Hail To ‘Melo, The New Scoring Champ


From staff reports

After Carmelo Anthony‘s end-of-season scoring binge, three-time scoring champion Kevin Durant really didn’t have much of a chance to win his fourth straight title anyway. As the two gunners ready for Wednesday night’s regular-season closers, KD trails ‘Melo by more than a half-point a game (at an average of 28.7 points a game for Anthony, to 28.1 for Durant).

That, the stats-crunchers tell us, means that KD would have to knock down somewhere around 70 more points than ‘Melo on Wednesday night.

Not that something like that has never been done before.

kd-noteAnthony had already said he will sit out the Knicks’ game against Atlanta, which left KD (his Thunder play the Bucks in Oklahoma City) just a David Robinson-esque performance away from another scoring crown. But early Wednesday, Durant officially handed over the keys to the title when he posted this message on his Instagram account.

Later in the morning, OKC coach Scott Brooks said as much (no doubt a tad cheekily):

So congrats go out to ‘Melo, who wins his first scoring crown.

KD and the Thunder will have to be satisfied with the best record in the West, no matter what happens — or doesn’t — in OKC tonight.


  1. MgaTuleg says:

    Let’s Just Face it..Melo is the best player in the NBA..better than LeBron..ehh surely better than the puny KD..ew

    • OKCKD35 says:

      haha that is the funniest post on here, both LBJ and KD are leading Melo in EVERY STAT except PPG. and KD was only .6 behind because he didn’t chase, Melo is not even close to the best COMPLETE player in the NBA. LBJ, KD, D-Rose, C-Paul etc…

  2. j,c says:

    melo had a great season scoring wise and chip in a bit of everything but the ball distribution wasn’t his job thats what felton kidd and prigioni are for and more often than not melo got the ball bc anyone but a few players are able to guard him nowwww u guys gotta remember KD was trying to be a more complete player by doing a bit of everything like lebron does ima knicks fan but o do believe if durant wasn’t going for all around game he would have won number 4

  3. mike says:

    Stop it Ladies!!! you guys are too affected!!! it’s like your lives depend on whether or not Melo or KD gets the scoring title!
    Just say congrats to Melo for being a ball hog, and better luck next time KD, and he should take more shots! That’s it!

  4. mike says:

    Stop it Ladies!!! you guys are too affected!!! it’s like your lives depend on whether or not Melo or KD gets the scoring title!
    Just say congrats to Melo for being a ball hog, and better luck next time KD, and he should take more shots! That’s it!

  5. Dino says:

    KD let Melo have the Scoring Title this year. Just like Kobe Let KD have it last year.

  6. kinckstape says:

    melo da god!

  7. arvin says:

    i hate whoever said that westbrook hogs the ball i think that jake is an idiot cuz ibaka and westbrook r imp. to the team and they would loose without them

  8. Anthony Noel says:

    haters gonna hate

    #2013 champs

  9. victor lebron says:

    Why people always talk about what could have been based on numbers? Why you do not accept reality and understand that regardless of the statistics and probabilities in real life people that show true effort and perform at their best deserve to be the best at what they do. Carmelo deserved the scoring title I dont care about statistics or all the stupid illusions you guys have. I can average 40 points per game and if I dont perform like a 40 ppg player when I need to then I am the only one responsible for not performing at my best!! and yes this is the real reason why Durant did not win the scoring title he literally did not perform at his best and Carmelo did perform at his best which makes him a better player at this moment.

    Congratulations Carmelo- Felicidades paisano!!!!

    Boricuas we are the best!

    • Dino says:

      Victor, you really don’t know what you are talking about. Durant was not chasing the scoring title. If he was, you would have seen a much greater effort and many more shots taken by Durant once Melo started catching him. He did not do this because he did not care to be scoring champ. The same way Kobe Bryant did not care to be scoring champ and basically gave the title away to Durant last year by sitting out the last game of the season. If Kob had played that game and scored 28 or better (very easy for Kobe to do), he would have been Scoring champ. Durant was focused on achieving something only 5 other players in history have achieved. And that is joining the 50/40/90 Club. Durant is without question the best shooter in the NBA this season and only the 6th person to join the 50/40/90 Club along with Larry Bird (2 X), Dirk Nowitzki, Reggie Miller, Steve Nash (4 X), & Mark Price. Congrats to KD for putting on the most impressive shooting display this year with over .500 from the field, over .400 from behind the arc, & over .900 shooting from the line.

  10. Millz says:

    If druant sat out as many games as Carmello Did he woul be average alot more. Winning comes firsdt then self accomplishment. Who is to say melo sat out just so he could win the title. The only title he will probably ever get in the big time.

  11. NyBugatti says:

    yalll need to stop! trust em durant wanted it so it dont matter. u say he played team ball. so did melo up’ed his rebounds and made his teamates better. he shed 15 pounds and had a great year leave it at that. they r both scoring machines and they r both puttin team first finally so just say congrates. yall r all caught up in da media machine dat runs da NBA. when melo was drafted it was all about melo and labron then they didnt like his image so they made it bout wade and lebron. all 3 were freinds all 3 da future of da league. but melo been slighted ever since. he comes to ny cant hide from da spotlight and ppl r really seeing him so no he gets mentions for mvp and all dat. congrates to da scoring king. its over. all da stats bout durant takin less shots dont matter. cause if amare was always hurt melo could take less shots too. congratulate and stop da hate

    • Dino says:

      Im not hating on KD at all. But he didn’t care enough for the Scoring title to chase it. Otherwise he would have kept trying to stay ahead of Melo when Melo started his ridiculous streak. Durant wasn’t focused on being scoring champ again, he basically gave it to Melo. The same way Kobe Bryant gave it to Durant by sitting out the last game of the season last year. Kobe could have been scoring champ by scoring 28 Points or better in the last game. Instead he chose to sit out and let Durant have the title. The Moral is, neither cared to be scoring champ. What Durant did care about is remaining the greatest shooter in the NBA this season. He joined the 50/40/90 Club and is only the 6th person in history to do so along with Bird, Nash, Price, Miller, & Nowitkzi.

  12. hyatt says:

    lol you ppl .. of course KD has scored more points he played more games!! … melo was injured and played like 60 something games !!!! if he was healthy all season we wouldnt be having this stupid convo !!!! #MELO and the reason its seems as if he takes so many shots is becuz he drives to the misses then tips it back up f few times a games … Dont just talk ball watch the damn thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      funny how this is the excuse for the volume of shots melo takes, you do realize KD out-rebounded Melo by 180 rebounds? That’s a lot of put backs as you claim. Melo did not start rebounding til the last 2 weeks of the season, don’t act like it was the reason for his low % as he also shoots worse from the FT line and 3 pt line.

  13. Playoffs says:

    KD could have won scoring title but he wanted to win games more BUT what did melo do ? Won games and put some crazy numbers PTS and REBS, so dont take it away from melo. HATERS GONnA HATE

  14. statsplayer says:

    the only title he can bring, and every “ok” player could bring this scorring title the way he does, stupid ballhog shots
    durant 25 points : 10/17 fg anthony 30 pts : 11/31fg

  15. Francisco says:

    I dot not like Carmelo because he is not a team player, but HE IS THE BEST CLOSER IN THE GAME(PROVEN).he shoots 47.5 in the last 24 seconds in the game which is better than his career average.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      ok Melo shoots 47.5 % in clutch time and Durant leads the NBA in clutch time scoring and shoots over 50%….. If MELO was a CLOSER as you call him he would not be one and done in the playoffs every year

      • Francisco says:

        focus please, I said Melo is the most efficient scorer in the last 24 seconds(ESPN STATS), Durant is a better player .you do not win championship with a so called closer , you have to perform for 48 minutes that is why LBJ IS THE BEST

      • OKCKD35 says:

        according to NBA stats KD leads the NBA in clutch time scoring, maybe you should focus!

  16. habitusforknicks says:

    Melo probably wanted it more bec. it is his first time. However there are two ugly comments about this:
    1) To say that KD did not want it. Because no doubt he would have like it, and all these guys are competitive, I mean I was playing for a DIII volleyball team, and I have not seen any player that did not like competition. Seriously, it is human nature, but even more so for these guys.
    2) KD”s comment about Melo saying that ‘he can have it’. It gives an impression like KD did not want it, that’s why Melo got it. Melo is a great scorer, and he went on a crazy scoring run at the end of the season. I hate it when athletes belittle each others’ achievements. I mean I like KD’s game, excellent shooter, and scorer, however, these type of comments are childish. I remember how he tried to score so much to get the title from Kobe a few years back. Also, he is becoming the new NBA darling boy, after LBJ obviously, now the calls that these two keep getting are plain absurd.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      but how can you say that KD was chasing it when he was only shooting the ball 10-16 times a game down the stretch, he was worried about reaching the # 1 seed which he did. If his efforts were all channeled to scoring it would have been an actual race, not 1 person uninterested in the chase and the other shooting every time the ball touches his hand

  17. not a melo hater says:

    at first i hate melo for not giving his all…but coz of mike woodson, he,s coming out now…this is just the beginning..if only melo wasn’t drafted by denver and not coached by George Karl..i bet he already had an MVP trophy…

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Because George Karl teaches a TEAM game and MELO is not a TEAM Player? George Karl is one of the best coaches out there and has been for some time, if you notice the nuggets are actually better without Melo

  18. rainman says:

    dont’ count BOSTON out yet…. they’re still a very dangerous team.

    But no one stopping MIA train!

  19. the chaino says:

    look the scoring leaders the number 1 is Kevin Durant. Melo is a good player but KD is a mounster forward in the 5 years carrear come on NBA give the MVP and everithing for KD because him is normal ,good and sacriface player in this momen i not lebrom and kobe but melo ,melo never play lonley J.R smith and t.chandler take some rebounds and points for the team ….i look NBA every day man 50points over the Heats because not JAMES,WADE AND BOSH me can 60 point too …

  20. Chris says:

    i agree. melo does not get enough calls, he gets fouled and hacked inside its no calls. durant initiates the bumps and falls down due to his own balance and fouls get called left and right.

    no to say durant isnt a great player because he is. and the fact that he can score alot from jumpshots means he puts a lesser toll on his body not like when MJ, Wade, Kobe, Carter, Tmac and now James exert all that effort to drive into the lanes. in the long run, durant will age like wine, and his body will be more durable.

    but Anthony should be getting more foul calls. he’s tough in the inside but that doesn’t mean that he’s not getting hacked from time to time.

  21. yankuba saidykhan says:

    we all know it either way(no surprise)they both scoring machines

  22. PLAYOFFSBABY says:

    haters will always hate…stop acting like “IM A BOSS” when it comes to commenting on whoever wins the scoring title…lets just accept the truth that MELO gets the scoring champ…if one of us is a one sided fan, your acting like a kid with a candy stolen from you…each and every fans of every teams must accept it and stop bein a crybaby…leggo PLAYOFFS!!!!

  23. acryn says:

    you’re the man okckd35

  24. Scott says:

    Just 9 more to go to catch MJ

    good luck…

  25. kantankruz says:

    I’d take the 50-40-90 over scoring title.

  26. Ray says:

    I still think OKC should not have a basketball team. Kevin Durant should be playing in the city that drafted him i’m not from Seattle but was a fan of Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton. The Sonics should have never left with the amount of history that they had and if this team was still in Seattle I probably would be rooting for them right now.


    • OKCKD35 says:

      That is the fault of the city of Seatlle, as a sonics fan it was hard to watch them re-locate and change names, but the players were still exciting, I was devastated when they traded Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, but it was obviously for the betterment of the franchise

  27. BryanDonovanJr says:

    Elaborating on some of the stats touched upon by SeanOkc88…
    Kevin Durant: 28.1 PPG, 51 FG%, 41 3PT%, 90 FT%,
    Carmelo Anthony: 28.7 PPG, 44.9 FG%, 37.9 3PT%, 83 FT%

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I never knew until now that the “SCORING TITLE” was awarded based on PPG…

    Because he scored .6 more points a game..? Does anyone care who hit more home-runs a game..or who threw more TD a game? NO!

    He only played 67 games, while Durant played in 81. Apparently we reward athletes who contribute less to their teams over the course of an entire season?


    Carmelo played in 14 LESS GAMES than Durant. However, he still managed to take 56 MORE FG & 80 MORE 3-POINTERS than Durant did!

  28. BoyLogro says:

    First scoring champ in 9years?? thats cute, KD have 3 in just 5years ;))

  29. BoyLogro says:

    First scoring champ in 9years?? thats cute, KD have 3 in just 5years

  30. newyorksteelo says:

    Well deserved. Melo is a beast when it comes to scoring.

    • the BEVERAGE says:

      Let’s just remember that any fan who isn’t from Oklahoma but claims OKC as their #1 favorite team is a BANDWAGON FAN!!!!!!

      Or did you grow up watching the vintage OKC lineups featuring players “Bumble-Bee” Watson or Thomas “Big Mac” McCalister?

      Oh wait… those players never existed… just like OKC fans before there were the big dogs in the Western Conference.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        no I grew up watching gary payton, shawn kemp, detlef Schrempf, hersey Hawkins, nate McMillan, Sam Perkins, as the Seattle supersonics, then they moved to OKC, am I supposed to stop watching the players I had been following? I was there through the bad seasons as well as the now good ones, i’m also a rams fan, does that mean I am bandwagon because they moved to STL? you are an idiot!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Pretty sure you were on here last year with the same exact post calling all OKC fans bandwagon. I distinctly remember “bumble-bee Watson”

  31. Rita says:

    Well said, OKCKD35. I’m from the DMV, so I follow KD, but he was not trying…Melo was desperate.

  32. Allrock says:

    KD doesnt sacrifice his volume of shots men…its just that westbrook takes a lot more shots than him..LOL. Take westbrrok away..KD would take shots more than Melo.

  33. NBA says:

    They both raw so calm down guys

  34. TDOT says:

    Melo is a more PURE scorer than Durant (more versatile socrer), Durant is more EFFICIENT and CONSISTENT of a scorer…Melo can have hot streak where he’s unstoppable but he can go cold the next game, Durant is a more reliable player game in game out

  35. HEATFAN says:

    Lets face it…. if LBJ wanted to the scoring title, he would torch both Melo and Durant…. Scoring Titles mean NOTHING when you don’t have the championship to go with it… hence why KD isn’t interested… Melo can have the scoring title with his 30+ shots per game…. KD and LBJ know what is more important….. The Knicks are kidding themselves to think they are going to beat Miami in the ECF’s…… So Melo may as well take his scoring title and run, that’s the only silverware he will be collecting this year….

  36. Big A says:

    I think that steve blake will get it next year!

  37. SeanOkc88 says:

    I think its tough to separate the two. But here are the simple so called stats: Kevin Durant: 28.1ppg, 51 fg%, 41 3pt%, 90 ft%, 4.6 ast pg, Carmelo Anthony: 28.7 ppg, 44.9fg%, 37.9 3pt%, 83 ft% and 2.5 ast pg. Those stats are based on per games played, so regardless of how many more minutes durant has played or how little melo has, its spread out over time actually played. In most other sports the scoring title goes to the player who has scored the most points,or goals in an entire season. For sure, melo has a slightly higher ppg average, and had he been fully fit all season probably higher. But on the other hand durant has been fully fit all season, averaging higher in almost every aspect except ppg average. Thos 2 extra dimes KD dishes out per game are a potential 4-6 pts more per game for him. His shooting percentage is better, regardless of tip shots or offrbs, it accounts for everything. Im not making the argument against melo because his last 15 games or so have been immense and he is one of the top players in the league, and at the end of the day his ppg average is better than KD so he will take the title and deservedly so. But KD has been more than a scorer this season, his defense, off ball game, vision has just gone to another level…. Not to mention the guy has 2280 pts. Melo has 1920. So who Melo may have the scoring title, and congrats. But durant IS the top scorer (although he wont get an award for it).

  38. TTKIN says:

    People gotta stop BS’ing with each other about who is better. Melo won the scoring title, that’s it. He has been one of, if not the best scorers in the league for quite some time now. Obviously KD is also.

    Much respect to both. Im glad Melo finally got his.

    For everyone arguing about who is better at what, let it go, just enjoy the final day of the season and look forward to the playoffs. theyre gonna be way good this year.

    • DetFan04 says:

      Thank you. Both great players, both have accomplished a lot. Congrats to Melo. Durant will have more than his fair share of shots at the scoring title in the coming years.

  39. Franz says:

    I think KD should be more worried about being the leading scorer on his own team considering the number of shots Russell West-brick throws up on a nightly basis.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Funny how Westbrook is called West-Brick when he shoots 1% less from the field than Melo, but Melo is the best scorer in the game, typical delusion fron new York, the giants, jets, Yankees, knicks, its all the same

  40. Pride says:

    Stop hating! The man won it. Kobe gave it to Durant a year agolll. Stop Hating!

  41. Make says:

    When rose is fit and back he will be the scoring champ, not melo or kd.. Ur all blinkered. And he will dominate for years to come. A point guard will stick it to your big men.

  42. Steve says:

    I like Carmelo’s scoring ability but some of you people commenting need to really look at the stats. In 67 games this season he shot 25+ times in 24 games. Meanwhile, Duant played in 81 games and only shot 25+ times in 6 games. Plus, his fg,3 point,and ft percentage is highers than Carmelo’s . You Knick fans are being a little bit delusional on this blog.

    • tim says:

      u need 2 really look at da whole picture. wat other player on da knicks can go sum where and start as a scorer. u can say jr but dat depends on how bad that team is. westbrook kmart ibaka can go anywhere and start. kd dnt need 2 attempt 20 plus shots he has help melo dnt its ride or die with melo and jr. and da idiot who talkin about westbrook “westbrick” he is unstoppable goin 2 da lane give da knicks westbrook and thunder felton. keep yo mouth close cuz u dnt no nun

      • OKCKD35 says:

        its not my fault or KD’s fault that the rest of his team is not as good as the Knicks, So if you swapped Melo and Durant you think Melo would shoot a higher FG% than Durant? You realize KD was just the 5th person to average 50% from the field, 40% from 3’s and 90% from the Ft line, Melo has never been close to these numbers

  43. Webbie says:

    lol… Melo sat out for what, 15-20 games this season? Meanwhile Durant played all 82, scored far more points than Melo did this season, and it was obvious he made no effort to win the scoring title.

    Yeah, ‘grats on the scoring title, Melo. You better hope KD feels generous again next year if you want another one.

  44. hyatt says:

    i agree with most capable …. melo you that guy !!! melo has to do allllll of the scoring has too with a banged up team the knicks had … lol u ppl make me sick nit picking at some of the dumbest things i have ever heard !! he does take alot of shots but where are they comin from .. ill tell you … its coming from the lack of foul calls he gets by driving to the rim missing layups after layups becuz he is getting fouled not becuz he is taking 20 mid range shots and 20 three point shots @_@… you ppl are ignorant and bias !!! this dude is flat out the best mid range scorer in the league also The best at scoring point blank period !!!! ohh i guess you ppl wasnt watching the 13 game win streak averaging 30+ points 11.5 rbs … shooting bout 61% from the field ….. id advise you fools to watch the games before u judge !! not listen to others and watch dumb highlights like this one !!! im out !!

    • Sean says:

      Amen bro, I’ve watched all but 4 games this year for NY, highlights of the game don’t show u everything. Melo deserves it.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      There are 82 games in a season not 13 by the way. Yes that stretch was amazing. but im still confused why everyone calls Melo the best scorer when he doesn’t even shoot 45% from the field. does not make sense to me

      • tim says:

        u 2 dumb 2 get it. its ok imma try 2 break it down so yo pea brain can understand. 1 melo can score from anywhere 3s mid range drive post. lbj aint a shooter durant cant post up he just a jump shooter. 2 melo is da average size 4 a SF while lbj is 6’9 270lbs KD 6’10 n a half which is y his jump shot is unstoppable but melo will still put up 50 on anybody. 3rd melo has never had a top 10 player around him like a wade bosh westbrook harden ibaka kmart and da officals dnt ride his nutz like dey do lbj and KD but yet teams still cnt stop him. All n all kobe a person who has made 1st team defense countless of times who is a hall of famer said melo was da toughest to guard he didnt say lbj or KEVIN DURANT he said CARMELO ANTHONY. who r u 2 say sum different u nobody

  45. Richmo says:

    Melo hasn’t gotten anything yet in the nba since he drafted from the nba.he deserve it.we see what happen.

  46. GQJQ82 says:

    OKCKD35 well said! As a Knick fan ill even agree with you! Lol Melo can chuck all he wants cause he hits them, not just made FG’s but with a great % to back it up and making them when it counts!!

    • GQJQ82 says:

      And doesn’t even touch the net let alone riim!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      The point behind it is Melo shot less than 45% from the Field this season, Durant shot 51%. If Durant took the volume Melo took it wouldn’t even be close. One further just to show its not all about KD, If Lebron took the same volume he would lead the league!

  47. Dizzygiraffe says:

    Congrats Melo, I have nothing to take away from KD but all the people saying that Melo didnt deserve this, I feel is a bit harsh, the hard facts are Melo took his team to the second best team in the East, which in my eyes alone should get him a chance at the MVP award atleast, and come playoff time I feel this Knicks team will not disappoint if they have a healthy chandler back and JR playing the way he is, minimum East Conference Finals with Miami !! I do not believe they can beat Miami, but would be interesting if they did, possibly KD will get his first title by not facing MIami.

  48. Skolimowski says:

    Durant wasn’t going for the scoring title this year – he was going for the 50-40-90 club.

  49. cool says:

    i like turtles

  50. Jeremy says:

    Lebron, Kobe, Durant, all have more total points than melo and all take less shots and all score at a higher FG%
    Melo just had one of his best years and was still no where near as good as Durant, or Lebron. Even Kobe was better.

  51. Aursland says:

    Umm first of all MELO Deserves the title and he is way more durable than KD …… the reason why KD averaging so much poins each year because he goes to the line almost twice as much as anyone in the league…. he has 800+ freethrows this season melo only took about 480…. and if you dont believe me check the stats even the last game okc and new york played …. melo had 31 points before he took a free throw… and kd had 25 points with 14 freethrows … melo just can score the ball better … they are are both amazing shooters but melo post game and strenght is better than durants…. and gettin to the line is a skill but it doesnt make you a better scorer… melo just simply put the ball in the whole and his shoots are always difficult and well guarded …. pull up 3′s and 2′s in your face and bodying dude down low for his own rebounds …. DURANT is A BEAST but MELO IS A scoring MONSTERRRRRRR!!!!! KOBE even said MELO is the hardest to defend in the league

  52. GetOffThatD says:

    To the guy that said Melo is more clutch than KD. How many years has Melo been in the league? How many times has he made it past the first round How many years has KD been in the league? Didn’t he make it to the NBA finals already? Oh yeah…. right…..

  53. MACKY says:

    im sure 95 % of the nba coaches they pick Lebron bcoz he is not only scorer he is all around player,

  54. steagle says:

    Guys, who cares who took more shots. The final numbers don’t lie and Melo is the scoring champ, plain and simple. But let’s not forget that this particular award is basically meaningless – it’s just something that us stats-crazy fans care about. Personally I say good for Melo, he has always been near the top and now he can say he is the scoring champ finally. He’s an excellent scorer, and his game has continued to improve after that rocky transition from Denver. While I’m a Celtics fan and would like nothing more than to see the Knicks lose in the playoffs I have to tip my hat to Melo and say good job.

  55. MACKY says:


  56. Anthony says:

    That was the worst video i have ever seen!!!!! The man just won the NBA Scoring title and you dedicate a video to his achievement, “HAIL TO ‘MELO” by creating a montauge of his LAYUPS????????? haha thats bad, that was really bad hahah

  57. MOSTCAPABLE says:

    I always thought an MVP is a player whose presence allows a team to go to the playoff and beyond. Without this player, the team would not make the playoffs and have a terrible record. If you remove Lebron James from Miami, they may not win a championship but they would definitely be in the playoffs. The same cannot be said about Carmelo or Durant. Without their presence, both of their teams would have lottery picks next year. If Carmelo and Durant had two players averaging around 20 points a game (Bosh, Wade) on their teams and a third person (Ray Allen) who is a lock for the hall of fame on their team as well, they would also become more of a complete player.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Without Durant OKC would have kept harden and been a playoff team starting Westbrook, harden, /sefolosha, collison, Ibaka, Perkins and I love me some KD, but Sam Presti is the man!

  58. POMS says:

    Haters gonna hate. If he played all season, He’d top the total points category. He did what he needed to do in order for his team to win. Now, when does that become a bad thing? he didnt have the luxury to have consistent scorers around him like LBJ and KD had (at least not healthy-on Amare). He has to take shots. And imagine making them when everytime he touches the ball, the whole opponent team pound him. Give the man credit when credit is due.

  59. knicks all day says:

    stop hating the man of the hour you know better than to depreciate greatness

  60. OKC says:

    I’m glad Melo is getting a scoring title. The dude is a half court beast, and he really embodies what being the scoring leader is about, being able to put your team on your back and take over the game.

    As an OKC fan though, I am even more proud of KD. Sacrificing the volume of shots he takes to get his teammates better shots and subsequently finding himself better shots is a sign of how serious he is about getting back to the finals, and his evolution into a complete two way player who can fill up every stat line. KD knows it takes a team to win it all.

    • tim says:

      funny how u makin false boast about KD he has always taken 18 or less shots 4 his career he does dat because he can with westbrook and kmart and ibaka on da team. melo and jr r da offense and jr aint dat constant. melo is unselfish how u think he put da nuggets on da map n his rookie season and how r da knicks 2nd n da east now. melo gets his team invovled da question is will they deliver

  61. Tilen says:

    Melo has most points per minute of play, around 0.77 points/minute. While KD is second to him with 0.73. Facts. Melo is a more efficient scorer than KD, sorry bro. Numbers don’t lie.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      That’s funny because the efficieny ratings have Lebron at # 1, Durant at # 2 and Melo not in the top 5! Melo takes more shots at a lower %, that is not more efficient

      • tim says:

        lbj all he does is drive at 270 lbs 6’9 and he run a 4.3 40 yard time who can stop that. KD has westbrook 2 creates shots 4 him its ez 2 spot up and shoot. melo has nun of dat just his skill set. come holla wen u got a better point

      • alo says:

        PER doesn’t just measure points, which is why LeBron is #1.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        in that case Durant also has a higher true shooting % which takes into account for 2’s 3’s and FT

  62. brian says:

    Take a few things into consideration
    1. that melo plays less minutes than KD
    2. gets considerably less foul calls than KD & LBJ.
    3. also even if he does take more shots, the knicks ball control allow the team as a whole to take more shots.

    he deserved the scoring title.he also deserves 1st Team All NBA over Durant because of where he took the knicks this season with all of their injuries, being unselfish, yet keeping his team in games when his teammates aren’t making shots. If you put Durant on the knicks, I doubt he would be able to get the Knicks to 2nd place in the east. He is great, but really lucky to have Westbrook. still cant say melo deserves MVP. Lebron is just too much of a complete player.

  63. Oh Yeah says:

    Nope. KD gave up on the scoring title a long time ago. He’s been improving his total game this year by focusing on team first. Clutch player? Stick around.

    • melohello says:

      thats why when they play against each other melo crack him.melo way more clutch

      • OKCKD35 says:

        1 game this year Melo outplayed Durant, yes. now look at the season stats, Durant owns them all except ppg and TO, (yes that includes # 1 in the clutch rating)

    • tim says:

      u u must still believe n da toothfairy. kd didnt give up nun. melo took it, melo saw dat scarecrow n da street and took his cookies.

  64. rn says:

    u are an idot

  65. Bragz says:

    melo takes MORE SHOTS than KD. so dont over praise Melo getting the title

  66. Jim says:

    Carmello Anthony fought hard to deserve this scoring title. While Anthony is not as skilled as many NBA players, he is by far the strongest, and 99% of the time Power beats skill any day. Not only is Anthony one of the strongest nba players, he also can shoot the ball very well from 3 point and also can spin and push you away and make the easy lay in. WHat i dont like is that they call too many fouls on Antony push off when in they are men and the game should let them push a little

    • DJ3 says:

      Who is Carmello? Like, the candybar?

    • tim says:

      offensively his skill set is unmatched. kobe said melo is da toughest 2 guard because of all he can do. this comin from a guy who made da nbas best player lbj look like a rookie by blockin his shot twice and rippin him

      • OKCKD35 says:

        obviously his skill set is well overmatched by LeBron and Durant, once again Durant shoots better from EVERYWHERE on the court % wise, plus has every other stat line in his favor compared to Melo

    • Jon says:

      Hate to break it to you Jimbo, power doesn’t beat skill in ANY sport. Do you honestly think that Blake Griffin or even Shaq in his prime put up the kind of numbers that oh say Jordan or KD or even Kobe put up? Of course not. Having better skills makes you a potent scorer in the NBA. I will concede that Carmello is a strong post player and is perhaps one of the best PURE shooters in the league today. The main reason Carmello won the scoring title is based on his skill set.

  67. Sympathetic Possum says:

    Very much deserved. I used to hate Melo early in his career but he has grown so much as a player and person. He was so close to winning scoring titles before so he definitely deserves this one.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      He absolutely deserves the scoring title, im not disputing that, he averaged more PPG this season he is the winner, congrats to Melo.

  68. NYK SUX says:

    So Melo plays less games, and less minutes…meaning that his average would be significantly higher if he scores a lot…first off no one on NYK can score like he does. Maybe JR but that’s it….Durant rarely missed a game this season and if he wanted to go for the scoring title he would have he’s been distributing the ball more….unreal…they should give it to KD. He played more games an more minutes….

  69. this is stupid says:

    didn’t melo spend half the season on the bench? they should go by total points.

  70. W/E says:

    Melo has yet to prove him self, he gotta play big, score big and DEFEND big in the playoffs and WIN with his team and get to the finals.

  71. W/E says:

    KD is a good scorer but will never be 30+ point player, he cant do it and he doesnt have the mentallity to do it, he is soft.

  72. Underrated MELO says:

    It’s about time my man Carmelo. At OKCKD35: Sometimes when Melo takes about 30+ shots is sometimes due to him attacking the basket and missing and trying to put it back up like 4 times which results to 4 shots, not because he takes way too many mid range shots. And he’s great at Mid-range shots, why not do what you’re great at. And dude come on, Melo sat down many 4th quaters because his team was winning and he had 30+ points already….he figured why not let Copeland play. Melo can outscore KD anytime of the day. Melo is stronger, can attack the basket same as KD, can shoot mid-range better, and almost all of the superstars say he is the hardest player to guard. The only thing Durant has on him is height and those tall lanky hands of his and speed and defense. PS. Melo is more clutch (you can’t disagree on this).

    • Sean says:

      Not just bein a die hard knicks fan, but u r spot on man. U have had Kobe and Lebron come out and say how Melo is the hardest one to guard in the NBA. U know Durant wanted to win it for a 4th straight time, that would of put his resume that much better, he couldn’t hang wit melo. Also throw in the games where Melo got hurt in the first half where he only had single digit pts, that hurt his scoring average. Melo could have been avg. 30 a game, if not more.

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      Where did melo come in in the last 3 years scoring race. BEHIND kd safe to say. Melo is not a team player KD defines it.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Durant scores more clutch time points and shoots a higher fg%, I can bet you that Durant sat out many more 4th quarters than the Knicks, AS OKC led the league in Point differential, meaning that they outscore teams on average by more points than anyone in the league. It took Melo what 11 years to get a scoring title, Durant has 3 in his first 5 years. Durant is much more of a “pure” scorer as people say

  73. louisboi514 says:

    it annoys me how in the NBA the MVP automatically goes to the best player on the best team year in and year out, sometimes there are amazing players on other teams. Not all the Great players are surrounded with enough talent to be #1. Carmelo is arguably more or at least as valuable to the knicks as Lebron is to the Heat. but because of his place in the standings, it will be next to impossible for him to get the MVP.

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      that’s why when melo was out they beat teams including the heat by 20 or more points.
      Miami couldn’t do that consistently especially in the playoffs.

      • DJ3 says:

        Without melo, the knicks could get a guy like wilson chandler and be a real threat in the playoffs. With melo, meh.

    • jhbh says:

      it goes to the player who played the best in the regular season, not who the most important to their individual team

      • steagle says:

        That’s not true – the MVP committee absolutely looks at who helped their team succeed. That’s why people like Kevin Love can’t be in the conversation until their team is winning. You’ve got stars everywhere putting up great numbers and playing at a high level, but only a few will ever be considered for MVP, and they’re always on winning teams making it to the playoffs and expected to go far, maybe even to the Finals. Individual performance and team performance are intrinsically linked. You can’t separate them.

  74. Sean says:

    Obviously your not paying close attention to the stats line, melo isn’t throwin up 30 plus shots a game. Durant flat out could not put up the 70 points needed to win it. BTW Durant is 2nd most in mins in the NBA while Melo is at 48th most, dude u obviuosly don’t kno what ur talkin about.

    • GP101 says:

      Well if you really knew what you were talking about Melo plays 37 mpg while Durant plays 38.5 mpg. The reason Melo plays so fewer minutes overall is because hes a less durable player than Durant. I think it’s you who needs to know what you’re talking about. Carmelo takes 22.2 shots a game compared to Durants 17.7 and yet he only scores 0.6 more. That in itself is terrible. Durant could destroy Carmelo if he took the same number of shots. Here’s the math…At 4.5 more shots a game, he would score 4.5ppg more considering he shoots about 50% from the field if we consider all the shots he takes are 2 point field goals. There’s no contest about who is the better scorer. Durant is better at scoring but would rather just be a better team mate.

      • Sean says:

        OK, when we played yall at ur home court, who won that game? btw how many guys did we have hurt that game too??? Enough said, not a team player? um his overall game has gone up so much this year. If he wasn’t hurt so many games this year, he’d be runner up for MVP. If the math is right than Durant should be getting the title, but hes not. Clearly the math last time I checked had Melo at 28.7 and Durant at 28.1…..math to me says Melo has the higher number…enough said bro.

      • Aursland says:

        Umm first of all MELO Deserves the title and he is way more durable than KD …… the reason why KD averaging so much poins each year because he goes to the line almost twice as much as anyone in the league…. he has 800+ freethrows this season melo only took about 480…. and if you dont believe me check the stats even the last game okc and new york played …. melo had 31 points before he took a free throw… and kd had 25 points with 14 freethrows … melo just can score the ball better … they are are both amazing shooters but melo post game and strenght is better than durants…. and gettin to the line is a skill but it doesnt make you a better scorer… melo just simply put the ball in the whole and his shoots are always difficult and well guarded …. pull up 3’s and 2’s in your face and bodying dude down low for his own rebounds …. DURANT is A BEAST but MELO IS A scoring MONSTERRRRRRR!!!!! KOBE even said MELO is the hardest to defend in the league

      • GQJQ82 says:

        Melo is also close to 30 while KD closer to 20! Did you account for that in your “calculations”

      • helomello2 says:

        another kid Aursland who doesn’t know what he is saying.
        first, make a research before you point out useless arguments.
        KD took 750 FT in 81 games or 9.26 avg while
        MELO took 512 FT in 67 games or 7.64 avg. As you can see, the free throws is not much as difference than MELO FGA per game which is 4 more than KD’s FGA.
        2nd, “KOBE even said MELO is the hardest to defend in the league” doesn’t prove anything
        3rd MELO takes more jump shot than he shoots in paint that’s why he doesn’t get that much call from ref.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        I think its funny when people who have no point, continue to try and make a point, they always say “enough said” when obviously it wasn’t.

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      How many games has Durant missed 20 field goals in a single game?
      I know smello did it at least 10x this season. Melo was hurt that’s why his
      minutes are down fool.

      • celtic533 says:

        Man show some respect to Melo! He can beat you and your whole family one on one by at least 10 if you play to 21.

  75. LETSGOMELO says:

    Its about time. Now to win that championship!!!

    • PDAT says:

      Who Cares….all will seem Irrelevant when the Celtics knock em out in the first round.

      • NBa Fan says:

        LOL Celtics are gonna lose 4-0 to NYK. Don’t you dare argue against me because we both know Celtics don’t have anything anymore. Tonight they get slapped by Toronto.

      • steagle says:

        @NBA Fan – Toronto better win considering Boston will likely rest its stars in preparation for game 1 of the playoffs. If Toronto doesn’t win I will be surprised. If they do win, it will hardly be anything to be proud of considering they’re going up against a second unit.

      • HailMelo says:

        Please…The celtics will get knocked out in 5 games at best.. Knicks are out for revenge. No Rondo no chance for Cs.
        Pierce, Garnett, Bradley cant stop Chandler, Smith, n Melo.

        Good luck making it through 4 games Cs you will need it.

    • specialfriedrice says:

      LOL…seriously LOL

  76. OKCKD35 says:

    Kd didn’t have much of a chance? More like KD wasn’t trying to win the scoring title, He is taking less shots at a higher % and distributing the ball more. He didn’t care to win it this year, if he did he would be taking more than 10-16 shots a night while melo is chucking up 30 plus shots. congrats are due to Melo for an outstanding season, but sont make it sound like it was because KD couldnt have done it. Not to mention how many 4th quarters did KD sit out due to his team being up 20+ points? Make your article more about Melo’s accomplishments and less about the inability for Durant to catch him.

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:


    • Ali says:

      No arguments there, but let’s also not act like KD handed it over. He was trying to win it, he just wasn’t willing to change up the team game plan to do so. Hat’s off for him thinking team first. They’re skill sets are very similar, but identical. KD is a much more efficient scorer but Melo is more versatile. Additionally, tthey play slightly different roles for their teams. These factors played out down and made the difference during the final seven games or so when it was decided.

      • NHbleedsGREEN says:

        Biggest factor is the knicks always look to get Smello the ball
        no matter what, felton is not a ball hog like WESTBROOK is!

      • melohello says:

        who esle is he gonna give it too. melo play in the knick and they do is give him the ball ok. it not his fault he dont have a dwayne wadw or a russell westbrook in his team so why not.

      • Jake says:

        Durant could have gotten it if Westbrook hadn’t decided to be the one shooting more shots than Durant! I think thunder need to get rid of Westbrook and get a point guard who can score but wont hog the ball.. Im thinking my man d lillard!! westbrook and say ibaka for lillard and aldridge?? i like it! haha

      • very well said, plus KD had a selfish guy named Russel Westbrook on his team…I believe that played a factor as well…if russel was not there he could’ve won it every year

      • HailMelo says:

        Felton has to be one of the more unselfish PGs in the league which is why he is such a good compliment to Melo. JR Smith is their backup scorer, who is awesome at it! But with a star like Melo, why not give him the ball as much as you can? He puts it in the bucket!

      • Saeed says:

        That’s right. Melo escaped with the Scoring title this year. But Please remember that KD himself escaped with the scoring title last year with only 0.1 of point differential with the runner-up Kobe which in the scheme of around 60 games of last year, means only 6 points in total!!!

    • king range says:

      You’re too blinded by you being a KD fan that you forgot the fact that KD is only taking up less shots because he gets the “call” more often than Melo.

      • helomello2 says:

        king range
        you’re too blinded by you being a MELO fan that you forgot the fact that MELO always take jump shots which ref doesn’t usually call for foul.
        And the fact is MELO FGA is 22.2 while KD FGA is 17.69 that shows MELO is taking 4 more shots than KD
        MELO FTA is 7.64 while KD FTA is 9.26 which shows KD has only 1.64 which is not that much unlike 4 shots that melo is doing.

      • tb says:

        not to mention that KD has the most total points for a 4th straight year!!!!

      • HailMelo says:

        Playing more games than Melo, yeah no wonder he has more TOTAL points..doesnt mean much in the scheme of an 82 games season.

        MELO won it fair and square.

        MELO haters back off.. He is the centrepiece of the knicks franchise and he takes a buckload of shots, because thats what his team needs from him…..scoring… hence Felton is the perfedt point guard to pair him with.

      • Troop says:

        exactly. he take as many shots as melo do.

    • Thunderfan says:

      what everyone always overlooks is that a lot of Melo’s misses are from the paint. If he misses a tip off an offensive rebound it is counted as a missed shot. if he gets three or four tips in a row, it is counted as 4 misses. But everybody forgets that it wasn’t long range shots, there were tips.

    • david says:

      couldnt agree more okckd35! KD could have easily caught melo if he wanted to..he put his team first, definitly gets the runner up tag in the mvp race kd and lebron are streaks ahead of the rest. lebron the clear winner tho. im very non-biast view too i just love watching basketball.

    • tim says:

      u might want 2 learn a lil sum bout basketball. 1 melo has sat out n plenty of 4th not 2 mention gettin injury n da 1st half hurt him midway thru da season. 2nd KD shoots at a higher % because other ppl can create there own shoot top 5 PG named westbrook K mart jackson just 2 name a few. Melo attempts more because dey have no other constant scorer. wen jr was on fire melo shot 62% and averaged 39 so u have no point there. 3rd to say he wasnt tryin is sayin pigs r flyin KD wanted 2 join MJ WILT to be da only ones 2 win 4 str8 scoring titles. 4th if KD better than melo y did da knicks beat heat 3-1 fo da season series and KD on da better team but thunder couldnt even beat heat not 2 mention knicks beatin thunder with all dere injuries

      • OKCKD35 says:

        you might want to learn something about English, As well as comparing how they played a different team makes no sense, with that philosophy the thunder won more games this year than the Knicks so they are better 🙂

    • danny says:

      agreed…. nicely said


      its because kd was going for the 90-40-50= 180 club, which he’s made it out of a few players in history!

    • KingMelo112233 says:

      i disagree with this…KD wanted the scoring title and ddnt get it as simple as that..melo did what he did to get it and got it plain and simple no excuses…if u won the scoring title 3 times in a row y not go for a 4th….thats the thing he did go for the title and didnt get it…

    • Troop says:

      only reason it LOOK like durant take less shots and has a higher fg % than melo is bcuz of the foul calls he get. that is the ONLY reason. with as much contact as melo play thru every game compared to the type of foul calls durant get melo should b leadin the league in free throw attempts. but they dont give him calls like that though. y i dont kno ask the NBA.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        KD had less than 2 more FT per game then Melo, that’s less than 1 foul call per game! The fact is Melo jacked up more shots in less games and shot a lower % from EVERYWHERE on the court.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        When Melo gets anywhere near a 50-40-90 season come holler at me