David Lee Done For The Season


The Warriors learned Sunday that All-Star power forward David Lee will miss the rest of the season after suffering a torn muscle in his right hip in the fourth quarter of Game 1 against the Nuggets. A release from the team said an MRI confirmed that Lee had suffered “a complete tear of his right hip flexor.”

Coach Mark Jackson could start Carl Landry, Lee’s backup and a regular in the fourth-quarter rotation as Andrew Bogut missed much of the regular season, or go small with Draymond Green or Richard Jefferson. More will be known when Jackson meets with the media in the early afternoon.

Lee had a hard landing with 11:34 remaining in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s 97-95 loss to the Nuggets. He was in obvious pain whole putting his hands around the hip and groin area, before getting up to shoot two free throws and then going to the bench and ultimately needing help from teammates to get to a chair.

Lee averaged 18.5 points and 11.2 rebounds, the tied for fourth in the league, and led the NBA in double-doubles.

Game 2 is Tuesday before the series shifts to Oakland.


  1. MMZ says:

    Bummer for this series. I wanted to see the Nugs find a way to win this series with the GSW at full strength (or however close to that Bogut was). That’s a big loss. With all the injuries the Nugs have had down the stretch I can understand how the GSW fans must feel. With Curry and some other solid players I think they will still have their moments, but I thought Nugs would win before Lee got hurt so I think they’re in trouble. They weren’t going to win the West anyhow. Got some great players for the future though. Lets go Nugs! Best season ever for the franchise, second best record in the second half of this season and no one respects them… LOVE IT!

  2. Mike O says:

    I just saw the vid, the guy got hit on his left thigh, hit the floor slanted on his buttock but held his right hamstring? isn’t that weird???

  3. Bulls Fan says:

    Was really rooting for GSW… smh

  4. CS says:

    I hope Lee has a speedy recovery, the NBA needs more players like him. He does the work too many so-called stars are too “good” to do. Lee is the type of player every team wishes they had. Best wishes.

  5. Ben says:

    Have much live for David Lee from his time with the Knicks. I have had major hip problems since I was 25. I wish you the best of luck david!

    • Dan says:

      How can some one say the Nuggets are not better then GSW ahhh the Nuggs are 3-1playing GS and are a 3rd seaded team ( the won more games then GS) to GS 6 sead. Them are the only states that mater. And Denver will win this series they may not even win the west but they will gp farther then GS will.the only numbers that count is the score at the end of the game

  6. Sac Fan says:

    Steph went off for 54pts last time David had to sit out, who knows how the series will go. Get well soon DLee!

  7. Shawn Kemp 40 says:

    Thats bad news for the dubs. Lee doesn’t get enough appreciation the guy brings it every game.

  8. kantankruz says:

    Really Really Sad.

  9. GuilinGuy says:

    Nuggets fan here. A few days ago, George Karl sang the praises of David Lee, and I was paying close attention to him while he was on the floor. They say injuries are a part of the game, but any true basketball fan hates to see something like this. Can GS win without him? Well, it’ll certainly be more difficult. But it’d be much more interesting and exciting, I believe, if David Lee was on the floor.

  10. daniel says:

    seems like he gets hurt every season when they need him… I know it aint his fault but damm… wt f

  11. FirstTake says:

    Feel sorry for him not being able to play now that he’s finally made the playoffs. They’ll be back in a similar situation this time next year though. They can only get better.

  12. Nelson says:

    Great player, great team, just not enough to beat Denver. EVEN with all their players on the floor. Didn’t happen in the regular season and it won’t happen in the playoffs. Did everybody forget that KENNETH FARIED didn’t even play last night? Not to mention Gallinari is out too. The Warriors are nowhere near as deep as the Nuggets and that will come to show is these games coming up. Sad that he had to go down in crunch time, but his team will have to step up as they were for most of the game last night when Steph Curry couldn’t find his range to save his life. Nuggets in 5. GO THUGGETS!!!!

    • John says:

      Thats simply not true. I dont favor the warriors, but The warriors absolutely destroyed Denver on the boards last night, out blocked them and the game could have went both ways, despite the fact it was a road game for them. Denver does not have a single star on their team. Faired, Iggy, and gall are good players but they are not considered on the same level as bogut, lee, and curry. The nuggets lost as many games on the road as the warriors and that is abysmal for a 3rd seed team. All regular season games were close and the dubs lost an overtime game that could have tied the series. The best 2 rebounders in this series were Lee and Bogut, as shown last night. Even better than faried. The best shooter and scorer is Curry . While maybe slightly deeper, Denver doesn’t have a single player deserving of an all star while the warriors had an all star plus the best non all star in the league. The only reason that you are saying the warriors had no shot even with lee is because deep down you know the Nuggets are a very beatable team and because of the un fortuitous event, you get to make hypotheticals. They have no great players, not one. The reality is Denver wins more often than not due to their altitude advantage but in a 7 game series teams get acclimated and that is why Denver fails every year in the postseason. They lost 22 games on the road and if the lee injury didn’t occur, even they would admit that it would have been a tough series. Don’t be such a homer, be a little bit more sensible. Even with Denver’s depth, nobody in their right minds thinks that they are leaps and bounds ahead of the warriors. That’s demonstrably false. Just look at how bad denver played on the road. And no, schedule does not matter because in the end it evens out. They don’t have any players respected by the media. Altitude advantage clearly inflated their record. The warriors flat out, out played Denver last night in most facets, it was a one bucket game that could have went either way. That is the demonstrable truth.

      • Dig In says:

        Sounds like something a west-coaster would say. Last time I checked ALTITUDE was not a team or a player. Sounds like an excuse to me. Even your own coach said it was not a reason. For all or you Denver doubters out there keep it up and see what happens…….Fuel for the fire. Any complete team will beat a superstar…..Its easy to be the scoring champ when your team hands you the ball and says please do something with this. Or depth and our will power will take it to the West Finals…….

      • CS says:

        The Demonstrable truth is that Denver played more road games in the first half of the season than any other team in the NBA. When teams are still figuring things out, they had to do it on the road. That ended up favoring them in the long run in 2 aspects. 1 they came together more because of spending so much time on the road early. 2, the stretch run was done mostly at home. However, ignorance is no excuse for blatant stat pandering. Yes they lost more road games than they should have. But take a look at how many road games they lost since the all-star break. If your going to use stats to paint your picture, try using all of the stats, not just the ones that favor your argument. As far as the Denver doesn’t have a star argument, it’s weak and tired. If you want to talk about how much better Curry and Lee are, that’s fine, (I refuse to allow Bogut to enter that conversation because that is a joke at best) but the demonstrable truth is that the Nuggets TEAM is better than the Warriors TEAM. You talk about how if Lee didn’t get hurt, this game could have easily gone Golden State’s way… I concede that, and actually agree. As poorly as Denver played, it almost went Golden State’s way without Lee. However, that argument loses all validity if you then take the reverse into consideration. If not for injury is a poor debate, because it then is reversed into, if not for injury, Denver has both Gallinari and Faried, and with them the rebounding disparity is not even remotely close to what it was on Saturday. Not to mention Gallinari’s scoring would be a factor. Is Denver the team to beat in the West? Of course not, are they DEMONSTRABLY better than Golden State? Absolutely. That is not a diss to Golden State, it’s fact. Including the preseason, Denver outscored Golden State 418 to 396, and out rebounded Golden State 196 to 183. See, I can use stats that only tell one side of the story too. Lee’s injury was unfortunate, he is a player I have a lot of respect for, and I absolutely believe he could have made a difference at the end of game one. I also believe Faried or Gallinari would have made a difference, and that is where the DEMONSTRABLE difference is.

  13. Rom says:

    Wishing David a quick recovery! One of my favorite players back since his days with the Knicks!

  14. James Lee says:

    It seems McGee is always on the other sides when a player get hurts…

  15. This is sad just sad…..I feel for yall gsw fans…. Now mark jack can save his job becuz injuries……

  16. Hopeful says:

    With Lee out its time to bring Jeremy Tyler back from the D League, he’s been a beast down there lately

    • Traded says:

      Tyler got traded to the Hawks on the Trade Deadline, and then got waived, before returning to Santa Cruz. However, he isn’t on Golden State’s roster anymore.

  17. tal la tao says:

    good news for denver

  18. Victor Manoel says:

    Just sad. Lee is a great power forward and his game was a huge part of Golden State success even without Andrew Bogut in the middle. The timing of this injury is just terrible, every fan was expecting a great series between Denver and the Warriors. Now, even with Gallinari out, the Nuggets are overwhelmingly favorites. It’s a pity. Hope a fast recovery.

  19. Bulls says:

    that really stinks for GS

  20. Nandan Raghavan says:

    The Wolves would have been scary if they had focused on staying healthy and not doing knuckle pushups

  21. Tom Paine says:

    Does this type of injury require surgery? When is he projected to return?

  22. some guy says:

    Tough break for the warriors, I like their game, and Lee is an important piece of the team, a double double machine, one of the most underrated players these days.
    Now all the weight is on Curry’s shoulders and although he is one of the best back court players in the league, I don’t think they can get far without Lee, but hey they can always surprise us..

  23. CM Holden says:

    “He was in obvious pain whole putting his hands…”


  24. TS says:

    Man the Warriors can NEVER stay healthy. They would be a scary matchup for anyone in the league if they could ever keep the whole team on the floor.

  25. Kamote says:

    Would’ve been an interesting series if all (Lee, Bogut, Galo) are healthy.

  26. WHAT:???!! says:

    WHYY WHHYYYYYYY?????????’!!, i had such high hopes for the warriors this postseason. The warriors aint doing #$#$ without David Lee

  27. migz says:

    This is a total blow for the warriors. But curry’s game is gonna be pushed to another level. Curry scored his 54 points when Lee was suspended. This will be the time when curry will shine his brightest.

  28. gremer says:

    Goodness gracious. I know injuries are part of the game, but can I have just a full season with like no injuries to stars, superstars, allstars pls?

  29. mAn says:

    It’s a damn shame, guy works hard every year to finally make it to the playoffs, and this happens. Lee, one of the most under rated PF’s and should’ve been an All-Star before. Warriors are a good team that needs 1 or 2 more pieces and more development, but they will be in the playoffs for a long while now.

    • Guest says:

      actually, he WAS an All-Star before, when he played for the Knicks, but it really is unfortunate that this had to happen on his fist playoff game.

  30. Daniel says:

    Proof read your postings!

  31. Oakley34BLAM says:

    Bad news….hopefully the recovery process is as quick and clean as possible. GSW showed though that they can still give Denver a series.