Lakers Still Look Like An 8 Seed … At Best


HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — There’s been some talk of late that the Los Angeles Lakers, now that they’ve finally surged into the top eight of the Western Conference, can get as high as the No. 6 seed.

Well, the Lakers made the point on Friday night that just making the playoffs still isn’t guaranteed.

In Pau Gasol‘s first game back from a 20-game absence, L.A. blew an 18-point, second-half lead to the Washington Wizards, a team that was previously 6-26 on the road.

Afterward, Mike D’Antoni ripped into his team, and Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register basically joined in on the criticism

Wizards speedy point guard John Wall gave a preview of what could await the Lakers in a possible first-round playoff series against Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook, San Antonio’s Tony Parker or Denver’s Ty Lawson by rushing the ball into a backpedaling Lakers defense and establishing which team had the truer aggression.

Wall had 24 points and 16 assists, and his efforts held up with Bryant missing would-be tying shots from the open elbow with 5.9 seconds left and from a difficult 3-point circumstance at the buzzer. After a two-game layoff to heal a sprained left ankle, Bryant looked fatigued – and surely not from defensive diligence – but kept firing away late in the game.

Trevor Ariza, whom Bryant gave his summer shooting program to help the Lakers en route to their 2009 NBA title, had a dynamic second half – often against Bryant. Ariza had 25 points and hit a career-high seven 3-pointers; Bryant had 21 points on 8-of-18 shooting with 11 assists.

About Ariza’s open looks, D’Antoni said it was “inexcusable … lapses, gambling or ‘I’m not gonna play hard tonight.'”

To add injury to insult, Antawn Jamison sprained his right wrist in the third quarter. He’ll have an MRI on Saturday to determine the extent of the damage, but without him, the Lakers’ offense could be compromised. Gasol shot just 2-for-10 in his return and has shot just 42 percent when playing alongside Dwight Howard.

If the Lakers aren’t potent offensively, they may struggle down the stretch, because their defense hasn’t been reliable at all. Though they’re 11-5 since the All-Star break, they have just the 15th best post-break defense.

The good news for the Lakers is that the Jazz also lost on Friday, falling in overtime in San Antonio. Utah has now lost 11 of its last 14 games, and L.A. is still very much in control of its own destiny, up a game and a half for that eighth spot.

But the lead is just one game in the loss column and Utah does have the tiebreaker, having won the season series 2-1. And while the Lakers are about to embark on a four-game road trip, the Jazz have a little bit of a soft stretch of schedule coming up. They visit Dallas on Sunday and then play six of their next seven games at home. Overall, Utah has the easier remaining schedule.

Still, the Jazz will need to start playing better than they have over the last month if they’re going to really threaten L.A. Taking the Spurs to overtime in San Antonio is somewhat encouraging, but their offense has been held under a point per possession in seven of their last 10 games.

Lakers and Jazz, remaining schedules

Team Home Away B2B Opp B2B vs. .500+ Opp PCT
L.A. Lakers 6 6 1 3 7 0.526
Utah 8 5 2 2 5 0.496

B2B = Back-to-backs
Opp B2B = Opponents on the second night of a back-to-back
vs. .500+ = Games against teams with a .500 or better record
Opp PCT = Cumulative opponent winning percentage


  1. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    BTW, thank you, John Schuhmann.

    Utah Jazz have an easier schedule than the Lakers. And Dallas is now in the rear-view mirror.

    Don’t look now. It appears the Jazz, Mavs, and, possibly, the Blazers are all going to leapfrog the Lakers once this season is over.

  2. Tone says:

    I’d cry about the lakers losing but luckily I’ve been around to see them make the finals 8 times and seen em win 5 championships I got nothing to complain about all I want to see as a laker fan is to see us tie and take the lead for most championships all time and I don’t think I need to worry about the celtics going to the ship this year lol

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Sounds like someone is living in the past. The LA Fakes will never ever be a good team ever again.

  3. LA 4LIFE says:

    Please the resolution is simple: just fire Mike D’Antoni

    • Mister 215 says:

      It’s funny how everybody blame Kobe for playin heroball in the winding minutes of the game….. but if I remember correctly they where up by 18…. The game should have never came down to the last minutes of the game… don’t blame him for the lost, blame him for that moment….. he has been the only consistant player for the Lakers, and is why they are even in playoff contention…..

  4. deJavu says:

    when things goin down ( even with a 16pt adv) should have realize and acts fast to save his team to lose everything into drain…but not with DUMBTONI..YES he still mesmerized or still playing dumb nothing to do about it.

  5. Deo says:

    i still think Bynum was a better fit for the Lakers, i have not seen championship caliber Lakers team without a pure low post scorer, Howard was a bad move. Eventhough Bynum had maturity issues, he is still a better fit in the Lakers.

  6. Yer Boy says:

    If the lakers play team ball they will be such a better team, they should run an offense that benefits everyone. D12 and Gasols minutes should be staggered with Gasol coming of the bench. In late game they should start to run plays instead of Kobe iso’s. They would benefit from this alot. This is painful to watch my fav team crash and burn
    From, Die Hard Lakers Fan


  7. This bruno from BORAT says:

    @Yang WHAT??? kobe exciting??? where??? jacking shots too much…. No Defense, Heroball wanna be.. exciting? Maybe when he was raping you….

  8. Yang says:

    Lakers is still the best team in The NBA!!!!!!! with kobe much more exciting !

    • Miami305 says:

      Best team in the NBA?? @Yang please leave this page you have brought shame upon yourself!!!

  9. warrior o says:

    well,i believe Lakers will make playoffs and they are able to beat SA.If not,then is alwaws next year.

  10. Stan says:

    You don’t win championships with Meeks, Jamison, Blake as your only bench players. Pau belongs on the bench and there is no reason to take Clark out of the starting line-up. Clark has been the only bright spot this year on the Lakers. The Laker backcourt is hopless against penetrating guard play. Westbrook, Lawson, Wall,Ariza any team that has guards that don’t settle for jump shots is a huge problem for the Laker backcourt….Blake, Nash, Meeks they all get exploided on Defense. Its like playing 5 on 3 when the Lakers have to defend with Blake and Nash out there. Defense wins Championships and they bring it every night, offense comes and goes when you live by the 3. That is D’Antoni way and that is why he never wins any championships no matter how good his team is. Devin Ebanks is a great Defender and never has seen the court, WHY? Phil Jackson used to sub Defense for offense late in the game but not D’Antoni….

  11. Stan says:

    kOBE Bryant shooting the ball too much down the stretch and not playing Defense on Ariza is par for the course and why the Lakers lose over and over again. Dwight shot 8-9 and never got to touch the ball in the 4th quarter because Kobe is such a hog. I have to blame the coach for not playing Devin Ebanks or Clark moe in the game when the rest of his pl;ayers look so tired the coach needs to ignigte a spark. Denver is 10 deep and plays with great energy and the lakers go 7-8 deep and look so tired you need to use your bench better.

  12. J-Short says:

    Well, well, well my Lakers sure know how to cause bad commotoins. With that said it is time to move on to the road trip the best part about that loss I think is that one we did not loose ground to Utah since they have a tough schedule but the loss shows these guys you have to play 4 quarters and what not to do in games, like continuously turn the ball over, and not run the offense if there is one at this point. I think we get the 8th seed in the end and loose to the Spurs in 6, yes 6 games I will give us atleast 2 wins. And I think the last loss was on the team as a whole not just on one man, because if that was the case what was the reason we lost to Phx? No one has a reason for that or refuse to bring that up, they are content to target Kobe which he does make mistakes on the court but we cant overlook everyone elses short coming on the floor also.

    Laker fan since 87′

  13. Big Al says:

    The Lakers have rallied from near hopelessness to win that game against the Hornets. Now the comeback has been done to them. Defense was non-existent in the second half, and it isn’t help by sourgrape Ariza’s sudden explosiveness from downtown. Trevor, once a starter in the 2008 title-winning team, now belongs to the bench of an otherwise awful ball club. But he owned the Staples Center that night, a terrible sight, but unfortunately, the purple and gold allowed it to be.

    Pau was also a dud; Clark would have done a much better job as the starting PF. D’Antoni tried a big starting lineup and didn’t work. Bring back Earl to the first five and bench Gasol until he gets his act together.

  14. dj rgm9 says:

    A lot of nonsense Laker hating postings again!!!Stay away from the Lakers postings,bunch of s….rs!The Lakers had a good running winning streak before Kobe got injured and that’s a fact!Gasol is just comming back from injury with Kobe,Gasol jus started to play what are you expecting they just steamrolling any team they gonna meet?Just bad luck with injury’s again not so long ago,these situations interupted theyr’s winning streak.A normal thing no?
    They’re just not even playing a hole season together,what are you expecting they become a monstermachine rolling up the hole league?Are you serious?Phil @ was right last game they lost the game because of strange coach decisions by D’Antoni himself.You c’ant win championship with D’Antoni,what are whe’re expecting from him?I think the Lakers gonna be back in track within a few games.No worry’s!
    To all Laker haters you ain’t eating basketball i can tell y’all how it is!Keep watching highlights d’ont watch nba games its not for y’all people!lol.

  15. Kabitenyo says:


    You say that Durant is WAY AHEAD of Kobe Bryant other than CAREER ACCOMPLISHMENT? so why are you comparing Kevin Durant on Kobe Bryant? People here would be happy if you would compare Kobe Bryant on Michael Jordan…

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Kevin Durant is about to win his 4th consecutive Scoring Title.

      The only other 2 NBA players to do this: Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan.

      We need to start comparing Durant to Jordan and Lebron to Jordan.

      Bryant isn’t even in Jordan’s league.

  16. mo says:

    dallas should trade mayo for a better center or small forward and put in vince carter as a starter

  17. lakermig says:

    when i saw that the lakers had lost to the wizards i knew it was all over. Also pau has to go asap and so does dántoni …big time

  18. This bruno from BORAT says:

    @Milen If kobe allows D’Antoni to COACH… Maybe they’ll get a good chemistry, It must be a give and take relationship… kobe is uncoachable, Chemistry on a team was the coach??? Maybe, IF and Only IF they (Lakers Rosters) and Especially to kobe, Respecting Mike as their coach… coaching him (kobe) is pointless, If he doesn’t even believe on their coach. During timeouts ” what’s the play COACH?” game resumes “Screw that! I’m taking over”……..

  19. Milen says:

    I rarely comment but … it’s just this D’Antoni guy is full of “We can’t do this, we can’t do that… the players this, the players that”… how do you expect players to stand up for you if you keep whining and blaming them? He keeps repeating “I don’t know”…. well, if you don’t know, if you can’t do it, just man up and admit that you are failing… I am more than sure that with Bernie at the helm this team can play a much better basketball… no chemistry in the team… well, the main chemist on every team is the coach… if you can’t motivate your players then you just don’t belong there… but he keeps complaining of them… you can’t complain of a team full of All-Star players, MVP, Offensive players of the year, etc. By the way, the team looked way more united with Kobe on the bench… may be HE should coach them instead of ball-hogging every now and then.

  20. rookie98 says:

    This is the biggest disappointment team I have ever seen. They never got started off right and just do not have physical ability and intestinal fortuity to be a winner . I think this is the biggest or worst season , worst than the two loses to Detroit and Boston in the finals. Worse than Randy Fund
    not getting them into the Playoffs. This is over and it never really got started. To a man they have let thier teammates and the fans and even themselves down.

    Kobe should retire not because he does not have anymore but the team and management just made a lot of move , that were or did not work out. Everyone of the players should be
    looking at the man in the mirror and asking themselves can I do this and do I want to do this. Kobe can not take and should not have to go thru a rebuilding .
    The rebuilding will take longer than he has.
    summer when most our all of the Lakers are on permanent vacation they only have the man in the mirror to blame. Make no mistake about it this team will not take the floor in
    the playoffs or next year NO ability and no heart

    Things that did not work out
    Jodye Meeks
    ANtoine Jamison
    Steve Nash
    Pal Gasol
    Metta world Peace
    Steve Blake
    Now with these over paid under achieving players
    gone maybe the Lakers can invest in some youth and start some kind of college draft program since they will be a lottery team
    next year

    • Brown says:

      Reading your post I understand why you call yourself rookie. I don’t see Dantoni, DH12 and Kobe in the top of your list…

  21. Pedro says:

    i’m not a Lakers fan but i thought they would be strong enough to atleast battle for the top spot in the west. not the last part.

  22. kobe84 says:

    The Lakers ran out of gas. They played terrifically in the first half. Kobe and Pau coming back from ankle and foot injuries for the first time. They will play much better on Monday. Hopefully Jamison wrist will not keep him out for an extended period.
    The Lakers are fine. They will make the playoffs and if they avoid injuries they will make some noise in the playoffs. Will they make it out of the 1st round, who knows. I would just like to see the team healthy and playing at full strength, still without Jordan Hill. Next year, if they avoid injuries they will challenge for the title. Maybe this year, but everything would have to break perfectly, that is not likely. I love the Lakers.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Sorry, the Lakers got blown out today at Golden State. How did they finish the game only down 6 points is a mystery to me!

      Lakers tried to fix the game to allow them to make the final score not look like a blowout? Then D’antoni plays Bryant tons of minutes in a game that is already a loss? Bryant wants to just pad his stats and ball-hog? Bryant won’t have much energy to play their next game on the road. Keep playing Bryant 38+ minutes-per-game. It is funny.

  23. sports fan says:

    Teams with a new roster need at least a full year to develop chemistry, like when the Celtics first got their big 3 & when Miami first got their big 3. With 12 games left for the Lakers there’s no way they can develop good chemistry in such a short amount of time. The Lakers can have all the talent in the world but talent is useless without chemistry. The Lakers don’t like playing with other which is the reason for where they’re at & is the same reason why they lost when they had a loaded roster with Shaq, Kobe, Karl Malone, & Gary Payton. Every championship team needs talent & chemistry to win it all.

  24. 23 says:

    Lakers’ issue is with the COACH…he’s not capable of handling star players in one team. Even he is a good coach as per record, but the team needs a coach that can make this team as one!

  25. Ben Affleck says:

    The lakers will make moves this summer to build the team around Dwight Howard. They will acquire younger athletic players. I think you will see some big changes. Watch a couple of veterans get sent down the road!!!

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      What if Dallas is willing to pay Howard more this summer? Howard might not even stay.

  26. Phil says:

    Can’t just blame the players for this loss, D’antoni made some questionable mistakes as well and for him to go out to the media and start criticizing what the players did wrong and not taking any responsibility on his part, proves that he’s not championship/Laker material. You can have all the talent in the world out on the floor but with a coach such as this one who does not know how to utilize his players to their full potential, will have nothing to show for it guaranteed. I believe in these players winning another championship.. just not the coaching staff. Time for Jim Buss to clean up the mess he has made.

  27. Kimmy says:

    Lakers will make the 8th seed, just barely. They will lose against the Spurs and OKC. End of story, time for them to go fishin w/ Charles Barkley and crew. What a waste of a year for them. The comments above are correct, Kobe is a selfish player, this is why they can’t win games. And he and Dwight are drama queens. Gasol is a useless there but I bet he would be better fit with another team. Lakers need to make some major changes before next season or else nobody’s even gonna write articles about them anymore. Don’t hate on the Wizards. They are trying to be 9th and just may make it . Watch out for them next year! Dwight Howard needs to come home to Atlanta and help Josh Smith out with his shooting. Go OKC! You are the best!!!!

  28. Changes says:

    They need an overhaul in the back court as Nash is only a backup at his best. No disrespect to him, but this game shows that he can’t keep up with Wall or any speedy PG’s. But as a backup he’s gonna be a beast with his knowledge & wisdom. Kupchak should be shopping for younger, hungrier players to build around Howard, if he opts to stay. They should woo back Shannon Brown, Ramon Sessions to start.

  29. BALL DONT LIE says:

    Join Date: Mar 2013Posts: 2

    Kobe is the reason why the team keeps losing games! He is too selfish, arrogant and wants to be the hero player night after night even though he is nothing more than an average player at this time in his career. Rather, than complaining, the coach should bench him once he starts playing one on one, trying to be a hero! As a matter of fact kobe should not start, he should be coming off the bench. It is sickening to watch him these days. He gathers more turn overs than the rest of his team combined in every game, hogs the ball 99% of the time, demands the ball all the time and complains to referees instead of staying on the court and playing. Kobe is not coachable, not easy for other players to play with! KOBE IS THE PROBLEM!

    • J-Short says:

      My friend the whole team is accountable for loosing an 18 point lead, and Kobe did not play in the Phx game are we goint to blame him for that loss also? The team needs to cut down on turnovers and when they do they usually play well enough to win.

  30. My God… losing to Washington at Home?! They are about to lose even more fans to the clips

  31. Nash fan says:

    i’m still depressed of this game…. Laker’s performance in the first half was awesome only to get me heart broken in the 3rd and last 2 mins of 4th! D’Antoni should’ve put the bench in the 3rd as they were on fire!!! 😥 I’m still so depressed….. I will be normal if we get all Ws in the last games in March! then finish strong in April…. we got quite a sched for April…. pretty challenging April schek LAL!

  32. dattebayo says:

    What’s most disappointing about the Lakers is not how bad their current record is, it’s how bad they currently play, a month before the postseason begins. Yes, they had to deal with injuries, but even healthy, they never play well consistently on either end of the floor. They outscored the Wizards 57-41 in the 1st half and then lost the game by 1, allowing 62 2nd half points. And that’s not against an offensive juggernaut like Denver, OKC or the Rockets, it’s against a team that is dead last in offensive rating in the league with 99.9 points per 100 possessions.

    Unless they can somehow improve over the next month, it won’t matter if they make the playoffs, because they are not good enough to beat OKC, Denver, the Clippers, the Spurs or the Grizzlies. And looking forward to next season, this team won’t improve, because everyone has just gotten a year older. Howard might be completely healthy and in top shape, but Kobe, Nash, MWP and Gasol will not be able to play better and the Lakers are paying those 4 players more money (67 million) than the salary cap (58 million). If they don’t win it this year, they will have no shot at next years title either…

  33. MJfromOKC says:

    I am from OKC and a diehard Thunder fan but more than that a basketball fan. I found myself watching Lakers games and rooting them on back a month or so ago when they were playing well and had either Kobe and Dwight or Steve and Dwight.

    I would run the team the way they did a month ago.

    Dantoni can coach a good basketball team but he cannot handle four different personalities.

    The Lakers are not the worst team ever but they arent a good team. They can be a good team but you, me, we all have seen the results with those four on the floor.

    Their GM has his job cut out.

  34. NHbleedsGREEN says:

    It would so much more bittersweet for true NBA fans
    if the Fakers just don’t even make the playoffs at all.

  35. WizardsFan says:

    The Wizards are beast, if John Wall was active the whole season we’d be a 4 seed in the East, watch out for the Wizards next season

  36. Big Al says:

    The Lakers have once come back against the Hornets after being down by as many as 25. Now DC, with the worst road-trip record this year (yes, even lousier than Charlotte), had an inconceivable run in the second half to beat the purple and gold in their home court. It is their worst ever loss. They had complete control of this game but were very loose and took things too easily. This is what happens when a team relaxes too early. There are probably more Laker haters than Wizards fans rejoicing right now, but it was really the way Kobe and company lost that hurts a lot. They are back to their old selves, squandering a game to an opponent like this, appalling.

  37. Lakers-2013champs says:

    I don’t understand. When the Lakers are doing well, you all say “yes, the Lakers are gonna make the playoffs and at least make it to the second round. Kobe is the best players, and if anyone can do it, he can”. But when the Lakers lose one game, you all say “the lakers are the worst team ever”. Just because Kobe missed a couple buzzer shots doesn’t mean he’s losing it? Get a grip. Other than Lebron, Kobe is the best player in this league right now. Kevin Durant is getting there, but isn’t as explosive as Kobe yet. If you’re a true Laker fan, show it! If you’re not, why read the Lakers articles? I hate the Heat, but you don’t see me reading their articles.
    I am a die hard Lakers fan and I’m proud of that! If the Lakers don’t make the playoffs, I’ll be disappointed, but I’m not gonna jump on the Heat/Thunder bandwagon. As long as the Lakers give it their all, I really don’t care if the Lakers lose in the first round. Do you really think the Jazz or the Mavs could win in the first round? Stop hating! LAKERS FAN FOR LIFE! KOBE FAN FOR LIFE!

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      Durant is miles ahead of Kobe right now.
      Other than CAREER accomplishments
      They are not even in the same ball-park.

    • Jorge says:

      You make some valid points regarding people voicing their opinion on the Lakers’ chances at a play-off run based on the games. To be honest though, Kobe did have a quite amazing stretch where he was efficient, playing team basketball and knocking down shots. This would naturally incite comments predicting a good play-off chance, even if faced with SA or OKC in the first round. Unfortunately the efficiency has not been there in the last few games, and the Lakers are looking less decisive than when Kobe was on his nice stretch. Furthermore, Kobe missed the last 4 of the Lakers shots in the closing minutes of the game, at some point, it is important to remember that there are players who have been more efficient than him throughout a game and he needs to give up the ball to make the better play, not necessarily to keep it with the better player. While I am no fan of the Lakers or Kobe, I see that they have the potential of being a strong team, if only they chose to play as a team instead of as a bunch of prima-donnas playing individual ball.

    • Pokemon Master says:

      2013 Champs? I bought into the whole thing 7 months ago….but now? HAHAHA stupid Laker fan

    • purpngold says:

      The Lakers need to find team chemistry now that Gasol is back, they still have enough time left before the playoffs to get it right.
      They still have a chance to move up to the 6th spot, but they cant have any more lapses like the ones against the Suns and Wizards. Two of the worst teams in the league, these loses are inexcusable. This is the time to build chemistry and momentum for the playoffs. Lets Go Lakers..

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:



        Their uniforms are purple and YELLOW.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Did it ever occur to you that the Lakers are one of the worst teams in the league, as well????

        The losses are EXPECTED. The Lakers are WORSE than their record.

        If Bryant keeps padding his stats in detriment to his overrated FAKER team, the Lakers are, not just doomed for this season, but DOOMED for the next five or more seasons. If Bryant refuses to make Howard the #1 option, how the heck is Howard going to be able to take the “keys to the franchise”? HOW? I understand Howard is still injury-prone, but it’s funny that when Bryant comes back from that pathetic little ankle-injury, the Lakers go back to losing ways. 🙂

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        I had a feeling that the LA FAKERS might be a better team WITHOUT Bryant.

        Unless I’m mistaken, when Bryant does not play, the Laker record: 2 wins, 1 loss.

        When Bryant is scoreless, the Laker record? 1 win, 0 losses.

        I love this game. 🙂

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Anyone who thought Bryant should get MVP votes is a damned FOOL!!!!!!!!!

        Kobe Bryant: 2013 LVP (Least Valuable Player)

    • cadroy says:

      good point,bunch of haterade drinkers.

    • This is a JOKE says:

      I hate the Lakers but I read the Lakers articles because I am a fan of basketball as a whole, not just my favorite team. I like to know whats going in all around the league. It seems like MOST Lakers fans are only concerned with the Lakers, and they are pretty ignorant about the rest of the league. And Kobe isn’t the 2nd best player. Top 5 players in the league: 1. LBJ 2. Durant 3. Parker 4. Paul 5. Bryant.
      And yea the Jazz and the Mavs will lose in the first round if they make it. Still, they don’t have anywhere close to the amount of talent the Lakers have.

      • KobeTurnoverMamba says:


        If lakers can limit turnovers somehow then they can compete with any team in the league. It has been the story all season and they cant get back in transition fast enough so they have bring it down to at least <10 per game. I am pretty sure lakers are among league leaders at conceding points from turnovers and they have like 16-20 a game.

      • Mister 215 says:

        What Makes Durant better??? Because he’s younger…. Going by stats Kobe is clearly better!!!!!

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Sorry to break it to you, fellah, but Bryant is not even in the top ten best NBA players. His stats are inflated like all hell.

        JUST TO NAME A FEW MORE (there are plenty of players better than Bryant): Westbrook is better than Bryant, so is Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Lamarcus Aldridge, Jarryd Bayless, Damian Lillard, Kevin Martin, Blake Griffin, Jamal Crawford, Al Jefferson, Wade, Ray Allen, Garnett, Pierce, John Wall (who had an efficient 47-point game today), Kyrie Irving, Rudy Gay, Stephen Curry, David Lee, Wesley Matthews, Derozan, Calderon, Goran Dragic, Michael Beasley, Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Brook Lopez, Tyreke Evans, Marcus Thornton, James Harden, Demarcus Cousins, Tim Duncan, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Corey Brewer, Andre Miller, Andre Igoudala, Chanlder Parsons, Jeremy Lin, Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, Vince Carter, Serge Ibaka, Jeremy Lamb, Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol, Tayshaun Prince, Jarrett Jack, Ricky Rubio, JJ Barea, Kevin Love (when healthy), Luke Ridnour, Derrick Willams, Ben Gorden, Eric Gordon, Anthony Davis, Grevais Vasquez, Jeff Green, Carmeo, Trevor Ariza, Josh Smith, Dahntay Jones, Al Horford, Kyle Korver, Jameer Nelson, Kendrick Perkins, Glen Davis, Chris Bosh, Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis, Luol Deng, Derrick Rose, Nate Robinson, Carlos Boozer, David West, Roy HIbbert, Paul George, George Hill, Tyler Hansbrough (he went to college, Kobe didn’t).

        There’s even more I didn’t mention that are BETTER than Bryant.

  38. johnkeynie says:

    so whats the excuse now laker fans? this team was built to win multiple championships, not to fight for a playoff spot. smh lebron with ilgaskus, william, west, varejao won 66+ games >>> kobe, nash, artest, gaol & howard ( can barely win 40 games )

  39. johnkeynie says:

    haha! so whats the excuse now? smh this team was supposed to win championships not to be an 8th seed. nash, kobe, artest, gasol & howard and can barely win 40 games. lebron with ilgaskus, west, mo willliams, won 66 games 3 straight season. so laker fans whats the excuse? lol

  40. Teamball says:

    Kobe doesn’t trust his teamates and that’s why this talented team is not winning, basketball is a team sport!

  41. sports fan says:

    The Jazz or Mavs still have a shot at getting the 8th seed. If the Lakers make the playoffs they won’t be higher than the 8th spot & then they’ll get bounced by Spurs or Thunder.

  42. theholyspectator says:

    does it matter? they not makin it past first round..this season for the lakers was a flop from the very beginning..they make the 8th seed then get raped by okc or spurs…they dont make the 8th spot then they miss the playoffs…they move up to the 7th spot and still will face either okc or spurs…their is no scenario where the lakers come out on top…just forget this year..add some key pieces, have a good summer and come back stronger and healthier..even tho theyll be older too,,

  43. chandler says:

    if the jazz play with the effort they played with against SA they will get 8th. a loss to SA in overtime is much better then blowing an 18 point lead to the lowly life wizards. I still htink that utah will make and LA will not

  44. Allen Iv3rson says:

    LOL yes lose more games please

  45. ko0kie says:

    I don’t think the Jazz will make it.. maybe Dallas with Dirk slowly coming back to his form and they finally got Marion back.. he’s so crucial to the teams success. and if mayo starts to play like he did at the start of the season.. who knows?

    on the other.. Portland looks really good to me. but they have a very tough schedule ahead of them.. but they have still games vs. Lakers, Jazz (twice), Mavs.. other than that they face OKC twice, Warriors twice, Clippers, Nuggets, Brooklyn… only playoff teams, good playoff teams. will be hard but if they are going to pull it off, they proved they belong into playoff contention.

  46. Aditya says:

    I am extremely upset. we better play championship basketball or i will be extremely upset. i watch every lakers game. i am a die hard lakers fan. we better win every game or i will be extremely upset. i watch every game

  47. prix says:

    This is the time that Kobe should learn to be humble

  48. 24 says:

    Kobe tried to take over the game too early when they were down by 1 with like 2:30 to go, Instead of moving the ball around and trusting in team mates who are more than capable of knocking down shots. They need to draw up plays for other team mates such as nash or meeks instead of going for isolation plays especially with that much time on the clock only down by 1. I can understand if there is less than one minute left, i have faith in kobe to take over the game, but with more time on the clock he needs to start trusting in team basketball.

    • mvp says:

      completely agree. i told that to my brother at the time that kobe was jacking way too many crazy shots while the game was still close, and if he kept going we would lose. surprise, surprise, we LOST! Against the worst team on the road in the ENTIRE league after LEADING by 18 points on them! that was schoking!

  49. W/E says:

    BIggest disappointment in the history of Lakers, the team blows BIG TIME, they are gunna get OWNED SO BAD in the first round theyd wish they never make the playoffs when time comes, Dwight is gunna leave LA and Kobrick is gunna go crazy.