Facing Tough Task, Bulls Toughen Up


– This is the way a 27-game winning streak ends: With a lot of bangs and a few whimpers.

Undermanned almost beyond credulity, the Chicago Bulls stiffened defensively, tried to whack twice for every one they absorbed and toughed their way to a 101-97 upset over the Miami Heat that snapped the NBA’s second-longest streak of consecutive victories. The 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers’ mark of 33 in a row rests easy, which is more than can be said about Heat star LeBron James, who ended his night both battered and a little cranky.

The Bulls met arguably the NBA’s most imposing and unstoppable physical force with force of their own. Point guard Kirk Hinrich managed to grab the cow catcher, crash to the floor and live to tell about it when James barreled straight at him in the first quarter. In the fourth, Taj Gibson put James on the floor with a two-handed swipe as the Miami forward drove to the hoop. Initially and incorrectly ruled a flagrant foul, the refs got it right upon review but James didn’t appreciate going down, his legs twisted like a pretzel.

Moments later, James drove one of his massive shoulders into a screen set by Chicago’s Carlos Boozer. That one was a flagrant foul, a spill of frustration not so much that the streak was about to end – it was 90-82 with 3:52 left – but that he was getting abused in the process.

“I believe, and I know, that a lot of my fouls are not basketball plays,” James told reporters afterward. “First of all, Kirk Hinrich in the first quarter basically grabbed me with two hands and brought me to the ground. … And you know, the last one, Taj Gibson was able to collar me around my shoulder and bring me to the ground.

“Those are not basketball plays. It’s been happening all year and I’ve been able to keep my cool. But it is getting to me a little bit.”

First things first: No one can blame James for disliking the thumping. But what Chicago did apparently was within the bounds of Doc Naismith‘s game – OK, maybe Doc Lecter‘s – because none of the Bulls got tossed or ejected. Not that their depleted roster could afford any ousters.

“He probably got a little frustrated,” Gibson said. “But you got to keep playing. These are two physical teams. The refs did a great job, because they let a lot of stuff go.”

Besides, what were the Bulls supposed to do? The NBA’s hottest team in, sheesh, 41 years was bearing down on them. And they were light in the loafers – no Derrick Rose, no Joakim Noah, no Richard Hamilton, no Marco Belinelli. Absent those players and their skills, Chicago’s only real alternative was to dial up the grit.

“Obviously having those guys out is not easy,” said Hinrich, who stuck in his nose and jaw wherever he could, from attacking James off the dribble with some – ugh! – inevitable results to ripping the ball away from Chris Bosh for a critical takeaway at 92-85. “But we realize, collectively, if we share the ball, team defense, have good energy and intensity and play with that edge, we’re going to have a chance to win some games. … We just grinded.”

That play where he grabbed James and all but tackled him? “I was just hanging on for dear life. Just didn’t want him to get the ‘and 1,’ ” Hinrich said. “You just don’t realize how powerful that guy is. With his speed and strength you can’t take anything for granted. I still feel I got the worst of it.”

Hinrich, at times in the second half, found himself guarded by James, the bigger man’s extra six inches and 70 pounds or so eclipsing his view of the basket. So what did Hinrich do? He drove left and got snuffed. He drove right and got snuffed. Then with just over two minutes left, Hinrich went up the gut again – and kicked the ball to Gibson on the left baseline for a 16-footer that made it 94-85.

“Kirk is one of the toughest guys I know,” Gibson said. “He has so much swag every day in practice. He’s a real vet. He doesn’t shy away from anything. He’s always in the middle, especially on big men – he switches out with centers. He really doesn’t care.”

Miami, throughout its remarkable streak, had played numerous teams that were missing key players: Orlando (no Nikola Vucevic), Cleveland (no Kyrie Irving or Anderson Varejao), Milwaukee (no Luc Mbah a Moute to guard James), Boston (no Rajon Rondo or Kevin Garnett). The point of which isn’t to sully the Heat’s accomplishment but to marvel at how hard and well these various depleted rotations play when their coaches’ options are limited, their minutes are high, everyone’s expectations are muted and the opponent is toting around a huge bull’s-eye.

The Bulls claimed streak-busting had little or nothing to do with Wednesday’s outcome. They were driven more by the 86-67 hairball they spit up against Miami at United Center on Feb. 21, back when the streak was just nine games old.

Said Gibson: “We didn’t like that. We felt like we got punked on our own court. They blew us out.”

If the players that end such a streak get credit. so does the fellow who coaches those players. From the outside, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau looks to have painted another masterpiece of X & Overachievement. But while Hinrich acknowleged, “Yeah, he was fired up,” other Chicago players saw or heard nothing different from their guy on the sideline.

“Honestly, the dude is the same every game,” said forward Luol Deng, who scored 28 points and made the most of those reprieves when James shifted over to Hinrich. “No matter who you’re playing. I didn’t see any difference. He’s intense. He’s always focused.”

It was that way for both teams Wednesday, but the only way out for the Bulls.

“We just came in with that dog mentality that we weren’t going to go soft,” Gibson said. “We really had it in the back of our head. Once the game came, we knew we had to do it. There was no talking. Guys just understood, to go out there and play hard. Take hard fouls when you need to.

“Every time we play that team, we try to send a message. They sent the message the last game we played them. So we had to keep pushing. Every time to play this team, it’s like a new testament.”


  1. OOOuch-my name is lebronkobe & i got a fingernail scratch foul & broke one of my nails when i fell-does anyone have any polish filler for me ppllleeeease & a nail buffer-i have to schedule another roasting marshmallows date with stern & the wefs-i mean refs!!! toodooloo-let you all know how it turns out later-well you’ll find out when i like streak to 20-30-50 games w/o a single foul because i don’t foul out. By the way-anyone up for pattycakes or thumbwrestling. 🙂

  2. Fouls says:

    People just don’t get this.

    Physical and dangerous are two different things.
    Both touching and punching are physical.

    You can get physical in a high level game by using your body to post up,box up to hand check etc.
    But definitely not by intentionally pulling people down to the ground. Basketball is actually a non contact sport in the first place. Go do some research about it.

    If this were to be continue, i will see many people being grab and drag onto the floor on a open fast break.

    It will become a trend and when people starts to get hurt, we’ll see about it.

    When people do the same thing to D.rose who is also unstoppable with is speed, quickness and strength. I bet all of you will be like @#$#@$ when he is being pulled down hard. You will be , oh my god, i hope he is alright.

    You people just disagree with lebron because you guys are bulls fans and lebron haters.

    You guys should be fair and think for every players int he league

  3. Chubby says:

    Danny Anige is a clown. The Heat blocked the Celtic’s path to the NBA Finals the last two years that is why he is speaking out. He is wrong on this. Those bad/dirty plays are football or rugby plays not basket ball. LeBron could have been badly hurt on both plays, but thanks to God almighty he was not hurt. The NBA must protect its’ best and brightest stars from teams and players that go out their way to make bad/dirty plays on them. FIFA have to implement rules and enforce them to protect the skilled players from less skilled bad/dirty players. The NHL has done the same. If Kirk Hinrich was ejected for his bad play on LeBron then Taj Gibson would not have executed that dirty play on LeBron. Steve you are bias towards the Bulls. I would have been best if you didn’t say anything. You are are hoping to influence the NBA comment or decision on the bad/dirty plays.

  4. Denzo says:

    Yeah I agree. LeBron fouled Deng on his Dunk – no call. He got no BALL.. all arm.. and got away with it.

    In the 4th, Boozer drove in our LeBron – scored and got hit pretty hard – not even a whistle.

    LeBron tried to PUNCH it through Kirk hinrick so when Kirk was about to go flying that hard, he decided to momentarily grab LeBron for balance imo. You watch the play.. he looks like he is going around Kirk.. then he punches it straight into Kirks chest.. what you expect a guy 70 pounds lighter to do?? Kirk is the one who cracked his head on the floor not Lebron. And if Kirk didnt try and steady himself – that was a no question offensive foul.

    Even Nate Robinson got called for the most ridiculous call against Chalmers in the 2nd quarter..

    but yeah this article has the wrong idea in my view.. its almost like an advertisement about Lebron – not actual basketball and being unbiased at that.

  5. #BullsfanDan says:

    Go Bulls!!!!

  6. #BullsfanDan says:

    Good article Steve Ashcburner. Was a good read. But the comments from the score loser “heat fans” are hilarious!!!!!

  7. 70's kid says:

    @heat basketball is a physical game. get over it and accept it.
    nobody wants to see anyone injured or intentionally hurt someone man, but that’s how competition goes specially at a HIGH LEVEL.
    how would you possibly bring down someone as powerful as lebron james, play him soft?? he’ll bring you up all the way to the rim with the and 1..
    is he the type of player that would be disrupted with touch fouls? with that size, strength and quickness? hell no.
    allow him to waltz in the lane running people over?
    it takes high defensive awareness, team defense, quickness and strength to neutralize him.
    Neutralize. not KILL and send him to ICU
    you just have to make it difficult for him, but still going for the ball. making sure he does’nt make a shot.

    go play chess or play NBA video games if you’re scared of the possibility of getting hurt or breaking a nail.

  8. SGT Rob says:

    I oddly think LeBron James has a point in his post game comments. The double arm take-down from Kirk, the slap to the face, and the 2 arms across the should from Taj. Neither play went for the ball. The Refs and League would have a totally different response if James got hurt in the mist of all that. The refs let it go, the Bulls noticed it and kept it going. If the refs made half of those calls that game would have went a totally different way. I credit the Bulls for realizing it and turning up the aggression, but it wont happen every night. The league has too much money invested in putting the best product on the floor each game. Cant do that with a bunch of beat up and injured stars worried about taking hard fouls.

  9. heatles says:

    ok ok ok.. it’s not a finals..i know that even haters here know that bulls can’t beat miami in a 7 game series, smh..

  10. Sonics 4 Life says:

    Heat lost, get over it.

  11. NeverEndingHate says:

    .. And the never ending hate continues. We can just move on, I really can’t understand why we need to hate a person saying his own opinion. We can just respect it, why dwell with hate? It’s like using your all of your energy hating a team who is actually a great team. Why can’t just be happy on their achievement. So, if they lose, it’s okay. Losing is part of the game. Let’s just accept it and move on. End of the story.

  12. joefan says:

    well 2 things for sure..
    heat is the best team in the nba
    and heat will smoke Chicago when they come to Miami..

    and if you are looking for 3?
    Indiana NYC Nets, Celts, Hawks and maybe even bucks have a better shot than SheCago

  13. Heats says:

    i can see many people liking this kind of fouls.

    So i decide to gym. build more muscle and going to tackle people real hard when they do a lay up.

    Is cool right? people running toward you at full speed without a helmet, shoulder pad and you just tackle them. It will be even more awesome if you hear something breaking in the body.

    Physical style, playoff style!

    Hopefully that doesn’t happen to u of your friends and family.

    Some people even says people are just trying to send a message to your team giving hard foul to your team best player.
    whats kind of logic is that? People don’t train up to get foul hard and injured.

    Maybe some of you aren’t a good player that’s why u don’t get hard foul.

    You don’t want to see your team best player to get hurt don’t you.

    people who likes this do keep this in mind. Don’t complain if you were being tackled or grabbed to the ground hard when you are playing a ball game outside next time in your life. Don’t complain when people try to hurt your friend who is the best player on your team. And if unfortunately if u or your friend break something, you should tell yourself that is worth to break a bone ( accepting a hard play ) and you won’t be able to play basketball again anymore in your life.

    Those older generation people do you wish to see your children getting hurt? How do your feel when your child comes back home with a ACL tear telling you that hey dad, my opponents push me real hard intentionally while i was doing a lay up. They say they don’t wanna give me a easy basket. they want my team to get the message.

  14. Ralph says:

    LeBron says he is not crying. Yes you are. Every single game you play, you throw your left shoulder into a defender and it is rarely called. I was surprised they even called a foul on you for your attack on Boozer, much less a flagrant. Stop crying. You get all the calls, as Michael did. But you never heard Mike crying to the media.

  15. Quicks78 says:

    Apparently nobody remembers the Jordan Rules. Lebron couldnt play in the 80’s if this unravels him so much.

  16. blabla says:

    I don’t know about kirk’s foul, it could have been an offensive foul. The other foul that LeBron’s complaining about is a different story: Taj Gibson commits a hard foul (but not flagrant), but Butler holds LeBron with both hands. That was absolutely a flagrant. LeBron’s foul was a flagrant too, but he called for it.
    I can understand why LeBron is angry. He’s just mad cause he got fouled hard all the time and ended up losing to the Bulls.
    I’m a Heat fan, but I admit that the Bulls won because they deserved to. They played so well as a team. The Heat didn’t lose because of the “flagrants”.

    • Willam Smith says:

      This has been going on all season. I think Lebron is correct that most of his fouls are not good basketball plays . Kurt Hinrich basically tackling him in the open floor is not a good basketball play . Kurt Hinrich almost got seriously injured. Now on the later plays in the game . When Taj Gibson came down on Lebron’s collar bone he could have injured Lebron , Taj did not make a play on the ball either He was trying to wrap him up also . That’s not basketball you can’t tackle people on the court. Now if any body posting in this thread were playing at the Y and people were running around trying to tackle you how would you feel? I don’t care how short handed the Bulls were that’s their problem the coach probably shouldn’t try to play his starters 40 minutes a game . As for the game itself that was a poorly officiated game it was obviously tilted to one side that’s not the only time that has during this streak or this season and many teams are vitcims of that but it was pretty disgraceful when the Bulls even shorthanded could have won without help. Miami got more free throws because if you watched the game they consistently took it to the basket. The Bulls shot mostly jumpers and did not attack the rim. The loose ball foul against Battier on one end then Carlos Boozer on the next play grabs Chris Bosh by his shorts and no foul was called come on .

      • Denzo says:

        Are you even serious? Taj didnt make a play at the ball??

        Taj ONLY went for the Ball.. when he realised that LBJ had sailed past him, he removed his arm and barely grazed Lebrons headband! Cmon man!!

        He really didnt hook or floor him – if anything the only reason Lebron fell is because he did that quick flinch “i got hit by a baseball bat I swear, ref” thing he does so he sold something which was a non event as something more sinister.

        LBJ on Boozer? Both on his Boozers drive and the screen play LBJ fouled very hard and only got called on one of them.. he didnt even get called for grabbing Deng by the arm on his dunk!!

        And LBJ tried to go THROUGH KIRK.. Kirk tried to steady himself for just a moment – and then cracked his head.

        how is this unfair on the 70 pounds heavier LBJ?!?1 Bandwagoners are seriously blind I mean thats just silly to think that.

  17. blaz says:

    It was a fine game, and the Bulls won it.
    On the flagrant fouls – NBA and officials should get more clear on those. They told they will do something about those feet-under-shooter kind of plays on defense. Kirk did that to Chalmers on that game after corner three.
    Flagrant fouls officials decisions are unclear this days. If you attack a player with no intention to defend a ball its supposed to be a flagrant. But who can proove intention? You can be few meters mistaken… 🙂
    I think that Kirk’s foul was a flagrant one. But for the bump into Boozer LBJ should have been given a technical one. His intention was obvious.
    But generally i think no harm was done, theese are big boys. Miami just lost a game but you dont always win.

    And what is with that hack a Dwight thing? When they catch him without the ball, to get him to the line – isnt that a flagrant? It makes Lakers close 4th quarters annoying to watch.

  18. me says:

    love the bulls for what they done..great job.

  19. Remy says:

    The whole game was very physical, and with Chicago, the Heat found their match. What puzzles me is the fact that there are three Refs on the deck and none of them was mature enough to guide the game with equal measurements. I won’t claim the Heat would have won the game, and sure not that the Bulls would not deserve it. But a game should not be manipulated and decided by incompetent Refs.

  20. Dig says:

    Refs usually don’t call most of Lebron or Wade cheap fouls and Lebron complain about Bulls dirty plays!
    He may be the best player but what a jerk!
    He and his teammates refused even shake hands after the game and in after the game interview Lebron didn’t acknowledge Bulls players, what everybody did.

  21. DJones316 says:

    Many people will say whats the big deal about this game and Bulls fans this and Bulls fans that, but the truth is this was a big game for the Bulls. It’s big confidence booster especially when you’re franchise MVP player, your probable NBA DPoY, shooting guard and your best 3-point shooter are all out and you still defeat the champs and stop their streak.

    LBJ needs to stop being a little b****. Hinrich hit his head on the floor and still made sure LeBron would land on him so that LeBron would get hurt, while LeBron clearly was going at Hinrich. If Kirk hadn’t put his hands around him it would have been an offensive foul. Not to mention the call Deng didn’t get after he posterized LeBron.

    Love Boozer’s response to LBJ “Not in my house, too soft champ”

  22. Unknown says:

    Great game, Miami lost fair and square. LBJ crying about those fouls is crazy. Those are playoff basketball hard fouls, better get used to it. None of them were with any type of harmful intent.

    All you twenty year old’s who think these are rough fouls need to watch ESPN 30 for 30 Reggie vs New York.

    You’ll get a taste of real basketball for once.

    Da Bulls.

  23. Graham says:

    The first foul should be a flagrant 2. When is tackling a normal foul?

  24. dwademvp says:

    lol bulls fans are so cute

  25. leonard says:

    i thought that instant replay was for the officials to “get it right”. so the officials didn’t get it right in the gobson foul.

  26. leonard says:

    good avice for lebron when you are the star everyone is coming after you ask diego maradona of Argentina. but i think you irritate players with your celebations maybe you shouild just play basketball and leave out the celebrations like the ‘stomp move”.

  27. sunny says:

    I don’t understand why CHICAGO fans are so excited about this win they got over the heat. They think they are on top of the world and having so much pride in them after winning one game lmao. Back in 2011 Chicago got owned in the conference finals by the HEat 4-1. They even had Rose and Noah then. Right now Chicago fans are acting up so much as if they are going to defeat the heat this year in the playoffs. If Heat and Chicago meet in the playoffs Chicago will get owned so one game is not going to do them good over the season. When Lebron is at his best he owns any team. Let me remind you what he did last against the Celtics hahaha. I wanna see these pathetic chicago fans talking when they get kicked out in the first round by Brooklyn Nets most probably. Sad people.

    • #BullsfanDan says:

      That series was RIGGED. The refs fixed those games for the cHeats. The Bulls were the better team. We sweepted them in the regular season and if the officials were fair we would have sweepetd the ecf’s But we will go to the finals this season. Go Bulls!!!!

  28. CJ says:

    Fouls were definitely all intentional (hardly any play on the ball).
    If the Gibson foul was against any other superstar (KD, Wade etc.), it would have been ruled a flagrant foul.

  29. Guy says:

    Taj went straight up and his hand slid across James’ shoulder. He didn’t wrap his arm around James’ neck. Kirk could’ve gotten the charge call had he not wrapped his arms around James. None of them were flagrant fouls. This is how teams need to play against James. If he’s limited around the rim, we’ll see how much of an Mvp caliber player he really is. Teams need to play rough against the Heart. Battier hacks all day. All in all, it was proven how soft James is when challenged. Then he cries.

  30. fidelvi says:

    Don’t get it twisted heat can get physical ask the Pacers LOL bulls don’t wanna see us in the playoffs were gonna spill their blood hopefully rose stay out don’t wanna see him get re-injured when we bring the pain

  31. LOL says:

    haters??.,miami just lost 1 in 2months.. anyone on your team did that/?/

  32. John says:

    The NBA Is Going To Have To Do Something About This,So Called Top Stars Crying About Not Going To The Freethrow Line
    30 Times A Game.It’s Ridiculous Derrick Rose,Dwayne Wade,Lebron James,James Harden,ETC. All Of These Athletes Require 10-30 Freethrow Attempts To Score 20-30 Points Its Boring Pathetic And Not Basketball.

  33. Odog says:

    @JJ Jackson. you cannot be that much of a hater.

  34. banban says:

    All the remaining team of which the Heat will be playing will do anything just to stop the winning streak. And the Bulls game plan wasn’t playing basketball but rather an American Football most especially on LBJ. So sad to see a very frustrating team with a game plan like this other than basketball. Remember a lot of kidz watching emulate what they saw when they play basketball. Bulls game should not be air if they have this kind of game plan. And the sad thing the ref officiating is very ridiculous.

  35. iFer says:

    let’s be honest, LB is the most hated players in the NBA, watch the video and realize that people love when someone stops him

  36. Witness says:

    Laughing at all the Lebron haters…LoL.. Lebron is really the greatest player in the WORLD right now. Not according to me but many professional commentators. You all know that. It is not easy going 27 game win. You have to play as a team and Heat did it brilliantly with Lebron leading the way. What an amazing thing to witness. It ended but that is not their main goal, their main goal is to get better each game and win championships.

  37. SaYO says:

    to see the mvp cry about physical basketball
    pretty wack to me lol
    you go on a 27 game win streak
    become the best team in the league easily
    lose once ina long time and cry about physical basketball?
    lebrons great but dude should not be crying about physical basketball, dude runs over every1 with his size

  38. Carol Durante says:


  39. ASD says:


  40. Neutral says:


  41. my2cets says:

    the foul about kirk tackling him to the ground is ridiculous, if you look closely lebron was going to use his momentum to push hinrich, he made a smart play, stopped the fast break score. He really didn’t grab and throw him to the ground.

    Same goes for gibsons foul, he didn’t do it intentionally he was going after the ball, if he were to deliberately try to hurt lebron he would have grabbed him, he didn’t he pulled his arm back.

    people forget lebron is a big guy, also one who likes to flop to get the call. someone who is 6’8 300 pounds should not go down that easily.

    ohh and major props to boozer, made lebron look weak. that’s tough.

    great effort by the bulls, streak had to end somewhere, least it was by a good team.

  42. Mam1 says:

    What a disgraced referres with a hidden agenda
    They allowed Bulls to hurt again and again James . Will Stern do something or he’s ok with NBA going back to 80s with
    I applaud Heats for not turning the game into a bloody war
    What a disgraced
    After last night ill stop watching NBAtv and NBA games hope more people follow me
    I’m not a heat follower but enjoy or enjoyed till last nights referres disgrace and corrupt game basquetball
    Will those guys be fine
    Will Stern do something ?
    It was like if they wanted Miami s and James blood on the floor

  43. wii says:

    I think the league needs to investigate these referees. They must bet on bulls win.

  44. NBA says:

    These bulls fans acting like they jus won a ring

  45. islander says:

    Bulls, be prepare for the next game against the Heat in Miami. You will drink of your own medicine…guaranty…The team demolition squad will be ready!!!…

  46. NBA Fans says:

    Whoo ! Lots of Miami Heat Haters out there. Just enjoy the game. Eat you burritos and get fat.

    Go Miami Heat.

  47. JonJon says:

    Those WEREN’T flagrant fouls on lebron. Gibson never hit lebron in the head, he was actually going for the ball in the replay you ignorant heat fans. Basketball is a physical sport, heat fans shouldn’t whine and blame the loss on the refs. Chicago deserved to win that game; they outplayed Miami the whole game.

  48. 2optout says:

    I had a feeling the streak would end in the 1st half when Chris Bosh started throwin’ up 3 pointers (in the 1st quarter, I think ?) and those jumpers in general; I think had Bosh played more in the paint, El Heat would have had a better chance of winning that game. There were other issues, of course. Also, the refs are so blind, resentful, and soft thinking, with respect to some of their calls.

  49. banban says:

    Ref didn’t do well in officiating that game. Stern should start fining referees for any bad officiating just like with players.

  50. Jimmy Buckets says:

    The Taj one is a questionable flagrant, but they reviewed it and it wasn’t. It’s funny that the Hinrich play, when James lowered his shoulder and barreled into Kirk where Kirk had established position, is even open for debate. The only reason it wasn’t offensive is because Kirk wrapped him up.

  51. 70's kid says:

    Basketball has always been a physical game. having your shoulders, head, arms, etc, get whacked through the motion of the play is part of it. specially under the basket, when the ball is up, elbows start snapping all over the place. If you’re really playing basketball outdoors in the hood, you’ll know what i’m talking about. Everyone wants to take their each other’s heads out because of.. COMPETITION,
    NBA should start imposing having players use pads and helmets if every physical play were “dangerous and flagrant”

  52. Beast says:


  53. Jimmy Buckets says:

    The Thibodeau and Spoelstra handshake after the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_hFTR6qyEo

  54. Tim Roseberg says:

    The Refs were paid that the heat lost like that and Bulls cant beat the Heat normal they gotta cheat but hey at least the heat has the 2nd best wining streak

  55. whoareyourfriends?idon'tlikeem. says:

    1. The video clearly shows that Lebron ran over Kirk knocking him to the ground (which apparently isn’t a “basketball play” when done to Lebron). The fact that Kirk grabbed was the appropriate move because it prevented a potential and/1 scenario. It’s maddening to hear lebron argue that it’s okay for him to run people over, causing them to hit their heads on the court, but it’s not okay for them to commit a legitimate foul to prevent a 3 point play opportunity. Kids don’t listen to Lebron, when called for a foul it’s a good basketball play to wrap up the shooter and prevent the shot. Also at 0:22 seconds into the video take note of how Lebron extends his arms to break free of heinrich’s grasp pushing him to the ground w/ greater force and possibly being the reason he hit his head on the court.

    2. The video also shows that the Gibson foul was not a flagrant foul. At 1:04 in, the camera angle shows the baseline view where it’s clear that Taj lifted his left hand instead of bringing it down and continuing to follow through. This can also be seen at the 1:15 mark from another angle where it’s clear Gibson is lifting his left hand instead of continuing to bring it down on Lebron. And beginning at 1:35 there is another clip showing Gibson lifting his arm to avoid a flagrant foul. The fact that Lebron went down doesn’t make it a dirty/flagrant/un-basketball play it was a good hard foul. The Bulls play a clean version of the Pistons’ bad-boy style of tough physical play, something that lebron probably couldn’t cope w/.

    3. The video also shows a clear difference between Gibson’s foul and Lebron’s. Gibson didn’t follow through and tried to avoid unnecessary contact by lifting his left hand/arm after making the initial contact; Lebron looked, lowered his shoulder, rammed into boozer and threw his left elbow out for maximum effect. The difference is intent and follow through. The difference is that the bulls were making basketball plays while Lebron has been projecting and making up excuses for his inability to cope w/ even marginally physical play.

    4. Lebron/the Heat have never faced truly physical play the kind which Jordan and the Bulls faced. The kind of physical play where a team’s entire game plan centers around mentally and physically abusing him. In short he’s not Jordan, and he’s never played the Pistons (at least no those Pistons). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tmBca6MNII and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut9tpymQ1Ek

    5. Heat fans should think twice when talking about dirty players, seeing as Dwade is one for the ages. He dislocated Rondo’s arm, he kicked Sessions in the groin, he pushed Rip Hamilton for no reason, he even drew blood in an all-star game, who does that? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ2u9YZ4i10 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFcq0WbXo2U

  56. what the says:

    Lebron would have been a joke in the 80’s lol, Kobe and CP3 are the last good tough players in the league…

  57. Beavis says:

    those fouls were NOTHING. LeBron needs to quit whining & to those who think those were flagrant fouls…. go watch BASEBALL.

  58. Craig Ridley says:

    Oh, James cries foul about the abuse he took? What did the Heat do to Derrick Rose in the playoffs? They batted him around like a pinball.

  59. ene be a says:

    Booooo hoooooo, the haters came outttttt ……

  60. OnTheRoad says:

    Stop whining LeBaby, of all players in this league you’re the one who gets away with the most fouls.. I hate this star treatment some players get.

  61. Wayne says:

    I think it’s really funny that people seem to have forgotten that The Heat won 27 in a row before this loss. A few of my friends said that The Heat were “Going down in the postseason,” and that just doesn’t make sense at all lol.

    I do believe that LeBron should’ve gotten a few calls in this game, especially the one were Taj just grabbed his collar and brought him down, it was clearly a flagrant. But what about LeBron’s bump on Boozer? It was okay to get physical up until that point? Doesn’t make sense, but refs cannot always get the calls right and The Heat weren’t gonna go undefeated the rest of the way either.

    In my perspective, a team got hot at the right time and a team got cold at the worst time, plain and simple.

  62. Kal says:

    props to everybody telling the whiners to shush.

    here is a non-called 2013 NBA foul (courtesy of psycho Hansbrough) you can complain about:

    it’s not like the Bulls did that to LeBron.

  63. IknowMore says:

    Doesn’t really matter…Spurs would have ended the streak anyways. None of those fouls were flagrant. Lebron’s wasn’t a flagrant, but it was called one because you can tell he intentionally did it and wasn’t making a basketball play. He saw the screen coming, when that happens you either go over or under the screen. You don’t ram your shoulder in their chest, that’s for when you don’t see the screen coming. I would have been fine if they let the Lebron foul go, but they were trying to keep the game in control. With that said, the Spurs are still going to win Sunday because they can play fast and shoot the three ball just as good as Miami, plus they can rebound and play inside out which are Mimi’s weaknesses. Plus their defense is just about as good as the Heat’s. It will come down to who makes their shots and who executes better down the stretch. The Spurs are just a machine so we don’t have to question their execution.

  64. #BullsfanDan says:

    Yes go Bulls!!! We mad Lebum cry AGAIN!!!!! HAHA! The cheats finally met a superior team. Go Bulls!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Uberbunk says:

    They did good, Bulls just got away with beating them up

  66. asus32 says:

    bron is REALLY a cry baby, those were a regular ” HARD foul. hes just upset coz hes seeing the streak coming to an END . . .

  67. LBJ says:

    i just think that those who argue that those fouls weren’t flagrant one and use the old days and jordan days as argument are just stupid.
    allow james to play like in the old days. and we will see which players will stand in his way. as hinrich said:”i got the worse of that contact” and it was on the good play by lebron james

  68. Bulls2013 says:

    In this game Lebron or Wade did not get any soft calls they are used to getting in the NBA. They complain to the refs every play. The Heat GET THE MOST CALLS OUT OF ANY TEAM IN THE NBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Hinrich foul was not flagrant he wrapped his hands around him. Lebron would of gotten a offensive foul if Hinrich didn’t wrap him up…The Taj foul was not intentional to hurt him. LEBRON SAW BOOZER SETTING THE PICK AND WANTED TO HURT BOOZ BY GIVING HIM A CHEAP SHOT…..

  69. carlos says:

    super stars today are used to getting the call in their favor everytime, and when they dont they get all frustrated, back in the day those fouls like the ones we see in this video were simply considered good hard fought basketball, it happens fast and hard, just like the game is played, except when it’s pre meditated

  70. cdog23 says:

    Great to see LeBron so worked up, never seen a bigger baby in my life. So its not a ‘basketball play’ just because he almost broke a fingernail, gimme a break. If he cant take people playing as physical on him as he does on them, he should start a baseball career. Not that I would ever compare James to Michael, but how often did you here Jordan whine, and that was Before these silly flagrant calls were established. But Heat fans should just eat the facts, if the calls aren’t going baby Bron Bron’s way, hes just a big guy with a bigger ego.

  71. GoforGreatness says:

    For Steve Aschburner, what kind of media talks hate for the other side? I feel this blog or whatever is this is biased i mean come on no respect for the heat he talks like what the heat have done is easy as a pie to do,highlighting the “NUMEROUS TEAMS” that haven’t got their whole roster, as if its the heats fault they have injured players. If you really think it was easy why not try to do the winning streak yourself and while you’re doing it try to absorb contacts that LeBron had within this streak before you say whimpers. You know they’re athletes ones they got injured badly they may not be able to play the game again and lose their career, Protect them or they might not be able to amaze us again

  72. PistonsFan93 says:

    True, while I am NO fan of Lebron, I do respect the guy. But hey, he’s 6’8”. He totally has the advantage. But you guys ae right. He should stop whining and just accept that the game of basketball is physical. He can’t just expect to be leaping and dunking and not realize most of the time he has the upper hand. Looked like he streamrolled Kirk, but hey the refs probrably got tired of the winning streak and said “we’ll let them play, so whatever happens, happens. And what happened is the Heat LOST.

  73. real ball says:

    James, now u feeling what Jordan felt when he played HARD FOULS! hey, at times its part of the game. dont cry about it..

  74. Minsoup says:

    Regardless if you guys think Lebron is complaining or whining, he does make a very good argument on the basketball plays. I give him a lot of respect for having a collected and calm attitude especially at what the Bulls threw at him. A lot of players would’ve done something different and the flagrant call on Lebron. I hate the call but it was a flagrant. Other than that Jimmy G Buckets YEEE

  75. trueballer4life says:

    come june lbj dwade and el heat will dancing with championship trophy!…–

    • Tank says:

      Funny how you say that becuase back in the day you would never hear…….Come June MJ and Magic will be holding the championship trophy! MJ would never team up with someone to win, he would rather beat them!!

  76. Van San says:

    Imagine Lebron James going up against Charles Oakley.. Times have changed.

  77. Andre says:

    People make a big deal of it. It’s frustrating to get hit hard 10 times in a game, so he´s going to cry a little. The fouls were fine imo, no flagrants. It’s not close to Indiana series last year. Bulls have a tough team, Indiana is only dirty. People are making a big deal because the streak was on the line. Even if it was bad officiating, it happens all the time, so it’s not a reason to complain a lot. Most teams will win and lose their fair share because of bads calls, except the Lakers and Sacramento. As a Heat fan, I really hope Lebron stops crying and start to care about the teams that pose a threat to Heat in a 7-game series, i.e. OKC and Spurs. The streak is not a big deal. Winning or not a ring in June is the only relevant thing.

  78. Eric says:

    The writer is 100% heat hater, do you remember his last year comments after the game between Pacer and Heat get so physical.
    Don’t make the NBA game have too many of dirty plays because they injured so many good players.

  79. LA for Life says:

    a loss is a loss..don’t keep on freakin’ telling everybody that you are being whacked or being pushed that’s why you loose. the bulls did a great job on D and that the reason the freakin’ EL Heat lost

  80. JHayes says:

    Man, I don’t disagree with the flagrant on James. It was close to a flagrant, but not a flagrant. That being said, the foul LeBron committed next wasn’t a flagrant either, compared to him getting fouled it really was nothing. The thing is, and a lot of you refer to “real” basketball, you play defense like Chicago did in a pick-up game and there would being a fight. They weren’t even trying to play defense when someone drove in the lane, they were just going for the foul every time, and they got away with a lot of it. It was an ugly game played by the Chicago Bulls, it wasn’t “real” basketball. And for all you Heat-haters that are whining about the Heat-lover’s… you guys just sound like worse whiners. A 27-game winning streak is luck, give me a break. I’m not a Miami fan, I’m a fan of watching good basketball, that’s why I don’t watch college ball. The Miami Heat are a good, exciting team to watch (which remember, they get paid millions to entertain, so they’re doing their jobs) and last night was not fun to watch, because the Bulls were not even trying to play real D, they played cop out, foul defense, which often times was over the top.

  81. what says:

    Stop comparing the this basketball era to the 70s, 80s, or 90s. This is a different era. Stop saying “Lebron needs to man up” when the exact same foul on anybody else would have resulted in a flagrant. A flagrant foul is when someone doesn’t make an attempt at the ball which is exactly what Kirk Hinrich did. He wrapped his arms around Lebron and dragged him down without going for the ball. People say it could have been a charge? If he didn’t wrap his arms around Lebron, Lebron could have eurostepped or side stepped to get around him. The foul on Gibson doesn’t look flagrant because it appears he went for the ball, but imagine if you were in Gibsons position. Would you ever try to block someone from behind by reaching over their back and downwards? The way Lebron landed, he ankles twisting like that could have injured him. He is ~260 pounds and landing awkwardly on an ankle can break it.

    • Heats says:

      Gibson did not did flagrant on him but instead i think bulter did. bulter is the one who pull him away.
      I agree with u. those are very dangerous play. lebron could tear his ACL and like rose, miss a year.

  82. Denzo says:

    LASTLY – Dwight Howard gets hit like this ever game. why is 265 pound LeBron any better than everyone for calls?

    • Heats says:

      their playing style are different, grabbing someone jumping on the spot is less dangerous than grabbing n pulling away someone who is driving at full speed or even at mid air.
      go youtube lebron james hard foul. U see what westbrook did to james?
      Thats what james is trying to say. All this dirty fouls should be stop.
      He hope theres a change so EVERYONE in this league can compete safe and fair.

  83. Shravan says:

    You call this a fair game? I think the whole world had a better view than refs out there. And i think 27 is a great number, give them credits, and also count how many did Lebron made. It’s funny when people comment on him.

    Y’all are talking about the Chicago like they made a huge victory. Bucks ended Lakers 104–120 (1971-72), well that’s something. Chicago only managed a very little margin.

    Surely, Chicago got lucky, although Rose, Noah weren’t there on, but surely Refs were on their side. LOL

  84. Denzo says:

    Take it from someone who watched the game.. LeBron fouled DENG on the dunk – all arm, no ball – no call.

    LeBron fouled Boozer on the quick drive to the cup in the 4th – no foul.

    Chalmers literally got touched by Nate Robinson in the 2nd quarter – FOUL (ridiculous)

    LeBron pre meditates slamming boozer in the chest/jaw area with an outstretched semi violent arm – and he talks about the Bulls playing dirty and getting calls. Everytime james drives he does that quick flinch thing he does like he got hit with a baseball bat. Its just a poor way to play the game. Dont worry the refs will go back to giving the Heat every single call Im sure.

    What bad sportsmanship. You got beat mr invincible. Congrats on breaking a record held by the rockets. Lakers record stands.

    • Heats says:

      SO many times lebron was fouled by deng and not being called…. oh please… look at the replays

      so even if there wasnt a called, the bulls should inflict dirty fouls on him?

      SO if kobe and d rose foul lebron next time and no call were made. The heats are allow to do dirty fouls on kobe or rose?

  85. john says:

    hate all you want to miami but can your team beat 27 streaks ROFLMAO!!!!

  86. Raphajiujitsu says:

    Í’m Not a heat fan, but let’s be honest, can the Bulls beat the Heat in a 7 game series? hummmm I don’t think so!!!

  87. BP says:

    Can’t ask for more from Heats….27 won streak more than we thought. GOOOOOO HEATS…………

  88. William Sor says:

    Imagine if you a few games refs started letting players hit Lebron they way they let players hit Kareem and Wilt. The beating they took without the benefit of rules on flagrant fouls, and with refs deciding to let opponents hit them extra to make it fair solidifies them as the two greatest offensive players of all time. Sorry, but a player who is as reliant on athleticism as Lebron could not stand up to a game let alone a series of that.
    PS Anyone who has watched Laker games over the past several years will probably notice that Kobe has started getting that treatment, I suppose it’s intended as a sign of respect for actual great players

  89. Eric says:

    Hi There,
    I watched the whole last night game and a lot games before.
    The NBA game now is going to be a wrestling or judo game now and you name it. Do you see how many players got injured this year.
    Probably, the NBA like to see the game getting physical and intense by allowing the game going to crazy but if the games with so many good player absent will became no fun.
    Don’t let the NBA go like wrestling or bare fist fighting, It’s so nasty!!!!

  90. beyKrewz says:

    i was expecting the streak to end against a depleted roster or a team below .500
    it was a nice,tension filled physical game until the refs made questionable calls..
    well,that’s what you call “breaks of the game”
    Miami could focus more on getting a ring rather than getting win streaks.

  91. Abdullah says:

    I think the streak was supposed to end at somepoint. However, point is already made. ELHEAT is the team to measure up againist. I think this was very very very important to the Bulls because they needed something to hang their heads on this season. wining in playoffs is not remotly possible so the is their accomplishment for this season. LEBRON is just unbeleivable basketball player.

  92. OctoPPus says:

    foul vs Boozer shows one more time the real deal ….

  93. mike says:

    M.J vs PISTONS 91′

  94. OctoPPus says:

    LeBron got his medicine back? – Rugby style – get it back !


  95. Brian says:

    The call on Hinrich should have been a charge on Lebaby

  96. Stern H8r says:

    Lebron is the most gifted athlete that ever stepped onto a basketball court…period. But he won’t ever be considered the best basketball player because he uses his size and strength instead of developing skills. He travels several times a game, fouls every time he posts up, has no heart…..and is a little beeotch.

  97. EDDIERICH says:

    LJ didn’t know what to think with no help from the officals for the first time this year.

  98. Saied says:

    Those who talk against LBJ, either dont underestand basketball game or they are unhappy LBJ does not play in their favorite team.
    Just be fare. If even LBJ plays for Charlotte, they will be among the top 4 team in eastern conference.
    The reason Heat lost to Chicahgo is, no one except LBJ played good. If even one other player could perform well, Heat could easily win this game.

  99. mee(a)t says:

    Lol so much biased opinions
    I’m starting to wonder if some of you watched the game rather than hearing about it and watching highlights

  100. M. says:

    Hinrich did not realy grab Lebron und pulled him to the ground. Lebron made an offensive foul and then Hinrich put his arms around him. So normal foul on both.
    But later Hinrich made a flagrant foul by putting his feet under those of the three-point shooter.
    Deng made great defense against Lebron. He is using his shoulder for drivging through the lane. Mostly its not an offensive foul but you also have to allow the defender to get a bit more physical.
    Physical is ok but Taj gibson made a flagrant 1 foul on Lebron. He did not want to hurt him. If you see the replay you notice that he tried a shake hand with Lebron. I think he tried to stop him but did i much to hard. It was at least a flagrant 1 foul.

    In this game both teams played physical. I like that. NBA Teams sometimes dont play physical. But sometimes this was too much. A 82 games season and NBA player need their body. You have to stop fouls which could hurt. So it would have been better if they stop these grabbing and pulling fouls or situations where someone could hurt the back (offensive fouls and pushing fouls in the lower back), the face (hitting someones face is normally flagrant) or the ankles (foot under shooter or contacts with the feet). And fouls not forced by the offensive player which make a shot impossible.

    So contacts with your breast are often no defense fouls. A little bit pushing or holding (if the opponent is not jumping or trying to cath the ball) should be allowed. Other plays they had to call

  101. Ryan says:

    There’s no way a 27 game winning streak was just luck, the heat are definitely the best team in the NBA. They might have had a chance of winning if the refs didnt let the bulls tackle them every time they tried to get to the basket

  102. Justice says:

    I’d like to see any of you take those fouls and not complain about it. The first couple you’re gonna be polite and not say anything but when it comes down to the line and its the fourth of fifth time you’re literally just getting abused you’re gonna complain about it. If they’re not gonna say anything then okay but don’t call a flagrant on Lebron, he has every right to be pissed.

    The streak’s finally over, time to move on to the playoffs and play good basketball.

    • #BullsfanDan says:

      I just love reading thsese comments from you “heat fans”. LOL!!! You guys are so funny!! You no nothing about the game of basketball. Go Bulls!!!!!

  103. John says:

    The heat should realize that they need to adjust to these physical plays and toughen up coz the playoffs is just right around the corner and teams like the bulls and pacers are their potential 2nd round opponents.

  104. bill says:

    Bulls played a good game, they had a lot of lucky chances.Ex, Nates circus shots. Also the refs helped them a lot. Miami had no rythm offensively they were playing on pure talent. what bothers me the most is that the refs swallow their whistles when it counted and for some reason called silly fouls on the heat just to help the home team. Thats just wrong

  105. Just a nba fan says:

    Come on, That game was so badly called, I don’t know if it was because the ref’s were sick of being confronted that they just started calling personal opinions not correct calls. Whose to say the refs arent just getting there feelings hurt and respond by letting a few calls go e.g Hinrich’s obvious flagrant foul on lebron, people say it should have been called an offensive fouls but kirks feet weren’t planted for it to be an offensive foul and for him to put his arms around lebron, that was a straight up flagrant. Allot of people are saying bulls are playing a physical game but if miami decided to do the same they would be critisized and called bullies

  106. radamus says:

    Nobody in the NBA gets a bigger break from the refs than James. Unfortunately the stars have always gotten more breaks from the refs in the NBA than the average player. The refs do it because the stars are the ones who put people in the seats. The Heat as a team has also been getting excessive breaks on the calls in the games I’ve seen, particularly at the end of the games if the game was close. It’s hypocritical of James to whine like this when he must know he gets the break most of the time. In the 2 calls in question in this game the one involving Heinrich would have been an offensive foul except that for self protection Heinrich grabbed James after he got bowled over, and the one involving Gibson the Bull players were clearly going for the ball, and in fact touched the ball. You can’t rule flagrant in those circumstances.

  107. SM says:

    They made a lot of fouls on Labron but he played the best as usual.
    Unfortunatly no one else plyed goos in Heat except LBJ.
    Bosh, Wade and Ray must play stronger and more serious. I am wondering about Bosh. He was a much better player than Booze but he is not playing strong. He should seriously think about stepping up his play and get some rebounds.
    Labron is always the best MVP no doubt even with all those fouls against him.

  108. Gary says:

    Better be dirty than good.

  109. lol says:

    Figures if you can’t stop the guy foul him hard, like we don’t have enough injuries in nba already. Smart but low play of the bulls, i guess when your best player is teabaging the entire team you have the right to be angry.

  110. chopz29 says:

    Anyone who thinks the fouls by K.H. or T.G. of the #bulls were flagrant is a moron who knows nothing about basketball, #NBA players have been doing it to keep players from getting the ‘and one’,

  111. chopz29 says:

    Now the #heat knows how the rest of the league feels….the #heat have been getting away with a lot of hard fouls on other teams all season. So BOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOO

  112. Kevo says:

    What we saw last night was 80s and 90s basketball. In fact the game had harder fouls then than they do now. LeBron needs to man up. The man traveled six times last night and not one was called against him. By the way a travel is taking more than two steps, he took 3, 4, and sometimes 5. On the play where he was fouled by Taj Gibson he took four steps before he even got hit. What about the foul he committed on Loul Deng’s dunk, which should have been an one. I can see that 80% of the bloggers on here were born after the late 80s because you guys don’t remember how ruff the nba was when magic, larry, isiah, michael, hakeem, and charles were playing. There was no 3 second defensive violation or handchecking rules back then. A flagrant 2 foul now was a regular foul then. To see real nba defenses and see what Michael Jordan had to put up with check this video out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adusCcba89o. To all you heat fans out there, stopping complaining about one game, be happy your team won 27 straight. All championship teams will lose a game at some point. Besides with all the injuries in the eastern conference you should have no problem reaching the finals and more than likely winning it.

  113. ACE says:

    people act like this is something new it was a hard tough good game…those fouls weren’t flagrant fouls. Kirk grabbed him to defend an easy bucket…Gibson hit James shoulder not his head it clear in the many replays that it shows and Butler hit the ball Wade just lost his balance…know the call between James and Boozer…that was a flagrant, he leaned in lifted his shoulder pretty much everything you need for a good football hit…it was tough game The Bulls were getting beat up in the paint as well as the Heat…and to those saying look up hard fouls on Lebron look up hard fouls on Derrick Rose or hard fouls on Rondo who are two times smaller than him and he complains and crys two time more than them…Lebron is about the size of JULIUS PEPPERS he needs to start acting like it

  114. Toro says:

    I think that Heat weren’t so dedicated, because of fatigue. They missed some open looks, but this time it wasn’t against mediocre team and defensive greenhorns. I mean if this happened (and even might happen) in San Antonio, or even against hot shooting NO, it might have ended in double digit loss, and therfore crashing feelings after such a tall of wins.

  115. alex says:

    Is it sad that Kirk Hinrich is probably the only NBA player who doesnt scream like a little girl when Lebron lowers his shoulder to drive???

  116. LeBron an alcoholic? No, he just whines. says:

    LeBron, such a sore loser… He is beaten after 27 games, and immediately complains. That’s why he is so irritating for many people, and will never be seen as a great champion. Have you seen Kobe getting on the officials after all those numerous losses this season? Well, it’s certainly not the common image o f him. He’ll go after his teammates to criticise or inspire them, but he won’t blame the referees. He works on making himself and his team better, and battles inside. LBJ is all antiques and funny jokes when he wins (much like Dwight Howard), but as soon as he loses one, he loses the cool face he puts on himself normally. Go, work on your attitude, LeBron, that’s the thing that could make you great.

    • Heats says:

      Erm kobe did complain about the foul he got causing him to sprainned his ankle.

      So.. yea kobe did complain.

  117. And A says:

    calls were not that bad, lebron gets the superstar treatment every game – heat does also.

    heat had calls go their way also, bosh got the worlds longest continuation mid 4th, it all adds up. Miami just raged they got outplayed simple as that. Lebron said its been happening all season, then why say it on your streak loss only… poor sport pipe down son.

  118. eli says:

    Lebron does not have the capacity to play physical. remember, it’s just a breath away from the playoffs and teams are trying to establish their physical presence just before the final 16. He needs to think about it that he is a big and moving target and since he holds the ball a lot, teams will device ways to distract and disturb his focus on the game. this is not a game for sissies as larry Bird would say back in the 1980s. Thid is a game for men and not for cry babies.

  119. M1978 says:

    I think the three fouls have to be considered seperately.The first one with Hinrich was a clear defender foul, but never a flagrant. Hinrich has moved into defending position to late and he was moving too. But he can’t vanish into thin air and disappear. Lebron James ran straight forward into him, with great speed and power.If Hinrich didn’t grab him, he would have gotten under James and his face would have been trampled by now.
    The second one is a typical flagrant. It’s because the defender clearly had no real chance to regularry stop James. The foul had to be punished, but it was not an “evil” foul, there was no chance of an injury.
    The third one – commited by James – is a real flagrant too, because he has lost his temper and pushed Boozer away.

    In my opinion hard fouls have to be punished but seperately. If its a hard foul with a strong chance of beeing a regular defence (just a good defensive move got wrong), I would say its a simple foul. If it’s a situtation that the defender has no or little chance to get to the ball and fouls, its a flagrant. In case someone plays recklessly, and his play can effect the other players injury, i would ban the player for a couple of games. (like Jones who fouled Bryant couple of games ago)

    I also think that Lebron James has no real right to complain. Yes, he is fouled regularry, like all the good players in the NBA. Like Wade, Bryant, Rose, Westbrook etc. But his offensive style is powerful, aggraessive too. I remember him looking down proudly on maybe Jason Terry two weeks ago or something. It was a three on one fastbreak where James slammed the ball without caring about the defender… James doesn”t deserve it better..

    • Heats says:

      erm but terry did jumped and foul lebron….

      there was no chance of an injury. are u sure? look at the replay, the slow mo.

      Did u see lebron legs?! it was twisted inward. This will caused a ACL tear.

  120. ben says:

    let us see what will the king do.

  121. Bulls Fan says:

    A real player would have played harder, encouraged his team to stepped it up more by his play. Just because lebron gets fouled hard and someone played them real. The bad boys how they played the game those were flagrants, but no one complained they just got up and played harder. Back wehn basketball was fun and intersting to watch. Basketball is a physical game not a kids sport, its about time we actually had a real physical game, and not a game were the players cry about being poked. If we were playing against kobe he would have stepped up more, brought more intensity to the floor, and not get up and cry to the ref.

  122. Let's go Heat! says:

    1) It is not bad for Heat’s lost as Heat players can move on and prepare for playoff (rest key players from game to game) without any pressure to keep the winning streak.
    2) Heat still has a good chance (over Spur) to get the best winning record in this regular season.
    3) Still the same problem for Heat: rebound, rebound, rebound…….

  123. Merxhan says:

    I really don’t understand how can referees absolutely on 90% don’t call fouls on James. The NBA has to do anything about it, just because he is strong, doesn’t mean a foul shouldn’t be called. I mean come on, does somebody has to punch him grab him so he can get a foul. And the irony to be bigger he got a flagrant. Miami lost because of referees. I understand you people can hate Lebron, but as a sport fan you just can’t argue the roughness he deals on the court and he doesn’t get a call.

    • Heats says:

      I agree. Lebron is big and strong so he should get hammered?! Thats BS right?
      Those player just cant stop strong players like lebron and result in dirty fouls.

  124. Bogus streak ends says:

    Saw the schedule of the Heat, who they actually beat? Most teams were at the bottom of either conference, they don’t have much of anyone in the east to actually pose a threat, the only teams they actually beat with great records are the Thunder and Clippers. I guarantee a San Antonio victory on sunday. peace!

    • Remy says:

      Is it really bogus? They played and won to the Pacers, Clippers, Knicks, Celtics, Thunder….are they on the bottom of the Conference? You must be an Expert, who else can guarantee a Spurs Win coming Sunday?

  125. Matt Luke says:

    I had to stop reading this article about half way down because your obvious hate and disrespect towards the Heat was so overwhelming for me. The Heat have played their best we’ve seen in a while. There should be no disrespect, they worked hard and put together a win streak that we all should be applauding. Congrats to the Bulls for a win. A win is all it is but most everyone thinks the Bulls are now the best for ending the Miami streak. The fact is LeBron has outplayed every player in the NBA over the coarse of this streak. The Heat and LeBron will continue to dominate the league all the way to the end as we all know. Again congrats to the Bulls for a WIN and congrats to the Heat for the best record in the NBA, the second longest win streak, and their dominance over the league.

  126. LAKERS FAN says:



  127. Paul Martin says:

    Miami played terrible basketball! they missed easy shots and made way to much turnovers..
    that’s the only reason why the bulls could beat them!
    and I can understand lebron, he’s fouled hard the whole game, probably the whole season.. so that he’s getting angry is normal
    he got his revenge on hinrich with his two blocks but gibson, I think so, will get a message of a heat role player in their next meeting like last year the pacers in the playoffs

    • Let's go Heat! says:

      Bulls will not meet Heats in the second round…..(Pacers, Knicks, Nets…………….)

    • koudrus says:

      O yeah! let’s talk about the Pacer-Miami series when Pittman almost killed stephenson whith a karate chop to the throat. The Miami Heat are bullies themselves and never shied away from taking a cheap shot! The Bulls gave was clean and no cheap shots were thrown..oh wait!.. except for Baby Bron’s elbow to Boozer

  128. YEAH BABY! says:

    yah agree Steve Aschburner is seriously a Heat hater.

  129. LAKERS FAN says:


    • dati says:

      lebron is the best athlete and he just wants to make it to the finals. He just doens’t want to get injured by some fools who can’t stop him legally!!!! What would have been written when Lebron was injured when falling down tothe floor with Hinrich or fell on his back/neck when gibson grabbed him????

      A lebron fan from the netherlands

      • #BullsfanDan says:

        This is not the EuroLeague this is the NBA. It is a man’s game and if LeBum is not man enough to play that is his problem. Go home and cry aobut it.

    • Heats says:

      Yes it is a contact sport. Legal contact are allow. Illegals are foul.
      Dirty fouls are unsportmanship fouls. The above are the unsportmanship fouls.
      You can go youtube ginobili hard fouls on lebron. A similar foul like what gibson did.

      Kobe just sprainned his ankle due to a accidental and he complain that it was a foul. So kobe should play chess too right?.

      U are a bias little laker fan boy. U don’t get what kobe n lebron are trying to do. they want this league to be fair and safe for players to compete.

  130. Bball Dude says:

    It was Inevitabull!

  131. Andy MP says:

    That wasn’t a flagrant fou! The other ones were it (the ones on LeBron) but not this.

  132. Charg1n says:

    That was a terribly biased article. Very disappointed this was posted on the official NBA website. Articles such as this one tarnish the credibility of the site and it’s writers. I may as well go to bleacher report for my news updates.

  133. SoFlaFan says:

    Heat are still enjoying the BEST record in the NBA, no team has come close to where they are, and what they’ve done in over 40 years!! In fact when the Laker’s did it in the 70’s, how many teams were there?

    There were nasty fouls, and the calls, or no calls would frustrate anyone. LeBron was a target, and he knew it. He knows the game better then anyone, and knowing the Ref’s let the Bull’s get away with DIRTY plays was a bit too much.

    One thing Heat Fans can smile about, it was a great run, we still have the BEST team in the NBA, and the Bulls have NEVER come close to this record.

    On to the big prize, GO HEAT!!!!!!!!

    • Bulls Fan says:

      50 – 16 was our record last year and the year before that 60 – 20. Without lebron the heat record would be worst than ours. So shut up and pray that lebron dosent leave and go to cleveland.

      • Heats says:

        What is bull record with out Derrick rose now?
        without D rose, the bulls record don’t seems nice

        u just back fire yourself

    • #BullsfanDan says:

      No the Bulls are quite happy with our 72-10 record the will NEVER be broken!!!!! And the heat will Never come close to it!!!! Never Ever. Go Bulls!!!!!

  134. Lebron Cries like a BABY says:

    Just keep on playing Lebron… for how many times in your career did I saw you crying after losing and How many times will I see you cry and cry and cry?!! What have you experienced with how the bulls defended you today is nothing to what Jordan and other greats experienced during their times and yet you never hear them complain.

    Just keep on playing and stop crying!

    • Heats says:

      So obvious that you do not know what lebron is trying to say. And u r a hater. A bias guy. not sure if u know or play basketball.

      All these fouls are dangerous. If these goes on like a trend to foul any unstoppable player at all mean, player like lebron james, KD, rose, blake griffin. they will all get injured badly some day. u dont hope to see blake flying high for a dunk and get grab or push away in result a ACL tear or broken bone what ever right?

      Rules can be change. This is for the players saftely. In future there will be players that are like lbj, so strong and people are gonna hack them like how they do to shaq.

      This will become a trend if not being controlled. And soon, the public or the world will be doing it. many ballers around the world will be injured. U dont hope to see your son getting injured someday by these fouls yea.

  135. jawoparin says:

    never mind the snapped win streak. heat should focus on winning back 2 back championships. it’s about the championship! anyway, what they accomplished now may not be equaled for a long time again by other teams. well done. LET’S GO HEAT!!!!

  136. hanjoonsuh says:

    What a silly win by Bulls…

  137. W/E says:

    they where supposed to break the record,now its over, FAILURE.

  138. Ariel says:

    So now the streak was alive because teams were missing key players? Steve you just a heat hater. What an unprofessional job.

  139. Lebron's Headband says:

    Funny … A guy who wasn’t whistled for a single foul in the span of 6 or so games is now complaining about foul calls.

  140. Change the rule says:

    First of all people that say this is a floop obviously don’t play the game of basketball.
    Is either you don’t play or you are so bad with it that people don’t even foul you hard.

    Usually a small foul or contact would cause a player to miss their shot. However for a strong player like lebron james, a small contact won’t work. You got to really grab him with both of your arms and that is so dangerous! When a player is on mid air he got totally no control for his body. Pushing or grabbing will make his body into a very awkward position and he might not land properly, causing serious injury.
    So now people will argue that he might not be in mid air. He was just taking his 1st or 2nd step for a lay up. And if you think that grabbing or pushing a player while he was taking his step is safe and alright you better think twice. When you running in a straight direction at a full force and hard push or pull will cause the upper and lower part of your body to go in different direction.
    This might cause serious damage to the spine and knee. ACL tear for example.

    This kinds of fouls are really unsportman like and should not exist for safetly reason. This guy are playing basketball as their carreer.

    Many kids, teenager and adults watch the NBA. And they usually imitate what the players do in the game. If this kind of dangerous foul is acceptable, many people will start do that ( which already happened ).
    i don’t think anyone here wants to see their friends or family getting hurt while playing the game of basketball yea.

  141. Clap for Steve mofo

  142. BK44 says:

    I am not a Lebron fan…I am not a Miami Heat fan…but what they did on the “streak” was very impressive. I don’t believe that will ever be matched, just like the Lakers back in the 70’s…BUT I do have to say one thing to Lebron. Quit talking about fouls. If you want to say you are the best, than act like it. You want to compare yourself to Michael (as does everyone else for some reason) than you have to let your game do the talking. To go hard at Carlos Boozer on a pick because you are losing and then to complain about the physcial play is just ridiculous. You want to be the best, then you have to beat the best and that is what Chicago did. I don’t remember Michael Jordan ever complaining about the Pistons basically taking his head off every time he touched the ball…or the Knicks…or the Heat…or any other team for that matter. Lebron…play the game…and please shut up.

  143. TT says:

    This streak has riled up more haters than ever. It’s a fixed game. Bulls never win clean ever since Tom Thibodeau screwed BULLS UP BY CAUSING DERRICK ROSE TO TEAR HIS ACL!!!! BULLS FANS WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU’VE DONE, TOM THIBODEAU!!!

  144. Willy says:

    Nice to see Lebron loose his cool for once! Great job from the Bulls. The Spurs won’t be able to play this physical, let us see how this one turns out. Bring back the key players for the Bulls and they can still make a run, come back D Rose!

  145. Paul says:

    So when Lebron runs over a guy when going to the basket and hits him with his knees to the face (happened countless times) it is not a flagrant foul, but when somebody grabs him hard it is? He shouldn’t cry about it…He uses his strength as well as anybody so he shouldn’t be surprised when the opponent plays the same card…Great coaching by the Bulls

  146. Josh says:

    Welcome to the 90’s:)

  147. Jack says:

    Not basketball plays? Come on. This is not volleyball. It’s physical game and a great player should be able to deal with that. If you’re such a self-proclaimed “historian of the game”, James, you’d know that.

  148. Chad Ochocinco says:

    What game were you watching? Jimmy Butler hit the ball before Wade was touched. LeBum out-weights Kirk by 50lbs what would you do if LeBum was charging at you? Blow him? Be real go back and look at Piston vs Bulls back when MJ was playing. The game tonight was old school tough basketball. And LeBum crying about how he had to take a hard foul shows how he will never be better than MJ. He wouldn’t even last a week back in the day before all these rule changes.

  149. Jesse says:

    Proud of Lebron, he has really shown his toughness this year. I’ve been saying for ages that people are just allowed to beat up on him. I’d refuse to pay the fine if I was him, what is the league going to do, suspend it’s biggest star (the NBA wouldn’t be half as popular without him.). Lebron needs to be more like he was today, show these cats who’s the boss. He has really matured since losing the 2011 Finals and all the critics have made him so much more mentally tougher

  150. Rolly del Mundo says:

    LeChoke James does not complain when they are winning. But when they lose, he has so many excuses. Just accept the loss and move on. If you don’t want to get fouled hard which is part of the game, then play chess instead! The fouls he was complaining about were legitimate and not even dangerous fouls. In fact he should have been called for an offensive foul when he was going for a basket and rammed Hinrich who had established position. Of course, Hinrich had to hold Le Choke because he lost his balance and was just trying to lessen the impact of his fall. He even banged his head when he fell down .
    Great players do not offer excuses when they lose games. They remain humble even if they’re winning. Duncan, Jordan, Drexler, Grant Hill belong to these league of great players. With LeChoke James, even if you win so many championships and MVP titles (only because he is supported by very good players like Wade, Allen, etc) a lot of basketball fans dislike your character. Count your blessings and be humble!

  151. Lebron Hater says:

    Lebron traveled by the way. Hahah

  152. Ohio Columbus says:

    Lebron fell on his own.

  153. Tony says:

    All yall Bulls dumb fans better don’t cheer about the win because it was so biased. And people talk about the Heat being favored… please watch the game again. How the refs dare to call flagrant on LeBron and not on Gibson?? WTF!!
    And what about the no call on Hinrich reaching in on Bosh? All the haters have no rights to say the Heat are favored.
    I used to respect Thibs but after last night game I just wished someone punches him in the face, that dirty bastard.
    Bulls fans keep on dreaming about making a long playoffs run and keep relying on your choking superstar, the same one who does not wanna comeback meanwhile Rubio and Shumpert already did it several months ago with the same injury. What a crybaby lol.

    • No words says:

      Dear frustrated teenager, have a look back at how basketball should be played. Try the 90`s. Let`s see what you have to say after that. LeBron will suddenly turn into a fluffy pokemon into your eyes.

  154. Fan of Lebron says:

    And for those heat haters who uses bad officiating as an excuse for heat’s win streak well heres a perfect example to show that u dont even watch nba games….

  155. cesar says:

    This is good that this happens to lebron and the heat because not every game you win easy and they must realize that early before the playoffs begin.. now the heat must be serious now and focus again to the next games and to the playoffs… the streak is not important… it is the play offs and winning championship this year…. i hope the heat will back up now.. now we will see how consistent they are as a team

  156. Fan of Lebron says:

    After watching the game my impression of the bulls fell apart. I finally knew how biased the bulls commentators are after watching the game. AND SOME **** WHCKED LEBRON’S HEAD when he walking down the hallway after the game. I felt that the ref was trying to make up for those bad calls bulls had on their home floor all season. No way that foul by gibson is not a flagrant… Lebron should be concerned and i think heat as an organisation should protect their players if the league makes stupid decisions like fining lebron for his comments…

  157. John says:

    Everyone seems to be talking about the flagrant fouls on Lebron (and yes, maybe a couple of them should have been given), but no one is talking about the many times that the Heat are getting calls, not only tonight, but throughout the whole season. It’s almost a miracle when Lebron gets called for a foul, something that did not happen when Deng dunked the ball. Also, in the final 2-3 minutes of the first half, the Heat were getting a call in every single offense, while in defense they were too physical, but no calls for the Bulls. Where was Lebron then, and why is he not mentioning those specific parts of the game?

  158. Lakeshow2013 says:

    LOL heatbandwagon asking for flagrant fouls zz did lebron got hurt? See how Kobe went down against dahntay jones and all you heat bandwagons said its good D. WELL hmmm?

    • Locario says:

      I bet when kobe retires you and the rest of the lake show will pack your bags. Kobe is the biggest whinner when it comes to fouls not being called. Im no heat fan ( Spurs and Knicks all day since 93)

  159. Zac says:

    first foul in the video above (James-Heinrich) was clearly an offensive foul, as Heinrich had both feet on the ground the moment James drove into him.

  160. Boo Hoo says:

    All this crying from “the king” is absurd. He throws every dunk down with authority but is whining about a few fouls that weren’t called that are part of the game. Basketball is a physical game. Jordan used to take ENORMOUS punishment from teams like the pistons and knicks. Did he EVER in his career cry about it? HELL NO. He scored 40+ points instead. Lebron is a damn bum and heat are a sham. So are their band wagon fans that never appeared until he went that city. What a bunch of fakes.

  161. Iykemojo says:

    Steve Aschburne has got so much beef for Miami. Taj Gibson admitted that the refs over looked a lot of calls.
    Bulls were too physical and such style of play should not be encouraged in the NBA.
    27 straight is good enough for me. I’m so glad no one got hurt.

  162. nbanba says:

    you know what? HEAT almost died in this game chicago doing dirty works but the refs dont call ..

  163. memfis tenakey basketball is life says:

    Its sad how the heat get away with so much now they start complaining we all remember d wade tackling collision and fore arming hamiltion now lebron wants to whine and put on a acting show i swear wade lebron blake paul harden pierce and manu are the biggest floppers and cry babies in the league.

  164. Noit says:

    LBJ BULL CHARGED Kirk and Kirk BOUNCED his HEAD on the ground, that’s a FLAGRANT 2 Kirk could have had SERIOUS BLEEDING…. INTERNAL……………… He may still have I hope the scans come out ok…..

  165. relaxenjoy says:

    If the Streak ends here then that’s it… Heat already achieved history as 2nd to that 33 winning streak.

    • Jay says:

      No one really remembers number 2. Only matters if you’re number 1. Nuggets also made history with being the 23rd longest streak with 15 wins, you wanna count that as history too?

    • tke29 says:

      Being second is like being the tallest midget or the richest homeless man. No one cares.

  166. Jeff says:

    Bulls always try to pick a fight with other teams by playing “they so called PHYSICAL”…. But actually the fact is they just whack and smack at other players when they can’t stop a player from scoring….. Let’s cheer for the fuking Chicago BULLS HIT……

    I remember there are few games this season where the BULLS HIT get a lot of pushing & shoving in a game, then a lot of Technical Fouls and Flagrant Fouls occur….. That team doesn’t play basketball all 48 mins, they play WWF or Football in some of those mins, where all PHYSICAL acts can be allowed….. Good job, Chicago… MJ is absolutely proud of these BULLS HIT…..

  167. ism says:

    Let’s see how far this approach will take the Bulls in a possible round 2 meeting…

  168. Jeff says:

    The referees are fuking s hit. Soon or later, with all these extremely bad calls continue and not having fair calls on both teams, there will be no one watching the NBA anymore, That’s a fuking guaranteed!!!!!! Plus, if the referees continue to let some of these teams to hit players without even trying to make a basketball play, it will be like the famous boxing match of PISTONS VS PACERS again and agin……… The referees need to straightened up their calls for sure!!!!!

  169. BronBron says:

    I think the refs were right to downgrade Gibson’s flagrant as he clearly hits the ball. That is a good hard foul.

    Look at the punishment Dwight Howard takes down low, most of the fouls he takes in the paint are not plays on the ball.

    If you are 270 pounds and bullying your way in the paint then face the consequences..

  170. AuguryBot says:

    Winning a regular season game against Miami causes celebration in other cities.

    • Daniel says:

      Says the person in favor for the Heat.

      It’s not the fact it was a regular season game…it was the fact that the Bulls stopped the “historic” streak that the Heat didn’t deserve. 27 games. 27 games teams with no talent….minus the Celtics.
      Now you Heat fans act like you can’t lose one game. Boohoo cry more.

  171. Just saying says:

    Wonder if Lebron’ s gonna get fined for criticising the officiating…I’m sure if its someone else,commissioner Stern will…hahaha

  172. HT- Heat fan says:

    I am deeply hurt by the calls given by the referees. They were not mere calls but foul ways to disrupt Heat’s focus. If the game would have been played on fair basis then no matter the outcome the result would have been acceptable to all. This is disheartening but i have every ounce of faith in Miami Heat that they will win the championship now. They will come out even more focused and determined and aggressive. And i truly hope they get Chicago in playoffs, with their full strength, so that Heat can rip them beat the hell out of them.

  173. dwade3 says:

    what a good game for the bulls coz of the bad officiating of the refs.. what a poor win. bulls can win with the refs on their side…

    • ChrisPaul says:

      Oh shut up will you Heat fans! You guys are every bit as bitter and immature as LeBron! Just accept your defeat and stop whining about the refs and their calls. Is it that hard to accept defeat? Just move on!

      • fidelvi says:

        All you guys saying the king is whining need to stfu when gal precious MVP for the bulwark was complaining last year bout not getting any Cal’s his way when he judge got the tail of a hair touching him wasn’t anyone calling him a baby oh and Noah even though they won still complaining bout how kg was giving him hard dirty fouls and the refs weren’t calling it point is everyone plays the refs bad officiating card so stfu now witness the indomitabe heat repeat

    • dave says:

      LOL the irony of a “heat fan” complaining about officiating is just too much to handle. they literally must have forgotten that calls can sometimes go the other way against the heat…

  174. philip says:

    i think its the best game of chicago… its there playoff game..so surely they will loss in playoff!!! for miami its just like a normal game, they played there game… they played well… but theres another miami heat, just wait for the playoff… surely will see much more of miami basketball..

  175. DeeYankee says:

    Chicago wins, good on you! But tackling and playing dirty against Lebron – it’s not on! Not being a true sportsmanship and definately not a role model for being an “NBA” player.
    Just because the Heats and Lebron had a good run for the past 27 games, dosen’t mean go ahead and play dirty against a possible MVP this season. Michael Jordan never played like that when he was with the Bulls; MJ as a Bull’s player never go around and tackle other players to the ground, he played like a “real” basketball player. Why are the current Bull players playing like a real bull?

  176. LBJallTheWAY says:


  177. Bball4life says:

    I believe that most if not all of the calls the refs made in this game were correct. Yes some of the fouls on LeBron were rough ones, and close to flagrant, but that’s how he needs to be fouled. Game after game he has driven in and gotten cheap fouls called on opposing players at will. If you know he’s going to get the foul called, why not make it worth your while and stop him from getting the shot off? In this game, Hinrich’s foul COULD have been an offensive one if he didn’t wrap his arms around LeBron. LeBron almost lowered his head like a football running back right into Hinrich, even before he wrapped him, his mind was made up. Taj hitting him was pretty bad, but Taj hit the ball, and seemed to get caught on LeBron because of his momentum coming forward. LeBron wasn’t the only one that had his momentum pulled or direction changed. My main point here is that Miami is going to get tons of fouls every game based on the players that they have, so if you’re going to beat them, especially down the stretch, you have to foul them properly and take the and 1’s away.

  178. Chokeman says:

    thats a flagrant lol.. he swing his elbow a bit there.. if boozer wasnt give enough hes already down

  179. Cathelyn says:

    clap for Steve Aschburner the haters

  180. Jack says:

    I don’t think the Gibson foul was flagrant, but Hinrich just wrapped his arms around Lebron and fell down and the one where Wade got pushed out of bounds. Pretty pathetic non calls there. But kudos to Chicago for winning the game without Noah. (And Rose obviously) Not that it matters. There is no team in the NBA that can win 4 out of 7 games against this team.

  181. LebronKingOfNba says:

    truly lebron tested the referees if they are calling flagrant fouls. as what he did with boozer. lebron statement from the past is really true. he feels himself that players are going out on him to injure him. smh

  182. Bstarr says:

    Good job Bulls. Let Lebron get angry, who cares!! How many times did his opponents were angry because the refs were giving Lebron easy calls. This time is was man’s game…..& guess what: BULLS WON!!! (without Rose like Celtcs won from the Heat without Rondo) Streak is overrrrrrrr overrrrrrrrr

  183. bu says:

    James can complain about it for those that may actually hurt someone physically badly but those 2 he got were not the “Detroit Bad Boy” kinds. I think he’s just trying to get the refs to lean a bit on their side in the next games or do makeups during playoffs.

    Don’t forget James & esp Wade do get a lot of benefited calls on touch fouls & non-calls (review the tapes of series vs Celtics & Thunder). From this angle, stop crying!! Be a man!!! Do something smart & intelligent instead of running into Boozer for a stupid realiation. Watch & learn from what the Celtics did last yr to extend the series to 7 games amidst the calls that leaned to the Heat!! Not a single word of whining nor stupid retaliation (Rondo learned his lesson too) & go win games with grit!!

    That’s basketball!

    P.S. James, I think you are affected by your pal Wade’s whining too much. Be the man!!

  184. Darius27 says:

    Waking up the heat in this manner will just prove worse to any championship hopefuls. Clearly calls against LeBron were poorly judged. Hinrich and Gibson are players still proving themselves in Basketball and hitting on the best player with their “hullabaloos” doesn’t give them credit. Congratulations on the Heat who has won 27 straight games.The championship title means more to you than anything else that would have happened in this season. Those 27 games are a special memory God has given you and would reminisce once you hold the trophy in your hands. Do not worry for those who are humble will be uplifted. Haters will be judged by their own hate.

    • No words says:

      Can`t stop laughing at you Heat/LeBron fans. You tend to get so pathetic. Probably the worst fan base ever. Full of wannabes and totally lacking knowledge about the game of basketball. A clown team deserves a clown fan base. Have fun in the playoffs

  185. koudrus says:

    LeWhine is such a egotistical douche! First of all: He can’t give credit an undermanned Bulls team that beat them fair and square. Secondly he starts whining about how he doesn’t get the calls going his way and that he ALWAYS gets flagrants afterwards.. How many flagrants exactly did his Royal Whininess get this season? Just shut the f.. up!

    How about being graceful in the face of defeat for once in your life?

    • Hater4life! says:

      He gave them credit, you need to do more than just watch tiny clips of what these reporters want you to see. Try watching the actual interview if you decide to have an opinion. He always gives credit, this game was no different. They then asked him a direct question about the fouls and he answered. It’s not like they asked “how’d you lose” and he said “the damn fouls.” Don’t be an idiot.

    • dfather!!! says:

      that’s right. he don’t know that he is not MJ… good for the bulls they play with the bench and beat Lebron the cry baby cry… lol

  186. weak lebron says:

    Lebron needs to grow a pair and toughen up

  187. Warren says:

    If Hinrich had not grabbed Lebron it would have been an offensive foul as Lebron did come charging down head first. And Lebron could have gotten hurt if Hinrich didnt grab him either. But I love hearing the excuses from Heat fans as to how they were beaten. But honestly. You were beaten by a defensive team but worse thing is it was a depleated team. Congrats on the win Bulls.

  188. Jake says:

    Somebody should photoshop a bib and a rattle in LeBron’s hand, the damn cry baby. Get’s everything in life and still complains about stuff. Waaaa a blown call, shut up LeBron.

  189. Lebron fan Mumbai says:

    I hope lebron will come up stronger after this…Just throwing the guys all over lebron and won the game..Bulls didnt play a good ball game in this match…But respect both teams

  190. Mark says:

    “Those are not basketball plays”. Yeah dude – those used to be no calls when the Bad Boys and the Knicks were kicking Jordan’s face in. A guy as big and strong as LeBron needs to harden up and show some real greatness. All this soft touch, hands off rubbish makes these “superstars” self-entitled.

    • KunJayMaster says:

      Where was the toughness when LeBron bumped Boozer? OH THAAAAAT one was a flagrant right? lol.

      • KSPaula says:

        so you would be ok if it was reversed and lebron gave noah a bear hug and tackled him to the ground on a fast break? ya don’t think so

      • Fan says:

        KunJay you are defending Lebron to your dying breath… If Lebron didn’t wind up it wouldn’t have been a flagrant and especially if he didn’t extend the elbow. They were within reach of the game, thought he should have held it in for a bit longer.

      • Mister 215 says:

        @ KunJayMaster…. Imma be the first one to call you stupid…. Sorry but that is your brain max of what your brain can handle…. Referrin to basketball here… He intentionally fouled Boozer you can see it on the replay…. As soon as he saw Boozer he started to prepare for the blow that we planned to give boozer, nd you saw Boozer’s face…. He took that hit like a man nd shrugged it off cuz that’s what men do…. Lebron can dish the punnishment, but he can’t take it???? Crybaby….

  191. Wil Reyes says:

    that is all KARMA.

    Heat fans has no right to be bitching about calls when almost all of the games are being called their way. Refs has been very supportive of you and now you bitch about one game, talk about being spoiled

  192. Come on says:

    I am not even a heat fan, but what James said is true. Big guys get absolutely hacked in the NBA, while PG’s and SG’s get bailed out for being breathed on. It is annoying to watch guys like Parker, Wade or Westbrook flop, and get rewarded for it with free throws. One of the most ridiculous things I have seen was when Rondo guarded James for one series in last seasons play-offs. He basically sat there punching James in the back and clutching his arms, but he was small, so the refs let it slide. You see it all the time, guys like James, Howard, and Randolph get hacked constantly, and earn every free throw they get (should get a lot more). Jump shooters like Kobe and Durant getting a ton of free throws, now that is questionable.

  193. Come on says:

    I am not even a heat fan, but what James said is true. Big guys get absolutely hacked in the NBA, while PG’s and SG’s get bailed out for being breathed on. It is annoying to watch guys like Parker, Wade or Westbrook flop, and get rewarded for it with free throws. One of the most ridiculous things I have seen was when Rondo guarded James for one series in last seasons play-offs. He basically sat there punching James in the back and clutching his arms, but he was small, so the refs let it slide. You see it all the time, guys like James, Howard, and Randolph get hacked constantly, and earn every free throw they get (should get a lot more). Jump shooters like Kobe and Durant getting a ton of free throws, now that is questionable.

    • Fan says:

      Kobe gets played TOUGH so I’m not sure what you’re talking about and I’m not a Kobe fan either. Same goes for Melo, they get physical with them because that’s the only way to defend them.

    • tke29 says:

      You obviously never saw Rose play against Indiana. The difference is that Rose didn’t cry afterwards. You never saw MJ play against Detroit. The difference is Rose didn’t cry afterwards. You’ve never seen AI, Kobe, Lillard, or any star guard play take a hit. You just don’t hear them cry about it.

  194. Sonics 4 Life says:

    The hottest team in 41 years? Gimme a break.

  195. J says:

    hinrich definitely intentionally fouled him, but then again, if he doesnt wrap his arms around lebron, hes prob going for an and 1
    gibsons one wasnt as bad, he definitely hit on him on the shoulder but u could kind of argue that he was reaching for the ball, jimmy butler definitely held onto lebron to stop him though
    i guess u could call those flagrant fouls nowadays, although personally i would prefer every nba game to be called like this rather than seeing all these touch fouls. games would be much tougher, players are going at each other. but then i guess thats what playoff games are for

  196. aimbots says:

    Bulls did a good job on defending James and their shooters. And for the respect of Lebron James, he did manage his temps (about those freaking fouls). For the Heat, they did a wonderful run of a streak and ended it with a serious challenge. Derrick Rose should be proud of his teammates.

  197. Paul P says:

    Thank you Chicago. You made my day. A lebron hater here, who never wanted that childish crybaby to make history. His actions after the game confirms he still a big immature doofus.

    • KunJayMaster says:

      Pretty sure he already made History..Most consecutive wins by any reigning Champion ever.

      • TheSwagMaster says:

        While I agree that they made history, records can be made about practically anything if you add conditions after them. The bobcats were (percentage-wise) the worst team in history last year, so can you call a winning streak by them “the longest winning streak by reigning worst team ever?” What Miami now owns is the 2nd longest winning streak. Personally, I respect what they did, but was rooting for the Bulls to end it.

    • HENNO773 says:


  198. bitch please says:

    Ok let’s move on…..

    This Bulls team will go to playoffs and will lose in 1st round… What happen to them against 76ers w/o rose last year they got beaten 4-2… If this standing continues up to playoffs they will face Brooklyn and honestly they don’t have a chance hahaha maybe a 4-2 win by nets

    just sayin

    • sally says:

      you are absolutely right “bitch please” the bulls had a good night and played a little harder than usual just to see if they could break the streak, and they did. When they get to the playoffs they will go nowhere and if they have to play Miami (which I doubt, cause someone will knock them out before) IN Miami, God have mercy on their soles, because Miami will reek havoc on them. Its just a shame because they (Bulls) have not played well at all during their season.

  199. lalaala says:

    anyone who had said that lebron could had played in the bad boy era, just eaten their words… this aren’t even half of what the bad boys were capable of doing..and stop blaming the refs… refs are human and they make error here and there…and look at some of the call the have downgrade to just a personal foul.. those fouls were all going for the ball and accident does happen

  200. Davis says:

    regardless of how you feel about lebron or the heat, it was a good game. it was an old school type game very physical, but the officiation could of been better, the play by tajj gibson not a flagrant foul, but as far as kirk… that was a flagrant because it was unnecessary. heat is a wonderful team without a doubt but a loss is a loss time to stop worrying about the game you just had and move on to the next one…

    • tke29 says:

      How was Kirks foul a flagrant foul. There was every need to wrap up LeBron in the open court. LeBron made no play at the rim, lowered his shoulder and drove Hinrich into the floor (watch Kirk’s head bounce off the hardwood). Learn something about the game please.

    • bullsfan0218 says:

      I agree it was a great game the whole way through. I dont think the refs were missing calls though, like Gibson said after the game the refs were just letting them play. I love when the refs take a step back and let the players play a physical game

  201. Jintan says:

    Henrich’s foul wasnt a fragrant. When such a Huge and fast guy comes at you, you just try to protect yourself. It wasnt something like THAT Wade foul on Rondo or something like that.

    • GoforGreatness says:

      How do you protect yourself by hugging the incoming player? If i want to be safe i will move away from it or if i want to take the offensive just stand there and be ready for the contact but NOT going for the opponents body and take him down with your fall. Even kirk said he wanted to stop LBJ for taking a and 1 possibility. He can injure someone doing what he had done if he didnt let go early Lebron might not had the chance to go to his back for a safe fall and might have use his arm for the fall and made a huge injury for him. It can happen to lebron, to what have happened to rondo if all the timing was right

      • Mister 215 says:

        It’s funny that you say that because in football you takle all the time, nd guess what most injuries from tackles are blindsided ones, not the ones in which you see the defender comin…. That foul wasn’t hard at all…. Maybe if Lebron didn’t try to run over people he wouldn’t have that problem…. Nature of the beast…. He is the reason he gets fouled hard…. Run full speed at a boy nd he’ll move out the way…. Run full speed at a man nd he will give you something to think about before you try it again.

      • The Worm 91 says:

        Kirk was actually more hurt than LeBron on that sequence. Kirk hit the back of his head on the floor.

  202. Truth says:

    What a spoiled crybaby. He will never be better than Larry, MJ, Magic Kobe and other greats.

    • REVO says:

      The refs should be fired after a game like this they were obviously trying to help chicago win this game and honestly i lost respect for the NBA and the bulls after this game the bulls really think they won the game fair and square. the refs obviously help them get this win

      • Carl says:

        The IRONY…the sheer IRONY of a Miami fan talking like this…

      • tke29 says:

        The Heat still shot more free throws and received more foul calls than the Bulls and Heat fans are complaining about calls? Bosh gets a continuation after dribbling the ball one more time near the end of regulation? Boozers rebound put back and he gets slapped in the face TWICE by LeBron no whistle? LeBron hangs on the rim on Nate Robinson’s last shot and no whistle? Heat fans no nothing about basketball. Bandwagoneers can excuse themselves from the conversation any time now!

    • KunJayMaster says:

      Listen son, those others weren’t called greats when they were playing. Besides the are different ways to define someone as a “great”

      • Fan says:

        Dwight Howard gets those kind of fouls too but you don’t see it because he’s so damn strong. Look, all bigs get fouled hard, look at Blake Griffin. People actually fouled in in mid air to get him to stop, now that’s a flagrant. Taj Gibson went for ball but Lebron was too fast and got whacked and the Kirk Hinrich one was just a grab so he won’t get an and one foul. Play through it.

  203. Giddi says:

    To be honest I am glad the streak happened now and they have more time to regain focus (most teams lose some after a streak ends) before the playoffs.

    That said, some fouls were really over the top and should have been called as flagrant. Playing physical is great, I love hard competing teams, but some fouls were just intended to hit Lebron as hard as they can.

    That’s why there started the problem with flopping, refs don’t call based on the amount of contact but by the reaction of the “fouled” player, just because Leborn can absorb more contact doesn’t mean a foul shouldn’t be called or called as a normal foul and not a flagrant.

    • BBall says:

      Lebron probably gets the most star treatment from the refs out of any player in the league. Those were not flagrant fouls, he needs to stop whining and just play the game. Those were good, hard fouls.

    • The Worm 91 says:

      perhaps LeBron should stop intentionally ramming and initiating contact on defenders too.

  204. Boske Taytay Tonggo says:

    Well this guy Steve Aschburner is seriously a Heat hater..
    I bet he was waiting for this moment to post his most magnificent blog..

    • Derick rose says:

      Basketball is a mans game, to play physical is better than to flop. Miami does have so many floppers w/c basically ruins the game.. Bulls did a nice job, they desrerve to win..

      • KunJayMaster says:

        Where was the “man’s game” when LeBron bumped Boozer?

      • Game Time says:

        LMAO is that right Mr Rose? Then you should stop being scared and get back to playing since you’ve been cleared and have been practicing. Oh that’s right you are trying to get to 110% since you couldn’t beat Miami when you were 100% LMFAO.

      • HENNO773 says:


    • MIAMI HEAT HATERS go TO HELL... says:

      KEEP BALLING MIAMI HEAT!!! chicago just LUCKY…27 win STREAK is ENOUGH and it can get any appreciation>>> focus on THE FINALS. get that 2nd RING BRON!!!

      • ChrisPaul says:

        Shut up stupid Heat fanboy! There is no luck in that game! The Bulls won fair and square! I bet you Heat fans are crying because your precious streak is over just like LeBaby cried after the game! I feel sorry for you Heat fans.

      • Florida says:

        Try to enjoy your own team instead of being a Hater. You guys have been crying last 27 game nights.

  205. Victor Manoel says:

    Great win by the Bulls. The Heat couldn’t overcome their defense.

    And about LeBron, who played very well, he was just checking if the referees were able to call a flagrant foul. After they have downgraded that Taj Gibson’s foul, hitting LeBron’s neck, well, anything could be valid…

    • Heats says:

      i think the point here is not about if those fouls were flagrant or not.
      Is about should they even exist in the game?
      Go youtube and search lebron james hard fouls and luo deng hard fouls. And you would see lebron james being hack so mnay times compare to luo deng.
      Those fouls were really irritating, dirty dangerous and fustrating. And why do these kind of fouls only happen to lebron james and shaq ?! Thats because they are unstoppable unless you hit them. But thats wrong! How can you do something dirty to someone who is better than you ?!

      People argue about flagrant or not. But now lebron says that these are not basketball fouls or play. Two different question

      • Mister 215 says:

        First of all hard fouls are just as important as a “soft foul”….. Youre not going to give just any person a hard foul…. You only do that to the best players to send a message that you can’t just come here and do whatever you want…. It’s about pride nd clearly you never played organized ball or even truly watched it for that matter….. Crazy of you to think that only Lebron nd Shaq got fouled hard….. Every big mad gets fouled hard and Jordan did, Kobe, Howard, Duncan, Griffin, Durant…. Pretty much any player that is above the rest…. He wasn’t sayin anything when he dunked on Terry, but right…. That’s not a foul because you dunk on someone, although if you ask Terry or Knight for that matter… Im sure they would disagree….IJS

  206. OzSonicsFan says:

    Great game. Badluck to the Heat, welldone to the Bulls for winning.

    Regardless of the calls.. I’m happy LeBron is a little angry about the hard fouls, it will only serve to make him more determined. The broken streak will also be good for the Heat.. now they can re-focus on getting ready for the playoffs.

    Spoelstra needs to re-focus too, he’s been cruising for a bit too long on the talent of the Heat team.

  207. Uncontainable Spirit says:

    I have no idea what game you were watching but those were definitely flagrant fouls against LeBron. You tackle a person and that’s not a flagrant foul? Jimmy Butler doesn’t even go for the ball and just pushes Wade out of bounds and that’s not a flagrant foul? Gibson hits LeBron in the head. Gibson horse collar tackles LeBron… Seriously?

    • Daniel says:

      I’m not a heat fan, but I totally agree with you! Gibson should have been thrown out after that play! The way Lebron landed, could have injured him and put him out for a long time!

      • Wow says:

        shut up. This is why we cant have good games, in the old days were jordan was here those were real fouls. These were basiclly kiddie fouls, people were fighting on the court and still didnt get ejected. Stop bitchin just get up and play.

      • Sam says:

        thats Chicago basketball, son

      • HENNO773 says:


      • j smoove says:

        Gibson’s was not a flagrant foul, yes, Lebron could have gotten hurt, but the actual foul itself was not of malicious intent. When someone screens you, and you lower your shoulder into them, thats malicious intent

      • Kyle says:

        Lebron James does not need to be crying about fouls, he is just being a sore loser. That was a great game last night. I wish the refs would call all the games like they did last night. Makes for much better games. DA BULLZZZZZZZZZZAAH!

    • ian says:

      The calls were unbelievable. I recognize the Bulls play hard but the refs got some serious calls bad. Of course anyone that does not support the Heat or doesn’t look at the game from an objective point of view will say the opposite. The bad thing from all this is not the loss. It’s the fact that other teams plus the Bulls see that they can get away with such plays in the future. But what happens when Lebron goes to the floor and brakes an arm ? or twists an ankle or any other bad outcome ? I mean, you need to protect someone from those type of things and it is your job to do so. Anyway I can go on for days. Congratulations to the Bulls (swag face on me). Hope their memory doesn’t end yesterday 🙂

      • HENNO773 says:


      • Another Heat Fan says:

        Are you crazy? this aint the NFL this is the NBA and lowering your shoulder is the rule when driving.

        Now just because lebron is big, doesnt mean you should be allowed to foul him harder. It’s just not fair.

        Lebron worked out a good deal to get the kind of strength he has, and if you want to stop him you should put a body on him not hug him and try to tackle him down. That’s just a plain dirty play by Kirk.

        What’s more is Kirk could have really injured himself man. The way his head bumped the floor was scary. And if for some reason he tried that same play on someone else, like say russel westbrook, who is much quicker and lighter than lebron, russel’s feet may have left the ground when he gets grabbed and would fall forehead first onto the hardwood.

        Lebron said it best himself, that wasn’t a basketball play. And i think that kind of play deserves a fine if not a suspension.

      • The Worm 91 says:

        the Heat got away with so many calls for 27 straight games already….and James always ramming on opponents should be called for offensive fouls.

    • artifex says:

      I agree on the Gibson foul, don’t know why the refs changed that.
      But the first by Hinrich on first sight I would have seen an offensive foul. LeBron crushes right into Hinrich. Grab his arms around James isn’t the best to do but difficult to know, whether it”s to stop the opponent or to help himself from crushing hard on his back, that can get very serious injury (though he admitted he tried to stop LeBron, but James wasn’t in danger of getting hurt in that one, it wasn’t a dangerous play, at least not from Hinrichs site…)

    • KG4life says:

      nah. the one on kirk was 50/50. bron fell cause of his momentum. twas a hard foul, but not enough to be a fl. the one on taj was a regular foul. It wasnt a hit on the head. haha. his arms just slid.

    • No words says:

      How about you people first learn how to play basketball than talk about what pro`s do in games. Definitely flagrant fouls on LeBron? Do you even know what a FLAGRANT FOUL is ? You are crying just like mister Bron Bron does. That`s how the HEAT sometimes get by other teams, with calls in their favour. But when real basketball is being played, like it was yesterday, they have a hard time and they start whining. And there the F have you seen Gibson hit LeBron in the head you idiot? Can`t believe how stupid some of you can be.

      • dave says:

        you can’t blame their ignorance, the league has conditioned them into feeling that all the calls should go their way. that’s why it’s even more ironic that these “heat fans” are complaining about officiating. no understanding of the rules of the game, just a feeling of entitlement that the calls should always be in their favor because that’s what they are accustomed to

      • El says:

        I respect your opinion on Lebron’s plays, but I do not respect you calling other people stupids, idiots, etc. Saying that they do not understand basketball and the rules as if you know better than the players. Even if you don’t like LeBron/Heat, you should be sportive in commenting his or other people’s plays.

        I am a Heat fan, but I’m not saying the Bulls won unfairly, or the Heat “somehow” lost. Loses are normal in the NBA, you have to get loses once in a while. Bulls is a formidable team, even without Noah, Rose, and the others, prove was yesterday. Heat also played well, maybe the foul trouble was not so good, but that’s yesterday. I think Heat needs to use this loss as an opportunity to go to a whole new level.

        Once again, I dislike your manner on commenting someone else’s comments. Just that, no hate

      • why is everyone mad at the Heat ? UUmmm, please don’t hate on the Heat ,because they got the second longest steark. And Lebron isn’t the only one fouling if you look closely. so please don’t act like that it’s all Lebron fault baby. DF?
        GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • No words says:

        @ El
        How would you call a person that makes up fouls in his mind and then comes here and talks about it so amazed by what happened. Sorry but I am tired of people talking and acting like they have knowledge about something and when they argue about it they have absolutely no rational arguments. I understand they are fans of certain teams but that doesn`t mean they are automatically entitled to say everything they want and distort reality so that they feel better about what happened. I`ve been watching basketball since the early 90`s and I am playing basketball myself. I can recognize when a player is going for the body instead of the ball. Let`s take Kirk`s foul on LeBron – he was attempting to take a charge (look at the replay, its really obvious) – Heat fans come here and say it was pure murder. Next Butler`s foul on Wade – he even touched the ball first and the body contact was small, Wade then lost his balance and he went into the cameraman. Heat fans didn`t even watch the replay or refused to see what really happened. Understandable, as I said below in another comment, Heat fans are one of the worst, no offence. Gibson on LeBron – he jumped straight, Bron went a little under and Gibson`s hands layed on his shoulder, close to the neck. Again, Heat fans say he went for his neck thus it should`ve been an imediate ejection. Oh, and someone said “look how he landed!! What if he was going to injure himself?”, like he is made of crystal. Then Bron out of frustration slams Boozer. It is so goddamn obvious that he wanted that. LOOK AT HIS FACE AND EYES. Does it looks like he wanted to avoid Boozer?
        It was a good game, both teams fought hard, this is how basketball should be. Who doesn`t like it this way, don`t watch. Or simply watch how basketball used to be played. The end.

    • KSPaula says:

      seriously lebron said it best – they were non-basketball fouls – enough said – what would any of the lebron haters say if he wrapped his arms around kevin garnett and took him to the floor – ya that’s what I thought – b.s.

    • Anonymous says:

      EXACTLY! He drops the shoulder into Boozer, because he’s been intentionally fouled ALL game! He’s right, they aren’t basketball plays! Gibson should’ve gotten a flagrant because he INTENTIONALLY hit LeBron… OVER THE SHOULDERS!!!

    • Florida says:

      I totally agree with you Refs let Bulls to Bully Miami Heat all night. Refs screwed up big time and let James to lose his temper which is not a very usual thing to see.

      • #BullsfanDan says:

        The is what we call “BASKETBALL” it is rare in the NBA thses days but that is how the game is played. Also it is a man’s game no girls are crybabies allowed.

    • Mister 215 says:

      @ Uncontainable Spirit….. You sir (or ma’am) know nothing about basketball after what I just read….. First you have to be slow in the mind if you didn’t see Jimmy Butler go for the ball before he pushed DWade…. Look at the replay again you clown, nd you will see that he actually blocked DWade shot before he fouled him. Next…. Im not the world smartest man, nor have I even claimed to be, but I thought a tackle is when someone grabs you and forces you to the ground…. Lebron’s momentum is what actually cause them to both fall…. All Kirk did was grab Lebron preventing himself from being ran over which is a smart basketball move to foul him. Lastly, you said that Gibson should have been called for a flagrant for what??? Grabbin his shoulders??? No a Flagrant foul is either a blow to the head (which never happened) or over excessive contact…. Sorry if I believe Lebron is soft when it comes to getting hit, but I was a running back, so you can see how I can feel about that….

    • Kobe>Mj says:

      Inderstand that the Gibson foul should have got a flagrant 1 because it was around the neck/ collar bone area, and they way he landed should have played a part in it. But there was at least still a play on the basketball. & please if people are bitching about the Kirk foul just shut up. Lebron tried to run right thru him wtf is he supposed to do except wrap him up? Contact was initiated by bron. And Kirk got the worst of it. The refs got one call wrong, big deal happens every game. Lebron is good at playing victim. He’s the one barreling into everyone just trying to run them over with his size and strength, of course he’s gonna get fouled hard. I like lebron, I’m a fan of his actually, but he needs to shut up and recognize it’s his brute ‘Blake griffin’ like style that brings this upon him. He looks like a bitch whining about it, he’s just mad they lost. Take your anger out of the court next game bron, and enjoy your fine from Stu Jackson LOL

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Oh come on, if LeBron can dish it out he can take it. I’m trying to be unbiased as a basketball fan, time and time again LeBron gets up to running full speed and dips his shoulder into the defender and its never called against him. The foul on Gibson should have been a flagrant 1 as there was no real play on the ball. But Miami gets just as many ridiculous calls as anyone else. For him to cry about the officiating after 1 loss in 28 games is just sad. Did u hear KD crying about the no call at the end of Game 2 of the Finals? And this is just a regular season game. Just getting real tired of Wade and James voicing their opinion on everything, then crying to the media when they don’t get their way

    • Kamote says:

      Please don’t let your IDOL be included in the GOAT conversation if he can’t handle hard (but not flagrant) fouls. That’s what the league has come today, James can just barrel his way through everyone, but don’t expect the same force coming back to him and not getting the call. Just too much focus on effin’ DIvas not getting hurt. This is a man’s game, and James has the body that’s a lot times as durable as MJ’s, AI’s, Stockton’s, R. Miller’s and other players that usually get more battered than he’ll ever have in his entire career. James is a whiner and a baby, and so are his fans LOL.

    • JumpMan says:

      Which game were you seeing boy? And how old are you?

      Kirk was in front of Lebron when he start to drive to the lane, he caught him with a blocking foul and he prevent the and one. It is big boy pants basketball not little girls basketball. Taj go to help in his foul and hi did not get him in the neck he just hit him in the shoulder trying to reach the ball, reaching foul. Obviously that they are looking the contact, we are talking of Lebron James running to the basket, their fouls were hard but not flagrant. And Jimmy “Buckets” chased Wade like a sir and went for the ball, if wade went to the camera man in the process, that was an unlucky situation in a physical play.

      I think Lebron James never watched Bulls vs Detroit in the playoffs in the 89, 90 and 91 if he thinks those fouls are not basketball plays.

      Do not be a Lebron crying fan boy, be a basketball fan. The game is like that, physical, tough, and beautiful. If you do not like it Lebron put a skirt and go to the WNBA, but be aware there are many tough girls there.

  208. Toro says:

    Better now it ended, than in San Antonio. While the streak went on the probability of opponents’ win was riseing with every game, so here we are – its finally over, and it’s no big work for Chicago, they just showed up in the right moment.

    • it’s not like they were gonna keep that streak any longer though

      • J.J. Jackson says:

        It just shows, the el heat are el beatable and Lebron James is el whimpy. They were just getting lucky from the start of teh streak. Shoot, they should have lost to the Bob Cats. LOL Sorry el heat but you got what you deserved. I loved seeing Lebron go down, I was dancing in my living room.

      • KunJayMaster says:

        Yea and how would you know? Everyone knows the only way Miami loses is by defeating themselves. They thought this was going to be another day in the office..oh look no Noah, Belinelli or Hamilton let’s just chill for a few quarters, like they been doing against all other teams and this time when they put up the pressure shots just didn’t go in, aside from the fact that they couldn’t stop the worst offense in the league either.
        On another note, again a game of this magnitude Bosh with 4 rebounds. Chicago had 12 offensive rebounds that resulted in 22 points. That’s just insulting, can you imagine what this Miami Heat team could do with a guy like Kevin Love or Randolph? I want Bosh out already he can take his “feathery jay” out of here.

      • Game Time says:

        Getting lucky for 27 straight games. GTFO you moron.

      • Florida says:

        @JJ Jakson,

        We Miami Heat fans were dancing last 27 game nights while you were crying those nights. It is OK for you to be happy once in 2-3 months.

      • Lakers Heat says:

        Why does Lebron cries publicly over and over again when the camera clearly shows that he intentionally tries to run into Boozer with his shoulder? This is not a football game. Boozer allows to screen. He’s the one who started all the physical activities and now people get physical on him and he cries? What a moron baby. What does think of all those years he’s using his size to run people over? I new this day would come for Lebron when he gets old and not able to do that but I didn’t think it would come that soon. Cry moron. That’s right Lebron. Stop complaining cus everybody know u started the physical roughness. He shouldve gotten a flagrant foul for knocking down Kirk Henrich caused him to slam his head. If u view it closely u see Lebron runs directly into Kirk.

      • #45 says:

        love to see somebody go down… you really got a crab mentality man… that’s not good for your soul… hahaha..