Twitter Updates: Seattle, Sacramento Presentation Meetings In New York

From staff reports

Today in New York at the St. Regis Hotel, constituencies representing Seattle and Sacramento will make presentations to NBA officials and select owners as they gather information about the future location of the Sacramento Kings. Our own Scott Howard-Cooper and David Aldridge spell out the details of what will likely be the topics at the meeting here and here, but we’ll update you throughout the afternoon on the latest from Aldridge and other others.


  1. Jason Page says:

    An expansion team would be better for Seattle and Sacramento! Seattle had a complete package to present from top to bottom which took two years to put together to the point it is at. Sacramento’s package is not as good ( as Stern pointed out prior to todays presentation) and hard to firm up in a short amount of time left. Voting to move a team is a hard thing to do which means Sacramento still has a chance for sure! Very weird the Magoof’s were pitching Seattle, probably for money?

  2. John says:

    The Kings need to get the team away from the Maloofs and current managment team. So many mistakes with roster moves. If they stay in Sac-town, they need those clowns out. If Evans leaves, Cousins will be next, then whats the point. Send them to Seattle.

  3. Anthony says:

    Looking at this as an outside observer: Looks like it will be hard to rule in favor of Seatle when Sacto puts up a strong fight. This sets a bad precedent if Seatle wins here. I lived in Auburn when the Sonics left. I didn’t see Seatle put up this kind of resistance back then. Stern should start expansion talks. Thoughts?

  4. Kirk says:

    Ballmer $$ > Any combo Sac can put together