Jackson’s Boot Could Kick The Spurs

HANG TIME, TexasStephen Jackson has always brought a dash of the unexpected to every team he’s ever played on and last season that nonconforming flair helped get the Spurs to the Western Conference finals.

This time around, it got Capt. Jack booted off the team.

Just over two hours before opening tip Friday night against Sacramento, the Spurs announced that they had waived the 34-year-old swingman.

It was reported by Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski that Jackson had been “sparring” with coach Gregg Popovich over playing time for much of the season and the situation had deteriorated in recent days.

Jackson averaged 6.2 points in 19.5 minutes while playing in 55 games this season. But his unhappiness with his role is believed to stem from a desire for a next contract. He was in the final year of a deal that paid him $10.059 million this season.

According to sources, the feeling was that Jackson’s discontent was becoming a distraction in the locker room and Popovich’s feeling was that it could affect the younger players on the team as the Spurs enter the playoffs. It was simply time to cut out — or lop off — a brewing problem.

Jackson could sign on with another NBA team, but would not be eligible to take part in the playoffs, which open in eight days.

The mercurial veteran was hardly devastated by the Spurs decision to release him, based on his Twitter account. In a Tweet posted in the afternoon @DaTrillStak5, Jackson said: This how I get over the BS life brings. Haha #pinklemonadejumbochanel#spoilmywife #makesmehappy. It was accompanied by a photo showing a pink Chanel purse and five stacks of $100 bills.

It seems he was not appealing for the sympathy vote.

But so much for the Spurs’ depth.

The way things are going, if the regular season lasted any longer, they might not have enough players.

The Spurs had earlier announced that backup center Boris Diaw underwent surgery Thursday for the removal of a lumbar cyst on his spine and would miss 3-4 weeks, meaning he is unavailable for the start of the playoffs. The team was already playing without guard Manu Ginobili, who is sidelined with a hamstring injury and also expected to be unavailable for the beginning of a first round series. In addition, point guard Tony Parker, had sat out three of the four previous games with a sore neck and is also bothered by an assortment of other injuries.

The Spurs entered Friday night a half-game behind the Thunder in the chase for the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, but now have more pressing matters at hand.

Jackson’s absence from the rotation will only amplify the absence of Ginobili from the second unit and makes a team with the third-best record in the entire league suddenly vulnerable in the postseason.


  1. Gil Joseph says:

    Million dollar talent with a 2 cent head. Jackson will never change. Pop did the right thing. Pop is responsible for the entire team and not just one player. Jackson I guess is too stupid to just take the ride and play his role and possibly have a great chance to win a ring. But no-his immediate satisfaction and selfishness was more important than playing his role. Again a man with great talent but time and again he has shown he is very immature, 34 going on 12.

  2. Levar W says:

    stephen jackson should be on spurs this is the same thing with steve novack pop your killing the spurs why not take a trade 4 jackson should have got rid of one of them point guard instead of jackson SMH ……….

  3. Iblameu2 says:

    If Spurs gets booted out in the first round where should I point my index finger for the “blame game”.

  4. dito says:

    the interest of the team or the interest of much more? I must say that the Spurs continue to impress in ways society in general and CERTAINLY SPORTS has all but forgotten. The fact they are willing to sacrifice potentially their own self for the ideals they have is something I hope we all applaud. I certainly do. ps. GO KNICKS!

  5. betsyfromtexas says:

    I like Jack, but you NEVER want to tangle with Pop.

  6. betsyfromtexas says:

    I really like Jack, but you NEVER want to tangle with Pop.

  7. ko0kie says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about.. Jackson will still get that 10mio $ salary this year even if his amnestied, they can’t give it to anyone else lol

  8. melquin says:

    i like KL&DG the way they play,dont give to much credit to parker,he is not enough to bring spurs on top,

  9. melquin says:

    give that salary to DG&KL,they were the best on the team,jackson always given extra energy to the team,but the two young guy is enough to make spurs a western champs.

  10. Willy says:

    As much as I like Jack and the nasty that he brought to the soft Spurs he had to go. The comment about his 10 mil salary this year was just wrong, bottom line wrong at the wrong moment as well! Huge ego! Kick that salary to TD or whoever.

  11. Ron Price says:

    Not sure what to think about this situation; If a player is eager to give you his %110 and you know he can, why not give him a shot? This was the second time the Spurs had Stephen Jackson on it’s roster so they knew what they were getting. Dumb move at the wrong time. Pop let his ego get in the way of the ultimate goal. The window for the Spurs is closing. I don’t get the logic……

    • Nate says:

      Aggreed. How many teams have told players to stay away from the team in a situation like this?? That was all that was needed, let him simmer down a bit. And that way if you needed him you could work something out.

  12. MJfromOKC says:

    This is absolutely pathetic.

    I am a Spurs fan when they dont play OKC. They are a good rivalry, were anyway.

    I hope to hell they get some good moves made in offseason.

    Their team is falling apart. They are waiving decent spot up shooters from their bench rotation.

    Are they into the tequila down there?

  13. Gary Payton says:

    Team, Team, and Team! Not just in sports, the overall good of the group!