NBA Players #PrayForBoston

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The shocking events of this afternoon in Boston touched off passionate reactions from folks all over the country and all around the globe, and NBA players were not immune.

With the details on exactly what happened and why at the finish line of Monday’s Boston Marathon still being investigated, the response of players on Twitter was swift and simple. And it echoed the sentiment of a nation.

Everyone is concerned for the citizens of Boston and beyond that have been impacted by this tragedy:


  1. Thank you for finally letting me post something on this article-i’ve been trying for 3 days w/ my very appropriate statement of love! When some on here have multiple ones.

  2. May The Great Creator Bless, Love, & Heal all who have been hurt!

  3. mharon bayabaya says:

    in the place of terrorists is like hell, they use guns to make a party! they celebrate it with guns and amo..i dont think so here in america…..its prohibited! my thoughts and prayer for all the victims ofthe family….

  4. heydanbud says:


    that happened in 2002. 11 years ago. maybe that’s why no one is talking about it.

  5. mharon bayabaya says:

    unrecyclable trash in the world!

  6. mharon bayabaya says:

    everytime when im saw the news in tv my hair on my skin is stand, because of the last hug between the father and a chil..omg! terrorist are lots of cowardly act! and a trash of the world!

  7. TheRock says:


  8. nekbeth says:

    Prayers for all victims. There is no justification for this tragedy. Beyond that.. the US is a warlike country and every 5 or so years.. they need to make a War without Justification… that’s why you’ll NEVER see bombings in Switzerland, Mexico or Canada.

    The US has done a lot of damage/killing to the World but this tragedy is a cowardly act and REAL responsibles should be punished with all the law.

  9. matt says:

    i knew evelyne wouldn’t let Steven Greer get credit from worldwide media ithout a reason, i knew something like this was going to happen, #PrayForBoston and #PrayForWhoEverGet’sRetaliated4This and i’m thinking it’s going to be you guys (miles long trains with nato and apc tanks, NDAA, Fema camps, coffins) i sincerely mean this i wish you people a lot of strength in the near future.

  10. mharon bayabaya says:

    im praying last night, that “Lord, please heal the wounded and comfort all the families those who affected in boston tragedy. so sad………

  11. New Guy says:

    May Jehovah be with the people in the Marothon who lost there lives. We are living in the times of the end.

  12. dave says:

    you guys that are not supporting this are beyond ignorant , hatred is running through my heart. this world has turned into something else #PRAYFORBOSTON

  13. ism says:

    Coca Cola has union workers killed in South America. And it’s the sponsor of the NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. This just as an example. You cannot cry over Boston while not being aware of the dangers a huge enterprise like the NBA indirectly supports through its vast generation of money. My thoughts are with Boston, but I am always astounded by how little awareness executives, media and players show when it comes to tragic events that are not in their neighbourhood. We have the Internet. Go, inform yourselves…

  14. Griffin#71 says:

    To all terrorist out there.
    In the immortal words of Liam Neeson…

    “I will find you and I will kill you”

    • Griffin#71 says:

      Prayers go out to those affected by the bombings, everyone in attendence of the marathon, the city of Boston and it’s residents.

  15. Big Euro says:

    Daveycr. I get your point about how the media dehumanises and neglects the lives of people outside the western world. However two wrongs do not make a right and we all need to recognise another’s suffering. There is too much senseless violence in our lives nowadays. We should just offer our prayers and grievances to all those in the world who suffer through the cruel acts of a few.

  16. Deividas says:

    Wow, it’s so sad for those people.. What is happening in the world? srsly, people are killing and only thinking about the kills. R.I.P everyone in there.

  17. JustAGUY says:

    Looks exactly like streets in iraq that usa caused

  18. NinjagoXII says:

    Prayers and thoughts go out to all the people affected in Boston. Very sad. Why do people do this?

  19. lakersfan4ever says:

    Prayer to all People in Boston.

  20. daveycr says:

    Shocked to hear about the explosions?!???
    Guess what else happened today?
    Double standard? At least 30 members of an Afghan wedding party were killed and many more wounded when a U.S. plane bombed a village in the central province of Uruzgan today, Afghan officials and residents said. They told the local Pashtu service of the BBC at least 120 people had been either killed or wounded. Meanwhile North America is in shock after the Boston bombings.

  21. Let’s pray for Boston. God Bless Boston. God Bless the USA.

    Ray Duque III (GMBD), USA

  22. BIG P. says:

    its sad someone full of hate for american people or just people what ever the isssue is i wish he come play with me i guratee he feel some pain im really starting to have hatred in my heart.. god help us all…. my prayers and thought are with the victims with this tragedy that did not need to happen …

  23. Team Global says:

    This is really sad!!!! #PrayforBoston

  24. carl campbell says:

    peace and luv-to all those hurt today—live long..

  25. Baby says:

    Prayers and Thought go out to Boston, May God Bless

  26. Ibrahim says:

    Pray for Syria !!?