Have We Seen The Best Of The Nets?


BROOKLYN — The Brooklyn Nets gave one away on Thursday, blowing an early 16-point lead and falling to the very undermanned Chicago Bulls, 92-90. Ultimately, the loss may not mean anything, because the Nets still have a 1 1/2 game lead on the Bulls for fourth place in the Eastern Conference and face Lottery teams, against whom they’re 29-6 this season, in five of their last seven games.

A fourth-place finish in the East would give the Nets home-court advantage in first round, likely against Atlanta or Chicago. A loss in that series would be a disappointment, especially when you consider Brooklyn’s payroll. A win would set them up to lose in four or five games to the Miami Heat.

Other than losing in the first round, there’s no avoiding that fate, which has basically been the path the Nets have been on for the last couple of weeks, since the Knicks and Pacers started playing well again.

I wrote about this yesterday. And maybe this is just who the Nets are. Maybe they’re just a good, but not great, basketball team.

But it’s hard not to wonder if we’ve ever really seen the best of the Nets this season. They currently rank ninth in offensive efficiency and 19th defensively. They could and, really, should be better.

Injuries have been an issue. Deron Williams has missed just three games this season, but was clearly not at his best for the first 50 games, dealing with sore ankles and other various ailments. He’s been much better since the All-Star break, but Joe Johnson has had a couple of different injuries since then. Brook Lopez‘s foot injury in late November is what really knocked the Nets off track after a strong start. And Gerald Wallace, in standard Gerald Wallace fashion, has been banged up too.

The Nets have looked like a great team at times. They have road wins in Boston, Oklahoma City, New York and Indiana. But, other than a 12-2 stretch after P.J. Carlesimo took over for Avery Johnson, success has always been rather fleeting.

Carlesimo made some minor changes, gave Mirza Teletovic a shot in the rotation after the break, and is now giving MarShon Brooks more consistent playing time than he’s had all season. But he has been pretty vanilla with his lineups, and that’s where the Nets may be leaving something on the table.

Of Lopez’s 2,079 minutes on the floor, 1,639 (79 percent) have been played with either Reggie Evans or Kris Humphries at power forward. Neither Evans nor Humphries, of course, spaces the floor very well.

Teletovic is very different from Evans or Humphries, in that he can shoot from beyond five feet. But he has played just 112 minutes at the four next to Lopez.

Andray Blatche has also shot the ball well out to 19 feet or so. But he has played just 86 minutes with Lopez. The Nets’ five best players are arguably Williams, Johnson, Wallace, Blatche and Lopez, a group that has played just 20 minutes together over four games this season.

One of the best lineups the Nets have had this season is a small one. Williams, Keith Bogans, Johnson, Wallace and Lopez have outscored their opponents by 18.3 points per 100 possessions in 107 minutes together. Now, those numbers are skewed somewhat by a couple of late-December games against the Bobcats and Cavs, but that lineup has played just seven minutes together since the All-Star break.

In total, Lopez has played just 242 minutes with someone other than Blatche, Evans, Humphries or Teletovic at power forward. And those minutes have been very good, especially defensively.

Nets efficiency with Brook Lopez on the floor

Power forward MIN OffRtg DefRtg NetRtg +/-
Reggie Evans 1,125 105.6 103.2 +2.4 +69
Kris Humphries 514 106.1 105.1 +1.0 +14
Mirza Teletovic 112 115.8 110.4 +5.3 +19
Andray Blatche 86 104.8 100.3 +4.6 +17
Other (small lineups) 242 106.3 99.2 +7.1 +72
TOTAL 2,079 106.4 103.5 +2.9 +191

OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions
DefRtg = Points allowed per 100 possessions
NetRtg = Point differential per 100 possessions

When asked about his lineups, Carlesimo has said that he goes with matchups. But he has obviously been leaning heavily on Evans of late, even using him on two crucial offensive possessions in the final minute of Thursday’s loss, thinking Evans might get the Nets a second chance with an offensive rebound.

The Nets have actually been better offensively with Evans on the floor (scoring 105.4 points per 100 possessions) than with him off the floor (103.8), but most of those off-floor minutes have come with Humphries, similarly limited offensively, at power forward.

This is why it’s hard to know if we’ve seen the best of the Nets this season. Those 242 minutes of small-ball aren’t a lot to go on. And neither are the 86 minutes Lopez has played with Blatche.

Lopez is Brooklyn’s most important player on both ends of the floor. And in the playoffs, his minutes should surely increase from the 30.7 per game he’s played in the regular season. Does that mean that Blatche will be limited to just 10-12 minutes, or will we actually see the two on the floor together? Is there a matchup (Josh Smith, perhaps) that will allow Carlesimo to play Wallace at the four?

In four games against Atlanta (all under Carlesimo), the Nets have played small a total of seven minutes. So the answer to that last question is probably “no.”

Now, it’s unfair to really condemn the coach for not taking more chances with his rotation. He took over in the middle of the season, with the Nets going through a serious rough patch. More than anything, they just needed to get their best players playing well. And obviously, Lopez and Williams are doing just that.

Still, we have to wonder if this team has reached its potential.


John Schuhmann is a staff writer for NBA.com. Send him an e-mail or follow him on twitter.


  1. Griffin #71 says:

    The Nets just need to get Kris Humphries the hell off the roster problem solved.
    I am a BK fan and really don’t like Kris Humphries, I did, but ever since is infamous marriage he has played like **** and is the least productive of all Nets. He should move back to Toronto he would fit in nicely there.

  2. Another Crucial No call win the game for the Lakers tonight says:

    Dwight clearly fouls Conley, last play of the game. No call. Lakers win. This is just one of the most recent stretch of Ref modified wins for the Lakers. How can they be proud of their team. They lost 5 of 7 to Sac in 02 and this year won’t even make the Playoffs without official help. BOO BOooo BOoo

    you wouldn’t post this last night

  3. BBOYBALLER says:

    There a average team. Wont win a championship.
    If they lose it doesn’t matter there getting payed. you don’t see the hunger or the fire in any of them to win a championship or to get better as Lebron, Kobe, Kevin Durant. Just a Pay Pay Day.

    My starting 5

    1 D Will
    2 Joe
    3 Wallace
    4 Blatche
    5 Lopez

  4. legwkio says:

    They’re the new Atlanta Hawks. LOL

  5. NETS-MAN says:

    I watch every game . It is obvious that the Nets cannot beat the better teams with swarming defenses consistently becuase tekas realize that the ball ALWAYS goes to Williams, Lopez and Johnson.Teams play no defense is to Wallace and especially Evans/Humphries. Blatche plays defense when he is in the mood, and for the most maddening reasons thinks he is a point guard who oftentimes loses the ball by over-dibbling. However, the article is correct. If Blatche would stop over-dibbling and play some D, the Nets would be more formitable with DW,BL,JJ,AB and GW.

  6. The Nets have to realy push to beat diff teams

  7. Dean says:

    Call me old fashioned but I believe the teams best five players should be in the starting lineup. The one thing I miss the most about Avery Johnson is he believed in Blatche and gave him the minutes he deserved. No offense to Reggie Evans he is a dog on the boards, but Andray really deserves more minutes.

    • richard from new jersey says:

      Dean, I can see what your coming from but Blatche looks to score to much and turnover a lot when I watch him, I rather have Evans play more he’s a beast in the boards and hustling is always there

  8. Aaaaah who caressssss….. Next…