Scoring Title Showdown: KD vs. ‘Melo


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — In an Old West, high noon Sunday showdown, Carmelo Anthony will take dead aim at Kevin Durant‘s three consecutive scoring titles.

The New York Knicks are in Oklahoma City today (1 p.m. ET, ABC) to take on the Thunder. Both teams have important agendas. The Knicks (49-26), riding an 11-game win streak, are trying to hold onto the East’s No. 2 seed and OKC (56-20), 33-5 at home, wants to solidify the top spot in the West.

The juicier, made-for-TV plot line, however, is the individual battle between two of the game’s great gunslingers: KD and Melo. They’re locked in an incredibly close race for the league’s scoring title by less than a tenth-of-a-point separating the two All-Stars. KD’s lead has slowly been clipped in recent weeks with Melo’s massive upswing highlighted by the past three games as he’s put up 50, 40 and 41 points.

Durant needed a 34-point effort in a big road win Friday at Indiana to keep his lead. At this moment, Durant leads the league at 28.4 ppg. Melo is at 28.3 — when taken the extra digit, it’s really 28.37 to 28.32.

No player has won four consecutive scoring titles since Michael Jordan rattled off seven in a row from 1986-93. Yet Durant,who has played 14 more games than Anthony this season and has been by far the more efficient scorer, doesn’t seem to be all that interested in earning No. 4 in just his sixth season in the league.

“He can have it,” Durant said Thursday when asked about the scoring title and Sunday’s head-to-head game with Anthony. Durant went so far as to say he’s rooting for Anthony.

After all, for all the amazing scoring games Melo has put together over his 10-year career, he’s never won the league scoring title.

“I really wanted my first one,” Durant said.

With the way Anthony’s been lighting up the league, it certainly would appear that he wants his first one, too.


  1. nbafanX says:

    a scoring (i shot 35 times/games, i shoot i shoot i shooooootttt) title is the only thing melo can win, so i hope he’ll get it this year.

  2. Ooops i mean 3 scoring titles 🙂

  3. meloformvpdotcom says:

    Carmelo may not be as efficient, but he scores the most points per 100 possessions.
    As far as LeBron Career Average being higher than Melo, that is true but LeBron also played over 42 min per game when he played in Cleveland, and nearly every possession ran through him. While LeBron did put up impressive numbers, I think his stats were inflated as a result of how frequently he possessed the ball, and the crazy minutes that he played. Not to take anything away from LeBron, because he was the definition of MVP when he played in Cleveland, but well built teams dont need their star player playing over 42 minutes per game just to keep them hanging in there. They have the luxury of resting their best players in the fourth quarter due to blowout victories. So yeah LeBron had some crazy numbers, and still puts up very impressive numbers, but hes not a shooter like KD, Kobe, and Melo.
    50% from 10 ft says he has a limited range, and what happens when he cant get to the rim? Hes in big trouble. His style of play is very explosive, but how long can he keep it up before it starts taking a toll on his body?
    Enough LeBron, and Back to Melo. Melo scored 50 points on 69% shooting, hows that for efficiency ?

  4. chigga says:

    Melo will win the scoring title because Russ plays with KD and shoots FAR too much..

  5. Mark7 says:

    Melo will get the scoring title this year…He is still one of the best scorers the NBA has ever seen…

    If I were an all-round shooter like melo, I would be taking shots because I know my shots will go in…Call me ball hugging, I dont care…V”

  6. I say Durant will win it again-I also say that Durant doesn’t care too much about that right now as he has other things on his mind but will win it anyways even though he doesn’t take as many shots as ball hogging melo.

  7. kyle09 says:

    I don’t know why LBJ was included in this discussion, the topic was between Melo and KD and who’s going to win the scoring title but LBJ is such a great scorer as well that he can’t be left out. Anyways, I would think KD will still win the scoring title. The two are great scorers in their own rights but KD is the more consistent player of the two throughout the regular season. We know Melo is in the zone right now and it would be awesome to see the two in a dogfight until the last regular season game. Unless Melo comes up with the same aggressiveness every game and not ‘melo’ down, KD has a lock-in to the title. As for LBJ, i don’t think he thinks about scoring titles, though a nice feather to his cap but LBJ is in a different level, he’s not just about scoring, he’s the best all around player there is and he’s got all the ‘hardware’ to back it up and that’s what separates him from KD and Melo.

  8. Joe says:

    Carmelo cant win the title, it will be unfortunate, even if he finishes with a better per game value.
    This is because a player must at least play 70 games in a regular season (out of 82) to be eligible.
    Carmelo currently bills in 63 games, meaning he needs 7 more games to qualify. But the Knicks currently have a 50-26 record, meaning they played already 76 games, which means they only have 6 more games to play, one short of the 7 that Anthony needs to be able to win scoring champion.
    Its a shame because he really looks committed to win that award.

    • K N I C K S says:

      Doesnt matter. As long as he scores 1400 points. Which he did.

    • Rick says:

      I agree you it’d really be a shame if Melo miss out just coz of that 1 game. but i also think that if he’s not qualified, why would this article even be written or has anyone mentioned about that point? Since im sure we’re not the only ones but also those who writes on this site who could notice that Melo won’t reach 70 games mark this season. I don’t think the 70-game rule exists. just saying.

  9. NickH89 says:

    Don’t you need to play 70 games for the scoring title? Melo won’t be able to play that many because of his injuries this year….

    • Ray says:

      No. All you have to do is to score a minimum amount of points in a season to qualify. Same goes for other categories. This is how Rodman was able to win one of his rebounding titles (forgot what year) even though he only played for about half of the season because of injuries.

  10. Jay says:

    Melo gives me the impression of being a player w/o that much athleticism compared to other stars, but he makes it up with his natural gift as an offensive player. He doesn’t jump nearly as high nor is he as quick as other top scorers, namely KD,Kobe, and Lebron, but he’s just soooo efficient offensively.

  11. JimD54 says:

    I Know I’m a Little off topic, but can some one tell me why the commentators just spent the entire halftime of the game talking about the Lakers when they were trailing the Clippers by 7 at the half, Jalen and the crew didn’t mention the Clipper once, is every commentator a Laker fan or what…

  12. Exactly says:

    Good, I thought I was the only one who noticed that Durant gets a ridiculous amount of foul calls- yes, I give him props for being a great shooter, but he is not nearly as versatile as Melo at creating his own shot. Melo gets hardly any calls, I think the refs def have something against him. I know the same can be argued for Kobe or Lebron for getting foul calls to go their way.. Just saying, the refs need to be consistent across the board. Anyways, Melo should have this scoring title if he finishes these next few games w/ 30+ each time.

  13. Cody says:

    A person who says carmelo anthony is the best scorer in the NBA knows NOTHING about basketball. If Durant or Lebron jacked up 30 shots a game, they would score 50 easily with the way they are able to draw fouls. And they get those calls because they drive into the lane under control, something anthony doesn’t do which is why he doesnt get those calls. Not to mention, Melo’s teams will never do anything in the playoffs like always. Looking forward to another Thunder Heat finals!

    • PCS says:

      lol are you serious? did you see the game today? or maybe only the 4th quarter. melo had a trip where he got the bucket after 3 offensive boards and then another after one offensive board. that’s the typw of call he never gets. All year he has being playing the 4 spot just driving the lane blowing by bigger defenders and going after his own miss, how much more agrressive can a player be..

      An lebron isnt a scorer, take a away his fastbreaks, alley-ups and free trow and he doesnt have much efficient weapons thats why people say he chokes, he is not a choker he is smply not a scorer. While you give Melo or Kobe a set defence and their best defender and they still shoot above 40% and that’s why they get more shots. Lebron great basketball IQ and atletic help him to take everything the game gives him but he cant force a shot or bail a bad offence posession, if he shot 30 per game he would score a little more but his % would be far from 50%

      • chigga says:

        to say lebrons not a scorer and see that career average better then the career average of melo and kobe (i get why kobe though coz his first 2 years he was nothing in the league) is almost stupid to me.. Melo is a better scorer but has never averaged more points then him then this year? cmon now.. KD is a legit scorer, and melo is an absolute offensive beast.. but dont go saying lebrons not a scorer.. hes just more then that were as the other 3 previously mentioned have never been known as otherwise..

  14. PCS says:

    For every people who say melo is an inefficient shooter just scores a lot becausa he shoots a lot, this game show everyone the reason for that. How the hell is possible a player atacking the basket all game grab 9 offensive rebound and dont get a call ALL game, the first time he was at the line it was 30 seconds to the game ends. and every time durant was double team he got to the foulled

    If melo got the calls durant and lebron get, he would average 40 points a game. Simply the best scorer in the game

    • Mr Doe says:

      You’re dead on. Melo should get way more calls. Just a lack of respect. He’s the one player that I would take to go up against Lebron. I think Melo should be MVP hands down. Take him off the Knicks and they struggle to make the playoffs. Take Lebron off the Heat and they still battle for a top seed with D Wade and Bosh.

    • AJ Mills says:

      I agree, except I wouldn’t put Lebron in the same category with Durant. Officials favor LBJ more by not calling things on him –travels, fouls he commits–but he gets hacked a lot when he’s driving through the lane, and only sometimes are fouls called.

      On the other hand, Durant is a jump shooter who gets to the free throw line any time someone breathes on him. And then he complains and gets called for a bunch of techs. Such a nice guy, huh?

    • dattebayo says:

      Let me educate you and give you some facts. Carmelo Anthony is a great scorer, but compared to LeBron, he is an inefficient volume shooter and that has nothing to do with the officiating. LeBron has a much better shot selection than Melo and half of his shot attempts are inside 10 feet from the rim. Let me repeat that, 50% of LeBron’s shot attempts are inside 10 feet from the rim. Only 33% of Anthony’s shot attempts and only 39% of Durant’s shot attempts are inside 10 feet. James has the highest FG% (.562) of the three and Carmelo the lowest (.447) and that’s not a coincidence, but the result of a much better shot selection.

      btw. Melo averages 0.7 freethrow attempts per game more than LeBron and Durant averages 2.3 freethrows per game more than LeBron, so Lebron doesn’t get more calls more Melo, even though he probably should.

      • PCS says:

        I agreed with you and AJ Mills with lebron does get hacked a lot, i was talking about the diferrence respect diferrent players get from referee. Melo as played this season as a 4 driving the lane agaisnt bigger defenders taking advantaje of his speed, melo style of play is described as Bully Ball and he is probably the best player getting his own rebound. how can a player like this as less than 2.3 freethrows than a shooter? if fouls were called his PPG would be up and soo his %.

        I fell like Lebron gets a lot of hard fouls that are only call normal fouls because he is much bigger and stronger, such as carmelo doesnt get calls at the rim because his ability to always beat his oponent.

        About Lebron’s shot selection i wasnt if question that, its much better than melo’s but he doesnt have to force as much shots and because his style of play.

        srry for my english

      • dattebayo says:

        I don’t think that Melo doesn’t get enough respect from the refs, I rather think that your reception of Melo is flawed. Kevin Durant takes more shots near the rim and less long contested 2s and 3s, which means he drives a lot more to the rim. Whenever you drive, there is contact and the more you drive, the more foul calls you get. Durant might receive more bogus calls, but I haven’t watched every OKC game and can’t say anything about that. Fact is, Melo has attempted 127 more shots from outside 16 feet and 80 shots less inside of 10 feet compared to Durant. That means that Durant drives a lot more and takes more contact and that’s most probably, why he gets to the freethrow line more often.

  15. Just saying says:

    Durant is a great player,but the reason he’s efficient is because he gets a lot of fouls called…melo misses a lot of shots but a lot of them should be a foul,fouls that the refs call if it was durant…

  16. Naya says:

    Carmelo deserves it big time

  17. Anonymous says:

    Melo is a better all-around scorer so I think he will get the title. Durant is more of a shooter.

  18. W/E says:

    “Melo can have it” KD. I hope melo gets it cause durant is soft.

    • slider821 says:

      I thought he was ‘not nice’

      …yeah, that didn’t last.

    • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

      Melo can have it you know why?
      KD is gonna go to finals this time again
      so Melo Can have it because KD is too hard to care about Scoring Records…
      How many Records you have?
      KD just want the Rings

  19. Soltero32 says:

    Carmelo Anthony is the most talented player in the NBA.

  20. bigwes95 says:

    Durant will win I think, he’s selfless when is comes to team success, but I think he likes knowing he’s the best at something and he won’t want up give that up so quickly. he might say he doesn’t care, but people also think he’s perfect even though he has the most techs called on him this season. he’ll win it.

  21. Daan says:

    Melo FTW! He will earn his first scoring title this season!

  22. Plez okc and nyc It’s almost end of the season right now,…. Lets have Durant and Anthony guard each other and let them take 95% of the team shoots and see who scores more and who win the game… Give us fans a scoring game of once a life time from two great scoring machines!

  23. LeBrontourage says:

    I say ‘Melo will grab it, but it all comes down to what happens at 1:00 today at OKC.