Kobe’s Bone Spur Worst Part of Lakers’ Long Night In Milwaukee


– The respective head coaches were asked prior to the game Thursday which of their teams was feeling more desperate.

By the end of the night, the Lakers’ Mike D’Antoni had it all over the Bucks’ Jim Boylan. For all the wrong reasons.

Snapshot of the night, the latest in this tortuous season for L.A.: Kobe Bryant hopping out of the BMO Harris Bradley Center on one crutch, his left foot burning from a bone spur diagnosed after the game. Bryant did not talk with reporters in the dressing room but did say to Yahoo! Sports as he maneuvered toward a waiting car: “Inflamed on me. I’ll be all right.” The Lakers were staying over in Milwaukee before flying to Sacramento Friday, where Bryant is expected to be examined again.

This came at the tail end of what already had been a lousy night. After the 113-103 loss the Bucks, their eighth-place counterparts from the East. After another defensive collapse and a blown 13-point lead. After point guard Steve Nash exited for good at 5:13 of the third quarter with an aching back and hamstring. After an old, banged-up team – still smarting from Metta World Peace‘s knee surgery earlier in the day – showed its age, D’Antoni said, then got a little older and more banged-up.

“It’s been a long year, there’s no doubt about it,” forward Pau Gasol said. “A lot of ups and downs. But we’re here. We believe in ourselves. We have the weapons. Hopefully we will stay healthy enough to be able to give it our best shot. But it’s been difficult, no doubt about it.”

Bryant, who sprained his left ankle in Atlanta two weeks ago and missed two games, led the Lakers with 30 points Thursday but shot 6-of-17 from the floor. He was 2-of-8 in the second half, when L.A. got outscored 60-47 by a Bucks club that had dropped four in a row and wasn’t playing at all like a team, ahem, peaking for the playoffs.

But Milwaukee, 35-36, perked up and crept within two games of seventh-place Boston in the East. Led by Larry Sanders’ career-high 21 points and 13 rebounds, all five starters scored in double figures, and Marquis Daniels‘ defense on Bryant led an effort that limited the Lakers to 37.5 percent shooting after halftime, including 1-of-11 on 3-pointers.

“When you’re losing, it seems like you’ll never win again,” Daniels said. “Finally we got a win, we can breathe a little bit. Not breathe, but it’s fresh air and we’ve got to continue to build off this.”

The fact that D’Antoni’s team, 37-36, is sweating out games in late March and figures to do so right through however many it has in April, sums up the failures of its season. Nash is expected to face the Kings Saturday and, given Bryant’s recuperative track record, maybe he won’t miss time either. But with just nine games remaining, a Lakers team that so often can’t control its own scoreboard will be eyeballing others’.

“We have to,” Gasol conceded. “We don’t need anybody else to be injured, to be out, missing games, especially at this point of the year. So let’s see what happens. Hopefully Kobe will be healthy for the next game. Steve will be healthy. I’ll get healthier and we’ll continue to move forward.”

Continue? There was a distinct shifting of gears Thursday but grinding, like something headed toward reverse.


  1. See you next year! says:

    It may be a good thing though if Kobe does not play, probably Lakers have a chance without the ballhog!

  2. Lakers vs celtics guy u sooooooooooooooo true la all the way

  3. sports fan says:

    If Kobe didn’t let his ego get in the way then this Lakers team could be a lot better. If he let Nash do his job as point guard, if he fed the ball more to Dwight, & just played more team ball then they would actually play to their potential. But we all know that will never happen. Kobe plays too much hero ball & now he’s injured again.

  4. Miles says:

    please give up Lakers… and set a new team without nash, kobe and gasol!

  5. goat says:

    Just Amnesty kobe!!!

  6. W/E says:

    Thats why Kobe never was and will never be a 10 top all time player, the guy cant play team basketball and he lacks leadership qualities. Lakers would be a better team if Kobe wasnt in their roster, they would develop better chemistry and would be alot better as a team, Kobe’s boyfriends and lovers are so blind they cant face the truth.

  7. Too funny... says:

    Most so called LA fans don’t seem to know that when Kobe isn’t playing, your garbage team does way better…. He has always been the problem for you all, never really was the answer to begin with. Injury or not, now once again the team can grow somewhat on it’s own without the snake that bites its own.. I agree with most he should just hang it up, he’s doing nothing but padding his stats chasing that 38,000 pt mark.. Again he should just retire… Great for LA and the game it’s self. Bizarro Jordan has ruined basketball for the West Coast Tri-State area.. LOL smh

  8. Stern H8r says:

    Time for Kobe to go the way of Isiah Thomas…you belong in the Hall of Fame…but you ain’t no Michael, or Magic, or even LeBron

  9. fdjlakers1 says:

    The Lakers will rebound (cute pun?). Playing as the 8th seed means no home court advantage…..EVER. But all that means is that they will have to be mentally prepared for it. And with the experience on that team, the mental preparation should be no problem. Before you count the Lakers out, let’s see what the Playoffs do for their work ethic. Usually, they step up when it counts. If they do, all you Laker-Haters will have something to hate even more. If they don’t, then it’s time to get together as a team for next season. Either way, GO LAKERS!!!

    • tuco says:

      Lakers-Heat is an impossible finals. There’s no way lakers could beat spurs, then the clippers, then the thunder.. NO WAY!

  10. chinus says:

    Its better not to enter on the playoffs that to be 0-4 on the first round… hahaha

  11. kobe faker says:

    kobe continue faking your injury hopefully it becomes worse on your way to retirement

    how come when lakers lose kobe becomes injured

  12. Esteban says:

    Remember Kobe’s a 34 year old man. A couple more of re-injuries like these and that’s gonna be it for his career.

  13. ImJusSayin says:

    Can somebody fly off the court and injure Antoni? Thats the one injury that would show everybody who the biggest problem is on this team. Easy to put it on the players but just look at who’s on the floor when. Trying to come back toward the end who in their right mind have Howard, Gasol, and a cold meeks in when you need 3s and speed your best half court set is on the floor. They were without Kobe a few games back and didn’t do too bad why is the world ending this time? Metta out is a lot more painful as there is replacement points but where are they gonna find perimeter D like “No D”antoni cares anyway.

  14. DoubleT says:

    At first I don´t understand how anybody can call Kobe a crybaby..Show some respect! In my opinion Lakers make the playoffs and what happens then no one knows.The fact that they are so unpredictable this season could become their biggest advantage.Everything´s possible..

  15. Jayden Bruinse says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is saying for the lakers to give up..? anything is possible? i think that any player in the nba thinking oh where just going to give up and go for next season if the have a shot to get in the playoffs.. shouldnt be in the nba, god nba is where amazing happens it’s what makes this sport so good seeing teams over coming!

  16. Ohreally!? says:

    Getting injured because they’re missng the playoffs?? What a poor excuse!

  17. Traxnificent laker fan says:

    as a team we have been more or less injured all season,as a matter of a fact im pretty sure there isnt another major team that has such an up and down season this year. we had a coach being fired, a bad offensive system, an interim coach, no training camp with the new coach, having to learn a new system, all the starters have been injured or ecovering from an injury and our back up point guard was injured too.

    there has not been a game where everyone is 90%, so before we hear more of the same garbage from the haters think about that for a second. the fact that were in the 8th seed is amazing, any other team would of collapsed in on its self1

  18. NBA Fan says:

    Woow. Now Kobe is injured? This team is having injuries left and right! and it’s weird how the “superstars” of the team are the ones getting the injuries too! Nash, Howard, Gasol, Worldpeace, and now Kobe. #Playoffs? #Ehh

  19. marlojonesjnr says:

    The NBA, where EVERYTHING is possible. Never discount the Lakers or Kobe’s will to win. LA will make the playoffs, just watch. Once you make the playoffs, anything can happen. There has been a lot of game changers in the history of the NBA like Jordan, Magic, Bird, Lebron, McGrady, and Kobe is in that list too. Anyone who doesn’t see Kobe’s greatness is misguided. So please don’t discredit Kobe calling him a cry baby. Do you know how hard it is to win a championship, let alone 5? Grow up people, you may hate Kobe, but never disrespect him.
    P.S I’m not even a Laker fan, so that’s saying something.

    • tuco says:

      just the fact you mention tracy mcgrady with the rest of those players makes your comment invalid. Let’s all remember that Kobe won 3 championships riding SHAQ’s 3 finals MVPs. So it’s not that hard when you play beside one of the most dominant players ever.

  20. Heisenberg says:

    I’ve said this multiple times. Even if the Lakers make it to the playoffs, they won’t be able to outplay the top four teams in the West come playoff time. Time for this team to add more pieces and remove players this off season.

  21. Bruce Bowen says:

    They might be better off without Kobe, they are 2-1 this season without Kobe. When it comes to the 4th quarter, Lakers becomes a different team, Kobe takes all the shots and often misses a lot. He is responsible for the recent slump.

  22. Rhon says:

    If Steve Nash is ready to go then the lakers just have to run the D”antoni offense just like in phoenix. Blake could play similar to Nash. Play Nash with a big man and 3 shooters and to do that Howard and Gasol cant be in together for too long. That can win you a couple of games if the shooters can come through. Alternatively, just play inside out with Howard like how they did it in Orlando. This team can win games without Kobe because when he is not there they share the ball more.

  23. blitz26 says:

    Kobe is the most pampered nba player. If a player touches even his jersey the ref would call a foul! 6 of 17 shooting?! 20 free throws?! /pif

  24. miguelamor22 says:

    Prediction: The Lakers play better than ever without Kobe. They make the playoffs. Kobe comes back, Lakers are swept by Spurs.

  25. Sith Lord 82 says:

    I don’t understand why the lakers are playing hard to get swept by the spurs! You saw what happen to the Jazz last year in the playoff.The series was over in the first quarter in game one! Kobe just sit out and focus for next season


    where is LA fans i dont see anyone though,,, its lakers article hahahahahaha… SUPER TEAM SUPER DUMB TEAM ILL EVER SEEN IN NBA HISTORY.. hey dont expect to go to playoffs anymore.. should lakers team do is prepare for ur training camp… BYE BYE BYE CRYING MUMBA LOLZ… SEE U AT TRAINING CAMP..

  27. Logic says:

    If they didn’t keep playing Kobe is garbage time to pad his stats then he wouldn’t have such a great risk of picking up these injuries. Then again he wouldn’t be ‘Kobe Bryant’ without all the stat padding going on to pick up his numbers anyway.

  28. wakenbake says:

    so he’ll be playing the 1st quarter on crutches in Sacramento on saturday?

  29. prix says:

    This is the time the Lakers will win and surprise them in the playoffs, without Kobe, Dwight,Nash and Gasol play there best basketball…Kobe is the virus!

    • Logic says:

      Wow, someone else following the NBA has eyes too!? Yes I agree. Without him demanding 20+ shots a game guys like Nash and Howard can actually mesh for good numbers with Gasol providing that crucial thir man impact. They would most likely have had a good season if Kobe had gone down early and stayed out.

      • Mister 215 says:

        Yall idiots do remember the two games in which Kobe didn’t play right??? Do you find it strange that the Lakers scored the lowest point total in a game this season in one of those games, against a team that has no defense??? They scored 76 points against the SUNS!!!! But you prefer to get rid of Kobe??? If that happened they wouldn’t even have a chance to make the playoffs….. The man gets 5 rings nd yall still can’t give credit where credit is due…. Fckin haterz….^^^^^^^

      • Dre says:

        You have no Logic…Logic! All you Kobe hater are fools if you think this team would be anywhere near a playoff hunt w/o Kobe. Stop seeing with your hate and start seeing with your eyes. The other guys on this team can’t shoot..!!! If they would consistently make the shots they get wide opened, then Kobe wouldn’t have to take as many shots. D-wight missing 1,000 free throws. Meeks and Jamison inconsistent on wide opened shots, Nash’s shot is gone. He is missing way more shots than he ever has in his career, Pau is lost and scrared to shoot because of D’Antonio. And the bench, “what bench?’ 5 players can’t even get into the rotation when guys are hurt. This team does not hve good players on it. Only Good named players…! So Kobe keep shooting. At least you keep us in the games w/o being blown out ever night. (Kobe 27 pts/game..HOF)

  30. Ant master says:

    Even if Lakers make the playoffs, they will be beaten by Spurs very easily and will get eliminated in round 1

  31. Eaglos says:

    You know, at some point you have to understand when enough is enough.
    It is pointless reaching the playoffs with half the team injured or recovering
    or re-injured… It is beyond pointless not to think ahead and not realizing that
    you will be beaten like a drum from Round 1 and the only gain will be more
    injuries and lots of bad mood.

    I really hope for Lakers to loose that 8th spot so they can lick their wounds,
    tend their injuries and have a talk about their future and what they want.

  32. david zac says:

    goodbye lakers it’s been a great ride with you guys.

  33. david zac says:

    goodbye lakers it’s been a great ride with you guys. hope you’ll do great next season.

  34. cory says:

    good luck, lakers.

    wait nah. ya done, sons

  35. bitch please says:

    w/o Kobe, goodbye playoffs Lakers…

  36. Kobe’s tough he’ll keep fighting through it

    • June says:

      Kobe’s tough, yes, I agree… But how tough are the Lakers since the spotlight dawns on them in the absence of MWP and Kobe…

  37. miami heat says:

    get well mamba LA fans looking for MIAMI vs LAKERS on NBA FINALS….LET’S GO HEAT!!!

  38. cesar says:

    this is the worst crybaby of all time….. when his team loses he use his injury as an excuse!

    • June says:

      You do realize that even if he lost some games way back, he didn’t use the injury as an excuse like some big ol’ guy in their locker room does… I’m not a big fan of Kobe but I do appreciate him as a fighter with all this injuries and all… Same goes for most guys who are out for injury reasons

  39. Allen Iv3rson says:

    hahaha lakers are a fail

  40. Leo says:

    Crazy how many setbacks the Lakers have this year

    • June says:

      Lakers, Dallas… Almost all the teams this season had their big stars injured in some way… This whole season seems to be cursed with injuries and setbacks…

  41. ByePlayoffs says:


    • you can’t be serious, somebody is forgetting that they still have Pau Gasol (brought Memphis to the Playoffs) Steve Nash (brought Phoenix to the Playoffs) Dwight Howard (brought Magic to the Playoffs) and Antawn Jamison (brought Washington to the Playoffs)

    • Lakers vs Celtics says:

      “Inflamed on me. I’ll be alright!’ Setbacks all season long, but Lakers will atleast be 8th seeded in playoff…and cruise through it to be ‘Champions’

      • BJ says:

        man please, the Lakers better get their fishing poles out and lubed up, because they will be lucky if they make the playoffs. and if they get the 8th seed, they will be swept so quickly by SAS or OKC, they wont even see when Westbrook blows past them going to the hole, lol and four games will go by in the blink of an eye, lol.