No, Bo Doesn’t Know Rose On This

CHICAGO – Bo knows Rose. But Bo Jackson doesn’t necessarily know squat when it comes to the anterior cruciate ligament surgery from which Bulls star Derrick Rose is recovering, or the timetable for Rose’s specific rehab, or the relationship between the 2011 NBA Most Valuable Player and his team.

Jackson, the amazing two-sport athlete whose NFL and MLB careers were cut short by a debilitating hip injury, threw out the ceremonial first pitch Monday at the Chicago White Sox’s opening game at U.S. Cellular Field.

That team, like the Bulls, is owned by a group headed by chairman Jerry Reinsdorf. Jackson. who played two seasons with the White Sox, still lives in the Chicago suburbs. But the connections pretty much end there, as far as informing Jackson’s Rose opinions with any particular insight.

In a press box chat Monday, as reported by the Chicago Tribune’s David Haugh, Jackson defended what appears to be Rose’s cautious return to NBA action. The Bulls’ point guard is in his 11th month of rehab since surgery last May 12.

“I am quite sure that Derrick is going to come back when he needs to,” Jackson [said]. “I couldn’t say either way whether he should or not. Derrick will know when it’s time to come back. I think he has handled it very well. It seems like the people who are having fits about this are you guys.

“Derrick has handled it well. He is a new dad and seems happy. Why push it? Between the media and the public pushing him, ‘he should come back, he should come back’ … what if he did come back and reinjure himself? Then you’re going to point fingers at the staff of the Bulls saying he shouldn’t have come back. You guys can’t have it both ways. Let him heal, come back home and when he comes back home, welcome him.”

With all due respect to Jackson, this one might be above his pay grade and outside his wheelhouse. More than that, he sounds like the 50-year-old former athlete that he is. He admitted that he hadn’t talked to Rose about the injury “just like I wouldn’t want anybody to talk to me about my golf game.” Can anyone imagine Jackson at age 24 or 26, though, listening to some old guy’s advice to proceed with caution, to miss more games rather than fewer or to focus on daddyhood rather than rushing yards and home runs?

It was a nice gesture by a once-in-a-generation, maybe once-in-a-lifetime athlete who gave us this and this, and who proved his toughness when he came back to play 160 games in the major leagues after having a hip replaced.

But Rose’s decision to delay his return to actual NBA competition until he feels “110 percent” is solely on him and his advisors (formal and informal). The playing-as-a-part-of-rehab stage considered so necessary by so many medical experts won’t be satisified and the rust of his long layoff won’t be flaked off until he participates in some uncertain number of games for the Bulls, whether that happens this spring or in the relative shadows of October’s preseason.

It really is not, as Rose suggested in a recent interview aside, a “Nobody-knows-but-God” thing. Nor is it a nobody-knows-but-Bo thing.


  1. adam kowal says:

    very slow news day. how bout publishing some useful stuff for the people who actually want to know how derrick rose is going with his recovery? Not what some washed up NFL or MLB star has to say about it. Talk to Rose himself and get something worth reading.

    All the way from australia

    • What is Australia top sports again? says:

      It’s clear you don’t know Bo. He is the greatest athlete in sports history

  2. Rocket33 says:

    Just another article that tells us nothing we didn’t already know about the Derrick Rose situation. The only thing interesting about this is the mention of Bo Jackson. Will we ever be blessed with another athlete like him?

  3. Dean says:

    DRose has to at least suit up & play a few mins off the bench. Get his mind in the game.

  4. zgillet says:

    “With all due respect to Jackson, this one might be above his pay grade and outside his wheelhouse.” Well, isn’t that the pot calling the black guy black.

  5. Bucks 4 Life says:

    Slow news day.

  6. nimit says:

    its not about winning it all this year for the Bulls… it’s more so about Rose completing the final stage of his rehab and getting some minutes. it makes more sense to have limited minutes for the rest of the season, than to carry the burden of not playing in a game the entire off season. by playing games at the end of the season, rose will know how to approach the off season. all in all, if the doctors clear you to play, do your damn job,

  7. UCIman says:

    This article sounds like it was written by a man who has never actually played a sport in his life. Every athlete WANTS to come back and play EVERY game. But SMART athletes know when they can, and DUMB*** writers shouldn’t be criticizing the foresight this young man is showing (unlike his counterpart, Andrew Bynum, who injured himself freaking bowling).

  8. patrick bateman says:

    cowards will be cowards

  9. mee(a)T says:

    Really Aschburner….really?

  10. WordSmith says:

    Agreed. This article pretty much says nothing.

  11. John Francis says:

    Prayers go out to Kevin Ware and his family, as well as the whole Louisville squad.

    • John Francis says:

      Sorry, I cut and paste the wrong info. What I meant to say was that I agree 100%. Sorry about that…

  12. John Francis says:

    What Bo Jackson was actually saying is that Rose knows Rose and he’ll be back when he’s ready. I’m good with that.
    ~ John Francis

  13. wikiwiki says:

    wth? I can’t believe people are on derrick’s back about this… smh. That is the stupidest thing ever. For the sake of this year’s playoff, you’d rather he risks his entire 10 year+ rest of his career? Do you really think the bulls are going anywhere in this year’s playoffs even with him?

    This is just really stupid. Let the man and his boss (the bull’s fo) handle their business, and you shut up and watch the games. You want another T-Mac on your hands? or Andrew Bynum? etc?

  14. basketball sgudies says:

    Why is this article acting like Bo Jackson said something crazy. Dude basically said its up to Rose and the media gone say what they gone say regardless. This is a waste of am article people. Find some other way to earn your money with