Sputtering Bulls Wait On Rose’s Return


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — Derrick Rose says only God knows when he’ll play. For a team that desperately needs a savior, Rose’s delayed debut can’t come soon enough.

A season without the Chicago Bulls’ electric point guard has put some hard minutes on players like Luol Deng and Joakim Noah, and made it even harder for the Bulls to score. Ranking 29th in the league in scoring at 92.7 ppg, the hardest-working team in the NBA might be on the verge of total burnout — if they’re not there already.

After a 5-8 February, Chicago is 3-6 in March, 36-31 overall after Thursday’s 99-89 home loss to Portland and tied for sixth place in the East with the Boston Celtics. Further slippage and the Bulls, just two games up on the Milwaukee Bucks in the dreaded eight-hole, could be faced with a first-round meeting against the Miami Heat.

“We got smacked,” Noah told the Chicago Tribune in assessing the loss to the Blazers, the West’s 10th-place team. “It’s really disappointing. We’re not playing great right now. It’s the final stretch and we’re not getting it done. We have to find a way.”

If the Bulls aren’t capable of scoring, they have to be able to bring their suffocating defense and that has not been the case. Portland shot 10-for-21 from the 3-point line and its 99 points is right at the average (99.4) the Bulls are allowing in March, six points more than their season average.

Road losses to playoff teams like Indiana, San Antonio and the Lakers can be reasoned away, as well as this week’s controversial home loss to Denver. But a 42-point undressing at Sacramento? And the loss to the sub-.500 Blazers, with just two road wins since Feb. 4?

How else to explain it than a team running on fumes?

Portland is the only team in the league with three players among the top 10 in minutes played. Chicago is the only other team with more than one player in the top 10. Deng logs more minutes per game (38.9) than anyone in the league. Noah ranks 12th.

Kirk Hinrich and Taj Gibson made welcomed returns Thursday night, although it failed to help the bottom line.

A savior might be the Bulls’ last hope to re-energize for the stretch run and the playoffs. His name is Rose. And only, well, you know who knows when, and if, he’ll play this season.

With 15 games left beginning with Saturday’s home game against Indiana, the Bulls are hoping to get a sign from above very, very soon.


  1. patrick bateman says:

    Go to work Rose. You scared little rich boy.

  2. lsafjpfj says:

    I dont understand all this ” Rose will cme back and show Lebron this and that”
    Everybody knows that Lebron should have won the MVP award in that 2010-2011 season too because his numbers especialy his percentages wer waaaaaaay better than roses but the league couldnt give it to james because of the decision. the next year the bulls still had the best record despite playing nearly all season long without rose. what does that tell you? miami without lebron would be like a 6th seed in east
    rose shouldtn come back this season because he should take as much time as he needs. because even if he would came back now und they would play miami in the playoffs then miami would destroy them.
    they destroyed chicago when rose was at his best and now chicago is not that good anymore bench not that good rose not that good etc. But miami has never been better.
    rose should take as much time as he needs

  3. sports fan says:

    When boxers & MMA fighters have a small injury and are still cleared to fight they still postpone their bouts. They want to compete at 100%. Look at Kobe, he still had to miss a game due to a sprained ankle & what happened to his big boy pants?

  4. ko0kie says:

    mhh.. he’s coming back when he’s coming back ok? you can pressure him with articles.. he won’t read it (:

    but I really think he could be back playing but he does not want to be medicore.. The Return should be special.. if it doesnt end with MVPs and a title..it’s nothing. I can understand it but I don’t.. fans in chicago are absolutely crazy about him, and he should at least give it a try… he can rest the whole summer afterwards and it’s not like the next playoffs are staring right after these playoffs 2013.

  5. patrick bateman says:

    I can’t be more clearer than this.

  6. Kamote says:

    Its an ACL injury, and when an injury takes a year to heal, you’d know its that serious. Its not like when you’re cleared to play, you can go back doing the things you do before.

    aside from the physical health, there’s the mental aspect as well. if you’ve been seeing how rose play the past years, you’d know all the bumps and bruises he’s been getting when he plays. he’d have to get that confidence that he won’t be reinjuring himself again. the guy dealt with the pain of the injury, the length and tediousness of rehabilitation, and the sense that he can’t help his team in crutches. have you been through those to say that he’s a coward/crybaby? And besides, he hasn’t played for a year (and can’t even walk for months), so how could you expect that he can just compete right away with the best players in the world??? Just a little common sense please :).

    Rose is the face of the Bulls, and he knows it. That’s why he wants to be in perfect form, and in high-confidence so that he can lead his team again. So far he is serious about his rehab (not playing bowling), and getting back his stamina and legs. He’ll be back a better player and leader. Sometimes you just have to lick your wounds, get a lot better, and fight another day.

    • patrick bateman says:

      he gets payed to go to work.He is cleared to work.NOW GO TO WORK!!!!

      • Kamote says:

        have you gotten your knee torn while working? Rose will be playing basketball for 10+ more years, as a leader of a franchise at that. A full recovery would not only benefit him but the whole organization as well in the long run. If he reinjures, or can’t play the best of his capabilities, then that wouldn’t benefit the Bulls won’t it? You have to take care of your investments as well bro. Common sense please :).

  7. ptnicoli says:

    Derrick Rose one word puke, Even if he doesn’t feel just right yet, lmao, He should be there supporting his team, learning the ofrfense, and defense, getting his timing down, I cannot even closely explain my dissapointment in him, His team (according to him) is supporting his decision to be a wuss, well we the fans dont, were used to our sports Giants playing with broken bones whatever it takes to win, Look at Kolby he’s playing injured Derrick Rose needs to check his ball sack, They may have left.

  8. Sonics 4 Life says:

    You fall into this Adrian Peterson mentality and you expect Rose to be healthy and excelling, when in reality maybe his injury will take longer to come back from.

    Take your time Rose.

  9. sports fan says:

    All the ones here calling Rose a coward, selfish, & spoiled are the most closed-minded & ignorant people. You guys shouldn’t even call yourselves NBA fans & are nothing but a disgrace. Look at Rose’s history & you’ll see that he’s always been of good character (good to the coaches, teammates, fans, & media). His character has never been questioned like LeBron’s (The Decision), Kobe’s (rape case), Dwight’s (Decision 2), as well as some others. None of you are former college/professional athletes, coaches, and doctors. And none of you ever had an ACL injury. None of you can relate one bit to Rose’s situation, otherwise you wouldn’t be making comments like these. Just because he’s cleared to play doesn’t mean he’s 100%. He wants to come back when he can dunk off his left foot & he wants to be mentally ready. He wants come back the RIGHT way because the only one who knows where he’s at physically & mentally is himself. He’s the franchise player & if he comes back too soon then that will destroy his future & the future of the team. Until any of you have actually been in his shoes than none of you don’t know what you’re talking about.


    D-Rose is just a Wannabe MJ…
    hope he can play for playoffs,
    if he doesnt…. Bulls wont make it…

  11. Uhr-Pacers Bad Boys says:

    Hey C’mon! Let Rose make his mind up this is his decesion he ll whether come now or next it is up to him. And more importanly sign nik pekovic ( upcoming fa ) and amnesty that i mean b[L]oozer also rose incoming be real contender again. peace

  12. Steeeeeeev says:

    I’m a Bulls fan. I like Rose, I admire his caution but at what point does being cautious become being timid? Is the Bulls season basically over without him? Most likley. Can they actually compete for East even with him? doubt it. But this isn’t chess. This is Basketball where it counts to build on seasons where you don’t accomplish everything you set out for. GET IN THE GAME ROSE! At this point, you look scared, sound scared and act scared. Your allowing every team in the league to beat you before even step foot on the court. Grow up.

    • patrick bateman says:



      Agreed! I like Rose and think he will and can be a special talent. But if he cant get over the injury mentally then he wont be that player I thought he would be. He has to get in the game if not for 5 mins just to get his mind over it. Show his teammates that he is gonna fight with them even for 5 minutes or doing lay ups. Every good player on a bad team shouldnt sit out games when they can suit up and help out just because they cant win it all.


        BTW atleast the bulls made the playoffs. Noah and Loul are fighters much respect to those guys. I dont think anyone should be mad at rose but I feel it for his teammates

  13. Fred says:

    I am a big Bulls fan but Rose is seemingly like Vince Young and his mental problems. Don’t count on him to do anything that will help the Bulls this year or in the future.

  14. ChicagoBullsForever says:

    Just Like Mike, he will return. Chicago is on its way at playoff. There’s no need to play for the whole season (only on playoff). Maybe a strategy for the Bulls management.

  15. Smart Move says:

    It’s a smart move by Rose not to play & rush into things. I know his teammates put up an effort night in & out, but they should take this season now just to hone their skills, & wait for Rose at full strength. The doctors can only do so much that it’s really up to Rose when he’s ready. I’m a Lakers fan but I’m also rooting for the Bulls (especially the 90’s) He’s his own man give the guy a break.

  16. DC says:

    Nah… I think Rose is just selfish player.

  17. baboy says:

    negative comments against Rose are those who are not a real chicago bulls fans, because real fans understands every situation the team is experiencing now.


    Rose is done. I hate him. So much. Hope he tears his ACL again.

  19. Delusional Bulls fans says:

    It is hilarious that people keep on bringing up these D.Rose threads that “it will be Miami’s year because D.Rose is injured” LOL, why do people keep on saying that. When a healthy Derrick Rose couldnt even beat Miami in the past, now look at the heat team Bulls wouldn’t stand a chance with a healthy Rose.

  20. M.WILEY says:

    Lets not forget how Blake Griffen’s torn ACL turned out. Hes gonna come back likea beast!!

  21. patrick bateman says:

    Derrick Rose represents all the scared and entitled rich sportstars in the world.Shine oh you bright scared rich boy.

  22. Efrain says:

    What it’s important here is Rose future. No one will pay his bills if he lost his career. Lebron James is having the blessing of be in a league very weak in comparison with the 80’s and 90’s. It’s easy when you add two of the top ten players of the league to win it all. Soon Rose will be on the court and then he’ll just shut up all those who dream Lebron James is the MVP of the league. Rose don’t worry. Everybody in Chicago is waiting. I’m far away from there, from PR exactly, and I’m waiting too. You not just represent the City of Chicago, you represent the most loved basketball team in the world thanks to Michael, Scottie, and the fellowship team that made the world love the game of basketball. Now it’s your time to shine. Michael suffered a severe injury in his second year. Many people thought he’ll not be the same. They were all right. He just came back and become the greatest basketball player the world has ever seen. You can do it. May God be with you!

    • bigwes95 says:

      it is easy to win championships with 2 other players in the top 15 (bosh isn’t top ten). and rose has pleanty of money to pay for bills. if a hundred million dollars isn’t enough to live, then what is? seriously. and why do you bring lebron up in this anyways, saying he only wins because he has 2 top 15 players like MJ did. when mj left, pippen came in second for MVP voting and is sometimes considered to the best defensive player of all time who isn’t a center or PF. and rodman led the league in rebounding for 7 straight seasons! NBA record! and he’s a 2 time defensive player of the year. the most loved team in the NBA right now is miami, or in the history it would be the lakers or celtics because of players like kareem, russell, chamberlain, cowens, bird, magic, west, kobe, worthy, parish, mchale, just a little more than just MJ and scottie. jordan came back better, but he had a less severe injury and he had to put up amazing stats for a losing record until scottie came. not sure how rose will come back, but probably a little rusty and out of shape.

  23. Noit says:

    Conspiracy by the league. Get fans riled up to want Rose back before he’s comfortable. League is putting pressure to get Rose back to make more money off of him. They do this by giving the other team the bad ref calls. They do that with articles like these. Etc.

  24. Noit says:

    I would rather play Miami in the first round. That’s when the Bulls team will be healthiest.

  25. Deceptivesmiles says:

    This has nothing to do with Rose not wanting to play, as a Bulls fan, I don’t mind too much. With the type of injury he suffered u never know how you’ll come back; u might even injure yourself again if u come back too soon.

    The problem lies in the office, the big wigs for the Bulls have not made any attempt to build a solid roster. How long have Bulls fans been asking for a solid 2 guard or a solid 2nd option? That’s why they lost to Miami a couple of years ago, once they doubled Rose, nobody stepped up. We picked up Rip Hamilton who has played about half a season in 2 season together. We still have Boozer’s underachieving over-payed self who is hurting our cap, and we got rid of the bench mob to bring back Kirk Hienrich and pick up Nate Robinson who nobody wants.

    Fact of the matter is the Bulls front office built this team to lose.

    • vitamilk says:

      I agree with you. Only DRose knows DRose, not the doctors. The doctors allowed Amare Stoudamire to play, and where is he now? An ACL surgery is a serious one. It could take a full year or more to fully heal and let a high-octane player like Rose to get back to his old self. Let him take his time. His team mates need him but they understand. They play hard because they play hard. They’d play at the same level with or without Rose.

      The reason it is harder for them this season is because of the bench. It is not as strong/deep as it used to be. Management should build on it. I’d like to believe they have plans.

  26. MJfromOKC says:

    I lost a huge amount of respect for Rose over the face he wont come back and help his team. It doesnt matter if he can come back and play at an all star level, they need a decent player that they can add to their lineup right now.

    Rose needs to realize that he really screwed up here. You dont play professional sports for just for your own personal satisfaction. You do it for a career, you help your team, and you play hard. You remember that you could be making thirty grand a year doing some lame job. You suit up, you help your team, and you play hard.

  27. Sandman says:

    Rose doesnt need to come back as early as now. We need a little bit more patience. If Rose returns now, Chicago will just win all but 1 or 2 of the remaining games, and that will leave them at number 4 or 5 spot at the end of regular season. And we all know that is bad news, we will just meet miami in the 2nd round of playoffs. If rose comes back when we need to win games to stay at the number 6 or 7th spot that will be good because that means we will have to face miami in the conf finals and we will take it from there, who knows maybe it’s time for miami to be burnt out in the the east finals and with the help of great luck Chicago will beat Miami in the finals. So i think everybody has to be patient. as they always say, timing is everything, and Rose and chicago are doing well by timing everything.

  28. patrick bateman says:

    If he don’t want to play.TRADE HIM.Trade him now while he still worth something.

  29. what!! says:

    he isn’t being a coward he’s being cautious. who do you people think you are just watch he’s gonna come back stronger. btw you cant even say anything about derrick rose until you’ve been in his shoes.

  30. vino1234 says:

    It isn’t depend on Rose his coach is decising about his performance…

  31. Hasan says:

    As a Bulls fan, I don’t care how long Rose takes to make his comeback. When he does, and if by some miracle, the Bulls start playing better, they will only end up getting eliminated by Miami in the Playoffs. So all of you Rose haters saying that he is a coward and doesn’t care about the team, crybaby, etc. You don’t know basketball. In fact, you all just want the here and the now. No one these days thinks of the future. Look at this Bulls roster. It’s nothing compared to the bench mob. When we lost DRose last year to the injury, most Bulls fans knew that this year would be a lost cause, and if you think otherwise, then you haven’t been watching the Heat.
    Take your time Rose, improve your game. I don’t even care if you decide to not play this season. I’d actually prefer that.
    Derrick Rose thinks of the future and real championship contention, while simple minded fans only want to see his highlight plays in games.

    • Jezeble says:

      As a Bulls fan, I couldn’t disagree with you more. Noah and Deng have been sacrificing all season long, logging major minutes while paying injured. Are you saying that their sacrifices are not important because they are not the superstars Rose is? Last I checked, this is a team, and everybody needs to contribute. Rose is physically fit to play, and he should. A real leader would — even if it is just to show his teammates that he supports and fights with them. Sitting out because they may not win the ECF, or because he can’t do his highlight reel dunks is petty and small of him. He is a selfish, little man who lacks the heart of a champion. I thank Joakim Noah and Luol Deng for their sacrifices in keeping this team above water. GO BULLS!

    • Miles says:

      I agree. Just because doctors clear you doesn’t mean he is ready to play. Rember that time when the doctor’s knew how a person actually feels? I don’t. Rose knows Rose, and he knows when he can come back in play. He is a competitor, and he doesn’t want to come back until he can carry this team like he used to (my opinion). Sure he can play basketball, but all the real fans know that he is a franchise player. THERE IS NO COMPARISON. We should be extremly cautious. I remember the first thing I thought of when i heard acl, was him coming back too soon and re-injuring it. Thank goodness I was wrong. We care about our future, more importantly, we care about Derrick Rose.

  32. raul says:

    rose is a lil cry baby punk that doesnt care about his team.

  33. patrick bateman says:

    I’ve never seen a coward who gets 20 million a year for doing nothing.

  34. W/E says:

    I lost all respect for D rose, he is a spoiled former all star fake mvp kiddo who is too scared to come back and help his team. I wish he had 1 quarter of Rubios willingness things would be alot better for the poor weak hopeless Bulls.


    D-Rose will not make it this year…
    it will still be a MIAMI time…
    LBJ for MVP…. a King in Miami…