what all the fuzz is about when everyone knows already who is going to win it all again this year. It is all very clear since the start of the playoffs.

  30. LBJ's #1 fan says:


  31. Pawnshop says:

    I have read the comments, and as usual I am astounded by the ignorance and lack of respect shown towards other posters. OKC is not done, the Heat are not gods, and every team has a chance. It gets old hearing people talk about Lebron “Lame” James like he is a god. If it wasn’t for the other players on that team he wouldn’t be anything. He really won a championship when he was in Cleveland didn’t he? oh wait…he didn’t. He didn’t have the hard work of the other players that he has now. the Heat still have a big threat on their hands with Melo and the Knicks also. To sum it up quit calling other people names like you are a bunch of 3 year olds, quit putting L “Lame” J on a pedastool when he will never be Dr. J or Jordan either one, and simply enjoy the game and the competition. Hoping a speedy recovery for Westbrook.

    • TJ902 says:

      I hope you’re not as stupid as you sound. Every great champion from Jordan to Bird to Magic to Bill Russell has had HALL OF FAMERS on their team. Usually more than one. Go look it up. Who on the current Miami heat roster is a HoFer? Wade? Possibly, probably not. And I love Wade. Jordan’s first 3 peat wouldn’t have happened without Pippen, the second 3 peat wouldn’t have happened without Harper, Pippen again and Rodman. LeBron won Finals MVP, not Wade or Bosh. Miami couldn’t do it without him, not the other way around. You sound like the lame to me.

  32. yeahbuddy says:

    hope russell can come back strong next season

  33. Jack Burns says:

    R.I.P Wesbrick

  34. Musa Mpohjem says:

    Not a big Russel Westbrook Fan but thats not a dirty play, just as the injury to Kobe ankle was not a dirty play…….get well soon though your team needs you.

    • TJ902 says:

      Not comparable, sorry.

    • Zack Lee says:

      The Kobe achilles injury play was not only not dirty, it wasn’t even a foul! Harrison Barnes was merely covering him tightly and Kobe’s achilles tore when he tried to step off his foot hard. Not even a comparable play.

      That said, the Westbrook injury was not the result of a dirty play, either. Neither a Rockets fan nor OKC fan–I’m just an objective observer of basketball. If players can fake calling a timeout and then drive to the hoop once the defense relaxes, then players can go for steals before the whistle is blown on a timeout call.

      As others have said, think about it logically. Does it really make sense to reason that Beverly was TRYING to make knee to knee contact in the hopes of tearing his meniscus or causing some other type of knee injury? No, that’s absurd. It’s the playoffs, and he was making a hard-nosed play at the ball. Some things are just nobody’s fault, and I wish Westbrook a speedy recovery and return to the playoffs.

  35. ignorance says:

    Anybody that is saying don’t stop until the whistle is blown should just stop talking. He could’ve avoided the play. Westbrook called a time out visibly in front of beverly and he still dove at him. the whistle was blown as he started his first step AFTER seeing the coach calling a timeout. On top of all that you don’t lunge your body at an unsuspecting player after the whistle… either way the thunder can still go deep without westbrook and he even played after he got injured which means he will probably be able to come back quickly if it’s only a partial tear. either way the show must go on and it’ll be fun to see what the thunder can do without their explosive guard

  36. Celtics Forever says:

    I think Westbrook is holding Durant back.

  37. give me a break says:

    all you idiots saying fine beverly you are all wrong. he did a basketball play, went for the steal and both bumped knees. it’s something that happens and just because queen diva westbrook is down does not mean the play against him was dirty.

    • TJ902 says:

      it was hip to knee, not knee to knee. He had 0 chance of even grazing that ball.

      • david says:

        you do realize that they are the same size making hip to knee impossible..Also I think you sould rewatch the play.he gets one hand on the ball for sure and slowing it down it looks like he second one gets it as well.

  38. Moose says:

    ROCKETS will go all the way now….YEAAAAAAAAAAA!

  39. Gian Carlo says:

    It’s just the breaks of the games. Playoff basketball, players raised their games. I don’t think there’s a harm intended on that play. It’s clearly the ball he’s after ,not the right knee.
    Basketball is an injury prone sports,you have to live with it, Speed recovery for you Russ,.
    Derek Fisher will cover some of the minutes. OKC is a deep team, Fisher and Jackson will have to step up.

  40. bball says:

    If you pay attention to the video (when they paused it), you’ll see that Patrick went for the steal before Westbrook stick his knee out to stop Patrick. So clearly, he has to blame himself for 1) not taking care of the ball & 2) using knee to create separation

    • bball says:

      Also Jeremy Lin was knocked out of game late in 2nd quarter due to a collision with a Thunder player. It’s playoffs. It’s what happens.

  41. dank says:

    wow his energys will be missed!!!

  42. JohnDoe says:

    Too bad his streak went out with such a silly move from another player – although I wouldn’t really blame him for it. Maybe I will. But there is no need for a fine. I think he will feel bad enough by himself. Or maybe he is as selfish as Mike D’Antoni…

  43. RAPSFAN22 says:

    Thanks Beverely, you just ruined the playoffs. Sorry but if knocking out one of the captains from OKC ends up ruining their chances it’s on you. The play itself was a way over aggressive steal attempt in the 3rd quarter, if you are going for a steal don’t throw yourself into the guys knees. What makes me call it dirty though is the fact that after the game when they asked Beverely about it he seemed fine with what happened. I would say freak accident but he was way too relaxed with his comments after the game, no talk about hoping it does not cause an injury or anything. No sportsmanship at all. He’s just a bum player so he plays rough to try and get into players heads because he does not have the skill to compensate. Luckily Reggie Jackson has played like a beast when he has had the chance and hopefully he can do some damage, I expect some hard fouls in the next game, you play rough ur gonna get it back.OKC in 4, HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

  44. neilthaheel says:

    I remember it having been said Westbrook has not missed a game since playing in jr hi school

  45. nba fan1234 says:

    I’m a Rockets fan but westbrook should beat the hell out of beverly, what he did was so uncalled for and now whatever chances the thunder had of winning a championship are gone now if westbrook doesn’t come back before the conference finals

  46. Michael B. says:

    well first of all i say it was a dirty play and unavoidable, the moment i saw westbrook reaction made me think if he was done for the playoffs, but is a torn meniscus, but it really depends on how he goes in surgery, and the rehabilitation, depending on the severity he might come back between 2-6 weeks overall lets say 3 , however he will not be able to speed run as he always do and this will be an upside down if westbrook returns to the court, since OKC relies more on the speed in key moments ingame, hope he recovers in time, or we would have a boring Finals

  47. clearwall says:

    Print another Western Conference banner for the Spurs

  48. Spurs Fan says:

    Oh man, even as a Spurs fan I find it sad to see Westbrook go down. 439 games in a row?! And that’s not including his college career where I don’t believe he missed a game. To me, Westbrook is the most explosive freak of nature in the game, a bigger freak of nature than Lebron. He’s not a better player than Lebron but sometimes watching Westbrook play I wonder if he’s possessed or something. Now it’s time to see what Durant will do on his own. Go Spurs!

  49. love says:

    wow this guy was a cyborg wish him a speedy recovery

  50. Tyrone says:

    yall dont know what the bamboozle you are talking about. Even if the whole league was healthy the heat would win it all. all yall haters are just making excuses for why the heat will win it this year. Norris cole is the most underrated player in the NBA. In fact, he will make it to all stars next year. He will lead the heat to 20 straight nba championships. no lie. no lie, no lieieie.

  51. wickes says:

    Beverly should be fined suspended and banished to the D league….Anyone who doesnt think the play was dirty obviously never laced up a pair of bball sneakers

    • Bob says:

      *Anyone who doesn’t think the play was dirty obviously isn’t a biased Thunder fan.

      I fixed your last sentence for you, you’re welcome.

      • TJ902 says:

        I’m not a thunder fan and I really don’t even like Westbrook as far as his personality but I like watching him play. I’ve been playing and watching basketball since I was about 6 years old, I’ll be 26 in a month. I don’t remember the last time an injury made me this angry, and I also don’t recall anyone ever getting a steal in this situation. If I ever did I think I’d remember as it would be pretty remarkable.

  52. chickenpox says:

    wake up okc. you’ve been luckier than any other team in the nba when it comes to injuries over the last couple years. now we’ll see what you’re really made of without your perfect ideal lineup. if you still win then kudos, but don’t wine about bad luck. nearly every other team in the playoffs is dealing with significant injuries. dirty play?? westbrook constantly tries to steal the ball right before the timeout. it’s his move, he does it so much it should be called “the russell.” for him to be pissed about somebody else doing it is ridiculous.

  53. KnicksTape says:

    Dirty play? That’s basketball you bias OKC fans! Players get hurt on unnoticed dirty plays all the time. even if the play was dirty if you watch the NBA you know dirty plays go unnoticed all the time. Beverley was doing something that’s smart and dumb by going for a steal before Westbrook called a timeout but the problem was beverly had a terrible angle towards the steal so his intentions are questionable.

  54. j says:

    Dirty play, no doubt. There are dirty players in the NBA and there should be more than just a fine; Beverly should have to sit out a number of playoff games, as many as Westbrook.

    • Bob says:

      Did you even watch the play? The whistle didn’t blow until after he had already committed to the steal. He was clearly going for the ball. He even spun away from Westbrook slightly to try to avoid the collision. Accidents happen.

  55. Paul Jones says:

    Are we seriously saying Beverly went out to hurt Westbrook by diving at his knee? Rubbish. He dove for the ball as players slowdown and switch off when they’re running to the time out spot, so it was a chance for a steal. Sure, OKCs tempo has been taken away with this inujury, but there’s no need to hunt for a scapegoat, it was just something that happened.

  56. MARKIE says:

    This is unbelievable… This can take away the 2nd round from us… He will be back in the western finals… That and that if we can survive either Memphis or LA, which are not going to be an easy outing even if we have Russ… Get well soon buddy… They will use small enough arthroscopic instruments that will shorten the recovery time… hopefully Russ’s tissues regenerate quicker than most of us… Just survive 2nd round OKC and it will be all good… This is me being optimistic and sincere Thunder fan.

  57. PG says:

    Very bad news for OKC !!! Hope he can return soon enough ! I still see OKC winning the series against Houston but it’s gonna be another story in the next round. I really believe Reggie Jackson will do a great job, he’s ready to take on more responsibilities seeing how he played and evolved during the season. Of course KD will need to step up but I’m especially expecting Ibaka to take on more offensive responsibilities , he’s one of the best shooters in his team.

  58. chicken champ says:

    Beverly went for a steal before Westbrook call a timeout.
    Those who are saying they haven’t seen anything like that should realize that
    they are playing in the playoffs. Beverly’s team is the underdog.
    It’s just normal that players go after the ball in every possession.
    No dirty play there, just hard nosed play.

  59. Hector says:

    The NBA should change some rules. If a player gets foul 1 second after the whistle is blown for a timeout, it should be a foul.

  60. Tyrone says:

    I get it, he tried to steal but it looked like he body slammed Westbrook for a second. He was lucky to not get a foul for that.

  61. baidobri says:

    Its just ironical such a great player to be injured in such a way – the play Beverley made was absolutely mindless and it`s a pity it reflects in such a way. Now everything changes for the Thunder but I think they are still capable of beating anyone in 7 games. Just remember the way Ibaka and Sefolosha played against the Spurs in the playoffs last year!

  62. W/E says:

    “Oh noh bruh”

  63. Jeremy says:

    It was a clean play. You wouldn’t want this to happen

  64. Garifuna says:

    Clearly a dirty play. He knew the timeout was coming and dove towards Westbrook, then immediately runs to the bench.

    • truthK says:

      you’re noob

    • Beverlys gay says:

      yup im with u on this…guys a scumbag

    • mAn says:

      Timeout was coming so he went for the steal before the timeout

      common sense

      you’re playing against an opponent trying to win a playoff game, not some 5yr old on the driveway

    • geosoul3 says:

      Actually, Beverly hurt his knee too. Somehow Westbrook tore his meniscus. All he was doing was going for a steal before the timeout. Everybody’s over thinking. Players but knees all time, UNINTENTIONALLY. That’s all it was. His goal wasn’t to bump knees hoping that westbrook to his meniscus. Com’on man

      • JH13 says:

        EXACTLY! If people actually watched the game they would see Beverely plays hard all game

      • TJ902 says:

        I don’t think anyone’s saying or implying that, stop putting words in our mouths. You can’t argue that the likelihood of him getting that steal was non existant and the likelihood of causing an injury (obviously hindsight is 20/20) was significant. Maybe not definitively dirty but unessecary.

  65. NBA says:

    I think that,OKC wins despite of russell’s injury,and btw he could be back in time for the round if cliperrs and grizzlies play a long 1st round so he aint out yet .Patrick beverly? i dont even know that dude for doing something important for the rockets

  66. DA TRUF says:

    lol so he played 20min of game time with a torn meniscus? his knee must be pulp now.

  67. John says:

    Looks like the thunder are out of the nba finals losing the best pg in the nba today.

    • Tyrone says:

      actually Norris Cole is the best point guard in the NBA. no lie. no lie. no lieieie.

    • david says:

      best point guard….what are you thinking? He may be the most explosive,but the main job of the point guard is to make your teammates better I.E. Rondo,Paul,Williams,ect.

  68. mAn says:

    Clean play, get over it

    He went for the steal before the timeout

    Westbrooks fault for slacking

  69. John says:

    Denver or San Antonio will win the West.

  70. NBAFAN!!! says:



    I feel like this is karma for Westbrook because earlier in that game Russel swiped Beverly’s hand away from him when he tried to pick him up. Beverly must of been like “Alright brah you want to play it that way?” and then went hard ball and caused that injury.

    • Angelo says:

      what are you talking about? the play that you’re referring to when Westbrook swiped Beverly’s hand away was after the steal attempt

  72. bob jkamoes says:

    nabe please fine !~@!@!m fine beverley BAN BAN BAN 3 games BAN!!!!! KICK HIM OUT OF NABNE FORVER!!! DIRTY PLAYER!@!@!@!@!@

    • NBAFAN!!! says:


    • Bespoken says:

      It’s fan like this that makes me smile. They are like a branch breed from human beings. Probably have some troll DNA.

  73. Mike says:

    I am a Miami fun but I really like OKC and I belive that was a dirty play. The player from Houston should be fine and suspended just because he knew Wesbrook was calling for timed out.

  74. mark says:

    Lin was injured, too. Should someone be fined for his chest contusion?

    What I’m mad about is the foul that wasn’t called (Parsons was held with 2 hands) that led to the 3 pomter that was the difference in the game. Maybe it’s Karma that Westbrook is done for this series (and OKC out in the 1st round), beccause Oklahoma City gets away with many fouls that are never called and overall “dirty” play.

    • Harman says:

      It’s different. Westbrook was going to call a timeout, why would you run at him like that? It was unnecessary. Yes the Perkins one wasn’t fair but the Lin injury is different.

    • Josh says:

      Plays in the heat of battle are more excusable because you are moving and things happen. When the play is over and a player just lunges at you, then that is uncalled for. I think that Beverly is going to be the example for the NBA is making that a foul or a T. You are attacking a defenseless player who is just standing there looking at the ref.

      Please get over yourself regarding the “non-call”. Houston did not lose because of 1 play. Even if they call that, Parsons has to make the FTs which is no guarantee. That still would have left time for the Thunder to score again. Was it a mistake? Yea. Was that the sole reason they lost? No way. The same thing happened to OKC last year when Lebron clearly pushed KD in Game 2, but it was never called. Shouldn’t put yourself in a situation where things like that play a role.

      • Ben says:

        Blaming a rookie in his first playoffs for having hustle and accidentally causing an injury is inexcusable. Calling out Beverley is stupid, it’s not his fault at all. And this from an OKC fan who is completely and utterly gutted by an injury to my favourite player.

      • toki says:

        dumb…. why would parsons will shoot a free throw? you don’t shoot free throws on offensive fouls and the MAIN POINT is if the ref just called that foul, that sefolosha 3 shouldn’t have counted… stupid.

  75. xraygunn says:

    It HAS to be because everyone was commenting on the fact that Westbrook never missed a game since high school. All superstitions aside, this just made it an even race for the entire western conference.

  76. NBAFAN!!! says:

    Miami will take the championship again no matter who plays or doesn’t play.

  77. PREPUSIO says:

    “Joey kelly” You are an idiot if you think the thunder was going to be champions this year. Not a chance. Durant is all they need…

  78. Jaquataye says:

    its overr for OKC,, Heat Nation!!!!!

  79. Bevreley noob says:


  80. eris says:

    This really, really hurts and I’m not even from Oklahoma. This is going to be the first time Russell misses a game in his NBA career (!!!!!!) and it has to happen at such a crucial time. I wish him a quick recovery without complications, as I’m sure every fan of the game does. In the meantime, I’m sure his team will make the right adjustments. It won’t be half as fun without him, though…

  81. asroma says:

    Kobe,rose,granger,david lee,rondo,stoudamire,lou wiliams,westbrook,gallinari….


    • jOLAN says:

      Yes!!! Right! It’s all LBJs fault this happened! He payed off these other players to take them out so he could walk through everyone this year!

    • DA TRUF says:

      last year bosh got hurt durring playoffs (missed 8 or 9 games over 2 series) and wade had surgery immediately after finals…get real.

    • neil says:

      U r a complete idiot Asroma…..if u watch any nba games u would know the league is ultracompetitive and who eva wins the title deserves it..injuries or not….#ignorant #fool

    • Bespoken says:

      When Lakers goes their first three peat, noone was on their way. Even if they did(kings and Blazers) the refs help them along the way. So question is do Kobe and Shaq like easy wins? I bet they did.
      You are probably a salty Lakers fan.

  82. gerardo says:

    best thing that could happen to okc

  83. chris says:

    this is good news. i hate westbrook so much. he has so much air in his head. booo

    • TJ902 says:

      I don’t like the guy either but come on, you don’t wish injuries on people. If my team was in the playoffs I wouldn’t want them to get past a shorthanded OKC, I’d want them to face the best team possible.

  84. Andrew says:

    dang westbrook’s never even missed an NBA game before.. really bad luck for the thunder..

  85. Rockets Fan says:

    Haha I always hated Westbrook. Patrick Beverly is not at fault tho. He should not get punished for playing hard. He was just going after the ball before a timeout. it happens all the time.

    Rockets in 7

    • TJ902 says:

      Na, I don’t think I’ve ever seen in my 20 or so years of watching basketball ANYONE ever get a steal like that. It was at best a very stupid and pointless play, at worst a malicious hack.

      • geosoul3 says:

        how was that play a malicious hack? Clearly he was going for a steal before he called the time out. How do you intentionally bump knees and think, “oh I hope I tear his meniscus”. and tear someones meniscus. That makes no sense. It was just an unfortunate play that Beverly probably wishes he had back. Let’s think logically here.

      • geosoul3 says:

        How was that a malicious hack? Beverly was clearly going for a steal before Westbrook called time out. How do you intentionally bump knees with someone and think, “boy I hope I tear his meniscus”. That makes no sense. Players bump knees all the time. It was just unfortunate for Westbrook. There wouldn’t even be any comments if Westbrook was fine. Now all of the sudden Beverly is the dirtiest player in the NBA? Com’ on man this is stupid.

      • TJ902 says:

        I said AT WORST it was a malicious hack and AT BEST a stupid play. I say it falls somewhere in the middle. Bottom line is the fans dont want to see star players get injured on stupid plays like this and the league should come down on players who make plays where the chances of hurting someone are FAR greater than, in this case, getting the steal. THERE WAS NO WAY IN A 100 MILLION YEARS HE WAS EVER GOING TO GET THAT STEAL AND HE RAMMED INTO RUSSEL’S KNEE WITH HIS HIP AT A 90 DEGREE ANGLE. Total lack of respect and/or awareness.

      • Bespoken says:

        I think Iverson and A, miller comes in mind for that kind of steal at timeout tactics. IMHO, no it wasn’t a dirty play. Just a steal or hustle play, nothing more nothing less. It was just unfournately Westbrook got injured on the play. If I am the coach I am awarding minutes to player who make plays like this.

      • david says:

        i dont know what you have been watching for the last 20 years but I saw bibby get one on kobe in the playoffs,and A.I. did it a few times in his career..those are just a couple that I have seen successful.I am sure theres been others

    • ROCKETSrG@Y says:

      @Rocketsfan. Rockets will NOT beat thunder! I will admit we might as well forfeit the remainder of the playoffs though. Westbrook is more important to us than people realize and they will see now that he is gone. No way can we beat spurs without him. And no chance in (*&^ to beat the heat now. Might as well give queen james his next ring. Horrible news for thunder fans!

      • Ben says:

        Yeah – but if Griz/LAC goes to 7 games and then the Thunder manage to play out a 7 game series against them for the win, maybe just maybe Westbrook can be back for those two key matchups, eh? Lets keep hope.

  86. Carlos Marques says:


  87. Wow. Stunning. This opens the door just a little wider in the west. Who will step through, San Antonio? The Clippers? As was the case with the Lakers, many teams with championship aspirations are really only one untimely injury away from an early playoff exit. Tough year for OKC. First Harden, now this. Reggie Jackson is clearly ready for increased responsibility; this is his opportunity to demonstrate his value.

    • Ivan says:

      as was the case with the lakers? they were 8th seed when kobe went down… that is not a team with championship aspirations…

    • QuestionMark says:

      I don’t think OKC will completely fall out without Westbrook, they are still pretty lethal, yes he is a tremendous player, but now this just shows KD has to step it up a notch and do what a superstar does, as well as the whole team, scoring wise, Ibaka and Martin have to step it up. Sad to see a player that is extremely durable go down because of bumping knees after a timeout was called. His return is uncertain, but being the competitive person Westbrook is, he will be back for the WCF. He did play through that knee injury for the rest of the game, and played pretty well.

      • Garifuna says:

        The Thunder can still beat Houston without Westbrook, but getting out the West without him won’t happen if they play San Antonio, Clippers, Denver.

    • HEAT says:

      Westbrook needs to go see Metta’s Doctor and get his knee fix. Get some rest at the beach in LA while watching OKC Rockets series, take notes, learn from it….Then, sign with Lakers and stay in LA…haha

      • HEAT says:

        The only threat to the HEAT is done for this season. Again, Lebron is going to get an undeserved title. BOOOOO!!!!!!!

    • apexofkryptos says:

      I am a San Antonio fan, and this is unfortunate. I believe that even with OKC at full strength (i.e. with Westbrook) the Spurs would be competitive and have a chance to beat them if they met in the Western Conference Finals. The Spurs are back at full strength, apparently, so you can write off their poor showing at the end of the season. I’m not claiming SA would be favored, just that it would be a competition for OKC, as opposed to a cakewalk.

      Now, with Westbrook gone, I believe it will still be competitive, because OKC is a great team in any case. However, this is the unfortunate part: if SA meets OKC in the WC finals and SA wins, the OKC fanbase will be out in the streets shouting that it’s only because Westbrook was gone.

      This is a disappointment. I like my favorite teams to always play against others at full strenght. That makes achievements more meaningful to me.

      Good luck, Russell. I hope you come back like Metta World Peace did.

  88. Joey kelly says:


    • Joey kelly says:

      Fault* Nba*

      • Devin says:

        If anyone should be fined it should be the referees and Perkins for cheating the rockets out of a victory. I hope the rockets destroy them in houston.

      • TJ902 says:

        I agree, what a stupid unsportsmanlike play by Beverly. He will never ever get any respect from me. And I’m not even an OKC, much less a Westbrook fan. Terrible hack play. He was CLEARLY going for the timeout, Stevie Wonder could see that. I hope Houston crashes and burns.

      • SmoothMM says:

        Fined? Unsportsmanlike? Beverly went for a steal. There are many guards that have went for a steal when they anticipate a player is about to call a timeout so they can have an advantage for an easy bucket. It’s just unfortunate that Westbrook suffered an injury from it. Beverly, unintentionally, bumped knees with the man during the steal attempt. Let’s not make this bigger than what it is (wasn’t a dirty play).

    • AceDawg says:

      Thought it was a dirty move, also. Beverly had a rough road to make it to NBA, so he’s trying to make an impression. Westbrook appears obvious and deliberate in moving to call a timeout. Not gonna take a shot at McHale, though.

    • LBJ06 says:

      stop crying everyone gets hurt

    • david says:

      it was helluva dirty play. he went for the steal? give me a break, how many steals do you see when a guy’s clearly about to call timeout? 0. now, i don’t know if it was intentional, but at least they should give him a penalty for unnecessary contact or something so this never happens again. and btw i’m not a thunder fan either.

      • Ixceix says:

        @ david
        is claiming your not a thunder fan supposed to help validate your comment? it was not a dirty play. guys go for the steal all the time when a time out is being called, or when they anticipate a time out is going to be called. if you don’t see it your not watching many games. that aside, this is the playoffs. there are far too many unnecessary calls as it is. the last thing we need is for refs to blow there whistle every time a player falls down.

      • Joe says:


      • david says:

        during the season you dont see guys go for the steal when guys clearly calling a time out ,but that said I have been a fan of the NBA for over 30 years and have seen it many times during the playoffs.Its unfortunate westbrook got hurt but def. not a dirty play

      • david says:

        Of course it does not validate my comment. I’m merely claiming that I’m approaching this from an unbiased perspective. In addition, you didn’t understand my comment correctly. I wrote that there has never been steals made that way, not attempted steals. Sure, guys go for steals now and then, but how many succeed? Finally, you might be frustrated with frequent foul calls, but that certainly doesn’t justify plays that have the potential to cause injuries to other players. Recount just how many injuries we’ve had in the past season and you’ll realize the necessity to protect the players

    • Justin says:

      you are an idiot! he went for a steal westbrooke shouldnt stop till the wistle is blown. its not like when perkins grabbed parsons arm when he went to defend sefoloshas 3
      that cost the rockets the game. smh… thunder fans. just wait till yall come to houston

      • Josh says:

        You’re an idiot, because even had they called that a foul, Parsons would have to make the FT which is not a guarantee. Maybe if they weren’t down by 15 prior to that run, they could have pulled away and made that play irrelevant. Look at the whole game and not just one play. Harden missed a FT at the end, but that didn’t cost them anything. I could point out a number of things that Houston got away with, but that is irrevelant. 1 play does not determine who wins a basketball game.

    • Floridian says:

      You think OKC deserved the last game. NO, ref did not call Ibaka holding just before the 3 point which change the whole game. If he made that call, most probably, the series would have been tied now.

      • Josh says:

        You act like it was automatic that Houston was going to win. Keep in mind that before that run, they were down by 15. OKC got lazy because it was turning into a blowout. Houston did not outplay the Thunder nor did they deserve to win that game. Blame Harden for missing a FT at the end of the game.

        As for Beverly, I have been saying for years that should be an automatic T, because you are attacking a player who is clearly motioning for a timeout. I understand play until the whistle stops, but Beverly along with every other player lunges putting that player in a potentially compromising situation. That is unsportsmanlike and uncalled for. I hope the NBA puts a stop to people doing this.

  89. Patty says:


    • Floridian says:

      Westbrook is the one not sharing the ball enough. OKC is not as good as last year.

      • Ben says:

        The stats don’t back you up on this. How can the team have a better winning percentage, have Durant get a 50-40-90 while nearly winning the scoring title, and yet not be as good as last year?

        Anyway, it’s gutting that Westbrook is out. I hope OKC can hang in and Russell can be ready by West finals. If so, this isn’t over – otherwise, it is 😦

    • kenny says:

      you are crazy westbrook is the one that takes bad shots and doesn’t make the best decicions I agree there better with westbrook but to say Durant is not as good as westbrook and makes bad decicions is crazzy

    • King Kong says:

      I’m sorry Patty, but I don’t think you pay attention to the games. The reason you may think Durant hides behind Westbrook is because Westbrook is the one taking all the bad shots. Durant selects his shots correctly whereas Westbrook is trigger happy and takes shots that doesn’t need to be taken. He is aggressive but at times you scratch your head thinking what was he thinking when he took that shot.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      RIP OKC – 2013!