Wolves’ Love Shut Down By Knee, Not Hand

HANG TIME HOSPITAL – There is no other suitable dateline, not for the latest casualty report by a team suffering injuries literally upon injuries.

As if the Minnesota Timberwolves weren’t waylaid enough by ailments and maladies to just about every key rotation player, Kevin Love‘s season-long ordeal with a broken shooting hand took an unexpected turn Monday when he was shut down until 2013-14 by a balky left knee.

That’s right. His knee, not his hand.

The Wolves announced that their All-Star power forward would have arthroscopic surgery later this week to remove scar tissue in his left knee. He is expected to undergo the procedure when he consults with Dr. David Altchek in New York, which also is the site of his next check-up on the right hand he has broken twice this season.

Just when Love was getting close to a possible return from his hand injury – he has appeared in only 18 games, none since Jan. 3 – his increased activity in workouts caused the nagging discomfort in his knee to worsen.

“Kevin tried very hard these last few weeks to get back in time to finish the season, and frankly the issue wasn’t his hand,” Wolves president of basketball operations David Kahn told reporters in a conference call Monday evening. “He’s been shooting it very well in his workout. The issue has been his knee. It isn’t a big one, it’s something that is easily addressed, but it caused enough concern that the decision we made collectively was to do this procedure now so he can have a better offseason in terms of a return to the court.”

Love, who averaged 22.7 points in 2010-11 and 2011-12 while shooting 45.9 percent from the floor and 39.1 percent from the arc, obviously was bothered by his hand, which he said he initially injured doing “knuckle push-ups.” He re-injured it in a game against Denver. In his 18 games this season, he shot just 35.2 and 21.7 percent, respectively, while averaging 18.3 points.

In search of a silver lining to what has been a very dark injury cloud over his whole roster, Kahn said Love, 24, could essentially have a normal offseason starting in June. Considering how abnormal their season has been – with notable layoffs to Ricky Rubio, Brandon Roy, Chase Budinger, Andrei Kirilenko, Malcolm Lee, Nikola Pekovic and more – a summer without setback for Love is a start, anyway.


  1. dmh says:

    Wow!!1 I can’t believe some of these comments…..

    First things first if the injury bug hadn’t hit the wolves as bad as it did and everything else stayed the same the wolves WOULD be a low seed in the playoffs right now. Utah had some injuries that cost them games in the guard department. The lakers are well………. injury plagued and Hollywood’s worst drama this season. Dallas had their injuries and drama even if the drama department wasn’t nearly as bad as the Lakers. Houston is young and mind boggling at times. Probably the only reason why they are in the playoff picture is because of Harden. Even Golden State has had their injuries.

    I think that Adelman went into the season thinking playoffs and somewhere along the line he resorted to simply praying for anyone to be healthy enough to field a roster. They have had so many players on 10 day contracts that I lost track around mid-season. The perk to the season has been the development of Pekovic. Now next year, depending on who goes where in free agency and who does what to shore up their rosters I think the wolves are playoff bound. The question is who gets knocked out. This year is a wash. It is probably better that anyone who has been postponing surgeries get then now. Next year for the wolves is where its at.

    • dhk says:

      Totally agree. You look at the roster and you see an awesome team. The injuries have hit them hard. The upside is, as you said, the extra pressure that Pek has been under and the growth it’s caused. I’d say the same goes for Williams, although I admit not as much. Imagine if they had managed to wrestle Batum away from Portland like they and he had wanted. He is unrestricted this offseason so it will be interesting if he does indeed follow through and join the wolves. If he does? That is a top four team I’d wager

  2. W/E says:

    Love is done, another player plauged by multiple injuries,some guys just dont have the durability to play for the NBA, even when he comes back its just a matter of time to get injured again like it always happens to fragile guys who play for the NBA.

  3. melo4mvp says:

    well hopefully the wolves actually let him get back to 100% for once ..they been over working him

    and the got rubio back to early i see future injury’s to rubio because the wolves dont fully recuperate there stars

  4. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    jesus christ, i would get rid of him asap.

  5. james says:

    well i guess why not
    it doesnt matter if he comes back this season or not
    its good theyre taking care of him

  6. nbafanX says:

    no good but, playoffs are gone, wolves year ends in a few games (on the court at least) if it’s not a vicious injury he will be back next season. it was a difficult one, i hope they will stay focus on what they could do with a “full” team. adelman, stay, players, stay. serious and solid team, keep it like that

  7. Glynn says:

    Tough luck, I hate when players get hurt. Not a Wolves fan, but Love is a good player and good for the game. Hate to see him sitting.

  8. JhogzMAVS says:

    Please be A Free Agent Kevin Love. So that the MAvs will acquire you. Your getting older state you must have a Championship. Go to Mavs for season 2013-14. Go mavs. Get well soon KL!!

  9. Chalice says:

    Love is a good player. Get well over the off-season and good luck next year!

  10. ko0kiE says:

    like the wizards, at full strength they are a playoff team…

    • LALALA says:

      if timberwolves we’re healthy the west would now be a done deal. Spurs OKC Clips Denver Memphis GS and Timberwolves.
      Lets see if lakers can pull out a miracle if they are healthy.

      • Filipe says:

        You call it closed with seven teams? Missing one there buddy

      • Forgot about the Rockets? they are the youngest team in the NBA and if they develop and grow together like OKC did…they are also a very deadly team…their starting 5 is pretty solid…so is their bench…so you cannot count them out…that being said…the wolves are also pretty solid and very deep from top to bottom of their roster (including their coach)