Blogtable: Jobs Coaches Want, Don’t

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 26: Coaching vacancies | Best sideline strategists | First-round impressions

Which available spot is most appealing to an out-of-work coach? Least?

Detroit's Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight (by Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE)

Detroit’s Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight (by Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE)

Steve Aschburner: Detroit. The core of young talent makes the Pistons an attractive jobGreg Monroe put up more double-doubles for Detroit than anyone since Grant Hill, Brandon Knight is so young he still has time to develop better point guard sensibilities and rookies Kyle Singler and Andre Drummond had solid inaugural seasons. Drummond might have been brought along too slowly, so there’s untapped potential right below the surface. The payroll is in good shape, too, with space this summer and guys like Charlie Villanueva and Rodney Stuckey entering the final years of their deals.

Fran Blinebury: Geez, it’s closing time at the bar and time to make your pick. Coaches win with the best players and so you’ve got to start there. The best players on the teams with openings were Kyrie Irving in Cleveland and Jrue Holiday in Philly. (I’m assuming we still are counting the Cavs in here in the 24 hours of Mike Brown‘s return.)  Since the Sixers are such a mess and have to figure out what they’re going to do with Andrew Bynum, I’m leaning toward the Cavs as most appealing.  Do you really have to ask about the worst? Charlotte is a black hole inside a smoking ruin wrapped up in a disaster. And Error Jordan is still calling the shots.

Jeff Caplan: Let’s answer the last part first: Charlotte. What a disaster. Hey, what coach would want that gig? There’s only been three coaches in the last three seasons. How’s that for security? Oh, and the collective talent … well, yeah. OK, so there’s a couple ways to look at the most appealing job. The first is that it got snapped up Tuesday with news that Mike Brown is headed back to Cleveland to coach Kyrie Irving and the Cavs’ kids. The other is that the most appealing job isn’t open, yet. Remember, Timberwolves coach Rick Adelman will make a decision on his return depending on his wife’s health. If he decides it’s best to walk away, then someone will walk into a very well-stocked cupboard. Similarly, Brooklyn will make a decision on interim coach P.J. Carlesimo. If he’s out, someone will get a team that’s maxed-out deep into the luxury tax, but comes with  All-Star level players at point guard and center.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Most appealing of the jobs open at the moment, since others may be coming, is Cleveland (at least until Brown walks through the door). Getting the certainty of Kyrie Irving along with the real promise of a few others is a running start to success for a new guy. Least appealing: Charlotte. A brief moment of hope with Larry Brown has become year after year of instability.

John Schuhmann: I’m going to assume that we’re including Cleveland (and not the three or four additional jobs that may open up in the next few weeks) among our options, because it was available just a few hours ago. And then I’m going to answer Cleveland, because the Cavs have the star player. Every team and every coach wants a star to build around. Mike Brown had it in his first go-round in Cleveland, and he has it now. And this is a team he can improve right away by just getting them to play decent defense, just like he did previously. I also think that Detroit, with Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond, is pretty appealing. Least appealing? Charlotte, Charlotte and Charlotte.

Sekou Smith: Of the available openings today, the Detroit job shows the most immediate growth potential. You have a veteran general manager in Joe Dumars who remains in place and a young core that includes Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond and Brandon Knight (he will survive the highlight reel tumult of this season) as building blocks. The Pistons finished this season playing decent basketball under ousted coach Lawrence Frank, so there were signs of life from this group even at the finish of a season that was lottery-bound months ago. That speaks to the mettle of the players. They have to do sound work in the Draft and in free agency, but this a rebuild that is past the foundation process. As for the least appealing, well, there is always Charlotte.

Lang WhitakerMost appealing has to be Cleveland — besides having Anderson Varejao under contract through 2015, you get Kyrie, and having an All-Star point guard already in the fold in the age of the point guard is a decided advantage. Also, seems like Dan Gilbert would be fun to work for, because you know he cares about winning. And I bet he sends out some fiery emails to his staff from time to time. For least appealing I’ll go with Charlotte. Consider that next season, in his third season in the NBA, Kemba Walker will be playing for his third coach. Doesn’t really seem like the organization is setting its guys up to be successful.


  1. Victor Manoel says:

    Who in the hell is the Bobcats’ GM?

    • Rob Schatten says:

      Rich Cho – that’s not the problem. The problem is that Cho basically only gets to scout players and that the organisation is run by Michael Jordan (he of Kwame Brown/Adam Morrison fame) and Rod Higgins.

  2. Alex says:

    Is Charlotte that hopeless ? They have a few decent/good players. They can hit the free agency and the draft really hard and make a decent core of guys.

  3. Ben says:

    Clevelend is surely the most appealing, every coach would love to have opportunity to coach Irving.
    Charlotte is surely the least appealing, every coach would love to stay away from the worst owner in the NBA history.

  4. evol1961 says:

    if i need to coach, i want teams like Washington, Cleveland and Detroit, they are on the rise, and no one mentioned Sacramento as one of the least appealing.. yes Charlotte has a bunch of D-League players on their roster, but it might be better than coaching a head case in Cousins

  5. evol1961 says:

    if i need to coach, i want teams like Washington, Cleveland and Detroit, they are on the rise.. meanwhile, it’s a bit surprising no one mentioned Sacramento as one of the least appealing.. yes Charlotte has a bunch of D-League players on their roster, but it might be better than coaching a head case in Cousins

  6. steppx says:

    its both shocking and depressing that charlotte fired Dunlap- And almost as bad that retread mike brown is hired for a second term. Teams get coaches who pander to their stars. If you try to teach, the players complain and owners and GMs fire you. Thats the nature of the league today. Its killing a lot about the product that used to be fun.

  7. tyron says:

    BOBCATS 12-13 NBA CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!