Sacramento Mayor Johnson Sightsees While Awaiting Kings’ Fate

NEW YORK – Ran into Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson just before noon on the sidewalk here Friday. He was looking awfully casual for a civic leader whose NBA franchise and claim as a major-league sports market was being bandied about at that moment.

The NBA Board of Governors meeting — the place where the Sacramento King’s future was being discussed and eventually will be determined — was being held in a midtown Manhattan hotel. But Johnson was dressed in athletic gear, heading out for an afternoon almost like a tourist. Turns out he cleared his schedule and purchased airline tickets for the cross-country trek, based on early reports that the franchise’s fate — Sacramento? Seattle? — would be decided this week.

It won’t. Johnson’s trip had turned ceremonial, informal and a show of earnestness for anyone wondering about his city’s commitment. The mayor said his information is that the league will continue to address the Kings’ sale and possible relocation next week, with a BOG vote at some point after that.

“There were no presentations for today,” said Johnson, the former Phoenix Suns All-Star guard. “I’ve been told that we’ll be able to address the board again before a vote.”

So how was Johnson going to spend Friday afternoon? “We’re getting a tour of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn,” he said. “And I’m ‘on call’ if I’m needed over at the [Governors] meeting.”

With discussion but not determination of the Kings, the main agenda items Friday include reports on revenue sharing and the collective bargaining agreement, an anti-drug program report and updates from the international and competition committees.


  1. Gary Payton says:

    They still could have been perusing setting up the arena for some time and securing property to make arena deal valid. They do not own all the property at the most critical time and that is a problem from a business point of view. There is no purchase agreement.

  2. Gary Payton says:

    It is sad this all started roughly seven years ago with the Clay Bennett group purchasing the Sonics and lying to the community from day one! The Seattle group has been honest from the beginning and this should be something the NBA recognizes for the future, a tale of three cities so to speak………

    • Shawn K says:

      The Chris Hansen group seems to be honest and sincere about bringing the Sonics back to Seattle. Not to sound rude, but I think Chris Hansen is more of a professional then Clay Bennett, and I don’t think Hansen is stupid enough to make the same mistakes as Bennett and lie to people like some junior high child. Then again, the public doesn’t know what happens behind closed doors, and Chris Hansen could be lying. But I like I said earlier, I think Hansen is more of a professional than that. – As a side note, I would like to see the Sonics return to Seattle and to be there for a long time, to hopefully bring another title to the Sonics franchise in the future.

      • Magoofs says:

        So Sacramento should just lay down?

        The Maloofs have been lying to Sac for 10 years. They had an arena on the ballot years ago and tanked it a week before the election because they didn’t like something about the parking lots. They waited a week before the election to denounce it after supporting for 5+ months. They proceeded to commit to Sacramento while looking to relocate every year. They asked for city money, they got it, then they wanted more, they got it, then they wanted a free arena and called off the deal.

        Please spare us of how Clay Bennit treated you, imagine dealing with 3 of over 10 years.

  3. asdasd says:

    I hope Kings stay in Sac town..

    • Gary Payton says:

      I hope they are kicking around expansion…… Solutions to correct with no smoke screen….. I would think 29 of the owners and Adam Silver are honest…..

  4. Shawn K says:

    I think that Seattle is going to win this bid. While the Kings have loyal fans in Sacramento, Seattle is a more profitable market. Plus, on a personal level, I’d like to see the SuperSonics reborn. If the Seattle group does win the bid (which is very likely) Chris Hansen and the others need to look at a lot of good free agents this offseason and make the team a playoffs/contending team. I believe they should target free agents that are 100% looking for a new team, not guys like Chris Paul or Dwight Howard who are likely to stay on their current teams. If Seattle wins the bid, best of luck to Sacramento. And to the Seattle fans, enjoy your team and make them know you appreciate them!!!

  5. Rafael says: