Blogtable: Are Knicks A Real Threat?

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Week 24: Can Knicks give Miami a run? | Needing, using the top pick | Last call: Are Lakers in or out?

Can the Knicks, given the chance, make things a little less easy on Miami?

Steve Aschburner: Any concerns I have about Miami and its road to a third straight Finals come from the Heat themselves (primarily Dwyane Wade‘s health). I still think Indiana is the second-best team in the East and it’s looking as if Miami only will have to get by one of the potential opportunists — the Pacers or the Knicks — rather than both. So for me, no, nothing has changed. We’re in south Florida in June.

Fran Blinebury: Never thought the Heat were going to summon up the ghost of Moses Malone and go Fo’, fo’, fo’ through the East bracket. The Knicks can put up a fight because they’ve got an offensive star in Carmelo that can stand toe-to-toe with LeBron, a shot-blocking, rim protector in Tyson Chandler and the x-factor in J.R. Smith. If the Knicks are making 3-pointers, as in the early season games, Miami will be pushed, but I think still prevail.

Carmelo Anthony (by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE)

Carmelo Anthony (by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE)

Jeff Caplan: Heck, last week I thought the Pacers had a chance to make things interesting. The Knicks? Hard for me to count out Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd after witnessing the entire Dallas Mavericks’ 2010-11 championship season front and center, and Carmelo Anthony is simply unconscious these days. I’ll say this: If Dwyane Wade is not right if these two teams meet, I give the Knickerbockers a puncher’s chance.

Scott Howard-Cooper: This doesn’t change my thinking. Maybe on my previous stance that Indiana is the second-best team in the Eastern Conference — not yet, though — but the Heat are still clearly the team to beat on that side of the bracket. I don’t know about “easy,” but the favorite without question. Maybe someone takes a couple games off them, if that rates as easy. Maybe the Pacers beat the Heat on the boards bad enough to make things interesting.

John Schuhmann: Since it’s only been seven days since you asked us the Knicks/Pacers question, I still give Indiana the edge in the conference semis, keeping the Knicks from seeing the Heat in the playoffs. I’ll take the great defensive team over the great offensive team. Either way, Miami doesn’t have much (other than health) to worry about until they face the Spurs in The Finals.

Sekou Smith: They didn’t need the late surge. They scored two very important wins over the Heat before they kicked off the win streak. There are only a few teams in the Eastern Conference capable of truly challenging the Heat anyway. The Knicks are one of them, along with Chicago and Boston. The Knicks rolled early this season, disappeared for a while (due to injuries, players coming back from injuries, the natural grind of the season, etc.) and now appear poised to make some serious noise in the playoffs. But whatever run they make will likely come to a stop in Miami, where they’ll have to be at the very best to do anything other than fall in six or seven games. I’m still not sold on them or anyone else in the East knocking off the reigning champs in a best-of-seven series


  1. habitusforknicks says:

    Ok. I am a Knicks fan, and I truly dislike Heat, however, for Knicks to win 4 games Melo needs to get average over 40 in wins with at most 25 shots or something. Heat is a better team for two reasons: 1) Health, like the last year Heat were much more healthy than their opponents (celtics series were very much determined by health or lack thereof for Celtics). Knicks on the other hand have been very unlucky in terms of injuries (everybody over 6f 8 is down), very much like Bulls (most of their starters), Celtics (lost their versatile pg, starting big man, and important subs), and Pacers (their best scorer); 2) Perfect role players. Hats off to Pat Riley. So no matter how much espn and the league wants to make it about individual brilliance (of LBJ), Heat have an incredible combination of stars (we should not forget that Wade was the best player in a championship team not long ago) and ex-stars/excellent role players (Allen, Battier, Chalmers). Spurs, hopefully will be healthy and will win over the Heat, they face Oklahoma again Heat will win again. Healthy Spurs, or even Nuggets (they need Lawson sully healed) can win over Heat, but not Oklahoma. Last, it says here that to beat Heat teams should clearly beat them, because 50/50 calls are always going to go Heat’s way. Heat is very much like Lakers in the 2000’s (remember Kings-Lakers series?).

  2. Bucks 4 Life says:

    Most Probable Scenario: Heat go to Finals. Heat-Spurs
    Probable Scenario: Heat go to Conference Finals but lose to Pacers. Pacers-Nuggets would be a dream Finals.
    Less Probable: Heat go to Conference Finals and lose to Knicks. Knicks-Spurs, and Duncan gets his 5th ring.
    Best Scenario: My team shocks everyone and upset Heat in 7 games.

  3. taonggrasa says:

    How can PACERS go to east finals iF ATLANTA OR CHICAGO Will BEAT THEM IN THE first round. PACERS ARE MISMATCH IN THIS TWO TEAM. Especially chicago..




  4. vmx says:

    How exactly is Chicago a threat? They are banged up and even if Rose comes back, he still has to get acclimated to the team and NBA speed and conditioning. What a ridiculous statement, just because they beat them in the regular season after 27 games, c’mon man think!

  5. LALALA says:

    All I want in the finals is either

    Clippers vs Heat
    Spurs vs Heat.

    I like all 3 of them and it would be a great series no doubt

  6. sanjay says:

    miami is gonna be deadly with wade returning after the rest!! He can take it easy till conference semi-finals. After that you better watch out. Chalmers is not the same player he was last year, he has improved noticeably and same thing goes to battier. And ray can get hot in the playoffs( so far he is just going along with battier). Bird/haslem are excellent defenders, infact bird has goaded haslem!! And beware of miller time( he has shown what he can do and peaking at the right time along with lewis!!).
    Heat will be hard to beat both for nyk/indiana!!!
    coach has rested players plenty before playoffs( wade nearly having 3 weeks rest, james/bosh 2 weeks each!! And rest yearning for more minutes!)
    None of the heat stars have even played 48 minutes this full season. So they are gonna blow away some teams in the playoffs!

  7. kaytini says:

    Maybe , IF , i think … in french we said : with “if ” you can put Paris in bottle ” .. let’ games comes AND AFTER we can talk like said – Danny Boi

  8. still dont belive that anyone can beat the heat by shooting jumpshots

  9. ramir says:

    amare, please dont come back!

  10. HEATFAN says:

    i think it is a good game a big fight if Miami Heat Vs New York Knicks in Eastern Finals,. also if Miami vs Pacers but i must think the better is knicks vs Heat ! Lebron can make a revenge of the 2 guys in new york knicks the big 3 target Chandler and Kidd that hurt them last last year 2011 champs mavs,.And We know,. Lebron is better than carmelo! carmelo is making more shots like j.smith,sometimes the shots falling very well but what about if not!? if Miami Heat FOCUSING their Defense! like spoelstra said FOCUS! nd lebron playing well not only in scoring the heat is a good 3 pointer team too,! if wade get healthy! KNICKS! be ready! Big 3 will rise again! miller and battier! will make some help PLUS the best 3 pointer in the history Ray Allen! and i hope Andersen will match chandler defense,. chris is one of the great defender of the team! plus mario don’t forget him! #MiamiHeatForTheFinals2013

  11. lifeasprey says:

    Two things could make this a very interesting propostion here – defence and bigs. Once we get into the top eight, defence goes up, the play gets much more physical and rebounds count.
    Miami’s defence at the top of the key will be important to keep the winning roll going but more important is how will the Heat’s bigs go against the bigs of the Knicks and Pacers?
    At the same time, in the play-offs fast break teams struggle a bit more. Everyone turns it up a notch on D and players actually get their butt down the floor, making it more of a half court game. I’m not sure that suits Miami’ style of play.
    My instinct is that Miami will have the depth and experience to get through these teams but if one of them comes out physically (a la Chicago), actually boxes out (shock, horror in the NBA) and plays a hard, physical game, we could see low-scoring contests played in the half court that could work against Miami.
    Against that though, Miami have some of the best three-point shooters in the game to spread the field and make things a bit easier on offence, unless Le Bron decides he wants to take threes at a 20% or less clip like he has in past seasons. I’d give him the threes but not let him drive if I was an opposing coach.

  12. theo jim says:

    everyone seem to forget when the knicks face miami for 2nd time this season and the game was in miami. the knicks didnt have melo,shumpert,wallace and stoudiemer they was hurt.the heat had lebron,wade,bosh playing and still lost by 20pts.nobody mention all im hearing is reason knick beat the heat because lebron and wade wasnt playing.but the same situation had happen to the knicks.lets get real here folks

  13. Aaron says:

    They’ll have to get past Boston first!!

  14. Dave B says:

    Scott Howard-Cooper clearly didn’t understand the question. Really? Miami is still the team to beat in the east? WOW. Thank you for your insight, Mr. Dalai Lama.

  15. gerald29 says:

    knicks needs to beat the boston first ..and the indiana finally miami?? i see a dead end here

  16. G man 1 says:

    3-1 against the heat this yr. why people don’t notice that? The1 time they lost, the Knicks was up by 16 at one point smh…..

  17. G man 1 says:

    Even if stat don’t come back in time for the playoffs, k mart will make the front line bIgger and more physical against the pacers. Please don’t forget, sheed will be back for playoffs. Why you think they didn’t cut him? Stats improving and we all no that NOBODY could guard melo, starting to look like JR too. With ray breaking down the D and Tyson rolling to the rim,the heat in trouble. When melo and jr. Breakdown the d how many people going to be sitting around the 3 point line umm.. Novak,Kidd,Pablo,Copland. The heat go off of turnovers, Knicks don’t do that to much, giving up only 11 a game

  18. NBAfan says:

    No, because only Chandler plays defense in that team….if Carmelo, JR, and Amare go lights out for 4 games out of 7, then MAYBE they can beat the HEAT…not a threat, but maybe second best team in the East…a very far second though..

  19. HEATHATER says:

    melo scoring crazy in the last 5 games? and lebron being the eastern conference player of the month for 5 straight months

  20. Marc says:

    i just want melo to win so sport writers stop bashing him. if melo wins, would people still criticize him for not being lebron?

  21. Danny Boi says:

    blaah blaah blaah, yal shut it. When the finals comes, then you can talk

  22. Chris says:

    The Pacers better than the Knicks? No. Defensively on paper, yes. But the fact that the Knicks have a much deeper, experienced team says it all plus the fact that we haven’t seen everyone on the Knicks healthy at the same time, they’re always missing 3 or 4 guys in their roster the level they’re playing on right now screams a shot at beating the heat and/or the pacers. It’s all the Knicks need right now, healthy players.

  23. allaroundballer says:

    I don’t remember said Heat are the same 2011 team. I talk about Knicks themself, they got a chance with the roster. Ok maybe lack perimeter defender like Nowitzki was (he had Stevenson and Marion). That means Melo have to defense for real

  24. NYKniccsNation says:

    these stupid bloggers….are they missint the fact kniccs are 3-1 vs miami this year two wins of which were over 20pts nd one game over lets get real without the injuries last year miami would have lost to the kniccs and that will be proved in the conf finals

    • LeBrontourage3 says:

      LMAO, clearly you aren’t watching the same game the rest of the world is. Without the injuries the Knicks would have won last year!?! Hahaha you lost all credibility immediately we basically swept you guys without even trying, played at about 50% and the only reason you took one game in the series is because Spoelstra gave Bron the game off from guarding Melo and completely taking him out of the game like he did the first 3 games. We dominated you in the playoffs last year, and WILL WIN IN 4 OR 5 GAMES AT MOST this year again. BaNK on it PLAYA.

    • OldSchool says:

      Without injuries the Bulls would have defeated the Heat last year. With injuries the Bulls own the Knicks. As long as Melo takes 50% of the shots and the Knicks live by the 3 point line they won’t get out of the 2nd round.

  25. rupert says:

    Knicks will top the Heat. Playoff experienced players count always.

  26. newyorksteelon says:

    Knicks have the talent and what it takes to beat the Heat. It would come down to coaching. I hope Woodson has some tricks up his sleeve to pull it off. It would be great to see these 2 go at it in the playoffs.

  27. that guy says:

    the pacers are a good defensive team but the Knicks would give the heat a better fight, the Knicks can beat the pacers but they havent done so through out the season but the Knicks are a deeper and more experienced team, i sincierly think the Bulls can beat the heat, and the Knicks have lived and died by the three for 3/4ths of the season, now when they shoot a three its by good ball movement not a chucked up shot though.

    LETS GO KNICKS!!!!!!
    2012 – 2013 Champions

  28. PacerNation2013 says:

    Soo why are we even so sure that New York is going to advance. Granted thier recent winning streak has been impressive, but they went on one of these at the beggining of the year. It was said then and I will say it now. Things are great when the three ball is going in, but you cant live and die by jump shots or running and gunning. Sooner or later the law of avg catches up to you. Mark my words, when they have to slow down and are forced to play Dfense, they might win but it wont be such a gimme as NY and its fans think.

    If and I do mean IF the knicks get past the Pacers in the second round, I will root on Melo and the Knicks as I do believe the only two teams capable of taking out MIA in the entire NBA lay squarely in the eastern conference and those two teams can do it.

    Go Pacers!!!

  29. Jul3z says:

    Ok so i believe the knicks can beat the heat for a few reasons:
    – If half or all their big men are good to go by finals (Kmart, Thomas, Wallace, Chandler, Amare) is a big reason
    -Knicks i believe won the series 3-1 but i dont count the last game because players were rested so 2-1 (2 of those games being 20+ blowouts, the other a small loss)
    -One of the key reasons why i believe the knicks have been so successful and have beaten so many teams is the pace in which they play at. They use the full 24, use their age and knowledge and control the pace of the game, which is in contrast to miami heat style of play. They have reduced the amount teams score due to defence and pace to under 100 points a game(not sure on the exact figure) Lebron gets most of his points on fast breaks and alley oops, if the knicks manage to take away their pace, then they have to rely on their shooters, which is Dwade, Bosh, and Mike Miller in contrast with Knicks shooters who i believe are way better on paper with smith, melo, novak and possibly felton if he gets hot
    -In contrast if the heat can run the game at their pace i think they would beat the knicks

  30. Sintido kumon says:

    They keep saying that the Knicks don’t play defence,but the heat haven’t scored 100 pts this season against them whether the big three was playing or not,the offensive power they have,they didn’t manage to score 100 pts,to me that’s playing defense…

  31. Aram says:

    I doubt the Knicks can, Melo is like Kobe Jr.

    • Okay... says:

      So what your saying is the Knicks CANT win because Melo is like Kobe… lets thing about this… Kobe has 5 rings

      • Yuri says:

        Actually Carmelo is the only Super star in that team, Kobe had Shaq and then Gasol on his prime and Bynum.

  32. Just saying says:

    Where’s the love for the Knicks,these writers except for Sekou still thinks the pacers are number two team in the east given that the Knicks have been banged up all season dealing with injuries and they sit as the number two…they only need two more wins or two more losses by Indiana to lock that two seed,the Knicks can play defence too,the reason they’re average on opponents point average only ranks 16th is because most of their wins was over before the fourth quarter starts,and they just goin backhand forth in a shoot out during fourth quarters…but they make stops when they need to,just like the Oklahoma game and heat game…

  33. Karlo Garcia says:

    The Knicks will make it little less easy on Miami if they do not play for full 48 minutes. It does not change my knowledge whatsoever.

  34. JMaine says:

    Do you think that Miami is the same team they were in 2011? Dose it look like LeBron is going to freeze up again? They have beat every team in the league at least once this season. Everyone thinks they have the formula to beat the Miami. Really…….. your going to make a lame statement like that. SMDH people say the darndest things these days. Not saying they can’t be beat in a 7 game series I just have to see it to believe it.

  35. vern says:

    It makes me laugh when I see a few of those guys talking like the Heat are unbeatable. The Heat are clearly the best team in the east but they are not a given to advance in the playoffs. They probably will, but it’s no sure bet.. Knicks, Pacers, Bulls and Celtics give them a problem. A 7 game series where anything can happen. Injuries have really hurt all the teams except the Heat. The Heat had/have little nagging injuries where everyone else has had major injuries. One twist of the ankle or knee and Miami could become a has been.

    • NBAfan says:

      Maybe all the HEAT’s opposing teams in the playoffs should start handing free bananas to front row spectators….only then will your WHAT IF could happen.

      The HEAT is good enough as a team that Lebron, or Wade, or even Bosh don’t really have to exert themselves to the point that injury is a real threat….

  36. taonggrasa says:



    wade (not in good condition,)

    Kidd. All of these guys can guard lebron




    I go for
    Chandler sub Martin
    Anthony sub Novak (little minutes coz carmelo will be use to be 40 mins or over
    Prigionni / Smith
    Felton/ Kidd

    Kidd / Felton / prigionni will share PG position mostly.
    Shumpert / Smith will share SG mostly these to guys will be SF/SG Shump plays 25 mins and smith 33 minutes
    Novak will play 10 minutes at sf
    Copeland the X FACTOR I think will play 20 to 25 minuts at SF/PF position. shared with Anthony
    So anthony will Play 40 mins or more at SF/PF pos as well
    AT 5 TO 10 mins MARTIN AT PF
    Martin, Camby , Chandler Shares PF position.


    • Be Realistic says:

      LOL The heat will Destroy the Knicks…… I cant wait till June, you and Patty will be crying. (the Heat have won 27 straight games) Defending champs and got the best player on the planet with the best supporting cast! Not to mention being in the finals two years in a row. Cant wait till Patty cries and all you Loosers get humbled. BTW Wade will be ready for the playoffs (Resting real good right now).

  37. Patty says:

    Yes, the new York KNICKS can beat the Miami Heat.

    The Media wants the person who left Cleveland to Go to the Miami Heat to win the MVP Position & win the championship.

    Miami Heat will NOT win the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR. 2013

  38. Jose minaya says:

    Good Article but I choose the Knicks over pacers.

    • nadeemramjan says:

      Would be nice if knicks had some healthy bigs, but I think chandler, copeland, and martin can get the job done. I think Copeland will be the x-factor. And he has such a diversity of skills, he may really be they key to making it to the championship.

  39. allaroundballer says:

    They got top scorer, big man defender, veterans and deep bench. Familiar? Yes they got the chance to be like 2011 Mavs

    • Fvanterp says:

      They have chance to be like the 2011 Mavs but this is not the same Miami team. They are on a completely different level right now. Not to mention Lebron James and his game. He’s won a championship already and I think he’s tastig blood and hungry for more…

    • Yuri says:

      You are really comparing this Miami Heat to their first version in 2011? Anything is possible, but first you need worry about Celtics and Pacers before you even get a shot at the Heat. That’s if you make it healthy to the ECF. Good luck.