Kobe Says No More Tweeting In Games


— Act II: Kobe as Hamlet.

To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question.

Kobe Bryant, the hottest thing to hit Twitter since hashtags, has said he will hold back his 140-character exhortations and observations when the Lakers first-round playoff series with the Spurs resumes on Wednesday night.

After drawing as much or more attention than the series opener itself — a 91-79 San Antonio win — the Mambatweeter has decided to restrain himself for Game 2.

Bryant’s steady stream of tweets has been one of the main topics of the sports world over the past 24 hours, receiving criticism, praise and bemusement.

For what it’s worth, none of Bryant’s teammates expressed displeasure with anything that he typed. Of course, they were too busy with the actual game to be aware of what was happening and none of the players even raised the subject at Monday’s practice.

However the grin and eye-roll by Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni when asked about Bryant’s tweeting in the post-game press conference has undergone almost as much scrutiny as the Zapruder Tapes.

“He’s a fan right now,” D’Antoni said. “He’s a fan, and you guys put a little more importance on that kind of fan. But he’s a fan. He gets excited. He wants to be a part of, and I don’t blame him. It’s good.”

Was D’Antoni taking a shot at Kobe? Was his comment intended as a slight?

Following Monday’s workout at their practice facility, the Spurs weren’t ready to wade deep into the mini-controversy.

“I was playing,” said Tony Parker. “I don’t know what he was saying.”

Manu Ginobili, who missed nine of the last 10 regular season games while nursing a strained right hamstring, said he did consider tweeting from the sidelines. He has 1.6 million Twitter followers and has sent out more than 4,000 tweets.

“If it’s more support, I would definitely do it,” he said. “Or to just comment on a couple of plays. I’m not going to criticize plays, or we should have run that or this. It’s not my style. I think it could be nice and different.”

However, the taciturn Tim Duncan simply shook his head and said that he would never be tempted and, in fact, has not been on Twitter even once.

“I’m probably the only person I know that hasn’t,” Duncan said to reporters. “I have no desire to tell you guys what I’m doing.”


  1. tory says:

    Im a rockets fan, kobe is a good player but bad team mate. tim is a leader

  2. At least, D’ Antoni should have a feeling. You’re a head coach, but you couldn’t give your players any smart guidance.

  3. Yoann says:

    LOVE !!!!!! Duncan’s response. Complete ownage, very very cool…

  4. cdubbb24 says:



  5. JustCool24 says:

    Why are the haters upset with Kobe. Magic clearly stated in the half time report that the Lakers are not doing what they did to win the last 2nd to last game of the regular season with the Spurs – operate from inside out. Also could someone please explain why D’Antoni started Nash and is not taking advantage of Blake’s hot streak. For Lakers fans the focus is on winning so Kobe can tweet to accomplish that goal. The reason he has so many followers is because they all know how great a player he is and how much satisfaction he provided to Laker world. It is expected that others who have not been so fortunate to hate but maybe your day will come sometime. Meanwhile despite the odds the goal is to get the next game so if tweeting or calling or face-booking can help and I say do it. How can folks talk about working with the other players when Kobe tried to do that all season and finally had to take control of the games at the end of the season so that the Lakers would make the playoffs. By the way I do not see anyone disputing what Magic said. Is he being disrespectful? He still has strong affiliation to Laker world and wants the team to win.

  6. Mike Arias says:

    Social Media is EVIL….

  7. Dirty-D says:

    He was right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dantoni abandoned the strategy that won them the last game. Inside out! This dude goes right back to that heavily unsuccessful pick and roll style. For the 1st GAME OF THE PLAY OFFS, against a more established team! MILLIONS OF PEOPLE SEE IT! Why can’t the man who is getting paid Millions to see it?

  8. Johnny Castle says:

    Kobe Bryant should keep tweeting. He’s not playing and players are not reading tweets during the game.

  9. Oz says:

    Kobe Drama Queen at his best!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. JD Drew says:

    i like the fact that he tweeted during the series opener. The black mamba can do no wrong in my book. He made his impact for the first game when he wasn,t even there.Thats the power of Kobe. He has promised not to tweet live during the second game and i think thats wise.The Spurs can say what ever they want, cos nobody cares anyway.But you know they are thanking their lucky stars that the black mamba is out of the Laker,s lineup, no doubt

  11. PHAMIE BRYANT says:

    Really Fran? Oh, c’mon don’t put an issue on D’Antoni and Bryant or the Lakers because they are good friends now. They respect each other as a professional and sorry to tell you, you’re not fran.

  12. sean says:

    pointless story. twitter is for teenage girls. cp3 is a boss

  13. SaYO says:

    nba.c0m is gna move to twitter soon

  14. Mike Arias says:

    I personally think Kobe should back off the tweets. im a true Laker fan and Kobe fan. but I think this is not the way to go for a future hall of famer. lakers have been playing great without kobe so just let it be. i understand how kobe feels but then again lots of lakers fans can agree kobe sometimes does things constantly that we don’t agree on, so i guess if you can’t recognized your own mistakes you have no right correcting something you yourself don’t correct. well i personally think lakers will win this series but kobe needs to stop tweeting.

    • Quentin says:

      Kobe bryant has made mistakes but heres the thing he needs to correct people cuz he knows what hes talking about i like him calling people out look how howard played after kobe called him out its time for every player on the lakers to put their big boy pants on and start playing. They cant blame anybody but themselves if they lose kobe has nothing to do with whether or not they win or lose.

  15. Jimmy Buckets says:

    kobe hit an even lower low……trash

  16. Oz says:

    This guy is a typical laker hater. Him and Sekou Smith should get married and dedicate their marriage and union to the LeBron james worshiping foundation. Seriously, why do these guys even write on this site. I think i see more valid points on youtube comments. Just saying.

  17. BenLakers says:

    Kobe! your tweets are for all your 2.2 millions followers, we love reading your tweets. Its doesn’t hurt the game. Keep it going.

  18. sanjay says:

    blame shaq for not getting one more ring with kobe and kobe himself losing to celtics in finals! He could have easily has had 7 by now! His having the ball for a long while has cost him( I dont want to call him a hog). But his team members are also to be blamed!

    For exampl howard cannot hit free throws when ball is pounded, gasol was washed up, shaq turned over weight for the year 4 and 5th year after 3 peat! Now whole slew of injuries before he himself succumbed!

    Now he has no team which can do it! lakers cannot have main players so old! He has to go somewhere else to get that 6th ring or just retire! No use of him playing without being a contender!

  19. Joey Hue says:

    I hope Kobe becomes a commentator/announcer like Magic/Barkley/Shaq/Smith/JeffVanGundy… I like all the NBA Commentators/announcers (minus some local ones)

  20. dabroff says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and buy a Tim Duncan jersey now.

  21. Mr. Beefy says:

    Why does the media need to make a big deal out of whatever Kobe types.

  22. capt'n crunch says:

    He just had surgery so he cant travel on the road with the team, but probably be able to attend Game 3 and 4 at home.

  23. mervsj_xtr says:

    Media just want to create NON-SENSE NEWS so what if Kobe or who else among the players tweet that’s non of their business. Timmy nice response your the best.

  24. Aaron says:

    Come on Fran Blinebury. D’Antoni taking a shot at Kobe? This kind of writing is more appropriate for Seventeen magazine.

  25. Vin says:

    OK no more tweeting. But that’s not to say he won’t be updating his Facebook status 🙂

  26. Raf says:

    Really FRAN??? if Kobe told you his taking a dump i bet you would write a story about it! WOWWWW whats wrong with Media now days

  27. Patty says:


  28. BG says:

    It’s a psyche out!!!
    Kobe WILL tweet in game 2, subverting the strategy
    that Coach Pop has drawn up based on Kobe NOT tweeting!!!
    Mamba, you are ever the competitor. Even from your phone!

  29. Freida says:

    I think it is disrepectful for Kobe to be constantly tweeting during the game. Call during half time if you need to give advice and stop distracting your teammates. You can’t control the game because you are not playing anymore this postseason. Show respect!!

    • paul says:

      why isn’t a TRUE TEAM-MATE or TRUE LAKER at the game??? he SHOULD be on the bench to provide his “support” or expertice…guess this shows the world he is above all that “stuff”…

    • Quentin says:

      It shouldnt distract the team cuz they shouldnt b reading tweets if they r reading his tweets during the game than they are just stupid and unprofessional i kno when i play sports i dont have anything on me that would let me read tweets.

  30. GORAPTORS1957 says:


  31. RealJournalist says:

    …. Who ever is in charge of the NBA.com journalism department, fire this guy for writing a whole story about a tweet.

  32. JLin7 says:

    haha look at these ignorant fans go. Kobe was tweeting his opinions on how the Lakers should run their offense, which seemed to have irked D’Antoni a little bit.

  33. Eli Odell J. says:

    Boy Duncan you ain’t the only one
    The day I send a “tweet” on the dang Internet is the day I reach down and take a good hard slash at my pants with a 8 inch blade, y’all a feminine bunch I tell you what

  34. yawov says:

    I guess the NBA doesn’t have anything to talk about but rather make Kobe tweet so significant. you(media) should pay more attention to the playoff, thanks.

  35. Jaxon Krash says:

    Why are Kobe’s tweets and other media messages usually more helpful to the team than D’Antoni?

  36. To tweet or not to tweet, let’s focus on game 2 Wednesday. We will be fine on game 2. Go Lakers and let’s win it.

    Ray Duque III (GMBD), USA

  37. sorry guys, kobe just private tweeted me and said he’ll just call me and let me know his thoughts. if you guys want, I can RT them… but only at the right price $$$


  38. Luke says:

    He’s just a fan?!
    A fan that has more sway on the Lakers franchise than D’Antoni himself. Maybe he’s worried that Kobe could coach better via tweets than Mike can do on the sidelines.

  39. Manu says:

    The sad truth is the whole point of the twitter accounts are to get high end insight to these type of events and one of the most noted athletes finally engaged the public and gave us what we’ve been wanting and the first thing we asked Kobe to do is not do what the public wants more top end talent to do.

    Give us access and insight to what and how he would react and perform? This is a no brainer!!! Some elements are just hate filled and if they don’t want to hear what our top talent has to say then don’t participate!!!!!

    Hang up your handle!!!


  40. Matt says:

    Way to go fran, i wouldn’t expect anything less from you

  41. Andre Christie says:

    The Laker need to sign me on their roster & I will prove myself to them. Lakers need more team work

  42. tess angeles says:

    Why is it ur always talking about Kobe, he is done!!!

  43. humzz4523 says:

    well i’m sure he didn’t want to make d’antoni look like a complete fool (thing the guy does himself real good), but kobe all those public things in game make you look like a child, and you are not one. so it’s a message, d’antoni is useless bcoz coach vino is there, last season for d’antoni. or maybe not. you see kobe, child attitude. you want to be with them ? TAKE THE PLANE, and go to the game with a suit, you won’t hurt your team and your coach feelings. and i like u kobe, i like u

    • Patty says:


    • Quentin says:

      I would just like to say let kobe tweet he cant go to the game he isnt allowed to even in a suit. He got told by the doctor to stay at home i mean come on. He is the main guy on that team for years and he is tweeting how he is feeling cuz he cant b there. Anyone who is mad at them is really not very bright cuz people do this all the time it is just a part of society. Good luck on recovering kobe hope to c u next season. O and who else agrees he could make a good coach when he retires? I am a lakers fan but i think the spurs have this series no matter what kobe does or doesnt tweet.

  44. Dwight Coward says:

    let em tweet, this is really not a big deal, and kobe is fun to read!


  45. JamesHunt says:

    Hey Timmy no one is rather interested on what you are doing as well so why bother go on twitter?

    • RG says:

      and no one is interested in this comment of yours, so why bother questioning the greatest PF of all-time? and if he actually had a Twitter account, fans of his would be interested in his tweets, so your statement is false.

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      He has a life, unlike some people. Apparently money and fame can’t buy you a life, you have to throw bread out to your loyal subjects, he has children and a family yet he has nothing to do and is bored??? PLEASE!

  46. Cartman says:

    why are u writing a article about this, if kobe decides to get a new dog will you write about it?

  47. Mark says:

    What IS Tim doing…? o_o

  48. Debbie says:

    I enjoyed Kobe’s tweets….im sorry to hear that he wont

  49. W/E says:

    why not?!? TWEET PLEASE, whats wrong with that anyway? he got the right to tweet, KOBE MORE TWEETING PLEASE. i love it it adds to the whole situation, MORE TWEET.

    • TJ says:

      Honestly – and this has been my issue with Kobe his entire career – it’s good that he stopped because he’s quite unprofessional about it. Kobe has this idea in his head that he needs to use the media/public to “motivate” his teammates but in fact it is far more detrimental than good for the team. Kobe live-tweeting the games in itself isn’t a bad thing, just as him talking to the media is a bad thing – but when he’s crossing the line and criticizing his teammates publicly like he does, that’s just plain being a bad teammate.

      I’ve played my fair amount of team sports over the years and a big part of being in a team is closing ranks and being nothing but supportive of each other and the team in public. Kobe somehow has yet to grasp how to be a good teammate. He needs to learn that he is a part of the team and not behave like his teammates are there because he says they can be. To be fair, as well as this, the Lakers organisation need to put a muzzle on him and let him know that no matter how talented he is, his primadonna act cannot and will not be tolerated.

  50. Timmy always offer great insight. He doesn’t seek attention of the court and is just a very upstanding guy. I like his no Twitter philosophy.

  51. alstarvlbl says:

    @slider 821

    To be pair you just posted a comment on an NBA blog post about a tweet about not tweeting.

    “Who is more foolish, the fool or the fool…” who reads foolish blog posts.

    Obviously this applies to me too 😉

  52. Max says:

    lol an article about whether kobe tweets or not. yeah we sure need this! thanks Fran you’re the best.

  53. wow says:


  54. justin says:

    he just wishes he can be there…. hes one of the most competitive players in the game and its killiing him to not just get up and atleast be with his team at this stage of th season. i wouldnt be puttin all over twitter but hes apart of the team and right now he probly doesnt feel like it so thats why hes doing all this .

    • jose says:

      He madly wants 7 titles, no matter what…so that he can claim himself as greater than MJ …but of course , by the same token , less than B Russell…i am sorry fellas ,but no Lakers this time …sorry Kobe…

      • luggers777 says:

        what are you talki’n about ,jose. KOBE is the best..mj is nothing…cause of his talented helper , that’s why he got the ring..thanks to all my good helper.

      • Starr says:

        You need your head examined kobe Bryant will never ever be a M.J. He’s the best on the planet heck Lebron is a much better player than Bryant. Good keep your tweets who cares you don’t own the Lakers and you are not the coach. you need to respect this coach………. Arrogant punk………..

      • Fgure8dc says:

        Why isnt koby at the games? What a d.b, wow. *p.o.s.

  55. boston rules says:

    Que bandwagon miami fans, OKC, new york and clippers fans to write bad comments about kobe.

    Clippers will forever be in shadow of lakers

    • Sasha says:


    • skrutz says:

      Is anyone who’s not a fan of your favourite team a bandwagon-er? Seems to be the mindset of a lot of dumb fans.



      Thats what you sounds like.

      • Darnell says:

        At this point the Clippers are their on team, who are in a better current position then the Lakers. I don’t like Miami but, if other people do then let them (until Lebron retires or whatever) And with the attitude of Kobe, MIke D’Antoni, MWP, and the fail of thier season record, i’m pretty concerned about the “in their shadows” statement. -coming from a Lakers fan.

  56. Abby88 says:

    wow, so interesting 🙂

  57. Melo says:

    Haha I love Tim Duncan’s response.

  58. John says:

    Ah, Duncan, you mysterious and selfless great player you.

  59. skrutz says:

    Did this really require a whole story about it? This isn’t really important playoff news…

  60. Kingbeatz says:

    Media always trying to stir Shhhhh up

  61. 2e says:

    Thanks kobe.

    • Lakers says:

      Kobe has the mindset of stealing the first game no matter what…he inherited from Phil. Dwight has the mind set that the Spurs has home court so it’s natural that they come out very aggressive to take the first game that SHOULD belong to them. He’s feel their intensity is a little harder and he think they’ll ware out. This is where Dwight is wrong. Teams play all years to get to the playoffs. They’ll wear out but not as fast as you think they are during the regular season. By the time u realize it, it’s over for you. Too late to catch up and win the series. yo’re down 3-0. Remember, all it takes is just A LITTLE extra energy to show peopl that you’re more aggressive than them and force them to mentally give up. Just a little more than them…

      • Lakers says:

        This separate great players from playing to win games versus great players playing to win championship..Down 3-0 will only win some games in the series but most likely won’t win the series.

    • Patty says:


  62. slider821 says:

    So this is blog post about a tweet about not tweeting. What has the NBA become?