Shots Fired, Now Get Off LeBron’s Back


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — LeBron James, a whiner?

The man wins 27 consecutive games to propel the Miami Heat to the second-longest streak in NBA history, he finally losses for the first time since the Super Bowl and everyone jumps on the game’s most dominating force for complaining that refs should have been more liberal in calling the Chicago Bulls for flagrant fouls?

Right because in the NBA, no one does that.

Get real.

Here’s a refresher as to what LeBron said after the Heat’s streak-ending, 101-97 defeat in Chicago:

“Let me calculate my thoughts real fast before I say [what I want to say],” James said after the game. “I believe and I know that a lot of my fouls are not basketball plays. First of all, Kirk Hinrich in the first quarter basically grabbed me with two hands and brought me to the ground. The last one, Taj Gibson was able to collar me around my shoulder and bring me to the ground. Those are not defensive … those are not basketball plays.

“I’m not sitting here crying about anything,” said James. “I play the game at a high level, I play with a lot of aggression, I understand that some of the plays are on the borderline of a basketball play or not. But sometimes, you know? I don’t know … it’s frustrating.”

For some reason, perhaps boredom, Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge provided his two cents on LeBron’s ref rant, calling it “embarrassing.”

“I think the referees got the calls right. I don’t think it was a hard foul,” Ainge said on WEEI Radio on Thursday. “I think the one involving LeBron against [Carlos] Boozer, that was flagrant. I think the officials got it right. “I think that it’s almost embarrassing that LeBron would complain about officiating.”

We’re kind of wondering how Ainge might describe his team’s recent choke job on their home floor against the Heat and the losing skid that ensued.

At least Bulls forward Taj Gibson was an active participant in the actual game. He, too, went on the radio to express dismay that a frustrated LeBron would question the officiating.

Gibson’s response on ESPN 1000 in Chicago:

“I think he’s too good of a player to do that [complain]. You just play, two teams really going out there and play hard, going to the basket extremely hard and physical. … I didn’t try to collar him. I just fouled him. It wasn’t intentionally. I just tried to make a play on the ball, but I fouled him. When he fell, it looked like I collared him. I was really trying to grab him, just not hold him up. Nobody was intentionally trying to hurt anybody out there. When he said those comments, I was really shocked. But it’s part of the game, I guess.”

Shocking is the unnecessary negative jabs generated by LeBron’s comments after an intense and meaningful game which followed nearly two months of blowout wins, amazing performances and remarkable comebacks. And the Heat did this the last couple of weeks while being trailed by a national media horde.

Amazing the tiny cracks that opportunists will squirm through to get in their shots. During Miami’s 27-game win streak, LeBron averaged 27.0 ppg, 8.0 apg and 8.1 rpg. He shot 57.5 percent overall and 37.4 percent from 3-point range. He had 50 steals and 25 blocks, and was a whopping plus-344 — say that last one again, plus-344.

So thank you, Mr. Ainge and you too, Mr. Gibson, for your concern over LeBron’s foul frustrations, warranted or not.

Ainge might want to implore his battered club to stay out of that eight-hole or watch LeBron complain his way to a methodical sweep of his Celtics. As for Gibson, far more shocking than LeBron’s comments are his mostly stagnant season statistics — 7.9 ppg, 5.5 rpg and 68.7 percent from the free throw line — with that nice, little pay raise kicking in next season, and over the next four.

Then again, haters apparently will hate.



  1. @ Oldboii-i totally agree w/ you because KG is the beast of all beast & never whines about anything-that’s the way he’s always played-like a REEEAL MAN-for a lil extra note!

  2. All Ainge did was tell the truth & call out lebron on his sissyness!-period! As far as the article title-lmao-shots fired-time to reload for playoffs & stay on anybodies back!

  3. Heat champions 2013 says:

    Pat Raley said to Ainge mind your own bussiness with your team and shut up.Boston and Celtics will not survive this year.Keep hating the best player in the NBA.

  4. tanibanana says:

    and the east playoff just add the needed flavor.. thanks to Riley and Ainge.
    I just wonder if Bulls & Celtics make it through the first round.. hahaha

  5. Oldboii says:

    Her is the HEAT vs Garnett. Notice he does not complain. There is no flagrant foul (and it is worse than Gibson’s). Big Kev just gets up and gets on with it. LeBron take note. There are other stars out there who get hit hard (and by your team) and don’t whine about it.

  6. Heat fan says:

    it’s obvious that Jeff Caplan was the one who is whining.
    yeah right, haters gonna hate but fans gonna love his idol.
    you’re bias.

    I think Lebron whined because he was knocked down by much lighter players
    or maybe because he was unable to do it on Boozer.


  7. This bruno from BORAT says:

    As for the buuls fan/Heat Haters… Bulls will play on HEAT’s home… make sure they bring extra crouches/casket… I smell blood… Don’t forget The HEAT Never Back Down… They will destroy your bulls with their own game… That’s why Juwan Howard brought back in the HEAT line up… He will take down 1 of your bulls leader…(DENG) Heat may lose howard but so does Deng… W/out deng your bulls ain’t going nowhere… Too bad rose ain’t playing he is more valuable…..

  8. Michael says:

    I think thats funny that someone wrote that Jordan or Magic never complained about calls you gotta be kidding me you obviously never watched basketball cause Magic used to complain about the refs all the time and so did Jordan so your completely wrong about that. Jordan had bodyguards on his team that would destroy you down the court if you touched Jordan.. Lebron has never had that protection like all the greats do in every sport just like wayne gretzky had in hockey so you are dead wrong

  9. This bruno from BORAT says:

    @ash13 First off all you are a hater, your comments are invalid… 2nd… Lebron Didn’t complain about the officiating, The bulls literally trying to hurt Lebron… Getting fouled 4 times resulting only to a normal call… What about the rules??? excessive fouls…. So I guess the officials really forget that… 3rd Lebron did play ball… He plays basketball but his defenders play RUGBY,FOOTBALL,WRESTLING… Maybe If you we’re Lebron or just put yourself in his place, while playing basketball, you suddenly get hit like a UFC on your head, How would you feel???? 4th You should tell Gibson,Kirk Hinrich to go pro UFC,RUBGY,WRESTLING or FOOTBALL… Because their defensive tactics are comparable to that…

  10. dwade3 says:

    all haters, if you do play the basketball, you know the frustrations when you know you’re being fouled hard then calling it normal fouls. just put yourselves in the situation and we’ll see if you don’t comment on the hard fouls you had receive…

  11. ash13 says:

    play ball lebron.. if you dont wanna get chess is a physical game any complaint..

  12. JKLK says:

    i have read all your comments and i respect each other’s own opinion regarding the matter, but seriosly… (oh man!) u can’t do anything about that it is how it is, so let’s juzt watch NBA and move on. Ur not getting anywhere just by hating players, ur just fueling their desire.. Just listen on Coach Doc Rivers about Lebron and maybe we can watch a good basketball game. #nuffsaid…

  13. genesy2013 says:

    Playing physical basketball does not include football plays; the Bulls had decided they couldn’t play solid basketball defense the right way, so they pulled out the NFL or MMA defense (Take him down) I just know when someone like Lebron James and other creative players are going to the rim with the basketball with full power and explosive force it is very unsafe to attack their body and not of the ball. When players play the body and not the ball; it creates a mental blockage in their opponent; because their opponent knows the team has agreed to stop the body and not the ball; certainly, playing this type of basketball will put fear in the opponent; great elite players like (Derrick Rose, Kobe, and Lebron James) fear injuries. A lot of times these high explosive players get hurt because mentally they are tense and not focus and this cause’s immediate stress on the joints, ligaments, and tendons .This actually weaken the physical body and muscles which cause serious injuries to these players. So playing solid defense is the best way to play the game.

  14. genesy2013 says:

    Playing physical basketball does not include football plays; the Bulls had decided they couldn’t play solid basketball defense the right way, so they pulled out the NFL or MMA defense (Take him down) I just know when someone like Lebron James and other creative players are going to the rim with the basketball with full power and explosive force it is very unsafe to attack their body and not the ball. When players play the body and not the ball; it creates a mental blockage in their opponent; because their opponent knows the team has agreed to stop the body and not the ball; certainly, playing this type of basketball will put fear in the opponent; great elite players like (Derrick Rose, Kobe, and Lebron James) fear injuries. A lot of times these high explosive players get hurt because mentally they are tense and not focus and this cause’s immediate stress on the joints, ligaments, and tendons .This actually weaken the physical body and muscles which cause serious injuries to these players. So playing solid defense is the best way to play the game.

  15. Realistically says:

    Maybe some of you aren’t listening to the same video I am. I heard a man that is sick of being fouled, outside of what is called basketball plays… I understand some of you all never played basketball and do not understand that its a game. Grabbing some one is not part of a basketball play. It takes a toll on you physically as a player and when you mention something its whining… Sometimes i can’t believe what i read and how bias some people are.. SMFH, but its America!!!

  16. can thought says:

    The best thing to do here is fire Jeff Caplan as his writings deserve to be published in smuts.

  17. TalksLogic says:

    Lebron is the face of the NBA at this point. He is the best player in the league. He gets away with some things, but not as much as people like to chalk up to conspiracies (players get away with things a lot).

    But him outright complaining, in detail mind you, about a couple of fouls shouldn’t garner him some criticism? Of course he deserves every bit that he got in this instance. It’s not becoming of someone of his stature to complain at all. Teams will and have to foul when they realize they are at a disadvantage, and at times those fouls will both be accidentally and intentionally flagrant. This is not only a game, it’s a career, and if you don’t do everything in your power to win (short of intentional injury) then you’re not doing your job. The Bulls DID their job, for the money they earn and for the fans who support them both emotionally and financially.

    One last note: Lebron started this, and criticizing a Bulls player for simply responding is ridiculous.

  18. blaz says:

    I think most of people here talking about physical bball (this game by Chicago and for example in ’80 or ’90) do not realise one thing. No basketball player is more responsible for the game than LeBron is today. So he has to behave, because he is watched by whole world, every night. He could have done, what Gibson did (what praisers of the “physical” game suggest) and be “as physical as Chicago players were”…
    He could have thrown some shots to the heads, as Gibson did. And being such a big guy he could have made some damage. But would it really be the right thing to do?
    If he decided to “go physical” the Gibson’s style you all, calling LeBron whiner, would be here, shouting that he feels such a star that he thinks he can hit anyone without consequences.
    Gibson did say it was “just a foul” but come on, it was no ordinary foul. He was just trying to hit Lebron’s head.
    I was watching the game with my 7 year old son, and I was hoping LeBron would not “go physical” and started to exchange throws with some minor player. He is not Ron Artest for God’s sake…
    USA faces European bball these days, and the game has changed. And flagrant fouls have to be called for me and my son, to watch pure basketball not some bullies hitting their heads.
    And Danny Ainge – come on! – he was a whiner of his time. Always fouling and being shocked that they didn’t let him….

  19. Demetrius says:

    Ok, you cannot be any more biased than this guy. Lebron is in fact a whiner because neither one of those fouls were flagrant. The kirk foul we witnessed Lebron bulldoze his way into Kirk like an NFL running back. Kirk simply did what he needed to do to keep Lebron from getting easy point, and he still ended up gettin free throws out of it. Taj Gibson’s foul was just a good hard foul. Nothing intentional; the only reason it looked as bad as it did is because Lebron’s momentum carrying him forward made it seem that way. Lets talk about Lebron’s obvious intentional foul on Carlos Boozer which was called a flagrant… there is no doubt lebron meant to do it, the look on his face, shoulders ready. Frustration may have played a part in it but was it not a flagrant foul? Clearly the guy who wrote this article wont own up to that fact, he just wants to come to the aid of 6’8 250 pound Lebron James who cant take a loss well. Let it go and keep moving, Lebron of all people, knowing that not many (if any) people in the NBA can stop him when he gets in the paint should expect some good hard fouls.

  20. Oldboii says:

    Here is the Gibson foul once again for all you doubters. When you watch the slow mo you may notice that Gibson once in the air, clearly goes for the ball (and maybe even gets a touch on it). No way it was a flagrant! Even the commentators say it isn’t on the replays.

  21. BMW says:

    A positive article on THE GREAT LEBRON and the haters are calling for an editor to change the BLOG writer’s words. Amazing. Have something censored that you don’t agree with, however, in the same breath, you want to be allowed to complain about KING JAMES’ words that you find disagreeable. Amazingly ignorant, couch-potato haters.

  22. 54TONE says:

    matter of fact they wouldn’t have beat boston in the eastern finals last year without calls in their favor.

    the Indiana series before that was a joke as well.

  23. 54TONE says:

    LeBron is a crybaby.

    every game they get plenty of bs calls in their favor.

  24. MJ>BlackMamba>durant>melo>lebrick says:

    ill leave it like this…lebron never gets called for fouls…better yet traveling. he is a notorious traveler and refs never call anything. that foul on hinrich was an offensive foul more than anything. lebron is always lowering that shoulder to everyone just to get by. this is his only way of scoring and he gets away with it. shaq was famous for lowering his shoulder on shorter players and constantly got called for it when he was in the post. lebron needs to man up. after watching last years playoffs against the knicks i lost all respect for this team since he won. top 7 floppers in the league are on this team.
    only man on this team is ray allen.

  25. blair56 says:

    Sorry. Not going to stop hating on the Heat. It’s fun to hate them.

  26. lynnette lewis says:

    I noted everyone was on the bandwagon over Lebron’s complaint of the game against the Bulls. could it be cause he lost? I have seen numerous games of Lebron where he played overly aggressive and no one commented on it especially him. I saw him live when he first came to the Nba and he knocked a player across the court ok? Now he is concerned over “basketball plays”? Baby boy ya got beat at your own game ok? I didn’t see the game till the next day and I saw Lebron cause the so called fouls ok? He bullied his way into the hoop and then complained that all the stuff was others? The only play I saw that I didn’t think he started was the wrap up of Hinrich and I recall several commentators saying stop them from making the shot make them earn it at the line. Now cause baby boy is whining you have changed your opinion? This is why Lebron is not a star ok? He is an attraction. when his career ends so will the interest in him ok? Unlike Jordan Lebron. learn that if you dish it out to take it. Stop playing bully ball and start playing basketball and there will be no critics ok? Just idiots who will call you a wimp for actually playing the game. And if you can’t stand up to them then ya ain’t worth it ok? It is players like you who stop real ballers from coming to the Nba ok? They figure it is a game of skill and then find out that it is a game of who can beat up who better. You are right they are not basketball plays in some cases but as I said you started it. Mind you as I also said you did the actions that you felt should have caused the officials to step up to defend you thru in the Bulls game. Play some basketball and get some of your respect back cause I for one do not like the bull you spew. I told you before to play bball not bully ball before. And guys dream on about that being the way to play. You all saw the Detroit fights and other fights in the past in game due to over aggressive play ok? the Nba does not know how to handle it either cause depending on who the player is tells you who gets disciplined for their actions so you need to police yourselves. Have some self respect.

  27. David says:

    Ridiculous, that’s the word… to describe this article I mean, Nothing to say against LeBron on this. I think he’s not right (LeBron) but I don’t see any reason to attack him. He was frustrated, maybe still in the heat of the game… lots of players say things like that, it’s not a big deal. I think Gibson’s foul is that, a foul and the flagrant of LeBron think is because it was some kind of retaliation foul, as it seemed in the game based on his reactions and the way to do it. Anyway, I still saying I totally understand LeBron’s words despite the fact that I don’t see it in the same way.
    But, this article… this article is stupid, seriously. Just fanatic words based on the theory of “you are worse”, using the attack to other people to defend his idol LeBron (again, not blaming LeBron but J. Caplan).

  28. LS says:

    Restore the integrity of this website by removing the poll to vote on who agrees with LeBron/Ainge/Taj! I would be interested in knowing how many of the people who voted actually SAW the game.

    After all is said and done, ALL players have to live with the officials’ rulings – like them or not, right or not. LeBron was obviously frustrated during and after the game (and should have been) because the Bulls gave him and the Heat what they normally dish-out. He just couldn’t take it and had to cry out it!

    This is supposed to be a website for NBA fans – not LeBron-Heat fans. The game is over, the Bulls won, move on!

  29. KIwi says:

    I find it funny how everybody trash talks LeBron, fact is, the Heat went on a 27 game win streak, the last time any other team had a winstreak like that was the Lakers (40+ years ago), then people say ohh, they had an easy schedule, lots of key players of other teams were injured, I dont see any other team that has a chance at winning the championship,and im a nuggets fan, i admit to this, i have made jokes about Lebons hairline, wanna know why, because we cant criticize his game, he plays that well that we have to resort to insulting his physical appearance, dont say its not true to all the other haters cos we all know it is, #NuggetsFTW

    • lynnette lewis says:

      The winning streak is bogus had u watched game 18 or 18 ya saw an uncalled travel yet it was replayed numerous times

      • KIwi says:

        even still, if any other team had made it to such a win streak then everybody would point out anything the refs missed, anyway it hurts me to say this but it doesnt matter, they are going to win the championship anyway,no other team is on there level right now, including my nuggets 😦

  30. Jamaicaskully says:

    wow! I don’t think Lebron can ever do anything right for some people and if you hate the guy so much why do u spend so much time watching him..JORDAN,KOBE,MAJIC,Byrd have all complained about officiating or guys playing dirty…Every players have to protect themselves and many players have had short careers due to injuries. If it was some other player made the comments Lebron made they wouldnt have gotten so many battering, so it just goes to show that people are just hating guy for everything he do rather than being realistic…You all just need to get a life and stop nit picking everything the guy does or says, just grow up…Be real NBA fans and stop being biased.

  31. NIC says:


  32. drasaad1 says:

    what a lot of you fail to realize is that in places like Boston and Chicago the refs often fall under the control of the fans an don’t make the correct calls they should of so its understandable for Lebron to get a little upset

  33. Chance Q. Cook says:

    First of all, Ainge didn’t randomly come out to comment, he was asked in his weekly interview. Second of all, what does the Miami Heat’s comeback win over Boston have to do with LeBron bitching about calls? Who hired the mutt that wrote this article? This is terrible commentary and terrible journalism.

  34. This article is nothing more than subjective BS. The reason Ainge thought LeBron’s comments were ridiculous is that he’s the league superstar and thus gets superstar calls (most of the time). During the one game where there might be something to LeBron’s criticism of the refs, he should keep his mouth shut and be thankful that the refs usually call in favor of him, even when they’re wrong. The fact that Pat Riley wen’t berserk over Ainge’s comments also show how sensitive the topic is to the Heat in general.

    The most ridiculous part is that LeBron probably won’t get fined for his comments, but if the average player said something like that, they’d be fined in a heartbeat. That said, I absolutely love LeBron as a player, even though I’m a Celtics fan.

  35. JeremyLin says:



  36. Tim says:

    Did anyone watch basketball prior to 2000? Today’s flagrant 2 is ‘2 shots’ back in the 80’s. LeBron’s being a sook. See late 80’s what the Pistons did to the Bulls… c’mon people

  37. Jeff Caplan Lose some Love to get some Perspective says:

    I’m not a Lebron Hater. I don’t like him, but I respect him. He’s a force of nature on the basketball court. That said, I think the writer of this article has fallen excessively in love with Lebron James. Needless to say, he’s the most important player of the Heat but he’s not the only important one. I quote the first sentence of this article: “The man wins 27 consecutive games to propel the Miami Heat to the second-longest streak in NBA history […]”. Just by looking at that I knew this would be a completely byased piece. I do not like the references to a sweep on the Celtics. When they can (if injuries, age and mindset allows them to do it) they play at a really good level, specially against Miami.

    Lebron James is a fast, tough, agressive player. Only a handful of players can stop Lebron James head on or take a full frontal collision. An agressive foul, like the one Taj Gibson gave him, is just whats necessary to stop him, it wasn’t intentional nor that violent. Lebron is a physical player, he attempted a head on move to the basket, it is a physical play!

    I say he has no reason to even say what he said after trying to ram Carlos Boozer (but looked rather soft instead). That was flagrant because it was intentional and plain-old bad looking. But I thought: “ok, he did it because he was mad”. In the Postgame intervies he should have said something like “It’s a physical game, specially this one with our streak on the line” or “It was rather hard, but that’s the game” Nope, he decided to complain…

    What about the dunk Lebron did on Jason Terry, the one that ranked #1 in the Top 10 plays of the 27 games streak? That wasn’t tough… I don’t mind that he’s so explosive at the rim, that’s awesome, but after the dunk he taunts Jason Terry! There’s no problem with taunting, if you dunk on Dwigth Howard, Roy Hibbert or even a regular size SF. But Jason Terry is a 6’2”, 170 pounds, guard! Who tried. rather bravely, to stop the play. Lebron didn’t even check if Terry was ok… I don’t see Terry getting an article or complaining about it.

    Or what about the unnecessarily violent foul Matt Barnes did on Tim Duncan in yesterday’s LAC vs SAS match up? Where he pushed him and threw him to the ground. Duncan wasn’t even attempting to score. That was flagrant 2! And no call was made. I don’t see Duncan or Popovich complaining or anyone yapping about it.

    You know that’s the kind of things Lebron needs to grow out from. His game has matured (a lot!) but his personality hasn’t. He still let’s the media stir him wherever they want. He pays too much attention to them. We all know they are plain old vultures. (Caplan knows what I’m talking about)

    All That being said, I’m confident that there are a few teams, that at least wiil provide the right battle to the Heat. In the east, Indiana, Boston and, maybe, the Knicks. In the west, San Antonio, Memphis or OKC. I’d love to say the Lakers (I think if they get there, they wouldn’t miss the chance. The problem is to get there), but I know that’s asking too much.

    Now Caplan you should be ashamed of yourself, you are using the NBA’s portal to scream your love at LBJ. I think your article was anything but objective, has little to no purpose and it’s just creating hipe. You don’t need to make every drunk conversation you have with some stranger in a bar into an article. This one is the proof of that. I think you should sincerely lose some love to gain some real perspective on the game. Remember that on the team Lebron plays in there are other two big stars (Bosh was overrated now he’s underrated), a former all-star and some very good players. Shame on you, Caplan, shame!

    Doesn’t have an editor? Is it Caplan? Nobody reads the articles this guy writes before they upload them? He’s too opinionated… God!

  38. noel says:

    I think the one who wrote this article is really a lebron fanboy..hehe
    The celtics and the bulls will never get swept by the heat even if they have all the prime stars in the league. They will make it hard for the heat to win given their superstars are currently not on their team.
    Too bad other teams are not whining about the obvoius priviledge of the heat when it comes to officiating.. lebron can go charging on anyone and overpower anyone because no calls will be whistled.They should create a new rule just like the restricted area they made to lessen shaq’s dominance in the paint. the new rules on flopping is only helping lebron “the Bull” james to charge on anyone he likes and get away with it..

  39. AJ Mills says:

    Biased article? Come on, people, it’s an opinion piece. You can agree or disagree, but don’t complain about Caplan’s lack of objectivity because that’s just not the kind of writing this is.

  40. xaiz says:

    leBron is the cr7 of basketball, guys cant deal with him, so they try to take him down, physical and emotional, everything he does isnt enought.
    believe me, he is going to make a run to that ‘ best of all time title ‘ of MJ


  41. Just a nba fan says:

    Lebron James is the obvious MVP this year, he has worked hard to get where he is, he has the right to an opinion, but because people out there hate because he went to Miami they think he should not complain, I bet you that if a well liked player like Dwight Howard or Carmello Anthony, Jason Kidd were to critisize some calls from a game they were in, nobody would say anything but because its Lebron Bam they are all over him. Leave him alone, hes a great player whose just playing the game

  42. Nate oNe says:

    Lmao @ James complaining about the game being physical. Yet he’s suppose to be the “best ever”. He will never be the greatest. He’s soft like a baby bottom. He has no heart no fight in him for a will to win. Its not just him. These athletes now are soft. No will in them no fight no heart. Back than before 2000 athletes had the heart fight to win. Physical games EVERY day. Now these athletes just want to be in the spot light for fame and money and they want wins handed to them. They get a sprain on they’re pinky and they want to sit out. Back than you take a little break you lose. Now you sit out a half season and still get in the playoffs and win. Lol A joke. That game Heat had 3 superstars playing, Bulls 0 superstar playing. My Bulls won. What a joke. Than you have Lakers with 3 superstars barely holding on to the 8th spot. I will just throw out a name Grizzlies with no superstar looking like the best from the west. Lmao sports now a days are washed up and are jokes.S**t the WNBA plays more tougher with heart than these weak a** NBA players. James needs to man up grow fing balls. Back than it was fun to watch sports. Now its so damn washed up with overrated players with media and fans praising them the “best” before they even step a foot to play. This goes to all sports. A damn shame. Weak soft overrated players. Pffffftttttttt!

  43. Warriors13 says:

    Jeff Caplan. LeBron fangirl.

    Posting Taj’s (a ROLE player) stats and then posting LeBron’s stats (the reason why 95% people people in the world watch basketball (see: bandwagoning) is pathetic. LeBron is a great player, not taking that away from him, but good players just play.

    This whole article is beyond pathetic.

    Sekou, find some better unbiased writers.

  44. Juan says:

    Lebron was just upset because his foul was called a flagrant right after Gibson’s hard foul wasn’t. I do not believe that Taj Gibson’s foul on Lebron should have been a flagrant, but Lebron’s foul on Boozer shouldn’t have either. Everyone says that Lebron should stop whining about being fouled because the NBA is a ‘physical’ sport. Since its such a ‘physical’ sport, I don’t get why Lebron’s foul against Boozer was called a Flagrant 1. He had bad intentions by hitting Boozer, but so did Gibson by hitting Lebron. And Gibson’s foul on Lebron was much harder than Lebron’s foul on Boozer.
    Bulls and Celtics fans leaving their comments are just glad that Miami has lost their streak. Its the one thing that makes them happy because their team’s performances certainly don’t.

  45. Kal says:

    well, this story sure hit a nerve.

    some bottom lines for me at the end of the day:

    1) LeBron is one of the greatest of the greatest players ever, you gotta be crazy to not see that and the real haters are those who don’t acknowledge that much. MJ comparisons are never a good idea but Bron is up there and The Heat are arguably a head and shoulders a better roster than any others in the league this season. (San Antonio maybe has a shot.) and LeBron accounts for 50% of that dominance and should be named M.V.P. he had another historic season. he is a winner.

    2) LeBron is a whiner, too. it’s not just here. when a reporter said to him that Larry Bird would take Kobe over him, he first said well that’s obvious because Kobe has more rings — good reply — but then he went on this rant about how he is an easy target and everybody blames LeBron for everything and blah blah blah but, he adds at the end, it doesn’t get to me. methinks he doth protest too much. …and he whined earlier this year about being underpaid. financially speaking, he is right of course, he traded bigtime money for winning and he is the best deal in sports. common sense wise, give me a god damned break King James, you are still on top of the world… and whining about it to the whole world when you go talking to the media… again… and now we have the hard fouls some feel should be flagrants… it’s one thing to say they should be flagrants, but to frame the conversation as “not basketball plays” is feeding the flames of a much bigger controversy — the history of the “cleaning up” of the league. Larry Bird sums up my thoughts on the pros and cons here:

    AND THAT is what people are responding to. it’s not just about LeBron, it’s not even saying LeBron is soft — he isn’t — but it is a groan about how touchy the league is these days.

    3) exceptions to the rule: Kobe Bryant earlier this season, the foot under his shot. that is a documented-as-dangerous play, even in the 80’s, it simply has to be called. and the NBA backed him up. why hasn’t the league rescued LeBron yet? maybe they feel the clothesline was just a plain old hard foul. a nasty play but this is a nasty league sometimes. LeBron should know, a few weeks after dunking hard all over Jason Terry, and see these fouls as a compliment. this is how desperate teams are to find ways to stop him. in other words, they can’t so they have to wrap him up. being upset about it is one thing but looking for the refs to not just save you with a foul but give you the flagrant on top seems like looking for literally everything in the league to go your way. …whiny…

    4) this idea that the league suddenly spun and did a 360, turning on LeBron after 27 wins, or whatever Caplan was trying to say with that remark, or that only “The Heat Haters” are saying LeBron is whining… it’s b.s. those who do hate The Heat and LeBron, it wasn’t just overnight. those who say he whines, not all of them hate The Heat or LeBron, one does not equal two… i for one hope LeBron continues to have a wonderful career and rises above fouls and isn’t injured ever and i believe The Heat will win again this year and i enjoy his highlights and i understand he was angered and the media blows words into something more than they were at the time and the planet is dying of global warming while we sit here arguing about whether or not we’re cool with LeBron… are hard fouls part of the game or not, that’s the reality.

  46. Mhelthegreat06 says:

    People who talks trash about LeBron stating his feelings about officiating needs to educate themselves about the game of basketball by spending plenty of time playing the game, (not just watching it or gathering information in the internet so they may sound that they know what they’re talking about), and closely review the issue and use their best judgment before saying anything. Athletes know the game really well, LeBron loves it and is giving his all to entertain everyone and if someone tries to harm him, it’ll be so clear to him as a sunrise and people needs to shut their effing mouth if they don’t have any reasonable things to say.

  47. Scott says:


  48. cry your birds out haters, trolls like all of you is the real loser, get a life people.. be productive

  49. jimbo222 says:

    Bulls and Celtics… I hope you do face the Heat in the playoffs. Bring your type of physical plays, trash talking, angel-faces-after-a-hardball-sequence coz it won’t mean much after the whoopin you’ll get from the Heat!

  50. Kamote says:

    I’m sure if Cuban made these statements after the game (or even other non-diva players), they’d be fined by stern. But yeah of course, LBJ can whine anytime he wants.

  51. Kevin says:

    Jeff Caplan is a Lebron James bandwagoner. Seriously? You that hurt your daddy Lebron got hurt? oh poor you. Shut up your mouth you don’t deserve writing these stuffs

  52. Kevin says:

    2 words. Cry Baby! Jordan went through all of this and didn’t even whine like this. Bulls was just doing the right thing,

  53. me says:

    come on man, let the man be, i think the heat were just frustrated after the long streak. and if the haters think they can change lebron’s focus, man they’re in for a very rude awakening. the man is on a mission and that scares me because im a spurs fan. i wish these dumbheads just shut up and focus on how to make their team win in the playoffs.

  54. BigD17 says:

    My post didn’t get put on here, I see! Why does LeBron get to complain about the reffing and not get fined? Anyone else (that are not Stern’s superstars) would be fined for what was said. Special treatment, I think so! Now Riley is trying to protect his boy, and tell Ainge to shut up. Riley… you mad bro because the Heat lost. Hope the Heat don’t win the Championship because Champions don’t whine!!!

  55. BLUE says:

    funny how the fans of lebron become so much overprotective of him but it’s more funnier to see the haters come out of their hideout again, LOL

  56. Jacob says:

    I love how lebron complains about missed calls on him but when wade fouled rondo in game 2 of the conference finals last year that the refs didn’t call he wasn’t complaining. If the refs made that call the celtics would’ve won and won the series in 5 games. So lebron james and pat riley need to shut the f**k up and man up

  57. JustAKid says:

    This is such a poor article. You can’t thrash on Ainge and Gibson for giving their opinions/reactions to Lebron’s whining. Not sure about Ainge, but I’m positive that Gibson was asked his opinion on LeBron’s comments and he gave them to the radio station. But now he’s a hater because he didn’t say “LeBron is totally right. Everyone is out to get him.” LeBron is easily the best player in the game right now. He’s a MONSTER! But he shouldn’t be complaining about calls since he gets so many to go his way that another player wouldn’t. There was a play at the end of the Chicago game when the Heat were making their comeback when Boozer got an offensive rebound and went to lay the ball in over LeBron and LeBron CLEARLY shoved Boozer with both hands in the air. Boozer hit the shot but no foul was called. It goes both ways.

  58. Mack Snyder says:

    I’m amazed that something this biased can be a front page story on Mr. Caplan, I suggest you write with a little more perspective next time. Lebron saying he was happy it was Jason terry he wrecked on that dunk, but two shots at Lebron is unacceptable? Sad for an NBA writer…

  59. Person08 says:

    People aren’t being opportunistic. Hell, I was just starting to like LeBron throughout the streak for the way he was playing (amazing) and handling himself off the court (in a mature manner). Then he loses and immediately changes back into the guy people hate. He starts complaining about the refs. He starts complaining about physical play. He never said anything about that while they were winning, but once they lose he starts complaining about it. Instead of complimenting the Bulls on winning a hard game he refuses to answer a question about why the Bulls are a tough matchup for them. He responds to that question by asking why no one says the Heat are a tough matchup for other teams. He acts like a little kid pouting when he doesn’t get his way, and it’s sad because as a basketball fan I’d love to see the way he could play and what he could contribute to the game of basketball if he didn’t act that way.

  60. LBJ is a beast says:

    If any player got fouled as hard as James does every game, he would complain too. James has a big target on him, the only way to ensure he does not score close to the basket is by taking him to the ground or putting him on his back. It finally got to him, understandable!! And Lebron only said he is concerned about the fouls because he (current face of the NBA) might seriously get hurt with one of these attempts goes wrong.

  61. Dennis says:

    Why is Jeff Caplan so emotional? Fans are going to be fans, they will root for one team and root against another. No one said life is going to be fair, LeBron James is a grown man, he can handle himself. As for Mr. Ainge and Mr. Gibson, they just gave their opinions thats all, life goes on and we will all see who comes out on top, comes playoff time. No need to cry and whine. Im just saying everyone is entitled to their own opinions, you may not agree with all of them, but thats the world of sports.

  62. chopz29 says:

    JEFF CAPLAN should SHUT his mouth and write stories of IMPORTANCE on the @NBA website and not just cater to WHINERS like @lebronjames. The fouls committed by Hinrich and Gibson are plays that every NBA player has committed this year. Mr James himself has committed harder fouls on other players and no FLAGRANT fouls were called on him……. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO WRITE A STORY FOR THE NBA FANS THAT VISIT THIS SITE HOW ABOUT ONE THAT TALKS ABOUT THE @NBAOFFICALS WHO BELIEVE THAT THE “STARS” (BRYANT,JAMES,GARNETT,PIERCE) OF THE LEAGUE DO NOT COMMIT FOULS ON THE LESSER LIKES (RAPTORS,TIMBERWOLVES) OF THE LEAGUE…..THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE THE NBA WEBSITE NOT THE “HEAT,LAKERS,CELTICS” THEY HAVE THERE OWN SITE!!!!!

  63. J2TheR09 says:

    It’s like lebron wrote this himself lol

  64. GangstaP says:

    This guy is riding the Miami Heat bandwagon hard. Stop writing, loser.

  65. lalalala says:

    Am i lost? Is this the site the new dang nba people. so bias.

  66. BMW says:

    Excellent article that brought all the haters out. lol. Ainge apparently forgets his own behavior while playing in the NBA. Talk about a whiner and crier and flopper, as well as a hothead. He and Jordan were teched in one game. Great shooter, though, but anyone playing nowadays doesn’t compare to Ainge, And back in the 80’s, it was allowed to be rougher. Detroit’s hit-man was Laimbeer; Laker’s hit-man was Rambis. All teams in those days had their designated hit-men. You don’t see that kind of play anymore. How about the game Kareem broke dude’s jaw for elbowing him in the groin?

    Anyway, as I predicted when the streak ended, The Heat would bounce back. And all you haters, whether you realize it or not, are just fueling his fire. Great job. Keep it up.

  67. EDDIERICH says:

    lebron thinks he is a god.he thinks if you breath on him it should be a foul.come to think of it the refs do to.

  68. L. says:

    LeBron is constantly complaining about the officiating.

    Every time a player beats him defensively he immediately turns to a ref.

    Seriously, every time.

  69. licorice says:

    sore losers?

  70. NBAsoft says:

    Today’s NBA are very soft. It is a boy’s game now instead of a man’s game. 80s and 90s are the best basketball era. LeBron complain about a hard foul is weak and he know to be a flopper as well. The ref might think he flop as well. Remember the Knicks and Heat rivalry, bulls and knicks rivalry, celtics and lakers rivalry. NBA is becoming so stupid every years. I only watch highlight instead of the actual games. NCAA is more aggressive than NBA.

  71. jeremyedgar3 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Jeff Caplan is being the baby here? LeBron can take the fouls, and he can take the criticism (which was not very harsh, I might add). But to see this NBA writer take his own little pot shots at Ainge for his Celts being in 8th, plus Gibson’s average numbers…uh, when did this have anything to do with talent comparisons? A lesser team or player can’t respond to criticism? Seriously NBA stop protecting your stars. Your making LeBron seem like he needs protection. He can handle it.

  72. RickJ says:

    I don’t wish to trash on Lebron, but the refs do coddle him. Let’s look back to last year’s finals. There were two games I can distinctly remember that Durant was in foul trouble early in a game on “questionable calls” and I noticed in the 4th quarter Lebron had only 1 foul. I find that difficult to believe. I don’t care how good he is at defense there is no way a player that plays as physical as Lebron against Durant for most of the game has only 1 foul by the 4th quarter. IMPOSSIBLE! While Durant had 3 before the half and sat many minutes because of the foul trouble.

  73. Talks says:

    Talk about hate. This whole column is hate.

  74. Basketballfan says:

    I saw on sc the other day that Lebron had over 300 drawn fouls during the streak and he never complained bout fouls when they were winning and he loses and ends the streak all of a sudden it’s not basketball plays when he gets fouled. Im not a big lebron fan nor do i dislike him but Yes he is a whiner and still one of the best all time.

  75. yup says:




  76. Paulo says:

    Everybody talks about the Celtics, KG and their hard defense, but it Dwayne Wade that intentionally injured Rondo in 2011 playoffs. So waht’s LBJ complaining about? Get real, play ball and stop whining. Refs already protect him enough without all this fuss.

  77. kcirsun says:

    Those two fouls committed by the Bulls are intentional simply because they are not going for the ball but the player instead, jut as James was called for the technical for going after Loozer (I mean Boozer) – it is that simple. Basketball is a physical game yes but it has always been that it is a technical foul when you go for the player and not the ball. If the officials are wise, they would take the words of Lebron not as a criticism but a warning because if this kind of action continues, not just with LBJ or Miami, but to anyone, a retaliation will follow and then everything will be out of control. The officials of late has been making mistakes in the games – look at the foul by Kobe on Rubio which they eventually accepted as their mistake. Not because nobody is speaking about how the fouls are committed it is ok. That is why there are officials looking at it, so don’t use “players whining” as an excuse for not accepting bad officiating.

  78. velicia1 says:

    LBJ is a whinny immature grown kid. Grow up. Its ok to complain on the court but to the media? Freak off.

  79. ray says:

    Shame on this site for trying to sway the fans into the Heat’s favor.
    First off, the argument on this article is utterly ridiculous. Gibson and Ainge (as well as MOST fans) were disgusted by how LeBron acted with poor sportsmanship. Mentioning his numbers or his team’s success has nothing to do with anything!
    I also heard somewhere that ‘everybody’ ‘loves’ the Heat? Too soon. I know that’s the plan, but its too soon. Stop pretending. More people were actually happy the streak ended.
    There’s also this ‘poll’ on the website that I believe had most ‘fans’ vote on LeBron’s side. Please. Nobody I know in real life is on his side.
    Reminds me of this other ‘poll’ which apparently had most ‘fans’ think Rose should sit out. Again, in reality, MORE actually want him to return this season. Fans are hurt.
    Stop being so manipulative.
    Enough with the drama.
    Enough with the rigged games.
    Enough pretending.
    Give the players and the fans what they deserve. They are what makes this league successful. Not you greedy, manipulative, monkeys.

  80. REY says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Mr. Caplan.

    Plus, no one but Lebron knows how hard those fouls truly were (I.e. felt), with the possible exception of those who committed the fouls, but do you really think Hinrich, Gibson, and Boozer would admit that they did use a little extra force each time they targeted Lebron? The bulls played a physical game to make up for shortcomings in talent and skill. Fair? Depends on who is officiating, doesn’t it?

    My point is that the game should have been officiated for what it was – a regular season game. Not a finals or playoff game. The bulls acted like a bunch of bullies, while the heat tried to just play basketball.

    Lastly, Ainge is a loudmouth imbecile.

  81. Jerry says:

    Instead of Lebron being happy he made it to a 27 game winning streak he came off as a poor sport. Of course the bulls will respond when Lebron gives no credit to a good game played by the bulls and just complains. Miami is favored to win it all and are number one in the east, don’t cry about one game, be greatful that your doing that good and keep putting in work. This article is terrible. Lebron can complain but nobody should be allowed to respond right?

  82. Ashley says:

    I’m as big a LeBron fan as anyone but this article is a bit off. Yes, Ainge and Gibson were probably wrong in publicly denouncing a comment made by a player to answer a question he was asked, but are people not allowed to express views because they are not allstar players? Taking a shot at Gibson’s season statistics is a low blow. This article actually comes across as written by someone less than qualified for the job, and reeks of adolescence.

  83. Geor_l says:

    caplan stfu man and go wright for E!

  84. Meow says:

    Why is it that when Lebron complains about the refs he isnt fined? also what about all the fouls the heat have gotten especially lebron during the streak… wow what a tool

  85. Andre says:

    Mr. Blogger, all you do is sit behind a computer and type stuff in. Why are you commenting over Taj Gibson’s play during this season when you do absolutely nothing except be a “paparazzi” for the NBA? Go work for TMZ, you spineless human.

  86. Firesale says:

    LBJ needs a hug from his Mom. Cry baby!

  87. TT says:

    Instead of complaining about the calls, Lebron should give them the physical game that they want. Time for the Heat to bring Pittman back!!!

  88. Marco says:

    I dont know if you guys saw the game but I did, and the entire game I saw Boozer fouling Battier all the time Boozer tried to post up. Im glad LeBron did that, and anyone will agree with me when they watch the game again. There were a lot of fouls not called on the Heat, like the one right before halftime. Officials need vision check, The refs ended the Heat’s streak no the Bulls.

  89. Billy says:

    LeBron has a completely valid point. Sure, he is complaining, but every player in the NBA does it. So, there is no point in taking shots because of it. Hinrich committed a flagrant foul, plain as day. You can’t wrap up a guy running at you, and it only be called a personal. Gibson was probably just an accident, it happens. The Boozer screen was intentional, but, shouldn’t of been a flagrant. Just a personal one like Hinrich’s was. And this is coming from a Celtics fan. I am a fan of the game and am not biased against any one team. The league refs are mostly stupid for missing blatant calls and costing people wins. Just like the Kobe foul on Rubio.

  90. BigD17 says:

    So… he complains about the reffing. If it was anyone else (especially for a different team), he would be fined! Think of any special treatment for these stars?

  91. G says:

    No flagrant on both sides. If you can’t stand the heat….. Wait till the play-off’s start! Old school rulez….!

  92. greg says:

    wow there r a lot of haters. ainge is a bitter idiot. miami clearly wasnt getting the calls. heinrich tackles lebron to the ground and thats just a foul? lebron gets a half a clothesline and thats just a foul? wade gets the same and goes flying into the cameraman and thats just a foul? but lebrons run-in with boozer is a flagrant? gimme a break!

  93. Raging Bulls says:

    This is completely hypocritical, you are even more biased than the people you’re complaining about. LeBron James is a crybaby, yet you try and deny that because he’s the best player in the NBA (and he is the best). I agree that people are overreacting to his comments, but now you are overreacting even worse to the original overreact-ers!
    Yes, haters are gonna hate, but your basically doing the same thing at the other end of the spectrum, kissing up to LeBron.
    This article is pretty much dismissing Ainge’s and Taj’s opinions because LeBron is LeBron, how about giving us your unbiased opinion?
    You’re the one who is ridiculous.

  94. Jsubbz says:

    Mr Caplan,
    Please step away from Lebron’s male body parts.
    Thank you.

  95. poupon says:

    the writer is the one whining. probably upset that the heat lost to the short handed bulls and got their streak to an end. too bad man that the refs couldn’t keep the streak alive for the heat! get over it.

  96. dandy says:

    Lebron now is going to have ” BIG HEAD” he isnt greatest basketball player ever with his attitude. and character after leaving cleavelan he is just an ant looking for a food…, just play ball men…let referee do there job.

  97. BOSTONceltics says:

    Why is Lebron complaining? Im pretty sure the refs are always helping him and the Heat win another ring.

  98. Jay st james says:

    Funny things, this just prove that cry baby james n the heat cannot win without the help of the refs if only the refs let them play real basketball.just like their championship last season,theirs no way they have one that ecf vs celtics if the ref just called what is right to called..

  99. can thought says:

    simply put, if anybody tried to hurt lebron, he won’t last 48 minutes on the floor and will be on a stretcher right away. basketball is a physical game and NBA is a professional league. players in this league play hard. kirk and taj fouled him, not to hurt him but to stop him from getting his momentum. just accept the fact that they lost, not by poor officiating but by themselves. if calls don’t go their way, then just play harder, try a different strategy. everyday is not christmas day. complaining won’t get him anywhere. if he doesn’t like the officiating here, play somewhere else like europe, china or somewhere.

  100. NBA Fans says:

    To All Haters … Just Enjoy the Game.

  101. Elliot says:

    Bias article!!!

    Let’s go Magic.
    We will.

  102. thehawaiitrader says:

    He ended the article with one word that sums up his content…. “ridiculous”.

    … the article was simply a rant about a rant. ESPN’s Heat bias/romance is not even discreet anymore. We should get a website called and it would redirect you to Seriously, I could tease Lebron’s haircut and ESPN will write a 1,000 word essay/rant/blog to defend his hairline.

    With that said, I’m just glad the NBA is getting physical again. Nice to watch Big Boy Basketball. Was getting tired of watching layup drills in the 4th quarter. Guys like Jeff Caplan should watch WNBA if they can’t handle a good old fashion hard fought basketball game.

  103. Sonics 4 Life says:

    If the Heat had won, Lebron would have had no problems with the officiating.

    • Celts 13 says:

      I want to know why a jab was taken at the Celtics’ season record and the recent game against the Heat? Ainge’s comments have nothing to do with any of that.

      Would you, Mr. Caplan, have taken a jab if Ainge were president of basketball operations of say, the Bobcats, and he made the same comments?

  104. Johnnie says:

    lebron is just used to getting what he wants and when this doesn’t happen he has a wine about it, he needs to grow a pair and realise that when you the best player in the league people will try different ways of beating you, like getting physical and he just has to go in just as hard as his opponent. michael jordan is the best player ever and i never heard him complain once when someone got physical with him or a decision didn’t go his way, if lebron ever does want to reach the same level of jordan he just needs to grow up and play the game.

  105. C'mon man this reporter can't be serious.... says:

    *not guy reporter in the name, REPORTER.

  106. B Korsakov says:

    How ’bout Boozer grabbing Bosh’s jersey, or that invisible lose foul on Battier on the last minute of the game, or maybe that backourt violation not called on the Bulls. I’m not Lebron, I didn’t play in that game, I wasn’t even in the stadium and yet I’m still frustrated. Wouldn’t you? The media is making too much ’bout it, they should be writing a soap opera.

  107. C'mon man this guy reporter can't be serious.... says:

    Why does this article sound like it came from a die-hard Heat fan? No need to bash the 3 time champion Danny Ainge and the young Taj Gibson. Gibson didn’t intentionally try to hurt him and the fact that people think LBJ and the Heat don’t complain for calls is bogus.

  108. FPR says:

    Danny Ainge is right remember once upon a time this season Lebron went two weeks without being called for a foul and now since the streak was in jeopardy and they lost and he got a flagrant called on him he Lebron is complaining Pat Riley you STFU. No one cares that you went out and bought a championship you cant win it the old fashion way these days. Cant wait till you leave the game youre worthiless

  109. Mike says:

    And I am sorry, for all of you Heat fans out there? When your Heat were good, before LeBron and Bosh…how many of you would say you LOVED LeBron?………………………………………………………………………….(A lifetime later)

    Didn’t think so. You all ride such a horrible bandwagon with players, just like the Lakers and Knicks fans.

  110. BULLS23#Will says:

    Rodman would have destroyed lebron lol PERIOD! quit crying. Miss the 90’s#

  111. thehawaiitrader says:

    Well what do you know, a rant about a rant.

    ESPN front page articles are getting pathetic. The Heat bias isn’t even discreet any more. Maybe we should get a webpage called that redirects to

    Now that my rant about a rant about rant is done, i’m glad the NBA is getting physical again. Nice to watch big boy basketball.

  112. Julz17 says:


  113. lol says:

    Who cares both boston and chicago won’t make it past the 1st round, so ‘talk’ all you want because that’s all you can do.

  114. Julz17 says:


  115. mitc4220 says:

    I can’t believe someone would call out Ainge for being seventh seed without Rajon Rondo, Jared Sullinger and Avery Bradley for half of the season! I would lobe to see the heat try and make the palyoffs without LeBron. They couldn’t possibly do it. Without Lebron this team is a mediocre team at best. And to go back to the Heat vs. Celtics game, the Celtics were playing without KG. That’s Rondo and KG and they still managed to keep it close. There is no way in heat could even compete without LeBron and Dwayne. This guy needs to learn some respect. Ainge manages to put together a team without its star player and make the playoffs. That’s unbelievable

  116. Eric Quin says:

    Um… get Boston’s choke job against the Heat huh. They almost ended their streak at 22, and made them remember they do have to fear them in the playoffs.. hobbled or not. Miami just hopes they don’t have to run into Boston this postseason..

  117. Cole says:

    Name a star player that doesnt complain to refs?

  118. goinz says:

    One should look up on youtube the NBA finals series Chicago vs Seattle. The Sonics played the THOUGHEST defense on MJ – neither Lebron nor Kobe would shoot near to 35% from the field against that defense – and MJ NEVER complained. So, taken the often reported “greatness” of Lebron, he should just have responded with his game rather than first loosing it on the floor and then whining afterwards. The rules are too soft nowadays anyway so put on your big boy pants, as they like to say…

  119. Bob O says:

    Neither of those two sources was saying that Lebron’s game is bad. They’re not “haters.” It’s an issue of sportsmanship – when Lebron wins, everything’s fine, but the second something doesn’t go his way, it couldn’t have possibly been his fault!


  120. sagar says:

    This has nothing to do with Lebron winning 27 games. Winning doesn’t make a you a good loser. Lebron obviously can’t take a loss very well. He claims that these “hard fouls” have been going on for a long time, but then why didn’t he complain about them when they were winning? why only after they lost? That’s because he needs an excuse. If he won, then he would have been nothing is going to stop me. But since he lost he claims that the refs aren’t giving him enough calls… Let’s remember this is the same guy that went 24 straight games without having a fouled called against him. How dare he complain about the refs. And Jeff Caplan this article is ridiculous.

  121. Joe K says:

    Lebron initiates more contact on the offensive end than any player in the league.

    This is how the league and its main network, ESPN, make their money.

    Create a high-school legend who has a broke jumper so we will give him the best officiating treatment possible from day 1 and count the cash.

    If you want to see a hard foul, go watch any Bulls/Pistons game from the Jordan Era.

    Lebron played 40 minutes in an extrememly physical game against Chicago and was called for 1 personal foul.

    It must have been the refs who ended the streak.

  122. basketballfanatics says:

    Lebron James is a whiner. He wants the call always in favor for him. whiner! boo!

  123. Anonymous says:

    LeBron does not like to loose but his comments did almost seem like he was blaming the refs. However, after reading the transcript above his words seem measured even if his tone seems to be one of complaint. The fouls are similar to the “Hack a’ Shaq” fouls when Shaq was in L.A. Perhaps it is something LeBron should anticipate in tough games. The Heat seem to have a tough time winning when teams like Chicago and Indiana play physical with them. You can’t criticize LeBron for his play or his comments. Just wait until the playoffs! MVP!

  124. JMaine says:

    bums most of y’all comments are lame and tell one side of a story. for now on we should just watch players being slammed to the floor and down right just fight. If you can be physical on one end should be able to be on the other end. I hate to say it but the bull beat the heat but they didn’t do it playing basketball. I feel for DHoward too and I strongly dislike that Big boy. someone made a good comment bout protecting money maker. yes it happens Jordan got it too. anyone who thinks otherwise dose not know basketball. If lebron did play in jordan’s area then he probably being laying other players out. He’s game was not produced when bird magic and jordan played that was a different NBA. And yall haters who think the guy is bad, don’t know why maybe cuz you have to watch his greatness and someone sold you a false idea bout how the NBA works. Article is Garbage but narrow minded opinion worse.

  125. Nikoloz says:

    the whole post ridiculous, i do not think jeff caplan sounded better than ainge or gibson or whoever haters are

  126. M1978 says:

    I remember last time there was an article about the same topic, basicly a little bit opposed to Lebron James’s opinion. Now, it seems that needed some pro LBJ article too to look balanced? Because the author of this one would marry Lebron if he was a woman… It seems that Ainge doesn’t like Lebron but he has a right to tell his toughts on this case. Gibsons comment is quite defensive, I think there is nothing wrong about it. The main thing is that none of those fouls had the risk of injuring Lebron altough his offensive play’s aggressiveness bears a big risk of it. The way he ran into Hinrich… I imagine Lebron tries to dunk a huge one on a fast break only against a smaller player and a defender gets back trying to block him running from behind… That would be a real dangerous foul on him, in that case he would have the reason to protest like this. Nothing of this happened to him yet. The end of the article with Gibson statistics is ridicolous. Gibson is not always in the best five of Chicago, he is an average player. But that doesn’t say anything about him being right or wrong in this matter.

  127. NewTral says:

    Simple question to any NBA fan who ever or what ever your team is..
    What if youre the one on LeBrons shoes , running at your highest speed and then someone comes towards you and hugs you opposing your forward momentum so you can fall down hard knees first.. what if you hop inside the paint and then suddenly two people hang on your body pulling you down on your back .
    Those kinds of play look simple to you guys , but as a true NBA fan you should also consider the players health.
    Its plays like these that made us miss T-Mac , GrantHill , and other great players explosiveness.
    These players play for their living and of course to enjoy the game , not to get injured.
    If a player can injure his foot just by stepping on something what else if people are banging their bodies towards you all game long.. Now you tell me if im wrong.

  128. ASDF says:

    I still want to know what’s up with that free back-court 8 second violation was about. How the heck did the Bulls get to keep the ball, it makes no sense.

  129. BBFan says:

    Jeff Caplan should be ashamed of himself! This is simply a biased article period and anyone in their right mind would certainly agree!

  130. OctoPPus says:

    streak would be over anyway – hold ur pants Heat – Spurs coming …

  131. lolumad123 says:

    not sure if jeff caplan or chris chase writing this article

  132. nba14453 says:

    i honestly think everyone should calm down. Kirk and Gibson did foul lebron, and lebron did complain, but a dude can get voice his thoughts like how these fouls keep botthering him, He does say that he understands it, but it would frustrate anyone if that happened to you . but also gibson wasnt making “intense jabs and criticisms” at lebron, he was just saying that games get physical and he didnt mean to hurt lebron. And you cant compare him to players like mj because times were different back then and physicallity was not as much of an issue to worry about. Yet the strictness on fouls is not a complete bad thing, cause without them players could seriously get harmed sometimse. Basically i think everyone should relax a bit, cause no one is really freiking out here, just venting feelings and voicing frustrations.

  133. JaVale!! says:

    You don’t see how ppl complain at you Lebron for your physical offensive plays (notably that alley oop jump over a person in a game – you could have seriously injured his head). Toughen up – you’re a big boy that plays physical on the offensive end. You are too strong at finishing – thats why ppl foul hard to prevent and ones.

  134. Vincent says:


  135. BCPunk says:

    Wow, big surprise, kissing Lebron’s rear-end again! And using the old “haters” arguement, play a new record, because that ones getting old! If Lebron has haters, it’s because he has earned them.

  136. Hook says:

    Getn off Lebron’s jock he’s a prima madonna a bully who got bullied..

  137. LS says:

    This is the most blatantly biased article I think I’ve ever read – about any subject. IF LeBron is the greatest player in basketball today, why does he need this type of article written about him? Caplan has taken the position of being LeBron’s defender and definitely crossed the line of professionalism in doing so. This is junk.

  138. Armstrong says:

    Lebron shut up and play basketball you cry baby.

  139. Ain’t dis a B! There was no hard fouls there…Dwight and Shaq got da hardest fouls on a regular basis and dey don’t go to da media and complain..If dennis rodman was still playin nd guarded Lebron..Lebron would cry cause he can’t take physicality..Dis doode flops more than anybody i seen\

  140. LOLakers says:

    First of all, I’m not a Heat or Lebron fan and I agree that he often makes ‘dirty’ plays and gets a lot of missed calls but so has almost every NBA legend to ever play the game. However, both Ainge and Gibson don’t seem to understand how a flagrant foul is called. The majority of flagrant ones called on shooting fouls are never intentional, just unnecessary in contact and could possibly result in injury. Nobody thinks that Gibson intended to injure James on the play but the fact is he ended up collaring him over the shoulder and bringing him to the ground. Regardless of what James plays like and yes, his foul was definitely a flagrant one as well; It shouldn’t be acceptable to the league for anyone to make up lack of defensive positioning and athletic ability by reaching over and pulling the guy back on a layup. Or maybe the two are just bitter over their injury ridden teams that once again won’t even come close to winning in the playoffs.

  141. Rico says:

    is Jeff under LBJ payroll?

  142. Paulo says:

    This article basically translates to :


  143. YoungBronBron718 says:

    first off KING JAMES! is the best out there so he could say what eva he want no body do it like him dont chuck score mad points n play great D. gibson was not going for the ball yall watch labron D he get stops and blocks with out going for a players shoulde head or neck Gibson need to watch sum labron vids on D and take notes. he so trach n all u labron haters watch him win sum more rings Matta Fact THEY NEED O CHANGE THE NBA LOGO FROM WEST TO KING JAMES DUNKING! DA HATERS HAD NOTHING THEY COULD SAY ABOUT LARON FOR A GOOD MONTH OR TWO CAUSE HE WAS TOURCHING EVERY TEAM N PLAYER HE WENT UP AGAINGS NOW THEY FINNALY GET A CHANCE O COME OUT THE WOODWORKS AND TALK LMAO GO HEAT!

  144. BeastModeman97 says:

    Despite being a MAJOR Celtics fan, I don’t think that Ainge should’ve come in and said what he did, however, I think that Taj is right. Lebron is way to good a player to be getting mad like this. It’s part of the game.

  145. Me says:

    this is soooo dumb, every star gets upset and complains to the refs, yes even mj has done it. we’re all human and get frustrated at times

  146. Job says:

    All the Haters of Miami and LeBron should continue hating, but the Championship is ours. I know all you haters Like Hinge and the Gibson’s should watch Miami match with another Championship and they can complain and complain…too bad!

  147. youngbronbron!!!!BKLYNbangBANGboyNitoyDaRealMoCoy says:

    King james da best he could say what he wana say they need to chang the nba logo from west to labron dunking! Gibson need to watch labron vids on D cause he one of the best on defence n he dont b aiming fo players neck or head he goes for the ball. Haters!

  148. who cares says:

    everyone here is calling lebron a whiner but everyones whining about his comments haha who gives an ish. so what lebron had something to say about the officiating. hes not just payed to play ball, he can have his opinion. calls just didnt go his way and they lost. Ending the streak probably just made them even more dangerous for the playoffs. would love to see rose come back for the playoffs but thats looking highly unlikely. the bulls did a good job of showing the rest of the league what they need to do to beat the heat. bulls along with the pacers are probably the only team that can stop this beast of a team from advancing to the finals. i dont think the spurs are physical enough to stop them in the finals. same with the thunder. if heat make it through there conference i think they’ll go back to back. i think celtics could be a dark horse in the playoffs. would love to see the thunder get up and make it to the playoffs again but i dont think they can take heat in a 7 game series but i guess time will tell. heres hoping d rose will be back to give the heat a good run. if he can get healthy and get a few games under his belt before the playoffs then i think the bulls could make a good run. my bet however is on pacers or celtics to stop the heat in the east. in the west its looking like a spurs/thunder conference final. but im sure the bball gods will throw a spanner in the works. looking like a good playoff series this year

  149. kg4life says:

    angie you have doomed the celtics… frist trading perkins…now this come on i was expecting a good trade from you . give lebron credit as much as i hate him at the end of this season he will once again be mvp and will have another ring. so haters live with it jealously doesnt get any where

  150. Maurice Williams says:

    The officiating in the NBA is just terrible all together. I feel Lebron, a foul is a foul. And if anyone if fouled whether its flagrant or not it should be called. I see so many plays where players are hacked like crazy and they call nothing. Then its times when its a little petty foul where a player is barely touched then they call foul. The lil petty fouls where players are barely touched, I can live with but when its hard fouls right in front of the refs and they call nothing, then its a problem.

    For example when Kobe got hurt a couple weeks ago on a 3 point shot where the player undercut him and he landed on the player and rolled his ankle, Easy call for the refs to make and they called nothing. Even he complained and the league agreed and said it was a missed call. And around that same time Dwayne Wade was fouled hard under the basket and sprained his neck and had to go to locker room for concusion evaluation and no foul was called.

    A foul is a foul and everybody knows one when you see it so the NBA needs to tighten up on these refs because too many players are injured due to hard and flagrant fouls. These players are paid too much money and the NBA makes too much $$ for this to be happening. When a star player is hurt is bad for the game. Who would want to go see your team play the heat or lakers if Lebron or Kobe is out hurt. Or even watch it for that matter. So all you idiots that think Lebron is over reacting youre crazy. I watch a lot of NBA games and Ive been complaining about the officiating(especially hard fouls not being called) for weeks so I def feel where Lebron is coming from.

  151. Brian says:

    First off the columnist needs to watch the 80s and 90s basketball games to think twice about writing the column….give me a break! ” get off lbj’s back”?

    Bottom line lbj is a whiner…I’ve watched the replays a few times and none were flagrant fouls. Miami fans are whiners as well. There wasn’t intent in hurting lbj. It was a hard foul and it needs to be cause lbj is so big and strong, if you don’t hold him? It’s an extra point every time he goes to the basket. Chicago is not a dirty team nor do they have that reputation.

  152. I love all the unbiased reporters says:

    Jeff Caplan is probably trying to get in bed with Lebron, from looking at this article. The whole idea of just because Lebron is good, giving him every benefit of the doubt and protecting him is ridiculous. Let the good players prove they are good by responding to adversity. When things get tough, good players show why they are good, not give excuses and get pampered by all those who love him. They are ruining the game.

  153. dinobravo says:

    lebron you ape and chimpanzee look stop complaining and get the peoples and referees sympathy because your team winning streak was stopped…go and make a new winning streak lolz

  154. Tyree says:

    if u ever played a competitive game then you know how ppl hate to loose just imagine at there level of play and there strength hitting somebody the wrong way can injure somebody or end there career so for those out there with negative thoughts screw off and go hate on somebody else its not the playoffs yet we dont expect those type of fouls in a regular season game

  155. Shota says:

    Lebron gets royal treatment in the NBA. He tried to bulldoze Hinrich in the first quarter. That was an offensive foul. He clearly lowered his shoulder and lounged himself into Hinrich on that play. If Lebron want to bang against the big boys in the paint, he should expect Taj Gibson like fouls. Lebron is a soar loser. He cries every time he loses a big game.

  156. dan white says:

    hey Kaplan,get off of LeBron’s jock fanboy. first him whining and now you a grown man whining like a cheerleader who’s team just lost. sometimes a team just has another teams number and this is one of those times,so get used to it.

  157. Solomonico says:

    How can this article be published at this NBA website? I mean there is no connection between Lebron complaints and Ainge and Gibson responses to the winning streak? Since when websites like this, ESPN etc. let fans write their nonobjective irrational opinion?

  158. Dmitry says:

    I read this article not because of lebron, but because I want to know Danny Ainge and Gibson’s thoughts, which I completely share. Miami is a club of divas and bandwagoner promoted by Stern.

  159. Tyree says:

    Ok now lebron has a right to complain forget him being the best and forget he plays for the heat the fouls he receives from time to time are frustration fouls by his opponents and sometimes they can be more then whats needed. that game against the bulls was kinda 1 sided nba rules are anything above the shoulders is a flagrant 1 clearly gibsons arm was around lebrons neck and they go down on the other end and call 1 on lebron thats just bs understanding they pretty much did that to get the game under control but still if u gone blow the whistle on 1 side for something make sure its the same way for the other team its sad that when u become so good and almost unbeatable ppl began to hate u and wanna see u fail but 27 games straight and thats what a team will do to u ….. im just ready to see the playoff and see what streak that can get going then

  160. Lebron iZ DeezD says:


  161. Peter says:

    Idk about anyone as a fan, i mean i despise Kobe, but i respect him for his game. People just LOVE to HATE on Lebron…this is so bizarre, the man may have fumbled a few times (given a horrible team around him for the most part until the Heat) yet he still managed to take his weak Cavs to the playoffs basically every year he was with em. So now everyone is just yapping how much he cries…He did get fouled BAD by Gibson…Gibson would be totally different if they had lost. ANd even though we Heat lost to a Depleted Bulls…they still wont stand in Heat way of a deep playoff run unless some injuries take place that POSSIBLY fouls like Gibson’s will cause…silly silly stuff. And with all that jazz about BIg guys dunkin on small guys…i hope that Kirk in Playoffs will be placed in inside the half circle of Blocking Foul by the basket and as Lebron is crushing down the lane, he gets a taste of him and lands on a poster. That game was destroyed by the refs, but at the same time Heat didnt show too much pressure at first so its ok. Onto the playoffs and lets see if Bulls are as tought for 7 games series. LETS GO HEAT!!! And Lebron, STAY TOUGH and ram through them all!!

  162. The Truth says:

    lmao The dude needs to stop complaining. He acts like he’s the only one who gets hard fouled. Dwight Howard has been getting fouled far worse than what lebron’s been compalaining about his entire career. When your big and strong your going to get fouled harder than other players.

  163. pete says:

    LeBron is a cry baby!!! the NBA is suppose to be a professional sport, a MAN’S sport and if lebron isnt man enough to handle a few bumps and knocks then maybe you should go play freaking golf or try the WNBA.

  164. SayWhat! says:

    Seems like an unprofessional article to me.

    Lebron is an outstanding basketball player but since when did he need to personally stand up for him and at the same time apparently put a player down for not having the same stats as Lebron? Does that mean that the player (in this case Gibson) is not allowed to have an opinion about whatever Lebron is saying about his committed foul? That means that the King should be able to do and say anything without anyone having the right to comment on it. seems legit – or not!

    I do not care if Lebron was whining and I do not care if Ainge and Gibson were whining in response, but I do find it unprofessional that someone would write an article in which he brings up Ainge’s team and Gobson’s stats, when neither of those have anything to do with the issue of commenting on Lebron’s frustration with fouls.


  165. Karl says:

    I’m not knocking on the Heat or Lebron, because they are awesome, but seriously LB is complainingand acting like a girl more over the fact that they lost and lost their chance to keep the streak going. LB likes to throw his weight around, and when in the “heat” of the moment with the game on the line, stuff goes down like that in nearly every game, this was a playoff like game. And Wade he complains all the time as well, and he’s one of the dirtiest players.

    He needs to get over it. Ainge and Gibson are right.

  166. melvinquinones says:

    Do you rather see dunks or hugs? That wasn’t a basketball play, it should be intentional or flagrant foul. That makes the game easier for the dirtiest and less talented. Not good!

    • JD says:

      Totally agree melvinquinones, If defenders can get away with this you will loose half of your highlight plays as everybody will grab or clobber Blake, Jordan, Lebron, Gerald etc…
      That is not in the games interest and according to the rules both these plays should have been flagrants: unnecessary and excessive contact (why embrace and bring to the ground when falling backward, why hit around the neck while ball is out of reach) with no intention of going for the ball.
      I don’t care who does what to whom, but I would hate the NBA to be in favour of the butchers instead of the athletes regardless of the team they are on.

  167. Uhh what says:

    I love how people are saying lebron complains too much. The poster boy of complaining like a little pansy is actually Kobe Bryant. His career was and always will be kickstarted by biased officiating where even the slightest of contact will get him to the free throw line. It’s a shame people think he deserves mention with the greats of the NBA when he had arguably the best center of all time carry him to three championships. Aside from that, he cries publicly for a better team and then gets carried again by a great squad to a couple more championships. Where was he in game seven of the finals when Artest carried him? Funny how a guy like Lebron James, who never hurt anyone nor sexually abused a woman, gets all the hate when guys like Kobe Bryant get all the praise. It’s all backwards, and it’s disgusting to see and hear everyday.

  168. Hasan says:

    Imagine if the roles were reversed. Say that Gibson was the one complaining about foul calls, and LeBron was the one commenting on the complaints made by Gibson.
    Would you write an article saying get off Gibson’s back?
    Would you attack LeBron’s shortcomings in his career? (As few as they are)
    Come on now.
    This is a pathetic article.
    LeBron James had nothing to complain about. It was a hard, physical game from the opening tip.
    Instead of whining and complaining about it like all of the Heat roster, I would like to see them get physical as well. I’m a Bulls fan and I was shocked when I didn’t see the Heat getting fired up when they were taking hits left and right.
    Man up, Miami Heat. You guys have an unbelievable team. Don’t waste your efforts in complaining. Instead, use that energy to get physical with any opponent.

  169. Chris says:

    Who are these nba players that everyone is saying dont complain? I see practically every player making faces, approaching the refs or throwing their hands up after a call they don’t like.

  170. annoyed says:

    what a stupid article…

  171. george says:

    are you getting paid for this article? Hope not

  172. Dave says:

    And people say this guy could have easily played in the 80’s & 90’s in Jordan’s era and dominated?

    Please. Guy that big complaining about fouls when he runs through people like a mack truck and flops like 2 bit chump.

    Can you imagine him having to play against the likes of Barkley and Malone? They’d need the water boy on hand giving out tissues all night to plug up Lebron’s tear ducts from all the crying he’d be doing.

    Sorry – i’m one person who’s never bought into the hype – being the best in a watered down NBA with woman’s rules doesn’t make you the chosen one.

  173. george says:

    very unprofessional article. If you love LBJ so much write him a letter. I don’t see anything wrong in Gibson’s declaration and I don’t understand why you pick on him and his stats. You can’t have an opinion if your free throw percentage is low?
    Do a better job next time or keep it to yourself!

  174. Big Z says:

    Jeff, it sounds to me like you need to get off your back and actually contribute something decent in regards to journalism so that you don’t disgrace the NBA’s website with your mindless babble.

  175. KSV says:

    “Haters will apparently hate.” What do you call this article?

  176. Brooklyn says:

    Wow i watched the game and he got hit in the head 3 times by my count, you don’t have to be a fan of the heat to say i thats would be tuff even if the heat won, i could not play ball, a few shots to and i wound pull a ron, oh yea mettaworldpeace

  177. Griff says:

    This article was uhm…let me collect my thoughts. Mr. Caplan was not incorrect when alluding to the fact that Lebron is the best player on the planet right now, with unbelievable video game like individual stats propelling his team to 27 straight victories. However I find it very hard to agree with him in any way on the rest of this article. By simply saying that “haters will hate” he explains away the opinions of a very respected man in the basketball world and also the player who was called out specifically by the Lebron himself following the game. Never in this article does Mr. Caplan give his opinion on whether or not the non “basketball plays” in question were in fact non basketball plays or at the very lest if the flagrant foul calls and non-flagrant calls made by the refs were in fact correct or not. Furthermore by attempting to insult Taj Gibson on his reaction to Lebron’s comments by listing his stat line was a very poor attempt at debunking Gibson’s opinion on the comments and fell directly in line with the overall heedless theme of this article, “haters will hate”. This article offers nothing more than yet another impetuous reaction to all the comments in question and fails in every way at addressing the actual in-game calls in question. Understandably Mr. Caplan was trying to defend Lebron on the negative reaction he was receiving from his comments. However Mr. Caplan may just in fact have taken an indefensible position when it very well seems that Lebron was complaining about fouls that seemed in every replay from every angle shown to be the correct calls made.

  178. Jaz says:

    The Ainge comment was unnecessary but I dont see the problem in the Gibson comment. By those standards, Lebron’s comments had a lot more things wrong with it than Gibsons. And what do his stats have to do with any of this, absolutely stupid argument. The LeBron play shouldn’t have been called a flagrant but at the same time, the Bulls did nothing more than stop LeBron from scoring

    P.S. Don’t make it that obvious that you’re a LeBron fanboy

  179. tomatoevo10 says:

    This was one of the WORST articles I’ve ever read. There’s no objectivity, no facts, just a bunch of whining about the “chosen one”. Jeff, stick to watching the games, you have no business writing about them.

  180. Nick says:

    I have only one word to describe this article: ridiculous! Who is this guy anyway? Some no-name contributor wanting to be something or what? Who are you to put Danny Ainge down dude? And who are you to judge Taj Gibson’s season and his contribution to the Bulls?

    Let’s be clear here! Lebron is the best player in the game now! But that doesn’t mean that people should just get out of his way when he is storming to the basket either! Fouling someone on the basketball court is not illegal, and not every hard foul is flagrant. What Hinrich and Gibson did were hard fouls, nothing more than that (if anything, it;s Hinrich who got the worse end of that play, not Lebron). What Lebron did to Boozer was a statement – intentional demonstration of strenght (and frustration). I understand that it gets frustrating to be fouled hard all the time, but Miami defense is not all that gentle either! After all, Lebron shot more free throws in the game Wednesday than the Bulls team combined! And don’t tell me that Boozer and Deng didn’t get hacked in the paint constantly!

    There is only one way to describe Lebron’s comments after the game: the frustration of a losing team! And there is nothing more to it than that! He shouldn’t have said what he said, and that’s what every sports person will tell you. And if you think that everyone that says so is a hater, than you are the one that has issues in your head!

  181. JOEM says:

    Mr. Caplan

    This is a very very bad article. Lebron needs to stop complaing, and he’s lucky he didn’t get thrown out when he ran into then tried to hit boozer with an elbow. After your finish changing his diaper Caplan maybe you could write an article about basketball.

  182. Aaron says:

    April 14, 2013=revenge (Bulls at Heat). Those calls were flagrant.

  183. mals says:

    i do agree with some off the stuff the critics say. Lebron should not make a excuse bout the refs it just looks bad. but to say them fouls was basketball fouls you wrong. you can’t just pull a guy out the the air by his shoulders intentional or not it looks bad to me if you gone foul foul him before he get in the air and i somewhat understand hinrich but i would rather see him take the charge than tackling a dude to the ground. I speak for everyone not just lebron

  184. SALLEY says:

    I am tired hearing all the negative remarks about Lebron James. Chicago came out to play a physical game, but it was too physical and basketball is becoming more violent, it is not football, that season is over. Just because Chicago hates Lebron and his team, they should have come to play professional basketball and not try to hurt each other. We the fans want to see real basketball; this is not hockey or football, so why try to hurt someone who is so talented like Lebron. He has the right to complain, he is only human and everyone fails to forget that. Miami was not focus on a winning streak until everyone in the news and the public started making a big deal about it. If it was Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant I am sure they probably would have complained too. So all you haters stop hating, the referees are not always right. We need good talented players like Lebron, KD and KB and they need our support instead of hating on them all the time.

  185. William Dalton says:

    All I have to say is this , When is tackling someone ever acceptable in a basketball game? Also Taj came down across Lebron’s collar bone . Taj could have broken his collar bone. How is potentially hurting the game’s best player good for the game or even good basketball. So if Lebron decided to tackle someone in a game(that wasn’t a fan) what would people say then . If He hammered Taj Gibson going to the basket and injured him what would people say . Then the inevitable bring up Jordan when ever somebody says something about Lebron. Do people remember Jordan’s last play with the Bulls where he pushed Bryan Russell to score the game winning basket.

    • NBAFanatic13 says:

      well in my opinion, the point is that their intention was to stop LBJ and not to hurt him thats why its not called a flagrant foul… thats one of the disadvantages of being big in the NBA, others could hit you hard and not get a flagrant foul or even just a regular foul at some times because their big and strong that either the referee does not notice it or simply they have it in their mind that “oh he can take that thats nothing to him.”, try watching dwight howards game for instance. i think he is the most who gets hard hits alot in the present NBA especially during his season with the magics

  186. samboyle says:

    What is this dude talking about … what do Taj Gibson numbers have to do with his response when he was asked the question… Why is this dude still lingering over that nothing else better to write. Thats like saying who are you compared to David Aldridge or somebody name who ring bells .. who is David Caplan SMH

    • NBAFanatic13 says:

      those comment he made at the bottom were really unnecessary and irrelevant but i think his point (except for those comments on the last paragraph) were simply saying how ridiculous it is that just by LBJ saying his opinion or whats in his mind, he immediately gets this many criticism, dismay… well for me personally i already expect that when miami loses expect the haters to shout their criticism’s ..they will spout and point out every little things LeBron did bad or not too good and so being “Ridiculous and Haters will apparently hate” i agree to him on that but why bother writing this article then? like you said haters will apparently hate.

  187. B says:

    The fouls called on LeBron were right. A little dangerous, but still correctly called. As biased as this article is, I think the main point the writer is trying to get across is that although A LOT of NBA players complain about fouls and officiating, LeBron is getting scrutinized so much more for complaining as well. If anyone else complained they would barely get any attention from the media or General Managers.

    • NBAFanatic13 says:

      yea i agree with you there… there is so many people who loves LeBron and at the same time theres also alot who hates LeBron, that is why LeBron gets almost all the attention, even with the simple things he does right or wrong. just like here in our country in the philippines, manny pacquiao (boxer) just for taking a jog in a street gets his own portion on the news tv… lol his a boxer, ofcourse he exercise ! duh 🙂

  188. Jeff says:

    Jeff Caplan you are such a fan girl of Lebron.

  189. Luca says:

    For a second I thought this is Miami Heat’s fan site, but no, this is really! Unbelievable!

  190. ChitownBullsFan says:

    The person who wrote this is obviously a Heat and Lebron fan. Lebron has always been a whiner/ Little girl..Always complaining about calls unless he wins. Ainge nor Gibson are hating on Lebron. This was just real talk. Officials made the calls. Thats why they get paid to make the right calls. Bulls were just playing hard defense. Lebron doesnt see this defense in many games and when he sees it he complains. I sure do hope the Bulls face the Heat in the Eastern conference finals so i can see Lebron cry after they are put out by the Bulls defense…..Go Bulls!!!

  191. googergieger says:

    And an article this blatantly biased and downright insulting towards anybody and everybody not of the Miami Heat, Lebron, or their corner, should be taken down off of which should be about objective sports journalism. Then again when is it ever? Even the four letter network serves as NBA’s and other sports leagues propaganda machines.

  192. Nate says:

    This is a bias Article.You shouldn’t write articles anymore.

  193. mals says:

    I do agree with some off the stuff the critics say LeBron shouldn’t be crying to the camera but to say them fouls was basketball fouls you wrong.You cant just pull a guy out the air by his shoulders intentional or not to me it looks bad and I somewhat understand hinrich but I would rather see him take the charge than tackling a dude to the ground. And I speak for everyone not just LeBron

  194. Andy MP says:

    LeBron is the best player in the worldwide right now, everybody knows that. But the thing is that a lot of players see frustrating that he beats them and make baskets every time so they make fouls when they see that he’s going to the basket . Gibson is one of those players, and he saw how LeBron was jumping for a dunk so he foul him. It was a hard foul and he knew it, so he was happy because that could be a flagrant one and it wasn’t. The thing is that this wasn’t the first time that things like this happens to LeBron, and I reallly understand him. The referees should see this and start doing things well.

    • Andy MP says:

      LeBron is the best player in the world right now, everybody knows that. But the thing is that a lot of players see frustrating that he beats them and make baskets every time so they make fouls when they see that he’s going to the basket . Gibson is one of those players, and he saw how LeBron was jumping for a dunk so he foul him. It was a hard foul and he knew it, so he was happy because that could be a flagrant one and it wasn’t. The thing is that this wasn’t the first time that things like this happens to LeBron, and I reallly understand him. The referees should see this and start doing things well.

  195. googergieger says:

    Denver attacks the paint more than any other team in the league and is about to set a record for it. They hardly ever get the free throw attempts to indicate this. Lebron goes five straight games without a foul being called on him despite the fact he downright molests his opponents when he “guards” them and now he is complaining? Much more he is being defended for complaining? Fine him like you would anyone else, or protect his already rich self even more by defending him and ignoring others for making valid complaints about this star driven league caring more about making their “stars” look other wordly than about putting a fair product out there where the sport is highlighted and not the reality stars like Lebron this league has become about and only about.

    • hater alert says:

      What record is Denver about to set? The franchise with the biggest weirdo fan on

      Denver has attempted 249 more freethrows than Miami and they currently rank third in freethrows attempted, right behind the Lakers and the Thunder. How can you think that the refs don’t give them enough calls?

      And what has Denver to do with an article where James complains about the Bulls hard fouls? Get outta here…

  196. Freida says:

    LeBron expressed the way he felt. Leave LeBron alone. He is the best player on this earth and maybe the Universe so whoever is putting LeBron James down is just jealous. You want your 2 minutes of fame off LeBron James. If it wasn’t Lebron then where would your 2 min of fame come from. All NBA finals teams watch out for the HEAT and LeBron. If you want to agitate LeBron, do it the night of the game because he will beat your butt!!!

  197. DJ H says:

    LBJ is and UGLY MOFO without a headbnad on lolol plus I hate his attitude and how he playes dude shudda stuck with football

  198. Who are you, Mr. Caplan? Lebron’s personal enforcer? What’s ridiculous is this article. Can’t you seperate between basketball skill and behavior/talk off the court? No one is questionning the fact, that Lebron is an awesome player, him and his team are playing a terrific season and the win streak was impressive. But… that’s not close to be the point here. Same goes for the Celtics woes and Taj Gibson’s stats. It’s about Lebron complaining about calls.

    What a silly line of argumentation.

  199. theking0522 says:

    It was a emotional game. Lebron will get over it…Good to see him returning the hit to Boozer. Three years ago, he wouldn’t have answer back. lebron is not taking s***t from anybody. See you in the Finals..Haters

  200. tyronesmithers says:

    This is the worst article I’ve ever read. Honestly disgusting. This kind of gherkin-jerking has no place on an official nba blog. If baby bron is going to cry about officiating, he deserves to be ridiculed. Lebron doesn’t need this kind of apologist garbage being published. Why bring in the irrelevant statistics about Gibson’s season? It has no bearing on Lebron’s petulant, entitled whining.


  201. MP says:

    Maybe Ainge’s comments were a little bit unnecessary, since he had no connection to this game. But explain how Taj Gibson responding to Lebron’s comments is “hatin?” Considering that LBJ specifically called out Gibson’s foul as one that was not “a basketball play,” I think it’s pretty reasonable to respond. That wasn’t a flagrant. And what do Gibson’s stats have to do with this dispute? He comes off the bench for Carlos Boozer, isn’t having his best year, so what business does he have speaking to a direct complaint about a play in which he was involved? I think LeBron could have stood to lose one kind of meaningless regular season game (streak buster or not) with a little more composure. Those fouls were not the difference makers in this game. The Bulls had the momentum for all but a few minutes in the second half.

  202. Jeff Caplan is a baby bron’s2x puppet.. He was crying hard like a baby as lebron did aftr the game.. Yah no doubt, Lebron is the so called King and Jeff Caplan is the Queen…:)

  203. PatAloysius says:

    LeBron is not mentally strong. He has shown it many times through his career, and he has shown it once again here. Instead of taking this loss like a man, he prefers to whine like a baby… That is pretty pathetic.

    Taj and Danny are 100% right. How can those fouls be considered as flagrant or “not basketball plays” ?? Like Gibson, I was shocked when I heard that, just like anyone who watched the 90’s… It is a fact now : James could not have played in the 90’s. If he can’t take those two fouls what would have been his reaction against the Bad Boys or the 90’s Knicks ?

    Honestly LeBron James might be the most talented player ever, yes even more talented than Jordan, but he is NOT EVEN CLOSE to Jordan, Bird, Russell and a lot others in terms or mental toughness and leadership. At least right now.

    Jeff Caplan should know that it is not because a lot of people criticize LeBron that it means that they are necessarily haters… I am not a haters of LeBron, neither a fan. I give him credit when he does something great, just like I criticize him when he does something bad. And I am sure that many people are the same way as I am.

    And what’s the point of mentioning LeBron’s stats during the Heat’s streak ? So because LeBron has had a terrific season we have to applaud him all the time no matter what, even when he says stupid things like this ? Caplan might call the people who criticize LeBron as haters or ridiculous, but to me he is the one who looks like a homer and totally ridiculous. No offense.

  204. BG_3 says:

    Playoff time: LeBron will get off in the PLAYOFFS!!..Bulls, don’t be surprised when LBJ pulls an MJ…#GETSWEPT!!..

  205. MJfromOKC says:

    I lost what little respect I had for Lebron when I heard those comments. Hes 6’8 275 lbs and he barrels through people on a play by play basis. He cant take a 6’4 190 lb Kirk Heinrich hard foul?

    I thought Lebron was a football player and liked to bang.

    Apparently he doesnt.

    Sounds like someone should have just been quiet. Now that people know it bothers him he should expect it all the time.

  206. Ike says:

    If want its readers to respect the site then they have to do a better job of finding better non-bias blog writers. This particular writer and his article was just a bunch of jibberish. It wasn’t well thought out and it became very personal. It was like reading a middle schooler’s rant about why no one likes his favorite player anymore. He takes a very childish jab at a GM and a basketball player, BOTH who have way more credibility than this writer just because they spoke their minds about how they felt regarding Lebron’s comments. What happened to seeing both sides of the story? No, not according to this writer. He only say his favorite player’s side of the story and completely ignored the other side because they are, wait for it, haters.

    So sad., do better.

  207. Johnny Nosebleed says:

    The weird editorial attitude in this article is kind of amusing, but call it what it is in the end: a mountain out of a molehill. You can point fingers all day (a lot of which you may see returned in Wade’s direction), but by the end of the day, the team that plays best will generally win, and what more can you expect?

  208. Magic_Fan_4Life says:

    So let me get this straight. Just because he is too good of a play (well the best player in the NBA right now), he’s not allow to voice his frustration. Give me a break. I’m not a LBJ fan but I’m with him 100% on this one. To me that was a flagrant foul and it should have been called. Isn’t the NBA rule states that any foul above the chest is a flagrant foul or maybe I’m wrong. This ridiculous!!!!

  209. hazlem says:

    sorry but this article is not objectiv. why do you feel you need to bring down Gibson with pointing out his statistics? Is it so that you can feel good about Lebron? just man up and admit that you are burning inside because of the bulls ended your streak

  210. andrew says:

    Lebron complains about the refs, gibson and ainge complain about lebron complaining, so the writer makes an article to complain about peope complaining that lebron complained. Lol am I reading a 3 stooges manuscript?
    Lebron/boozer shouldve been a technical, not a flagrant. Didnt see the other two but agree with what another writer pointed out. The stronger a player is the harder hes allowed to be fouled. Chamberlain and shaq got beat up, couldnt breathe on reggie miller without it being a foul.

  211. PeYa says:

    It’s funny that you even try to defend Lebron… Man was obviously trying to hit Boozer and he defends himself with ”they were trying to hurt me”? Guy is joke…

    • dattebayo says:

      So LeBron saying ‘I believe and I know that a lot of my fouls are not basketball plays.’ makes him a joke to you? I am curious, what do you think about Kobe, who played an entire game against the Bucks and left the arena on crutches?

  212. MLBJ says:

    Does Bulls try to hurt Lebron because they know he is their bigger threat.

  213. dattebayo says:

    James got hit in the head like 4 times in this game and nothing was called. Deng and Robinson hit him straight in his face off the ball and neither received a technical, Gibson collared him once and hit him on the head on 2 layups instead of contesting the shot. The two fouls by Hinrich in transition were alright to me (one could have been a charge), but I am not one for players getting repeatedly hit in the head. The cherry on top was that they called the flop on Boozer with 3 minutes to go in the game and then called that flagrant foul on LeBron, after they let all the physical contact from the Bulls go the entire game. The game was over at that point, it’s not like things could have gotten out of control at that point.

    Asking LeBron and Gibson about these fouls is not a great idea, because neither one of them will be objective about it. And who on earth cares about what Danny Ainge thinks?

  214. Madeoson says:

    Well this is a biased article. There is no focus on the fact LeBron was also making his share harsh fouls (on Boozer). So Gibson and Ainge may be whining, but LeBron should have just kept his mouth shut after the game.

  215. BigWil says:

    If the heat would have won lebron would not have said anything. But since they loss, Hinrich and Gibson tried to hurt him. Wow they were just playing some hard nose football, it sounds good to call those guys out but the fact of the matter is. The loss is what brought out the complaint, He will probably win another championship this year and it will all be forgotten. But if he doesn`t win one it will come up again watch, and I hope that he doesn`t so he can complain some more. You can call me a hater if thats you feel it`s fine with me. But isn`t that what your boy just did when he complained about the calls that the ref didn`t make in his favor. Because they loss to a understaffed Chicago Bulls team.

  216. omar says:

    Obviously this guy jeff caplan is a Miami fan.. Lebron did get a lot of hard fouls but what star player doesn’t.. But seriously when was that that Boston choked playing Miam.. Did jeff green choke when he exploded for a 40 plus game??????.. I remember Lebron hitting a great shot to win the game but there was no choking from neither team

  217. William Sor says:

    Forget Kareem (the refs let players hit him extra before they called fouls to make things fair) if the refs treated Lebron like Dwight or how they treated Shaq in Orlando or Los Angeles and just didn’t call flagrant fouls unless someone actually takes a swing (and even then it’s 50 50) how much would he complain.
    The point Ainge was making was that Lebron gets favoratism from the refs at a level that even Jordan would be envious of, not only is he incapable of traveling but if you sneeze on him it’s a foul. Aside from Blake Griffin (and maybe Reggie Evans) Lebron flops and exaggerates contact more than anyone else in the league.

  218. Caplank says:

    It really is a garbage article. Seriously? What’s with Taj’s stats if he’s just stating his opinion?

  219. Martin says:

    Steroids make Lebron go crazy.

  220. TA says:

    I think that the hype over these fouls is too overstated. I can honestly say I am a bulls fan but I still admire Lebron’s game, but if you are unanimously the best player in the league you have to expect to be fouled hard on a regular basis, especially against a team such as the bulls that is not afraid to get their hands dirty and deliver/receive some big hits. In my opinion Lebron gets a lot of no calls such as in this game on a regular basis, especially when facing my bulls, but due to the fact that this ended his streak he might’ve been more vocal about it. In the end though, I just wish both sides would keep their mouth shut and realize this is basketball and it is not officiated by perfect beings.

    • NBAFanatic13 says:

      yea he really just got frusrated there… its actually the 1st time i have seen LeBron getting that frusrated, all his previous games those that were even more physical than this one, he kept his cool. well i guess its true that everyone has their boiling point. i really wonder though what if LeBron did that to kirk and not to boozer as he was guarding kirk that time lol…

  221. Jerry Reinsdorf says:

    I think those that watch enough basketball know that LeBron gets more than his fair share of fouls. For him to complain about not getting calls is like Kobe complaining that he doesn’t get enough touches… it might be true in the scope of one game, but in it’s entirety, it’s a RIDICULOUS claim. The one foul no one is talking about is the time in the 1st quarter where Taj Gibson literally grabbed LeBron by his head as he was going to the rim. That might have been flagrant since he got all head and nothing else lol.

    Also, by definition a flagrant foul is a violent foul that could injure the fouled player. No one was intentionally trying to injure LeBron, whereas you could easily make a case that he was trying to injure Boozer.

    You look at in context, a guy who’s used to getting all the calls starts not getting the call’s he’s used to, in a close game, with a historic win streak on the line… I can see why LeBron is complaining, but it’s still a ridiculous claim imo.

  222. Bob says:

    Lol, it is funny seeing all of these Heat fans crying that everyone who dares question anything Lebron does as “hypocrites” and “bitter”. The title of the article on the front page was about Gibson, how in the world does that make non Heat fans who read it hypocrites? Secondly flagrant foul has a pretty clear meaning and it usually involves a wind up and follow through. Kirk Hinrich slightly grabbed Lebron while being ran over, Lebron would have never gone down except he was way overbalanced from charging into him. Gibson was a hard foul but he was going for the ball, there was no wind up and no follow through. I could see the Lebron foul not being called in this game because of how physical the whole game was with minimal calls, but he did gather himself to launch straight into Boozer and followed through with his elbow after the contact.

    • NBAFanatic13 says:

      well i dont agree that kirk just slightly grabbed LBJ… i mean thats LeBron freaking james where talking about, and if you still doubt just watch the replay again as kirk really put all his weight to bring down (LBJ). but i do agree that those are not flagrant fouls including the one with gibson, well thats just my opinion because for me a flagrant should be called on someone who is trying to intentionally hurt the player, those what kirk and gibson did was just trying their best to stop that L-Train, if your gonna foul someone make sure your foul would stop him and prevent a 3 point play(AND-1) or an easy basket
      i was really surprised when LeBron gathered and charge boozer , well that was a clear flagrant for me because his intention was not to stop boozer but to do some damge on him lol… he simply got frusrated, and for those people, dont call LBJ a whiner or cry baby, or anything, dont judge him, your not there, your not on the court playing, you dont know whats really happening there, if you play basketball in some leagues you will know how frusrating it can be and how physical it is in the court, i mean not exactly the same as in the NBA of course but you’ll get some idea… peace

  223. Myself says:

    What a sad, sad article. What were you hoping for? A cookie from Lebron? You felt the need to criticize Ainge and Gibson for things that have nothing to do with the matter of the article itself. If they ask them about the officiating what did you expect them to answer? Gibson: ” I can’t really answer that, because my season statistics are a sub-par”. Ainge: “Well, we’re in the 7th or 8th spot so I really can’t comment anything about the team that is in first place”, Was that what you expect?? Miami and Lebron are too good to be talked about by other people, right?. Sad, sad article, but I’m already used to it, nba,com has really bad writers, unfortunately.

  224. kde019 says:

    Jeff Caplan is the man.

    • aaaaaa says:

      Are you kidding me? This article is extremely unprofessional. He’s taking shots at Danny Ainge for taking shots at LeBron. That’s hypocritical. Danny Ainge is one of the all-time greats, and a great GM, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to basketball. Just because the Celtics are going though a rough patch doesn’t mean that he’s any less qualified to speak on basketball. As for Taj Gibson, nothing he said was wrong. Players know better than to intentionally hurt other players, and in the actual play it’s clear that Gibson is going for the ball. I already loved Danny Ainge and was a fan of Taj Gibson before, but now I respect them more. Jeff Caplan, you should be ashamed of this article.

      • kde019 says:

        Jeff Caplan got the balls to write this one down. He surely knew he’ll feel the ‘Hate’ in doing so.

        I’m not very sure if Danny Ainge suffered the same beating during his time in the NBA; he wasn’t that big, wasn’t that fast, didn’t jump as high and clearly wasn’t as good as LeBron. So, I think it’s ’embarrasing’ for him to comment against LeBron. It was personal and unprofessional.

  225. squaded says:

    what people dont understand is that when lebron gets fouled it may not look like much but thats because hes huge so imagine how hard they would have to foul him to knock him down to the floor.

  226. Al says:

    woah woah woah ….

    Jeff, you might need to get off Lebron’s nutz

  227. Wow says:

    This article is horrendously biased. How about the NBA scribes hop off lebrons D and be objective for once

  228. Hussain says:

    U win 27 games in a row and than after one loss u start to complain and whine and thats from the best player on this planet?
    I mean seriously this “King” gets more love from da refs than any other player today i mean he can travel he can foul and shout at da refs without getting technicals but still he goes this way after the first loss after 2 Months??

    Ridicoulus!!(like the hole artikel as if it has something to do with the season numbers of Gibson or the loosing streak of Boston…..)

  229. Ron says:

    Article is a joke. LeBron averages 1.5 PF/game despite being THE MOST aggressive defender and he throws his body around like a fullback on offense while doing an Oscar worthy performance of flailing and dropping to one knee then a guy the size of Brandon Jennings tries to stop him from scoring… But yeah Jeff freaking Caplan, poor LeBron gets UNNECESSARY NEGATIVE JABS.

  230. Franc in L.A. says:

    Wow. This Jeff Caplan guy is a joke. Way to stand up for the little baby that is LeBron. I watched the game only to remember in life the games of such a great basketball player in LeBron. But c’mon Lebron, the only non-basketball play wad his flagrant. Unacceptable from a guy who whined about fouls on him. That foul should’ve been brought up too.

  231. jeah says:

    it’s soooooo pathetic how all haters are so happy that their team players are trying to foul hard LeBron ! Last game when Heat won against Bullls, that little wannabe Nate ran into LeBron .. after that contact LeBron limped, and what did the crowd?? – laughed and aplouded Robinson for doing so! Even commentators said, that that’s not right – YOU DONT LAUGH AT SOME ONE GETTING HURT !!

    but i guess you are just afraid and can’t see your team winning with LeBron on the lineup – so you justify unsportsmanlike fouls. That’s just pathetic ! Play Ball and win the right way !

  232. dilraj says:

    lebron is the one who brought miami to this streak and he can say or do anything he wants to express his feelings!!

  233. Rolly del Mundo says:

    Mr. Kaplan, how much does LeChoke pay you to defend or write good things about him? The guy does not complain when they’re winning but cries like a baby when he losses and blames everybody for losing. The fouls committed on Le Choke were all legitimate fouls and were not meant to hurt him. Great players do not complain, they just move on when and play like pros. This is one of the so many reasons why a lot of basketball fans hate this guy. He maybe gifted with a ton of basketball skills but he will never become a great player. The only reason he has a ring is because he is supported by good players. Le Choke, be humble like your team mate Battier and you may probably earn the respect of basketball fans. Grow up Mr. James!

  234. Embarrasing Defense says:

    Has jeff caplan ever played competetive basketball?

  235. bob says:

    Basketball is a tuff game and your gonna get bounced around but everybody does. The refs know when its getting out of hand and they know when its a physical game. Those plays were not intentional. People get fouled harder than that and they just get right back in the game with no complaining but we don’t talk about those people do we!!!!

  236. old man says:

    both bulls and celts have no chance in fair game against the heat,that is why theu use and defend is basketball,not wrestling.

  237. this self proclaimed king is a whiner & a crying baby move on guy..yup boozer was right telling bron2x “YOU”RE SOFT” after he intentionally rammed and tried to harm him..and look at this so called king with a monster body complaining bout those fouls whch,by d way,are not flagrant fouls..(reviewed by d officials as well ) this guy already has d superstar treatment every single game & he’s still complaining?? wow…….

  238. Kevo says:

    Jeff Caplan is clearly biased. No need to defend LeBron, he can do it himself, thanks…

    It was a good, close, physical, grind-it-out type of game. Move on to the next one. Smh at this writer….

  239. JOSH says:

    What a biased article. Mr. Caplan, you just made yourself look worse than Lebron, Ainge, and Gibson.

  240. Nick says:

    i dont know what most people want they have won 27 game’s in a row the miami heat team played extremly well the played like the champions that they are the big 3 will make history there are to many hater’s out there but if u only open your eyes you wil see that they are the best and as for LeBron he is the best player of the world what more do you want

  241. Wow the whole loss thing is sooooooooo sad

  242. Willis says:

    Yup, garbage – Caplan you are clearly a Heat fan and a terrible commentator – the NBA is paying you for this? What a joke, go back to riding the superstar pole dude.

  243. lolumad123 says:

    lebron complaining about officiating? thats the last thing that should be happening right now

  244. Hello says:

    The hinrick foul was just a foul but gibson foul was mayve not to hurt, but he really got him around the neck, head that a Fragrant 1

  245. Yup says:

    God forbid someone criticizes LeBron for complaining about the officiating. I guess he is just too used getting the calls in HIS favor and so are all his fan boys, like the guy who wrote this article apparently.

    BTW Jeff, your entire article is one big hypocritical statement. LeBron is taking shots at the refs with his statements yet you look completely past that and slam the guys taking shots at LeBron. I think those fanboy goggles is blinding you to the reality of this situation, sir.

  246. Chans says:

    I couldn’t ref an NBA game I understand they are human and miss a lot of calls or sometimes their whistle gets blown just out of reflex. They may not be able to control every call but NBA refs really should be more consistent.

  247. Christian Loizzi says:

    Wow this idiot already gets every foul in the book and complains when 1 or 2 don’t go his way that’s just sad

  248. John says:

    LeBron thinks they “should have been more liberal in calling fouls”… seriously? If Kirk Heinrich grabs Lebron with 2 hands around his torso, is that a play on the ball? Obviously not, so why was it just called a regular foul? Anyone?

  249. R4Y says:

    Wow glad to see a non biased article…nothing like a Lebron lover sticking up for him. We get it they lost finally after 27 games and so he had to find an excuse,

  250. Paul in Chicago says:

    I didn’t see Boozer whining when Lebron intentionally rammed into his chest trying to knock him off his feet. He took it like a man and not like a baby. If something doesn’t go Lebrons way he will always blame someone else. Trust me he didn’t change. As for your Gibson comment he actually took a pay cut to stay with the team has been hurt this season and is coming off the bench. How are you going to hate on his stats when your big man Bosh had two rebounds in that game. Stop hating

  251. Read Your Article the next before you publish it. Tay was absolutely right about what he said. There were some hard fouls against him. “But hes a big boy he can handle it” as an espnreporter said about boozer taking that flagrant.
    I probably would have been on his side if he didn’t go at Boozer. That just puts him in a hypocrite position complaining about hard fouls.

    But anyway, Hes got the second best streak in history and will probably go for a back-to-back championship. So yeah. Whats he even complaining about?

  252. theboss says:

    wow, i tought this kind of garbage articles were only from espn…

    ”get off lebron’s back” really? get this biased stuff out of here

  253. steve says:

    Lebron James always gets foul calls he shouldn’t get the refs play him soft. If you drive as hard as he drives to the rim opponents should be allowed to make a hard play on the ball. period. quit being a punk

  254. Christian says:

    Hinrick did not tackle James. LeBron ran straight into him and kirk just wrapped him so he wouldn’t fly 20 feet

  255. lebron james says:

    i love Taj’s comment…”i didnt intentionally foul him…I went for the ball” … later says”i grabbed him”

  256. aaron says:

    lebron is a great player…but cmon its a physical game…stats of other players dont have nething to do with the situation at all. Lebron is just whining cuz they lost. you think these are hard fouls? go back and watch MJ getting fouled against the Pistons in the 90’s thats tough basketball…get over it lebron

  257. PAWEL says:

    So what was exactly wrong with Gibsons comment? The only hater I see out here is the writer of this article I guess he is a Heat fan and still hates Gibson for posterizing his boyfriend Wade. The games between Chicago and Miami have always been psychical. Do I have to remind the writer that not too long ago Wade pushed Hamilton in to the stands because of frustration. And what Lebron did to get the flagrant was way worse than what Gibson or Hinrich did and by the way Hinrich took the worst of the fall. So yeah Lebron is whining and this writer is just a big hater. Ainges comments were unwarranted but Gibson didn’t say anything wrong. Where does Nba get these homer writers from anyways????????

  258. Chris says:

    Hey Jeff Caplan,

    If LeBron insinuated that Taj Gibson was making dirty plays, he has every right to defend his reputation. Quit swinging from LeBron’s meat.

  259. It’s ironic that last time the Bulls / Heat played, LeBron smashed Nate Robinson on a screen, while moving, dropping his shoulder into him and throwing an elbow. Guess what, no call. It happened twice in the game, both times should have been called offensive fouls, possibly flagrant. LeBron gets away with running guys over all the time, that is part of his game. For him to whine and cry about being fouled hard by the Bulls is absurd. if you look at the foul on Heinrich, it very easily could have been called an offensive foul on James. On the Gibson foul, he was going for the ball, period.
    I am not taking anything away for LeBron, he is a great player. But I never heard Jordan complaining about fouls after a game and that was back when Detroit was as physical a team as ever played the game.

  260. ene be a says:

    Giivee the man the mvp, people hates lebron because they know this man is the man that will finish a the top of Jordan,,Kobe, Bird, Magic… lebron james the best player ever in every way ….the only player better than jordan , and big O.

  261. Brady says:

    LBJ will never be the king

  262. MJ says:

    Again why Lebron could never make it in my era. He’s a DIVA who needs to stop making excuses and move on to the next one. They had the lead late and could never pull away! And Caplan I lebron needs his panties washed, so please take a break from writing…

  263. bohemainfeast says:

    Agreed, this article is garbage. Amazing that the author would try to defend Mr. James, who was understandably frustrated after a tough loss, by referring to a playing statistics throughout the the season. What does Mr. Gibson’s season averages have to do with whether or not those calls were flagrant fouls? Apples and Oranges. Editors should do a better job of getting this nonsense off their website.

  264. Emer of the Philippines says:

    LBJ: Dont make me see you in the playoffs. Any round. I’ll bet my life, I’ll crush you.

  265. The Interrogator says:


    I thought I was the ONLY person to realize this.
    This dude Jeff Caplan is PLAINLY STICKING UP for Lebron

    This Caplan starts attacking Gibson and Ainge AND their repective stats

    Talk about BIAS
    THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  266. R says:

    Great article. Couldn’t agree more

  267. Low says:

    man, people make mistakes when they think that these “strong” players like LeBron, Howard etc. can be fouled hard, just because they are simply to big and to strong to be fouled “normaly”… I saw too many times Howard or James getting fouled way to hard,an on them .sometimes it does not look that hard but it is, and then in times it wasnt even called an regular foul…im sure if it was opposite, they would get flagrant called..even when less force is applied… dear officials, blog “writters”, dont judge and hate them cause they are simply too dominant, but instead look at them as if they were normal nba players, and treat them like that.. otherwise there will always be talking about this ….

  268. brandon says:

    This is most likely the worst jerk-off article of Lebron I’ve seen on this website, and they’re produced almost daily.

  269. Ju says:

    How is taj hating? He said he was to good to be complaining. And then to not say it after a win but a loss makes it that much more suspect! Sounds like a sore looser 2 me. Ur an idiot for writing this article, it makes no sense.

  270. JEFF CAPLANMIAMIFANobviously says:

    @NIKO Spot on mate.. This GUY obviously came from you know WHERE… TERRIBLE HORRENDOUS RIDICULE..
    MOve on FANBOY and be neutral, that’s what REAL JOURNALISM is, if you ever know that

  271. Red says:

    Somebody has a crush! Terrible article and not very mature or impressive to behave that way towards those whose comments you do not like. What was your line again? Oh yea, “haters gonna hate”. Real talk: A hater wrote this article. Have a nice day.

  272. Johnny Smith says:

    Does anyone else ever notice Lebron’s misuse of the phrase humbling experience on a consistent basis?

    Example: [ A 27 game win streak makes him humbled ] that is not a humbling experience, a 27 game losing streak would be a humbling experience.

    Example 2: [ He is humbled by being compared to greats like MJ ] Being compared to MJ is not a humbling experience. being compared to Luke Walton would be a humbling experience.

    I know he has “Chosen One” tattooed on his back, but I don’t think he will strike anyone down with lightning if they gave him constructive critique on his misunderstanding of the word humble.

    Sorry it is my pet peeve, rant over.

    • dattebayo says:

      Well, he didn’t go to college and he claimed losing in the Finals was humbling too, so he got it right a couple of times at least…

    • crooner says:

      the (mis)use of the word has actually helped him a lot. many people truly believe he’s humble because he said so.

  273. BONMEBON says:

    LeBron is big, fast, atheletic, incredibly strong, and drvies hard to the basket. He runs through defensive players , some like Henrich, much smaller than he is. Maybe the defense should just get out of his way and let him score and crown him King James. What do you think? Crybaby or victim?

  274. Seriously says:

    Caplan, swallow LeBron’s babies before you go trying to write an article next time. Everybody knows that guys like LeBron, Kobe, KD, Melo etc etc get the benefit of the officiating. LeBron whining about officiating is a joke. The guy plows over people and expects to get a call every time.

  275. aeromusic says:

    What a useless, ridiculous, delusional article.

    Here are the facts: Lebron is the most coddled, preferentially treated player in the entire NBA. His greatness is inarguable despite this, and he would clearly put up the same numbers without all the calls. But I repeat, Lebron James gets bailed out by more questionable foul calls than anyone in the league BY FAR. And this is not up for debate. Anyone who disagrees is deluding themselves. So for him to then come out and start complaining about calls he isn’t getting? Are you serious?? Plus, he came off this big historic win streak and immediately began whining about something and diverting attention from the fact that they loss. That speaks volumes about his character. Disappointing.

  276. D33 says:

    Well I think i’ll give some credit to Mr Ainge. I presume he knows more about the NBA than most of us… I don’t know Mr Caplan played & is he a GM in the NBA?

  277. ko0kiE says:

    If I comment I hate on the haters haters hate… what?! (:

    I’m not sure about Hinrichs foul.. it was a clear foul but he didn’t mean to hurt LeBron.. it hurted him probably more hitting the floor with his head. but on the second play I kinda feel LeBron.. Gibson had him around the neck/head area, which normally is an automatic flagrant foul… I say normally because LBJ sometimes gets called like Shaq in his days and not like the “normal” NBA player because of his imposing stature.. it can be frustrating if others can shove you around and hack you etc. and you can’t do it on the other end..

  278. Spurs Logic says:

    Two reasons why LeBron is the biggest hypocrite in the NBA
    Reason 1: MJ said Kobe is better than LeBron because Kobe has more rings. LeBron’s statement was “Rings don’t define a player. Yet why did he go 2 Miami? Because he wanted 2 win rings.

    Reason 2: He complains about getting fouled yet when he fouls someone it wasn’t his fault.

    • NBAFanatic13 says:

      reason1: he went to miami because he wants to get a ring and be a champ duh.. did he say”I’m better than kobe even though he has more rings than me.”?.. it means he does not care who is better (Kobe/LeBron). what matters most for him is getting that ring and winning it. he just said “Rings dont define a player.” because thats his opinion to the question given to him, he simply stated his opinion to what jordan said about the topic of who is the better player. because for him rings dont define a player, he went to miami to win not to be known as the best player. get it? got it? good.
      reason2: everyone complains. if complaining is being a hypocrite then everyone is a hypocrite… :/

  279. CptObvious says:

    This is my first ever reaction to an article on this website, but I felt I had to post it.

    First of all, tons of respect for Lebron James, he’s currently the best player in the league and the winstreak was an amazing achievement. But come on, it’s unworthy of a champion to whine like that.You lost, get over it, you”ll probably win the title. The fouls on Lebron were no harder than in other games, it’s just because they lost that he talks about it, which I completely understand since he’s a competitor (and competitors hate to lose).

    Mr. Kaplan, I think you missed one of the key values of a journalist: objectivity. Lebron has the right to make those comments (even though they don’t make sense to me) but where do you get the right to take shots at Danny Ainge and Taj Gibson ? In my opinion that’s just low … Gibson responded in a very mature and neutral way, still you feel the need to criticize his play and question his contract. Danny Ainge just answered a question and gave us his opinion, like it or not.

  280. Witness says:

    Hello, he is the prized possession of the NBA. He is an icon, he is right next to Jordan in terms of name, level of game play, and getting people to watch the NBA. You NEED to PROTECT your prized possession, that is the way it works. If I had a player like that I would do anything in my power to protect him because he is currently “the record breaking machine.” and is playing at a different level. PROTECT HIM!! No complaint just the truth. Yes, there is preferential treatment in the NBA.

  281. Skerg says:

    Everyday I watch sportcenter and as much games as possible. I think I hear almost a player from a different team every night, if not their coaches, complain about the officiating…. This is truly about being a LeBron hater. The Refs did make the call correctly, and yes I do expect frustration from one side of a competition… its basketball… Hating is not needed… Great Job Bulls! Thank you for the 27 win streak HEAT! Maaan, that was special. Im definitely entertained this season….

  282. JEFF CAPLANMIAMIFANobviously says:

    another one of those fickle chickn minded fan taking it a whole new level by using his job to write such, be neutral dude, no SUPERSTAR WHINE like that.. Need examples? M2 MJS, Michael Jordan, MAgic Johnson, Kareem and all the list follows, just shut up, move on stop defending your superstar MIami FANBOY

  283. O dog says:

    Lebron will never be a Jordan. Jordan never cried he just made his opponents cry.

    • omg says:

      Then you really haven’t seen Jordan play.. when the rules were the same as they are now Jordan would foul out in the first quarter every game because of yelling to reffs !!!

  284. bu says:

    Spot on Chris!! LBJ just emotional that the streak was over. Clearly he was thinking about it. I never heard of LBJ complain about anything. He’s human afterall & for his age, really mature kid. I hv strong respect for him as he kept improving his game & gave the best efforts thoughout (well, some may argue about his plays in playoffs against Celtics in his final yr wl the Cavs). He’s much better than Wade who’s immature & whines.

  285. whoosh28 says:

    Lebron is right. There is tough defense like Bradley plays. And there is no defense which Rondo plays on Lebron alot. Rondo hangs on him and grabs him. That isn’t defense. And Rondo is talented enough to play it the right way, as Lebron does. When you are tackling a player on the court, that isn’t a defensive play. It should be WARNED and then called a flagrant later on. And if you aren’t calling these, you don’t turn around and call them on Lebron for re-dishing out the same punishment. That isn’t how you play basketball. That is how you come out already defeated and grab at anything to win. Sad thing is: they got away with it.

  286. aeromusic says:

    What a useless, terrible, terribly written article. What are you even trying to say in this article? You make no clear point, take no clear side, and in the process take shots at the Celtics and Taj Gibson for…what reason exactly?

    Here are the facts: For his immense talent and inarguable greatness, Lebron is the most coddled, preferentially treated player in the entire league. He’d put up the same numbers without all the calls, but he gets bailed out by the referees more than ANY other player and to a sometimes ridiculous degree. And that is not up for debate. Anyone who disagrees is deluding themselves. So for Lebron to complain about NOT getting calls…are you kidding me?? I’m disappointed in him. You go on a 27 game win streak and at the first loss you start whining and making excuses. Sore loser.

    • NHBleedsGreenISanIDIOT says:

      ^well said. couldnt agree more.

      no one is fighting Lebrons skill set…what we are fighting is his morals and ethics for the game…which i believe are just as imporant as skill set…examples: Durant and DRose

  287. Erick says:

    This article was garbage a 100% I’m not a fan of Miami but I recognize their historical run. But now, if you decide to make a comment, you’re already a hater? Wow… who’s the bandwagoner here? I remember this guy writing garbage articles last season when the Heat was down 3-2 against the Celtics. Or even when Miami is struggling. I do think that the Refs made the correct calls, and if Lebron James wants to complain he’s got his right as much as Taj Gibson or Danny Ainge to comment about it. So Now you need to be in a title contender team and have a winning streak of at least +20 to comment on Lebron? Who’s the bandwagoner?

    • JvD says:

      Correct calls? The rulebook says it’s a flagrant: if unnecessary and/or excessive contact occurs. So how is embracing a guy with two arms while you are falling backwards necessary and normal defense? Same for putting two outstretched arms around the neck of a player going up while the ball is clearly out of reach? I don’t care who’s team they are on but these should have been flagrants or at least intentional.

  288. Jeff says:

    Hello haters, please continue to hate while Lebron continues to dominate. Please add fuel to the fire, thanks.

  289. basketball fan says:

    Basketball is basketball NOT WRESTLING…hello!!!!.

    • soccer_fan says:

      basketball is a physical game & one of d reason a player can get injured as well.. just tell baby lebron to play golf then..

      • JvD says:

        Ah right, soccer is the example. Hope not, or we will see very talented players getting career ending injuries more. I’d rather see soccer get some NBA rules instead of the other way around. Let’s defend the messi’s and not the materazzi’s please.

    • basketball is a physical game and that’s one of the d reason a player can get injured.. just tell lebron to play golf if his whining about the physicallity of the game.. Come playoof time,you’ll see a lot of them..It just part of the game..

      • basketball is a physical game and that’s one of the d reason a player can get injured.. just tell lebron to play golf if his whining about the physicallity of the game.. come playoff time,you’ll see a lot of just part of the game..

  290. rjay says:

    i thought lebron is a big monster but after watching this interview i know now thet lebron is a big monster crying baby…….

  291. Spot on says:

    This article hits the nail right in the coffin. 27 game win streak and then they lose 1 game and then lebron is all of a sudden a whiner, non competitor etc. Everyone wants to attack lebron because they’re jealous but cant find the right moment.

    • ee says:

      people dont usually hate just because someone is rich and successful they hate because of someones personality no one hates rose or durant because they are good people

  292. SFANDFB says:

    Stern: Lebron, are you crying because of the streak?
    Lebron: No, Taj & Kirk hit me.

  293. wow says:

    so LBJ can complain about calls and everyone should just let him to the basket everytime just because of his stats and winning streak?
    and Gibson should keep quiet just becausue bulls have worse record then heat and gibson’s individual stats are worse then lebron’s??
    who let this guy write anything on nbs’a page??

    • wow indeed says:

      Exactly. This guy wrote an abomination of an article. Outrageous. Ainge and Gibson expressed their opinion without insulting anyone and this Caplan guy comes here and writes as if all that was directed towards him. Probably in his opinion everyone should clear the way for Bron to dunk all night long. I mean I can understand such logic from Heat fans, but when an NBA writer makes this public it makes you sick. Its because people like him the game got softer in the first place, all they did was complain that the Pistons and Knicks were playing tough D and people couldn`t “witness” more dunks on a nightly basis. Lots of fans now have little to no knowledge about the game of basketball, they just wanna see dunks and spectacular alley-oops, they attend the games as if it is some circus show. Hopefully I will not have to go through another downgrade in regards of the quality of play. One is too many.

  294. gball says:

    One thing is complaint during the game due strategy to win call, but complaining to the media ” C’mon Son” go cry to your mama. NBA is play or go home . I understand fouls (like lebron did to boozer )that are intentionally hurt player but fouls like that night common that happen every night and playoffs.Nate Robinson get hard fouls every night , rando got almost broken arm playing against the heat , did he complain to the media……nope!!!!!!! Melo , JR smith,Tony Parker, manoli , DRose, Felton and many others players get foul every night and I don’t hear say any complain to the media man up le lebron……

  295. king james says:

    Mr. ainge just wait for the playoffs and see how miami heat will beat Boston,. shame on you..

  296. Paul says:

    Hey Jeff Caplan… Your comments to what others believe and have the right to say concerning LeBron James makes me believe you are for all things LBJ! I resent you writing a post and criticizing comments made by a GM and what almost every BB fan believes. Therefore, you probably don’t like when LBJ is called out for anything. Bottom line LBJ is a whiner and needs to shut up and play the game. They hacked Shaq so much and with all their might and all he did was continue to play.

  297. Ls says:

    Lebron not whinning. a reporter that was there said lebron got fouled more than a few times & the refs aint call. But Lebron was babying them in the paint !

  298. Spire says:

    bad article is bad. those fouls were fine and smart fouls to do on lbj. stop crying especially when you get the refs on your side the most in the history of the nba.

  299. Tim says:

    He is just a bad person – hope Miami lose and he gets injured

  300. yah 1 says:

    What about last year when Lebron fouled Kevin Durant late in the game in the playoffs which could of tied the game refs. gave the ball to Miami with seconds left and Miami won in OKC. Durant was asked about it He man up and said I just missed the shot and everyone new he was foul. Seems Mr. all world can have it both way’s for selling your league? Seems like a cried baby!!!

    • HeatWillBeChamps says:

      KD’s foul last year was not a hard foul to the head. Big difference, Heat Hater.

      • That’s d difference between mj,kobe & other greats over lebron..Lebron’s a whiner,soft and even a losser but thanks to his 2 other divas wade & bosh that made him looks like a winner..

    • bullsfan0218 says:

      ya I remember that play, Lebron got apiece of KD’s leg, I think most basketball fans would agree that a wide open look 6 feet from the basket with a hand on his leg is more than makeable for Durant. I’m sure he knows it too and thats probably why he didn’t say anything about it

  301. airjoca says:

    I wish LeBron could take a beating like Jordan did from the Pistons and Knicks back in the day. Then he’d have a reason to cry about. Whining baby.

  302. airjoca says:

    I wish LeBron would take a beating like Jordan did from the Pistons and Knicks back in the day. Then he’d have reasons to complain about. Whining baby.

  303. Game Time says:

    I’ll never understand teams that like to foul (that) hard; It makes you look weak. Kind of like the guy at the gym who can’t play so his only option is to foul.

  304. Darius27 says:

    You know nothing underdog.. a clear heat hater… just envious your teams didn’t land LeBron in free agency… Yuck.

  305. Niko says:

    WOW, this whole article is absolutely garbage, I didn’t realize lebron james needed big ole jeff caplan to stick up for him

    • sweetdayo says:

      Agreed, and this article is so bias. It just shows how the NBA LOVES Lebron so much that he can do no wrong in their eyes…Jeff Caplan, please never write another article.

    • Timothy Bladel says:

      Right, this is weird. James clearly threw his body at Boozer and this so called blogger wants to admonish those that didn’t whine like spoiled brats. Come on!

    • CFWood says:

      I agree. What happened to objective reporting? I get opinions but this is kind of ridiculous. The streak is polarozin

      • CFWood says:

        Polarizing* but that’s for fans and outsiders, not a proffesional that’s supposed to deliver unbiased news.

    • mee(a)t says:

      to be fair this is typical Jeff Caplan..nothing new here

    • Denzo says:

      Yeah I agree. LeBron fouled Deng on his Dunk – no call. He got no BALL.. all arm.. and got away with it.

      In the 4th, Boozer drove in our LeBron – scored and got hit pretty hard – not even a whistle.

      LeBron tried to PUNCH it through Kirk hinrick so when Kirk was about to go flying that hard, he decided to momentarily grab LeBron for balance imo. You watch the play.. he looks like he is going around Kirk.. then he punches it straight into Kirks chest.. what you expect a guy 70 pounds lighter to do?? Kirk is the one who cracked his head on the floor not Lebron. And if Kirk didnt try and steady himself – that was a no question offensive foul.

      Even Nate Robinson got called for the most ridiculous call against Chalmers in the 2nd quarter..

      but yeah this article has the wrong idea in my view.. its almost like an advertisement about Lebron – not actual basketball and being unbiased at that.

    • Unenthusiastic about Jeff Caplan says:


    • DopeJam says:

      Very unprofessional “article”, Jeff Caplan. Try being at least a LITTLE objective next time, chump.

    • Red says:

      Irony: When you spend an entire article complaining that you don’t like what other people are saying….and then end it by saying “haters apparently will hate.” Well Mr. Caplan sure will, won’t he?

    • Paul Pierce says:

      soooo truuee bro, this his garbage, there is no objectivity and he has lost all credit to himself as a reporter.. He is sticking up for Lebron James by bashing GM’s and players who said nothing about lebron James as a person.. NO ONE is making out lebron to be a villian, he is not a real sports writer, but a joke… U cannot make articles that outright disrespect teams based on feelings you have carried.. Cause then anything you say after cannot be taken seriously… You are a joke..

    • Sonny Garcia says:

      I agree. Such a 1 sided story. I guess Lebron needs his posse to protect him. Gibson didnt say anything offending so i dont know why they are making such a big deal about it. I guess only Queen James can complain and no one can judge him for that.

    • Tone says:

      It’s necessary when pricks(like you) spread garbage to impressionable minds.

    • HeatWillBeChamps says:

      Another HH (Heat Hater). We won’t be seeing your team in the Finals.

    • ee says:

      yes jeff caplan you are an idiot what a terrible article nobody cares what you think

    • SoFlaFan says:

      Great article!!!! Guess the truth hurts!!

  306. underdog says:

    Well said Danny Ainge and Gibson… It’s so funny how LeBrom complains for non-basketball plays when HE WAS THE ONLY ONE who made an unsportsmanlike play when he intentionally rammed Boozer. Hinrich’s play was to stop LeBron, not hurt him. Gibson’s play was to stop LeBron and not to hurt him. LEBRON RAMMING INTO BOOZER was to hurt Boozer, not to stop the ball… oooooow the irony of LeBron’s whinning… :DDD

    • q't18 says:

      hater again…you shouldn’t reading this article or else you’re one of “hypocrite” who’s trying to follow LBJ!!! MOVE ON BOY!!! BITTER!!!

      • Bstarr says:

        Underdog has a point here. Is has nothing to do with being a hater or not. Lebron has very nice figures and is a dominant player. It was not necessary for him to complain about NBA officials, because those NBA officials did help the Heat a lot in the past. And you might want to thank Carlos Boozer for not throwing a punch at Lebron (I’m sure KG or Rasheed Wallance would have) and they both would have been ejected.

        So respect everyone’s opinion. Streak is over so maybe time for you to move on & concentrate on Sunday’s game against the Spurs.

        Good luck

      • MJ>LBJ says:

        q’t18 your the one that seems bitter that a Bulls team that didn’t have Noah or Rose beat your all mighty Heat team to end the streak, that really doesn’t mean anything unless they can win another ring. Lebron was mad that the refs weren’t on the Heats side to help increase the streak, but still the fouls that Lebron questioned about weren’t even that bad. Even his biggest advocate Stephen A. Smith said those fouls weren’t flagrent, so Lebron should just shut his mouth and take another loss to the team that made his team cry two years ago.

      • F_ _ K ALL THE JEALOUS HATERS says:

        Everybody that talks BS about LBJ is because they are scared of him because he will be better than Jordan. Jordan who shoves Bryon Russell out of the way to make a basket in the NBA Finals nobody call offensive foul for that. Jordan always complained about plays and got a lot of calls on his favor.

      • Game Time says:

        Lebron isn’t complaining about the refs. He’s saying that the way the Bulls played was not a part of basketball. Those fouls may have not looked that bad on camera, but he’s the one taking the punishment.

    • pasigiri says:


      Lebron was frustrated clearly. He sized up Boozer and then put extra umph into the “contact”.

      Lebron is tough as nails though. Dude is a straight up beast on the court. Heck, his hair line is running from his game!!! But he was just frustrated. Everyone has game like that, no matter what level the person is at.

    • Kal says:

      ^word. preach brotha, preach!

      “Amazing the tiny cracks that opportunists will squirm through to get in their shots. […] Then again, haters apparently will hate. Ridiculous.”

      and Yes Men will be Yes Men. equally ridiculous the tiny cracks they will squirm through to defend a star who really doesn’t need to defend him and who, once again, brought all this media attention on himself.

      Ainge was not hating. Ainge was just saying. and what Ainge said was more or less right. (Gibson too, from his POV, though his play was more on the line. pun intended.)

      speaking of an 80’s Celtic, what did another great player do when he was getting fouled in ways that are not basketball plays? take a look:

      in short, he didn’t say anything, he just took care of business, expressed his anger through his game and found a way to win.

      but LeBron is a great player. nobody’s taking that away from him so you don’t need to post his stats — we know. but you can be a great player and a whiner.

      • BJ says:

        the 80’s was simply a different era. the refs would le the guys play physical. there was no such thing as a flagrant foul 1,2 or 3. break away fouls etc. its a different game today. what I remember is that the players never talked about one another and put each other down in the media if aomeone wasnt playing well. they just picked up the slack and other players stepped up. if a team got physical with you, you simply got physical right back. I used to love those Detriot bad boy and Chicago games, during the late 80’s and 90’s.. And the Knicks and Chicago games. they were physical and really entertaining to watch. Kobe and Lebron are extremely good players today in todays game. Neither one comes close to the greatness of those players back then and shouldnt even be compaared to Jordan. Jordan was unstoppable in that physical level of play era and he still scored 40 points a game. Literally unstoppable. they double teamed, tripple teamed, 4, 5 man teamed Jordan, LOL. and he STILL scored! this young guys today know nothing of that era. they knocked Jordan down and he still scored, Detriot used to beat Jordan up and he still scored, LOL.

        Like this video showed, let your frustration play out in your game. get the ball, get physical right back and score.

      • Johnny Nosebleed says:


      • BJ says:

        You gotta remember Danny Ainge is from that physical era with Bird, Magic, Isaiah Thomas and Jordan. thats why he’s saying that. stop complaining and play, thats what the players of his day did. unfortunately the game today doesnt allow them to get really physical like that. too many rules now. And many of these players have perfected flopping, like Dirk did on Blake the other dayl. Blake got a call and they ulitmately lost the game.

      • Game Time says:

        1st off Lebron took the punishment…2nd of all, Bird, Magic, MJ and the rest did not come from an era were sports figures are so commercialized and have everyone picking at their every word. Every NBA player at one point has complained about the refs so don’t get it twisted like you tried to do.

    • lebron james says:

      you are an idiot… we need to protect the best players in the league especially the greatest to ever play… i watched the game and when you are going so fast to the basket you cannot have people grabing you and pulling you down with both arms especially two guys at once. you can get badly injured and the entire league suffers…

    • DRoseFan says:

      Well put, Taj Gibson barely made physical contact with LeBron. I think LeBron is just upset that the streak came to end. Its funny how LeBron said earlier this season, he plays football, so these fouls are nothing. But he complains and its starting to get to him. Those calls were correct.

      • JJOHN says:

        The things is DHoward gets fouled like this every game dont see him complaining after every game. Lebron complains way too much especially during the game itself.

      • Game Time says:

        JJohn Howard complains and has before…please shut up. Every internet idiot is coming out to criticize James speaking out against the plays on him like it’s never happened before. At DRoseFan, let’s see if you say as much when fragile little Rose comes back to play…that’s is if he stops being scared 1st.

  307. heat_champs says:

    now at last u did an amazing article..can u suggest spo to rest his superstars on the spur-heat game?after the streak they deserve a rest and it will be perfect to rest them on that match up.(at least give pop a dose of his own medicine..LOL!!)thanks.just dont know how to send my suggestion to heat coaching staff.God speed!

    • heat_chumps says:

      Yeah maybe that “great coach spo” can rest the “big 3” for the playoffs too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great coaching there buddy!!!!! LOL

      • LINs says:

        dumb fool, all us humans fool. we need much rest, aint like u alien hunter. we gotta chill, no push off everytime. u think its easy to soar in airs? come on man, where u at? u cant even see me, LOL! come on muffefazgger. we attack the rim and destroy it. its not easy, but gibson is the man. i learn my mma from bowe. who said we were gonna rest al lthe way? we got some many games lead over no.2. u think they can catch us? dont be stupud, just let us chill. as long as we top east, we cool. we aint gotta worry. just avoid, chi and pac. and we are cool. aint nobody can stop us. we probably lose in west, but east is locked. so its time to rest u old fool! now can u dig this? i doubt it, hellya!

    • Chris says:

      Pop would probably laugh it off. Just because he looks grumpy during the games doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a sense of humor. Pop is ex-military, he’ll still want his boys to go in there and slaughter Miami regardless Of who Spo plays, and I highly doubt the Heat’s reserve unit could handle San Antonio

    • crooner says:

      if spo does that, the commish should also give the heat a “dose” of the fine the spurs got.

  308. cruzero says:

    i hope the celtics and the bulls face miami in the playoffs, i wanna see their face while they lose to the heat. 1 loss and suddenly lebron is the villain again, give the man a break. i know it feels good to end a 27-game winstreak, but face miami in a 7 game series, let us see whose gonna talk.

    • Chris says:

      I remember back in 08? First round playoffs Cleveland vs. Washington, Lebron went charging to the basket only to get rammed hard with what looked like an attempt to actually harm him. He fell to the ground and got up like it was nothing, than after the series said “I just let my game talk for me.” if he can deal with that, he can deal with this, probably just emotional over the loss of the streak, understandable I guess. But Lebron does get a lot of easy calls. I don’t think Celtic fans will ever get over Wade smacking Rondo in the face and not getting called during a crucial series, so really… Lebron will live

      • Timothy Bladel says:

        He is a premadonna. He’s always complaining to the refs. Watch that team play and you will see the Hear demand calls and get them. They know how work the system. He shouldn’t whine, his game is dependent on foul calls.

      • Yeah you’re right, I mean he gets away with a lot of calls…especially travels…the referees sometimes makes mistakes…it is what it is…Gibson is right…he is too good of a player to whine about this…you don’t see magic or jordan whine about the calls

      • celtics4life says:

        I totally agree with you, nobody is hatin on LeBron….He is a fantastic player, But he gets away with a lot of dirty stuff, because of who he is. It’s a big deal. You the talk of the nba, your getting paid a truck load of money. Do what you get paid to do and stop whining, he sounds like me 6 yr old son. Grow up and play ball, this is a man’s game, if you wanna whine go play peewee basketball with my son

      • Glen says:

        Regarding Rondo and Wade, I watched the play over and over. Rondo did play dirty on Wade by grabbing Wade along with his own fall. He used his left arm to land. That’s what happened.

    • Joe says:

      I think that you’re wrong. The bulls nor celts consider LeBron as a villain. They take pride in beating the heat because they are the best. Wouldn’t you be proud of beating the best? I think you’re just jealous the bulls beat the heat, particularly because you wanted them to beat the lakers 33 streak. Playing for stats is as low as a player can get. Lebron is the best player in the nba and him crying about these issues is ridiculous. So stop being angry, relax. Well for atleast this year and next because come 2014 free agency…your little team is getting split apart.

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      Ainge and Gibson should be ashamed of themselves.
      Neither Heinrich foul was a flagrant but its sad when boozer flops
      and everyone takes turns hammering Lebron and then he gets his
      first flagrant of the season? TERRIBLE!! Quite possibly the worst flagrant
      foul call in history. Those 2 things ended up costing
      the Heat the game, the streak,and a chance of all-time NBA history!!

      • oalee says:

        Seriously? Boozer flopped? I probably missed that or you might be watching another game. Boozer took it to the chest like a man and Lebron saw the pick being set up (he even looked at Boozer) and even winded up for that flagrant 1.

      • soccer_fan says:

        Seriously, you make me laugh..:) r u sure boozer was flopping? check it again,maybe u watched another game..boozer took d hit like a man..and baby bron2x was crying after the game complaining bout the physicallity of the game..well, basketball is a man’s game and NBA is a man’s league.. Lebron should stop whining..just move on to the next one and play like a man..

      • CP3 shares my birthday says:

        Lol. This guy clearly didn’t watch the game. Boozer didnt even budge when lebron intentionally rammed him. Obviously the loss of the streak is upsetting but LeBron needs to get over it. It was a good run no doubt but you can’t expect the refs to always call things your way.

      • usmainesun says:

        you must have high fever and does not know what are you saying. Take some medicine.

    • FLORALA says:

      I’m not a big fan of Lebron, but I do acknowledge his talent and skills (prboably top three talent of all time). But, he needs to understand that he is the man with big bulls-eye on his back. Players will come and hit him and make sure he misses the shot. On the other hand, I perfectly understand his antagonists because the NBA does protect him and will protect him because Lebron is the biggest commodtiy right now. I do agree with many fans that he shouldn’t cry about the fouls that are not called because the fouls that are considered “flagrant 1″ in modern NBA were’t even considerd a technical foul 20 years ago….in high school. After all, Lebron is 6’8”, 270lbs built to play DT in NFL, not a forward in NBA. He stampeded over lot of NBA players as well with his immense physique and shouldn’t complain about some fouls. This is like making an excuse for his loss against the Bulls. It wasn’t how he lost, it’s how he responded with a loss. The reason he is still not in the same category with Jordan and Bryant to many fandis because of he’s mentality. The two I mentioned never made an excuse (Jordan agains the Pistons, Bryant missing all those threes against the Jazz) for their loss despite all the adversities. Even I will become a big fan of Lebron if he can grow more mentally.

    • NHBleedsGreenISanIDIOT says:

      no one is fighting Lebrons skill set…what we are fighting is his morals and ethics for the game…which i believe are just as imporant as skill set…examples: Durant and DRose

      • willem says:

        thats why durant got like 10 tehnicals this year, because of his morals and ethics..? please..

    • Scott says:

      it just goes to show how much he would crumble against defense in the 1990s, todays rules allow Lebron to dominate, if he was up against the Detroit Pistons of the late 1980s he would certainly have to change his game allot.