Chances For The 2013 Hall Of Fame Class

This is a little late because Mitch Richmond, a pretty decent source on the topic, already broke the news (via Twitter) that he did not get elected to the Hall of Fame. For most of the other candidates in the 2013 Hall of Fame class set to be unveiled Monday, uncertainty remains.

Gary Payton is in – according to someone close to the situation, in this case not named Richmond – and Richmond is out. In full disclosure, I would have had Payton as a lock (the only one) and given Richmond a good chance. That leaves eight from the North American committee to be revealed, seven with NBA ties plus college coach Guy Lewis.

Estimating the chances of the seven is a fool’s errand with Hall of Fame voting notoriously unpredictable, as proven by the fact that I would not have given Tom Heinsohn a shot to make the second and final stage of balloting as a coach. But based on decisions from recent years that (hopefully) give some indication of trends for this time, feedback from people around the game and the usual factor of the average 30-year fixed mortgage divided by the square root of the combined jersey numbers of the previous NBA champion multiplied by the wind velocity at City Hall in Springfield, Mass., at noon today, I am just that fool.

Maurice Cheeks

Hall of Fame Chances: Decent

Summary: Four-time All-Star, five-time All-Defense (four on the first-team), key member of the 1983 title team in Philadelphia, No. 5 all-time in steals.

Tim Hardaway

Hall of Fame Chances: Decent

Summary: Five-time All-Star, first-team All-NBA once, No. 13 in career assists, won an Olympic gold medal in 2000.

Spencer Haywood

Hall of Fame Chances: Good

Summary: Four-time NBA All-Star, averaged at least 20 points a game six times in the NBA, first-team All-NBA twice, member of 1980 championship team with the Lakers, ABA Rookie of the Year, ABA MVP, star of the 1968 Olympic team that won a gold medal (as he refused to join other African-American standouts in a boycott).

Tommy Heinsohn

Hall of Fame Chances: Poor

Summary: Nominated as a coach after being elected as a player in 1986. As a coach, won two championships with the Celtics, Coach of the Year, but only 427 career wins.

Bernard King

Hall of Fame Chances: Good

Summary: Averaged 22.5 ppg in his career, one of the premier offensive threats from the late-1970s through the early-1990s despite major knee injuries, four-time All-Star, two-time first-team All-NBA, Comeback Player of the Year.

Gary Payton

Original Hall of Fame chances: Lock

Updated Hall of Fame chances: Lock

Summary: Nine-time All-Star, nine-time All-Defense, two-time first-team All-NBA, Defensive Player of the Year, championship with the Heat in 2006, Olympic gold medalist in 1996 and 2000, retired as No. 4 in career steals and No. 8 in assists.

Rick Pitino

Chances: Good

Summary: The only coach to take three schools to the Final Four, won the 1996 national championship with Kentucky and has a strong chance this season with Louisville (with the title game hours after the Hall of Fame announcement), has been to the Final Four seven times, coached the Knicks and Celtics.

Mitch Richmond

Original Hall of Fame chances: Good

Updated Hall of Fame chances: Not-so-good.

Summary: Six-time All-Star, Rookie of the Year, three-time second-team All-NBA, averaged 21 points a game for 10 consecutive seasons, member of the 2002 championship team with the Lakers, won a gold medal in the 1996 Olympics and a bronze in 1988.

Jerry Tarkanian

Hall of Fame Chances: Decent

Summary: Won 990 games in his college career, guided UNLV to the 1990 national championship, four trips to the Final Four, owns the highest junior-college winning percentage (.891), coached the Spurs. Back on the ballot after being removed for lack of support, there is a renewed push for induction with Tarkanian in failing health.

Winners who receive at least 18 of 24 votes in anonymous voting will be announced Monday in Atlanta as part of Final Four festivities. Inductees from the Women’s committee, with North Carolina coach Sylvia Hatchell and former star guard Dawn Staley as finalists, will be revealed at the same time. Roger Brown (ABA committee), Edwin B. Henderson (Early African American Pioneers), Oscar Schmidt (International), Richard Guerin (Veterans) and Russ Granik (Contributor) have already been elected.

The enshrinement ceremony is Sept. 8 in Springfield.


  1. ssimple says:

    Kobe 2nd greatest player off all time hands down

  2. induct jeff van gundy for being the biggest A!? kisser to lebron & kobe commentator ever-mmm i wonder!

  3. @ eric-lmao-true true, i agree-that would be pretty interesting to see, refs presenting lebwron to the hall of fame-i wonder what they would say, “thanks for putting lots of money into our Swiss accounts” or all scared saying “th-th-th-thank you lebron for calling off your g-g-g-g-gangster friends after your career was over, you know the ones you had waiting outside all your games to threaten us”.
    @ ene be a-no lebron won’t even come close-the G.O.A.T.-Greatest Of All Time will always be Bill Russell, then Jordon, then many others after them 2 who lbj doesn’t even come close to.

  4. Blazers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LA. Loosers says:

    Kobe doesn’t deserve to be in the H.O.F. When the time comes, i hope he doesn’t get in it. #l.a. loosers

  5. Drew says:

    how Jon Koncak is not in the HOF is a tragedy!!!

  6. ene be a says:

    Will u stupids stop talking s**t about lebron? Lebron will be the best ever . Thanks to u haters.

  7. Payton deserves the Hall of Fame, he was awesome back in the day!Jordan and Payton were the best ever!

  8. Biggie 45th says:

    Seriously, according to a source. Who doesn’t know G.P. is a HOF. He is the best defensive P.G. I ever seen and he led his team to an NBA Championship. Magic, Isaiah, Stockton, Kidd, and G.P. are the top P.G.s I’ve ever seen. Of course he’s a LOCK.

  9. Jorge Saenz says:

    Kurt Rambis!!!!!!!

  10. bens says:

    well i think that payton is deserving to be one of the inductees of the hall of fame. . . his one of the best point guards of all time. seatle wont be Seattle if wasn’t for that man at that time. . .

  11. Eric says:

    When Lebron gets in the Hall the Refs that helped him get there should Introduce him in.

  12. Jonesy37 says:

    Strong field as always, but if they’re all worthy – they’re in, if none are, then all out. No quotas here, so please tell me why Mitch Richmond is missing out? Someone? Please?

  13. matt coombes says:

    How is not Buck Williams not even considered?

  14. Glynn says:

    Bernard King should have been in long ago. He was a scorer and got me into watching the NBA. Always cool to hear him commentate some of the Knicks games.

    • Richie says:

      I agree!! Bernard King should have been in long ago!! This guy played through many issues physically and never complained!! He is a real baller!! “He got Buckets”

  15. For players, King-King-King! The original King!

  16. Tommy Heinsohn-overall i’m not sure why this article is saying hall of fame chance is poor, maybe based on insider info from h.o.f. I can see it highlights wording “only 427 wins”. Mind you his coaching career was only 9 yrs, but for a short coaching career as a very successful one compared to other 10-15plus yr very successful coaches, Tommy’s win percent is right on point with those of other very successful coaches. Ex: Compared to Popovich’s (obviously still coaching) 1st. 9 of his current 17 yrs of coaching-his first 9yrs is @ 455wins & 233loses & Tommy”s 427w & 263ls-ie-pretty similar win percentage @ about .650 %. Pops current total career % is currently @ .684. Of course i know i’m comparing a retired & current coach, but i’m figuring comparing 2 very successful multi champ coaches both w/ coach of the year awards. You know Pops will be a shoe in when he retires (i like him), great coach why not. Tommy should already be in as coach, it only took him for years to win coach of the year in “73 w/ a league best record of 68-14, then his 5th following yr 1st championship & 2nd champ 2yrs later in “76-SOUNDS like a heck of a first 7 yrs of coaching. Pops best seas in “06 63-19 & took him 7yrs to win coach of the yr in “03. If Tommy stayed coaching a while longer, he def would have won more rings-i know that’s a what if, but (lol) he would have! Comon vote him in!!!

  17. Ben says:

    It seems that all over NBA fandom this year there is a clamoring for the election of King, and wondering how he has been overlooked and missed for so long. Frankly, King is the one I’m most rooting for too (noting Payton is a lock).

  18. Aj says:

    The Hall of Fame is a joke. And no, I’m not talking about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is also a joke. I’m talking about the basketball Hall of Fame. Either create an NBA Hall of Fame, or do the right thing, and pretend that total sham of a building and institutiion doesn’t exist.

  19. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    When Kobe Bryant retires, should he be inducted in the NBA Hall???

    With all the cheating his Lakers have done (especially recently)????????

    I love this game.


    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Kind of the same debate in MLB in relation to certain hitters who used steroids or disallowed PEDs.

      Should Mark McGwire get inducted in the MLB Hall????

      What about Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds or players like that???

    • Queirós says:

      You gotta be kidding me… How could Kobe not be inducted being, as of now, the 4th leading scorer all time?

    • bullsfan0218 says:

      haha pretty sure Kobe is as much as a hall of fame lock as you can be. I don’t believe there is any cheating going on with the
      Lakers anyway but even if there was I’m pretty sure Kobe isnt the one reffing the games

  20. bullsfan0218 says:

    Bernard King!!!!