NBA TV Picks The Awards And The Finals

The 2012-13 NBA regular season is over, and the playoffs are about to begin. NBA TV’s experts take a look back and a glance forward with their picks for each of the six major awards and for The Finals.

Greg Anthony LeBron James Damian Lillard Mark Jackson J.R.
LeBron James James Harden OKC vs. MIA Miami
LeBron James Damian Lillard George Karl J.R.
Marc Gasol James Harden OKC vs. MIA Miami
Dennis Scott LeBron James Damian Lillard George Karl J.R.
Serge Ibaka Paul
OKC vs. MIA Miami
LeBron James Damian Lillard Mike Woodson J.R.
Serge Ibaka Greivis Vasquez OKC vs. MIA Miami
Isiah Thomas LeBron James Damian Lillard Mike Woodson Jamal Crawford LeBron James James Harden OKC vs. MIA Miami
LeBron James Damian Lillard George Karl J.R.
Paul George Nikola Vucevic SAS vs. MIA Miami
Vince Cellini LeBron James Damian Lillard Mike Woodson J.R.
Marc Gasol Nikola Vucevic OKC vs. MIA Miami
Jared Greenberg LeBron James Damian Lillard Frank Vogel J.R.
Paul George Greivis Vasquez OKC vs. MIA OKC
LeBron James Damian Lillard George Karl J.R.
Marc Gasol Greivis Vasquez OKC vs. MIA Miami


  1. @jonathanip128 says:

    mvp: chris paul
    roy: lilard
    coy:george karl
    6man: jamal crawford
    mip: deandre jordan
    finals: spurs knicks
    champs: spurs

  2. The big three + Miami says:

    mvp – LBJ
    roy – lillard
    Coy – spoelstra
    6man – jr smith
    MIP – harden
    finals – mia – okc
    champs – mia
    No surprise LeBron is the MVP.

    (Dearb and Okc all the way) you guys are crazy+ridiculous

  3. Kush says:

    No surprise LeBron is the MVP.

    (Dearb and Okc all the way) you guys are crazy+ridiculous

  4. phil13 says:

    lebron is the mvp….? ahm, i want to say that durant was the mvp… how can u say that lebron is the mvp, if his other teammates are allstars, particularly wade and bosh.. MVP or the most valuable player not the most explosive player.. =) its not about the numbers, its about his value on his team… james has amzing values but he cant put those numbers if his teammates are not like wade, bosh, former allstar allen…

    • ko0kie says:

      lol you’re right.. his scoring would be 5pts higher if he had wade and bosh not on his team..

      its about value… soo according to your logic kemba walker must be unanimous MVP because he’s so valuable to the bobcats because they only have minor/young players.

    • Hater4Life! says:

      You’re right. Let’s give it to Durant, who plays with…who?…Westbrook?….Ibaka?….Wait, I don’t think you’re right anymore…

  5. vinnie says:

    Lebron,of course the media and the nba would not have it any other way he could sit out 3/4 of the season and he would still get mvp

  6. Tikolo says:

    How come nobody mention kobe for nothing. I still think he came to play everyday even thou his team was struggling. What happen to giving praises for effort and not giving up. Even though it is a team game we got to appreciate the players that don’t just pick up their pay checks and run. A player like Kobe comes out every night and give you all he has. If it was not for Kobe the Lakers would have been long gone out of the playoffs, right now their cances a slim but heh it is the NBA they might get lucky and play well. It is about time Dwight, Pau, Steve Nash to show the Laker family that you can earn your money when it counts. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT

  7. yoblob says:

    James Harden MIP?
    C’mon guys most of his improvements are due to longer plating time.

    • One of the king's subjects says:

      Did anyone coming into the season expected Harden to be this dynamic on offense and be 5th place for the scoring title, that is a giant improvement. There are players in history who won 6th man of the year and stay great players, but few have won 6th man of the year and then elevate their game into the elites. The only other player who accomplished this was Harden’s coach Kevin McHale. He totally deserves to be MIP

      • Hater4Life! says:

        No he doesn’t. Everyone knew he was a big-time talent. Everyone knew he’d be better since he’d be the focal point and not the 3rd option. Players like Vucevic and Sanders deserve it more, considering the fact that they weren’t ANYWHERE last season and are absolute beasts this season. I get why everyone says Harden but this was expected. If you didn’t think he’d explode in Houston, then I think you didn’t know enough about him last season.

  8. willie says:

    defensive player – ibaka

  9. willie says:

    mvp – LBJ
    roy – lillard
    Coy – spoelstra
    6man – jr smith
    MIP – harden or vucevic
    finals – mia – okc
    champs – mia

  10. tanibanana says:

    Seems everyone is getting the right choices, except for COY, 6MY and MIP..
    COY: M. Jackson, 6MY: Crawford, MIP: Vucevic.
    I find it funny how people are commenting LeBron don’t deserve it.
    Durant/Anthony/CP3 are far 2nd-4th…

  11. treblhig says:

    all lebron haters, you need to do is cry every night and wish that they can’t got a ring this season………. more cry lebron haters so that they can’t get the ring..

  12. treblhig says:


  13. bballfan9 says:

    I think that, and as numbers show, Avery Bradley should get the DPOY. Throughout the season, AB has shown that he strongly impacts Boston’s defense. If you look at the on/off court numbers, AB was the sole reason that Boston has great defense. If that isn’t deserving of a DPOY, I don’t know what is.

    • Hater4Life! says:

      I agree, I think the problem is that he wasn’t there until the second half of the season. It wasn’t until Rondo was out that Bradley came in, and these awards go to the players who have made the biggest impact THROUGHOUT the season. Sorry about the caps, I meant to italicize but I can’t figure out how here

  14. Mike says:

    I don’t get the complaints about Lebron for MVP. Being on a bad team might make a good player stand out more, but it doesn’t make them a better player. By any measure, be it stats, ‘the eye-test’ or whatever you want to use, Lebron is the best player in the league right now, working at both ends of the floor. If anything, the fact that he still stands out on a team that is so full of talent should make him more deserving of MVP, not less.

  15. samps says:

    Same old choices in the list, no surprises there, and I don’t get why LBJ is MVP, look that Kobe’s rush for the playoffs and Lakers are in now due to huge minutes of Kobe……even Tony Parker could have been given the MVP, or CP3….not good selection..more of a popularity contest!

    • Pakyaw says:

      Huge minutes is not on MVP criteria(Kobe)..,he shouldn’t run his mouth and guarantee a playoffs,that’s why he play heavy minutes just to back up his word(and cause him injury)…

    • Krishawn-MIA says:

      if the SAME OLD choices are the most feasible the i’m happy, Lebron takes half as much shots as Kobe, scores about the same, sets everyone up, go down in the paint to grab the boards, dominates on the defensive end and still a better percentage than Kobe….-_-

  16. LA-ATW says:

    OKC vs Miami! The heat has the advantage because of the reinforcement of Ray Allen; the current performance of the leading MVP(that subdued everyone in the league); the heart of Wade; the mind set of Spoelstra; and the caliber of team’s shooters, the heat will keep in check OKC. However, Playoffs is exceptionally different from the reg season. 1 ring is not enough to say that the Heat will dominate all the way.

  17. OKC ALL THE WAY says:

    I go for OKC and that last column is just ridiculous.

  18. NBA FAN says:

    I agree with amitpal. It seems the criteria of the MVP is by the numbers now, and not by the player value anymore. Of course, Lebron is valuable to the Heat, but take him out, and this team will still be on top.

    • One of the king's subjects says:

      MVP is not just the most valuable player on the team but in the leauge, it means you can put the winner on any team in the NBA and he will make them better. With your logic the Jordan doesn’t deseverve it because he had a hall of famer in scottie pippen with him when he won the awards, same with bird who had two HOFs in Parish and Mchale and one on the bench in bill walton. And lets be honest Miami would be third seed, second tops because the Pacers and Knicks are a threat even with Lebron playing.

      • kobe_8 says:

        when jordan left the bulls they weren’t nearly as good as they were with him. they still fought hard but pippen wasn’t the type of player to shoulder the team. when MJ returned they won three straight titles. take lebron out of the heat and you’ll get the same heat as when it only was d-wade, a solid playoff team. with lebron they’re contenders. he deserves it when it goes by skill, but most valuable player isn’s all about skill. take durant out of the thunder team. westbrook would go crazy in a bad way. take melo of the knicks. take rose out of the bulls or a few years ago kobe out of the lakers (just as examples). those are true mvp’s. no matter what it’s just an award. in the end the ring counts…

      • Krishawn-MIA says:

        in that case Lebron should forever be the MVP as long as the Cavaliers struggles, because he left and they juggled with the bottom five out of 30 ever since. So you need a new logic

  19. Bob says:

    I like George Karl for Coach, that team was firing on all cylinders and he has done an excellent job. Woodson deserves a lot of credit, too. He had to overcome a lot of obstacles and Melo had a great year. But, Mark Jackson went a long way with a bunch of young talent and they play well together. I would have to go with Mark Jackson, by a very slim margin.

    I’m taking Larry Sanders as DPOY.

  20. Jack says:

    @ amitpal; its all about numbers man, when you said MVP, you should, will definitely going into numbers, second how he impact his play to his team and lebron has all that, watch good basketball man and you will appreciate why LBJ is the MVP,..

  21. dearb says:


  22. dearb says:

    Knick will beat the Miami!!!

  23. mee(a)t says:

    its like a popularity contest..

    • Lola says:

      Agreed!! I really like OKC and dislike the heat, but I don’t believe they won’t be in the finals. I just have a feeling it might be upset year for a few teams.

  24. S2LH says:

    what about Andre Iguodala for DPOY??? no love for Iggy huh??

  25. asdfrom says:

    Why is Spoelstra not even mentioned? Because he is coaching Lebron? We know It is hard to pair superstars. It doesn’t work. Examples, Anthony and Iverson, Howard and Bryant and Nash, Anthony and Stoudemire(Better w/o each other). But you see, Spoelstra made it work so fast (Lebron Dwade, Bosh, you can even add Ray Allen). They(HEAT coaches) made the “almost impossible” work.

    Maybe third straight to the finals? Maybe two championships?

    At least, someone should have mentioned him. I am sad. That’s what I think.

    Or maybe let us give the Coach of the Year to the Least teams.

    I agree with the other categories though.

  26. Donski_ski says:

    Coaches of the winning teams surely handicapped in COY awards. Take the case of Phil Jackson who only wins say 1-2 awards despite of his winning pcts, and in case of today Spoelstra. Sometimes people should think that taking a good team is same as taking a poor team to good records. Even if u have the best car/engine in a F1 race and if u have a poor driver then chances are u wont be able to make it, same when ur a basketball coach.

    • kobe_8 says:

      jenson button isn’t that good. he still managed to become world champoin. why? because of the good car/engine. the same here with the heat. spoelstra does a good job in managing the minutes an keeping everbody happy and he does it pretty well. but other coaches could do it just as well. karl with the nuggets and pop with the spurs though are simply great coaches. they coach their teams to good records and success with mediocre rosters if they have to. never seen spoelstra do so.

  27. amitpal says:

    I dont get how lebron is everyone mvp when he has the best supporting team around him by far. Take lebron off the miami heat and they would probably still get the best record in east. I thought mvp wasnt all but numbers but I guess now it is.

    • ranfan says:

      >_> He was mvp even when he wasn’t on the best supporting team as other players have been. People knew pretty much who the mvp was going to be as soon as the season started

    • Pakyaw says:

      Any team that you put Lebron , that team is automatic playoff or title contender team, that’s the big impact he brings to the team…

    • Dirk45 says:

      You didn’t see LeBron play, did you? It’s similar to MJ in his prime. He’s just the dominant force in every game, no matter his stats. And he’s better than KD on the defensive end.

      • kobe_8 says:

        calm down now. he’s not even close to MJ. NOT EVEN CLOSE. he’s the best in todays game, nothing more. and i do get why he’s mvp and at the same time i don’t

      • Krishawn-MIA says:

        theres no reason to calm down, i absolutely love MJ but Lebron is above his planet, sorry! and he’s by faaaaaar the MVP

    • Krishawn-MIA says:

      Because he’s the difference maker in every game!!!! his dominance cannot be ignored! and point blank-He JUST DOES EVERYTHING-GREAT!

    • ko0kie says:

      do us a a favour a watch a whole Miami game plz.. nobody gets what you are talking about.

      btw. if you watched the olympics last year, you know even on a team filled with superstars.. he is the mvp.

  28. newyorksteelo says:

    Mike Woodson for coach of the year. Hands down, no questions.

  29. JohnDoe says:

    Guys this is boring! Pick out of the box every once in a while!