Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol. 2, Episode 22

This week’s Fools: Brandon Knight (twice!), Chris Kaman, John Jenkins and Dwight Howard. Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment!



  1. billkruppa says:

    FYI Shaq, there are 50 states not 52

  2. billkruppa says:

    FYI Shaq, there are 50 states not 52.

  3. standard says:


  4. iory says:

    JaVale: WE MISS YOU

  5. filip says:

    Shaqtin’ A Fool is the only thing Shaq contributes to the show positively.

  6. Abby88 says:

    Lol, DWIGHT!!!! Really? One week you bounce the ball of your head, other time your stepping in-bounds. Lol I LOVE YOU!!!! FYI: ur really hot!!!!

  7. Don Juan says:

    gotta have JaVale as a guest sometime on this show. He’s got the oscar here for the best fool of the season;)

  8. Game Time says:

    Howard and McGee body swap?

  9. oldiegoldie39 says:

    love, love, love shaqtin a fool!!!!!!!!!

  10. Joe Joy says:

    “Stupidman” lmao

  11. Sympathetic Possum says:

    “So easy a Kaman can do it,” that is brilliant. 😀

  12. denton2jersey says:

    Hilarious! You would think Shaq would run out of things, but every week he proves me wrong!

  13. Gundy says:

    Ha I loved that unwanted lob.

  14. I luv this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. andrej says:

    great blog 🙂 i think, that Dwight deserves a whole episode 🙂 love the lakers

  16. Doron says:

    This is hilarious!! Way to go Shaq!!

  17. fede says:

    yeah i love shaqting a fool…always cracks me

  18. MC says:

    where’s Jermaine O’neal?!!!!!

  19. Jovan says:

    No O’Neal’s goaltending?

  20. Irakli says:

    No Javale?!

  21. Truth says:

    Shaqtin’ A Fool a fool is the best thing that happend to sports since the retierment of Mike Tyson.

  22. & this weeks star is “Stuperman” lmao-it never fails, there’s always some pretty funny stuff on here!

  23. daffhey says:

    How does Jermaine O’Neal not get in there for the violation against the rockets….?

  24. Jiro says:

    it’s always a good one people!

  25. dattebayo says:

    Laker fans always instantly reject any suggestions/claims, that the referees favor the Lakers. Yet somehow, there are these amazing calls, that only the Lakers get. A do-over on a false inbound, no-calls after blatantly hitting shooters in the head or on the arm and those weird phantom calls, when nobody is touching Kobe and he still goes to the line…

    I am not saying there’s a conspiracy, but how on earth can you get a do-over on a false inbound? What is wrong with these officials?

  26. evan bunt says:

    Dwight Howard pulled out a Javale McGee! Hahahahahaa

  27. AVAKIL says:

    SHAQN a FOOO wit dennis scott

  28. dwayne says:

    wow another job well done shaq lol

  29. Ace says:

    Look forward to this every thursday!!