The World Reacts To Kobe’s Injury

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The shocking news that Kobe Bryant‘s season came to an abrupt end with a probable torn left Achilles Friday night spread through the basketball world like an emotional tidal wave.

Pundits and fans, friends and foes alike, everyone is digesting the news that even if the Lakers make the playoffs, Bryant’s work this season is done. Reactions from around the basketball universe (and beyond):


  1. Marge says:

    Kobe I hope yr surgery went. I know I will see back on the court before u know it. U will retire when u see fit. No injuries or anyone else will make that decision for you. The world greatest basket ball player. My prayers are with you. Your name kobe means🏀I know u will be crossing them us sooner than later.
    Love ya man

  2. Abu Ameenah says:

    Don’t know if Kobe reads these comments but if he does listen to this….You will return to this game with clear intent to be the great player you are now….even better upon your return to the game!! Make the world talk about your return to the game after such a devastating injury….go down in history by returning your team to the NBA Finals and beating the two time NBA Champ Heat in 7 games!! I believe you are best to lace up a pair since MJ and I have no doubt you have the drive, will, strength and determination to return a better and strong player!!

    God speed Kobe., I’ll see you on the court in Nov-Dec 13 and just remember… have the “fuel of a million haters” doubting you to keep you going with purpose!!! Can’t wait to see you and the Lakers win another NBA title in 2014.

  3. James Cheng says:

    If anybody can come back soon from this kind of injury, that would be Kobe. Go Kobe !

  4. Terry Martin says:

    Still hoping for the best Mamba! Get well soon and to hell with Father Time….

  5. nbafan says:

    Kobe is a modern legend. I think he will be back. I never see him leaving basketball. Maybe Lakers should hire him as the next coach.

  6. betsyfromtexas says:

    Don’t be so sure about the Dunderheads rolling to the Finals. Spurs have had injuries all year and nary any whining have come from them like from other teams. I want to see my team smash the Fakers tomorrow. Don’t feel sorry for them, guys!

  7. Jowellchua says:

    Just retire, like i said from the start of this season that kobe will never ever win another title, he will never be MJ, all he does nowadays is to increase his scoring thats all.

  8. Nash (Not Steve Nash, but from the Vancouver Island like him) says:

    Man, i’m not playing the blame game. Kobe Bryant is my hero…he inspires me with his hard work on the court and i use the inspiration with my daily life. I know he will be back 100% and all i want say is thank you Kobe Bean Bryant!

  9. KB24 says:

    Not even a single Jazz player tweeted for Kobe. Guess they are happy to capture that 8th seed

  10. rick banaag says:

    hard to see mamba fall like that… damn…he promised to bring the lakers to the playoffs, and he did his best, they made it, but they lost their best player, the best athlete, man.. he did a great job even if he sacrifices his self, those people who hate him don’t see how great he is, you can compare him to the great mj or 3 time mvp lbj if want, but mj is mj, and kobe is kobe, he just did what he thought best for the team. he deserve our prayers… get back as fast as you can mamba, prove to those people who hate you that they are wrong,.. and get your 6th title man… you deserved it… get well soon mamba…..

  11. can thought says:

    not a hater but the next time kobe will be on the hardcourt, it’ll be watching his jersey unveiling on the stands.

  12. Pedro Garcia says:

    Kobe will be back, and all those that hate him, now they understand why we love him…. He is special, and one of a kind…. May God help you Kobe to recover, and see you next season.

  13. brian chung says:

    that game was fixed! if the lakers need to rig games so that kobe can obtain another ring only to say he is as good or better than jordan, than he doesnt deserve to be on the court!

  14. Carol says:

    I really don’t believe age or minutes played has anything to do with this. As a Nuggets fan, we lost Gallo for the season. He did not play any more minutes than the other starters, and he is young. I do not agree with blaming the Lakers organization or the coach for what happened.

  15. betsyfromtexas says:

    It has taken far too many years for Kobe to face the fact that basketball is a TEAM game. Karma is a bitch.

  16. Victor Hugo says:

    i really really feel bad , i want to cry i cant understand the life , is unfair , KOBE from me I send the most powerful energy for your recuperation , men i knew that is some insupportable , all the sacrifices stayed marked in a Legend that call K-O-B-E B-R-Y-A-N-T AND men i support you in all , and now i support the team , i knew that pau and dwight , nash , jamison and the others MAKE SOME SPECIAL IN THE PLAYOFFS , you will see all the sacrifice not be in vain !

  17. Laurenzo#8 says:

    The NBA went down with Kobe, it’s just not fair! he worked so hard.
    But I don’t think you should blame D’Antoni , Bryant is a great athlete and personality. It was his decision to play those minutes. If D’Antoni had taken him out of the game and they would have lost we would be blaming him for taking Bryant out. He is the best player to ever touch a basketball and he wants to play and win regardless of his age.
    But all that is left now is praying for a quick recovery and counting the days till his return.
    R.I.P. nba you will not nearly be as good and exciting without our favorite highlight maker.
    Gonna miss the rediculous fadeaways and the “how the heck did he make that impossible shot, he is just not human” shouts of the commentators!

    Be back quick Mamba

  18. ko0kie says:

    damn it.. I hope now Utah can claim the 8th spot because a playoff matchup OKC vs Lakers is no fun without Kobe.
    let’s hope he comes back next year..

  19. fsrvc says:

    wish kb24 + dh12 + cp3. cp3, be a laker this summer.

  20. fsrvc says:

    Kobe is the greatest!!! He’ll come back soon!!!

  21. Does this mean that the Lakers are going to get enough more preferential treatment when it comes to foul calls?

  22. garrett says:

    get well soon kobe i know u will come back god bles

  23. Max says:

    best for Kobe. HOWEVER DO NOT BLAME D’Antoni. KOBE HAD THE CONTROL OF WHEN HE CAME OUT OF A GAME! Kinda like LBJ. Coach had NO control over the minutes Kobe played PERIOD!!! KOBE RULED HIS PLAYING TIME! HE IS THE BEST! BUT HE IS HUMAN! accidents do happen to all!!! Leave the Coach and players out, even phil Jackson would have to agree, KOBE RULED HIS OWN PLAYING TIME. SAW him check himself back into a game, when the interment coach was not looking????NO ONE TELLS KOBE WHEN TO PLAY AND WHEN TO REST! GREATES NBA PLayer to ever play the full court game. LBJ or MJ could not come close!!!NOT even MAGIC!!!

  24. underdog says:

    Now it just makes soooo much nonsense rooting against the Lakers… I hate the Lakers team and their fans personally but Kobe doesn’t deserve this kind of injury… he worked so damn hard.. willing his team most of the time to be in playoff contention, I wished the Lakers failure but not this way.. The basketball Gods are so unfair… Rose, Rondo, The Twolvez, Kobe.. they don’t deserve this kind of punishment, they are true competitors… I like to see competitive teams and players.. the NBA is so nonsense nowadays with a team like the Heat who just do it the eeeeeeasy way.. deym the basketball Gods are so unfair eliminating undeserving players one by one… tsk..:((

    • Mauricio says:

      I want to see L.A. fail but not like this too, I dunno why you said heat is doing is easy way? first lakers brough together 4 stars which never worked and we all know D antoni is not good coach to that team, BUT the heat did more than just put 3 stars together, Lbron wade and bosh are very hard working players… they work as hard as Kobe and they let go behind ego thing to put together a great team. what miami heat is doing is very admirable…. lakers should take note of it

  25. jazZgirl says:

    I hope you will get better soon Kobe. It was very painful to see you go down like that. I am not one for blaming anyone, but I can appreciate that the body has a funny way of shutting us down when necessary. I hope that the rest of the team will will a win if not for themselves for you. Pardon my grammar.

  26. mee(a)t says:

    does the coach trust his team? i don’t find the knowledge behind using a player to average 40+ min

  27. srekal naf says:

    get well soon Kobe. let’s move on. about time for the trio D12, Gasol and Nash to carry the team. this is their best time to prove their worth.

  28. THE MIZ says:

    now time for us what d12 can do as the main man of the team..

  29. Reginald Delienne says:

    Dear Kobe Bryant, I have never written for a man,
    Specially a man I don’t know, but to see you hurt,
    Was the most painful feeling I ever had, damn,
    The Mamba is down, number 24 is that a curse,
    What you’ve accomplished is beyond human nature,
    Haters will say you did not get number six,
    But real man will recognize your talent was pure,
    I pray and I hope I had the remedy to fix,
    And help you recover from that pain, tears in your eyes,
    The love of the game, man I swear memories will never die,
    Your work ethic even inspired the president,
    Millions of kids and young men all over the world,
    Playing at this level at age 34, you know it meant,
    A lot to us, in our own lives, man kiss your little girls,
    And I hope they will one day realize, who their father was,
    If I ever have a son, I will make sure he knows, because,
    As a man, I look up to you as a model an inspiration,
    And I hope one day, I will have one percent of your dedication,
    You might have won just one MVP, but for me,
    You are by far the most valuable athlete, free,
    Your heart, your mind and your soul cuz your are the only one,
    They will dare compare to the one and only, Michael Jordan,

    The Black Mamba, Number 24, Kobe Jellybean Bryant, my prayers are for you,


  30. dmh says:

    The fact is that there are ways to do it and ways not to. Pushing Kobe that hard is a mistake at Kobe’s age. Surely Mike D could have found a few minutes in the 2nd and 3rd quarters to rest the guy. Oh and here’s a grand idea!!! Sit the guy the first couple minutes of the 4th quarter so he has the energy to do his Kobe-thing!!!!

    I am not a laker fan persay. However I do have respect for Kobe and his game. The guy probably never wanted to come out of the game with so much on the line. Even with younger players, it is a mistake to overdo it. Father time has caught up with Kobe in the form of a major injury. Mike D will at least finally be forced to trust the other lakers.

    Mike D did the same thing with both the Suns and the Knicks. The only reason why it was a little successful in Phoenix is because of a younger Nash and the way he takes care of his body. However, it also took a toll on the other players which is why there are no WC banners hanging in Phoenix from that era (Plus SA, DAL and LAL from that era had something to do with that)….

    Now I can hear blah blah excuses… Mike D never had a full roster pretty much all year (true but,)…. It took longer to gel because of the injuries (true but,)…. blah blah blah…. Mike D has his way or nothing. That is a big problem. Mike D wants to run but never had the roster to do so. It was the square peg in the round hole. If the end of the bench never see’s the court you really do not know what you have as a coach. Also even when rotations were changed, you always heard rumbling from various bench players as far as not understanding why they are glued to the bench.

    Matt Barnes put it best when he said, “shame they ran him into the ground.”

    • Ivancillo23 says:

      El infeliz metodo de Mike D’antoni pasara a la historia como el artifice de la lesion que marcara el posible retiro de un jugador tan brillante

  31. aris says:

    you are a lion i wish all the best Kobe

  32. Drizzy24 says:

    KOBE showed us a true MVP down to his last step of the season….. I like LEBRON but even though KOBE deserve the trophy LEBRON is about to get his 4th MVP to KOBEs 1…. WOW #VINOLEGEND

  33. Mehbiib Mustafa says:

    Kobe’s injury is devastating for Lakers. But may be this will encourage Lakers team to come together and roll into the playoffs..Black Mumba will be back.. there is no doubt.. Good luck Lakers

  34. Jean Paul says:

    I am very sad that Kobe will not be able to finished this season. I know he is a very tough dude & the ultimate competitor. If there is an athlete who can recover from such injury and still retain his game, the “Black Mamba” is the man!!!
    Hope to see him next season together with Nash, Howard & Gasol..

  35. arnold mc abali says:

    KB was in a mission to do everything to put LA into playoffs, I’m pretty much sure he’ll be okay and make his comeback as strong as Mamba again.. prayed for you…get well soon #VINO……God is good

  36. Steve says:

    Respect man, ive been a Lakers fan all my life and not only is Kobe a great role model and the best NBA player to EVER play the game he is truly the best athlete in the world. Love your way Kobe, oh yeah i almost forget, if one 34 y/o single handedly bringing his team from the bottom of the conference to the playoffs doesnt get MVP the award has no credit. Kobe you are a modern day gladiator and a true legend. Get well champ.

  37. Dan T. says:

    No man can do it. Except for Kobe.

  38. fan4life says:

    I am tering up for Kobe ight now…I went from disliking him as a selfishing young player to loving him as the man and leader he became. Wishing him a healthy & speedy recovery. Hope the NBA recognise that Kobe is the MVP of this season.


  39. sam says:

    Kobe my man will come even stronger and funk ’em all!!!!

  40. Leonardo Deleveaux says:

    The best to have done it the play off will not be the same. GET WELL SOON. your biggest fan in the Bahamas

  41. W/E says:

    PLaying like 48 minutes the last couple games at 34 what u expect….Shows u how bad the coach is,thats why u have substitutes and strategy to rest ur starters even when u fight for the playoffs or the FInals u cant let players play 48 minutes every game it makes no sense, players get tired and jnjury prone.

  42. Chad Christopher Vander Meulen says:


  43. Prince Arson says:

    KB is overuse after participating in intense games that wll keep LA in playoff spot. Now comes the common injured to any athletes. Age are catching up for KB..D.atoni should have rested him sometimes. Sad news for LA and LA fans around the world. Very sad to see him walking like that..hope the best for him and speedy recovery..been in that situation Track&Field….


  44. Saeed says:

    Kobe’s injured. This means that Durant and the Thunder have the chance to easily make the West semis.

  45. jerikobe says:

    mad respect to kobe, for us lakers fans and nba fans i know u feel me!!!
    i hope he’s teammates will sacrifice also and show some heart and grit for the remaining games.
    Kobe deserves to have the mvp, every time i think about that game it breaks my heart coz i was so happy when he hit those back to back 3s to tie the game, and even hit those 2fts to take up the lead. He’s the best basketball players ever!
    sad day for kobe fans and i know even hater will be sad, and they will still hate or even bash kobe’s injury which is not good.
    Get will soon mamba.. !! you’re me #1 idol! much love

  46. JewelAnnclaudius says:

    Wow !!playing almost 48 minutes a game? Being a coach you should have known better. Kobe is not getting any younger and HELLOOOOO, he is a human for God’s sake.

  47. Jowellchua says:

    Time to Hang it, retire for good, the whole team is a failure the so called super team 72-10

  48. joey says:

    even his enemy doesnt believe he’s gone forever, that’ what Kobe matters to this sport

  49. Chris says:

    Rivalries or not, nice to see basketball players looking out for their own like that. Lebron is right though, if anyone can come back from it, it is Kobe. Just hope the Lakers can do without their franchise player until then

  50. Jack says:

    oh man this is very saddening news, i wish this man speedy recovery, he’s a lost to this league if he wont come back, stay strong man, we from the Philippines is praying for you,..

  51. hhhhhh says:

    What is Webber even saying

  52. newyorksteelo says:

    Ouch! Much respect for Kobe. Hope you recover soon 🙂

  53. VinoForV says:

    @kobebryant. respect bro. lakers champion fow life.Best wishes bro.

  54. dex says:

    Im here in my work site alone in the office; it is really a sad news for all the fans just like me about kobe’s injury. get well soon. u inspire everybody on ur work ethics. prayers for kobes recovery.

  55. dex says:

    Im here in my work site alone in the office; it is really a sad news for all the fans just like me about kobe’s injury. get well soon. u inspire everybody on ur work ethics. prayers for kobes recovery…

  56. wesuffermost says:


  57. Paolo says:

    Auguri Kobe. Ce la farai.

  58. @kobebryant says:

    @RealMikeWilbon – When I heard the news this morning, I immediately thought… fatigue


  59. TheTruth says:

    Matt Barnes saying what everyone knows is the truth.

  60. Keyan says:

    I gain a new found respect or Kobe these last weeks as a Heat(Florida stand up) its always a heated battled but thats nothing i would wish on one of the best of my time but Kobe is sick with it you knw next year he’s coming for blood God bless p.s.give you more time with family and to get father time for another great season

  61. MJS says:

    i want to cry

  62. Tala says:

    Kobe is one of the toughest player I’ve seen. I know for sure he’ll be back stronger and he will be ready for the playoffs. He’s a fighter and he will play. Prayers out to him and his family. Also great to see all the love from players around the league and fans around the world. At the end of the day, he’s the BLACK MAMBA!!

  63. @Reddone1 says:

    @RealMikeWilbon – When I heard the news this morning, I immediately thought… fatigue

  64. leo boncalon says:

    its very3 sad, about the injury off kobe bryant. all of his funs here in the philippines, he is the legend and one of the greatest basket ball player in the entire planet earth. what happen next to LA LAKERS? MAN lets pray for fast recovery of kobe.

  65. It was D’Antonis fault,….he saw Kobe was hurting, I know he had the determination but, if you see your player Limping in the middle of the 3rd quarter…you don’t have to play him 48 minutes…you have gasol and howard as a scoring threat, they can do their jobs without kobe…D’Antoni’s lack of confidence on his players is just absurd

  66. Bruno says:

    Damn this is some sad stuff man. But props to Kobe, he left it all out there.

  67. Laker Fan says:

    How bad is a torn achilles compared to a torn acl?

  68. Garryb says:

    Unfortunate,…devastating…simply crushing.

  69. I was watching this game and when I saw Kobe went down the 2nd time and Mike D’Antoni didn’t rest him.. I thought to myself WTF is he doing? When the camera points to the bench, you could see Gary Vitti telling Mike to rest him a bit. Give Kobe 1 minute break to shake it off!! Kobe didn’t rest the entire game and with the minutes he’s been playing at his age, it is no surprise something like this would happen. Mike failed to protect the players’ health. Get rid of him! Bring back the Zen Master!

  70. Shaqwave says:

    Get well soon kobe… Respect

  71. D12 says:

    Shame on the coach and the Dub starts in the lakers team , Only Kobe gave it his all which is not resulting to this.He lived up to his promise that Lakers will make the paly off .Thus pushing so hard without thinking of the wear and tear of his 34 years old frame .Poor KOBE ! SHAME ON D12 , D’antoni and Gasol !

  72. cruz says:

    we all know kobe willl come back from this, he is a fighter and a winner, see you in the playoffs, showing your will …

  73. deliveredkarma says:

    sorry man but that’s what happen when you don’t let the coach put you in the bench sometimes at 35 years old (because your super new lakers crew playing like little rich girls)

    • Matthew T... says:

      And what is your problem good sir… All he wants is to win this or his team it kills him to lose… you are misenterpreting his work ethic. The team doesnt look good together yet cuz of lack of time together and continuity. i dont think theyve been at full potential at all yet.

  74. Algene Nash says:

    If a NBA game was a 100 minutes long & the Lakers needed Kobe 2 win; he would play 99 minutes. This is why coaches make the decisions on playing time 4 the players. A coach must use his wisdom & good judgment 2 protect his players & the team. Winning is balancing act as is life. Kobe’s talent & drive is a joy 2 watch; but he’s the player not the coach & certainly not the owner or general manager; wink – wink. Where was the organizational management when Kobe was playing these god awful minutes w/17 years of playing time on his body. Somebody was asleep @ the wheel. I did that once & awoke fortunately not dead looking up or down @ my lifeless body, but merely watching & feeling my car sliding across a wired fence on 60 freeway back in the day when those were still on the freeways . If Kobe has anything 2 do w/it; he will be back; his drive now is 2 come back strong & prove 2 himself that he can do that.

  75. AVAKIL says:

    Kobe Bryant is the definition of HEART!!

  76. slavyan_kz says:

    You will return Кобе do not experience, we with you, we love you and believe in you!

  77. shorome says:

    He went down like a man… stood back up and helped his team to tie the game… and left his team with the will to win… #Terminator

  78. Ted says:

    All the best wishes to Kobe Bryant. Never want to see a player go down with an injury like that.

  79. pet says:

    Just have torn my left achilles twice since last november… feel sad for Kobe. Will need all of his will to come back. But there’s no doubt about that. Hey, Kobe, if you need some tipps and motivation, just drop me a mail. Smile.

  80. CityLobbin says:

    Man, terrible. I hope Kobe has a speedy recovery. D’Antoni shouldn’t have been playing him for so long…..

  81. slowmoe0408 says:

    It’s not over. . . It has just begun. Believe that

  82. herman says:

    kobe the greatest i hate it had to him

  83. Helen Stendt says:

    We all saw this coming. Kobe is one of the oldest players in the league and yet he plays the highest number of minutes. Lakers staff should have protected Kobe against himself. Kobe shouldn’t play more than 30 mins in regular season games. And less minutes for Kobe would probably mean a better bench for the Lakers too. What an unprofessional organisation.

    • Mecena says:

      They made lots of stupid moves this season – D’Antoni, Howard, etc….

    • lakersfan4ever says:

      The only one to blame is D’Antoni, he’s the coach and shouldn’t have play after Kobe bump his knee the 1st time he should have had pull him out of the game and Have Meeks finish for him, Is not the organization is the Coach fault.

      • Ehhhhhh says:

        Don’t blame D’Antoni too much. Everyone knows how Kobe wants to play and how he wants to get that Championship. Think about it, if Kobe played less minutes, would they really get to where they are right now? Kobe wanted to play all his heart out. I know you know he’s determined. But this was also a small fault of his since he was already pushing himself with the injuries already there. It’s just goes to show that this was not the Lakers’ year.

      • Matthew T... says:

        Even if D’Antoni tried to pull him out he would of just stayed in anyway. He is way too competitive to lose a game like this… Meeks can stand up to a man like Kobe he would just intimidate him and besides meeks looks up to kobe… looks like Vino is gunna be coaching on the bench for the rest of the season.. The rest of the team needs to step up now… make the playoffs atleast just for kobe i think they’ll do it… We still have Nash Gasol and Howard remember. my prayers for Kobe hope he comes back stronger

    • uoykcuf says:

      Oh please, when you all got howard and nash you are all screaming champs and now you blame D’antoni played him too many minutes? what if he played him less minutes and LA lost? Or kobe throw a fit? Or you all say fire coach because he doesn’t play kobe? Blame all you want but if they started the season playing teamgame(not kobeiam game) they might be able to prevent this. Still, hope he gets well soon and come back next year as a better player.