Kobe Injury About More Than 2012-13


This was the night the Lakers learned that missing the playoffs wasn’t the worst case scenario.

Their world changed when Kobe Bryant went down during Friday night’s victory over the Warriors in Los Angeles, an injury that was initially diagnosed as a torn left Achilles’ tendon with an MRI scheduled for Saturday for confirmation. That’s not entirely true, actually. The real perspective is the entire NBA world changed, so great is his impact as the driving force and emotional leader behind a Lakers bunch trying to remain relevant.

It’s bigger than this season. The Lakers were already doomed. Maybe they would have made the playoffs, and maybe they still will beat out the Jazz for No. 8 in the Western Conference, but they would have been longshots to beat San Antonio or the Thunder in the first round.

Bryant, the ultimate competitor, left little hope in the locker room after the game the injury was anything less than the torn tendon just above the heel. That means the potential for missing the majority of next season. And that, in the bottom-line perspective, means every topic is open for discussion.

He was open to talking extension with the Lakers in the summer, but told NBA.com on March 30 that he was leaning toward retiring after 2013-14, the final season on his contract. Does the possibility of going out on what figures to be a very un-Kobe campaign, with most of the campaign lost to injury and not being at 100 percent once he does return, change the thinking?

Next season was shaping up as the final commitment to the current Lakers, with only Steve Nash under contract beyond July 1, 2014. They would then have crossed the bridge to the future with – they hope – Dwight Howard in the lead role. But if Bryant can’t play most of 2013-14 and the Lakers have no cap room to spent on star-level free agent (which is not an “if”), what impact will that have on the decisions of summer ’13? Amnesty Pau Gasol, a possibility anyway, rather than spend big for a power forward on a team with little realistic chance of a playoff run? Amnesty Metta World Peace, also a possibility anyway?

And what of The Decision out of Lakers HQ this offseason? What does the potential of little contribution next season from Bryant mean for Howard’s future? Will he love the idea of this being his team a year ahead of schedule and be more inclined to re-sign knowing the offense revolves around him? Or will Howard hate the idea of the demanding level of expectation that comes with life under the heat lamps of being a Laker and not want to have to face that burden?

Everything changed the moment the medical update went from unspecified leg injury to a probable torn Achilles. In that instant, in that likely franchise-changing, possible NBA-changing instant, it became about so much more than how the Lakers would manage without Bryant for the final two games of the regular season and whether they would make the playoffs. This is about next season and, given the Howard decision, the next many seasons.

No timetable for a return will be set until after the severity of the injury is confirmed, but this could be six months or even longer. That would not be a surprise. We’re talking that far into the future. We’re talking that much on the line.


  1. Dee bella says:

    NBA is not fun to watch without you….GET WELL SOON MAMBA

  2. J C says:

    It’s all Mike D’Antoni’s faults. He bring bad luck to the whole Lakers organization this season. First he came with crutches, that is a bad sign already. Then he gink everyone get injured from all 5 starters and bench players and the death of Great Dr. Jerry Buss. I’d let D’Antoni join the Brown club and bring back the Great Coach Phil Jackson.

  3. Basketball Fan says:

    Bottom line: Kobe should not step foot on a basketball court in a competitive capacity for at least 1 full year. No matter what. Then from that point on make a solid decision. Kobe needs to put HIS OWN health first! But we all know that that will not happen.

  4. Anthony says:

    Nash wont be this teams savior. hes been prtty useless when he was playing, anyways. besides he cant dribble around anyone without a double pick, and was demoted to a spot up shooter. and he couldnt guard a paper bag to save his life…. and how far do u think we are gonna get with a coach that still hasnt taught his team proper defensive rotation after 70 games? BECAUSE HE KNOWS NOTHING ABUOT DEFENSE… and that is why D12 will leave

  5. I’m die hard Celtics fan so i obviously root for Celts to crush them all the time & for any other team to just beat them-but when i heard of this season ending injury i felt just a lil bad for him-just a lil slightly bad. having said that, get back healthy for next seas kob so there’s no excuse that you didn’t play when my Celts crushem again & again lol.

  6. Billy says:

    This Achilles injury didn’t look as nasty as David Becham’s. I hope that bodes well for Kobe in the months in recovery to come.

  7. Jacob says:

    They said by the earliest though if all goes well then he could be back by the start of the season, knowing Kobe no matter how things go he’ll be back.

  8. KOBEHATER says:

    Sad to see.. though not really a big Kobe Bryant fan (didn’t like him before).. but seeing one of the greatest player fell like that? phhfff… And read his venting through facebook.. feel sad for that man…

  9. uoykcuf says:

    I am not a fan of kobe the rapist bryant but still I don’t wish this on him. Get well soon and maybe this will humble you a bit when you get back in court.

  10. neal says:

    who ever thing kobe wont return please gtfo is one of the toughest player in the league. he will be back neext season his will is strong ….. cut some slag and have some resoect ..kobe come back sooon

  11. McDyce says:

    kobe needs JESUS in his heart. HE will help him get well.

  12. Joe Gallagher says:

    Kobe will be back, but the Golden Age of Kobe is over. At his level of play, 4 – 6 months doing basic rehab will put him way behind the pack. Hopefully we will see flashes of the Mamba next year to remind us of how great he once was. Thanks for the thrills and grit, Kobe!!

  13. TheTruth says:

    This is Kobe retirement. Old people injury are always bad sometimes fatal.

  14. Oh we’ll at least he got this injury now since his shadow is getting taken over by Lebrons legacy

  15. OBent says:

    It was stupid for D´Antony to allow kobe to play that many minutes, 48 a game at age 34? what kind of a coach is that?
    This was long seen coming, they were using Kobe out ´till he broke, shameful, really shameful to see that happening!

  16. ene be a says:

    If u ask me , the real one tha put lakers on map was MAGIC , . But before tha there was the nba logo men west, and wilt the big dip. And then there is kobe., mmmm but this looks like career ending for a player like kobe, if he ever returs is just to catch up jordan in the alltime scoring list, anyway, lebron will finosh first on that list…

  17. Drama Queen says:

    Also have you guys ever heard the story Boy who cried wolf? Kobe repeatedly gets “injured” and over exaggerates everything and then comes in the next night and scores 40. Well this time its probably real and Kobe is probably done, thats what you get for being an LA Faker!

  18. fpetyov6 says:

    I had Achilles tendon repture in January 15th 2013. I am still recovering,I felt a same as Kobe (also played basketball).
    After the injury next day the operation was made.
    I wish a quick recovery, and lot’s of patience. This injury is mind killer..

  19. Bayaraa says:

    Mike D’Antoni is not good coach.Also GSWarriors made 50 FOULS. toooooo many fouls. isn’t it??????

  20. garrett says:

    best to ever play

  21. Jordan says:

    I can’t believe half of these posts claiming that Kobe Bryant had it coming. Not only is he the most dedicated player in the league, his will and focus are truly amazing. The only reason he was playing so many minutes is because of the fact HE IS A CHAMPION. He refuses to let anything get in his way of being the best. So to all the indecent human beings, rooting for an all star such as Kobe to be injured, just stop. No one will ever be as dedicated as this man.

  22. Drama Queen says:

    I feel bad for Bryant going down like that but thats what you get when you play 48 minutes a game at the age of 34. That was not a foul on Barnes, Kobe fell. Lakers shot 50 fts… Its pretty clear who Stern and the NBA want in the playoffs.. Sad to see the NBA going in the direction of entertainment and ratings over fair competition. Well David Stern, Kobe is now done for the season which means you don’t have to cheat the lakers into the playoffs. Let the Jazz take the 8th spot that they deserve. No one wants to see a washed up Lakers team in the playoffs without Kobe.

  23. Mario says:

    We want AI in LA. Iverson is The Answer

  24. KobeFan says:

    Get well soon kobe!!

  25. ene be a says:

    Nothing like this happens to the king, u know, he is the king , lebron james, an injury free player , the best, the king, theReal Deal, lebron is blessed by god to be the king and protector of earth. Best player ever. Best ingame dunker, best allaroundplayer best teamate, and now he is up to be the greatest winner of all tiiiiimee babyyyyy, king james all the wayyyyyyyyyyy

  26. Anonymous says:

    Lakers shud sign Allen iverson in place of kobe

    • paulo says:

      One of my two all-time favorite players to watch. Iverson and Kobe. Though they were rivals one point, they showed they same on court determination that can be matched only by the other. They played their heart out every single game. Iverson is out and now Kobe might be for a long time. Maybe they could bring back Iverson not to be the savior of the team but just to show the guys the same willingness that Kobe exerted every single game.

  27. Jason says:

    I would trade Gasol and Metta for some younger, more athletic guys, and shoot for next season. It wasn’t very likely the lakers would have gone to the finals anyway, so focus on next year. I would find a great outside shooter to help match D Antoni’s coaching style.

  28. sanjay says:

    lakers are have one too many old legs. kobe alone could not do it. This had to happen! I have no idea why they do not have young roster surrounding super stars like spurs have. Even spurs will have similar issues with OKC/DENVER/MEMPHIS in playoffs! And I do not think they have legs to go all the way!
    okc/memphis/denver/indiana and even in the east teams are young, fast and ridiculously athletic.
    That kid curry scored 45 points as they it is a high school game and he barely broke a sweat!!

  29. Omano says:

    So sad to see how kobe injured in this way…
    So sad to see how D-coach slowly destroy Black Mamba…

    You cannot just throw 8 players on the court with 3-4 players having 40+ mins in every game!

  30. johnny sebwita says:

    Hey Kobe, you have my supoport, try to rest and take care yourself
    U are the great player ever and what happened is part of game
    feel well Bro
    U are the best

  31. Peter says:

    oke, kobe is a great player and has always been a great player.
    But we should all look at this guy’s age.
    he will not recover that fast anymore from an injury as this one.
    I had a torn archilles myself. used to work out and train bb like 5 days a week and also following an sports education for teaching. Was in great shape, till i took a wrong step on the court and was forced to rest for like 11 months.
    sad to say that i never got back into shape like i was before my injury.
    These injuries can leave permanent damage.

  32. Dude says:

    I’m no laker fan, but I’ve got respect for Kobe, his ability to bounce back, his work ethic, and his commitment. Kobe is one of the best old skool players in nba, I’d hate to see him go.

  33. This will be the last time we see Kobe Bryant on the court. I think he’s done. He did everything he could to try and will his team to the playoffs, an ultimate winner/competitor, and the closest thing we’ve seen to Michael Jordan. But, this is too big to overcome and I think calling it quits now would be a good idea.

  34. Gzalitis says:

    He will play this year in this PO !!

  35. Jordan Payne says:

    Kobe bryant is old. The lakers have been trash this whole season. If they make the playoffs they will get swept in the first round

  36. Lesro89 says:

    the injury was sad to see but the story of the game was the atrocious officiating. The fix was in on that game the Warriors got jobbed, the league should make it’s officiating transparent, they should have to face the media after every game. The NBA is a joke of a league until it resolves the issues it has with it’s poor officiating, can’t believe the league is doesn’t see the obvious issues with games that look crooked.

  37. jonathan davis says:

    kobe!, just admit that your old enough men!!! lol, its better you to rest, this is the season of LBJ legacy and no one can stop it! thats the reality!!!! bwahahahaha!

  38. I feel sad with Kobe Bryant’s injury. I’m hopirng he will be back before the start of 2013-2014 NBA Season. He will still get his 6th Championship ring with our team L.A. Lakers. Go Lakers and win more championship.
    Ray Duque III (GMBD), USA

  39. jill says:

    As coah Jackson said Kobe manipulated games in the past. He was uncoachable. He also manipulate injuries. This time is a masterpiece and Superman will emerge tomorrow to manipulate the eight place in the playoffs. Only Mamba can do it. An Achiles tendon is not his weakness but lack of recognition that he is the best, even better that Jordan.

  40. Kobe Fan says:

    KOBE is the black Mamba
    He kills his prey
    He never gives up
    He will come back.
    We laker fans pray, day and night for kobe to recover
    We have faith in Kobe
    He is a mamba
    Greatest player in the NBA currently
    I belive in kobe and always will
    He is always there for the lakers
    When ever he is injured he wants to still play
    Didn’t anypne see those threes he got in 4th quarer even when he was injured
    He was brave and determined
    KOBE BRYANT will always be remembered as

  41. disciplinedPAO says:

    Fire D’ANTONI

  42. jack says:

    Typical Kobe. One day leaves on crutches seeking media attention and next day is playing like nothing happened. He loves attention and show that Superman is not the lakers center but him KOBE. If is not him that receives the attention nobody will. Don worry fans He will be ready tomorrow and will shoot the lakers winning shot

  43. James says:

    I’m a Celtics fan and I absolutely hate the Lakers, but this is absolutely sad to see. Wish the mamba full recovery and hope this isn’t the last we see of him.

  44. RAPSFAN13 says:

    Ummmmmmm when it was proven that their Western Conference finals series was basically fixed you can pretty much see what’s going on. You still thinking about the CP3 trade? Is that your only proof that there is no favoritism towards the Lakers? As said a million times, the CP3 trade was stopped because the team owners had a vote and chose to stop it. It’s not that we think too much, it’s just that you fan boys choose not to see reality and real proven evidence.

  45. Sam says:

    All the respect to Kobe from a spurs fan! Hope you get well soon! I was hoping you play in the playoffs this season to beat OKC! I do believe you are the only one who can do it! Thank you for the amazing games you always play!

  46. kobe8 says:

    Kobe, please comeback. i will not watch NBA again if no Kobe

  47. lakerfan123 says:

    If Kobe is still Kobe, he’ll be back by Training Camp.

  48. RAPSFAN13 says:

    Feel bad for Kobe but at the end of the day if they make it in the playoffs it was not going to last long. Hey Dwight, you got what you wished for you the man now lol, if you don’t make the playoffs, Dwight is a bust!

  49. d21 says:

    i knew it already ! Mike d”antoni is too clingy to kobe
    he always forced kobe to play over limit in his age
    over 40 minutes is very risky
    and come this time -_____-

  50. LAKERS4ETERNITY. says:

    regardless of what happens. Everything happens for a reason. #GOLAKERS. Keep it up with the negativity haters Im praying for you all ha.

  51. LION says:


  52. Yet if this happend to Lebron everyone would be happy besides his fans.. Hopefully nothing like this happens to the king

  53. makehope says:

    i know kobe can make it….=)

  54. Scott says:

    Dwight Howard gets the Lakers earlier than he thought. Kobe should retire, and come back if and when he is healthy again.

  55. Bballd says:

    I think Laker fans are a little too optimistic about Kobe common back. This is the worst injury in the game. Worse than a broken leg or torn Achilles. Definitely a carreer ender, although I respect how tough and resilient he is, one of the best.

  56. Tilney1004 says:

    This is what happens when a 34 year old averages 44 mpg. If he does somehow make it back for next season’s opener there’s no way he can carry on at this rate, the rest of the team needs to step up. It’s a wake up call for Lakers board and fans, this team without Kobe lacks any athleticism, speed or cutting edge, without Kobe this year this team would be fighting it out with the Kings and Blazers of the West. They need to take a hit and rebuild, Howard is the perfect building block the best centre in the league, Pau or Metta could be amnestied, and apart from Nash, Kobe and Howard (if he resigns) the team has a clean slate to rebuild and start again from 2014. And just like D-Rose at the Bulls let Kobe get fully fit, don’t make him feel like he has to be there for 13/14, Let him go out in 14/15 in style, use 13/14 as a chance to try new things and start the ball rolling on the next Lakers team.

    I’m not a Lakers fan but I appreciate the best players, get well soon Kobe.

  57. M1978 says:

    In his own way Kobe is better than any current player. LeBron James is 10 or 11 years younger and he couldn’t perform at this high level. Westbrook, Wade, Rose, Griffin etc. they are good players but fail to get to this level. Kobe is a real go to guy like Jordan was. He gets the ball and scores. In my country people say in such situations: “An old man is not a freight train”. Kobe is too old. Jordan had Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc and Harper. Each of them is better than any of the current Laker lineup. Each of them could easely score more than 20 in a game. Unfortunatly Gasol, Nash, Artest are also getting too old. Howard is a good center but very moody, sometimes scoring 5 sometimes 25.
    At the beginning of this season I wrote that the Lakers can get big if they stay healthy. This isn’t the case, so they will fail. Maybe they can make it to the playoffs, but they will be swept by OKC. If they face the Spurs maybe they can win one game….
    Kobe won’t get another championship. His only chances would be to leave LA and go to a good team for less money. But I think thats not him. The Lakers management has to decide, if I was them I would sack Howard, Gasol, Nash and start to rebuild.

  58. Kb24 says:

    I hope Kobe could return as soon as possibile.
    He’s a living legend

  59. Terrance Underwood says:

    Yo Kobe , you are a legend , I respect you soooooooo much , love you man . You have proven more than enough . God bless you ,

  60. Daniel says:

    You spelled Thunder wrong at the beginning. It’s not Thinder.

  61. Tyrone says:

    That was a tough interview to watch, it’s a sad end to his season and for the Lakers, if they even make the playoffs are going to get trampled on

  62. Get well Kobe the NBA needs you!You´re the man!

  63. Knixfan says:

    Wish Kobe the best. Sad to see this happen to a player of his caliber.

  64. Eduardo Tob says:

    I am a Celtic When we lost Rondo, many thought we would be doomed and we found great surprises. Maybe the same could happen with Lakers, maybe Howard could make more difference, who knows? Wishing a brief return for Kobe, Rondo and Rose. NBA is bigger with them.

  65. Frank Lopez says:

    Perfect Mr. Stern. Mission accomplished. NOW the NBA fans, all of them of course, can concentrate on your pet project: Miami Heat and your next Michael Jordan, Lebron James.

    • Denver2013Champs says:

      Kobe is the closest you will get to a MJ. Lebron is a beast but is no MJ.


        Lebron is Lebron…. Kobe is Kobe… MJ is MJ stop comparing them and let them have their own Legacies. Only dumb fans keep wanting a player to be like another player! who wants a clone? They are all greats let them be who they are!

  66. Kevin says:

    If anyone has ever had a torn left Achilles’ tendon they you would know that such an injury would take 6-9 months to recover from just to enable you to walk properly again. We are talking about a sportsman here, it will take at least 12 months for Kobe to fully recover. I think Kobe will return mid next season and play for a few games then retire. It is that simple. He will not get his 6th ring and he will not be remembered as “hitting the shot” that MJ did to cement his legacy. It is a shame as Kobe Bryant is definitely without a doubt, the best NBA player ever after MJ. Period.

  67. theking0522 says:

    You see, resting players is not that bad after all…….This man was playing 48 minutes night in and night out. This team should have been in a much better position that fighting for the 8th seed. Kobe should have been resting by now, but instead he was trying to get into the playoffs. It doesn’t matter anyways because the Lakers were going to be too tired after all the tough games they are playing down the stretch. That is why I agree with Spoelstra. Lebron should rest as much as he can…You see HATERS: resting DOES pays off..Ask Tim Duncan. Playing 48 minutes a game takes a toll on your body. Let the haters whine all they want…Lebron won’t be playing 48 minutes in the last couple of games. That is why you clinch AHEAD OF TIME…..Oh by the way. I am still a Kobe hater, but the man wanted to play…My respects to him.

  68. Kobr Fan says:

    Kobe will return this season no matta what

  69. Jowellchua says:

    Time to Retire.

  70. Willy says:

    Man it’s just way too bad! I am pissed off too Kobe. But look you have had an incredible career. I was thinking before the iinjury that he might retire, rather than going through another, one last season, maybe struggling again to break 500? Easy to say quit, but man this si hard one. It’s been a pleasure watching you destroy the league for 17 years! Legend. Do what is best for you. Best regards

  71. koolempoy says:

    Trust me. He will play next game. Nobody can’t stop Kobe from playing. Not even the most gruesome injury you can imagine!

    • 24 says:

      I dont trust you

      There is a difference between injury and pain dumby. Achilles is what supports your whole body weight, good luck playing with one that is torn.

  72. Oh plez his faking …… Kobe knows his team can’t beat OKC or spurs so why not do a drama…..

  73. sally says:

    The lakers were done long before Kobe “went down”. They barely made the 8th seed (and it isn’t a done deal yet) and the only reason they made it that far was Kobe decided to run his mouth and “guarentee” a playoff position, therefore he had to work himself right into an injury that won’t allow him to play at all. They should have made him play a little at a time so he could make it through the season, so he did it to himself. He isn’t competative he’s obsessed. He thinks he’s a one man team….not good.

  74. Observer says:

    Well done D’Antoni… Do you think Phil would have allowed this to happen?

    Hope you get well Kobe

  75. ene be a says:

    Kobe injury more than the lakers, more than winning, more than the playoffs, more than a championship, more than a mvp trophy, more than getting better and make your teamates better, more than chemestry, more than the 675 point behind Jordan, more than a scoring title.

    A kobe tribute.

  76. Eaglos says:

    This is probably the best thing for Lakers but the worst for a legend like Kobe.
    On the other hand, he showed once more that he is not that smart of a person
    otherwise he should have seen this coming with all his effort this season…

  77. oren says:

    love you kobe 24# from israel

  78. Krasnognom says:

    From what I remember about the azmnesty rule is that a team can’t resign a player they amnestied until his contract has expired. So some other team would have to sign him first.

  79. jeff says:

    He is.day to day he is kobe not Lebron James or d wade .

  80. Samuel says:

    time to call Allen Iverson!

  81. Dani says:

    I hope and i think he hasnt broken achilles tendon because the he wouldnt be able to walk, not even with some help like he did

  82. realist2013 says:

    Whether he comes back or not this season was a test run for a revamped team thats never played together. On paper and video games they were favorites, but dominating together after one season is a stretch. All that gum bumping Gasol did after the previous game he better be in beast mode. Great players making so much money for so long get complacent and lazy. Thats what irritated Kobe and made him go into his patented “If they won’t I will mode” Howard may stick around ,but There are more viable options next season that he would flurish with, not that he cant with the Lakers . There’s pressure on him big time now and the team has no money for a better bench so its going to be tough.

  83. JusticeServed says:

    I’m not a Lakers fan and certainly not a great Kobe supporter but I really enjoyed watching him play. Some of the plays he made this year was amazing, dunking on people, 4 blocked shots in a game..etc, etc. All this at the latter part of his career too, he really was putting in work!
    Still after seeing the Lakers vs Warriors game which was officiated so badly, 50-19 free throws and some ridiculous calls at the end. Curry fouls Dwight on a screen (dubious call!), then Blake shoots the free throws…what gives Stern/NBA? Maybe this is justice for continually trying to get LA into the playoffs for better ratings and more money. Sorry Kobe…

  84. zz says:

    Man.. That’s why the coaching staff was asking kobe to have at least a little bit of rest every quarter to avoid this and i think he should have trusted his teammates more to hold on the game while he sits on the bench. But what’s done is done I hope he gets well soon and that it will be not the last of kobe. Got to respect him this season for giving his all and carrying the struggling lakers at his age. Whatever happens to him, he will still be considered as one of the greatest players in the nba.

  85. Boere says:

    It’s a shame what happened to Kobe but let’s not act like they would have had a chance in the playoffs.

  86. TAE says:

    lakers vs celtics in finals 2013

  87. Ioakim says:

    I feel very sorry for him, hope he gets well rather soon. What makes me feel uncomfortable is that players in the NBA have these horrible back-to-back schedules (just to make more money), and players like Kobe seem to play despite injury. It seems that the human body is not made for that beyond the age of 30.

  88. Ibrahim says:

    Get well soon and always remember to praise God even during the hard times and remember how blessed you are and at the end of the day it is just a game.

    Even though this has been the most frustrating season to watch the lakers, they are the only team I have watched, solely because of Kobe. Dont get me wrong I am a fan of basketball but there is just something about the way he plays the game that you dont see anywhere else in the league. When kobe retires it will be hard to follow the nba.

    • koos weel says:

      you are so right and siad it so beautifully.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      It’s true… And if this is the end for Kobe, we are blessed to have witnessed maybe the best season of his career. He played heavy minutes, and all the fans got their last big taste of Kobe.

      I will NEVER rule out the Mamba, and people doing that is only going to light his fire. Just to sustain an injury like this, I can’t really see him ever playing at the level he did this season. Fans and haters alike, I hope you truly appreciate what this man has done for this modern day game. Like Jordan, Kobe made basketball interesting and fun to watch. He brought fans to this special game.

  89. 4dawyn says:

    Im rooting for the Jazz now to make the 8th spot. Lakers without Kobe wouldnt make sense and would be so boring to watch come playoff time, might as well watch al jefferson and the Jazz in the playoffs. I wish Kobe a fast recovery though and hope he can come back strong next season…

  90. Random Guy says:

    This is arguable the worst news for the Lakers the entire season and it came with the worst timing. But knowing Kobe all throughout his career, I know he won’t let his career just end like this. As much as it pains me to not see him for the last 2 games and what could be the most crucial games all-season-long, I’m just gonna have to pray for his speedy recovery. And as for the Lakers, it’s time to step it up! It’s win-or-go-home time for them. Every game counts! GO LAKERS!

  91. lalfan says:

    God!! I’m so pissed at Pau (biggest lame in nba) and Howard (calls himself ‘superman’ Ha!). Both have done nothing durimg whole season. Forcing a 34yo to play 48min games. Kobe you are goat and nothing changes that. I pray to Allah for your recovery!!

    • Mecena says:

      Very true.

    • Timmy says:

      So ignorant. Howard and Gasol didn’t force Kobe to play 48 minutes, and I bet it wasn’t fully D’Antoni either. You know Kobe’s trying to get his team to clinch a playoff spot so he probably advocated for the minutes himself.
      Gasol’s reduced effectiveness is definitely partially due not only to management and age and injury, but also D12’s role on the team. Do you know any team in the NBA where two starting big men average over 15 PPG each? It’s not easy to be in Gasol’s position and take the backseat when you were one of the game’s greatest big men a few ears ago. Plus, even if he’s not dominating like he has before Howard is still the best center in the game so be grateful.
      All I’m saying is don’t put the blame on other players. Kobe made a decision to play extensive minutes in attempt to clutch the 8th seed, and regardless of the injury, he’s gonna be back next year.

  92. glyceman says:

    blame d’antoni’s rotation.. 3 bench players on an aging roster is bad in the long run. this is that time..

  93. masterkawaster says:

    I had the same injury in early January… Still working on it, i still can’t walk properly… Terrible. Hope he will be bigger than that and will come back. Prayers with You Kobe!

  94. Kelly says:

    My frist comment here. I just wish Kobe speedy a full recovery!! And I wish i will see him play again.

  95. Bruno says:

    Well I guess father time did finally catch up with Kobe. His body just snapped. It’s not totally unexpected considering the minutes he’s been playing. Although I was kinda rooting against the Lakers making the playoffs I did have to give it up to Kobe and how he was playing. Maybe the best thing to do here for Kobe is just retire. And maybe make a jordanesque come back in like 2 years. 😉

  96. omar says:


  97. cruzeroheat says:

    it’s d’antoni’s fault, playing him the whole game! what do you expect, kobe’s not young, so he’s suspect to injuries, then he plays 47 minutes? wtf. the lakers need a change in it’s coaching strategies, like how popovich takes care of his aging stars.

  98. Trevor V. LIVE says:

    Always sad when players get injured #PrayforKobe

  99. skunk says:

    as long as MJ is the next scoring list target, you can beat kobe will be suiting up in purple and gold next seson.

  100. kraz says:

    kobe will miss first quarter of next season and come back rested and ready and as tuff as ever. what a game today. kobe got them back in it and gasol took over

  101. Ivan says:

    The guy made 100’s of millions of dollars… had a lot of success on and off the court (if you know what i mean) and here you are asking to pray for him… while we have 5 dollars in our pocket and a car that can’t go up the hill… wake up and stop idolizing athletes.

  102. From a Lakers fan says:

    It’s time for Howard to prove his worth. If he’s the real deal he’ll team up with Gasol and dominate the paint. He’ll drag this team to the playoffs and do what it takes. Too bad he’s just recovering from a back injury. Too bad Nash’s getting old. His wisdom would have been useful in the post season. To Kupchak: time to rebuild around D12 if you can get him to commit. To Kobe: get well soon I hope it’s nothing serious.

  103. Griffin #71 says:

    I think Kobe is done. Yes he has played through almost everything but a torn Achillies is career ending. For Kobe to return from this at this point in his career will be defying his age. That being said Kobe has been showing some hops that havn’t been seen since his KB8 days lately. So maybe he will return. Only time shall tell.

  104. Zac says:

    he played ’41 and ”48 three and two days ago, now again (almost) ”48 … his will was stronger than his body, actually

    he’ll be out for a year for sure

    • Mecena says:

      You’re right, he was playing way to many minutes and way to intense after a long season and it’s not in his 20’s anymore.

      Most of the playoff teams rights now are resting their top players, but, well, Lakers is trying to make the palyoff so….
      Sad to hear, Kobe get well.

  105. Ray the Laker fan says:

    Magic number for playoffs this year is 2. Bonding time without Kobe for the rest of this season and whatever they can accomplish in the playoffs, provided they can make it. I think Kobe will be out at a minimum mid season next year. I hope Dwight agrees to sign and come back to the Lakers for a little lower salary. Maybe both Kobe and Pau will agree to restructure their salaries so that the Lakers can sign some younger players to help out. I think they owe this much to the Lakers. Definitely need to change D’Antoni. Don’t necessarily need to get Phil Jackson. How about Jeff Van Gundy or Jerry Sloan or bring back Brian Shaw. I hope Jim Buss swallows some of that pride of his and does what’s best for the Lakers and the city of Los Angeles. Do the right thing, JIm…it will be good karma!!!

  106. jhun dino says:

    get in the playoffs lakers…enjoying the ride hope kobe gets well

  107. mrhugzzz says:

    Although nobody is saying it, I will. At his age, not even Kobe comes back from a torn Achilles and plays at the level we’re used to seeing him play at in the NBA. This is a career ending injury for a younger athlete (Donovan Bailey) and one that doesn’t need to be nearly as mobile or agile (Dan Marino). If it is a torn Achilles, Kobe should retire and allow the Lakers organization to move forward. 😦

  108. kiwi says:

    wishing you a speedy recovery, all the best Kobe from here in New Zealalnd,

  109. mrhugzzz says:

    Although nobody is saying it, I will. At his age, not even Kobe come back from a torn Achiles. This is a career ending injury for a younger athlete (Donovan Bailey) and an athlete needing to be far less mobile (Dan Marino). It is unfortunate that his career ends this way, but if that achiles is torn, he should retire now and allow the Lakers organization to move on. 😦

  110. Dino says:

    Not sure if Kobe wants to leave this way. He will definitely stay for the next season. Also, it is not “Achilles’” yet. Hopefully, we’ll see today.

  111. herman says:

    #PrayForKobe 😦

  112. asdasd says:

    #PrayForKobe nothing else to say. Lakers are done for this season definitely. Kobe will be back depending on how the Lakers will do in 2014. If they are top 4 in the West, Kobe will wait till playoff time. If Lakers struggle like this season, maybe Kobe will try to comeback faster, because that’s the way Kobe is.


      Amazing player! ONE OF THE VERY BEST! get well KOBE! THE NBA MISSES YOU

    • MrNBA says:

      Top 4 in the west without Kobe?! You’re kidding, right? Without him right now, they would’ve been 12th or lower.

      • asdasd says:

        nah i’m not kidding. If LA gets better in the bench and hires a better coach, they have a chance, having Gasol, Nash and Howard..

  113. Luke says:

    Although I am a huge Lakers fan, I wonder about the possibility of the team amnestying Kobe. It would be a logical move to make if he doesn’t play much next season. They can get that $30 million of their payroll and maybe start rebuilding earlier. I even wonder if they can amnesty him and sign him again at a much more reasonable price, but I doubt the rules would allow that.

    • Ayuna says:

      HAVE SOME FUCN RESPECT! To amnesty Kobe would be SERIOUS disrespect to a franchise player that help to brand the Laker Organization….NOT to mention the fans would be pissed…terrible public decision all the way around

      • Kobeotch says:

        respect Kobe? Ha ha… give me a break

      • dan'o says:

        agreed. take a losing season over a dishonorable amnesty move. Purple and Gold doesn’t treat its legends like that… one of the reasons they’ve kept so many of the greats

    • Andy says:

      The rule is that the team that used the amnesty clause can not get that player back until that contract has expired. So if they amnesty Kobe now they wouldn’t be able to resign him until the end of next season.

    • Respect#24Kobe says:

      @Luke Walton

      You are very stupid. You cannot amnesty Kobe.

      Kobe is the foundation of the Lakers and Amnestying Kobe will just make the LAL Fans rage. Just think of it, the Lakers still have fans because of Kobe which is a huge help for them to survive and get huge profit. You don’t have respect to the one who makes the LAL still alive and have hopes. Think again carefully, you are out of your mind…

    • LebronJames says:

      The best option is to trash:
      Pau Gasol $18.71M (The Softest Player in the NBA nowadays)
      Metta World Peace $6.79M (Overrated Defensive Player that has 35% from 3pt)
      This will be a huge help for them to start rebuilding.
      These people are not playing good with respect to their price. Efficiency is very important. Come on, I would pay Gasol for $5M and MWP for $2.5M. That is their right price.

      • Bruno says:

        Gasol just had à triple double. Im tired of people using him and dwight as scapegoats. The chemistry issues are kobe’s fault for never being able to trust his teammates. His demeanor doesnt allow people to help him even though Though that was the point of bringing in Howard en Nash. Thats why he played 40+ minutes all year.

  114. Marwin says:

    I knew it since the beginning of this season, the Lakers were going to have a season full of injuries due to its aging roster. This might be the most disappointing for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if next season Kobe retires because the Lakers now have no choice but to start rebuilding if they want to win now, considering the fact that “now” is all they have for its aging roster. Hope Kobe gets well.

  115. Alexander says:

    More than 6 months is a stretch. We are talking about Kobe Bryant. His training/ recovery ethic and medical technology will bring him back for the start of the 2013/2014 season.