Blogtable: Sacramento Or Seattle?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 25: Sacramento or Seattle? | Lottery team leap next season | Top 4 seed ripe for upset

You’re an NBA owner. Sacramento or Seattle: Who do you pick, and why?

Steve Aschburner: Where is King Solomon, or at least Solomon Jones, when we need him? Slicing the franchise in half like the Biblical baby could work, right? If the folks in Washington are fine with Sea-Tac Airport, so why not Sea-Sac basketball? Split the home games, deck ’em out in purple and green … OK, so that would not work. No more tap-dancing to delay the inevitable. And the inevitable, if I’m an NBA owner, is that I vote what’s in my best interest. That means Seattle, for its bigger market size and for the right some day to maybe transfer my franchise where I want to, without too much intervention from the league or anyone else. These guys are businessmen. Intangibles and loyalty aren’t nothing, but they do have price tags.

NBA owners meet this week to continue their deliberations on what to do with the Kings (by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

NBA owners meet again this week to continue their deliberations on what to do with competing offers for the Sacramento Kings.
(By Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

Fran Blinebury: So very deviously evil of the Quizmaster to present us with Sophie’s Choice. Are you gonna give the good citizens of Seattle or Sacramento — not to mention Scott Howard-Cooper — our home addresses when we pick the other guy? The truth is we can’t make the decision, because we don’t have all of the financial facts and contract terms available to the owners. If you’re asking me where I’d rather spend a June afternoon during the NBA Finals, order me a dirty martini on the rooftop deck at the Pink Door, just an olive’s throw from Pike Place Market. But then where would I get my cowbell fix? My guess is it’s going to come down to which city can get the new arena up and running faster.  In that case, we’ll likely be raising our glasses to the loud memories of Sacramento.  Shaken, not stirred.

Jeff Caplan: First, let me say that I love the city of Seattle and I miss it dearly on the NBA map. I wish for the SuperSonics to soon return. However, not at the expense of the city of Sacramento and the great fans there for so many years (cowbells notwithstanding). Without having direct knowledge of the intricate details of each deal, it does appear that Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson has done an incredible job to put together an ownership group and an arena deal that will take Kings basketball out of the cow pasture and into a colorful downtown scene. I hated the way the Sonics were ripped from Seattle. And I would hate to see the same happen to Sac. If there was not a competitive deal on the table, that would be one thing. But, it certainly appears that there is.

Scott Howard-CooperI pick the location that is going to be best for the NBA. Sounds simple enough, but it’s not. Some may want the decision that benefits their team – more small market teams is good for owners in small markets, a team in Seattle means a few more bucks in owners’ pockets on relocation fee, etc. In other words, I’m not voting until my fellow owners do in real life. I say there could be more unexpected developments.

John Schuhmann: I have no dog in this fight and it sucks that one of these two cities will be without a team. But if there’s nothing wrong with the Seattle agreement, the Seattle ownership group or their arena plan, then I guess I’d have to approve that agreement, because it’s already in place. I’m just glad that, no matter which city wins, the franchise is going to have new ownership and management. The Kings have been a disaster for the last five years and the problems start at the top. The Maloofs have put minimal money into the team and Geoff Petrie hasn’t helped with his decision making. So as long as we’re getting a smarter and more viable group to replace the one currently in charge, I’ll be happy.

Sekou Smith: For sentimental reasons, this is an impossible choice to make for an incumbent owner. Luckily for said owner, this is a business decision. Taking the fans and their feelings into consideration could be dangerous. And this is not a fair fight between cities. Sacramento is a fine town, but Seattle is a world class city that anyone who has ever visited there knows well. So instead of weighing all of the pros and cons of each city, you go with the Benjamins baby. I’m taking the best offer. And from every indication, that offer can be found in Seattle. You have to ignore the history and the heart tugging from the fans and make a business decision.


  1. Bryan says:

    Just let the league expand by 2 more teams..1 in West Seattle (Hansen Group) and 1 in East Virginia Beach (Comcast), not only would this make everyone happy but it would also create a great rivalry between Sac and Seattle

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  3. Sonicsfan says:

    As a fan of all Seattle sports I am clearly biased in the fact that I want the Sonics back. More than anything though, I just want them to make a decision on this. When will they decide? I’m so tired of this decision being postponed. We’ve heard all sides of this now the owners just need to sit down and make a freaking decision. Stop leading the wonderful fans of Seattle and Sacramento on, make a decision, and move on.

  4. Jim says:

    1. Seattle fans>Sacramento fans. 2. California already has lots of teams. 3. Seattle loves basketball.

  5. jack says:

    I am all for my great city of Sacramento. We deserve to keep our team, since I was young I have always followed Kings and I have lots of very fond memories with this team and want this team in Sacramento.

  6. jack says:

    Sacramento fans deserve to keep their team, the Sacramento residents and fans have worked very hard to keep their franchise and team, in my opinion they deserve to keep their team. If Seattle had done what Sacramento is doing now in order to keep Kings they might have been able to keep Sonics, which is now Thunders.

    • Gary Payton says:

      What will fly is a completed purchase agreement with no loose ends, the owners are business men first and foremost! Expansion please, Most Seattle fans would prefer not have a city lose their team like we had happen!

  7. Rich says:

    Stern will see to it that the Kings stay in Sacramento just as surely as he saw to it that the Sonics were moved to Oklahoma City. A we can do is wait and see, but I will be surprised if the Kings are allowed to move and even more surprised if the NBA adds any team through expansion. (and I am from the Seattle area and would love the return of the Sonics)

  8. Marvin says:

    If there is such a demand for a team in Seattle just make a new team and add it to the League period, no more trouble and everyone is happy.

  9. Marvin says:

    A lot of people are saying spread the wealth around, send this team out of California, but I disagree. DO YOU PEOPLE FROM OTHER STATES KNOW EXACTLY HOW BIG CALIFORNIA IS? IT IS GIGANTIC, it could be split in to 3 states. If a person staying in LA wanted to go see a Kings game or Warriors game, He would have to drive for about 7 hours straight to get to those games. this is the story of west coast, this is not as easy it is in east coast where you can go from one state to other is minutes to go watch a game. AND also Going from Sacramento to San Jose Arena to watch Warriors could take up to 2 or 3 hours of drive. In my opinion that’s kind of far.

  10. Marvin says:

    In my opinion Sacramento Kings should stay in Sacramento. Sacramento fans are some of the best fans in the League, supporting a under rated team for so long. Just because the owner of Sacramento is will to send the team to Seattle does not mean that is what needs to happen. I believe that Sacramento fans should have a say for their team, and if Sacramento fans have a deal to offer, their deal should have be heard about before hand.

  11. Hardhat Lunchpail says:

    The NBA should just expand the league by two more teams. Either one West (Seattle) and one East (Loiusville? Baltimore? Pittsburgh? Richmond?) or two Western teams (Seattle and Wichita? Austin? Calgary? Vegas? Albequerque? ) and move Memphis to the Eastern conference. The divisions need to be redone anyway. I mean, Oklahoma City is Norhwest? Phoenix is Pacific? Memphis is Southwest? With one extra team per conference we can have four divisions or four teams per conference and the divisions could be:

    Central (Chicago, Detroit, Indiana, Milwaukee)
    Southeast (Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte)
    North Atlantic (Toronto, Brooklyn, New York, Boston)
    East (Washington, Philadelphia, Cleveland, ???)

    Pacific (LA, LA, Golden State, Sacramento)
    Southwest(Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, Dallas)
    Northwest(Denver, Portland, Seattle, Utah)
    Midwest(Memphis, Minnesota, Oklahoma City, New Orleans)

    Yes, Cleveland isn’t QUITE east and New Orleans is more deep south than midwest but it’s closer than what we currently have.

  12. Jason says:

    Stern just needs to let go of Sacramento. There’s too many teams in California anyways.

  13. TTKIN says:

    Schuhmann had the best answer.

  14. SixerfanEurope says:

    Americans and their “business decision first” principle… I don’t mean to be ofensive but if you ignore the fans and think only about the money, that would be too sad to swallow. I know that us Europeans maybe don’t understand that, but it would be IMPOSSIBLE for any European team to change names, let alone entire cities. That’s why I’m rooting for Sacramento in this one. Even if the Kings move to Seattle, but they still won’t be “the” Sonics. You can call a dog a duck, but it’s still a dog.

  15. Gary Payton says:

    Seattle is the thirteenth largest market, larger than seventeen of the thirty teams out there!

  16. Bernt Swede Malion says:

    Its makes no sense that Californian have 4 teams and Washington non.

  17. Gary Payton says:

    Is Stern going to turn his back on Sacramento like he did to Seattle? It appears he is trying to help or is it a false face and he intends to correct what happened five years ago? Ironic Bennett is the chairman of relocation committee and might want to correct that bad karma? Seattle, Sacramento deserve teams and OKC did not!

  18. K says:

    If they want the supersonics back,just make another team

  19. john says:


  20. hrcdigital says:

    The Maloofs are backstabbers and have betrayed a loyal fan base.

    Kings fans do not deserve this and they have remained loyal despite the ownerships mismanagement.

    The Kings should stay in Sacramento where they belong.

  21. hrcdigital says:

    The Maloofs are backstabbers and have betrayed a loyal fan base.

    The Kings fans have not deserved to be treated this way after the years of support.

    The Kings should stay where they are in Sacramento and thats all there is to it.

  22. truthy says:

    I live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. It’s over a couple hours to get to Seattle for me. But I will gladly take that drive to see the Sonics play. I’m not complaining about the drive. If you don’t like Golden State, you have two more choices in LA. That drive can’t be longer than the drive to Portland NBA fans in Washington have been taking for years if they want to catch a game.

    Not to mention… Those other three teams in your state made the playoffs this year. Stop whining about losing a bad team and go find a good one to root for.

  23. We Need Sonics Back says:

    We Need our sonics backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ,

  24. HailMelo says:

    If you were going to mov any NBA team back to Seattle who already have a decent supporter base it woul have to be the kings or the bobcats surely…

  25. Darrell says:

    What’s so great about Seattle? You come down and steal Sacramento area talent for your sorry UW, it rains almost every day up there. Only major city in Washington. The Magoofs denied the team was for sale for the longest, back out of the deal they had in place for the arena last year. The league will suffer a tremendous blow with the move of Sacramento to Seattle. 258 million dollar public involvement will sway other cities to stay away from public/ private partnerships.
    This is not about you Seattle, this is about the Maloofs making a mockery of the deal brokered last year between Sac/NBA.
    They gave the Maloofs every o pportunity to keep their team, but George screwed up their finances. Sac will win, has done nothing to lose their team, unlike Seattle. Seattle, I spent time in your in city, to bad your a San Francisco wanna be, you lose.

  26. Stuart Dougherty says:

    The Kings have to stay in Sacramento! Just because Seattle lost its team doesn’t mean they can take ours. If they do go to Seattle at least keep them as the Kings don’t make them the supersonics

  27. Renn Jennsenn says:

    I’m gonna go with the Seattle Supersonics. Cali already has 2 legit teams. Spread the wealth around and regardless it’ll be profitable for the NBA but add more excitement.

  28. Brian M says:

    I wish Seattle could get a team w/out getting bloody hands but that seems not possible, Believe me i would much rather have kd35 back here then getting the kings. but beggas can not be choosers so we must look at other avenues to fullfill our wishes. I believe that Seattle has more of a Basketball culture, we have a frickin championship here…..having a few good years w/ c webb and nothing else to do in sac is not a strong fan base its boreedom.. Plus we will be bringing another wounded team here from the NHL we have the pockets and 40 YEARS OF FAN BASE!!!!!BRING OUR SUPERSONIS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Dan says:

    seattle needs its team please make the right decision

  30. Mark says:

    Kings should stay in Sacramento, period. Why? Kings have years in Sacramento and I myself as a Kings fan don’t think its right for them to move when other fans as myself are used to the fact that Sacramento has a team…FOR YEARS! Stern, don’t you have a heart and sympathy for us fans? All you care about is the money you are going to make! LONG LIVE THE SACRAMENTO KINGS!

  31. Petshop says:

    Why can’t they just move the Bobcats to Seattle. I know they’re in the East but Charlotte is not working for them.

  32. Karlo Garcia says:

    I would take Seattle because they seem like they will built a new arena.

  33. Jalen says:


  34. Dennis Kam says:


  35. Wayne Turner says:

    Easy and fair solution:-

    Keep the Kings in Sac.

    Bring back the Super Sonics in Seattle.

    Don’t lose/move a team,and then lose some fans in the process.

  36. Uros says:

    It is not fair to take a team from one of the best fans in the NBA,who have been there for many years!
    Why should they suffer?
    It’s not just Sacramento fans,nobody wants Kings to move,only Seattle fans!
    If this happens,it would be one of the worst heartbreaking tragedies in sport!

  37. allen says:

    note to cities: if you don’t cut a good deal for your sports teams another city just might. lesson learned. nba and it’s owners are not to blame for moving a team if the current city isn’t competitive with what other cities are offering. one city’s loss is another ones gain so it’s not like there is a net loss in happiness here.

    it is a shame for the fans in sacramento but don’t blame the owners who naturally want the most attractive financial arrangement for themselves. that’s capitalism. capitalism makes america great. sacramento might be able to get a team again. charlotte did after losing the hornets.

  38. Gary Motherfn' Oak says:

    Why not we just add Seattle as an expansion franchise and keep Sacramento? Like what was done with the Bobcats. Then everyone’s happy.

  39. Nick says:

    Who cares where they go its the players that matter and considering their record it don’t think they even have any

  40. Rafael says:

    Average Home Attendance 1985-2008 (K = Sacramento Kings, S = Seattle SuperSonics)

    K- 10,333
    S- 8,032,
    K- 10,333
    S- 8,692,
    K- 10,333
    S- 12,008,
    K- 16,517
    S- 12,920,
    K- 17,014
    S- 12,244,
    K- 17,014
    S- 12,443,
    K- 17,014
    S- 14,315,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,805,
    K- 17,317
    S- 14,682,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,457,
    K- 17,317
    S- 17,007,
    K- 17,317
    S- 17,072,
    K- 14,767
    S- 17,072,
    K- 16,750
    S- 17,072,
    K- 17,562
    S- 15,018,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,630,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,630,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,451,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,541,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,255,
    K- 17,317
    S- 16,475,
    K- 17,317
    S- 16,198,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,955,
    K- 14,150
    S- 13,355

    SACRAMENTO’S attendance was HIGHER than Seattle’s for 21 OUT OF 24 SEASONS since the Kings moved here in 1985 and Sacramento has sold out 17 of its 29 seasons. If you think Seattle supported their Sonics more than Sacramento does for its Kings then you are only kidding yourself, numbers don’t lie! The Maloofs have threatened to move the Kings for the last few years and BACKED OUT on an arena deal with Sacramento. With the Maloofs out and Vivek in our trust and attendance will go back up.



    • Tryfe says:

      Numbers are incorrect! Plus you cant compare this when Kings arena holds more people. Sonics have always had support and sold out most of the 90’s with Kemp and GP. Also, Seattle has 48,000 people on a waiting list for season tickets! Kings probably have 1,284 people.

      • tony.m says:

        sacramento has India and Sacramentoi on the waiting list , seattle has 48,000 ? thats it !

    • Brian M says:

      Having a few good years w/ c webb and nothing else to do in sac is not a strong fan base its boreedom

  41. Manny Cruz says:

    Seattle doesn’t deserve a team at the expense of Sacramento. Seattle can enjoy their Seahawks. It’s down right shameful if the Sacramento fans lose their team.

  42. justsaying says:

    People have been saying the India connection of the Sac group could play a part as well. It’s a coveted market, like Houston has cultivated for the NBA in China.

    I would prefer to see a small expansion to resolve this as number69 proposed. Perhaps looking at some cities that carry pro football and baseball teams to round it out, like St Louis or Baltimore.

  43. Kevin says:

    Both these cities deserve teams… Oklahoma City does not.

    • Gary Payton says:

      They do! That is so true, we would not be here if good ownership was the NBA’s first priority. Two cities with similar problems, and expansion is the answer what happened five years ago to the day!

  44. zack says:

    why is there a notion that seattle will make this team better??? its the same roster your bringing with you and you cant pull off what okc did to you because you no longer have durant…sacremento kings or seattle super sonics…whos gunna win the battle for a 28-54 team???

  45. dd def says:

    lol, I like Aschburner’s idea.

  46. Jaynma23 says:

    For those of you who keeps saying this is how business works then why the NBA still having these meetings? Why are they still weeks away from deciding? They could just move this team to seattle and be done with. The fact that the kings are still breathing means that theres still a chance to stay.

  47. Renato Costa says:

    The Kings should go to seattle because sacramento is not much of a sports city plus seattle is begging for there basketball team back sacramento had their chance and they barely give any support to their team so it’s best for the kings to move to seattle and possibly change their name to the supersonics.

    • Brian says:

      Barely give any support to the team? Hello, can you say sell out crowds for nearly 12 straight years? And considering the MaGoofs have purposely fielded a sub par team and we still support and want them. Please keep your ignorant naive comments to yourself, you know nothing.

      • gregF says:

        Amen Brian!!
        Renato I dont know what plant your from???
        but 7500 to 10,00 most night reguardless of team in town
        No to mention if the MAGOOF the last three plus years had done what was asked for them and no pissed on sac and its fan base Im sure we would have more sellout Fans Have a sour taste for the MAGOOFS as long aas they are owner fan would rather watch at the local watering hole then pay the money to the ownership!!

      • Ron says:

        Twelve years of sell outs? You know the Kings had the lowest attendance in the league this year right? Almost two thousand tickets below capacity, so you can claim sell outs all you want but the math doesn’t add up! The average road attendance for team the Kings are playing are higher on the road then at home.

  48. number69 says:

    let both sacramento and seattle have a team plus add one to las vegas, it’s 32 teams 4 teams in 4 divisons in 2 conferences.

    • Petshop says:

      Which conference is LV and which conference is Seattle. Last I checked Sonics was West. and I think LV is also West cuz its near the Pacific Division. I think they should add another east team Maybe Vancouver it was an NBA team before.

  49. Maicol says:

    the Kings are the team of Sacramento and they doesn’t have to leave their city. If seattle want a team ask at the League to create another team in that city. Why transfer?

    • niklooney says:

      No expansion teams will be created. That’s been pointed out many times, hence the reason why Seattle is having to purchase and move an existing team.

  50. SactownRoyalty9 says:

    Kings should and will stay in Sacramento. I can’t imagine how they will leave….Most of you guys are saying that it will come down to greedy owners…if it comes down to greedy owners, why would Seattle win?….It would make more sense if they just stayed in Sacramento, who are presenting the “Same” exact bid. No relocation fees to file or anything. Right?……..Now that that’s out of the way, Kings should stay in Sacramento. One viewer commented on how King fans didn’t care for Seattle when they were relocating the Sonics….Duh, it didn’t affect us like it didn’t affect the other 28 teams in the league…..Don’t get me wrong we felt bad, yeah of course, but like “Most” of you say, it’s a business right?……..I just don’t understand how after all the heartache of you guys losing your team, you guys are trying to do the same to us Sacramento fans…I truly believe that our Mayor Kevin Johnson and our cities determination will end up in the Kings staying in Sacramento…………………………Like Kevin Martin said when he hit the game winning shot in Seattle, “Let’s go home”, home to Sacramento that is……

    • bigwes95 says:

      but they usually see it as first come first serve, and their arena deal is a lot further along than Sacramento’s, and the difference is that seattle fans were lied to, they were told that the team would stay in seattle and then they moved it! at least Sacramento knows that their going to seattle. most seattle fans do feel bad for the kings because they know what it’s like to lose a team, but should they feel so guilty that they should get a team even though the kings haven’t had good attendance, good ownership like the Hansen group, good management, or anything. if anything, the city is losing more money than gaining because the sales have been terrible and fans don’t care until they’re about to be sold off? seattle cared the whole time, but sacramento fans haven’t until now.

  51. hopendawg42 says:

    I for one hope the Kings stay in Sacramento. Nothing at all against the wonderful fans of Seattle, as I believe they should have never lost their team in the first place and long deserve one. Let me say I am a diehard Cleveland Browns fan and it was a disgusting time when they bolted for Baltimore. As a child, I hated as an NFL when the Colts were ripped from Baltimore, how ironic ehh? But I wish their somehow was a rule where a team cannot leave their city in all sports, maybe with economics that is not possible, but would be great one day to see. Sports is so popular, they just need to expand. They can’t say they won’t because of lack of high-profile talent on rosters, considering they allow power teams to come together.(i.e. Miami Heat, NY Yankees, etc.(money) To all Sacramento and Seattle fans, keep your heads up as you both will soon get a team one way or the other!

  52. Jim says:

    For the last 5 years Seattle fans have been complaining about the injustice of having a team stripped from them, and now they seem to have no problem doing the exact same thing to Sacramento.

    • Basketball Fan says:

      It is not the same situation. Clay Bennett purchased the team and said he would do everything he could to keep the team in Seattle and lied. He and Stern were working it from the inside to put unachievable demands on the city for a new arena without any help from Bennett and his ownership group. Now, Stern is bending over backwards to try and extend the timetable for the Sacramento group to have time to make an offer, which was never granted to Seattle. You can’t compare apples and oranges, it doesn’t work. We have been honest about the whole thing and up front with our intentions for the team from the start. It doesn’t compare because we were blind-sided by a new owner who lied to us and Sacramento had every opportunity to prepare an offer to the Maloofs to purchase the team just as Chris Hansen did.

  53. Patrick Arthur says:

    I think Seattle shuld get a team back. Sac-Town is wac anyways

  54. Marco29 says:

    Sorry for the SAC fans but relocations are usual business in the NBA. Their ownership group had plenty of times to build an arena and satisify the league’s requests. Now Seattle has the most solid case to bring back a team to their city. It wouldn’t be logical to deny the rights to Seatlle who was not given the same chances to fight wen the Sonics left.

    • gregF says:

      Ownership group this ownership group that, you dont get it The MaGoof dangle the team like a carrot for their pleasure every time sac gets the ideas and money flowwing The Magoofs back off and blow the deal. yes weve had ten years and yes we done all the nba has asked But it also make better bussiness sence to make Millionaire owners in a billionaires world sell to the sacramento group leave town and never look back maybe in a few more year another team that doesnt have our fan base for playing in the basement like 6 or 7 other teams did this year then Seattle keep on building you sport arena next to your other pro stadiums and then maybe another team will take notice Oh wait isnt that what KC did a few year after king left thinking they would come back well its hasnt happen for them and It wont happen in Seattle .face it NBA is dead in Seattle

  55. payton says:

    LMAO I hate that excuse to keep their team. They live in Cali with 3 other NBA teams. Oakland is only 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Sac with the Warriors. Sorry Kings fans, you can make that tough hour and twenty minute drive…

    • Marco29 says:

      On the one hand U r right about the 1h20min drive on the other hand, if it was only a matter of having too much teams in CAL, then it would make more sense to relocate one of the LA teams who are playing in the same building. But then again LA is a bigger market…

    • Danny says:

      Oakland is 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Sacramento? Clearly you have never made the drive. Traffic, bad roads, easily equates to a lot more. Additionally, Sacramento Kings fans also come from other locations other than Sacramento. If your going to bash on a “bad” argument, at least make a good one in return.

  56. Dave says:

    Sacramento has been given 10 years to build arena. Seattle was given 0 years in 2008 while Sacramento keeps getting extensions. Seattle bidders have worked on the details of arena, political support and fan support. Seattle bidders have spent $ and have offered more. We did all that was asked by NBA and if NBA shuns Seattle again this dream team of fans, owners and fan support wont exist if rejected. Relocations happen, Sacramento isn’t above the rules. They feel like they’re entitled to the benefit of the doubt Seattle never got. It’s time to bring the NBA back to the emerald city. If Kings ownership is really committed they should get expansion but the way I see it we are far ahead of the game. Don’t loss Seattle forever. NBA is at risk of losing all the work Hansen/Ballmer have done in which the NBA requested. How can you say no to Seattle?

    • Brian says:

      Easy, NO! Sacramento has done everything the NBA has asked also.

      • bigwes95 says:

        but seattle was there with a deal first and owners like that more than people just scrambling. they usually see it as first come first serve and that was Seattle

  57. sactown!!! says:

    All the sacramento kings fans always said they have hhe bigeest fan base or support for how many years even the kings win loss record is down. But come to think, what will the people do in their city because their is no other professional sports present in the city, their is no mlb, nhl, soccer. just as nba present so the fans would support the kings even they have worst record in the nba. its also the owners dont spend money for the improvement of the team. so please…… its OK if the kings will relocate to seattle! the city is big and also their fan base and they can match easily the fan base of seattle plus a better owner ship group and support!

    • Gary Payton says:

      Hopefully they are looking at expansion, two groups willing to pay top dollar, that is hard to not look at and does not come around !

  58. Gary Payton says:

    Being sentimental is not good business and Stern is on his way out. Either the Kings move north or expansion team will be granted and that is the delay if any…..

  59. james t scott sr says:

    Is it just me or does David stern dislike the city of Seattle? The people of Seattle were lied to. Clay Bennett promised to keep the supersonics here and look what happened! David stern is the devil in a suit no one likes him!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mark F says:

      Based on many of the comments here from Seattle fans, it’s fairly easy to see why anyone would dislike the city of Seattle. You guys are despicable.

      • RobK1967 says:

        Thank you for the compliment Mark, I do appreciate compliments from people like you 🙂

  60. Nick_big_smoke says:

    The team will move to seattle. the only owners who would object to a move from sacramento are people who have sentimental feelings toward the city and the fans…which is no owners. Stern can prop up the Sac investment group all day long, but it eventually falls into the hands of greedy owners, and surprise surprise..they are greedy and want money. Seattle beats sacramento in every financial factor. national TV deals will rise now that seattle is in the mix. Seattle has multiple fortune 500 companies, including microsoft, boeing, amazon. sacramento has….? sorry sac fans, i like sacramento as a small NBA city. I would much rather take the bobcats or bucks, but it wasnt meant to be. ALSO, i bet anything that after the kings move, the sacramento group will disband and not bother looking for another team to relocate to Sacramento. I have a feeling KJ will just throw in the towel and stop pursuing the NBA. that speaks volumes about the city and its leaders.

  61. waltwilliams55 says:

    As a Sacramento fan and basketball fan since the 80s, the only games I will watch now are Lebron James games for sheer history being made, the league is dirty, wasted a lot of money on it.

  62. Kfan says:

    So it all has become a circus hosted by the Maloofs who are poised to spit in the eyes of all Sacramento Kings Fans after years of support. These same fans were willing to forgive and forget when the arena deal was agreed to last year. Then the Maloofs backed out after celebrating at a game with everyone.

    Its just a business deal huh?

    Sacramento Can build an arena as fast as Seattle. Owners are in place that have offered equal money.

    It comes down to a question of ethics, who has them and who does not.

    • payton says:

      The only thing though is that Chris Hansen’s plan is way further along than Sac’s. Sac still has a year to go on the EIR..

  63. itsfinn says:


    The NBA is a transient league already. Every team in California came from another city. Sacramento from 3 prior cities. The Atlanta Hawks played in 5 other cities.

    That is life in the NBA.

  64. Hayden Lucas says:

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am in the process of relocating to Seattle myself. That said, I have been following this story from the beginning. To the best of my understanding, the Maloof family did not wish to deal with the City of Sacramento and did reach a deal initially with the Hansen group. The NBA has a signed, dated agreement that would sell roughly 65% of the Kings franchise to the Hansen group, which, it appears, has also secured the right to purchase an additional percentage of the team from a minority investor, out of Bankruptcy Court. Couple this with the seemingly advanced stages of arena negotiation in Seattle, I would argue that the return of basketball in Seattle was not only in the community’s best interest, the region’s best interest, but also in the financial best interests of all remaining NBA owners. While I hate to see a franchise relocate unnessarily, no one — fan, media talking head, or “source” has made an argument as to why Sacramento should even be given an opportunity to match Hansen’s proposal, as the Maloof family has filed — presumably at the Hansen group’s request — for relocation to Seattle beginning next season.

    As a fan and businessperson, I’m voting Seattle.

    • Lon says:

      I find it funny/ ironic that some of the same folks who were whining a few years back (and rightfully so) about the owners and the NBA ‘stealing’ their precious Sonics away from Seattle, have no empathy at all for the fans in Sacramento (now that the shoe is on the other foot). The NBA needs to KEEP THE KINGS IN SACRAMENTO unless they want to been seen from this point forward as a transient league and risk a further deterioration in their fan base. New ownership with fresh ideas can turn this Kings franchise around. The very strong Sacramento fan base, which has been supporting a less-than-competitive team for many years now, will once again fill the stands (in a new downtown arena).

      • itsfinn says:

        Seattle fans can have empathy and still want the Sonics back. Every NBA team in California came from another place, where was the empathy for those other cities?

      • payton says:

        What I find funny is that you guys in Sacramento probably didn’t care when the Sonics left for OKC. It didn’t affect you so you were fine with it. You guys are expecting the league and the whole country to feel sorry for you guys but where was the sympathy for us as Sonics fans, when the league decided to move them to OKC? Quit asking for sympathy because that’s not the way that business works. We have the arena much further along than you guys, we have the market, the money, the land purchased already, and we actually have a championship behind our team. You guys can try to compete with our corporate businesses up here in Seattle but at the end of the day, the owners are going to vote for what’s best for them and that’s to move them to Seattle. That’s business. Deal with it.

      • DT says:

        99% of people in Seattle do feel empathy for the people of Sacramento. But these are the rules the NBA forces everyone to live by and if that is what it takes to get the team back, then that is what they will do.

        “unless they want to been seen from this point forward as a transient league and risk a further deterioration in their fan base”
        Because taking the Sonics to OKC in the first place didn’t already prove that 100 times over?

      • CreacK says:

        I have a problem with your statement about filling the stands. I looked at the numbers, you guys have filled the stands twice this season, and have gone low alot. Compare this to a comprable team(skill matches sac, location matches seattle) portland. Portland has filled the stands once, but the rose garden seats more than sleep train arena and they have only gone under sacs max capacity once or twice. Supposedly you guys have shown alot of support yet attendance is still low. Dont get me wrong, i dont hate sac, i dont want them to lose their team necesarily, but they have the weakest ownership situation right now so they are our best bet. Sorry kings fans but thats life and thats the nba

    • dd def says:

      I would like to say that I wish seattle’s chance at having a team again did NOT have to come at the expense of the always amazing fans of sacramento. still, i’d like to have the nba back in seattle, and I hope seattlites put some kind of gift basket together like we did after the BS call in the early nfl season which granted us a win over green bay. and I for one, and I encourage everyone else to do so as well, plan on being much more gracious to sacremento than OKC have been towards seattle.

    • mopar003 says:

      The main issue I have with this is that thew Maloofs never gave anyone a chance to buy the Kings, UNTIL it was sold. The Maloofs REPEATEDLY said the Kings were NOT for sale, until they were sold. The same whales and buyers would have been there as soon as the Kings were listed for sale, but the were never given the opportunity.

      This falls COMPLETELY on the Maloofs and their desire to not sell to a Sacramento group. I don’t blame Owners or Seatlle, or Sacramento fans. I don’t think anyone has done anything that any other person/city/owner would have done, except the Maloofs, who chose to sell the time in the middle of the night and run (figuratively).

      Business is business, absolutely. But denying the Sacramento groups the ability to even attempt to purchase the Kings makes this a shady deal from the get go. Seattle may be a bigger market, but that doesn’t necessarily mean better. If the dollars match (as reported) then there is NO reason to move to Seattle, except spite from the Maloofs against the Sacramento Mayor.

    • mopar003 says:

      The main issue I have with this is that thew Maloofs never gave anyone a chance to buy the Kings, UNTIL it was sold. The Maloofs REPEATEDLY said the Kings were NOT for sale, until they were sold. The same whales and buyers would have been there as soon as the Kings were listed for sale, but the were never given the opportunity.

      This falls COMPLETELY on the Maloofs and their desire to not sell to a Sacramento group. I don’t blame Owners or Seatlle, or Sacramento fans. I don’t think anyone has done anything that any other person/city/owner would have done, except the Maloofs, who chose to sell the time in the middle of the night and run (figuratively).

      Business is business, absolutely. But denying the Sacramento groups the ability to even attempt to purchase the Kings makes this a shady deal from the get go. Seattle may be a bigger market, but that doesn’t necessarily mean better. If the dollars match (as reported) then there is NO reason to move to Seatle, except spite from the Maloofs against the Sacramento Mayor.

  65. tz1981 says:

    If Stern did for Seattle only 10% of what he is now doing for Sacramento, we would still have our team.
    But, he chose to work with Bennett to steal the Sonics from us.


      EXACTLY!! I beleive the owners realize the mistake they made by letting that David Stern move Seattle