These Heat Not Feeling Any Heat At All

MIAMI — LeBron James bounced into the Miami Heat locker room after Sunday’s win over the Charlotte Bobcats with an ideal postgame celebration for birthday man Chris Bosh, who turned 29 as the Heat pushed their win streak to 26 games.

“Hey Chris,” James said as Bosh stood on the other side of the room, “let’s go catch the end of Ultra [Music Festival]. I think I’ve got a pair of neon kicks over here.”

As icebreakers go in what should be a tension-filled locker room, James knocked that one out of the park. The 150,000 revelers who invaded the park next to AmericanAirlines Arena for the alternative/techno music festival, which ended Sunday, were colorful, to say the least.

Heat upcoming schedule
Day Date Loc. Opponent Time (ET) TV
Mon. 3/25 @ Orlando 7 p.m. ESPN
Wed. 3/27 @ Chicago 8 p.m. ESPN
Fri. 3/29 @ New Orleans 8 p.m. League Pass
Sun. 3/31 @ San Antonio 7 p.m. NBA TV
Tue. 4/2 vs. New York 8 p.m. TNT
Fri. 4/5 @ Charlotte 7 p.m. League Pass
Sat. 4/6 vs. Philadelphia 7:30 p.m. League Pass

There are really no icebreakers needed in the Heat locker room. Any fun they are having, from video bombs to player-on-player postgame interviews (check the video above) to the highlight reel stretches during games, it’s all organic. That’s also why there is an absence of internal pressure in chasing the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers’  record 33-game win streak.

Back in 2011, in this team’s first season together, the Heat crumbled under the pressure during The Finals, falling to a Dallas team that was a heavy underdog to the rock star roster of James, Bosh and Dwyane Wade. The lessons learned from that experience help explain why this streak hasn’t been more of an emotional grind than it needs to be. The Heat are actually playing with house money, and they know it. If they match or break the streak, great. But they know their season won’t be defined by it. Beat the streak or not, their real goals are still out there.

“I think, where we’ve been, we have matured a lot because of circumstances since we’ve been here,” Bosh said. “For whatever reason there has always been a lot of criticism of this team since we got together. So when it’s all positivity, it’s like OK, ‘Let’s just play basketball.’ Just like with the negative things that came. We just played basketball and let our play on the court do the talking and nothing else.”

This has to be an interesting time for James, who was criticized routinely for orchestrating the same sort of loose atmosphere in Cleveland. Of course, there was the absence of a championship ring during his Cleveland days. But the dancing on the sidelines and the faux-picture posing that was a part of the Cavaliers’ pre-game routine when he was there were often cited as one of the reasons James wasn’t ready to be a champion.

Good luck passing that theory around these days. The Heat are loving every minute of this and refuse to change their ways.

“It’s just who we are. It’s our nature,” said James, who insisted no matter how much fun you see, this Heat team remains focused on winning at the highest level. “We’re just playing each game and approaching each game like it’s its own, because it is. And whatever the result is we are OK with that. What we could not be comfortable with is or happy with is we don’t go out and play our game or take steps backward.”

That’s why Monday night’s opportunity to win No. 27 in Orlando feels the same as any other game they’ve played this season.

“We’re just playing the games on our schedule, honestly,” James said. “We’re a team that plays games at a higher level. We don’t really take too many possessions off and we don’t really coast too much. I think the whole NBA season is taxing, whether you are winning or losing. It’s a long season and it’s very tiring. There are times when you feel like you don’t have much left, especially this month when we have 18 games.”

If there is any fatigue, any at all, it’s on the physical side. Wade missed Sunday’s game with a sore right knee. And the Heat have to be careful with the remainder of the regular season. They can’t afford to burn their superstars out before the playoffs.

“It is physically exhausting to play every game at a high level,” Bosh said. “It’s extremely difficult. But, like I say, it’s healthy for you because that’s how it’s going to be in the playoffs. You have to be drained and dog tired after every game, because if you are not, you’re probably cheating yourself and your team. So you want to feel like you gave it your all. We are getting a lot of practice, we’re getting the best practice because it’s in games.”


  1. wing says:

    nba design the streak for the heat to be the topic. they want something marketable. it is all fake. just business

  2. HatersLife says:

    haters will always find a way to hate
    they have a hard life
    If you’re not a fan of heat
    just learn to appreciate or shut up
    smart nba fans do it

  3. Kobe says:

    DESTINY. accept it or not. whine all we want. its DESTINY.
    you, me, and others were doomed this season. the HEAT are destined to repeat this year

    we can make long lists of reasons why we are looooosing;
    the injuries, the refs, non&favorable calls to them
    we can downplay the HEAT’s streak, we can deny them due respect
    we been whining all the reg games, and we can keep whining til the playoffs and to the finals
    but we cant hold and fight the DESTINY. its out of our control. sorry, thats the cold fact.

    good thing is we can always regroup and give them a good fight come next season.

  4. Reign of James says:

    haters wanna know why miami doesnt get injured! its because they dont overdue everything like the rest of the league. watch the postgame interviews and they all admit they barely even practice because of the hecktic schedule hence no injuries all year quit crying at history in the making!

  5. 416 says:

    all these people said didn’t care the streak, I doubt it. They are winning 25? in a row and I think it’s pretty impressive. I am not a fan of miami(since wade @ the finals against mavs which he got EVERY call) but I think it’s a good thing. People hated the heat will say their competition was weak but if they lose against a weak team then they’ll “haha, can’t even beat weak “X” team. I want to see if they can break the record.

  6. dwade3 says:

    poor haters…. just bring your arguments on the heat’s next games…

  7. mark says:

    only INJURY can beat them!

  8. islander says:

    No team have change in the east again the heat…Let me count it…39 in regular season and 16 in a row in the play off….
    Let’s go for 55 !!!!!!!!

  9. islander says:

    Boston?…They will be out in the first round!!!!…

  10. ene be a says:

    Michael Jordan may still #1 but if the heat past the laker streak and led by lebron james and then got he’s 4 mvp then win e finals, the mvp finals. I dunno , this is something really BIG , this streak and everything, I think lebron wll be THE BEST PLAYER EVER in 2 more strong seasons of mvps and championships mvps will seal his spot at the throne… KING JAMES…

  11. Eric Quin says:

    I’m sick of hearing about this. I don’t care if they break the streak or not. I am not a fan of this team at all, and I hope they have to face Boston again in the playoffs. That’s one team they don’t want to see whether they’d admit or not. I’m not saying Boston takes them out, but they would have them worried.

  12. ElHeat says:

    Lets go HEAT!

  13. jonny says:

    Only reason I want the Heat to go for 34+ is so I can see history in my generation. Their good. Give them credit. They’ve earned it.

  14. Marcos says:

    Haters OMG!!! WINNING IS WINNING!! Dont matter if you win by a point or 40 or beat top or bottom teams every game is different. Y’all just such haters. lol

  15. LeBlocked says:

    I just have the biggest feeling that the Knicks will end it. They just match up really well against Miami, and when they play well like they were the first half of that ABC game, they were up 16 points and crushing them but lost their confidence after the ball didn’t go in the hole a few times. I don’t know, I feel like I was watching the Heat’s poison. The Knicks are the ones to do it, if not them then idk who, everyone else can’t match them well enough.

  16. dj rgm9 says:

    Let’s face it there’s barely or no competition anymore,they wins a lot because of many injurys at other team’s East&West.The Heat had barely injury’s during season,just now only Wade.They have the luck to continue without loosing players to get out of sync.that’s the only reason & reality .They where lucky until now, even when Wade is back after a few games that doesn’t harm them anyway.Damage still done for the rest of the league.It’s gonna be boring withHeat back in the finals!

    • mikmaks says:

      Lucky? Injury to players is a normality in sports including basketball. I’ve seen most of the Miami heat game and they showed their a better team even when their opponents have a healthy line up. Try to watch them play so you’ll realize how good they are.

  17. Knicks r beating d the streak if spurs or bulls can’t get d job done

  18. Derek Ortiz says:

    Best team ever.

  19. DW#3 says:

    Patty please…. The Heat have no choice in the matter regarding their schedule. Besides, they have cleaned up teams in the East and West. I don’t buy this argument concerning strength of schedule. Check out the amount of games played during March. That in and of itself is enough to take a night off. But they don’t waiver and have another gear that no other team in the league has. What’s really scary.. This year they have shown the repeated ability to make up ground in a hurry if they fall behind. Their offense is so well rounded now its scary. You simply can’t take away all of their weapons. Oh yeah, and when they need to get stops let me flip the switch.

    I’ve listened and read all the haters trying to poke holes in the Heat roster and “weaknesses” in their overall game. Bottom line is the Heat have shown the ability to win consistently against the weak and upper echelon teams. The lack of rebounding from which I’ve heard everyone say is the achilles heel…LOL

    These guys don’t miss shots. They are primed for a repeat. Let’s see what happens with San Antonio. Think they will be up for that one? Number 30 and counting…

  20. mario lima says:

    Only 1 team can beat the Heat . AH the Heat is the only tean that can beat the Heat.

  21. Beast says:

    LeBron James MVP

  22. Patty says:


    • CMB says:

      F.Y.I The heat are the only team to beat EVERY ball club this season, and the Top western Conference contender in the Thunder, have not beat the Heat since the finals last season to add insult to injury, they have beaten them 6 straight times. So its not just the East, by which has ample talent and stars, this is the NBA, not the Euro Leagues. Check the Team stats over the streak and then comment. There were only 6 teams in the NBA when the Lakers ran off 32 wins, pre NBA ABA Merger.

    • incredibilistic says:

      EXACTLY!! I saw a web banner on the other day promoting the Heat’s possible 26th win. The game was against the Bobcats. Did anyone foresee the streak coming to an end against one of the worst teams in the NBA?!

      Humor me, but let’s say Mike Tyson was still boxing and he was going for his 26th KO. If his next match is against Ryan Seacrest is there any doubt that he won’t get his 26th KO?

      I’m not saying the Heat aren’t a good team but if they had to face OKC, the Spurs, Clippers, Grizzlies or the Nuggets (my goodness, the Nuggets!!) on a consistent basis the streak would look a lot different.

      • mals says:

        we beat all the teams you just named smh all u proving is nothing

      • many says:

        its the end off the season and check the score daily and you will see that the wolves beat some good teams the the short handed bull lost to denver do to refere mistake and even the hornets had some solid wins. The wizards beat LA lakers. Its unfair to not give credit to miami when the rest of the great teams are loosing against some of the lesser teams.

      • Bryan says:

        hahahahahahahahhahhah….. so true. i hate all of these miami fans. they’d never last in the west.

    • jhbh says:

      It took 5 games to beat OKC in the Finals, It took 7 to beat Bos, 6 to beat Indy, 5 to beat NY. Is the east really all that weak?

    • BasketballStudent says:

      The Heat are 23-5 against western teams or something like that…

  23. sanjay says:

    sekoo is enamored with streak. Get a steak and chill man! He cant stop talking about it every few hours!

  24. Edub says:

    Only 3 teams can stop this streak before they break the record. Bulls, Spurs, and/or Knicks.

    • Patty says: