Grizz Must Get Hands Dirty On Boards


 How poor was the Memphis Grizzlies’ rebounding in Saturday night’s Game 1?

So poor that Lamar Odom’s seven boards in 18 minutes were one more than Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph combined to bring down in 66 total minutes.

“Very surprised,” Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins said when asked about the Los Angeles Clippers’ 47-23 overall margin on the boards and 14-4 on the offensive glass. “But I’ve been saying when we played them before, they’ve gotten more boards than they should. Their wing people come in and get offensive rebounds.”

Hollins then noted after his team’s 112-91 loss the seemingly impossible with what can only be described as stunned exasperation: Randolph managed four rebounds in 25 foul-plagued minutes and Gasol got just two rebounds — one defensive board in the first quarter and another in the third — in 41 minutes.

And just look at those offensive rebounds that Hollins is talking about for the Clippers. Of their 14, the starters had five — center DeAndre Jordan (three), Caron Butler (one) and Blake Griffin (one), who, like Randolph, was taken out of the flow of the game by fouls — some seemingly very ticky-tack both ways — and played less than 26 minutes.

The bench, led by Odom’s three offensive rebounds, accounted for nine, and remarkably equaled Memphis’ overall 23 rebounds. Even little-used Ronny Turiaf, getting nine minutes of in place of Ryan Hollins late in the third and early in the fourth, outrebounded Gasol, 3-2, including an offensive board and a put-back.

Nothing in Saturday’s Game 1 held to form for either club other than the Clippers’ bench playing outstanding basketball. The rebounding aspect went haywire. During the regular saeason, Memphis ranked third in allowing the fewest offensive rebounds per game (10.3), was tied for third in accumulating offensive rebounds (12.9). It was also third in rebounding differential (plus-3.6).

The Clippers are big up front and are a good rebounding team, having finished sixth in differential (plus-2.5). But to have a plus-24 advantage in Game 1 and to be outscored 25-5 on second-chance points, it was all about outhustling the burly Grizzlies.

“We got beat at our game. We got to give them credit,” said Gasol, a top Defensive Player of the Year candidate. “Once we got a stop, they kept running and getting offensive rebounds and second-chance points. The way we played for 36-40 minutes, I think we played good basketball. Even though we weren’t fully feeling like ourselves, they were doing a good job of trying to get us away from what we’re trying to do.”

For Memphis fans who were screaming at Lionel Hollins through their television sets to see more of Ed Davis, who was first off the bench when Randolph got in foul trouble and started fast with six points and three rebounds in the first quarter (he finished with six and six in 12 minutes), the coach made it clear why he Davis saw just five minutes of action after the first quarter.

“We’ve got to stop people, too,” Hollins said. “That sounds good and I know that everyone’s chirping at that (playing Davis more), but there’s a lot more to this game than just one step.”

Like rebounding.


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  2. Desi says:

    Clippers are Floppers, starts with Paul pushing opponents with his arm (Watch him do it tonight) and ends with Griffin. Coach Hollins, Please put Allen on Paul from Start.

  3. Patty says:


  4. Patty says:


  5. The west is the best says:

    Yeah this will be a tough series… just so the winner can be swept in 4 by the Thunder lol.

  6. sanjay says:

    grizzlies have no variety and no offense! they play just paint and very predictable. They are gonna go fishing soon(4-1) at best!

  7. victor lebron says:

    Funny thing is we have to beat the Clippers Plus the refs who did not call any flippers out there like Crawford going backwards on the 4 point play exaggerating his move; Chris Paul pushing and waving at refs but no technical fouls given; Gasol and Randolph could not move without getting called for a foul and on top of that they were getting pounded and no fouls called. It is ridiculous; I know it is hard to beat a team when you have guys like Crawford and Chauncey in the bench who can easily be starters on any team that is the only reason why this team is where it is… Chauncey and Crawford…

    If Memphis wants to win we have to forget about the double team and go one on one defense to limit the three point shooting and rebound both defensively and offensively.

  8. The Claw says:

    Aggressiveness is the key to make Grizzlies past Clipps. it’s a long series between this two team, Coach Hollins will do more adjustment as the series go on.. i think it’ll be a different series when the game shift back to Memphis.

  9. targeting says:

    As to Odom’s rebounding: he’s been awesome in the last years on the boards. Just one of the problems for the Memphis bigs. That one they can solve, but not all the rest of the issues that involve a great LAC bench. More, better athletes.

  10. DesiOnTheLoose says:

    The Guard play hurt the Grizzlies last night and if they want to Win, they must put Allen on Paul from tip-off and Conley on Billups. Paul has a size and height advantage on Conley, he pushes off opponents more than anyone in the league. I want to see how many points he gets when Allen locks him down. Bayless would come in and guard Bledsoe and Pondexter/Prince on Crawford.

    • Stradio says:

      Chris Paul has a size and height advantage on pretty much no one. Conley in fact has an inch and 10 pounds on him.

      • Hepcat says:

        You’re right. Chris Paul is strong and tenacious but although he’s listed at 6 feet even he looks a lot smaller than Conley who’s listed as 6′ 1″.

  11. googergieger says:

    It’d help if the refs didn’t get literally every Memphis starter into foul trouble before the game even started.

    • Judd says:

      Yep. When all else fails blame the refs. Tisk tisk tisk.

      • lol says:

        and youre a delusional clippers bandwagoner who doesnt even watch the games lol whatever your team isnt playoff caliber its only for show so dont expect to win a championship