With Mind Swirling, Kobe Vents

By NBA.com news staff

Just about everyone has something to say about the devastating news that Kobe Bryant has a potential torn Achilles and will miss the rest of the season. But no one can truly pour their heart out and provide a clear understanding of the severe situation quite like Kobe did Friday night on his Facebook page following the crushing injury:

This is such BS! All the training and sacrifice just flew out the window with one step that I’ve done millions of times! The frustration is unbearable. The anger is rage. Why the hell did this happen ?!? Makes no damn sense. Now I’m supposed to come back from this and be the same player Or better at 35?!? How in the world am I supposed to do that??
I have NO CLUE. Do I have the consistent will to overcome this thing? Maybe I should break out the rocking chair and reminisce on the career that
was. Maybe this is how my book
ends. Maybe Father Time has defeated me…Then again maybe not! It’s 3:30am, my foot feels like dead weight, my head is spinning from the pain meds and I’m wide awake. Forgive my Venting but what’s the purpose of social media if I won’t bring it to you Real No Image?? Feels good to vent, let it out. To feel as if THIS is the WORST thing EVER! Because After ALL the venting, a real perspective sets in. There are far greater issues/challenges in the world then a torn achilles. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, find the silver lining and get to work with the same belief, same drive and same conviction as ever.
One day, the beginning of a new career journey will commence. Today is NOT that day.
“If you see me in a fight with a bear, prey for the bear”. Ive always loved that quote. Thats “mamba mentality” we don’t quit, we don’t cower, we don’t run. We endure and conquer.
I know it’s a long post but I’m Facebook Venting LOL. Maybe now I can actually get some sleep and be excited for surgery tomorrow. First step of a new challenge.
Guess I will be Coach Vino the rest of this season. I have faith in my teammates. They will come thru.
Thank you for all your prayers and support. Much Love Always.
Mamba Out

The body may have taken a big hit, but the spirit and drive appears to be stronger than ever. And for Kobe to make a full recovery, he’s going to need that “mamba mentality” and so much more.


  1. ill says:

    Oh i forgot… Get well soon man.

  2. ill says:

    Am not a Kobe fan. But love him or not, with this Champs’ state of mind sure u make exploits baby. Just one of the greatest…right next to Jordan in the Hall of fame seats.

  3. Inge says:

    Kobe, We all love you and pray for you and a speedy recovery. Knowing you and who you are, I just feel it in my heart that you will conquer this and come back as good as you were. You got an iron will and make things happen. Queen Mamba will take good care of you with love and devotion.


  4. Rey Herrera says:

    Everything happens for a reason. but I’m sure Kobe will recover and comeback as strong as ever. the most important thing is that we have a strong faith in GOD and that he will always be there for us no matter what the situation is. Be strong man..GOD is with you and I’m sure you’ll find a way to comeback from this injury..keep the faith..Mamba

  5. MR. Pibb says:

    Even though its not over by far mamba has is the toughest player in NBA history and people gone realize what they was watching when he gone, TRUE GREATNESS.

  6. LAKERFAN!!! says:

    KOBE WILL HAVE A CRAZY COMEBACK AND COME IN 2-3 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU KOBE!!!!!!!

  7. God says:

    He’ll come back stronger.
    Only few people to this date, have the same mindset as Mr.Bryant
    Why do i know that? because i made him
    He was born a champion, this was bound to happen

  8. IJallday says:

    Dear Kobe,

    All Kobe fans and even non Kobe fans are devastated by your injury. We hope you get better soon and i do believe your team will be able to make playoffs and get deeper into the playoffs. Hopefully you do decide to come back were not ready for your retirement but any choice you pick is good. i know one system that never feels though. The KOBE SYSTEM.

  9. Ariel says:

    You will be okay Kobe! We your fans will always be here awaiting your return. #Lakernation

  10. mattac3 says:

    Kobe, I wish I was at Staples Center to say to you, “Kobe, you did well, hope to see you next season.” The injury is terrifying….. That’s all I need to say…. I have faith in you…. Hope to see you next season, Kobe. Follow me, man…. @MattAC3 is my Twitter account….

    Matthew out!!!!

  11. mattac3 says:

    Kobe, man, I have no words to describe the injury….. Only one: Terrifying… That’s all…. I never knew that day would happen…. If only I was in Staples, I would say to you, “Kobe, you are the legend that I look up to, and hope the injury is recovered.” I may be a hater of the Lakers, but I still have pride in you. I hope I can get updates from you through Facebook and twitter. Follow me via Twitter (@MattAC3)….. Alright, all of my prayers will go to you, and hope to see you stronger, more explosive, and more aggressive next season.

    Matthew out!!!!

  12. maemae bernas says:


  13. GU says:

    kobe will recover soon

  14. Oz says:

    Kobe is one of the biggest DIVAS in the NBA!!!!!!!!!!! Get over it you big crybaby!!!!!!

  15. hater tef says:

    Kobe may not b the greatest talent of his generation but hell yeah he is obviously the best player of his generation. I have always been a Kobe hater and still am but if the whole world had working ethics like Kobe damn we will build castles in the air. Every story needs a hero nd heroes never die-with such a powerful mindset who can say that’s your end. Get well way way sooner than your haters expect

  16. MacMaine says:

    the NBA is nothing without Kobe!!!!

  17. kobe's loyal fans says:

    his physical talent is not the only thing special about him.
    It is the spirit.
    How many times we see him falls and rises again.
    this time is not exception.
    he will recover, back to the court and find his position to compete again.
    He is the toughest competitors ever seen.

  18. TheDave says:

    Can someone tell me how that was actually a FOUL that was committed to give him the free throws. He fell over without being touch yet the refs call a foul. Does this not say that he is a protected species?

  19. magictef says:

    Kobe may not b the greatest talent of his generation but hell yeah he is obviously the best player of his generation. I have always been a Kobe hater and still am but if the whole world had working ethics like Kobe damn we will build castles in the air. Every story needs a hero nd heroes never die-with such a powerful mindset who can say that’s your end. Get well way way sooner than your haters expect

  20. carnelld says:

    Kobe was not being intelligent attempting play the number of minutes he did. D’antoni is a poor excuse for a coach.
    The Lakers made a mistake with the quick firing of Coach Mike Brown and they compounded it with the hiring of D’antoni.
    Kobe with his huge ego and D’antoni with his stupid rotation ran Kobe into the ground. It reminds me of the movies, when
    a rider rides a horse unitil the animal goes down and you have to shoot it. Kobe ,D’antoni, the Lakers, etc all deserve
    each other. Kobe was/is stupid, point blank.

  21. NBAfan says:

    That game was the most exciting regular season game I’ve seen in years. Thanks Kobe…but you don’t go out like this….definitely not like this.

    You come back, change your game, change your position, whatever, it doesn’t matter, but you don’t end it like this.

    Now maybe the Lakers will wake up and start fighting for the ball. I nearly lost it when the whole damn team was just standing around and the rebound that even Landry gave up on ended up in his hands. That’s not a championship team. That’s not even a playoff team. WAKE UP LAKERS!

  22. ralph charbel says:

    KB 24 u r the best on the floor! ur the reason i love basketball . To have the same skills and power at the age of 34 is not human , thats y ur the greatest all-time ! The way you fight till the end of the game is unnatural , we will always remember u because you are BASKETBALL .this situation reminds me of my fav football player pippo inzaghi who suffered at the age of 37 of the same injury and hasn’t retired because he has the same mentality u have . u ll be back and we will wait for u.

  23. rolando says:

    straight up i would tell u kobe to be a leader and be like u guys beter win and have steve nash pick up his game im sorry for what happen to u but ur the warrior in the team the leader get ur team throught it get all this meadia away from u and ur team base it on the team and ur leadership

  24. carlos says:

    BEST PLAYER IN NBA HISTORY…………….: KOBE BEAN BRYANT!!!………..nuff said!(sorry mj)

  25. Scooter says:

    I’ve never really liked Kobe, but this season I’ve definitely grown in respect and admiration for the guy. He has killer instinct..

  26. elio medina says:

    being a fan of jordan in the 90s as a ten, eleven, twelve year old during seasons 96,97,98. i was really dissapointed when michael retire. to be fully honest, i thought basketball would never be the same. i thought basketball had retired to me with jordan. i felt resentment towards the world of basketball because coming from a family that only loved baseball i was accostumed to see athletes play careers of 20 years and play well into their 40s–this is not the case for professional basketball players because basketball is probably the second most physically demanding sport in america and the third in the world (football, soccer and basketball). as the 2000s came on I was jealous when i learned that phil jackson, the coach of my favorite player had signed to coach the new kid sensation in the league and shaq (an old foe of jordan). i felt betrayed by the nba and destiny so I became a lakers hater. so for the first three years of the decade 2000-2002. my team would be anybody who posed a threat to the lakers. kobe and shaq made my nights really long because the system the lakers had back then was design for kobe to be the closer which he did like he was mariano rivera. all of that made me a kobe’s fan. i jumped the lakers bandwagon and became a true fan since 02-03 to the date. i saw thekobe help the mavericks comeback from 27 points in a 4th quater that the lakers beat the mavericks 44-15, and from that moment on i knew that there were not challenges kobe bryant could not overcome. I mean I know the 02-03 dallas team was not a good defensive team but god they were a good offensive team and the lakers held them to just 15. ever since that night december 3 2002 I have believed in kobe bryant as my favorite player and the player who made the nba worthy of fans that have been spoiled by michael jordan’s ridiculous greatness. i honestly do not see how kobe is not going to comeback because he will. that is what he did against portland in 2000, sacramento in 02 WCF and dalllas in 02-03 season when we thought he could not. do you think a stupid torn ligament is going to stop him. NOT but if it does guess what I always say. winning a championship takes the pressure off you for the next year’s finals game 7 last shot because if make it you are a back to back champion but if you missed you are the champion who lost so you were still on top and in the middle of a gret run. so is kobe. if he can not play ever the guy is the greatest laker of all time. 5 RINGS prove everything

  27. giuliano avanzini says:

    Hold on Kobe!
    I’m sure that next year i’ll keep on waking up at 4 in the morning(in Italy) to see you on the floor.
    It’s still time to make history,legend can wait!

  28. Kobe will be back! Book it! Dominique Wilkins came back several months after an Achilles tear, played for 7 more years, and made two more all-star teams. Nobody comes back from injury like Kobe. He will not only be back, he will probably do it in less time than anyone ever has. COUNT ON IT!

  29. Milord says:

    Its always like that dear Kobe, just the way life goes..when we dont expect something it happens, good or bad..its the way of life, always taking us by suprise..good or bad..

  30. God says:

    Rise Kobe RISE!

  31. Junel says:

    Yow Kobe,
    Life is like a shape of basketball,it’s a trials of the journey that we called life so be strong and think positive Mr. mamba… We will see you next season men! God is Good so keep on smiling men 🙂

  32. Junel says:

    Yow kobe, you makes me feel happy every time I saw your signature moves and at your age your getting better as a veteran player and a true warrior leader of your team,but life is like a ball sometimes your on the top and sometimes your in down part so be strong of the trials because its part of the journey that we called life. God is good….so keep on smiling black Mamba :). B

    Best Regards,
    Junel from phils 🙂

  33. The Stern Button says:

    karma is a “B”. the rape victim is happy right now.

  34. Marshall Day says:

    Kobe will come back soon as possible and I know it cuz i know he already misses the court. Best of Luck to you “Kobe Bryant”.

  35. Eric G says:

    Kobe, it was only a matter of time until something gave under the pressure of carrying Los Angeles. Im suprised it wasn’t you’re back, you should be too.


  36. I am a Laker hater to the core. It seems like poetic justice to see the team that sought to buy another championship has imploded the way the Lakers have. It seems all the money in the world and all the biased refs couldn’t fix it for all of you bandwagon fans. Frankly, they were doomed to failure in the first round. For fans like me who have two favorite teams; their respective hometown teams, and anyone playing the Lakers, I have to admit it feels pretty good to see the team suffer.

  37. SHINE BACK says:

    Dear Kobe,

    Brazil mourns for you and vibrates in your favor so that the positive energy of the almighty will make you heal from this pain, as your natural mystic shines back my brother!

    Lucas and Leandro from Brazil!

  38. mee(a)t says:

    …Kobe isn’t gonna look at your sympathy letters

  39. Delargest says:

    Kobe, you are a true legend and I so much admire your inspiration, commitment and great dedication you have for your team. I wanna let you know that you brought me towards watching Basketball and I will forever remain one of your great fans till the end of the world. Your strength and love for all your fans will never go for granted and we will continue to pray for your quick recovery and even if we don’t see you in the Basketball court before the end of this season, I still believe we will see and cheer you as we always do again in the court. One Love!

  40. Francis Brian Abid says:

    i know u’ll bounce back… and well wait for it! get well soon..

  41. caballote says:

    Kobe… a drama queen in and out of the court.

  42. james says:

    Kobe will be back be for rose that’s how tough this guy is, true fighter

  43. isaiah smith says:

    Wow ! This is crazy . When I was younger i use 2 love Kobe . Now i still do .. But Durant is my Favorite . But to have an injury like this at the end of the season is crazy . Maybe its time 2 hang number 24 up and sit back and watch the higlights !

  44. Santhosh says:

    Hello Kobe,

    I say this from the bottom of my heart,I HAVE BEEN WATCHING NBA till date only to see action of two stardoms. One is you and other was big daddy shaq, Get well soon Champion !

  45. Sandy Oldfield says:

    Kobe, I’m a 60 yr. old white woman but I have follwed your career since the beginning with interest and affection. You have entertained, inspired and amazed me time and time again. Now it’s time for me to offer something back. You can do this — and do it magnificently! Today, the day of your surgery, is the first day of your recovery. You’ve already begun to get your head around the fact that this is not the worst catastrophe in the world and that you’re a pretty lucky guy in many ways, blessed with extraordinary talent, ability, opportunity, experience. You’re going to have to draw on that and much more. But you have the will, the strength, the stamina and the spirit to do it. And you have lots of support to help you when you’re flagging, discouraged and in pain. You will meet wonderful people along the way: doctors, nurses, therapists, healers of all kinds. In their own ways, they, too, are champions. And they will lend you their expertise and encouragement to help you. That doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be very tough: you WILL get discouraged, frustrated, angry, suffer pain. But you are the courageous, determined man who has gutted his way through some much adversity, both on and off the court and I have faith that you will prevail in this, too. Please know there are many folks out there, myself included, who will be thinking, praying and willing you to healthy new adventures! Be Well!

  46. Larry Brown says:

    Yo!!! Kobe!!!! You will bounce back man. You have that fight in you, I know I do. I did the same thing with my right foot coming down on somebody’s foot after a rebound. You have incredible work ethic and determination. You will be back and that fire will be a raging inferno. All in for D. Rose? All in for the Black Mamba!!! aka VINO!!!

  47. Misharo says:

    KOBE WE LOVE YOU! Always and forever I will die being a fan. LakerNation

    Praying for a speedy and healthy recovery.

    Mamba Out

  48. L Dog says:

    My main man Kobe aka THE BLACK MAMBA, Love you man I know your desire and determination will overcome this devasting injury I believe if you want continue to play you will keep your head up baby boy, if not then your still one the greatest players to lace them up. Who better

  49. Tom says:

    “Why the hell did this happen?” You’re old and you played more mpg than almost anyone in the league, of course something was going to break/tear at some point.

  50. rrizk says:

    All the best KOBE!!! We know you can and will be back. Get well and we WILL see you next season BETTER than EVER!!!

    PS: Mamba is NOT out yet.

  51. moisdogeo says:

    i hate to sound evil but if lakers don’t make the playoffs, suns will get a better pick. GO SUNS. get well soon kobe

  52. Hot Curry says:

    Lakers fans are delusional as usual. Kobe is done. The Lakers are done. Enjoy watching the playoffs from home. Four future hall of famers and can’t make the playoffs. What a joke.

  53. Donald Heath says:

    Kobe,Kobe Kobe you know you did too much trying to carry the team. I know you are the best player in this era of Basketball, but you pushed yourself too hard and now it is over. Lakers was not going out of he first round anyway. D’Antoni is a good Coach but not right for the Lakers. I believe you have everything you can want in life and most of us will never have a portion of what you have. Time to give it up and let the young folks coming up play.(remember) when you was that age, it’s time to make room for a new generation and I know you love the game and have played through injuries most players would whine about but it comes a time when you have to give it up (ask Charles Barkley)

    Send me back a comnent (graduated from U.R.M. in 2003 and would like to personalty know how you feel.

  54. bjohn says:

    My favorite player since MJ, so sorry Kobe. I know you’ll be back and competing for that 6th ring. Hope laker organization does there job and keep the team intact or make good trades for your return. Much love and respect for my idol on and off the court.

  55. Abdul says:

    Get Well soon Mamba. You are truly one of the best players “The best player” that has ever played the game!

  56. Kim says:

    Please know that if you come back or not I just want to say thank you. With a heart like yours what ever is next on your plate you will be a success weather you count success in finance or spiritualy. Your venting was shear light to my day thanks again. You are one of the greats and your only 35 wow you have a whole life yet to live, good luck. I have to say your last few years I have enjoyed your honesty.

  57. uoykcuf says:

    yes, I dislike you but get well soon.

  58. vinny espada says:

    i’m not a huge fan but i have my respest for the greatest player of all time in my eyes! im a huge celtics fan yes im an i wish you the best!!!!! HEAD DOWN!! MAN DOWN !!! NO AS YOU!!!

  59. Cash says:

    Tough days ahead in Laker land, Now the other guys are going to have to step it up big time because the mamba wont be there to bail them out.

  60. can thought says:

    MJ’s scoring record is still safe. thanks, KB!

  61. MJfromOKC says:

    Really, really disappointed to hear about the Achilles tear to Kobe, one the last two living legends playing in the league at a high level (Kobe and Tim Duncan).

    I’ve always hated the Lakers but you cant not respect what Kobe has done year after year. Hes definitely the one of the most entertaining players to watch even when rooting against him. I figured OKC would get top seed and the Kobe Bryant factor in the first round made me nervous. On paper the Lakers had no chance but if you factor in Kobe can randomly going off then there’s a small chance they could have knocked us out or San Antonio if they take top seed.

    Thats the type of player Kobe has been his entire career. This season even with all the talent for some reason the Lakers just were not good but Kobe could still beat you.

  62. Michael says:

    I am a true Laker fan and I also believe things happen for a reason,and God is in the driver seat……… My prayer is that you and your family pray on it.(seek your answer from God not man)……………..hands down in the top five NBA player ever step on the court,if not the best ….do not have to prove anything to anyone, and I know I’m right about that one.…….Michael from Watts,Ca…..…Jesus be the reason

  63. Drago says:

    That man is going to play until he is 40 i guarantee it.This injurie is god for him because he was pushing his limits a while back and this is how the body tries to save itself from a meltdown.Kobe is still paying basketball like he is in his twenties but he should change his game and find other ways to be deadly like Jordan did.He desperately needs another scorer in his team a god forward or a point guard like Westbrook or say Curry Irving Lilard etc.Maybe a burn out seeking redemption or a unknown undrafted raw potential.The best teams like Miami and OKC have duos outside even the mighty Jordan had Pipen.Artest is great but he is more of a role player that can give you 20-25 min of god defence and reliable offense.He needs another ball hogg like him to even out the team.

  64. andy han says:

    this is bad hope he gets well the lakers playoff chances are out the window and they definitely won’t be winning no title but just keep playing

  65. Eddie says:

    Pray is the correct word not Prey! I am a Celtics fan, but I wish no serious injury on a human. Heal well the closest thing to Michael Jordan and thats coming from a anit- Lakers

  66. Benniefranchise says:

    Kobe’s quote from his second season…”just believe in yourself”

  67. Benniefranchise says:

    Kobe we love you and will support you…please fight!! You are our inspiration!! Support for Mamba!!

  68. heatttt says:

    I feel sorry for Kobe. He just wants to do his thing. And I’m pretty sure playing big minutes is kobe’s own decision. If Mike D’Antoni had sat him Kobe would’ve gotten him fired or something like that.

  69. PD4LIFE says:

    1:22 left in the 4th and yo team is up by 12, and u stll got your best player in the game and what happens???tears his acl. who fault is that?????thanx a lot coach thibbs now u without d-rose!!!! the next closes thing besides lebron that we have to jordan and what happens because u got this man loggin stupid crazy minutes and u cannot coach a style to keep ya players healthy and in the playoffs,……and he was on the floor during a time that had u coached better, he or the team wouldn’t be in this siutation, now Kobe, the one we would say, “Kobe hurt???Oh, he’ll be back next game” is now out until if he comes back next season…….4sho D’antoni fault for all the lake injuries, maybe cept dwight and nash 1st injury. y’all need phil or hell even jerry sloan.

  70. bryan says:

    Kobe wishing you a fast recovery

  71. kyletmac says:


  72. Vince guerrero says:

    I’m with the Jazz fan. thanks d’antoni

  73. Vince guerrero says:

    why does everybody get all touchy feely because the guy got injured. get over it.

  74. Lake SHow says:

    Fakers won’t make it to the postseason now.. boo hoo.. hahhaha

  75. Brian Griffin says:

    i’m a bulls fan living in ireland and seeing Kobe go down was an awful feelin. The guy doesn’t deserve an injury like this at this stage if his career. i wish you all the best in your recovery and hope you get back to playin. thoughts and prayers are with you. there’s only one black mamba.

  76. cesar says:

    Kobe will be the next TRACY MCGRADY….. HE HAS THE WILL … BUT HIS BODY DONT

  77. LakerNick0 says:

    Is Kobe Bryant DEAD?!
    NO, HE IS NOT, he is ALIVE!
    “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, proven by Kobe meny times before!
    Kobe said: “Now I’m supposed to come back from this and be the same player Or better at 35?!? How in the world am I supposed to do that??”
    Are you VINO or not?
    Well Kobe, as you know, you’re a clutch player, and this is your biggest clutch and chalange. And you like both of them. This is what you do, this is what you’re best at!

    We pray for you, we believe in you, we trust you, we love you!

    Sorry for my bad english..

    Best wishes from a
    Laker fan in Montenegro!

  78. I_USedToHateKobe says:

    I used to hate Kobe, But that is sad man, I wanted the lakers to not make it in the play off at all, But now I am hoping they win the whole thing, He just gained a lot of respect from me. Get Strong Mamba

  79. David Bentley says:

    To me, Kobe is a motivating person, who through his play makes me want to achieve goals. 35 is not old, but remember that Kobe played in the Olympics, All-star games, playoffs and regular seasons. It was just a matter of time before his body demanded some serious time to recoup. If I could say one thing to Kobe, it would be to take some time to heal and to not be disappointed. His fans have always received their money’s worth and more.

  80. pap says:

    get well soon kobe you ‘re an ispiration for every single man in the world playing basketball. have a quick recovery and prove to every hater that black maba is still strong

  81. NotKobe/lakersFan says:

    i was just so angry at the Lakers, had Kobe leaving it all in the court for 44+ minutes at the age of 34, fighting so hard just to be the 8th seed and be a first round exit, cuz all the other players never got tired of throwing bricks (with a few exceptions ), at this point of his career he doesnt deserve that, and then THIS happens and he had to will the lakers into the game to get the W. terrible, D’antoni should’ve not allowed Kobe to get to this point. now look at the consequences. Sad Day. Get Well number 24.

  82. ko0kie says:

    wow that post-game interview.. never seen him so sad.

    get back soon kobeee..

  83. lynnette says:

    Kobe will be fine. His season is done for now but he will be fine for the enxt one. Maybe this is a message that he needs to rest.

  84. Daniel says:

    Not a Kobe fan at all, but I do have so much respect for the guy. When he comes back, I know that he’ll be so much more mentally stronger than ever before. Hope you get a quick recovery.

  85. Micheal says:

    The officials were terrible but Karma struck! How can people blame the coach when Kobe is the coach…

  86. smokey032015 says:

    hey kobe im not really your fan but i love sports and respect the people that have talent,pasion,love and hard work dedication to the game, i feel sad for what happened to you and wish you the best and a quick recovery. mamba24. god bless you.

  87. Tommy Scherer says:

    Kobe, You are correct when you say there are more important things in life than a injury that will keep you off the court for about 6 months. That puts you back in October and ready to play by November-December. That’s a full season ahead. You also will mend other ailments and be ready for sex in as little as one day lol. Don’t get too upset and worried. This season will have to be finished with the other guys, who are capable of winning on their own. Keep positive and look a the bright side. You have no money problems, you have a nice vacation in front of you and a continued stellar carreer (Nash is 39) if you choose. Remember “never regret yesterday, life is in you today, and you make your own tomorrow”

  88. Anonymous says:

    You have been an inspiration to me since I began playing basketball as a young child. You work ethic and determination has inspired me so much in every aspect of my life, especially basketball. If you work as hard as you do, anything can be done.

    Sending my prayers out to Kobe Bryant.

  89. AP says:

    I love Kobe. I will pray for your full recovery. You are the Best…

  90. Brydon says:

    What a stupid post. He writes like a child.

  91. garrett says:

    im praying for u kobe god bless man and get well soon

  92. JAZZMAN says:

    Thanks Mike D’Antoni! Sincerely – a Jazz Fan.

  93. Mitja says:


    bless you for your sacrifice on and off the court. There are a lot of followers, haters and inbetweners out there. But there are very few people who understand what you accomplished and what’s coming next. I hope too see you on a basketball court sooner than later.

    Best wishes from Slovenia.

  94. Adir mulla says:

    F**k right before the playoffs it’s so wrong to see u get injured. Come on if u were to play like this in the playoffs you would have won and complete you’re 6th nba championship. Kobe u are my hero and i want to grow up to be an nba player because of u. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Hope u for the best.

  95. Dr. Crain says:

    I have been a Laker fan since 1979.The Lakers have always been fun to watch and the team to beat. Kobe have proudly and fantastically represented this team. I wanted to at least be able to watch a game personally before you retired. Thank you for the excitment and the memories of your great play.Your are the champion in my eyes. Thank you Kobe.

  96. All In For Kobe says:

    Dear Kobe,
    You are by far my favorite player to ever step foot in to the NBA, and i’m only 13.
    You are the most durable player i have ever seen,
    You are the most competitive player i have ever seen,
    But most of all, You are my role model
    Get well Kobe, I am hoping to just see u out there and turn back Father Time once again.

    Thank You

  97. MICOOL says:


  98. theholyspectator says:

    that was really tough to see that happen to black mamba…he looked really sad and down when they were doin the post game press around him..but ya lakers are officially done..kobe was the only thing keepin that team goin..no way they gonna beat spurs/okc in the first round…its just sad..father time eventually catches us all no matter how much trianing and dieting we do..we are all human, and you too you mr bryant…personally if i was kobe id retire, i mean look at that team, you got metta and pau who are well past their primes..howard who has yet to mature and have a dominating low post presence..nash old as jesus christ…and the rest of the team is just terrible…that team needs 2-3 high quality young talented stars to keep them afloat and even have a decent shot at winning..all great things come to an end, the lakers era as ive been callin it all along is sadly over, itll be many many years before the yellow and purple rise back on top…rip lakers..rip

  99. The Charles says:

    First Nash will return, then the rest of the Lakers team will ALL step up and win a 6th ring for Kobe!!!
    Have faith Mamba!! In my eyes you ARE the BEST basketball player EVER!!! Not MJ, not Le Bron…
    Take time to recover. Seek help from both Western AND Oriental medicine!! Acupuncture can do wonders!!!
    As some previous poster wrote. Grant Hill is 40 and he is still playing. You are a young 35!!! And I WILL see you back next season with an additional ring!!

  100. SAS says:

    Bryant returns faster than chicken – D. Rose LOL

  101. petermac44 says:

    It was just about the worst feeling I have had as a fan of the game. In a tough down to the wire finish where the Warriors again get a clinic on how to get to the line and learn a whole bunch about needing to have a go to guy at crunch time, the Lakers win again. The best player in the past decade once again steals the show, Steph Curry had a fine shooting performance and again got schooled by Kobe and learned-hopefully that you have to be able to do it all. As far as Kobe’s injury, Sorry for the shameful fools who certainly do not know you, have any respect for you or the game, or have a decent moral outlook on life, and worst of all that they lay down hateful and discouraging words, I don’t know these people or ever want to, but I apologize for all those people who have said anything but thoughtful and inspirational praise. Thank you Kobe Bryant for being such a great player and working hard to become a better person year after year. When it is all said and done you will definitely be one of the greatest ever. Mission accomplished, you are a great father from what I see and the rest of your life is ahead of you. You might be more of a coach than you think and it would be great to see you comeback to the game in full force again but the truth is your time is limited and your love for the game is immense, you can be a fabulous coach and might be ready for a new legacy. Always a new challenge and as much as I want to d=see you return to the game know that life is about adversity and the fact that you can be one of the greats that not only played well but can coach even better! My prayers for your speedy recovery and of course we all wish the best for you and your family forever.

  102. Marcus says:

    Dear Kobe – Talk to Payton Manning

  103. YEAH RYT says:


    • What Are You Talking About says:

      What do you mean copying MJ. Do you think that KB would on purposely go out and get an Achilles injury. Mate you have rocks in your head. KB is a true legend of the game in his own right.
      And even if he is copying MJ (although he’s not), I think he would rather copy him than YOU.

    • Patty says:

      YEAH RYT,

    • Nevin 15 says:

      You are a complete idiot. This injury is bigger that basketball it is about a man who just got what he loves to do and what he is one of the best at taken away from him… at least temporarily. Also, he has a family and daughters that he has to be a role model for, and he is clearly hurt that they have to see him this way. It doesnt matter if you are a lakers fan a bulls fan a celtics fan or a heat fan for you to say that Kobe DESERVES this makes you a complete idiot. Get well soon Kobe!

  104. YEAH RYT says:


  105. YEAH RYT says:



    • Patty says:


  106. Damon says:

    He will be back… That’s what real heroes do!!!

  107. chandler says:

    i for one am a lakers hater. and not a kobe fan. But to the game last night the will powere is like nothing ive seen before. dantoni is seriosly an idiot. never thought ide say this but get well soon kb24. as a human im truly sorry this happend, but since im a jazz fan it gives me hope for the jazz

    • Patty says:


  108. Sebpac says:

    D’Antoni fault. Kobe has been playing hard minutes for a lot of time in all season with 35. Force a old player to do more than his body can and put a lesion up.

    Popovich would not have allowed this.

  109. MC Silk says:

    This might actually be a good thing…
    Next year mamba will return, with his body and mind rested for the playoffs + 100% Dwight.

    I know the anger. I’ve had a career-ending injury, but this one’s not.(concerning the level he played recently;)
    I know the frustration, but in time it will turn into hope and force;)
    This was the only way to give Kobe a mental and physical rest (in the season that was already lost -sorry), that everybody needs to bounce back stronger and even more hungry;)
    Bet for L.A. next year;)

  110. DaDaDa says:

    Dear Kobe Bryant:

    I’m really sad to learn about your injury but that’s less than i know that you will not show up for the rest of the season….. After you’ve done so hard for your team and career you deserve our RESPECT undoubtedly!!!

    Honestly, i have’ve kept a close eye on you until i found out you are a unusual basketball player! I started noticed you in recent 5 years!! Though i know that it was too late to enjoy your talent and skills! Yet, i still follow your highlights, and found you a pretty much GREAT PLAYER EVER!!!! On the court, you out-skilled every defender who try to stop you and eventually you outshine them!! Off the court, you enhance your skills and strengthen you body to promote your ability!!
    As a matter of fact, I’m not a Lakers’ fan but the player i understand the most….. Is you……..

    In the outset of this season, i somehow learned that it’s at most 2 years that you will stay in the league for….. If it’s real, then we think we don’t have much time to see you on the court…..But if you would choose to retire this season….then the last game against Worriers will be your last!(Fortunately, you played EXTREMELY TERRIFIC that night!!!

    Come what may, i know you can always find your way out to overcome this!!! I wish i could see you again, the next season, and get us wholeheartedly with you gifted skills!!!!

  111. #LAKERNATION_gametime_ says:

    devastating injury. kobe, you were heard by the millions of fans in the world for your strong effort and mamba mentality. hope you get better soon! but this ain’t the time to give up and drown in distress. #lakernation is about to get stronger than it has ever been and will not give up a fight. for the rest of the laker team, we count on you and always have. your mentality needs to strive for a championship and nothing else. its time to bring this game to the next level. bring all the talent, mind, knowledge, motivation, and heart on that court and you will win it all.

  112. JBlanks says:

    You have just proven that, despite your fame and status, your wealth and notoriety, you are a real person who, at the end of the day, is as human as those of us who have remained your fans through this embattled season for you and LAL. Your Facebook post shows the resilience, determination and the competitive spirit that makes a legend of athletes, not just the NBA. Even if you don’t return, just know that you’re already a legend. God Bless..Peace..

  113. Noel Coronel says:

    During this year’s preseason, people were writing the Lakers off because the team didn’t win any games. I kept the faith. A bad stretch of games at the start of the season… I kept the faith. The Lakers let go of the coach… I kept the faith. Bernie B. did a good interim job… I kept the faith. The Phil J. brouhaha… I kept the faith. The D’Antoni choice and system and rigidity/unwillingness to change… I kept the faith. The numerous injuries by various members of the team… I kept the faith. The race for the 8th spot… I kept the faith.

    And now, your injury. I still am keeping the faith. Why? Because I learned quite a few things watching you play over the years.

    I saw drive. I saw doggedness. I saw perseverance. I saw the will to win. I saw leadership. I saw the willingness to change. I saw grit. I also saw a 34 year old who played like a 24 year young phenom.

    I saw greatness.

    I saw someone who kept the faith and believed that he could lead his team to greatness. I saw someone who didn’t know what “give up” meant.

    Give up? That’s not in your vocabulary, Kobe. It’s not who you are. You’re the Mamba! You’ll bite back with a vengeance.

    Now rest for a while, heal, and have some vino while you’re at it.

    I’ll be waiting for The Mamba to return. I’m keeping the faith.

  114. Jhonatan D. Agustin says:

    Still in shocked!!! It doesn’t make sense, when everything’s already getting clear coming to the playoffs!!! Offer you a prayer for a very fast and very healthy recovery!!! A true fan of a great and legend KB24 Mamba Get well soon and Godbless!!!

  115. alvin ahmad 1328 says:

    Go Lakers.. Kobe will be GOod by God and get back in to shape!!!!GO mambaaaa!!

  116. ricky says:

    get well soon mamba, all the hard work you’ve done, sacrifices and for the game you love the most, are unmatchable…your’e one of the best atlete in the whole wide world. we will wait for you next season….. get your 6th title man…..

  117. Janel says:

    Man! I tell u what, Kobe has won my respect over these past couple of years. I’m a Laker fan (just since the days of Shaquille, but none the less, I am one) and the strength and resillience that I have seen Sir Kobe demonstrate on the court has been phenomenally-amazing! I think that, with this unfortunate incident of the injury, this is just what Kobe needs to get that 6th ring. Crazy overcoming odds to go out on top…as usual. Kobe if u r reading this by some crazy happenstance, recover well and come back stronger and better than b4 and then go take that hardware from the man they call king…(hint: he wears black, red and white but just got his crown last year…). Go Kobe! Ill be waiting for ur Mamba return.

  118. jidarryl says:

    Please La-Just get Stephen jackson & delonte west for back up (offense & defense) surely they can help the lakers reach the playoff.

  119. wooderson says:

    its going to be mighty tough for stern and the NBA to rig the first round match up not if the lakers are rigged a playoffs spot

  120. tungaw jeruPh says:

    Dear Kobe,
    Honestly, im not your avid Fan but your one of the great NBA player in the planet! I believe that age matter most but you did it with all your talent to be one of the best in the league. I’m a die hard fan of LBJ but i’m still praying for your wellness!

    LBJ Fan
    Tungaw JeruPh

  121. I know that Kobe Bryant will be back and hopefully will play again before the 2013-2014 NBA Season. Our team, the L.A. Lakers will win more NBA Championship with or out Kobe. He will still get his 6th or more championship rings. When Kobe Bryant retires from the game, he will be the greatest basketball player in the world of all time. I know that when he retires this will be debated weather he is the greatest player but for me the Black Mamba is the greatest player of all time. Go Lakers and win more NBA Championship.

    My prayers are for the #8, #24 Kobe Bryant. Good luck and have a speedy recovery.

    Ray Duque III (GMBD), USA

  122. wooderson says:

    he is the most unlikable human being to play sport. blame the NBA because they rigged the games in favour of the lakers and karma struck.

  123. Romeo says:

    This is age creeping up on Mr.Bryant, it happens to everyone. I think this happened because he kept giving too many minutes every night, he needs help down in Laker land. My solution and problem from the start; Steve Nash. If they had CP3 they would be on their way to another ring, NBA kept that from happening. Nash rarely plays defense or plays AT ALL, they can’t win with Blake or with him at the helm; Lakers need to reevaluate the situation for next year, going to be a tough end of season for them even if they get in; which i doubt. Would have loved them in the first round, good luck on the recovery Mr.Bryant. #Respect

  124. Billeh Tubea says:

    Kobe i feel sorry for u man about that knee injury of yours feel better.

  125. otis says:


  126. Earl Grey Summers says:

    Kobe… I was really looking forward to seeing my Grizzlies take on you and the Lakers in the second around of the playoffs. You’ve got my utmost respect; I hate to see warriors fall. It’s fitting that it was your Achilles tendon, because you are a proud, legendary nemesis. Whatever you decide to do with your career, I will always know you as the Sith Lord of Basketball.

  127. Barry Lird says:


  128. Mamba fan says:

    Dear Kobe,

    I didn’t become a fan of your until I see how you mamba your way through the season and keep Lakers relevant. I hope with all my heart that you will come back stronger and better, and yes, at 35!! But, if you couldn’t, that’s OK, too. We will appreciate your talent and respect your dedication to the game not any less. With your spirit and heart, bigger and better things must be awaiting you, on or off the court. God bless.

  129. Nitin says:

    Kobe, Father time always wins. You can only run so much, win so much, endure so much, live so much…Your life is not over at 34 or at 75 unless you think it is. If you keep your discipline, you will come back…maybe as a NBA player, painter, or whatever you want to do. Maybe its time for that cruise you were planning 🙂 cheers

  130. Fefe (Nets) says:

    And again….many people blaming only Mike D’Antoni. Lakers fans are always quick to blame everybody else when something bad happens to Kobe (a bad game, a bad event or anything). Don’t you remember you wanted Brown to be fired? He got fired. Then Mike D’Antoni? Lakers still struggling. Don’t you get that it has to do with the team, too?????

    That said, and back to the subject: I wish Kobe to get well soon because the NBA would miss him. I know that he is dedicated so I hope that he will put the same efforts he puts in his game, into getting healthy. No doubt he can come back stronger even at the age of 35. Good luck Kobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. dink says:

    love kobe and hope he recovers from this . can’t stand people I know who ” vent ” on facebook tho and than mention your name on some public forum provided with a picture I mean what happened to privacy in this world today , I liked the world a lot more in the pre – facebook days .

  132. Marjogie says:

    Great mamba you inspired me everytime and my days would revolve around your games that’s how a fanatic i have become.seeing you play through your pain is bittersweet as you led your team to victory, i was very sad to see you had to walk away and could not finish watching your postgame video seeing your pain..saddest time of my life. I pray for you, and wish you well now and forever.i am waiting to see you play again very soon.love from a mom and her two grown boys who all love you!

  133. Fire Snake says:

    ball til you fall man, hooper 4 life !

  134. Robin Clary says:

    Not a Lakers fan, in fact a Sac Kings fan (and BTW we ARE staying!) but I am truly sorry to hear about this “set back” which is all it is because of your intense spirit of being superhuman. Get well soon, and yes, IF it HAD to happen, 2002 would have been better:)

  135. Chie says:

    GO KOBE!!!!!…

  136. Jonathan says:

    Get better Kobe! #24

    I love seeing how many people write disrespectful and unnecessary comments. C’mon people stop acting like kids

  137. RAPSFAN13 says:

    The fact that you have the supposed best and most dominant center in the league, and you still have to rely on 48 mins and 47 points from a 34 year old Kobe to win against a rookie squad……. LOL. Look at the struggle the Lakers had to go through just to beat the blazers, then take a look at what OKC did to Portland last night, and that’s with Durant only scoring 16 points. Sorry Lakers fans but even after you were handed the 8th seed you were not getting out of the 1st round anyways, so don’t feel so bad. Feel bad for Kobe but the Lakers are a joke.

  138. Michael Jordan says:

    Wow did not realize how pathetic some of his fans are until now…he’s only gonna miss 2 games this year…if the lakers luck out and make playoffs then he will miss their first round exit…ya’ll were running out of excuses anyway this just gives ya one that I know will be used…he’s going to make more money in the next month not having to do his job than most do in their lives. I do wish him well as a human being but I don’t understand how people act like he’s anything more than that.

  139. reanon says:

    Kobe stay strong! Like what you said this is a begining. I believe in you since day one I saw you played. Keep that mamba mentality for all you know we will be your venom till the very end. We love you here in the Philippines.

  140. IanK says:

    I don’t like Kobe’s selfish style of play, but I’ve always been a Kobe fan. It’s weird, but I truly believe that if the MVP award went to the most valuable player to his team like it should, then Kobe should win it this year. In fact, he should have won it many times.

  141. Mega Freak says:

    As a fan of the Thunder, there are nights where I curse the name of Kobe Bryant. Nights I wish he would just retire and let the other teams move on without him. Those nights are when the matchup is Thunder Lakers. But I’m here to make the point that even if you aren’t a Kobe fan you can’t deny the determination that drives this man. A lot of fans from other teams will proclaim that Kobe is overrated and isn’t as good a player as everyone seems to think. I’m here to tell you that it’s just jealousy. This Thunder fan acknowledges the talent, force of will, and dedication that it takes to be a player as good as Kobe. To see someone like him go down to a possible career ending injury is nothing short of a tragedy. No matter who they play for, when a player goes down like that, everyone should feel it.

  142. *pray not prey 🙂

  143. TMACISBACK says:

    Lakers Must Sign TMAC !

  144. kb24 says:

    everything is just kobe”s antics,he always flops when he sees his team is losing,he knows he cannot carry his team past the spurs & rockets,& will be out of the playoffs,he dont want to be part of it so he stages another fake injury for a graceful exit he sometimes even forget which foot he injured lol!

  145. LakersWITHKobe=epic says:

    kobe, so may injuries man. for a 35 yr old too. i hate hoe everyone pressurizes you to come back. hes still got time a healthy kobe is a undre times better than torn up kobe.this season was a bit mesed up cuz so many new players and injurie BUT WAIT TIL NEXT SEASON KOBE WHE EVRYONE WILL BE HEALTHY AND NO NEW PLAYERS PLUS COACHES WONT SCREW UP, FIRST YEAR IS TOGH BUT THE SECOND AND THIRD R THE BEST. GET WELL SOON KOBE AND CHOOSE WISEL IF U WANT TO RETIRE OR NOT CUZ THERES SSTIL RECORDS TO BE BROKEN

  146. The Stern Button says:

    Don’t worry, Stern will make sure that the lakers will be in the playoffs he will make sure lakers get their 50FT attempts.

  147. lakersfan4ever says:

    Kobe is the best, and sad to see the Best goes down with an injure. But the BLACK MAMBA will rise up even Higher next season, My prayers goes to Kobe for speed recovery Kobe Can’t wait for next season to star and see you play. GOOOOO LAAAAAAkEEEEEERSSSSSSSSS. Now DH12 has to take your Spot as a leader until you get back on the team.

  148. SE says:

    Kobe is playing through injuries all year and D’Antoni is stacking up his minutes. what a stupid coach. he should be fired after this season. Kobe is 34 and playing great… there’s an obvious toll on his body. D’antoni is stupid enough to not realize that. D’antoni wants to make the playoffs so he doesn’t appear like a failure, and this is the price of his ignorance and tunnel vision.

    fire the *******

    • purpngold says:

      Jimmy Buss is worried about the 12 mil he owes DAntoni, plus what he owes Brown, he does not want to spend any more on paying a third coach. If only he would have hired ONE good coach, he wouldn’t have to worry about paying 2 bad coaches. As it turns out he might end up watching his 30 mil super star on the bench, while still paying all that lux tax. Learn to do your math right Jimbo, stop making Jack..s decisions. Think Jimmy, think!

  149. truth says:

    Kobe you`re my inspiration I learned so many things from and I actually used it in life. success Mamba get well soon. No doubt you will take it to another level.
    Mamba STRONG

  150. SK says:

    When Kobe tore his Achilles, the Lakers hopes of the playoffs this year were also torn. Best of luck to you Kobe. Better luck getting that championship next year.

  151. DyaDyo Sadim says:

    Dear Kobe My Man,
    I am one of your avid fan, I love to see you playing on the court but playing hurt is what I really don’t want to see, you’ve done a lot for the Lakers and your million of fans. Hoping for your fast recovery, you’re a INSPIRATION….

    DyaDyo Sadim

  152. James says:

    wish u a speedy recovery. We need you back in the court not on facebook!
    WARNING for othe players – Dont push yourself way over the top. Get some rest folks! These things tend to happen when players are not rested enough

  153. Someone from NBA Gametime has actually predicted something like that to happen, can’t recall who was that though. That person stressed the fact that Lakers’ decision to ride Kobe as hard as they recently did could’ve probably resulted in an injury, expecially keeping his age and 17-seasons-long career in mind. We’ve seen his body failed him this season already so it wasn’t that much of a surprise when he’s torn his Achilles.

    I mean, those big numbers of minutes played at the end of the season could’ve hurt even much younger player than Kobe. Miami sat their big 3 for a reason. Yes, I do understand that they were in a completely different situation and they weren’t facing win-or-die thing as the Lakers did, but I’m saying that overstressing one’s body at the end of a tough season always leads to some degree serious consequences. Remember the last year’s D-Rose? You can easily think of tons of similar examples from the past.

    • mee(a)t says:

      to be fair ANYBODY would’ve seen this happening. i mean kobe is amazing…but people forget that he’s HUMAN.

  154. Michael says:

    I don’t ever wish an injury upon an NBA player nonetheless celebrate but I am a true believer in Karma or Divine Justice. One would have to be blind not to notice how much help the Lakers get from the guys with the whistles and how bad ESPN wants the Lakers to be in the playoffs.

    Is the NBA rigged and corrupted? I don’t know but if it is, then this Kobe injury was certainly not in the script. Will the Lakers continue to get help from the other three on the court now that Kobe is gone? I don’t know. Perhaps only the basketball Gods know the answer to this question.

  155. Beli says:

    Don´t worry Kobe, the NBA will always fix things for you like they did for Jordan.

  156. Mr. Common Sense (aka NOT Mike D'Antoni) says:

    @ Mike D’Antoni: How the hell did you expect to make it through the finish line without Yet Another injury, when you won’t even play your bench?! Eight guys (count it up), EIGHT guys that have played less than 50 games. Sure you can attribute Gasol, Nash, and Hill to injuries. But every game lately I’ve seen 4-5 DNPs (coaches decision). Sure Kobe is Kobe. But, that’s why you have to save him from the wear and tear he will put on himself while trying to win. Time to get some sessions from the original Dr. Phil (Jackson). This could easily have turned into a 55+ win season with the right coaching and Kobe @ 5 min less per game. Chris Duhon isn’t amazing, but the guy is a veteran. C’mon! Maybe they should sign Stephen Jackson for the remainder and let him earn it from the bench, too.

    • Mecena says:

      So true…He should also learn from coach Pop too

      • June says:

        Uhh… Pop’s boys are all good, bench and starters… Hell! Even the Mavs have a good bench and a group of great starters too which won them games too… It’s all about the chemistry… The coach has little to do with how he rotates his guys when he is being pressured to win games and stay on a spot to contend for a title… It’s like you have to take it all out and no reason to use sub par skilled members of your team if your desperate enough to win… When you’re desperate, you use all the best you can use to get back in the hunt or stay on it…

    • purpngold says:

      This all goes back to JimmyBoyBuss! He has been screwing things up from the get go. Making wrong coaching decisions that would eventually put the Lakers in a bind and possibly cause their franchise player his career. There is always high expectations from the Lakers. The pressure of not making the playoffs with a star studded line up was a burden that ended up on the shoulders of Kobe. He took on the challenge and stepped up like a true leader, vocally and by example. If the Lakers had any type of a decent coach they would have been in a much better position and not scrounging for the bottom playoff spot. Jimmy is a hopeless cause, he should resign and allow his little sister to take over, bet she would do a much better job.
      Thanks again Jimbo.

    • MNH says:

      That is for sure.

      Get red of D’Antoni and get Phil back.

    • DocktorK says:

      Can not sign him cause of ineligibility till next season.

  157. OJSimpson says:

    BAD COACH EVER, Lakers Must Fire that stupid CAUSE HIM KOBE HAVE INJURY.
    I’m 45 jr, and BIG SPORT FAN. Is Sad to See Great Players goin DOWN Like That, BUT!!
    this maybe far fetched…but why not try and give Allen Iverson a look….nothing else to lose! 10 Days Contract Like Everybody Those to other Players. Nothing to lose, but now is too late i think. At Moment Yes Noone Can Compare with Kobe But i Think AI is the only one as 6th to Help the Lakers.

    • June says:

      You do understand that D’Antoni is also desperate in making the Lakers stay in number 8. To blame D’Antoni on Kobe’s injury is like to blame Thibiddoe on Rose’ injury… Kinda stupid to blame someone who is as desperate as any Lakers would be non since spot number 8 doesn’t mean the Lakers have done it already and are IN the playoffs when the Jazz are just right in the corner…

      • PD4LIFE says:

        1:22 left in the 4th and yo team is up by 12, and u stll got your best player in the game. he tears his acl!!!smart move on the coach behalf or player fault that situation happened? or better yet, you got a 35 year old super all-star running wit young guns trying to defy the laws of father time and everything else in the basketball world and he tears his achillies. player fault or bad coaching decisions for not knowing how to manage player minutes better, coach a style that fits the players u have on your team or coach/manager fault for bringin the coach u shoulda left a lone and not bring in the coach who knew the best style of play for the roster u had??? look man, BOTH ROSE AND KOBE INJURIES IS COACHS FAULT, NO OTHER WAY TO LOOK AT IT CAUSE HAD THEY NOT HAD THEM PLAYING THAT LATE IN THE GAME OR THAT MANY MINUTES, THEY’D BE ON THE FLOOR NOW. PHIL, JERRY SLOAN, THE LATE CHUCK DALY, PAT RILEY, SPOELSTRA, POPOVICH, GEORGE KARL, LENNY WILKENS, DON NELSON, EVEN RED AUERBACH, AN EVEN DOC RIVERS, YOU NEVER HEARD OF THEM HAVING TO AWER TO WHY DID THEY LEAVE A PLAYER ON THE FLOOR SO LATE IN A GAME AND HE SUFFERED A SEASON ENDING INJURY. #LEARNSING THEM WHY THEY YOUNG

    • hd says:

      lol its not dantoni’s fault kobe wasnt comin off the floor till he was limpin off he wud have never came off.

  158. Rafael_Certero says:

    I am a James Fan, but, I have to recognize that Kobe Bryant is a Trully start, what he did in those last games, was awesome, carry one team, playing 48 minute, that is something that everybody must be agree, you are one of the best and you always be, we love competition and without you, this wont be the same. see you soon BLACK MAMBA

  159. TheDogtor says:

    Hell be back,…and he might truly become,…the greatest ever.

  160. alp says:

    wow i hope kobe gets better but i see the comments people are writing kobe peoms and stuff…lol. if this was lebron people would be saying insulting things like “ha i hope lebrick stays injured” i just find it interesting that kobe is so much more respected than lebron

  161. samps says:

    Hello Sir,
    I hope you’re reading this (I know not :P). Am an Indian and NBA ain’t that famous here, in fact least, it was 2011 when I played NBA 2K9, I selected Lakers (it had 5 ratings), the player of the game was KB24. I googled ya and was amazed to see your stats. Since then I haven’t missed a single game of yours (I use to stream then). Watching you limping, going back to locker room was very painful for me, I hope you get well soon as you aren’t done yet. A player who can play all 2.1/2 hours of a game can play till 40. You still have a lot to give to the Lakers, don’t fall yet. I started watching NBA and loving basketball because only of ya and maybe I won’t the day you leave NBA as a player, but it doesn’t need to be so soon. You’re a warrior and don’t let this injury fool ya. Injuries happen but Black Mamba will rise again and bote ’em all.
    Your haters are just jealous of you, nothing else, take the positive from every thing. You’re an absolute show and you don’t know how much pleasure I get while watching you play.
    I try to imitate you while I play basketball but that’s too far skills.
    Best of luck, there’s always another season, and you’re defo not done until 7 rings!
    Go Lakers, go KB24, we love ya sir!

    • Hey Kobe,
      It was devastating to see you go down like that last night, I was speechless seeing my childhood sports idol suffer a season ending injury. But on a positive note, no one in the game is even close to you when it comes to drive and determination. You are the most dedicated and driven athlete I’ve ever seen since the great Michael Jordan. You are by far the best player of this era, no disrespect to LeBron or Durant. But don’t let this injury defeat you, you have to come back not only for yourself and your family, but also for all of your adoring fans. Get well soon Mamba

  162. jfack says:

    thats pretty good writing kolb.

  163. TS Wong says:

    This is probably the most emotional game for me. Being a diehard KB24 fan, not just motivated by your sheer talent but even more so your exemplary work ethic fearing this disastrous injury will put the final nail in your NBA battle ridden body. But after reading your vent, I am convinced u will be back. Grant Hill is still playing at 40, he is Grant Hill but you are Kobe Byrant!
    Keep that chin up young man!

  164. LOUIE says:


    • amitpal says:

      First of all none of those guys ment more to the nba then kobe Bryant. Kobe might not be the best player in basketball but he sure is the most popular player. Besides its not that kobe went down it that this guy is playing 48 minutes a game at the age of 34 while playing hurt everywhere on his body. This guy was doing everything he can to get his team in the playoffs. His will to win is unbelieveable.

    • purpngold says:

      @Louie, Go stick your head in the toilet and flush out all the manor you have in it. Obviously you are not a fan of the game because you cant see the difference in your comparisons and don’t know the significance of Kobe has on the league and the millions of fans around the world.
      The only loser here is you Louie!

  165. kram c says:

    no words can express what you’re feeling right now, no words can comfort you from the pain, but remember your family/team mates/lakers organization on your FANS are always here to support you!!! you’re included on our prayers..
    lets hope for the best and expect the worst,,’

  166. naheed says:

    So sorry and hurt to hear about this, wish you all the best and a very healthy recovery. I know it feels like the end but you need to remember you are a great player and always will be, no one can step in the shoes of KB. ALthough I am Celtic fan I do feel for you and would pray for your return, be strong as I know you are it will all be good keep faith in God and in no time you will be doing what you do best.

  167. Mich says:

    One thing is for sure
    We are not definitively gonna see the whole Derrick Rose thing (get well soon too, D.Rose!), Kobe being Kobe.
    Your friends and fans from Italy are with you!

    • Larry Coven says:

      Bull fan. Love Michael and Rose. Admire the heck out of Kobe. He’s maybe 1 centimeter behind Jordan. Hope Kobe and Rose both make miraculous recoveries and they play each other in the finals.

  168. Ericia Morris says:

    Kobe Bryant is an inspiration for anyone !!! Mamba I Love You !!! #24

  169. Bryan Cheng says:

    Dear Kobe,

    I have been your die hard fan since your rookie year, and I have watched every single Lakers game as long as the TV shows it in Hong Kong. I have argued many times with my girlfriends because I would spend more time to cheer for you on TV and ignore her. And seeing you got hurt today felt like the end of world to me. Your tremendous work ethics have always inspired young people to focus and work hard, and many many young players wanna be like you. Never give up as long as you can still play! God bless you my man and please come back stronger than ever!

    Bryan Cheng

  170. Fo Real says:

    not a big kobe fan to any degree … but that was devastating hope u heal soon mamba!

  171. Sentral says:

    He wants to play for Miami.

    • Dirty-D says:

      Hardy Har Har!

    • MNH says:

      That is the most idiotic statement in this issue.
      Just where did you get that idea from? !!!!!!

    • The Worm 91 says:

      Kobe wouldn’t go to a team filled with stars (Miami) just to win a championship. Stars come to him. unlike some so called “superstars”, the one who always whines and cries out loud.

      • sally says:

        That would be Kobe !! Definitely a whinner, he should have taken care of himself, now he’s done, and it’s nobodys fault but his and maybe the Laker organization for letting him make his own rules, now Dwight will have to take the team over, I bet he’s happy about that….lol. Kobe is not alone there have been many before him who went “out” because of an injury, he probably would have retired next year anyway, so what’s the big deal.

    • You ignorant idiot says:

      You’re just a Kobe hater aren’t you? You’re the type that whatever others say or stars say you never listen. Before you say something, try to remember the times that Kobe was injured (shoulder, fractured and broken fingers, knee, now achilles). Next is try to remember when he whined about that. He played every single game hurt and you say he’s a whiner? The hell is wrong with you? And only cruel minded people like you would be “happy” about an injury to a Legend sir. Nobody has taken care of himself like mister Bryant. That’s why he’s playing that type of game and he’s 34. Watch more Kobe games and you’ll see what a monster season he had. The deal is, we lost a superstar who still wants to play until he’s 35. The biggest superstar, mind you, in this decade. And besides you wouldn’t know cuz you’re just a hater.

  172. steppx says:

    3 things.
    Lakers shot 50 free throws,
    Golden State 16

    Too many injuries all year…..look at how many games missed by big name starters. Too long a season, Not enough rest.

    And….D’Antoni should have sat him down. This happens when you play hurt.

    • Andy says:

      Then when he sits Kobe and the Lakers don’t make the playoffs because of it you would complain that D’antoni didn’t play him. Anyway, coming from a lifelong Blazers fan, I respect everything that Kobe has done for the game. He is one of the best to put on a jersey, and anyone who says otherwise is just ignorant.

  173. Drizzy24 says:


  174. Reginald Delienne says:

    Dear Kobe Bryant, I have never written for a man,
    Specially a man I don’t know, but to see you hurt,
    Was the most painful feeling I ever had, damn,
    The Mamba is down, number 24 is that a curse,
    What you’ve accomplished is beyond human nature,
    Haters will say you did not get number six,
    But real man will recognize your talent was pure,
    I pray and I hope I had the remedy to fix,
    And help you recover from that pain, tears in your eyes,
    The love of the game, man I swear memories will never die,
    Your work ethic even inspired the president,
    Millions of kids and young men all over the world,
    Playing at this level at age 34, you know it meant,
    A lot to us, in our one lives, man kiss your little girls,
    And I hope they will one day realize, who their father was,
    If I ever have a son, I will make sure he knows, because,
    As a man, I look up to you as a model an inspiration,
    And I hope one day, I will have one percent of your dedication,
    You might have won just one MVP, but for me,
    You are by far the most valuable athlete, free,
    Your heart, your mind and your soul cuz your are the only one,
    They will dare compare to the one and only, Michael Jordan,

    The Black Mamba, Number 24, Kobe Jellybean Bryant, my prayers are for you,

    Reginald Delienne

    • purpngold says:

      Nice! I share much of these same feelings.
      That’s why there is only one Kobe. The greatest player of this era. There is no player that compares to Kobe in this times.
      Get well soon Kobe. We miss you already, and know you will come back to write a much better script for your grand finale.

    • IRSA says:

      Reginald: Everything you say is true. Kobe is the best not only because he is a mind-blowing talent – but because he was smart enough to take his gift and work 24.7/365 to go to the next level and the next and the next. Kobe is smart – and maybe that is why those who are less smart resent him so – and he’s dedicated, talented and proves time and again that the first purpose of basketball is not money (boo… Stern), but is the athletes and the game. The fact that everyone is shocked by this injury means that we all that he was invincible. You can like him, not like him, doesn’t matter – he was such a force in the NBA that this one injury has repercussions way beyond the next few games. We folk of average talent love Kobe because every time he plays, he reminds us of the great outer limits of human potential. Kobe is truly one of the under-recognized talents of modern basketball. So Reginald, ditto to your advice above: our hearts our with you, take care and get well – give your girls a kiss, Mamba, and believe me, someday the will fully understand what we already know – their father is truly a star. Aleks and Irene

    • Bugz says:

      A very heart-warming letter to one of the greatest athletes. Our prayers for a speedy recovery be with you Mamba! We all know that you can do it.