Big Brother Kobe Has Eye On Lakers


SAN ANTONIO — It’s a brave new world, where all of us are connected.

Well, almost all of us.

There were those nine troglodytes in Lakers uniforms who ran cluelessly up and down the court at the AT&T Center as if they didn’t know fire had been discovered or the wheel invented.

While the rest of the planet was entertained, motivated and fully informed by Kobe Bryant at the center of the Twitterverse on how to slow down and shut off the Spurs, his teammates were like those old Japanese soldiers who finally wandered out of the mountains not realizing that World War II had ended.

Poor Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash and Metta World Peace.

— “What I would say if I was there right now? Pau get (your) ass on the block and don’t move (until you) get it,” Bryant tweeted.

— “Post. Post. Post.”

— “Gotta milk Pau in the post right now and D12. Will get good looks from it.”

— “Gotta get to the block. See (what) Spurs (are) gonna do with Pau and D12.”

Poor Mike D’Antoni. Perhaps by Wednesday, he can modernize to use carrier pigeons instead of cave paintings during timeouts to get his messages across. Maybe the Lakers’ equipment manager can find a way to duct tape an iPhone somewhere onto the body of each member of the team, so they can get constant updates and suggestions from “Coach Vino,” which is what Bryant called himself on Friday. After all, this is the 21st century .Why should the minor detail of torn Achilles tendon stop Bryant from finding a way to get into the series?

One can picture the restless Black Mamba squirming all over the sofa in his Orange County mansion, with his bad leg propped up on a pillow and his thumbs flying across the keyboard.

— “Matador defense on Parker.”

— “This game has a ‘steal one’ written all over it for us.”

Of course, it would have helped if the Lakers had been able to connect on more than 3-for-15 behind the 3-point line or knock down any of the other many open shots at the basket they had. And it might have been a “stealable” game if the Lakers hadn’t turned the ball over 18 times.

“I was happy with the looks we got,” D’Antoni said. “I wasn’t happy with the turnovers we had.”

For all the postgame talk in the Spurs’ locker room of finding their missing defensive intensity and execution, the outcome was as much about all of the things the Lakers simply could not get done. Nash was the one who received a pregame epidural to treat the pain from his lingering hip injury, but Gasol was too often the one that struggled as if trying to give birth to any kind of offensive rhythm.

This was a game that the Spurs won handily despite no one among Tim Duncan (6-for-15), Tony Parker (8-for-21) and Manu Ginobili (6-for-13) being able to make half their shots. Even when the crowd tried to summon up a “Beat L.A.!” chant in the third quarter, it was listless. Without Kobe, playing the Lakers is like a trip to Oz without running into the Wicked Witch of the West.

The truth is the Lakers were in arm’s length to grab the kind of early win that can turn a series on its head until Ginobili went up like a bottle-rocket to close out the third quarter. With his newest teammate Tracy McGrady watching in street clothes from the bench, Ginobili did a “mini-TMac,” zipping in eight points in 85 seconds.

“I knew it was my time, usually,” said Ginobili, who had missed nine of the last 10 regular season games with a strained right hamstring.

The second of Ginobili’s treys was a walk-up heat check with 2.4 seconds left that probably had coach Gregg Popovich close to swallowing his tongue.

“If I would have missed it, probably he would have said something,” Ginobili shrugged.

If Manu had been a Laker and missed it, there’s no telling what kind of fireballing, nasty tweet Kobe might have sent his way.

When D’Antoni was asked later if he approved of Bryant’s running commentary and criticism, he smiled and rolled his eyes.

“It’s great to have that commentary,” D’Antoni said. “He’s a fan. He’s a fan right now.”

Just a fan the way King Kong was just a monkey.

Bryant replied almost immediately.

— “A fan?? lol.”

— “Nervous response. I’m sure he didn’t meant it that way. No big deal.”

The Lakers did pound the ball into the post throughout the day. They did use their size to body up and turn it into the kind of brute strength, ugly affair that is their path to an upset in the series. After looking uncomfortable early, Howard did get 20 points and 15 rebounds.

“We can’t get discouraged because we lost the first game,” Howard.

Dwight had better wait until hears from his BFF on Twitter.

Kobe still has thumbs that work.

— “On to game 2. I will be watching from the crib again in a Pau jersey and Laker face paint ha!” (Joking) aside, we will be fine on (Wednesday).”

But eventually, even the Mambatweeter thought better of his input.

— “I see my tweeting during the game is being talked about as much as the game itself. Not my intention , just bored as I guess.” #notagain

It’s a brave new world, where the Lakers who actually played found out you’re not paranoid if Big Brother really is looking over your shoulder.


  1. John says:

    Ok, first things first! With Kobe playing in this series, the Lakers would still lose this series, they barely managed 35 wins this season! Everyone is acting like Kobe being gone has killed a great team. This team has had serious problems all year, and it has to do with this team having an outright All-Star team (even without Kobe) for a starting 5 and still not handling business!! They are playing better team ball without Kobe, sorry Kobe-swingers! They would not beat this Spurs team anyway. And people saying Kobe is better than Duncan because he has 5 rings and Duncan has 4 are forgetting something big-time!! Kobe has MVP of the finals and led his team to a championship 2 times, Where Duncan has MVP of the finals 3 times!! Alot of players can play on a championship team, only 3 players have 3 or more Finals MVP’s!!! Kobe is not one of them!! Tim Duncan is!! What??

  2. SEE YA says:

    No wounder why everyone is talking about the Lakers !!!!!!!!!
    Hmmm is it because they will not see the playoffs for years to come. They are done stick them to a fishing pole D’Antoni and go FISHING

  3. digitioli says:

    Not much has changed since Phil Jackson said that the Lakers have no plan to get the ball down low. You would think these guys would be able to figure it out on their own since the coach isn’t helping. There were at least 5 turnovers trying to get the ball to ol’ stone hands Howard. That combined with the miscommunication between the guards and the bigs, and it looked absolutely bush league. There was one sequence when Pau looked like he wasn’t going to be denied, and attacked aggressively, and bingo! He scored. D’Antoni has to be the worst coach in the league. Thanks Jim Buss – you’re a jacka*s!

  4. Arun Subra says:

    Kobe made everyone better, he tells them to go into the post because he is not there. And even when he was there he created more offence for Dwight and Pau, hence the 8/9 wins to end the season. Kobe was also able to find Earl Clark a lot when he was on the court, now Earl gets no chance to show off because he depended on Kobe.

  5. NO chance says:

    The Fakers have a chance to win the whole thing as much as the Phoenix suns
    Go Phoenix suns Go
    HA HA HA

  6. Good guys win says:

    FAKERS You have traded your future to win it all. Kobe the snake got his head cut off
    Its karma Mr. snake, look what he did to Shaq, Howard and Gasoal
    Fakers keep the snake and lose your future
    GO SPURS GO……………………..

  7. Luke says:

    I swear, Kobe Bryant would be a better coach than Mike D’antoni. Why’d the Lakers even hire that guy.

  8. Stern H8r says:

    He’s even has a ball hog mentality when he’s not playing. It’s all about the mocha mamba

  9. capt'n crunch says:

    Ball hog or not, obviously you can tell where he’ll take over when his team aint producing offensively. And since he’s not out there jacking shots, it makes total sense for him to tweet,”post, post, post”.

  10. Patty says:

    Kobe Bryant keep tweeting when ever you want to.

  11. SelfishCoby says:

    I can’t wait to see the Lakers lose. If only it would shut him up.

  12. Cole says:

    ESPN is just loving it up… Why are they posting Bryant tweets?!?! Think they post ZaZa Pachulia tweets during Hawk games? Who cares….

  13. sabungero says:

    Im wondering if there is a chance kobe is watchin a replay of lakers game where he’s shooting 9/35 and D12 limited to a single-digit shot attempt. Its funny to me he has idea of “Post. Post. Post”

  14. theking0522 says:

    We all know where the Lakers’ advantage is…DOWNLOAD!! Useless tweets. The funny thing is that when Kobe is playing, he forgets that they have to “POST, POST, POST” against other teams…..Ball hog!

  15. Starr says:

    Kobe Bryant get a life! learn some respect for those in authority, you are not all of that at all. You are definitely overrated anyway. You will never be a M.J. or a Lebron. well now the other players will get to touch the ball now. Arrogant and disrespectful. bow out graceful too old…..

  16. Starr says:

    Kobe Bryant get a life! You DONOT own the LAKERS and never will! You need to respect the coach and once again get a life! Arrogant punk!

    • Patty says:



  17. BOssMAm says:

    If Kobe was in the game they would have won..hes right Duncan cant touch dwight in the post…and pau’s hookshot is dangerous.. and with kobe in thts just another 30+ points…all we can do is hope kobe gets better soon and hope tht the rest of the players can step up to win this round

  18. GuyRy says:

    Kobe just needs to keep his opinions to the guys he’s watching the game with. First off why isn’t he on the bench? He knows everything he says is posted on ESPN’s website….. as Charles would say “C’mon Man”

  19. SD says:

    The lakers cannot win a playoff series even against the Bucks or Wizard w/ KOBE hogging the ball

  20. 16going417 says:

    Both teams played horrible. Lakers could have stolen the first game if they played the way they were supposed to, by going inside and using their advantage. Problem is the Lakers always want to jack up 3 pointers and that was the difference in the game. The Lakers lost by 12 points and San Antonio made 4 more 3 pointers than the Lakers did. Lakers can beat the Spurs, but if they do will not go much further in the playoffs. However, the Lakers do not seem to be playing like they really want it, so I believe the Spurs will beat the Lakers in 6 and LA will have no one to blame, but themselves.

  21. Game says:

    He never used the post when he was out there with them! He would jack up a shot everytime he touches the ball!! “Post, post, post”….it just made me laugh!!

    • Bongo says:

      clearly you havent followed the lakers after the all star break, they had the 4th best record post all star break. And kobes ability to distribute was a major factor. He was playing better at the point position than Nash. So try to come back with something more intellegent rather than just listening to the haters.

  22. Patrick says:

    Whether we like Kobe or not, the Lakers is not going to win the playoff without him. Kobe is free to say or write whatever he wishes. I do not read what he writes but it seems the time that he steps down totally and takes a the rest that he deserves.

  23. KobeWhiner says:

    if i dont become a kobe ballhog fan im a hater then? he aint the reason the lakers are in the playoffs, thats what you fanboys always believe just like your ballhog hero, always thinks about himself, its always him and him, when he was still playing he shoots the ball 30 times while the supposedly future franchise gets less than 9 shots or touches a game, then blames everyone for their losses that aint a team working together but 1 ballhog dominating the ball.

    • Bongo says:

      Kobe knows when he needs to adjust his game. His ability to distribute was a major factor as to why they had the 4th best record after all star break. He was distributing better than the point gaurds on the team. Also a lot of times dwight is fouled before he can even get a shot lol so that stat is not reliable. You need that perimeter threat to give those post player better and easier looks otherwise its just too easy for the opposing defenders as you saw in game 1.

  24. vincent says:

    Question: How many Laker fans working at ESPN does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    Answer: None.. they haven’t had the light bulb turn on in their heads this whole season…

  25. vincent says:

    I hear Kobe has a new Twitter handle: SheWasAspenForIt..

  26. Juan dela Cruz says:

    All you kobe and lakers haters are funny! They may be down now and hit rock bottom very soon…. well what next? There’s no other direction but to go up. The wheel keeps on turning… sooner or later they will be on top again. This is nothing new, they have been here before specially the black mamba, he and the whole lakers organization will always find a way to get back on top again as they have always have. I see the lakers winning at least one more championship before kobe calls it quits. GO LAKERS!!!!!

  27. SD says:

    Kobeless Lakers is a better team w/ Kobe hogging the ball !! plain and simple

  28. jordanknowshow to act says:

    Kobe be a dad and talkcare of the kids its family time your out stop tweeting

  29. Branaun says:

    The 2 teams that are going to the championship are the heat and OKC so all of you can get over cause you all teams are gonna get swept too

  30. Branaun says:

    Yall full of it…yall all on that mans tip….i wanna see yall go out their and play even better since yall seem to have some negative comments on everything……Kobe’s the one sitting on millions of dollars not yall… yall really think he worries about what yall say…Nooooo…

  31. This bruno from BORAT says:

    Kobe playing whole season, playing 40+ mins. a game, but only manage to make his team .500 team at best… kobe’s ability??? Hogging the ball I guess…. The Lakers played more like a team now, winning or losing It doesn’t matter… They won’t win even kobe’s playing… The good thing happening to lakers now was they’re playing team ball….They play like a real team….

  32. nimble says:

    hate on pathetic basement dwellers hate on.

  33. W/E says:

    Why is Kobe talking anyway, his team is a mess no matter if he is playing or not, they barely made the playoffs, a team full of stars now probably losing from the first round, bad coach,bad chemistry,with no leader basically -Kobe is NOT a leader he never was, the guy just whines and blames everyone else every year when things aint working right,he is supposed to be the best player in his team and “the leader” and he is to blame more than anyone for this outrageous ugly season.

  34. fan says:

    Kobe is one of if not the best player to play basketball. If he wants to give his input on the game he can, he is bored all he is doing is entertaining his self their is nothing wrong with that DAMN leave the man alone

  35. Bongo says:

    You all are foolish if you dont think kobe would make a concerted effort to post dwight and gasol if he was playing. It was obvious that there was no perimeter game. No perimeter player was double teamed which shows that the spurs were not threatened by their ability. With kobe so many options would have opened up. Yall just haters who underestimate kobes ability to make the right basketball play.

    As far as the tweeting goes the players shouldnt even be checking their tweets.

  36. Cash says:

    I am with Kobe on this one, the game has a ‘steal one’ written all over it but unfortunately the lakers simply didnt play well.

  37. GU says:

    Nash and D12 have a good chance to control the team,but it seems belong to gasol

  38. kobe or no kobe it is a sweep for the better team so just go away lakers we are tired of hearing about you!!! you made it on the last day of the season you don’t hear bull fans crying because we don’t have rose and we didn’t have him “all” year can you imagine where we would be if we did!!!!! so just get your fishing gear out and watch your last 3 games it is over in 4!!!!!!!!!

  39. Jeoso says:

    How can we respect Kobe if he’s just sitting, watching, tweeting and don’t respect the team?

    • JDog says:

      are you for real right now? You don’t respect him unless he’s playing? He’s tweeted nothing more than what everyone knows. play in the post because Meeks and Morris ain’t going to get it done.

  40. Al says:

    The lakers are doing just as we’ll without Kobe as they were doing with him. He needs to shut up because he had a whole season but could hardly get his team over 0.500. Now all of a sudden he has all the knowledge? What a jerk.

  41. Zac says:

    Poor Kobe ist sitting alone at home because he’s got no friends. Now he starts tweeting so all his fans can hear his opinion. well, Kobe, fans want to see you play, not hear you trash tweet. so shut up.

  42. I am not a Laker/kobe fan, but it would be nice to see kobe play against Spurs

  43. Ivan says:

    it is a unnecessary distraction… every single game asking players about “kobe this… kobe that”… he is gone for the season… move on… make the best of the rest of the playoffs… you can see that howard did not like the questions about kobe…

    • JDog says:

      Perhaps the media should shoulder some of the blame. People can’t have it both ways. Fans wanted more personal communication from players and now they finally get it and this is the reaction? This is LA and it’s the Lakers. This is Kobes’ house,his town. If they don’t want to answer questions, they shouldn’t have come here. If Dwight is to ,at some point, take over as the face of this franchise, he had better start liking answering questions more because he’s going to be answering a lot of ,” why do you think they keep hacking you at the end of games?” and ,” don’t you wish Kobe were playing to carry your under-producing butt?” type questions for the foreseeable future.

  44. KR450 says:

    Wow, Kobe tweeted during a game, that’s so exciting!!! Oh wait, hang on, I actually don’t care. Nothing that’s actually relevant to the game to write about, Fran? The Playoffs have started and all you can do is write about someone who isn’t even playing? Surely the Kobe Sympathy Saga is over by now. So he got injured, boo-hoo, get over it and write about something meaningful, if you can tear your lips away from Kobe’s rear end long enough to do so.

    • Branaun says:

      yeah whateva stop talking down on that man…. how many championship rings do you have…??????? im waiting on an answer….hater

  45. Lakers Fan says:

    While Kobe’s tweets makes sense (especially pounding on the inside with Pau & D12, and shutdown Parker) he should leave coaching to D’Antoni. While his perspective on the game will be helpful to the team, he should do it behind the doors otherwise he’s just giving the Spurs an idea how they should attack & anticipate eventually. I know part of it (tweeting) is his eagerness to play, but he should let his teammates develop (especially D12, Clark) and offer pointers to make them and the team better.

    • JDog says:

      really? I think we need to give Pop a little more credit than that. He’s already forgotten more than a lot of coaches have ever learned about the game of basketball. He knows his team and he certainly knows the Lakers. Kobe is smart and his knowledge of the game is undeniable but he’s not telling Pop anything he didn’t already know.

    • Starr says:

      Get a life Kobe Bryant! Respect coach you DON’T own the LAKERS! Arrogant punk!

  46. uoykcuf says:

    Amnesty Kobe

  47. sick says:

    Kobe, kobe, kobe what a brilliant idea by Kobe!
    So why the hell you won’t give the ball to the post on D12 & Pau when you’re playing????
    your TWEET made me laugh… LOOOOOOL

    retire & better be a coach 🙂

  48. sanjay says:

    barely 20 points from gasol and howard wont do it! It has to be super star effort! The game could have been stolen but lakers looked lost! The key to these games is to stay close and not to try 3 pointers randomly( you lag behind away from home you could never catch up!). Even if howard misses free throws just keep pounding inside( he is eventually gonna make them or dunk them to go through free throw line).
    Nash also needs to step up!

    Howard must have a 30 point game and gasol 25 ish for lakers to have any chance! All other first rounds are still worse, this was the only one that looked to have an upset but it looks like spurs have come well prepared here!

    • craulloe2 says:

      Dwightmare needs to learn how to post and seal off good defenders (this includes catching the ball and keeping the ball in his hands). Next he needs to have good post-up moves, Thereafter he needs to focus and make his foulshots (if he really does make them in practice, but not during actual games, then he is a choker). San Antonio Spurs use their brains which Dwightmare (aka the Joker (because of the big ugly smile even when it’s time to be serious) will never have. Dwightmare, Turnovers, missing open shots, poor defense, missing foul shots will be the demise of the Lakers.

  49. pd says:

    Faker Haters go support ur team and comment on ur own team not the real LAKERS.. RESPECT LAKERS n KOBE>> GO LA!!!

  50. Kal says:

    i don’t see what the big deal is.

    Kobe’s Tweets made a lot of sense to me.

    …and of course he’s watching and giving his commentary…

    so… ?

  51. choppers says:

    love the King Kong was just a monkey part….to funny

  52. theholyspectator says:

    lakers gettin swept, been callin this since new years eve…

  53. ericjohntan says:

    Calling out your team mates on twitter? Come on… Giving away the flaws in your own teams offense and defense? Pssshhhh…. His Tweets were useless, like his Achilles. It’s called Karma, Kobe. Amnesty THAT!

    • JDog says:

      idiot! Like the whole world doesn’t know where the remaining talent is on the team or where the matchups are most favorable.. hint, hint: Splitter v Pau/D12

    • Mister 215 says:

      @ ericjohntan….. He wasn’t callin out anyone fool…. He was telling them to play in the post (LIKE THEY SHOULD)…. Either you’re stupid, or you’ve been livin under a rock…. My guess is the first one…. Everybody knows what problems his team is havin…. this is no secret…. He wasn’t sayin anything new, and in case you didn’t realize it by now, evey team watches games of how other teams play….. As a team your are supposed to play to your advantages…. They should have been runnin high and low plays, but youre probably too stupid to even know what high and low play is….

    • Branaun says:

      Are you in the NBA….????? Do you have championship rings….?????? Think not so keep your comments to yourself thank you

    • MISTERFTW says:


  54. Abu Ameenah says:

    First of all D’Antoni has NEVER been the man, he is so uncomfortable (trying) to run this team…its a joke. The coach has no control of this team right now…heck he NEVER has! I still don’t know what the Lakers were thinking when they hired him. I do think Kobe needs to chill with the tweets because it is a BIG distraction and will only add more fuel and excuses to the Lakers getting beat up by the Purrs because this team cannot execute on the floor when given the opportunity…and the Purrs gave them plenty of times to get back into the game.
    I still think the Lakers are better with Kobe on the floor even if he does hog the ball at least somebody is taking change like they want to WIN!!!
    But hey Kobe…sit your but down at home and stop trying to coach through Twitter…the ish is getting old really fast!!

  55. TheRealVelabahleke says:

    fakers chances went with kobe..soon as he went down fakerland knew that decreased the percentages of calls in their favor.if we talk about foul trouble and the Spurs find their bigs in foul trouble while dwight and gasol don’t, then we can all look to stern and ask how that would be so?dwight has always had foul trouble in his does he somehow know how to perform magic and stay outa foul trouble yet while he was in Orlando with the other magicians?game #1 dwight hacks Timmy and theres no call.replay shows what the ref saw from his angle and he really didn’t call it.that’s why he didn’t give Timmy a tech for venting at him for a sec.that’s just one incident .let’s have a fair whistle and the best team win..GO SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lakeshow310 says:

      Sphers might when this round, i said might but Lakers have no Kobe , no player that can command double n tripple teams, no general to lead. And your proud of possibily eliminating a bang up , Kobeless Lakers team where was all this talk back in the day Lol

      • Anthony Golden says:

        If our stubborn coach goes to the low post, there is a man by the name of Dwight Howard that commands double and triple teams, and others who can benefit from it. I know it is over and done, but if Phil gets re-hired in LAKERLAND, we no doubt still have Kobe (although we have the firepower to win without him as tough as it will be to do so) and banner number 17 being raised.

    • Mister 215 says:

      @ TheRealVelabahleke…. if you look at the replay one more time you will see that DH smack the ball out of Tim’s hand, the momentum of the swing is what made DH hit Timmy on the arm but that’s after he hit the ball out of his hand…. In my book that’s not a foul…. If DH would’ve hit Timmy arm first then it would be a foul…. That’s like callin a foul on a guy that block someone’s dunk because he hit his arm even though his hand touched the ball first.

  56. BillJackson says:

    Kobe can tweet, sing, scream whatever he wants. He is afterall the Black Mamba!

    • USArmyDeployed says:

      I agree..the Black Mamba’s game speaks for itself. The man can inflluence his fellow ballers to dig in and stand to post, as we say in the Army. Stop hating Kobe and recognize the Game he has been blessed with. Would the Lakers have gotten those Chapionships without him…they had great players after and since his arrival to LA, but I don’t think so. Game recognize Game. If you are a true fan of Basketball and the NBA you would recognize that man’s game and B-Ball IQ. Keep doing your thang Mamba! I know I am gettin LA tickets to see my boy play live and in color for the first time when I get back from Afghanistan! So I pray he don’t retire yet man. Tell the coach to use the towers down in the paint to beat the Spurs.


      • dd def says:

        actually, they would’ve gotten at least 3 of them, as one was a gift from bought off refs, two which were essentially one because of their amazing depth as a team and 3 time finals mvp Shaq O’Neal

  57. The Oracle's Arena says:

    Lakers definitely shouldve signed TMac

  58. mee(a)t says:

    i heard that if Pau and D12 play in the low post, they will win

  59. Kobeblackhole says:

    I expected the lakers to play better without a ballhog in the team, now everyone touches the ball everyone gets to shoot the ball unlike before one ballhog dominates everything and when the team loses he blames dwight, gasol and everyone else except himself. sadly just like game 1 the lakers gonna get sweep by a TEAM oriented spurs.

    • JDog says:

      You are not a Lakers fan and your ignorance about the game is on full display with your every post.

    • Mister 215 says:

      @Kobeblackhole….. Do you know how stupid you sound or do you hate that much…. You expected them to play better without the person that got them to the playoffs…. He was the only player on this team that played well all year…. Last time I checked winning 5 rings means you have an understanding of what it takes to win….. No one else has that experience… Not even the coach, so yea go hate on Kobe, but without him they wouldn’t be where they are….. Hater…. Go find a better job!!!!!

    • Anthony Golden says:

      First and foremost, the consistent production from a Kobe who shouldn’t have had to play nearly as many minutes as he has all season is the reason they are in the playoffs in the first place. Obviously the true definition of ball hog is not in many of the minds of those who are “KOBE HATERS” he is an aggressive scorer and can be a distributor when the time calls for as well. All we need to do is pound the inside and let our two seven footers do what they are capable of, dominate the paint. For there to be so many LAKER FANS, you sure bad mouth the leading scorer of the franchise, and the man who has been loyal to LA when he could have gone somewhere else…please remember what team you are a fan of and remember how important he has been to banners being raised. #DONE

  60. TheRealVelabahleke says:

    guessing all the faker fans respondin on twitter today!!the sleepin giant awakes!!!!GO SPURS GO!!!lookin forward to the return of the Mac..#1 T-Mac,newest member of the SPURS!!!this don’t mean fakers gonn take it lyin down.these are a team settin on a goal just like it that they wanna luck it out we gotta grind it out team play all the way.SPURS IDENTITY on the court wins all day.

    • Lakeshow310 says:

      Fakers, Man when the Last the spHurs won a chip, always a high seed but do the dame thing every year.

      Nothing, Nada, Fail and get eliminated just as well, so yea beating a team thats more bang up, and missing thier leader , heart and soul sure makes it all the sweeter right lol. Once again the spHurs not wining a chip this yr buddy, im not afraid to say the Lakers not. I love my team but reality is reality. But none the less Goooooooooo Lakeshow.

      • dd def says:

        .you DO realize of course that Duncan has one less ring that Kobe? it’s not exactly like they’re worlds apart. and also recently, the spurs have had a hell of a lot more success in the playoffs than the lakers. so, you got no case here buddy lol. and “spHurs?” is that really the most clever thing you could come up with?

      • Laker5 says:

        the spurs have had more success in the playoffs? umm no they have not sir

      • Miami all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  61. purpngold says:

    If the Lakers hope to have any chance, DAntoni needs to go inside almost exclusively. That’s where the advantage is, that’s where the Lakers should be making the Spurs pay. Getting the Spurs bigs in foul trouble, getting to the foul line, slowing the game down and controlling the tempo. Lakers where running too much pick n roll with Nash in the first half leaving Pau in the high post above the free throw line. Lakers will get swept if they do not use their bigs as their number one option. If Lakers get swept, this should be plenty proof that DAntoni is not the man for this team.

  62. lectronixlover says:

    Big Brother is from 1984. Not brave new world

  63. 2e says:

    Kobe, You were great when you were playing. For now get over it and stop your tweets. Believe me you are not helping and you are creating an unnecessary distraction to those who have to carry the load while you are not aroung. Please, please stop tweeting and we hope the Lakers win.

    • sally says:

      They just need to turn off their phones with him, he’s not happy unless he’s in the spotlight, let them adjust without him, they are a team and they wll work it out, it may not be this year, but they will get it together, they have some great talent. They will play harder without him, when he’s there they won’t do anything because he hogs the ball and gets all the recognition. I wouldn’t do anything either if I were them. Find some knitting to do kobe while your mending.

      • JDog says:

        Do you really think they’re looking at their phones during the game? He is the sole reason they are even in the playoffs, in case you managed to miss the last 65 games.. stupidity runs rampant in this forum.

  64. Franz says:

    I’m quite sure if Bryant weren’t injured, he’d be back to his ball-hogging best and forget about Gasol and Howard in the post