The Time Is Now To Beat The Heat


Can’t you picture the Hornets, Spurs, Knicks, Bobcats and Sixers salivating already?

It’s time to jump on the Heat while they’re down, exhausted, spent after a 27-game winning streak that lasted nearly two full months.

Despite what the Miami players have been saying, that kind of long period of excellence takes a toll, mentally and physically.

Who says?


After the 1969-70 Knicks of Willis Reed, Walt Frazier, Dave DeBusschere and Bill Bradley had what was then an NBA record 18-game win streak snapped by Detroit, they bounced back to take three straight, but then lost four out of five to add up to a 4-5 stretch over a period of 17 days.

  • Nov. 29 vs. Pistons, lost 110-98.
  • Dec. 2 vs. Sonics, won 129-109.
  • Dec. 5 at Baltimore, won 116-107.
  • Dec. 6,vs. Bucks, won 124-99.
  • Dec. 9 at Cincinnati, lost 103-101.
  • Dec. 10 at Milwaukee, lost 96-95.
  • Dec. 11 at Seattle, lost 112-105.
  • Dec. 13 vs. Sixers, lost 100-93.
  • Dec. 16 at Atlanta, lost 125-124.

The very next year when the Bucks of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Oscar Robertson set a new record with 20 consecutive wins, their streak ended with a double-overtime loss at Chicago and they lost three straight and five of the last six games to close out the regular season.

  • Mar. 9 at Chicago, lost 110-103 (2 OT).
  • Mar. 13 at New York, lost 108-103.
  • Mar. 14 vs. Suns, lost 125-113.
  • Mar. 16 at Phoenix, won 119-111.
  • Mar. 18 at Seattle, lost 122-121.
  • Mar.19 at San Diego, lost 111-99.

The legendary 1971-72 Lakers of Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain and Gail Goodrich came along the very next season to hang the record so far out there at 33 in a row that it still eluded the Heat 41 years later. But even that Hall of Fame trio couldn’t avoid a letdown. After the streak was ended by Kareem and the Bucks, the Lakers lost three of their next five.

  • Jan. 9 at Milwaukee, lost 120-104.
  • Jan. 11 at Detroit, won 123-103.
  • Jan. 12 at Cincinnati, lost 108-107.
  • Jan. 14 at Philadelphia, won 135-121.
  • Jan. 21 vs. Knicks, lost 104-101.
  • Jan. 22 at Phoenix, lost 116-102.

It took another 36 years until the 2007-08 Rockets tried to make a run at the record. But their fate was no different. After their 22-game win streak was smashed by Boston, Tracy McGrady and the Rockets were hammered the next night by the Hornets as they went on to lose four of their next seven.

  • Mar. 18 vs. Celtics, lost 94-74.
  • Mar. 19 at New Orleans, lost 90-69.
  • Mar. 21 at Golden State, won 109-106.
  • Mar. 22 at Phoenix, lost 122-113.
  • Mar. 24 vs. Kings, won 108-100.
  • Mar. 26 vs. Timberwolves, won 97-86.
  • Mar. 30 at San Antonio, lost 109-88.
  • Apr. 1 at Sacramento, lost 99-98.

Of course, the good news for LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the gang is that all of those teams except the Rockets gathered themselves in time for the playoffs and went on to win the NBA championship and the Heat will still be the heavy favorites to do that in June.

But for now, history says it’s time to watch for a case of the Post-Streak Blues.

And for every team coming up on the schedule to pounce.


  1. Wizards gonna sweep the heat 1st round come playoffs!!! 🙂

  2. bworl says:

    hell of a game by both teams, the bulls came to play but you cant tell me if you where the one taking those outlandish fouls don’t forget in the second or third quarter when taj flat out blasted LeBron on top of his head when he went reverse. no doubt the bulls were head hunting lbj last night and to their credit it worked. as far as LeBron goes he has a right to be pissed id b pissed to, to have a guy flat go for the head is bs to say the least. as for lbj in the 80’s how to do you figure he wouldn’t last he was hammered and he got back up every time. hate all you want but you only hate bc he isn’t on your favorite team and he deserve respect he played his heart out the streak had to end somewhere

  3. d-wade says:

    now there is some issue for haters to say. it ok. you guys been silent for long time. don’t worry. you guys will be mouth shut again. especially on june. haha. enjoy the moment. it won’t be long.

  4. 2optout says:

    @ DRAMEY: No he won’t, but he’ll be right up there, though.

  5. jake s says:

    I watch a lot of NBA on ESPN. Has anyone else noticed how Jeff Van Gundy never agrees with the call?

  6. Dramey says:

    I am a Laker fan for life, so I am glad to see Miami’s streak stopped at 27. With that being said, this Miami team is exceptional. I think they repeat this year. They are fun to watch. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that when it’s all said and done, Lebron will go down as the best player of all time. I’ve always said Magic was the best, but most people say Jordan. Lebron is the combination of those two.

  7. No ONe says:

    Anyone here actually now how to play basketball…what people taking about here…nonsense people…playbasketball and you will now the feeling almost get injure…

    • Dario says:

      My god, they lost ONE FRICKIN GAME IN THE REGULAR SEASON and haters around the world rejoice and start trolling.

      THe bulls won their championship yesterday, and coming from a heat fan, they played better than the heat and deserved the win. But i think the heat are fine with their championship in JUNE


  8. Skerg says:

    27 wins in a row is very special. Thank you HEAT! (Im a die hard Warriors Fan) Their Teamwork and chemistry is incredible. Lucky calls, bad calls, no calls happen both ways. Refs cant help the ball go in the rim. But understand Refs have a very difficult job. Im no hater, so I applaud the HEAT. I am a FAN so I love watching all teams play their hearts out. And give credit where its deserved. Instead of looking for any reason to join the, “Miami HATE”…

  9. Kevo says:

    The Heat lost last night. Plain and simple. Everyone seems to be either trying to justify the Heat’s loss, downplay the Bulls win, compare to the past streaks, etc. As a Heat fan and Bulls fan, it was a catch-22 for me, lol. But it was a good game, give credit where it’s due.

  10. AVAKIL says:

    It’s interesting that teams who go on long winning streaks go through the “post-streak blues”. I wonder whether its due to the mental fatigue that comes with excellence like Fran points out in the article, or if its something more than that. Perhaps there is a more intricate psychological reason behind it, in which case there could be strategies to prepare for such a thing. Or perhaps its just like everything else, where after a highly active period there is always inevitably a period of downtime.

    • Chris says:

      they are professional athletes but they’re still human. Well except Lebron (living freight train.) You build up so much momentum blowing through teams in a win streak, that when you finally stop you’re just drained

  11. sanjay says:

    chicago would be bulldozed when they come playing in the heats den in the regular season itself. The next game is like 10 days away. Watch out chicago!
    we did not see a basketball game, we saw a wrestling match which would put wwe to shame! Despite all that heat could have still won it! Bird missing a dunk! and plenty of 3 pointers missed( the shooters were not in form really). The coach missed a trick not to use miller/lewis who were in better rhythm!

    it is good that streak as ended with plenty of time to recoup before play offs! But just before that there will be payback!

  12. clippers all day says:

    this article is a joke, all that time wasting on some stats? be good to see how the heat go in the next 5-6 games but if they don’t lose 4-5 in a row then this article is what i think it is ,garbage.
    aaand to all the haters out there, kobe does the most crying during and after the game, if you watch the nba on a reg basis have half a brain and aren’t biest then it’s pretty clear to see but then again you’re just little kids getting thrills off posting hate comments about lebron bullying people like JT, what he’s suppose to take it easy cause he’s half his size, don’t see anyone hating on my boy d jordan…. typical americans, the biggest country to murder the most innocent lives.. land of the free hahaha what a joke

  13. Reality says:

    It doesnt matter … The Ring is Miami’s no ones beating them 4 times in a row……..Its over

  14. Miami's lose not a big deal says:

    So the Bulls fought very hard to get this win – it was very important for them. For Miami instead, it means just one lose, the streak was something nice to have but is not the main goal. Really, I prefer they lose now than in the Playoffs. I would give some rest to the Heat big three (specially to Lebron) after the 27 streak and will start preparing for the Playoffs. Great work Miami!

  15. The Worm 91 says:

    He shouldn’t be blaming the very reason why they had a 27 game win streak — officiating

    • Chris says:

      its a double standard. It’s okay If it’s your team benefitting from it. Seen it in favor of the Lakers, the heat, and any team with superstars on it really. But it only seems to be a problem to fans if their team suffers from it. No heat fan called out the refs for not calling a foul on wade slapping Rondo in the face on a game changing play last season. No heat fan called out the refs when Durant got called for a foul when even replay showed he didn’t even touch Lebron, what’d he do breathe on him? Now I’m not saying Lebron is the only one who gets the treatment, my point is it only seems to be a problem if it’s him suffering from the bad calls, otherwise it’s “YEAH HEAT ARE THE BEST!”

  16. Chris says:

    The heat blogs are generally swarmed with “fans” quickly after being posted.. Kinda shocked no ones popped in here to throw out some arrogant comment. Facebook in the meantime was amusing. So many blaming the refs, yet they’ll gladly brag about the heats ring which was just as stupidly officiated

  17. Miamib2b says:

    This goes to establish that the Bulls don’t need Derrick Rose. I can’t wait for revenge!!!

  18. B-Ball4Life says:

    All you LeBron and Heat haters shut up. Give probs to the Bulls the made it tough but this comes at the right time.
    Everybody was just talking about the streak. Now they can really focus on the Playoffs. At the end you will see that Miami is going to be the Champion again. Just be realistic a lot of Teams (San Antonio, OKC, Denver, Memphis, LAC, NY, Pacers) are able to beat them one time but no one stops them in a best-of-seven series period.

  19. MIAMI HEAT HATERS go TO HELL... says:

    now all the MIAMI HEAT haters come alive again because the HEAT LOST…. shame on you guys…

  20. wahahaha69 says:

    Another anti-Heat article from yours truly, Mr. Fran Blinebury

  21. wahahaha69 says:

    Another anti heat article from Mr, Fran

  22. Noit says:

    The more I look at this, the crazier it is. The refs really blew this one. By swallowing whistles on LBJ they let him play like a maniac. Kirk is a MAN! He got a flagrant2 foul by LBJ BULL RUSHING him and Kirk bounced his head on the ground. He could have internal bleeding and fractures in his skull. Kirk didn’t complain but that is flag2 on LBJ.

    Look at this bull rush:

  23. Peter Wells says:

    Gutted the streak is over but hopefully this will be a lesson to the Heat players. In games like this they have to play hard every minute on the court like Chicago did. It’s ok to play soft for half the game and then turn it up against teams like the Bobcats or the Magic, no disrespect, but against a team like the Bulls it won’t work. Hopefully now they wont make the same mistake in the playoffs

  24. Noit says:

    I didn’t menion Kirk! My gosh this guy is a man. That head to the floor OUCH! OUCH OUCH!! Grabbing the ball away from 7ft Bosh Power forward!!! Kirk the man!!!

  25. skunk says:

    a pissed off lebron is gonna be something to behold…..

  26. Noit says:

    Man Taj made some criticaaaal jumpers.

  27. Noit says:

    Actuallying watching the game you see the refs blew a bunch of and 1 situations on Boozer and Deng. But thanks refs for not foulding Boozer out, you guys blow whistles on him too easy and don’t let him use his strength. His strength is his game. By blowing whistles on Boozer you ruin the game. Thanks for not doing it this game.

    Yeah Booze!!

  28. Noit says:

    Oh my gosh how can I forget to call out Butler and Nate!!! Nate was suuuuuuuuuuuperrr!! Fannntastic floater over LBJ so he couldn’t block it.

    Malcolm Thomas came in and provided good defense allowing Taj for the block. Malcolm Thomas must be signed on to the Bulls.

    Butler needs to start, his combinaton of defense and offense is key to our team.

    Nazr Mohammad must be signed on longer for the Bulls in the Kurt Thomas (1 above Scal) role. Nazr Mohammads veteran’ness is CLEARLY seen.

    I want to leave off with YEAH BOOZE!!!! Keep up this play Booze man!!! That will make the Bulls unbeatable.

  29. Noit says:

    I’m one to always call out the refs. And again I call out the refs. Kirk hit his head HARD on the ground when he wrapped up LBJ from front. He hit HARD. People are getting queasy seeing that play. I hope Kirk is ok. Kirk is man, he didn’t even complain about it.

    However bad they messed up that Kirk call. Props to the refs for not letting that Taj foul go to a flagrant and bigger props for not calling the game for the Heats cribbing and whining. The refs change the way teams play by the way the call the game. You saw the it didn’t change the way the Heat played as they were waiting for the refs to start blowing whistles there way.

    Also huge heack yeahhhh to Boozer!!!!!!! Like how he took that LBJ ram Boozer didn’t move!! He just was like that boxer shake down like hahhahahaha AWESOMEEEE

    Props to Deng for making 3’s and slashing at the same time.

    Props to Nazr Mohammad!!!!! My gosh!!! That was an amazing seal on one of the heat players and he got that shot called for goal tending and refs called tech on wade. N Mohammad is awesome man.

    Again I want to close with props to refs for calling this better when it’s vs the Heat. For calling this better when it’s the Bulls, I hope the refs call the Bulls like they call the Heat because we suffered injuries like crazy and we deserve to not suffer them anymore due to calls that are designed to protect players but the Bulls don’t get.

  30. Darius27 says:

    The Heat stays true to themselves and does not need to show goodness of hugs and well wishes after loosing. They are in a ride and admit it, the Bulls were lucky to escape because of calls. In 30 seconds, the Heat almost erased a 9 point deficit. They were not outplayed, they were purposely banged physically. I bet LeBron does not care about the streak. They just hate loosing and loosing to a team that is so bitter against them during the playoffs the previous years. Bad thing about making them loose tonight is that the Heat gets a lot better after a loss compared to after winning games. Leave your hate behind. He has all the right to speak. He knows the game of Basketball well and we ourselves are not in the league. Watch out as they will even improve harder and dominate the playoffs towards the finals.

  31. Hell of a win for the bulls w/o 3 main players-kudos to bulls from from a Celts fan-great hustling, physical game-for the most part refs let them play some physicality, almost reminded me of the “80’s on the bulls behalf & then lebron had a nerve to complain of a few no calls & he had 11 ft att & wanted those 2 flagerants which were just good hard fouls that he got reg foul calls for & still complains-REALLY-even though heat had 5 more ft att than bulls 23-18! Remember when-wade’s no play on the ball dislocating RONDO’S elbow in playoffs-sometimes it takes a long for things to come back & bite you in the A?!. Good hard physical game-heat loss & complain like princesses, if lebron & heat played in the “80’s when they let them play pretty physical, they wouldn’t last. Bird played his last cpl years w/ horrific back pain, Pierce playing right now w/ pinched nerve in his neck or Frazier playing on an injured knee limping in the 1970 finals-now wade & lebron want to complain & they get more free throws than most!

  32. Darius27 says:

    The Heat stays true to themselves and does not need to show goodness of hugs and well wishes after loosing. They are in a ride and admit it, the Bulls were lucky to escape because of calls. In 30 seconds, the Heat almost erased a 9 point deficit. They were not outplayed, they were purposely

  33. Jack says:

    Snub them? They lost a regular season game, not a playoff series. Why the hell do they have to go “congratulate” the team that just beat them? Players don’t always go hug after games. Sometimes, but not always. Stop looking for reasons to hate Miami.

  34. jake s says:

    I am all for OKC but Heat are going to take it all.

  35. snapped! says:

    its ok that the 27 game win streak come to an end..the heat should not lose their focus for them to repeat and defend their title. they have now home court advantage in the playoffs if they hold as top team in the league. just crush the bulls in playoffs for a sweeter revenge for ending the streak. the NBA championship is still important! Lets go heat!!

  36. Like School on a Holiday says:

    Just when I start to gain respect for Miami they go and…well act like a bunch of babies.

    A guy as physical as LeBron who arguably dislodges players regularly by ramming his shoulder through them, and yet, still manages to somehow freakishly go 6 straight games without having a foul called on him has a lot of nerve to complain about the officiating. If not for favorable calls throughout the “streak” the Heat wouldn’t have come close to 27. Lots of injured teams helped too.

    But to finally lose to a Bulls team that flat-out outplayed them, and without several key players, and then walk off the court and snub them is just sad, and childish. Clearly that streak meant a lot to them. You know they wanted to make history, and now LeBron is crying because it didn’t happen. Rather than congratulating the team that brought them down he turns around and blames the officiating, as if that’s why they lost.

    • CELTIC THUNDER says:


    • lol says:

      lol you do realise most nba teams usually just go off the court if they go against their rival teams. they never blamed the officiating FOR THE LOSS, they blamed it for the lac k of correct calls.

    • One of the king's subject says:

      Because Jordan would do that because Jerry west would do that. Yes lebron shouldn’t have took it out on the officials but to congratulate the team means lebron has no competitive fire. You honestly believe when Jordan lost to the bad boys he went up to isiah and said hey you beat us your a better team? Jordan would rather be traded from Chicago to a mediocre team before he admits that the team he lost to is better. But if it was Kobe you would be all over on how he got fouled and everyone should be ejected and Chicago is a dirty team because that’s what you said when the Jones guard Kobe on his last possession.

    • wtf? says:

      I know you trolls don’t compete and have no idea what it feels like when u lose a crucial game you get pretty damn emotional its not that easy to shake hands. They won 27 games in a row! Just cuz your team has only won 5 doesnt give u a reason to be so salty—– motha freaking pacers fan.

    • Chris says:

      It’s especially annoying that the commentators tried to justify the punk move. Chicago was simply the better team last night, doesn’t mean they are overall but you’d think it did by the way they reacted

    • LordP says:

      U smell like a hater!!The Heat are respected by every franchise in the league cause they earned..your respect doesn’t mean a …. to ’em

    • WellOhWell says:

      So, you started to gain respect… And… they lost all that because they thought as human being, they sometimes have the right to be upset. So regrettable that the HEAT will miss out on your so NOTABLE respect.

      Some Bonzagal!

  37. turk says:

    Bulls / Heat second round in the playoffs…..get your tickets and your popcorn ready. This is going to be the real NBA Championship. Watch out Heat fans.

    • LordP says:

      Turk you comment is so funny that it make me laugh..cause the bulls won 2nite and another game against us made u think that..out of mind if we play the bulls it’s going to be a sweep..4-0 if you’re lucky you gonna take game 3 or 4!!The bulls are not the Team that gonna cause us big problems!!Don’t get too high for tonight game!
      I’m even happy that the bulls broke the streak cause we’re goin to start the playoffs more focused and humbled than breaking the all time record of consecutive win of the league.

    • wtf? says:

      I know you trolls don’t compete and have no idea what it feels like when u lose a crucial game you get pretty damn emotional its not that easy to shake hands. They won 27 games in a row! Just cuz your team has only won 5 doesnt give u a reason to be so salty—– motha freaking pacers fan.

  38. OKC #1 says:

    The awkward moment when the heat lose half their fanbase after tonight’s game.

    • Lebron Flagrant Foul says:

      What dos Lebron thinks he can keep running over people and get away with offensive fouls? He cries that people are fouling him hard and they should be flagrant. Quit crying like a baby cus you don’t see big men like Dwight and Shaq cry. They get foul hard all the times and they rarely driving hard into the lane like Lebron does to everyone else. See the Bulls game and you see he aim directly into Kirk Henrich and knock him down with his head slamming on the floor. It should be a flagrant 2 on Lebron but instead it was called for a foul on Henrich. Then Lebron goes and purposely use all his force to try to knock down Boozer when he was setting for a screen. But Boozer is like a brick wall but that couldve hurt other players. You don’t see Boozer cry about hard foul there.

      • Mike says:

        It isn’t an offensive foul unless your feet are set, if they’re not then it’s your fault for standing in the way. And why would Boozer complain? James got the flagrant foul called on him, it’s not like Boozer would argue for an ejection. I don’t have much of an opinion on calls, what the refs say goes, but you can’t be surprised when players get annoyed about being hit.

      • Arthur says:

        “Quit crying like a baby cus you don’t see big men like Dwight and Shaq cry.” Was last night your first NBA game? Remember hack a Shaq. No one whined like Shaq when that was going on. And Howard? My 3 year old takes a harder hit from her brother without crying like Howard

      • Noit says:

        Absolutely agree. Look at this LBJ bull rushes Kirk.

        Look at that huge burst of power LBJ takes when going into Kirk.

      • Noit says:

        Kirk only wrapped his arms around LBJ AFTER the bull rush……… That is so a flag2

      • Noit says:

        Whoa watching that I think LBJ travelled as well…….

      • AM says:

        You are totally a Miami hater, and probably laker fan.
        So Lebron flagrant 2 on Hinrich? He grabbed him, for god’s sake
        And now Dwight doesn’t cry huh?

      • Jack says:

        Quoted for emphasis! LBJ has always been able to overpower his direct opponents because he is an absolutely physical monster for his position, but the result of that is a guy who can’t deal with physical basketball. The clip above says it all… these are not dirty fouls, these are just hard fouls. If you’re fouling a guy, you make him feel it and you make sure that he is not finishing the play. That’s how you should play basketball.

      • Dark Knight says:

        “big men like dwight don’t cry”? Do you watch basketball?

    • blitz26 says:

      If you dont play basketball stop your sillty comments! Kirk grabbed james thats why they fell down. A spin move from james in this play would have happened if not cfor the grab.

  39. Chris says:

    The only team I see beating them before the playoffs is San Antonio. It was a good run, kudos to Miami for keeping it going for -27-. That’s the biggest streak since 72! They should be proud of that fact, and I imagine they’ll bounce back just fine. Not a heat fanboy but come on, anyone can tell they’re going to go hard in the playoffs!

    Still think leaving without showing Chicago some love was a punk move, especially after Lebron was going on about how he missed competing with Rose. Come on LBJ thought you grew out of that

    • hahaha LBJ is bitter…and they’ll probably not win the championship this year

    • Jack says:

      Well played, Bulls! Let’s hope all teams in the East will start to get physical with the Heat and take it inside. LBJ really earned this after those choreographed breakaway 2 on 1 alley oops on guys half his size of the past weeks. The guy still has a lot of maturing to do. Welcome to how basketball is supposed to be played, James!