Aldridge: Brown Nears Return With Cavs

Nearly three years after he was fired as coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and after a ballyhooed blowout as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers that ended earlier this season, Mike Brown is close to a return to the shores of Lake Erie.

Per TNT analyst David Aldridge:

Brown, the most successful coach in the history of the Cavs, was fired in May of 2010 after failing to win a championship in five years with superstar LeBron James. In his last two seasons in Cleveland, Brown coaxed the Cavs to the best record in the NBA.

The regular-season winning, though, didn’t translate to the playoffs, where the Cavs flamed out spectacularly in 2009 and 2010. Cleveland had a 2-1 lead over the Celtics in the 2010 Eastern Conference semifinals before losing three straight, including the final two at home by a combined 50 points. Free-agent James left for Miami that summer.

Brown was hired to take over for Phil Jackson with the Lakers in 2011-12 and led L.A. to 41 wins in a lockout-shortened 66-game season. The Lakers were swamped by the Oklahoma City Thunder, though, in the Western Conference semifinals.

The Lakers dumped Brown, long known as a defense-first coach, after a 1-4 start this season, opting to go with the up-tempo stylings of coach Mike D’Antoni. Brown reportedly has some $6 million left on his contract with the Lakers. Early reports have him negotiating a five-year deal with Cleveland for somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million.


  1. Laker4eva says:

    100 on that George.Now lets dump D’Antoni and get Phil back then we would be ready to make some noise.There’s only four teams Phil will coach and the Lakers are # 1 on the list.# 2 would be Miami.# 3 the Thunder, # 4 The Knicks.One of these teams will lose their coach soon since PJ is looking for a ring.And it has to be one of these teams for PJ to take the job.

  2. GEORGE says:

    As a Laker fan i think MIke Brown didn’t get a fair shake. The guy won 41 games in a shortened season and did OK during playoffs, but we all knew OKC was a better team than the Lakers were last year. This year was supposed to be a season to be remembered but started off with players getting hurt and Dwight not being healthy. He is not a bad coach, he’s NOT a great coach but not a bad coach. I would have rather seen him finish out the season with the Lakers rather than being FIRED and hiring Mike D’Antoni.

  3. Travis Best says:

    mike brown is a high school coach at most

  4. vince says:

    I think gilbert seriously wants to make lebron scared.

  5. Chris says:

    Just watch Lebron come back now. Lebron and Kyrie? If Varejao comes back playing even a fraction of what he started out like this season those three would make Cleveland a contender for awhile

  6. J'S'T says:


  7. Osama says:

    damn you mike brown, come to toronto