Kobe Plans To Decide Future This Summer


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, saying he does not want uncertainty over his future to drag through 2013-14 and with the possibility of being offered an extension this offseason, will “in all likelihood” make a decision in the summer over whether to retire after one more season.

While re-affirming that he is leaning toward walking away after an 18th campaign, Bryant made it clear in an interview with NBA.com he expects to make a call before reporting to training camp and probably even long before that. One factor in the decision is the chance to end all the endless questions. Another is to give the Lakers clarity moving forward, in general, and particularly in conjunction with any contract talks that may take place.

“We’ll talk,” Bryant said after piling up 19 points, 14 assists against one turnover and nine rebounds while playing all but 23 seconds of the 103-98 victory over the Kings at Sleep Train Arena. “I’ll talk to my family and stuff and really see if I want to continue to sacrifice as much as I’m sacrificing right now. I’m putting my body through a lot to just try to get ready to play every single night. To do what I’m doing right now, it’s not easy. I’ll tell you, it’s taken a lot of commitment.”

Is your sense that next season will be your last?

“As I sit here right now, yeah.”

Is there anything the Lakers can say that would make it more likely you played beyond next season?

“No,” Bryant told NBA.com. “It’s my decision. It’s really about what I want to do, if I want to train and be psychotic with my training. That’s what it comes down to. It’s really how I’m feeling physically.”

Speaking of Saturday in Sacramento. It was only two days before that Bryant was hobbling out of the locker room in Milwaukee with one crutch supporting a very painful left foot, the result of a bone spur. It was another ominous moment for the team that had battled injuries all season.

He saw a foot specialist after the Lakers arrived here Friday, with enough encouraging feedback that Bryant was listed as probable for what could be his final appearance in Sacramento after years of contentious battles with the Kings. And then he pretty much played the entire game.

Bryant came out for the first time with 22.6 seconds remaining in the third quarter. He went back in for the start of the fourth period and didn’t leave again.

“I thought that was the key, the 23 seconds,” coach Mike D’Antoni deadpanned. “He’d have been tired.”

D‘Antoni was asked if he stayed with Bryant so long to keep the foot loose.

“Sounds good,” he said. “I’ll use that one. My decision mostly is he’s not coming out. He makes it easy for me.”

So it was a basketball decision.

“It was his heart,” D’Antoni said. “He said, ‘I’m not coming out.’ Hey, he’s earned the right. Nobody can tell what he has inside of him. And he has a lot.”

Steve Nash, meanwhile, remains a concern. After initially being listed as questionable with a sore hip, he played the first 1:48, came out, and did not return. The Lakers say he is day-to-day with a sore right hamstring, an injury related to the hip.


  1. arafat balt says:

    bryant still playing because he want another ring but low chance for lakers to win a title he want to early retire just respect it .

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  3. nimble says:

    One of the very best to lace em up.

    Gonna be missed by real fans.

  4. KobeBelievesHeShouldBeSittingNext2MjNotBehind says:

    …. so he wont retire yet as long as he doesnt have that 6th ring ….. if he had to cut some pay to be able to join the Miami Big3 for that 6th ring, believe me, he would do it …. thats how obssessed he was and he is to sit beside the GOAT …

  5. Justin says:

    If you want to see a highlight reel of blown calls from refs this year going the lakers way check this video out

    if yu don’t think NBA is rigged after this, come on just so kobe can make the playoffs one last time
    F the NBA

    • PVeezy says:

      Cmon you know showing Laker fans proof won’t make them change their opinions on anything. We both know Kobe is fouled on every missed shot, including free throws.

  6. Ron says:

    There is no way you can mention Queen LeBron in the same breath with Kobe.

  7. Kobe is a true warrior! He is not an old man, but he has played for many years and still he continues to play mind blowing basketball. He is AMAZING, and we’ve all (fans and players) been very fortunate to have witnessed his career. My husband says “No one can make space like Kobe.” He is a phenomenal athlete!

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  9. Darius27 says:

    D’Antoni is a clown. No good of a coach. A player telling you he’s not coming out to a coach? What a shame.

  10. Kobe says:

    NO!! a big NO!!
    i wont retire until i got that 6th ring, and tie the Celtics at 17th, in my time
    or else i will always be that #24, literally next only to #23,
    w/ only 5rings, less than his 6, and unable to catch the Celtics on level 17
    and thats a BIG NO NO for the great mamba, the one and only, BLACK MAMBA!
    i will do everything in my power …

  11. KOBE is great, and always be.

  12. Gstate says:

    its been a great run for K8,the black mamba, the Vino,and soon to be hall of fame.. thank you for all the great memories and highlights and championship games we love and watch…

  13. NBAfan says:

    Retire on top Kobe, where you belong. you’ll only be 40 years old once. Even if you’re a 40 year old SG who is the second option in the team, if you’re with the Lakers, you can still win and you will still be Kobe.

  14. Joseph_03 says:

    Some of us fans look more at the names both at the front and at the back of jerseys. Some opinions are based entirely on those factors along. but if we look back the 17 years of Kobe, from the 18 year old straight out of high school shooting air balls and trying to get up against MJ right away, seems outrageous.

    But for those who are players, were players and are a fan at the same time. You will appreciate a competitor like Kobe. A lot of people talk a lot about “for the love of the game” but when you see them play they do not put their game where their mouth is. Everyone tries to label Kobe a ball hog, but you can’t blame him and that is the nature of his game. Some say he pads his stats, why don’t you say the same thing against Rondo, who pads obviously pads his stats when he plays a nationally televised game.

  15. PG: Nash
    SG: Kobe
    SF:Kyle Korver
    PF: Josh Smith
    C: Howard
    6th: Devin Harris
    7th: Earl Clark
    8th: Jodie Meeks
    9th: leonardo barbosa
    10th: Zaza Pachulia
    11th: Jamison
    12th: Raja Bell
    13th: lou amundson or Marco Belinelli
    14th: nate robinson for Next Season

  16. romaraes says:

    Kobe will sign with the Bulls next year and help them win at least two more championships! Sorry Laker fans!

  17. usbuck says:

    Bye Kobie and Hello LeBron!!! Kobe is the last great NBA egomaniac!!!

  18. You guys did not realize that he is not like LeQueen James. He will never request a great player to be his teammate or transfer to a solid team than LeChoke did. All he thinks is to play as hard as every night and bring competitive spirit. That is what I like about him. GOAT dude. Kobe that is.

  19. Dann says:

    Former big fan of MJ and straight away KB. PS: not because of all the achievements but the skill they have and the art of basketball. Hate him or not… I bet you, you will miss him. You hate actually because he beats your team right on your face on the clutch times. Whoever whether it’s James, Durant, Wade, Bosh, Duncan… I would say everybody in the NBA right now knows how Vino tastes and does to them. That’s why you hate haters.
    But you have to respect what he has done so far. I bet you; no matter you are his fan or not you watch Laker basketball because of him! And read headlines about him and hate because I know how bad it is to read an article about just one guy who has just killed your entire team singlehandedly. Ask Bosh! He knows it all. Ask LeBron how good is old guy’s defense. Ask Wade how he was killed in 3 sec. you think I hate the Heat? No! I am actually one of the fans for them.
    I know James and Durant will be one of the greatest but they have a long way in front to get there still. And the path is not always smooth as you think. Ask Kobe about that he knows it all.
    My time to watch NBA is going to be reduced actually if Kobe retires. It will just feel bad cuz I did not have chance to watch his game live. Cuz I know what he would have given me.
    Mamba delivers, thank you.

  20. John says:

    Big Kobe fan here, but I think the time has come to hang it up. The pain he must go through every night must be awful, and his basketball talent is no longer at the level it once was when it was able to hide the fact that he’s always been a terrible team player. These last few years it really shows and he can’t make up for it by taking over a game. Overall i think the only thing that kept him from matching MJ’s offensive talent was his poor shot selection.

  21. Franz says:

    Since he rode on Shaq’s shoulders to 3 championship, he really needs 3 more rings to catch up to Jordan.

  22. sports fan says:

    Here’s Kobe’s best chance of getting one last ring with the Lakers next year – they need to keep Dwight & trade the rest of the team for young talent so they can keep up & compete with the rest of the league. Even if they don’t win a championship next year then at least this way Kobe can go out in a blaze of glory.

  23. sports fan says:

    It’s obvious that 17 seasons has taken its toll on Kobe’s body. He’s never had an injury that kept him out for a long time & he never took a break from the game, MJ broke his foot early in his career that took him out for a long time & he also retired two times before coming back each time. Plus, Kobe never played in college. When Reggie Miller was at the end of his career he didn’t mind coming off the bench, Kobe is still a starter at the end of his career. If Kobe retires after next season nobody can question him nor blame him for doing so.

  24. iNfAMOUS7070702 says:

    I just don’t see another superstar with the killer mentality that the black mamba possesses after he retires… the man is a true legend…that is why I believe he’ll stick around a little longer to catch Jordan with ring #6

  25. PistonsFan93 says:

    Kobe, Kobe, Kobe. As much as I respect his game, everyone knows he could play for like 7 more seasons. I mean look at what Mutumbo did. Dude was 43 before he finally hung up the towel. I just don’t see Kobe retiring after next season. He would be 36 years old. Come on now. It’s Kobe. He can honestly play like 7 or 8 more seasons, then he can retire. Look at Mutumbo, Jordan , and Brett Favre. They had longetivity. So can Kobe.

  26. Oz says:

    If Lakers do not win the title this year, Kobe will retire for sure. It does not matter if he still has a year left in his contract or not, he can retire if he wants to. Personally, I think it’s time to hang up his boots. Lakers need to rebuild, they need all young blood in their team and find the next Star Player to represent them. Stat wise, no one will ever be able to reach the amount of points as quickly as Michael Jordan, if Jordan did not retire those times, he would be number 1 on the all time scoring list, EASILY!!!

  27. i live in my country Argentina. I lived in Houston for five years an of course I was a big fan of the Rockets. Besides I root for the Spurs, because of Manu. However, i became a fan of NBA because of MJ. And now only KB makes me feel I wish to follow the NBA. I can not believe he has only one MVP. Ridiculous. Nash 2? And others that can not match Koby also have more than one. Only MJ match him. And maybe Magic Johnson has also that talent that makes me feel I wish to see games. Athletic players like the King is not talent. It is take advantage of his size and body. But talent, fantasy, is MJ, KB and Magic.

  28. awefna says:

    nobody in the history of the NBA had more hustle or will… it will be a sad, sad day when he retires. A once in a lifetime great

  29. kb24 says:

    do you guys even read the article? he’s not retiring this season, he’s debating whether or not to retire AFTER next season.

    “Is your sense that next season will be your last?”

    Do you guys see the NEXT???

  30. Antonio Perez says:

    they will remember you like the men
    who copy and stole Jordan game
    who invented identity theft
    Kobe you are good
    but good is not good enough
    to beat better or best
    i won’t miss you
    happy you disrespectful act is over

  31. Jeff says:

    After this season, Kobe will have the NBA record for most 1st Team All-NBA. (He already has the NBA record for most 1st Team All-Defense.) With that said, to hell with MJ and everyone else! This guy is the elite of the elite. Period.

  32. Dr. Dre says:

    Kobe, Paul Pierce, CP3, Joe Johnson, Carmelo Anthony
    J.R. Smith, Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Damian Lillard, Dirk Nowitzki,
    Vince Carter, James Harden, Monta Ellis are a few players that have something that
    your precious “king” doesn’t have. Its called clutch DNA, you either have it or don’t.

    Don’t go praising a guy for being a stat machine and crumbling under pressure (A huge majority of the time). If you (the media and bandwagon-ers) are going to declare someone so great and better than jordan, make sure its someone with
    the total package for ex. Kobe. He is a stat machine and can CLOSE games. So what lebron had his FEW clutch moments,
    the great ones DON’T shy away like he does…Being clutch has to be in your DNA, and lebron, sorry but your nearing 30..your prime will be over in a few years.

    FYI it took Jordan 15 years to get to 30,000 points, It took kobe 17 years, and it will prob take Lebron 17 as well. And to all those band wagoners, LEBRON started playing in the nba when he was 18 and jordan was 21 so please stop your petty ignorant declaration of lebron as being up there with Jordan and the greats.

    Im not a lebron hater, its just everyone (ignorantly) is declaring him so great BUT forget what jordan has done (statistically and clutch wise).

    If he ends up with up with one ring I am going to laugh simply because he declared himself as “king” when all of the other greats earned MULTIPLE rings.

    Now Kobe needs to stop telling the media that he loves lebron, because IF he were the true competitor that he says he is and we see, he will continue to play to prove to the media and the band wagoners who the real heir to the jordan throne is.

  33. kb8 says:

    atleast, kb didn’t come into the league puttin up a banner “king” when he WAS just a PROSPECT, unlike lbj. To all kobe haters, you people need to stop hating. I’m a big MJ fan, loved and respect what MJ has done for the game, and the MAIN REASON why I loved the game of basketball.There will never be another MJ, PERIOD. Kobe will never be MJ, LEBRON WILL NOT EVEN COME CLOSE TO being compared to MJ. It’s disrespectful to Jordan to be compared to either players, but it’s also DISRESPECTFUL to the game of basketball to NOT recognize the accomplishments that Kobe Bryant has done to the game.I witnessed his growth as a rookie back in 96 to the player he is now. and it’s been an amazing journey for mr. Bryant. Maybe, just maybe somedaY(highly doubt it though) LBJ ( which is the only other player being compared to Jordan) WILL DESERVE his self proclaimed nickname “KING”

    • Marac says:

      If the refs would call LBJ 10 traveling per game (thats his average), then he would average only 15 ppg.
      He is just a TRAIN, hard to stop when he starts to run, but thats just about it… not much brain.
      LBJ and the Heat are about to win another few titles, thats the fact, but theire game is boring.

  34. Seko Smith says:

    No way he’s gonna retire. He is the ULTIMATE competitor, that being said, i think he’s going to try to earn 1-2 more championships and climb the all time ladder in points and championships. With everyone (the media and bandwagon-ers) talking about how great lebron james is..im pretty sure kobe is tired of hearing all of that stuff, At 34 years young, kobe is averaging over 27pts a game. If he decides to play 4 more years, its a pretty safe bet that he’s going to average over the 20’s. Kobe should definitely keep playing to show the world why he’s the closest to jordan.

    • W/E says:

      Nope, hes not the closest thing to Jordan, Kobe fans gotta understand that the failed already, still waiting for the next MJ, case closed.

  35. W/E says:

    No big deal when Kobe retires.The next MJ has not arived yet. we r gunna have to wait i guess but hey at least we have Lebron James whos like the more athletic better scorer but not so creative next Magic Johnson.

  36. freekobe90 says:

    la needs kobe like gotham needed a hero.

  37. TruthHurts says:

    Its pretty clear most of you either didn’t read the article or have zero reading comprehension. Kobe, by his own words, is leaning toward retirement because the toll of keeping in game shape and dealing with injuries while aging is taking its toll. Plus he’s obviously contemplating the next phase of his life and wanting to spend more time with his family, which I thought he made pretty clear with his comment “…I’ll talk to my family…”. I understand you Kobe fans are saddened by his imminent retirement, and in your despair are trying to come up with all kinds of reasons why he won’t retire “…he won’t retire till he beats MJ for all-time scoring….if the Lakers build a good team around him he won’t retire…” etc. The fact is, the man has accomplished everything he wanted to and more in the NBA. Some records just aren’t going to be broken, and there’s no shame in that. I’m thinking, as is Kobe himself, that next season will be his last. It happens, get over it.

  38. NBA.COM will be sad says:

    It will be a relief. http://www.NBA.com is obsessed with the Lakers and Kobe Bryant – it will be nice to see them talk about others for once. And yeah, watch out for Steph Curry – he can shoot like no other in the NBA.

  39. Finally says:

    It is about time. All he wants to do is pad his stats. Move aside Kobe, the NBA now has Steph Curry. As for the MJ comparison, there is none. Kobe should not even be in the same sentence as Michael Jordan. Even if Kobe spends most of his time padding his stats and does somehow reach MJ, it would have taken him something like 4 or 5 more years of playing than MJ. Just no comparison people. MJ is the greatest of all time – deal with it.

    • jason0821 says:

      Steph curry will be one of the top best players just like Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and many more but ther’s only 1 legend for this era that is Lebron after Kobe.

  40. Yo Yo Yohansin says:

    Good Ridance….spolied brat born into privelage…18 year old got to team up with Shaq….cry like a brat…then play with Odom, Gasol etc….punk hates to lose…cuz he spent his entire life always getting the breaks…there are other flashy scorers with better charactor…we could live with out him.

  41. danito says:

    i feel kobe, he doesnt wonna play for anyother team, and he feels the lakers going no where right now. thats why he might call it quit. he doesnt wona spend the last few years of his career with a team that cant be competetive and he doest wonna go somewhere else, cuz its too late to start all over again. maybe newyork tho. kobe should go to newyork for amare and jr smith. him and melo can compete agaist the heat for sure

  42. The Truth says:

    Only way I see Kobe extending his contract is if the lakers can make it to the Finals next year and in order to do that they would need to trade gasol for another PF(K. Love since he is leaving T’Wolves anyways) and add 1-2 young guns who can fill the wings and play solid defense.

  43. One more year is all we ask.

  44. vina-pan_ng says:

    all i can do is to pray for kobe , t God speed

  45. NewCommentator says:

    @Kobe_8 I can’t agree with you more, that new commentator for the highlights on nba.com is f*ing horrible. He makes the highlights almost unbearable to watch! Please nba.com fire him quick! He is just garbage. God, why can’t they see it!

  46. Kb24 says:

    He earned the credit to do what he wants.
    Thank you Kobe, by one of your most die-hard fan.
    Thank you so much for all the raffinate moves, for the hard committment, for what you gave and are still giving ti this game.
    One of the rare monents ti say…
    Simply the best!

  47. sports fan says:

    Here’s the best chance for Kobe to get another championship with the Lakers – the Lakers should to keep Kobe & Dwight & trade the rest of the team. They could build a young & fast team around Kobe & Dwight so they could keep up & compete with the rest of the league. Even if the Lakers don’t win a championship next year, that would be the best way for Kobe to go out in a blaze of glory before he retires after next season.

  48. yo says:

    he will come to Spain, he´s very fan Leo Messi and FC. Barcelona

  49. Wilson says:

    kobe? retiring after this season! fat chance that’s happening! gotta hog that ball and keep scoring son!

  50. kb24 says:

    Kobe is the greatest player since Michael Jordan. People are always asking for the next MJ because when he left the sport there was nobody who could replace him. This is how it will be when Kobe leaves. Asking for the next Kobe Bryant.

    • ko0kie says:

      I don’t think so.. he will never have the same status as MJ. but you’re right in some years we will miss those great future hall of famers (Kobe, Duncan, Garnett, Nowitzki etc.)

  51. Comrade24 says:

    I think he will retire after next season, but I think he’ll pull a Jordan and end up missing the game too much, take a year off (maybe play soccer instead of baseball lol) and then returned to the game reenergized and ready to win some more titles and finish his career as the all time leading scorer.

  52. Uhhmmm says:

    Kobe still has one more year in his contract, so OF COURSE HE IS NOT RETIRING AFTER THIS SEASON. WHAT THE HELL!!?? And you guys call yourselves Kobe and Lakers fans….

  53. M1978 says:

    I think Kobe is facing a very difficult decision. The rest of the team is either too old or too bad. Nash will retire in the next season or maybe stay another, but he will get just slower and thats cruical in his position. Gasol’s career is descending he will never get back to the level he has played a couple of years ago. In my opinion he will have anther one or two seasons, maybe traded but worsening. Its the same case with Ron Artest. Howard is quite younger, but he will want to get traded soon. He certanly has not left Orlando to struggle to get in the playoffs, he left to be in team able to get the championship ring. So the team will slowly get older or get traded. Kobe would need an another good young player and 3 or 4 quality supporters like Artest just younger. Because of the salary cap the Lakers won’t get theese.. He has another choise leaving LA just to win another ring but I think thats not his style. In this case I would be happy to see him for example in the Bulls or Indiana…

  54. Jake says:

    i am more interested in nba because of kobe!!! he is a great basketball player and very entertaining too…. so…. pls don’t retire kobe… not now!

  55. the truth says:

    one of the greatest scorers of all time. not in top five greatest players of all time. big difference between the two.he cant get a team with allstars and hall HOFers into the playoffs.

    • JOHN says:

      Steve Nash is the only player on that Lakers roster who has a chance at the Hall of Fame. Dwight maybe but if he keeps playing like he did this season, there’s no chance he will. The Lakers are definitely not a team full of allstars and HOFers.

  56. jim dugger says:

    when kobe leave the game will be much better. Look at the player before him.The NBA did not miss a beat. good by ballhog.

  57. Ralph says:

    Kobe, you can talk all you want. I know you ain’t going nowhere until you score at least 1 point more than Mike. He is your motivation. So there, I

    • Game Time says:

      One more pt than Mike means nothing when you have one less ring, four less finals MVPS, four less MVPS, 8 less scoring titles, no DPOY. Not hating, but when people bring up Mike to Kobe it just doesn’t make sense because there is no comparison.

  58. Carver Clinton says:

    One of the greatest competitors of all times. I have seen them all (Oscar, Jerry, Wilt, Bill, MJ, Bird, Magic) and never have I seen a great player with such will and strength. Back in 2007, I was at the Pre-Olymics in Vegas. At 6 AM, there was Kobe (at the Wynn Hotel gym) working out with weights before games. Here’s a athlete who sets the gold standard for keeping his body ready for games and long NBA seasons. You gotta admire the man and give him his props even though I have never really been a fan……the league will not be same upon his retirement. My gut says 2016 will be his final year.

  59. Carver Clinton says:

    One of the greatest competitors of all times. I have seen them all (Oscar, Jerry, Wilt, Bill, MJ, Bird, Magic) and never have I seen a great player with such will and strength. Back in 2007, I was at the Pre-Olymics in Vegas. At 6 AM, there was Kobe (at the Wynn Hotel gym) working out with weights before games. Here’s a athlete who sets the gold standard for keeping his body ready for games and long NBA seasons. You gotta admire the man and give him his props even though I have never really been a fan……the league will not be same upon his retirement. My gut says 2016 will be his final year.

    • Game Time says:

      Pfft please. I’m not taking anything away from Kobe’s dedication to the game, but if you think he’s the only person that does that kind of thing you are sorely mistaken.

  60. julie says:

    Yes Kobe retiring will be a sad sad day for me and so many more millions of fans. This man has accomplished so much and played through some very difficult moments in his life and still comes out playing with all heart. I wish Kobe the best and he deserves nothing but praise for all hes brought the fans and viewers of the NBA. Sadly hes stuck on a team with a bunch of losers and people who don’t share the same winning attitude. I say if he stays then clear the whole Laker roster with players who want to win and give him that much cause hes brought the Laker organization rings and championships and made them plenty of money. As much as I love watching Kobe play and seeing his highlights I rather see him go out while he is still healthy enough to venture into other things in life. Kobe your are the best and number one player of this century and leave the fans with unbelievable history in the NBA. Thank you…………………….

  61. Patty says:

    It is my hope that Kobe will not retire. There is not another player on this planet that can take his place. We need Kobe Bryant and the city of Los Angeles needs Kobe Bryant.

  62. brandan says:



    • Joe Schmoe says:

      For the love of God, learn to use punctuation and forget where the cap a lock button is.

    • Lakers' fanboy says:

      is funny when people think readers would read their comment simply because this turn on their cap locks. it is really annoying. it is very hard to read when you have cap locks on for the entire thing. GO LAKERS btw.

  64. MGM says:

    All KOBE haters out there – if he retires after next season, even the haters will miss him. Bcoz he is generation-defining players who grace the game of basketball once in a few decades. Legends don’t come often. So, hate or not , Mr. Bryant has earned every single one of them. Go Kobe, Go Lakers

    • xx kaffka xx says:

      It’s 2013, Not 1983, the NBA is literally filled with allstars, superstars, and future stars. From kyrie Irving and John Wall, to guys like Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook! The NBA is crawling with talent so much that the deciding factor of becoming a star is wether or not your going to get the minutes to showcase what your capable of. People unfortunately base almost everything on someones stat sheet, but stats are tricky if you don’t know how to really read them. Look at Reggie Evans his rebounds per 48 minutes are the highest in the NBA usually but you never hear is name brought up in the top rebounding list even though he is possibly the best, but he gets few minutes so his numbers dont look that great. Kobe has put up serious minutes and produced serious results but it’s 2013 and lots of players in the NBA can do that. So it’s time to accept that we are in an era of over achievers and there will be a Kobe on every team instead of just the Lakers. And best player of all time………..lol Kobe isnt even a top five choice, he just doesnt have the size to be a top five overall best like wil chamberlain, lebron james, kevin Durant, Larry Bird, etc.. Even Michael jordan would be hard to put up here simply due to size constraints and limitations.

      • Mel says:

        Are you kidding me? This article is for Laker fan now go to your Miami Heat.. Lebron James? based on size…

      • Mel says:

        Basketball is not based on size.. it is Intelligence or how you read the the floor from defense to offense..

      • Belgium NBA fan says:

        You mister ,you have the smallest basketball IQ i have ever seen !!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Your comment is just ridiculous , actually it should be removed from NBA.COM, no they should just remove you !!!!!!

      • Damien says:

        MJ not even in the top 5 ?! Are we discussing baseball right now ?

      • John says:

        You started off okay talking about stats and whatnot. But when you say that Kobe isn’t even in the top five in all-time allstars and said that every team has a Kobe. You lost me. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone play with so much dedication as Kobe and play through God knows how many injuries. You also lost ALL credibility when you said MJ would be hard to put in the top five. That MAY be one of the most illogical and thoughtless statements ever made about the game of basketball.

  65. Big Al says:

    If Lakers management cannot form a decent enough team to help him get close to another ring, then it is likely that Kobe will retire after next season. He really needs teammates that can seriously help him in every game. It has to be worth it for him to say. There’s no doubt that he can still play decent basketball after 2014, but if he sees no improvement from this rather dismal campaign, then bye bye Black Mamba.

  66. KOBEEEEE says:

    nooooo. this article makes me sad 😦 Sad day in NBA when Kobe retires

  67. Stern H8r says:

    Nothing to decide….there is no future. Time for him to have MTV show off his crib and then be broke in 10 years.

    • JOHN says:

      You really think Kobe Bryant will be broke in 10 years? haha Have you ever heard him talk, watched him play basketball? Even though he went to college you can tell he could run a multi-million $ business or be a successful team owner.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      LOL. Kobe makes 60 million a year.. 30 from the Lakers, and 30 in endorsements. He was worth 150 mill and gave half to Vanessa. You are absolutely nuts if you think that. Kobe is pretty intelligent and I can guarantee he won’t go broke.

  68. AckWrite says:

    This is coming from a huge fan of #24, Kobe Bean Bryant, The Black Mamba. I honestly think it may be time too hang it up. I’m not saying he can’t do it anymore, because he obviously can still do it but you’ve got to face father time eventually. He almost isn’t healing at all he’s just playing through every injury, he has to play almost all of every game just for the Lakers to stay competitive. It feels blasphemous to say this but I think he’s done enough. When you play long Seasons as he’s done you miss out on time with your family especially when you spend your days getting treatment all the time to make sure you can play and then spend your nights giving everything out on the floor. All the commitment it takes to stay at the top of your game. I’m not trying to rush him and I’ll be heart broken when someone who gave so much to the game finally calls it quits, but when he does I’ll be happy for him, if anyone deserves it, he does. God Bless #24.

  69. dandy says:

    yeah, with the current roster of the lakers, they would not make it in play-off. They need to rebuild the team immediately…It takes 2 years to rebuild the team to enough potential. Take the risk to trade players to a better cost. Support kobe bryant for the remaining years of its golden carer. He still have enough breathing room. he only needs right person on his side and enough quality bench on the team.

    • Pierre says:

      Are you smoking crack? The Lakers starting 5 (most talented starting 5 in NBA) has only been on the court together this year 5 times…5 times…if these guys were 100% healthy at the beginning of the season we wouldnt be talking about fighting for 8th but Lakers fighting for the best record in NBA.

  70. an era has almost come to end (kobe bryant) being my favorite player I hope he gets another ring

  71. kobe_8 says:

    this has nothing to do with the topic but still: dear nba.com guys the new guy whos commenting the highlights is so lame. he cant read the names right, hes boring and trys way too hard to be cool. please dont let him comment any highlights anymore.it makes it so hard to watch / listen to them.

  72. Willy says:

    I was thinking he might call it quits now, especially if they don’t make the playoffs. He has made some tired and commitment comments this year that make you think. Again, if he can’t win a title next year it will be even harder on him. The farewell tour? That is going to be a tough one on Kobe and the team. Time for a complete makeover for the Lakers. No Dwight, no Nash next year, Metta gone, Pau who knows? New Coach as well? It’s not going to be a good season for the Lakers, get it over with now.

  73. imfrenchandiknowit says:

    My guess is that if the lakers cannot qualify for the playoff, this may be kobe’s last season given the competitive nature of the man.

    • Uhhmmm says:

      Yeah, there’s no way Kobe will retire after this season, BECAUSE HE STILL HAS ONE MORE YEAR IN HIS CONTRACT!!

      • Lakers' fanboy says:

        kobe has the right to buy out btw. his contract isnt like the other people’s contract. he has a right to deny a trade if he doesnt want to be in that one team or he has a right to buy out if he likes to. all he has to do is to pay for that amount simply because he is rich enough to do so.

        im standing by kobe no matter what he does at the end of this season or next season. following him no matter what.
        i would like to see him play. after all he is the Vino, blackmamba.

  74. Jonesy37 says:

    Since MJ retired (the second time), Kobe has been the one constant in the NBA – always at the one team, always in the hunt for the title, always in the highlight reels, always in the top scorers. 18 years and counting. Please don’t retire.

  75. Raja Bell And tracy mcgrady and gilbert arenas

  76. Chris says:

    I’m only 26, and I feel old knowing Kobe is about to retire. I was just a kid when he came into the league, I watched him get those three-peats, that rape trial, the historical return of the celtics-lakers rivalry and now he’s about ready to call it quits? Probably how my cousins will feel when Lebron retires. Great run Kobe, basketball won’t be the same once guys like him, Duncan, Nash and Garnett are gone

  77. mart says:

    and somebody is saying he isn`t the best, peoples it`s time to wake up

    • Game Time says:

      He’s the best at what exactly? Best overall, I think not. Best disciplined and dedication, I would say yes. Kobe’s great, and has a lot of competitiveness in him. That’s all this article is about and that doesn’t make him the best.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      What people fail to realize about Kobe is the longetivity of his career performing at such a high level. You just don’t see players, guards in fact, performing at this level some guys don’t ever peak at for as long as he has. What seperates him from good and great is his mental approach to the game. It is all mental, and when you beat mental? That is pretty good. 17 years in the league and he played all but 23 seconds in a game after being diagnosed with a bone spur. What does that say about him? Why can’t people just appreciate what we are being given. This man is LITERALLY giving us the fans everything he has. I wish people could appreciate these performances because there aren’t that many more. I believe Kobe when he says he is retiring, because he wants to leave being talkied about how good he was, not those seasons that ever dipped down.

  78. Eh says:

    There’s no way Kobe is going to retire after this season.

    Gotta keep padding those stats and climbing that all time scorers list.

    Himself > Lakers