What Does It Take To Beat The Heat?


ORLANDO — Your turn, Chicago.

Maybe you can do what hasn’t been done for a staggering 27 straight games, and stop the freight train that is the Miami Heat. The Detroit Pistons, Charlotte Bobcats and Orlando Magic — all members of the Eastern Conference lottery mafia — tried their best to derail the Heat’s plans to surpass the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers’ record 33-game win streak.

Maybe another playoff team, catching the Heat on the second game of a four-game road trip after two straight games missed by All-Star shooting guard Dwyane Wade (sore knee), can finally solve the Heat riddle?

Or not?

That Wednesday night showdown with the Chicago Bulls at the United Center doesn’t look so daunting after all, not when LeBron James is a part of the festivities. He started slow but wound up one rebound shy of a triple double (24 points and 11 assists) in the 108-94 win over the Magic on Monday. The Heat always have a chance to walk out of an arena a winner with King James on the court.

Even on a team without Wade, James serves as the perfect catalyst for a veteran team filled with specialists who are comfortable with their roles. In addition to the shine of their stars, the Heat have shown off that depth during the streak.

“That is what this team is built around,” James said, being generous, of course, since this team is built around him and Wade and fellow All-Star Chris Bosh. “A lot of depth and veterans, guys that know that when someone is out then guys are going to be able to step in. That feeling that D-Wade was out was like, ‘okay, now it’s time for someone to step up,’ which we know we are capable of doing so.”

As much as this streak is about the Heat and their record chase, this is about the other teams (10 who don’t have as many wins on the season as the Heat have in the streak) deciding who among them will step forward and end this thing.

The Heat can’t suffer through their usual first half swoon and climb out of a double-digit hole against a lunch pail crew like the Bulls, who will no doubt be amped-up for a chance to punch a hole in the Heat’s cosmic ride.

And that Friday night tilt in New Orleans looks a whole lot tougher after the Hornets ended the Denver Nuggets’ 15-game win streak tonight in a 110-86 waxing at New Orleans Arena.

Motivation is great, a fine tool to work with for any ambitious team. But, again, is it going to be enough to beat the Heat?

Those who have tried and failed know better.

“They move the ball so effortlessly,” Pistons coach Lawrence Frank said. “They have great trust in each other. The way that ball moves from one player to the next is very, very impressive. And, defensively, they’ve always been top-shelf. They combine great athleticism, effort, technique and commitment. You know what they’re going to do and it doesn’t matter because they put great effort and intensity into it. The next step that they’ve taken is they’ve got great trust in each other.”

In the two games Wade has been out, James has scored 56 points to go along with 21 assists, showcasing the Heat’s share-the-ball mentality.

It looks just as impressive from other side of the conference divide, where the reigning NBA champs will remain the hunted, even for those teams that don’t have a chance to snap the streak.

“It’s hard to win basketball games in this league, and to win ’em in a row is even harder, and over 20 is really tough. So, we don’t have any hate in our blood over here, we give respect when it’s due,” Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star Kevin Durant said.  “But I would say we’re not worried about what they’re doing. It’s just that all we’re focused on is us. But every time you turn on the TV you here it and once you really sit back and look at it, it’s impressive.”

The Thunder battled the Heat in The Finals last year and know exactly how tough a team Miami is. But they only get two cracks at the Heat during the regular season (and went 0-2 against them).

Thunder coach Scott Brooks has an appreciation for what the Heat are doing because he coaches a team that’s arguably just as talented as the Heat. OKC has put together four different stretches this season where they’ve won at least five straight games, including an 11-game streak from November 24 through December 20.

“I’ve never seen it in my lifetime,” Brooks said. “I mean, I know the Lakers did it in the ’70s, but I wasn’t following the NBA in the early ’70s. But, just to do what they’re doing now with the parity that we have in the league, it’s pretty amazing.

“There are so many games that you have to have everything go right to win. The travel, the back-to-backs, the injuries you have to overcome, the foul trouble, the turnovers — just everything about it, and to win [27] straight games, give them credit because they have the mental ability to have the mindset to do that night in and night out. That’s just pretty phenomenal.”

What Brooks calls “phenomenal” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra calls a part of the process.

The showdown with the Bulls is simply the next stop on this “business trip” for the man who collected his 250th win Monday night.

“Look, we haven’t changed and I know our storyline is probably a little bit too boring for you guys,” Spoelstra said. “You guys have a job to do. We have a job to do. One of the things when we first put this team together, you heard it all the time, was that we would stay disciplined to the process. And everybody wants to speed it up, that first year started with talk about The Finals and three, four, five, six and all that.

“That’s the most dangerous thing you can do, not only in pro sports, but in life. You start living ahead of an unknowable future when the most important time is the present time, right now. We’re not trying to take this for granted. It’s a special opportunity for this group, but you honor this opportunity by staying in the moment.”

The lights will be bright in Chicago, the moment immense with win No. 28 hanging in the balance. And, be it strictly business or just a part of the process, all due respect to Spoelstra — there’s no denying that this streak has stumbled into phenomenal as we get closer and closer to No. 33.


  1. Boy Toro says:

    What DOES it take to end the Heat Streak??? HMMM .Didn’t I tell you Heat Huggers? See my previous post. The streak was impressive and I will raise a toast to that (while we’re celebrating a hard fought Bulls win). CONGRATS BULLS! <<< Streak Stoppers

  2. realist2013 says:

    The heat are on a roll but I’m not handing them a title based on a regular season record. The spurs went into tge playoffs and got served by OKC after being up 2-0 and my point is the playoffs is like a new season where your regular season record just gets you there and position can give that dillusional home court advantage. Under estimating an opponent in any genre is a no no.

  3. Kobe says:

    streak is good enough …. it would serve as the icing on the cake called NBA-CHAMPIONS

  4. heatfansinceminor says:

    Nobodies looking for the streak especially Chicago, Boston, spurs, Knicks,Okc, or pacers. But all the same its just as important as a championship

  5. heatfansinceminor says:


  6. DT(#BullsNation) says:

    Honestly idc about this streak. Yea its impressive and much respect to LeBron James, D. Wade and they pet dinosaur, matter fact the whole Heat team, but at the end of the day its about who comes on top at the end of the post season. I look for championships not streaks.

  7. David says:

    Someone above said that the way to beat Miami is to play zone….lmao that no longer works! Every team has thrown the zone to miami many many times that now they know exactly how to beat it…Ray Ray, Shane Battier, Chalmers, and Bosh to the rescue. lmao

  8. JEROME says:


    • heatfansinceminor says:

      Heat is on a tire and it is amazing to see, to all you haters stop listening to the radio and start watching the games because with these comments, you can tell you need TV’s. Miami don’t get calls and the refs call almost everything when they play 500 teams,( don’t believe me ) Watch the games, oops-sorry try adjusting your radio………..LOL

  9. outside3d says:

    the thing that is funny is that everyone has a suggestion on how to beat the heat…but..do you really think that these coaches and experience players who get paind millions of dollars, and been doin this as a profession for however many years, did not think of that?
    Regardless of who the heat play…they win/have won. Some they had to come from way behind to win, do you think every good team has that energy or confidence. Most teams jus chalk up the loss, bench their high value players… and move on. This team fights and digs, which is gonna be paramount to playoff gametime when everything is kicked up a knotch. This is jus practice for the playoffs. To KNOW you have done or came back from whatever deficit before is just a confidence booster, (regardless of the opponent and skill level) and depending how you wanna look at, another tool for the toolbox. An intangible tool, but beneficial none the less.

    i still think its awesome to see this happening in current day ball, when the over all athletic ability is generally higher then back in the day…and thats not to be taken as taking away credit from what teams did back then, but times change, you be a fool to recognize that.


    funny how the haters here says the miami heat are a bought team and the san antonio spurs are a built team..lol whats the difference.. if san antonio can afford better players it wont hesitate to buy some players.. note, buy cause no one plays free..duncan ginobili and parker are paid… bulls of jordan,they acquired pippen(you consider them best duo of all timebut credit all goes to jordan huh),then theres rodman that averages 13 rebounds in his entire career. lebron for your info hater, and dwade,sacrifice their bank accounts in order for this team to be built, or bought,whatevr the term its just the same, again, no free thing when you are working man..and even if you built a super team like miami,if the players arent that good and motivated,it wont succeed.. look at the knicks and lakers, they are supposed to be in top spot on both conference, where they are now.. you have to get a lot of work in order for the team to succeed..so dont tell me they both stern and the nba, cause if that so, the la lakers need not be busy stagering to get into the playoffs stupid hater..


    Heat are the greatest team in sports history. 72-10 record is better than a 38 game winning streak?? PLEASE! ALL the teams in 1995-1996 were WEAK! Plus the refs were on the Bulls’ side every night, other than those 10 losses.

    And for you Bulls fans, Rose isn’t ever coming back. He’s DONE. FINISHED. Heat win tomorrow by 50. GO HEAT!

  12. Abe says:

    What does it take to beat the heat?
    Derrick Rose!!!

  13. Big Al says:

    A trio of superstars from the East teamed up and within three years have rendered the rest of their conference insignificant. So does the West need to form their own Big Three to stop Miami? Well, the Chris Paul Laker trade has been conspired against. It would have been him together with Kobe and Dwight by now. San Antonio is old and the stars are rested at will. OKC isn’t any better without Harden (at least they need a starting two-guard that shoots properly). The Heat have now matured so well they’re in for a repeat crown this year. Given today’s occasional bizarre results (like the Thunder losing to the Wizards), any team can just beat LeBron and friends and end their streak. It will be awful for a low-ranked squad to conquer them, but if they keep focus and play with all their heart, they can keep winning.

  14. Raumie says:

    How about the Heat play a good team for once?? The only impressive victory is the thunder the rest were injuried or sub .500 teams at best. And they are in the worst divison in the NBA (southeast). Spurs will put them in their place and show they are the best in the league

  15. Daniel Torres says:

    Da Bulls can probably stop them if Noah is back and if someone RETURNS!

  16. Jordan to Rose says:

    The Bulls will put a stop to this streak. The heat just haven’t defensive grounds yet. However,tomorrow they will .

  17. #thereturn says:

    Derrick rose decides to play tonight an single handedly breaks the heats winning streak!!!!

  18. Alex Lamar says:

    Hard to believe how many teams allow the Heat to establish tempo and direction of games. When playing against a great team you have to take away the most important things because you cannot take away everything.

    The Heat win most of their games the same way, they contract the opponents defense and kick the ball out to their extremely effective three point shooters,Battier and Allen.

    To close out games Lebron will take over and generally hit big three point shots down the stretch.

    So what do you do ?

    Given the fact that you cannot stop everything you have to stay home on Battier, Allen and to a lesser degree Chalmers and you will have stymied a significant part of the heat’s attack.

    You say well now Lebron and wade will destroy you. Well maybe, but if Lebron scores sixty and your team wins the game or series then it will have been worth it.

    Defenders should let wade shoot from the outside and play lebron tight. Lebron will drive . A lot, but the defensive center and power forward will have to help. The thinking is that you may allow Udonis Haslem or Chris Andersen to have career nights as Lebron dumps the ball to them.

    Being beat by Haslem or Andersen is a risk that you have to take.

    Late in fourth qtrs Lebron has to defended as tight as possible by a long player like George,Deng or Leonard

    There are only a handful of teams possesing the discipline needed to pull this off and they are the Bulls, Spurs, Grizzlies and Celtics.


  19. george says:

    Were Bird and Magic healthy when MJ dominated the NBA?

    • imed5 says:

      No. Jordan himself has said it was unfortunate, because he couldn’t truly compete with them when they were healthiest. that’s just the way it goes. The truly great don’t always get a chance to compete, except in nba2k

    • TEE says:

      Bird and Magic were not healthy, but were also aging and out of their primes.

    • HeatFanSince1990 says:

      Last year when the Heat defeted the Celtics the whole Celtics team were healthy Bosh was out and the Heat still defeated the Celtics. The year before when the Heat did not win a single game during the regular season against the Bulls everyone was saying that Rosa was the MVP and he owned Lebron. Well as I can recall the entire Bulls team were healthy and Lebron shut Rose down at the end of the game. Rose even credited Lebrons defense by saying that he just could not get away from his defense. So what does this tells us HATERS? that the Heat can beat any team healthy or not. DON’T HATE THE MIAMI HEAT LOCATED IN WADE COUNTY, CITY OF BOSH, STATE OF LEBRON….. go heat 27 and counting.

  20. Reumon says:

    Not really…Bulls are very short-handed to beat the Heat.

  21. jawoparin says:

    an impressive win streak is nothing without the championship. miami should focus on winning the championship! let’s go heat!!!!

  22. acryn says:

    miami will break the records trust me hahahahaha

  23. Ro says:

    Just play a zone against the Heat. That eliminates Bron and Wade completely. So they only way they can score will be a few guys hitting some 3-balls or Bosh hitting the high post jumper. That will get them a few games but overal it will show you that they’re not really that good. ’96 Bulls would absolutely hammer them! Can you imagine that? Having said that, i hope the streak keeps going. Its good entertainment and they are playing some decent ball. Plus you have to love Bron and the way he has evolved his game!

  24. Goran says:

    They are healthy because they play carefully and without much of an effort especially with the weak teams. It`s obvious that they play only 7-8 minutes per game with playoff effort. They are making a run of 20-0 or so and game is over. Not to much energy spend and less injury risk. No disrespect meant for the other teams but while all the other 29 teams have to fight 48 minutes to get a result Miami is doing that in 8 minutes. Yes,they are that much better than the others and if some of you are not impressed now wait till the playoffs,they`ll definitely impress you.
    I was in Amway arena yesterday (Magic fan since 2004) and honestly when Nelson tie the game at 68 I KNEW WHATS COMING! They turn it on and before you know your team is 25 points down. Maybe if Vucevic&Davis were around we would`ve been better but to beat them I dont think so.We all have a chance to watch a team that probably will be one of the greatest of all time and for that we should be gratefull.

  25. miamiheat4 life says:

    Miami always shows up and finished the games again ist the playoff of team I know they will show up and put all the effort no one can beat them when they are in there zone

  26. This bruno from BORAT says:

    Watch Out for the LAKERS, are on a streak too… uhm Are we talking about losses??? If the lakers streak keeps on going, they won’t play for the playoffs….

  27. bogebo says:

    Go Heat!!!! Another championship.

  28. Beast says:

    LeBron James MVP

  29. Required says:

    For the Miami Heat to keep a winning streak like this going for so long is incredible. The focus and dedication needed to not give in to big leads, and unfortunate circumstances during games is really something special. Especially with all the media attention they have gotten for it. Back when the Lakers won 33 in a row, there was hardly any media attention. Whether or not they catch the 72 Lakers this is still an amazing accomplishment. Keep up the hard work!

  30. Larryx says:

    Damn,reading some of these comments do 2 things

    1-makes me wonder do most of you even follow the sport at all

    2-Makes me wonder how bitter some of you are with the hate and excuses ya’ll are spewing on here

    This run is amazing,if they dont get to 33 oh well,Miami’s goal is to win another title and the way they have come together during this streak is a great sign for the Playoffs

  31. Dragon says:

    even if the streak ends soon still an amazing perormance and to all the haters thats ay the heat only streak because of the injuries why , no other team streakin then against this injury handicapped teams hmmm ?????okc evrybody fit but still no streak , spurs parker out ok but not long they could have streaked 15 at least 😉 injuries no excuse heat dominating the nba !!!

  32. Makoy says:



      hahahaha so said the last teams that were apart of the 27 games miami won….. loser! Can’t wait till wednesday.

  33. Andrey says:

    Gotta love these haters… Have you not watched any of these games during the streak? This team is not just winning games by luck. These guys are so confident in one and other. They are a machine. They have the ability to absolutely demoralize every team whenever they want to flip their switch. Credit must also be given to coach Spo who had the ability to create this environment of team first mentality and to Pat Riley who is a basketball genius. Can any argue that LBJ is absolutely playing the best basketball than anyone has in years? He is not only an athletic phenom he is also a genius on the court! Stop hating and instead embrace the moment because we are watching history in the making. The scary thing is that LBJ is just getting started. No one dares say that he has reached his full potential yet. GO HEAT!

  34. Chris says:

    Go Heat

  35. The spurs HAVE NO CHANCE against the heat!Period!The bulls will end the streak this coming wednesday!

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      Son, Spurs have no chance yet their SECOND and THIRD string nearly beat the Heat at 100%, remember that one, when Spurs got fined, yet the crowd was still entertained becaused it went down to the wire and Lebron and Wade could not afford to sit down…not an easy win for them despite ALL of Spurs starters not playing.

      Yeah, I’d say they have a good chance.

  36. Boy Toro says:

    Party on Heat Huggers…Streak will end in CHI-Town!

  37. dark says:

    coach spo keep up d gud work and filipinize tthe whole world

  38. pearlmg says:

    @TV63 its called FATE!!!! They are bound to get another ring!!! no injuries (God forbids) until playoffs! Its not thier fault why everybody are injured or not healthy.LETS GO HEAT!

  39. Karlo Garcia says:

    Bulls have a chance to end the heat’s winning streak.

  40. vibs says:

    its not their problem that other players are injured. Shows how much work they have done in off season time. lets grab that 34!

  41. Jonesy37 says:

    I’m not a Heat fan but I’m cheering for them right now so I can say I was a witness to history. Same as when I cheered the Bulls all the way 72-10 in 96. I hope in 40 years’ time I can post a comment on NBA.com saying (insert 76 yo voice here) “I saw dem Heat win all dem games, I hope dis team on dis streak right now can go get them!”

  42. TIKOL POGI says:

    The HARLEM SHAKE Dance video is the LUCKY CHARM for MIAMI Heat on this winning streak!!! The Harlem Shake video shows unity & trust among team mates plus the BRILLIANT American – Filipino Coach. Keep up the winning streak MIAMI HEAT!!!

  43. Willy says:

    Wade is just taking a rest he aint hurt! Ala Spurs! Mario is so good they don’t lose a step. With Chris Anderson flying around like he does, man this guy is gonna really help come playoffs. Whose minutes is he taking up now that he is in full shape? Haslem’s minutes are down? Lebron is sick, he is like the big bully at the play ground, just messes around with the little children and then smashes them, sends them home crying and shaking there heads, like what just happened? Awesome.

  44. Bulls Fan 73 says:

    Bulls will stop it. most of 27 games were not tough. take it easy, Miami! don’t dream about the NBA longest record! Cause, you are NOT the best team!

  45. TV63 says:

    What does it take you say?? How about HEALTHY UNINJURED PLAYERS???!!!! I seriously don’t remember a NBA season with so many. Here’s a list I can recall so far.. ROndo, Bynum, Both Gasol Brothers, Rose, Irving, Waiters, Varejao, Tony Parker, Kobe, Howard, Gay, Afflo, Kevin Love, Garnett, Sullinger, Paul George, Jamison, Carmelo, Tyson Chandler, Stoudimire, Session, Anthony Davis??, Joakim Noah, Belinelli. It’s ridiculous!! all the Heat has is a small injury on Wade which won’t matter because Wade will play soon. How is it that every team is plaqued with injuries and the Heat are immune and virtually healthy?? You tell me!!

    • pajodacasin says:

      then.. is the injured players miami heat’s fault? you tell me…

      • TV63 says:

        NOOOOOO!! Idiot. What is the mathematical probablity that all these teams are suffering and the Heat isn’t.? Just sayin do you ever remember a season so plaqued with injuries overall? . Btw. . Add 4 Pacer players Stephenson, George Hill, David West, Granger. Downright amazing for the Heat . They must be blessed over all.

      • Patman says:

        they’re good floppers, less contact so less injuries lol but lebron’s a physical beast, real impressive

    • Kobe says:

      DESTINY. accept it or not. whine all we want. its DESTINY.
      you, me, and others were doomed this season. the HEAT are destined to repeat this year

    • Kobe says:

      we can make long lists of reasons why we are looooosing; the injuries, the refs, non&favorable calls to them
      we can downplay the HEAT’s streak, we can deny them due respect
      we been whining all the reg games, and we can keep whining til the playoffs and to the finals
      but we cant hold and fight the DESTINY. its out of our control. sorry TB63. thats the cold fact.
      good thing is we can always regroup and give them a good fight come next season.

    • Haydz says:

      it must be Stern. It has to be. He controls everything that happens in the NBA right? 😛

    • wakenbake says:

      yeh they must be cheating..

    • Me says:

      Everyone has excuses I guess

    • ummmmmmmm says:

      its cause lebron is not human, bosh is dinosaur

    • agustin castro says:

      Yes, they’re winning against the handycapped teams so I wonder why they are even so proud about it. LeBron chin up and proud and no mercy against the bobcats. I wonder if Rose is healthy or even Rondo. I think the results may have been different. This will go down in history but with all honesty it should also be footnoted that a lot of players when this winning streak is being accomplished, are not around to give them a REAL competition. It’s a shallow accomplishment. Jordan is right when he said it’s unfortunate that he didn’t really completely beaten Larry and Magic. Because they have to step aside for health reason.

      • Figure8dc says:

        Lol. Celtics are way better without rondo, plus green put in 40 against heat, dont think rondo would have scored 40 . Duh

    • #28 says:

      hahah common man.. ur comments are so funny… miami heat won against every contender this year , only split the series with memphis.. won against every west playoff team .. and to have a 27 win streak in 2013? thats more amazing than the lakers streak by faaaarrr ! in 71/72 league has 16 or 17 teams man .. half of those teams and more was veryy weak.. and the defence wasnt so strong and advanced like today… so shut up please..

    • The Worm 91 says:

      referees call a foul everytime a heat player is hit by opponents breath.


      TV63 the reason the heat are healthy is because they dont have to play too hard to win games they’re just that good. They beat everyone enough to not strain too much. Aren’t they the defending champs and the best team in basketball and the streak is proving it. Your a hater and not a fan of basketball if you dont see that teams are straining themselves to beat this team. Miami is cruising to the finals! Watch history and dont be the guy that never respected Jordan and the Bulls during their 6 titles in the 90’s. SMH!

  46. amitpal says:

    Built? I think lebron ment bought around. OKC was built. San Anotonio was built, the miami heat lakers knicks all these team were bought.

    • underdog says:

      agree! that’s why I’m not surprised of anything they’re doing.. the heat team is a cheat… a team like this is expected to do this things.. they are an exploited loophole from the last CBA… not crediting any record or championships they’re doing/have done… can’t wait for 2014 when all this anomalies end and we can get back to competitive basketball that is won by WILL and HEART… not by MONEY!!!

    • thinkABOUTit says:

      OKC? Built? You local dude? Can you remind us where Westbrook came from? He had the same experience as “The King” did, when he was back in Seattle. So, read the name please. Leggo Heat.

    • Frankie says:

      Have u seen the lakers? And also, building a team means u surround ur superstars with talents, it doesn’t matter if u sign them or draft them, ur just a sore loser and a hater

  47. AVAKIL says:

    The Bulls could probably stop the streak…the Bulls of ’96 that is…

  48. BJ says:

    what does it take to beat the heat? A westcoast road trip….. LOL

    • sick says:

      poor Kobe Fan… Lol

      • BJ says:

        just because Im from the west coast makes me a Kobe fan!?.. wow, I didnt know that. Personally I cant stand Kobe and the Lakers right now. the point is that Miami is standing above the rest in the east because all the east coast teams are mediocre at best. the strong teams are here in the west, so MIA needs to come out this way and see how they do.

        I’m a Lob City fan personally, the Clippers will bring a championship to LA before the Lakers will again, thats for sure. but there are many strong teams in the west that will give MIA a run for their money. Personally I believe SAS will break their streak myself. they have the best record out here, so we will see how good Miami really is. because their schedule to the end of the season is a joke. they will cruuse right thru the eastern conference finals. with that schedule and all those teams under .500 they are playing, Miami might as well fly in to those cities and play the high school bball teams, LOL!

    • heat says:

      Funny cuz they beat the Lakers clippers thunders grizz

    • DATRUF says:

      Heat are 22-5 against the western conference this year…y dont you wake up and smell the rest the of the league getting toasted by for 27 str8 games alrdy…

  49. pearlmg says:

    LETS GO HEAT!!! i know its getting boring hearing all about this streak and the Miami Heat! but for us solid fans of them its so fun & feels great to watch the history roll. I just hope they will not burn out during the play offs… EL HEAT! HAIL TO KING JAMES & THE WHOLE ENTOURAGE OF MIAMI HEAT!

  50. BJ says:

    what does it take to beat the heat? a team that can play….. lol

  51. Eric says:

    San Antonio will break at the nuggets streak then the heat..awesome

  52. pedro says:

    it good that they have a coach who’s humble and has a good focus of what they want to do and where they want to go.

  53. BULLSWIN says:

    I think the San Antonio Spurs can stop the streak! or maybe the Knicks

    • Nice says:

      Question… what’s more impressive, a 72-10 season record or a 38 game winning streak?

      • I’d prefer the 72-10, thank you very much

      • al humbra says:


      • Reality says:

        thats tough to say it really is … good question… both very impressive

      • imed5 says:

        I think they’re both impressive. Obviously 72-10 in unbelievable. All hail Jordan, that’s why only one team has ever done it. But if the heat get the record, nobody will have done that either. And they’re both extremely difficult. I think both are amazing, but I’d go with the 72-10 just because it means they were focused all year long, throwing themselves on the floor, fighting hard. It’s difficult to do that and remain healthy for 82 games. Again, it’s very close, but man I’m just happy to be experiencing this. It’s really great.

      • NIce says:

        Additional arguement for heat fans:
        In a 72-10 Season record you can be out of focus 10x
        In a 38 game winning streak you have none

      • bigwes95 says:

        @Nice i would say the 38 game winning streak. there have been teams to come within 5 games of the bulls’ record plenty of times, but how many times has a team come within 10 games of the lakers streak? only 1 compared to multiple for the bulls record, but non of it matters if you don’t win the ship