On The Clock: Finding Order In The Chaos


That’s all the time we have left in the NBA regular season to sort out all of the issues facing us. And, Naismith knows, we have plenty of them.

Nine more (game) days to weave through the months of drama and finalize the playoff order in both the Eastern and Western Conferences, to see who will snatch this season’s scoring title, to see if the Los Angeles Lakers can salvage the dumpster fire that their season has been since training camp … there’s a host of other loose ends that need to be tied up before the postseason tips off.

We already know the eight players in the Eastern Conference. The Miami Heat, New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers, Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks have clinched their playoff bids. All that’s left is to firm up the order beneath the Heat, who have a 10-game cushion in the standings.

The Knicks and Pacers are battling for the No. 2 seed (just 2.5 games separate the two). The Knicks surged ahead on the strength of their current 12-game win streak, fueled by their MVP candidate Carmelo Anthony and the streaky J.R. Smith.

The Nets are doing whatever it takes to hold on to their top four spot in the standings, and the coveted home-court advantage that comes along with it.

But at least the pecking order is pretty much set. Not so in the other half of the bracket.


The order in the West remains a bit muddled. The San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, Denver Nuggets, Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies are playoff locks. The Spurs have already wrapped up the Southwest Division crown and the Clippers secured the first Pacific Division title in franchise history with their win over the Lakers Sunday at Staples Center.

“It just feels like something we were supposed to do,” Chris Paul said after shredding the Lakers for 24 points and 12 assists. “It means we’re headed in the right direction. We’re not satisfied. We understand this is something small compared to the big picture.”

The bottom of the standings in the Western Conference will come into a clearer focus in the last nine days. The Jazz have a half-game lead over the Lakers for the eighth and final spot in the playoff chase, courtesy of their huge win Sunday night over the Golden State Warriors.

The Jazz have four games remaining: against Oklahoma City on Tuesday, against Minnesota on Friday and in Minnesota on April 15, and at Memphis on April 17, the final night of the regular season.

The Lakers have a slight schedule advantage. Of their five remaining games just one (Wednesday night’s tilt in Portland) will come away from the Staples Center. But their last three will be against playoff teams; Golden State on Friday, San Antonio on Sunday and Houston on April 17.

The Jazz own the head-to-head tiebreaker, the Lakers the favorable schedule. As suspected, this one could come down to the final night of the season.


The three-time scoring champ doesn’t want a fourth title. Not right now.

Thunder superstar Kevin Durant said as much about his battle with Anthony for the scoring crown.

“He can have it,” Durant said last week, before admitting that he is rooting for Anthony to snag his first scoring title in his 10th NBA season.

Durant obviously has more pressing matters to occupy his time, namely the Thunder’s battle with the Spurs for the top overall seed in the Western Conference. OKC’s loss Sunday to Anthony and the Knicks didn’t help that cause.

Best guess: Anthony gets the scoring title (he’s scored 36 or more points in four straight games) and the Spurs get the top seed in the West.


If form holds in the Eastern Conference, the No. 1 Heat will face off with the No. 8 Bucks, a matchup tilted heavily in favor of the league’s best team.

Everything else after that, however, is literally up for grabs.

The difference between the six other teams is negligible on any given night. With experienced playoff teams like the Bulls, Hawks and Celtics lurking in the bottom half of the East bracket, the higher seeds have to be extremely careful with home-court advantage.

The Celtics and Bulls, in particular, are teams adept at ignoring the obvious and playing above their heads in the playoffs. Two physical teams like this, built with defense in mind — teams that have shown themselves capable of pushing the Heat to the edge (remember the Bulls snapped the Heat’s 27-game win streak) — should have no problem making life difficult for higher seeds in the first round of the playoffs.


The Bulls have the one variable in the playoffs that could change the entire postseason landscape in former MVP Derrick Rose, who made it clear over the weekend that he has not abandoned the idea of suiting up this season.

Time is obviously not on his side. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue for Rose or the Bulls, who would surely welcome back their All-Star — their best player — to a team that has survived without him quite well.

With just six games left, Rose will have to accelerate his decision-making process and come up with an answer sooner rather than later. After weeks of speculation to the contrary, might Rose actually be ready for a return?

It certainly seems that way based on what Rose told K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune:

“Oh, no,” Rose said, when asked if he’d announce he’s sitting out this season. “I’m keeping it open.”

After Sunday’s game against the Pistons, the Bulls have just six regular-season games remaining.

“I’m not trying to think about that right now,” Rose said. “I’m just trying to get better. I’m just trying to help my teammates, give them confidence to go out there and play hard. I’ll play whenever I’m ready to play. Who knows when I’m ready to? Right now, all I can do is just cheer on my teammates.”

Rose first scrimmaged on Feb. 18 and has said whether he returns is as much a mental hurdle as a physical one at this point. Playing on a minutes limit wouldn’t bother him.

“I wouldn’t mind at all,” he said. “Of course I want to play more. But it’s not that big. I’m going to play whenever I’m ready. I don’t care if it’s 15 or 40 (minutes). I just love the game too much. Like I said, I’m just waiting and praying about it. And hopefully I’ll be out there soon.”

Bulls fans are waiting and praying as well, hoping that not only can Rose return but that he can thrive on his surgically repaired knee.


No one gets a fancy trophy for winning the league’s dirty work award, the rebounding title.

But wouldn’t it be something if Orlando’s Nikola Vucevic (11.8 rebounds per game) was able to catch and pass former Magic and now Lakers big man Dwight Howard (12.5) for the top spot? Vucevic has turned out to be the surprise gem of the multiple-player and multiple-team deal that sent Howard to Los Angeles and Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia.

Raise your hand if you saw that coming …


If you are struggling with who goes where on your All-NBA first-team ballot, welcome to the club.

Outside of LeBron James and Paul, there are some extremely difficult choices that have to be made. Who gets the nod between Anthony and Durant at the other forward spot? And do you go with Marc Gasol at center and Kobe Bryant at shooting guard?

That relegates worthy candidates (based on the position-specific nature of the All-NBA team) like Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook, Howard and Tim Duncan to the second team, even though you could make a compelling case for each of them, too.

At least we have time to think about it … well, nine game days.


  1. HatERS! says:

    how can you not regard as coach spo as coach of the year? he coach the heat with utmost sincerity thats why they are a great team not like indiana, rockets and golden state

  2. savvas83 says:

    1 st team
    C.Paul, Lebron, Durand, Carmelo, Tim Duncan

    2nd team
    Parker, James Harden, P.George, D.West, Marc Gasol

    3rd team
    Westbrook, Bryant, D.Wade, D,Lee, T. Chandler

    mvp Lebron James

    Most improved: James Harden

    6th player: J.R. Smith

    Best Coach: Frank Vogel, 2nd Kevin Mc Hale, 3rd Mark Jackson

    • HatERS! says:

      My bet in the first all nba team…


      they truly deserve those positions!!!

  3. oh yea says:

    cp3, kobe, lbj, kd or melo, gasol

  4. Beads says:

    Guys, it doesn’t matter who wins the championship or who gets to play playoffs. Only thing which matters is that Lakers-Fakers drops out! 😉

  5. yeah right says:

    In what way does dwight howard deserves all nba nod this year??????? specially a 1. team honors. Duncan, Gasol, Noah, Chandler much more deserving!(Goes for kobe to if they do not make the play offs) And whats that gibberish that you cant have two players from same position on same all-nba team??? it has been done so many times before. for example (02-03 Kobe & McGrady, or Kobe & Wade twice, Garnett, Duncan & Nowitzki taking up forward spots for years leaving out small forwards)

    Dang it guy


  6. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    I scanned through these comments and no mention of Al Jefferson. I’m not sure what Jefferson’s stats are this season … but (especially today where there aren’t many good centers) Al Jefferson is easily one of the best C in the entire NBA. Plus, the Utah Jazz will get into the playoffs. I don’t think the Lakers will (even if they cheat). That’s how terrible the Lakers are.

    But certainly one could argue Jefferson as an all-star caliber center and a possible 2nd or 3rd all NBA center.

  7. daekeena says:

    Bs! Curry should be in the 1st team over kobe and dwade first off. He and lee are the reason that the warriors are even in the playoff and he was snubbed from being an allstar. Truth is curry is clutch and one of the most purest shooters in the leauge. And lee is outstanding so give credit where its due and hope off kobe and dwade dihh

  8. 1st team of all time:
    C-Bill Russell
    PF-Kevin Garnett
    SF-PF-Larry Bird
    SG-SF-Dr J
    PG-Rajon Rondo-Whodini The 2nd
    Coach-Bill Russell-player/coach

  9. clivo says:

    I really don’t care about Cleveland position right now, but show KI2 some respect and put him on the second team plz

  10. sherap23 says:

    Where did D Wade go? Heat is not all about James..It is about Wade as much as it’s about James

  11. sherap23 says:

    I am surprised that almost everyone here forgot D Wade. I guess this is what superstar shadow is all about. I mean most of you guys haven’t mentioned him even in 3rd team..C’mon guys…Heat wouldn’t be same without Wade. Lets give this guy a deserving mention at least in 2nd team if not 1st team

  12. Mamba says:

    Cp3, Kobe, LBJ, KD, D12(there’s no more good centers, it the PG era).

  13. Tyler Banks says:

    First Team: Tony Parker, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Tim Duncan
    Second Team: Chris Paul, James Harden, Carmelo Anthony, David Lee, Joakim Noah
    Third Team: Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Blake Griffin, Marc Gasol/Tyson Chandler

    People who will put Dwight Howard in any All-NBA team must be out of their minds. D.Wade didn’t make it although he is fantastic this season but it is just that many players have stepped up their game (Steph Curry, Harden). Same thing with Bosh.

  14. Some people dont know how this works.. says:

    It doesnt have to be 1 center, 1 pf, 1 sf, 1 sg and 1 pg on each team guys..

    Tony Parker was in the running for mvp (before injury) and was playing alot better and efficiently than Kobe so deserves a spot on the 1st team. Gasol has easily been the best center this year hands down. The other 3 should be automatic. Lopez ahead of Howard because he is 3rd in the league in PER and will almost certainly secure home court for the first round this week for the Nets, while the Lakers will miss the playoffs seeing as 4 of their last 5 games are against playoff teams who they have played poorly against this year. Lee & Curry, George and Harden all deserve a berth on the 3rd team for leading their respective teams to the post season.

    1st – C, M Gasol, F, L James & Kevin Durant, G, T Parker & C Paul
    2nd – C, B Lopez, F, Melo & T Duncan, G, R Westbrook & Kobe
    3rd – C, D Howard, F, P George & D Lee, G, S Curry & J Harden

    Just missed the cut, T Lawson, Z Randolph, L Deng, DWade, A Horford, M Conley, J Noah

    And for all the Lakers supporters who I know will hate this, you have to judge by JUST this years results, not previous experience, you cant have 2 players in all nba teams without their own team making the post season, you guys know Howard has been dissapointing!

    Other awards..
    MVP: L James
    ROY: D Lillard
    Defensive Player: Paul George or Larry Sanders
    Most Improved: Greivis Vasquez
    Coach of the year: George Karl

  15. lakers doomed says:

    First team:
    g nate robinson
    g gary payton
    c marcus camby
    f boris diaw
    f grant hill
    Second team
    g allen iverson
    g tracy mcgrady
    c bryant reeves
    f anderson sylva
    f chael sonnen

  16. arc says:

    CP3 (no Q)
    KB24 (he’s playing insane at 34)
    Lebron – if you think otherwise you are crazy
    Carmelo – i think he gets the nod over durant ONLY if they keep up their wins until end of season
    D Howard – Even though he hasn’t played amazing and LA is losing, he is 5th highest scoring center, league leader in rebounds, 5 in blocks, 57.3% and is overall in these categories produced more than any other player

    H.mention –
    KD, James Harden, Russel Westbrook, Stephen Curry

  17. ALL NBA First Team must be categorized to the players where making their teams as a Championship contender this season and gather some wins for their teams :

    PG- Chris Paul
    SG/SF-Kevin Durant
    SF- Lebron James
    PF- Carmelo Anthony
    C- Tim Duncan

    Kobe will always be a great player but this year his team was so awful!

  18. The Chosen One says:

    1st ALL NBA TEAM: Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Marc Gasol
    2nd ALL NBA TEAM: Tony Parker, James Harden, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard
    3rd ALL NBA TEAM: Steph Curry, Dwayne Wade, Paul George, David Lee, Tim Duncan

    Also nominees: Russel Westbrook, Andre Igoudala, Brook Lopez, Zach Randolph, Joackm Noah

  19. Darren says:

    How can you possibly have 2 first team players from a side they still isn’t in a playoffs spot. There are 16 teams playoff teams with players who have all contributed to their teams success. Maybe its just the old adage that a team of stars doesn’t beat a star team.

  20. AWESOMEBRIAN says:


  21. JhogzMAVS says:



  22. WTF!!! says:

    It was never said that an All NBA First Team basis is Stats. All NBA First Team was chosen thru voting consisting of sports writer & broadcaster. And at any point these professionals will not choose their All NBA First Team purely on Stats. As I can remember, I never have seen an All NBA First Team member whose team is not playing for the Playoffs.

  23. STAR89 says:

    Most of you guys are right bout the first NBA team this year and it is undeniable that most of the guys mention above deserve to be first team but the one that is undiscussed is LBJ he is the only one that we know clearly is going to be an NBA first team this year.

  24. RocketReed says:

    All NBA First Team
    G- Tony Parker
    G- Kobe Bryant
    F- Lebron James
    F- Kevin Durant
    C- Dwight Howard

    All NBA Second Team
    G- Chris Paul
    G- James Harden
    F- Carmelo Anthony
    F- Tim Duncan
    C- Marc Gasol

    All NBA Third Team
    G- Russel Westbrook
    G- Dwayne Wade
    F- Paul George
    F- Blake Griffen
    C- Brook Lopez

  25. AWESOME BRIAN says:



  26. Utilizer says:

    KOBE BRYANT on all positions. LAKERS shut everbody up by winning the title. LBJ goes home crying. Well, at least in my dreams.

  27. chigga says:

    i dont get the dwight howard hatred for first team?

    this is what hes done this year in a down year for the C position

    first in boards
    5th in points (despite being 12th in shot attempts)
    3rd in FG %
    3rd in blocks
    4th in steals
    first in double doubles

    No other C in the league is top 5 in all those stats..

    • chigga says:

      im reading alot of these post and alot of people are saying things due to playoffs for an all nba team.. my understanding is stats are the key driver here right, you put up the best stats at that position and you get all nba team, making playoffs means you havea good system.. like no one in Denver deserves any all nba honours and they have the 3rd best record in a tough as west conference .. Kobe might not make playoffs hes still undoubtedly been the best 2guard this year.

      CP, Kobe, KD, Lebron, Dwight

      TP, Wade, Melo, Duncan, Noah

      Russ, Harden, Zbo, Lee, Horford

  28. AWESOME BRIAN says:




  29. Joe Gallagher says:

    Laker fan here. Kobe is a shoe-in. But even Pau Gasol is better than Howard.

  30. WTF!!! says:

    Why put a player on the first team or second team if his team wont be able to make the playoffs?
    1st Team – CP3/TP9/LBJ/KD/Duncan
    2nd Team – Curry/Harden/Anthony/West/M Gasol
    3rd Team – Westbrook/Dwade/George/Randolph/B Lopez

  31. johnny says:

    everybody complaining about durant not being a 4 and tony parker not a shooting guard that doesnt matter u idiots its GUARDS and FORWARDS kd is a four and parker is a guard they can both be picked

  32. AWESOME BRIAN says:




  33. Darth Vader says:

    Ultimately, I think people need to find a balance between the best players in the league and the best players at their position. Anyone who says there are centers better than James, Paul, Bryant, Durant or Melo right now is probably wrong, but that being said, you need to respect what the 1st team means. It’s a team of five players, so they probably need a big there somewhere right? A case can be made for at least 2 players at each position except SF (Lebron is a lock) so there’s no need to disagree. I would say Paul, Bryant, James, Durant, and Duncan. Even if Harden or Noah or Gasol is having a better season than someone else, Bryant and Duncan are in their mid thirties and killing it right now. This could be their last chance at a 1st team all NBA. Second would probably go something like Parker Westbrook Harden Melo Noah or Howard.

  34. Sebastian says:

    Quick recap:

    Bottom of the West: 8th: LAKERS; 9th: JAZZ; 10th: MAVS

    Scoring title: CARMELO ANTHONY


    No hope for Rose & Howard already won the rebounding title

    All-NBA First Team:

    Second Team:

    Third Team:

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Jazz will get the 8th spot in the West.

      I would vote the following (as examples) over Kobe Bryant: Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Dwayne Wade, Monta Ellis, Kevin Martin, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, Rajan Rondo.

      I don’t know if Wall, Irving, Rondo are eligible since they’ve missed games due to injury.

      One could argue Bryant on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd All NBA, but he doesn’t play defense. Need to look at all-around stats and consider a variety of factors. Putting a guy that is a terrible defender like Bryant as All NBA is questionable, at best. If it’s a popularity contest, he’ll be put on 1st Team, but any NBA purist knows he’s not 1st Team anymore. Yes, Bryant is still good at putting up inflated stats (especially PPG) … but the more he scores, the more likely the Lakers lose games. I’m not just saying/writing this; this has been documented around the world by sources such as ESPN and NBA TV. To put Bryant on 1st All NBA would be a flat-out JOKE and a POPULARITY CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. hyatt says:

    you ppl are crazy there is no way that Kd beats melo in the first team !!!! as a small forward melo can defend a abuse other power forwards !!! are u guys kidding me !!! some of you ppl are so damn bias !!! it goes like this
    1… cp3
    2….kobe.. although the team is playing bad
    3….lebron james
    4….. Melo
    5…ill take brooke lopez… he just works harder to me !! or noah

  36. jarvisryan says:

    1st team: Paul, Parker, James, Durant, Gasol
    2nd team: Westbrook, Bryant, Anthony, Duncan, Lopez
    3rd team: Curry, Harden, George, Griffin, Noah

    All-Defense: Paul, Iguodala, James, Ibaka, Gasol
    2nd team: Allen, George, Vucevic, Duncan, Howard

  37. DD24 says:

    As great as Kobe’s season has been individually he does not deserve a spot on the first team. James Harden has earned that spot. At least his team will make the playoffs, and he is surrounded by far less talent.

  38. Duh says:

    First Team NBA 2013
    PG – AI
    SG – MJ
    SF- Larry Bird
    PF – The Mailman KM
    C- Kareem the Dream

    Second Team:
    PG,SG,SF,PF,C – The White Mamba!

  39. Joey says:

    First team Paul Kobe Lebron kevin durant Duncan
    Second team Parker Wade Melo zbo Marc gasol
    Third team Westbrook curry harden Lopez noah

  40. Phil says:

    What about Al Horford????

  41. George says:

    Paul George instead of Metta World Peace sorry.

  42. George says:

    ALL NBA First Team
    G – Chris Paul
    G – Russell Westbrook
    F – Carmelo Anthony
    F – LeBron James
    C – Al Horford

    ALL NBA Second Team
    G – Tony Parker
    G – Kobe Bryant
    F – Kevin Durant
    F- Chris Bosh
    C – Dwight Howard

    ALL NBA Third Team
    G – Kyrie Irving
    G – Dwyane Wade
    F – Pau Pierce
    F – Metta World Peace
    C – Marc Gasol

  43. IFREE says:

    1st Team-CP3, Melo, Durant, LeBron, Duncan
    2nd team- TP, Westbrook, George, LA, Gasol
    Melo can definitely play 2 guard and westbrook and parker deserve it more than kobe

  44. Angel says:

    idc to me D-Will should atleast be 3rd Team All NBA . Despite his injuries during the first half of the season, he has been goin off this whole second half in my eyes.

  45. TG says:

    You people complaining about having Durant and Lebron on the same 1st team because they are both small forwards are arrogant. And the person who complained about tony parker being in “kobe’s spot” is most arrogant. First off… no individual has there own spot.. it is earned. Secondly … the NBA breaks it down into sections…. there are the Guards… which include BOTH point and shooting…. Forwards… which include Small and Power Forward…. and the Center Position…. the center USUALLY includes only centers.. but every now and then i feel as though the player chosen is a primary power forward. So please stop complaining about having 2 shooting guards or 2 small forwards.. it happens.

  46. adumb says:

    1 Parker Harden Lebron Durant Duncan
    2 Paul Wade Carmelo Gasol Lopez
    3 Westbrook Bryant George West Noah

  47. MJ23 says:

    All NBA First Team:
    G- Chris Paul
    G-Kobe Bryant
    F- Kevin Durant
    F- LeBron James
    C- Tim Duncan

    All NBA Second Team
    G-Tony Parker
    G- Russell Westbrook
    F- James Harden
    F- Carmelo Anthony
    C- Dwight Howard

    All NBA Second Team
    G- Kyrie Irving
    G- Dwyane Wade
    F- Paul Pierce
    F- Zach Randolph
    C- Marc Gasol

    • JP says:

      I disagree that Kyrie Irving should go on the third team opposed to Stephen Curry, and to be honest Dwight Howard didn’t have such a great season this year, he should be moved down to third team and Marc Gasol should be on the second team. James Harden is also primarily a guard

  48. i did wut says:

    I’d like to point out that for the Lakers, SA and Houston will most likely sit out their key players.

  49. Ben says:

    My ballot would be:

    1st – James, Durant, Parker, Paul, Gasol
    2nd – Bryant, Westbrook, Anthony, Duncan, Lopez
    3rd – Harden, George, Randolph, Aldridge, Howard

  50. BABYJESUS says:

    1st team
    PG- Chris Paul
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    SF- Kevin Durant
    PF- Lebron James
    C- Tim Duncan

    2nd team
    PG- Tony Parker
    SG- Dwayne Wade
    SF- Carmelo Anthony
    PF- David Lee
    C- Dwight Howard

    3rd team
    PG- Russel Westbrook
    SG- James Harden
    SF- Paul George
    PF- Marc Gasol
    C- Brook Lopez

  51. Nandan Raghavan says:

    Everyone forgot about Rubio and Pekovic

  52. NBA says:


  53. video says:

    In the Knicks and Thunder recap it says as the knicks win over the knicks big mistake bro.


    I think the first team should be .

    First Team : LeBron James , Monta Ellis , James Harden , Chris Paul ,
    Second Team : Tim Duncan , Dwight Howard , Josh Smith , Marc Gasol ,
    Third Team : Deron Williams , Nikola Pekovic , Ty Lawson , Dirk Nowitzski , Kenneth Faried

  55. LeoP says:

    PG: Chris Paul
    SG: Kobe or D.Wade
    SF: Melo or Durant
    PF: Lebron James
    C: Brooke Lopez

    I have noticed most people don’t give enough credit to D.Wade or Brooke Lopez .
    D.Wade is arguably the best SG ,second to Kobe and Brooke Lopez this year has been the best C in the league (third in the league in PER).I think that team record should affect the voting big because if these players are going to rewarded it should be deserved not given based on their previous seasons status.

    • Be Realistic says:

      I was just gonna say the same thing. Wade is 8th on the MVP list and is shooting 52% from the field. No respect! he should be atleast 2nd team in my opinion. Heat haters never give Wade enough credit. He should be there for not being Selfish and Letting Lebron take over. He could be like Westbrook and shoot 19 shots a game but instead is humble and only take 15 shots!

  56. kingofaces2895 says:

    All-NBA First team:
    Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Joakim Noah
    All-NBA Second team:
    Tony Parker, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Tim Duncan, Marc Gasol
    All-NBA Third team:
    Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Paul George, Blake Griffin, Brook Lopez

  57. Tom says:

    All-NBA 1st All-NBA 2nd
    PG: Chris Paul PG: Tony Parker
    SG: Kobe Bryant SG: James Harden
    SF: Lebron James SF: Carmelo Anthony (Possible 1st team)
    PF: Kevin Durant (Deserves to be in 1st team) PF: Tim Duncan
    C: Dwight Howard (Need a big man)) C: Marc Gasol

    All-NBA 3rd Missing The Cut:
    PG: Russel Westbrook Blake Griffin, Rajon Rondo (Before ACL), Brook Lopez
    SG: Stephen Curry
    SF: Paul George
    PF: David Lee
    C: Joakim Noah

  58. harden over kobe says:

    harden, wade, paul george> kobe

  59. you gus are crazy says:

    kobe does not deserve to be first team…you guys are putting him there based on his previous years but the fact is his team is barely making the playoffs

    i’d take harden and wade…maybe even paul george over him

  60. troy33087 says:

    The line up should consist of 2guards and 3 forwards and 0 centers, just like the all star game voting so

  61. troy33087 says:

    The first NBA line up should consist of 2 guards 3 forwards, 0 centers. for 2 reasons. No center deserves NBA first team this year and the new all star voting rules, to the 2g 3f 0c line up
    Tony Parker

    • lordkrimson says:

      I was gonna complain about people not taking winning into account. But I just gotta bring up hardly anyone has brought up Curry, on the 6th seed(not the ninth) He got screwed in allstar, now there’s 3 teams and you hardly see him mentioned? Whats the world coming to?

  62. Darth Ballz says:

    1st. Tm – CP3, TP, LBJ, KD, M. Gasol
    2nd – Westbrook, Kobe, Melo, Timmy, B. Lopez
    3rd – Wade, Harden, George, Griffin, Dwight

    Its really weird to have two players in here that are not even on a playoff team at the moment but they are big names. If the Lakers dont make playoffs, expect that these two may drop off the list completely. I dont care if your’e name is Kobe or Dwight or Michael Jordan, if you cant get your team to the playoffs than your not on an all nba team let alone first team.

  63. taonggrasa says:

    MVP is for MELO as he carries the knicks with back up jr smith. lebron had plenty back up..ray allen, miller, even lebron is out in miami they can win. andersen at center bosh at pf battier at sf wade at sg and chalmers/cole at pg. KD and westbrook can be CO-MVP . but only durant…its a big no. as yuo can see the knicks and okc game. the real problem is westbrook.

    for defensive player,…its NOAH time i think… bulls dont have their scorer rose but they NOAH as a man in THE POST.its not the rebounding then is shall be r. evans HAHAHAHA….. for blocking its IBAKA…. steal CP3 HAHAHAHA.

    sixth man NO QUESTION.. JR SMITH


    COACH OF THE YEAR SPOELSTRA… filipino pride

    most improve.. IF MELO CANT GET MVP THEN HE SHALL GET THIS….. HE improves a LOT!!!
    if not then its for PAUL GEORGE!!!

  64. taonggrasa says:

    ist team
    PG Chris PAUL

    2nd team


    • taonggrasa says:


      • taonggrasa says:

        KD IS GOOD AT SG position. if he is on the sf or pf position he can score bur he lacks physicality. And then he will be kicked out by lebron and carmelo as these both guys can be efficeint scorer as sf and can be a good defender also at PF. where KD is not.

  65. babymoney says:

    i dont even see the point of this first, second, and third team. to make this really interesting and significant, the first team should play the second team before the start of a new season. just an exhibition game. it would be fun to see some of these guys who would normally never be on the same side or are usually always on the same side (Kobe, lbj or lbj, durant) play each other. allstar game wont give us this.

  66. Bryan says:

    Anybody who is trying to put Howard in front of Gasol at the 5 just simply doesn’t watch NBA basketball outside of their own team. PERIOD.

    Marc Gasol is easily the most efficient center in the NBA and if you watched 5 Grizzlies games you would see that he could have 20+ ppg if he wanted it, but he just isn’t that type of player.

    The guy should be 1st team defense and 1st team NBA.

    If Howard gets it, it will be in Name alone. His stats and his contribution to his team haven’t come close to Gasols this year. In their matchup earlier this year, Gasol was frustrating Howard so bad that he invented a shoulder injury so he could quit on his team for the rest of the game. Dude is a chump!

  67. xyz says:

    NBA 1st team: CP3, Kobe, Lebron, Durant, Duncan
    NBA 2nd team: Parker, Harden, Melo, Griffin, Howard
    NBA 3rd team: Westbrook, Wade, George, Aldridge, Gasol

    Other worthy 3rd team players: Curry, Lee, Lopez, Noah, Randolph

    I think the rule is that the teams need to have a real big man in the lineup, otherwise the 1st team would’ve been an easy choice of CP3, Kobe, Lebron, Melo, Durant

    • Losmi says:

      1st team: Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Marc Gasol.
      2nd team: James Harden, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Tim Duncan, Brook Lopez.
      3rd team: Russell Westbrook, Kobe Bryant, Paul George, Blake Griffin, Chris Bosh.

  68. BF50 says:

    TP has had a better season than CP3, so he belongs in the 1st team. Duncan as well, as the best big man in the NBA. So my 1st team: TP, KD, Carmelo, Lebron, TD.

  69. Raj says:

    Go Lakers Go Kobe

  70. Iman says:

    1st Team:
    Brook Lopez

  71. aa says:

    Chris Paul
    Kobe Bryant
    Kevin Durant
    Lebron James
    Tim Duncan

  72. Shusaku says:

    1st team:

  73. googergieger says:

    If there was any justice in the NBA Iguodala would finally get his all defensive first team honors and Kobe Bryant wouldn’t be anywhere near that award. But the league doesn’t care. Hype, hype, hype. These awards are meaningless and much like the agenda driven Oscars, I’ll completely tune these out as well.

  74. Henrik Jensen says:

    Remember guys, it is 2 Guards, 2 Forwards and 1 Center, so if Parker as a guard play better than Kobe as a guard, then he can take the place next to CP3 (Secured Spot)

    • 34yr fan says:

      lol…….CPS was schooled this year head to head with TP…………..so I guess he is the best if doesn’t have to play/guard Tony. SO then the Secured Spot is for Tony and Chris can get the 2nd team this year……these honors are just sidelines to the real challenge……. trophy/ring/banner etc……

  75. Big Al says:

    All Lakers starters have been plagued with injuries this season. They’ve also thrown away some games that could have been won, especially the Washington one. The defense is also down, allowing lots of three-point shooting from their opponents. Dwight and Pau need to man up as well. Having the top shooting guard and center on board should at least ascertain a playoff spot, but we’re in a dismal 9th place, very disappointing.

    • 34yr fan says:

      top shooting center….. ????? who would that be on the lakers…..sure isn’t DEEEWhite

  76. Buck says:

    Has a team ever had 2 players make first team all nba and not make the playoffs?

  77. angel says:

    1st team
    chris paul
    Dwayne wade
    LeBron james
    kevin Durant
    Dwight howard

    • Bruno says:

      Yeah Kobe should definitely not make first team. No matter how you look at it this was a disgrace season for EVERYONE on the lakers team. So yeah I would put either Wade or Tony Parker there. For the same reason Howard shouldn’t make it on there either.

  78. Just Another Guy says:

    Let’s see… duwight scores better than gasol, rebounds better than gasol, blocks better than gasol…be ahead in the standings doesn’t mean that gasol is having a better season than howard. and what about al horford?

    • 34yr fan says:

      …..sure and you forgot one little thing JAG….. He can’t be counted on down the stretch of a close game because he…… well , can’t SHOOT !!…………………..especially at the line…….smh

      • WILLIAM says:

        When we talk about Dwight Howard’s free throw problems we seem to forget Shaq. I think he won a few championships without shooting fouls very well. Please pay more attention to the winning teams and see how they are winning. This will help you understand the game better. Wilt Chamberlain, the greatest scorer the game has ever seen, didn’t start winning championships until he stop shoting so much. He started to play more like Bill Russell (who won nine chamionships) using his energy on rebounding and defense.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        @WILLIAM Too bad Howard is nowhere near as good as Shaq was. Yes, he won the NBA World Championship in ’09 … but he isn’t likely to have as stellar a career as Shaq’s or Wilt’s or Bill Russell’s. Not even close.

  79. PacerNation2013 says:

    I love how David West is left out of every single conversation simply because most people outside of Indiana can’t stand the Pacers, even though they are the number 1 defensive team in the leauge. David West is a man’s man and is a lot better than almost anyone gives him credit for. Maybe he doesnt fly out to the 3pt line and do twirling dunks in the air. Ill tell you what he does do night in and night out. Hit big shot after big shot, not let “superstars” intemidate him, mans up to anyone at anytime, and leads his team by example! Just sayin..

    And most improved is my man PG hands down!

    • Run says:

      I totally agree wit my man here. D.West has been one of the key guys, if not the best PF to do what a lot of other PF’s has not done, and dats will a team WITHOUT A SUPERSTAR to become one of the most feared defensive team in the league. D.West DESERVES to be in at least the third all-nba team. As for P.George being MIP, I agree 100%. If by chance he doesn’t get it, then I think JR Smith deserves it as well. Either way, George deserves the honors.

    • JP says:

      I know how you feel, I think that David Lee has also been ignored in the conversation for either 2nd or 3rd teams. He has the most double-doubles in the league and the most 20/10 games as well. I feel he should at least be recognized in the conversation, and I agree that David West should as well, they are both in similar situations where they don’t get enough recognition for the great numbers they put up and they impact they have.

  80. Duser says:

    The Lakers are overrated. Kobe puts on exceptional numbers, but i don’t think a team coming in on 8 or 9 ever had 2(!!) candidates for the first All NBA team. There must be some misperception.

  81. science says:

    Kobe, CP3, Durant, Melo, and James……

  82. Chris says:

    What do the Knicks have to do to gain some respect around here? Sekou I give you credit, on the previous blogtable, everybody pretty much roasted the Knicks in typical flavor of the moment attitude. You stood firm and defended them as the No. 2 seed. Indiana is a strong team, and they overcame alot without Danny Granger. The Knicks have overcame injuries to Shump, Amare, Sheed, Camby, Tyson, Felton, Camby, Kidd, Melo. Amare, Melo, Tyson, K-Mart… lol, but here they are, still the Number 2 seeed, and would still be battling Miami for the # 1 seed if it wasn’t for their Historic run. I guess the playoffs is where we have to prove it.

  83. A Proud Magic Fan says:

    Bottom of the West:
    Jazz, I would like to see the Lakers in the playoffs (though I hate Howard) because they make a much more interesting matchup in the playoffs and are a better team.

    I think Carmelo will win the scoring title, especially looking at his past several games.

    NBA 1st Team Ballot
    CP3, Kobe, KD, LBJ, Dwight

    2nd Team
    Westbrook, Wade, Melo, M. Gasol, Tim Duncan

    • lordkrimson says:

      the better team will make the playoffs

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      I would argue Jazz make a better playoff matchup because they’re usually very good at home.

      Maybe they don’t have popular names … but Al Jefferson is arguably the best NBA Center. They actually have a better, deeper, and healthier team than the Lakers. They have guys that can get hot, such as Mo Williams, Gordon Hayward, Paul Millsap, and maybe even Randy Foye, Kanter, and Favors.

      You know Al Jefferson wants another chance to make a better showing than last season’s first-round sweep at the hands of the Spurs. That was Al’s first career playoff appearance (unless I’m mistaken). Utah badly wants to get that 8th seed and they will. They have an easier schedule than the Lakers. Whoever scheduled Utah to play Minnesota twice in their last 4 games really helps Utah a great deal. Minnesota (without Kevin Love) likelly will lose both of those games against Utah. Adelman is a great coach and all but Utah wants to return to the playoffs real bad.

  84. ozzy says:

    if Howard was playing at the same level as Marc Gasol the Lakers wouldn’t be in 9th

  85. Arky says:

    With all due respect to Marc Gasol, Tim Duncan should be All-NBA 1st team center this season. And Joakim Noah 2nd team. Marc probably gets 3rd team, though (although Brook Lopez, statistically, will be dead unlucky).

    Let’s call it:
    Westbrook-Wade-Bosh-Horford-M Gasol

    Westbrook and Wade both very unlucky not to be higher. Curry very unlucky not to make it. Lopez very unlucky not to make it. Aldridge, West, Deng and George all have claims to a frontcourt spot in the 3rd team, too. Very tough to call.

  86. Peroul says:

    None of the bigs played at a First NBA Team this year. The first ballot HAS TO look something like this:
    PG- Chris Paul
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    SF- Carmalo Anthony
    PF- Lebron James
    C- Kevin Durant
    It may look weird at first, but every single one of these guys deserve to make the First-Team and noone else does in the NBA!

    • Garrett says:

      I agree with this lineup, except I would put Lebron at center because he’s like 10x stronger than Durant ;). But, why should we be obligated to put in a Center when that forces either KD or Melo to go to the second team when both are MVP candidates. As a Lakers fan, I think Dwight should definitely not be on First team purely by his poor performance, compared to his past years in the league marked by dominance. Marc Gasol is a better center this year the way he helps his team win, anyway. Bynum would be playing better than Dwight if he was healthy right now. But regardless, even Marc Gasol does not deserve to be above KD or Melo on this year’s All-NBA First team. He should be recognized as the game’s best playing center right now, however.

      • 34yr fan says:

        …..put em anywhere you want …… we might as well just say the top 5 players regardless of position !!! the is what the MVP is for. All NBA is by position….so NO to KD as a Center !!! ru Kidding !!! lol….. can’t play that finesse game at center !!!

  87. NBA fan says:

    NBA Ballot

    1st Team
    G: CP3
    G: Kobe
    F: LeBron
    F: KD
    C: Dwight

    2nd Team
    G: Parker
    G: Harden
    F: Melo
    F: Timmy
    C: Gasol

    3rd Team:
    G: Curry
    G: Westbrook
    F: Paul George
    F: Z-Bo
    C: Noah

  88. W/E says:

    Lakers are a DISGRACE, they got swept by the Clippers and now they might lose the playoffs, Kobe u can play until ur 50 and score 40k points but u will never be top 10 player all time cause u are not a leader or a team player always the second option in a championship team, NOT in the 10 best ever for sure.

    • science says:

      Wow tht is a lot of hate on kobe… a man that has 3peat and repeat in one career thts awesome to me … all a while he is top 4 scorer ever in NBA… Im ashamed at how much people hate tht guy for being great……………

      • W/E says:

        Karl malone is second best scorer in NBA historybut hey he is not even top 25 player ever..

      • Galum says:

        Malone is either the best or the second best PF of all time. With all my love to KG (and there’s much of it!) the big two are Malone and Timmy D, I’m pretty sure saying he isn’t in the top 25 players ever is about as reliable as dissing Kobe for not carrying a team that has SEVEN (semi)healthy players to a win over a legitimate contender when he’s in his 17th season in the leauge.

        Which means it’s not, by the way.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      I predict (provided the referees call games the same both ways) the Lakers will finish this season: 1 – 4.

      Funny that that is how the Lakers began this season (resulting in Mike Brown’s release): 1 – 4.

      Not sure how many games Utah will win. They’ll probably at least go: 2 – 2. Since they have 2 games against Minnesota, it’s possible Utah could win both those games and go: 3 – 1.

      IT’S A LOCK!! Utah Jazz has the 8th spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Per Ham says:

    Anybody forget that Howard still puts up the best numbers and is the best center? Marc Gasol is a great player but has not played to Howards level!

    • Arthur King says:

      If the Clippers can play like this there might be hope lol.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….you mean DOWN to Howards level……right?

    • adumb says:

      Gasol is 2x better than Howard this season, just watch a few games of the Grizzlies and then watch Howard fiddle around in LA

      • chigga says:

        yet howard gets better numbers on a team with more selfish people?
        Howard is still far and away the best C in the league.. Gasol is nice dont get me wrong but he is still acoupla ways back.. if he is 2x better then howard and giving you less points, boards and blocks then howard he doesnt deserve to go on any of the all nba teams for the C position

        Howard has been well documented as being terrible this year, but he isnt the one averaging 14 and 7.. Marc literally only beats him in dimes and FT %.. he doesnt even shoot 50% fromm the field, id argue noah is better

  90. Rico says:

    Bottom West:
    Utah Jazz (but hoping that my Dallas wins all its last games)

    Scoring Title:
    KD will score big time in his last few games

    NBA Ballot
    1st Team
    CP3, TP, KD, LBJ, M. Gasol

    2nd Team
    Russ, KB24, Melo, TD, Dwight

    • Damn says:

      How an you put TONY Parker in for Kobe’s spot? Lmao he is a point guard, tht right there proves your lack of knowledge.
      CP3 Lebron and Kobe all get in because no matter how you look at it there are the best at their position…Durant doesn’t make first team because he isn’t better than lebron. Dwight makes the center because although people don’t realize this, he is the best center in the league when he doesn’t shoot free throws haha. The pf spot is tough but I’d take Durant because no other 4 could guard him on perimeter

      • Id take
        1st team: CP3, Kobe, LBJ, Melo, M. Gasol
        2nd team: TP, Harden, KD, Duncan, Howard
        3rd team: westbrook, curry, paul george, David lee, Noah (or Brook Lopez)

      • Durant isn’t even a PF, Dwight isn’t the best center in the league, Gasol’s efficiency is off the charts, especially his free throw percentage, clutch defense and clutch shooting…

        just wanted to point that out

      • 34yr fan says:

        well …… first of all KD is NOT a 4 and …..and PS: Kobe fancies himself a PG sometimes…soooooo…… Kobe is NOT the best at his spot anymore….maybe afew years ago, but not now…….anyway CP# is having a sub-par year and TP is having a great year, so CP# should be on the first team….and KD and Melo…. 2nd and 1st…. just a thought

      • 34yr fan says:

        ….I meant TP9(lol) should be first team and Paul on the second….

      • Dr.j says:

        You do realize that it doesn’t matter if the guard chosen is a sg or pg? It’s basically two guards and two forwards. So TP and CP3 can both be on the 1st team and they should. Kobe is having a great season no doubt, but it isn’t even sure if the Lakers are going to make the playoffs. TP on the other hand is the driving force behind the best team in the West and Paul just lead the Clippers to their first division title in team history.

      • Anthony says:

        i thought that it was two guards two forwards and a centre though…. im not sure but anyway heres my team:
        1st team: CP3, Mamba, LBJ, melo, Mgasol
        2nd team: TP, harden, durant( melo and durant were very close) T.D and D-12
        3rd team: curry, lillard or westbrook paul george david lee and joakim noah

      • dg says:

        how can you say that, KD is a SF, shows you know stuff all!

      • Mark says:

        “Durant doesn’t make first team because he isn’t better than LeBron” Dude, are you serious?. Who made the team last year as forwards?

        My prediction:

        1st Team – Lebron, Kobe, KD, CP3, Dwight Howard

        2nd Team – Russ, Harden, TD, Melo, Marc Gasol

        3rd Team – TP, Wade, Z Bo, Blake Griffin, Brook Lopez

      • adumb says:

        You’re ignorant if you put Kobe over Parker, Wade or Harden.

    • i did wut says:

      LOL Rico, your lack of knowledge of the NBA is funny.

      • celtic533 says:

        Rajon Rondo anybody?If Rondo is eligible, my picks would go like this;

        1st; cp3, kobe,melo,lebron,gasol
        after the first team there is lot of speculation with guards. Tony Parker, Russell Westrbrook, James Harden, and Rajon Rondo are all capable of making the second team but i think it will be Rondo and Harden in the third team.

    • Ny post says:

      This is hard lol
      Cp3 , Harden , King James,(melo or durant whoeva wins scoring title) D12
      2nd Team T.p, Kobe, durant,Zbo M Gasol
      3rd Steph Curry, Westbrook, Paul George,chris bosh, Hibert

    • Tesh says:

      1st team

      Kobe, TP, Melo, LBJ, Marc gasol

      2nd team

      Harden, CP3, Durant, Duncan, Brook Lopez

    • Celt 71 says:

      What bout Pekovic?

    • HC says:

      1st team: CP3, Kobe, Lebron, KD, Dwight
      2nd team: TP, Harden, Melo, Duncan, Marc Gasol
      3rd team: Westbrook, Curry, Paul George, David Lee, Noah