Turnabout In SA: LeBron, Wade To Sit

SAN ANTONIO — The only way the Heat and Spurs are going to square off at full strength this season is if they meet in the NBA Finals.

LeBron James (hamstring), Dwyane Wade (right ankle) and Mario Chalmers (right ankle) were all scratched from the Miami lineup for tonight’s game at the AT&T Center.

Manu Ginobili (hamstring) is out for the Spurs.

It’s the second time this season that a highly anticipated showdown between the top two teams in the league was aborted at the last minute.

When coach Gregg Popovich had Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Ginobili and Danny Green fly home to San Antonio instead of accompanying the team to Miami on Nov. 29, the Spurs were fined $250,000 and reprimanded by commissioner David Stern.

A lineup of Spurs reserves put up a good fight, before losing 105-100.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said outside the locker room before Sunday night’s game that scratching three members of his starting five — including two of his All-Stars — was not in retaliation for Popovich’s actions.

“I can see where you guys would draw those conclusions, but no,” Spoelstra told reporters.

“This was unforeseen. Mario now hasn’t had a lot of progress in the last couple of days, so we’’ll have to slowly see how he feels and go day by day. Dwyane retweaked about every minor injury he had in the New Orleans game. You could see it, half the game he was on the floor. L.J. obviously tightened up his hamstring. I didn’t put him back in in the fourth quarter.”

When informed that James and Wade were sitting by reporters, Popovich, playfully staggered backward in mock shock.

“What kind of (expletive) is that?” he said. “Are you kidding me? What a bunch of rummies. They’re doing that. Who would think of something like that? There’s no place for that.”

Asked if he was surprised, Popovich shook his head.

“I had too many things to think about to worry about that kind of thing,” he said.


  1. bullsfan0218 says:

    if I ever try to put a comment on here thats related to the article it never gets published but I’ll bet this one will end up getting posted even though im just crying about something not even related to the article

  2. Unfortunately, the NBA league has not Been fair at all. During the Heat streaking They got all the calls … please watch the videos and make your own conclusion. In fact, every ticket purchased will continue enriches them. Meanwhile, they favors and disfavors the team they want

  3. bill says:

    I wouldnt get my hopes to high. I dont think San Antonio is getting to the finals. So probably this was our last chance to se both teams play at full strengh.

  4. Jason says:

    Ok, I’m tired of everyone talking about it. But To set things straight, when Pops sent his players home in Nov. he said it way in advance, and as a coach looking out for his player, he was fined because it was on National Television. Lebron and D-wade played friday and looked fine to me. But then you sit them against the spurs because of “injury”? They didn’t have to play friday too, since they lost to the Bulls and the streak was over. Yes, the Spurs lost, but To say the day of the game that you’re sitting Lebron and D-Wade? They should be fined. At Least Greg Popavich gave the Heats advance notice that he was resting his stars.

    • theking0522 says:

      You are wrong Jason. Spurs notified the Heat just before the game. Duncan, Parker and Ginobilli didn’t even travel with the team. Lebron James and Wade traveled to San Antonio. Furthermore, they are listed as injured. The league cannot do anything about it because NO team is going to risk injuries. Pop listed his players as “RESTING.” Two vey different situations

  5. Vintroi says:

    This decision not to let your stars play is above Spo. This goes up to Pat Riley. Popovich messed up when he let his stars go home. Spo will be happy to see that, he will get a win… Not an easy win though.. But Riley, who is not only concerned on winning but the fan’s satisfaction, oh hell you burned my house.. I’ll burn yours too… And hell, Bosh burned it to the ground..

  6. Eric says:

    “At least LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Mario Chalmers were in the house at the AT&T Center on Sunday night, but they weren’t in uniform and Heat coach Erik Spoelstra was quick to offer up everything from video of the previous game to doctor’s notes to DNA mapping of the infirmed as proof that this was not tit-for-tat.”

    We can all move on now!

  7. Chalmers says:

    Great game by HEAt without LBJ and wade! We will go to the finals for sure and if in case we meet these guys again it will be a different ball club and so as our heat. In the Post season.. it will be game of adjustments and games will be far different from regular season. Nice Games spurs. close game same as the first one. I still believe this spurs will be tougher in the finals than the OKC… but in the end HEAT will be CHAMPS AGAIN

  8. Donski_ski says:

    Lol. The Miami B team (Bosh) team defeated the best in the west ‘eh.

  9. eric says:

    why would they fine players for getting injured? spurs didnt play their starters back in november because pop send them home. spo sit his stars alongside coz of injuries.
    if pop did the same thing, he wouldnt be fined for sure.
    they play by their rules, and spurs started it

  10. This bruno from BORAT says:

    @GangstaP He didn’t questioned the officiating… He questions how the bulls are playing against him… Physical game means putting body on somebody not trying to put him out of action…. There’s a big difference between the two…. sue them if you like. but the HEAT just giving them a dose of their own medicine, The sad thing for the SPURS, They get beaten by the HEAT W/Out 2 of their Best players… It’s like putting a cherry on top of the ice cream.. Spurs got BURNED…
    with Duncan, Leonard,Parker on the line up….

  11. Arky says:

    Wade and Chalmers were obviously hurt. LeBron is probably always playing through some injury, if the streak was still alive… but it’s not so it dos Miami good to let him rest for once.

    Since Miami still had Bosh play, and since they won, and since all the guys they sat could be justified as injured rather than resting, it’s a bit hard to fine them. And did I mention they won anyway? Bwahahaha.

    Ask Atlanta about Bosh’s ability to make a dagger 3 in the final seconds when James and Wade aren’t playing….

  12. googergieger says:

    So Heat are getting fined right? I mean James got fined for his comments about the officials, so I’d expect-wait what? James didn’t get fined when he bad mouthed the officials? He actually got the flagrant he wanted on the other team? Does the league even try to make it look fair anymore? Will anyone at all in the league or sports journalist world ask these questions and get a fair answer? Nope. Much like actual journalism, sports journalism is dead. Or at the very least it’s integrity is.

    • AJ Mills says:

      “First of all, Kirk Hinrich in the first quarter basically grabbed me with two hands and brought me to the ground. The last one, Taj Gibson was able to collar me around my shoulder and bring me to the ground. Those are not defensive … those are not basketball plays.”

      Where does he criticize the refs?

    • sick says:

      googergieger is just a plain idiot.. Lol

    • bullsfan0218 says:

      lol I keep reading comments from people saying Lebron should be fined for bad mouthing the refs and how the league is biased in Lebron’s favor. Then you see the interview they’re talking about and it’s pretty clear its all the Lebron/miami haters who are being biased here

  13. Freida says:

    Popovich rested at the beginning of the season and didn’t tell anyone and sent the players HOME. No one was listed as injured. Miami at least had James, LeBron and Chalmers as injured. so it is a different situation. Even without LeBron and Wade they beat the Spurs!!! LeBron and Wade are winners!!!! Good for Spoelstra. Why should the Heat let the Spurs figure out what is needed to beat the Heat. Now the Spurs will have to figure that out from previous games. Go Heat and win another championship. You deserve it!! Going on a 27 win streak I’m sure was very exhausting. You didn’t see that with the Spurs. Don’t like the Celtics and Spurs. I am glad the Spurs lost and now the NY Knicks kicked the Celtics butt 2x.

  14. amarevalo says:

    Cmon Spo rested his players because of minor injuries while Pop did the same last time for an indefinite reason. Aside from that why do we keep on thinking beyond if it’s Spo’s decision then be it. Spo respected Pop’s decision right

  15. islander says:

    WHAT A SHOW IN SAN ANTONIO…Congrats to Bosh and the rest of the Heat!… Obviously with James and Wade playing the rest of the guys normally do not get many opportunities, which is understandable. But today with them out and also no Rio they stepped up big time!!! That’s why they are champions…and they will repeat for sure!…

  16. amarevalo says:

    Cmon Heat rested their players because of minor injuries. Pop rested his last meeting for an indefinite reason. I can’t see any reason to fine the Heat. They did the right thing with the right reason.

  17. theholyspectator says:

    bosh took away all the souls of those in san antonio when he knocked that game winnings three…heat best team in the nba, got the record to prove it

    • Hardenfan says:

      Don’t like the Heat but yes they do atm. They are the only team that can win the championship from the East. #2 Knicks would be around 6th seed in the West.

  18. islander says:

    WHAT A SHOW IN SAN ANTONIO…Congrats to Bosh and the rest of the Heat!… Obviously with James and Wade playing the rest of the guys normally do not get many opportunities, which is understandable. But today with them out and also no Rio they stepped up big time!!! That’s way they are champions…and they will repeat for sure!…

  19. Chris Austin says:

    Coming from a diehard miami fan, the spurs only got fined because the game was on national tv but that is still unfair to the spurs so in my opinion Miami should also be fined but I highly doubt that will happen. Anyways both of their games they played were great, I hope spurs or denver play Miami in the finals, maybe the lakers just to see lebron vs kobe or okc to see lebron vs durant once again.

  20. Cry more says:

    Man they better get fined! But they wont because the league loves the heat and loves LeBron who doesnt get fined after crying about the refs on interviews!

  21. Latigo says:

    The HEAT sure did beat the SPURS…. BUT WHERE’S THE FOUL??? WHERE’S THE FOUL?? WHO THE HECK TOUCHED NORRIS COLE WHEN HE SLIPPED AT A TIME THE SPURS HAD A 3 PT LEAD WITH ONLY ABOUT A MINUTE LEFT???…If the ref didn’t make that call..the ball would have went to the spurs…and with very little time left and a 3 pt lead…. we all know what most likely would have happened.

  22. Hater4life! says:

    Funny how the spurs fans aren’t talking about the game in Miami being so close anymore

  23. jeff says:

    I guarantee you, atleast Lebron and Wade would have been playing for sure if their winning streak was still intact to try n beat the old Lakers record. These so called injuries would not have kept them out of this game had they beat the Bulls a few nights back.

    • bullsfan0218 says:

      possibly, it really depends on the severity of their injuries. I mean it would have been great to beat the streak but Miami is interested more in championships and they wouldn’t risk injuring their stars just for some consecutive games record. Wade was out with injuries for a couple of games at the end of the streak

  24. sick says:

    No LBJ, No Wade, No Chalmers & No Problem… Lol
    A taste of their own medicine 🙂

  25. Bob M says:

    The Heat’s 3 players are injured. the Spurs 4 players were being rested for a nationally televised game (which pays big money to the NBA). The NBA networks lost more in $250K in lost ad revenue when a million people didn’t want to watch SA second team play the Heat at full strength. I happened to see that game and it was horrible. No one wanted to play and the Heat nearly lost the game from disinterest.

  26. iDon'tLikeThis says:

    San Antonio is using all their player’s except for Manu who is really injured; unlike the Miami Heat i Think Wade has some minor injury’s but LJ and Chalmers willl probably be fined by “the Doctor” Stern. Faking injury’s is not an option, Coz i know the “the Doctor” Stern will act out if this and they better watch out. There are no Super Teams or Super Stars When “the Doctor” calls them Out!!

    Appreciated Kobe for still playing while having so many injuries!!

  27. TrueNBAFan says:

    I’m neither a Heat or Spurs fan, but whats fair is fair… The Heat should receive the same exact penalty the Spurs got for doing the same thing… that being said… I believe neither team deserved a penalty in the first place.

  28. heat_champs says:

    and my request has been granted!

  29. Reign of James says:

    you guys gotta remember Spo made it very clear now that the streak is over he will bench players so it wasnt like it was a suprise! plus he made it clear after the hornets game that the starters will only play against the teams that matter in THEIR confrence so yes the knicks game will be more important than this spurs game was for the heat.

  30. james says:

    spoelstra did a great job, simply thinking there is no thrill, excitement, and fairness if James and wade on the floor.. thats why he sit james, wade and chalmers so that san antonio will match the talent of miami heat. . .if james and wade on the floor i think its a blow out win and the lead will be about 20 plus and the fans will start to walk away in the middle of the 4th quarter and the tickets they bought is just a mess. watching the game, seeing spurs going on an impossible comeback..is that the game you want to watch? not a close fight?… coach spo is giving some fun, thrilling, and exciting game to watch for the fans …and your heart will beat faster in the last seconds…GOOD Coach not thinking for an easy win but a win full of hard work……………heeheheheheheehe SPURS what a loser………. A fair GAME

  31. Donskj says:

    Now Now.. see here, the reason Miami won’t get a fine is that they have informed NBA and the Spurs a day before game time about this – a move which Pop didn’t do. So all haters out there.. do a soul searching. Hate won’t get you nor your team no where – only losses. Now – going back … the best of the west ‘eh.. lol. Defeated by Bosh and the Miami B team. 🙂

    • Donski_ski says:

      Also, in addition to that, the 3 are listed as injured – wherein per Pop’s reason – “resting”.. 🙂 Oh well still B team (Bosh and the Miami B team) defeated the Spurs.

      • sanda says:

        Did I miss something ? Was this Miamis 4th win in the Finals ? Why are all you idiotic Miami fans gloating over this victory?.

    • theking0522 says:

      hahaha. Good post

  32. pearlmg says:

    The league loves Miami Heat because they equal to MONEY, every home court they played regardless if its a small market or not, its always jam packed, sold out! Every team they get something from Miami Heat!

  33. RgR says:

    Heat won’t get fined simply because it wasn’t a national televised game

    • bullsfan0218 says:

      no the Heat wont get fined because there is no valid reason for the team to be fined. There is nothing wrong with resting players that are injured. If Pop didnt rest his starters when they played the Heat last time people wouldnt even be talking about fining Miami right now

  34. BMW says:

    Wah. Without James and Wade, the Spurs were still beaten. What’re the excuses going to be NOW? And how can you fine a team for resting hurt players? Pop made the mistake when he rested HIS starters by openly saying that he was resting his players. You haters really want a team to be fined for not playing injured players? Wow. you all who believe that are disconnected from reality.

    So if any team whose star player (or players) in the future has to sit out a televised game due to an injury, then they should be fined. Is that the consensus?

  35. GangstaP says:

    The league loves the Heat. LeBron didn’t get fined for questioning the officials after the streak ended and they won’t get fined now.

    • cheflola says:

      I dont know if you know….YOU SHOULD, by the way…the NBA, also agreed that Gibson DID foul on Lebron and upgraded the foul to a flagrant foul….watch the game again,,.,.Lebron got hammered several times. NO MATTER what he says or do….you guys always are going to saying something. Get over it….and sorry that he is the best and he dosnt play for you team.

      • GangstaP says:

        The foul which was upgraded weren’t any of the fouls that the Heat fans and LeBron was crying about. It was another foul. LeBron always cries about calls throughout every game and flops at every chance. He never got charged with any flops and he always gets easy calls while apparently he never commits many fouls. He fouled Deng on his way to a dunk, no call. Heat “fans” need to stop crying and LeBron needs to man up. Every team should remember to play rough against LeBron and not let him get to the hoop easily like the Bulls did. Hinrich did a great job by not letting LeBron get to the rim, which was not a Flagrant foul. LeBron cried about that while Hinrich is the one who banged his head on the floor.

      • sanda says:

        doesnt matter whether foul was upgraded or not…any other player who was bitching and moaning like Lebron would have been finedl

    • m4yh3m1 says:

      He didn’t get fined because he didn’t question the refs calls.
      He simply stated ‘some of those plays were not basketball plays’

    • mikelowry3124 says:

      the spurs got fined bc they cited no valid reason for resting their starters..Miami is smarter and listed james wade and chalmers as injured..there will be no fine for the heat. spurs fans get over it

    • Be Realistic says:

      LOL no one is talking about the fact that 2 hall of famers weren’t playing and the Heat still won. In november all you haters were saying how the Heat barely won against reserves LOL. How does it feel to hate greatness? Everytime you haters talk about Miami Heat your teams get beat! Heat all day!

      • GangstaP says:

        Get off that bandwagon. I have never seen this many Heat “fans” in my life. Randomly all you losers come out of nowhere talking about how good the Heat are.

      • sanda says:

        Greatness.. ? You are probably under 20 years old and new to the sport and have never actually seen great bball teams…..or are you just an idiot ?. Miami Heat not even close to “greatness”

  36. sports fan says:

    Miami is pretty slick, they list Lebron & Wade with injuries so they won’t get hit with a fine.

  37. W/E says:

    Ok that a sure fine for the Miami, i mean comon if u fine the spurs for sittin their stars then u gotta do the same for everyone else so yeah its a 250k fine for the Heat right there, ppl expected to see Lebron and Dwade just like they wanted Duncan and Parker in November.

    • Travis says:

      The Spurs were fined for HOW they sat their players. Stern said it was too late and with little or no explanation .. Miami sat theirs cos they injured … gauranteed the league will have no problem with this because this is what the spurs shouldve done in Nov.

  38. AmateurBallerBlog says:

    lol sigh this is why u dont put a marquee matchup at the end of the year

  39. A-Win-Is-A-Win says:

    stop whining guys.. the heat beat your spurs.. haha

  40. pearlmg says:

    no wade, no lebron, no chalmers against the best in the west? no problem! Bosh & the
    bench has stepped waaay up…Good Job..I LOVE YOU GUYS. Thumbs up to Spurs.. they play fair & square… no dirty & hard plays..

  41. Chris says:

    San Antonio is quite possibly playing the worst basketball I’ve seen in awhile right now against a pretty lackluster bench. I love the Spurs but this is ridiculous

    • cheflola says:

      The difference between the Miami players not playing tonight and not getting fined…….they were there in the Arena….The were not in another state. or .flying home.
      It is unbelievable the amount of hate towards Miami. People need to get over it. Everyone was saying….oh yeah…no Lebron, no Wade..no Chalmers, the Spurs are going to eat them alive…really??? Miami Heat Bench won over the Spurs with a regular team…(minors Ginobli..)
      It was a great game…great clean game.

  42. Yo says:

    Stern you better fine him

  43. jay says:

    I bet in miami’s upcoming game everyone will be playing.Hahah
    James and wade are nothing but losers hah

  44. fpejr says:

    Stern is not going to fne the heat… he prob will fine the old spurs. Cux manu is out

  45. Amanda says:

    Hey David…fair is fair and a fine better be coming

    • adumb says:

      The spurs better get half a fine then, because 1 of their big 3 was out on injuries, while 2 were out on injuries.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Spurs like to rest their players, national tv audience or not. It’s within the Heat’s rights to sit their players. But it would be interesting to see what the NBA does in this situation, if they do anything at all, Sure the Heat’s a much younger team, who are not in a road trip like the Spurs were in Nov. Health is important to players and to the team. Let’s see if the NBA understands this, or will they be impartial and do the same thing they did to the Spurs in Nov.

    • AJ Mills says:

      Fair is fair, and if you sit your star players because of injuries, you won’t be fined.

      If, on the other hand, you sit your star players because you don’t want them to get tired after a long road trip, you will get fined.

      Are Wade and James really hurt? Probably–it’s the end of a long season. Would they have played if the streak was on the line? Doubtlessly. But the severity of the injuries doesn’t matter, as long as that was the stated reason.

  47. rondo says:

    Now in San Antonio. Come on when are we actually going to seem them play when they are all healthy.

  48. Frankie says:

    Haha, I’m a suns fan so I really don’t like the spurs too much, but pop is one funny dude

  49. Antonio Perez says:

    you can’t force coaches to use staring players
    the coach decides who plays
    player gets injured , tired , suspended , sick ,weak
    is the coach decision
    is a stragedy to rest your starers and use your bench
    when you are going to the playoffs
    so your starters are healthy and fresh to begins the playoffs
    the need to change some rules in the nba

    • Roll says:

      well they fined the spurs back then because 4 players didnt even bother to show up in a game and took flight back home that is in legal terms a breach of contract. All miami did was not play their 3 starters but were present in the game in a way its not the same as what the spurs did

  50. Mike says:

    I believe Spoelstra that the main reason for this wasn’t because of what happened in Miami, but I don’t think he would feel half as comfortable sitting 3 starters for this game if Pop hadn’t done that. That said, this is HILARIOUS!