No Drama; Heat Streak Reaches 25!


MIAMI — All those texts, Tweets and subliminal messages from friends, family and fans were answered by the Miami Heat this time.

Sure, they trailed at halftime for the ninth straight game Friday night against a Detroit Pistons team still searching for its 24th win of the season. But that didn’t stop the Heat from cruising when it mattered most, at winning time, on their way to their 25th straight win, a somewhat methodical 103-89 disposal before an appreciative AmericanAirlines Arena crowd.

Instead of the heart attack finishes they’ve been delivering recently, Boston Monday night and then Wednesday in Cleveland, they simply ran away from the Pistons late in the third quarter and into the fourth. And it was a welcome sight for guys like Shane Battier, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.

Never mind the fact that they’re eight games from the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers’ NBA record 33-game win streak, and all of the pressure that comes with chasing that mark. Sometimes you just want to take the edge off for family and friends whose emotions rise and fall with every double-digit deficit incurred and every heart-racing comeback.

“My parents, they’re great fans and a lot more emotional than I am about this than I am,” Battier said. “I told them ‘sorry, we’re working on playing better.'”

At least they could keep the TV on for the game against the Pistons. The win in Cleveland, when the Heat rallied from a 27-point deficit behind huge shots from Battier and James in particular, was too much.

“They didn’t turn the TV off but they were close,” Battier said. “They’re a little older so they were close to going to bed.”

Just finding ways to win games sounds reasonable enough for the Heat. But lost in the haze of their streak is the fact that they are taking the best shot the rest of the league has to give basically every night.

The Pistons came into the night on the complete opposite end of the standings spectrum, having lost nine straight games. But if you were one of the folks in town for the Ultra Music Festival and wandered into the arena by accident and watched the first half, you would have been hard-pressed to identify the team on the losing streak from the team on the second-best winning streak in NBA history.

“Everybody wants to win by 30 every night,” Wade said. “Sorry guys, it’s not possible.”

They aren’t crazy. They realize that they are in the midst of a stretch — against the Cavaliers, Pistons, Charlotte Bobcats (Sunday) and Orlando Magic (Monday) — where a team 50 games over .500 should have no trouble handling its business against the lottery crowd.

“Win the games we’re supposed to win,” Wade said. “Right now we’re playing teams that we are better than and we are winning games we’re supposed to win.”

That’s easy to do when you always have an advantage in the, as Wade put it,  “games within the game.” An 11-point deficit with James and Wade there to dig you out of it looks completely different when you are hoping that Jose Calderon and Greg Monroe rescue you.

Heat coach Erick Spoelstra isn’t overly concerned about the sluggish starts, but he is by no means dismissing them.

“It’s on the radar,” he said. “There’s no question about it. We need to put together complete games. Now it has been three games in a row where we haven’t gotten off to the energetic start that we’re looking for, so we’ll have an opportunity to get back to it on Sunday. But no excuses. We are not making excuses for ourselves.”

The Heat don’t have to make excuses for winning all the time, especially not with James dominating on both ends the way he did against the Pistons. He finished his night with 29 points, on 12-for-15 shooting from the floor, eight rebounds, eight assists and two steals.

Catching and passing the Lakers is not one of the career milestones James had on his bucket list. So while he’s honored to be a part of a team chasing that historical ghost, he said he feels no pressure to pacify others who are caught up in the hype of what this team is doing right now. And that includes anyone texting after games about their blood pressure spiking at the end of games like the one in Cleveland.

“Right now we are taking each and every game as its own,” he said. “We need to prepare for the next one, which is Sunday. I am not going to sit here and downplay it and act like I don’t know what the record is. I know it’s 33. But we don’t get caught up and say, ‘okay, eight games until we get it.’ We just play our next game and see what happens.”



  1. theholyspectator says:

    miami will get home court advantage thru out the finals..dont matter who they face in the finals..spurs/okc/nuggets…. the 2012-2013 ..repeat is in the bag…we are all just waitin for june to see it officially happen on tv

  2. crooner says:

    oh the drama.. my point was just made. but you all missed it. smart indeed funny how a different number even made it. nice 28.

    • B Korsakov says:

      If you need to explain it or if only you get it, then it ain’t a good joke…
      But don’t feel bad, you can always try again on the next article.


  4. showbaba Canada says:

    Good job to Miami. I will advice the coach to try to start with either Joel Anthony or Birdman and let Haslem come from Bench. That might complete change the starting problem and turn Miami to more dominating team. Less I forget try to kick start Bosh from the start of the game and set him up. I notice Bosh is not pushing about scoring now adays and he works more on defense now, this is good for Miami but still with Bosh dropping 18pts or more in each game, it is a great weapon for Miami. The streak shows a great team work.

  5. Yhuan12 says:

    Knowing how to subtract 28 from 33 doesnt mean he’s caught up with it

  6. Toro says:

    You just can’t compete at the highest level all season, there has to be some bad games, as was this one for CB, but the real deal is stay focused in crucial moments. The game with Pistons wasn’t that much demanding, but away game with underachieving Magic will be.

  7. tom says:

    Good luck LBJ ur the best all around player so far by stats wise… hope to see u breaking records

  8. gavin says:

    @crooner Doesn’t take a genius to calculate how many more games you need to win from 25 > 33 lol

  9. ism says:

    Yes, seriously. He says they don’t SAY it. Of course, they are aware, what do you expect? It’s just not their main focus. They focus on the next game, which is probably the best way to keep up a streak, anyway.

    These comeback losses are really interesting. Maybe they are somewhat of a bad thing, but if the Heat keep winning and add some normal not-comeback wins for good measure, they will have a mental advantage anytime they are down 10-20 in the third.

  10. crooner says:

    “we don’t get caught up and say, okay, EIGHT games until we get it” and yet you know how many more games you need. seriously?

    • g0dlyk says:

      dude? seriously? read the whole paragraph, maybe then you would understand.

    • fulanito says:

      ??? Really?? Like every reporter, ESPN, NBA on TNT to every family member isn’t chiming in and reminding them constantly of this countdown? He doesn’t live in a bubble. They do their best to focus. Give em a break.

    • wakenbake says:

      you’re not thinking about the winning streak going in to games, but you still know simple math, seriously?

    • Hater Blocker says:

      Its common knowledge/basic math you troll. Shame on LeBron for actually knowing what everyone else knows and saying so. Gtfoh

    • XD says:

      of course he knows it, he’s a historian of the game.. what counts is the emotion behind it, as they’ve said, they’re playing each game as its own, you can’t win games if your mentality is set on breaking the 71-72 Lakers and don’t focus on the current game you’re playing at..

    • Crooner Moron says:

      It’s not that hard to count 33 to 25 moron!

    • Haha says:

      Well, it would be much weirder if you don’t know the difference between 33 and 25. It’s simple mathematics, dude.

    • N says:

      It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure our that 33-25 is 8! An 8 year old can do the math. Moreover, I am sure the reporter mentioned it before asking his/her question

    • AM says:

      I suppose that LeBron James knows how many is 33 minus 25…..



    • Mike says:

      It would be hard for them not to notice it with all of the media attention, but I think the point is more that they don’t focus on that they, they just take each game as it comes.

    • Toro says:

      What’s your problem with that? Go and meet your psychologist.

    • racingno15 says:

      It’s called ‘being able to count’ idiot.

    • AK says:

      Mate a 2 year old wold know the magic number is 8. He’s just saying they don’t approach their games night in night out with that number in their head

    • Because 33 minus 25 is so hard to figure out, right?


      lol thats just simple math loser! Lebron is saying they should take it game by game and not count down, because its harder to win that way. Mentally you have to take each game on its own instead of trying to chase 33 its easier to win one game at a time.

    • Yhuan12 says:

      He already says that he knows the record is 33… He also know they are on 25 winning streak…Even a first grader would know that it is 8 wins apart…Dont find wrong from what Bron has said…Just give the credit to where it is due or else get a life…

  11. Nosaj23 says:

    25 Wins and Still Counting!!! Lets Go Miami Heat!!! Keep Winning and Stay Injury Free!!!

  12. Willy says:

    Exactly! The Spurs will have a home court advantage in trying to break the streak. What are the odds on this game?

  13. jinrhy says:

    Time and time again this is starting to look like a championship season for the Heat. I’m just wondering if MJ will finally admit that born might actually be better than himself! sidewithme approved a debate i submitted about kobe and lebron and who should take the last shot…i guess i’m not too surprised at the results:

    • W/E says:

      how is bron better than MJ? he is a great all around player but so was Jordan, how can he be better from the best competitor, best and most exciting by far NBA scorer of all time? U cant even compare those two players their game is so different MJ is the ultimate scorer and competitor Lebrons game is more like Magic Johnson’s, more all around oriented.


    Congratulations to Miami Heat Organizations…
    Keep it up….