Heat Schedule May Look Easy, But …

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — How far can the Miami Heat take their streak? After Wednesday’s Comeback on the Cuyahoga, and looking at the rest of their schedule, it’s anybody’s guess.

Next up: The down-and-out Detroit Pistons visit AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami (Friday on NBA TV, pregame at 7 p.m.). The Pistons have won only eight road games all season.

Easy pickings, right?

Heat upcoming schedule
Day Date Loc. Opponent Time (ET) TV
Fri. 3/22 vs. Detroit 7 p.m. NBA TV
Sun. 3/24 vs. Charlotte 6 p.m. League Pass
Mon. 3/25 @ Orlando 7 p.m. League Pass
Wed. 3/27 @ Chicago 8 p.m. ESPN
Fri. 3/29 @ New Orleans 8 p.m. League Pass
Sun. 3/31 @ San Antonio 7 p.m. NBA TV

Well, ask the Denver Nuggets, winners of 31 out of 34 home games, just how easy it was to file away a Philly club Thursday night with a half-dozen road wins. No disrespect, Mr. Flacco, but that’s your Mile High Miracle.

To avoid handing over the mantle of longest active win streak to the Nuggets after they somehow made it 14 in a row Thursday, Miami will need to take care of business in a more focused fashion than a couple of nights ago in LeBron James‘ old gym.

The Heat (53-14) seek consecutive victory No. 25 Friday night, in their quest for the NBA record of 33 straight, against the malfunctioning Pistons, a squad that hasn’t won a game since late last month — nine consecutive losses.

Miami’s upcoming schedule is favorable enough that the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers record-holders should watch with bated breath. To finish out March, Miami plays just two teams with winning records. Still, both of them are on the road and neither Wednesday’s game at Chicago nor a March 31 date at San Antonio will be a walk in the park.

If Miami makes it to April unscathed, the streak will have reached 30 with only New York, Charlotte, Philadelphia and Milwaukee blocking the Heat from destiny.

But before chalking up their next three — vs. Detroit, vs. Charlotte, at Orlando — as automatic W’s, remember that it’s often the dog with the softest bark that bites the hardest.

The Heat’s 24-game win streak, the second-longest in NBA history, is split evenly among current playoff teams and non-playoff teams, and it’s the lottery-bound teams that have been the biggest pains. The Heat’s average margin of victory against playoff teams is 11.5 points compared to 10.3 on the other side. Only one playoff team has battled them to a finish of five points or less — Boston on Monday night, falling 105-103 after losing a 13-point lead in the fourth quarter.

Five non-playoff teams have lost by five, four, one, four and three points. The Magic, Monday’s opponent in Orlando, lost by a point at Miami for Heat win No. 16 on the streak. Not included in the above group is double-overtime loser Sacramento, which wound up down 12 at the final buzzer, 141-129, for Heat win No. 12.

A quick look a Miami’s next six (here’s their remaining 15 games):

TONIGHT: vs. Detroit Pistons (23-46)

Road record: 8-25

Last 10: 1-9

Current streak: Lost 9

vs. Pistons this season: 1-1


SUNDAY: vs. Charlotte Bobcats (16-52)

Road record: 6-28

Last 10: 3-7

Current streak: Won 2

vs. Bobcats this season: 2-0


MONDAY: at Orlando Magic (18-51)

Home record: 10-25

Last 10: 2-8

Current streak: Lost 5

vs. Magic this season: 2-0


WEDNESDAY: at Chicago Bulls (36-31)

Home record: 18-16

Last 10: 4-6

Current streak: Lost 2

vs. Bulls this season: 1-1


MARCH 29: at New Orleans Hornets (23-46)

Home record: 13-21

Last 10: 3-7

Current streak: Won 1

vs. Hornets this season: 1-0


MARCH 31: at San Antonio Spurs (52-16)

Home record: 29-4

Last 10: 7-3

Current streak: Won 3

vs. Spurs this season: 1-0*

*The NBA fined the Spurs $250,000 for coach Gregg Popovich’s decision to send Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green back to San Antonio prior to this game.


  1. Brian scalbraine says:

    i hate the heat

  2. This bruno from BORAT says:

    @Mytownla your lakers loss to wizards…. How come your lakers will beat the HEAT if they can’t even beat a team who ain’t going to contend for playoffs??? And that was on your own floor…. 2013 lakers was the most disgusting TEAM ever in the WHOLE lakers history…. they may as well change their team/organization’s name to los angeles Wanna Be’s or L.A. DIVAS… or Los Angeles Bryants….


    25 Winning streak… Leggo Heat!!

  4. WillieRants says:

    The Biggest close threat to Miami’s reign will be the Bulls, because despite all their recent woes, this Bulls team is a prideful bunch and I can see Noah, with his votality ramping up to throw some elbow and playing the Heat really physical and with an edge as if its a playoff game for the Bulls. Just my opinion though,any of the nexxt teams can be a threat cause no one likes to be showed up..

  5. LebronKingOfNba says:

    The heat are enjoying playing non-playoff team in close games. that’s why in the first half the heat is taking it easy. and when 4th qtr comes, take put the switch on. while when they are playing great teams example okc. from the star the switch button is on.

    and also, that’s not the only thing about the heat, if u check it, the heat is the only team that can beat playoff teams in the west. because since we all know that east conference is so weak like haters say, miami only lost to western teams 5 times out of 14. the rest of 9 lost comes for the Leastern teams.


    not sure how impressive this win streak when you actually take a look at the east standing the second best win recorde in the east would be fighting for a playoff spot in the west. 25 wins is awesome but look at the teams they have to play.

  7. maggotbrain says:

    Jeff Caplan comes off as a serious Heat hater.

  8. The Spurs V.S. Heat game Spurs r going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. bandwagonfreak says:

    Javale mcgee is the best center of all time!

  10. Tyrone says:

    The heat are the best team in the league no doubt. However, the easy teams may be undersestimated and the heat may lose to them. I was planning on feeding Lebron some Burritoes before the game so that he slows down. Also, Greg Monroe is the best player in the league right now. Can Lebron, 3 time mvp, defeat the nba’s all time greatest center, Greg Monroe. Tonight is gonna be the best game in the history of the nba.

    • LACFAN says:

      Did u really just say Greg Monroe is the best center of all time? What about Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Hakeem Olaijowan, Moses Malone Etc. Greg monroe isnt even the best center in the league right now let alone of all time

  11. Dee says:

    the Bobcats and Pistons ARE NOT going to beat Miami in AAA.. NOT HAPPENING.

  12. FEELTHEHEAT says:


  13. Imran says:

    You can win as many games against mediocre teams as you want, but come April and you have to face Clippers, Spurs, OKC and Grizzlies. It won’t be easy. The Grizzlies have beat the heat by 25 this season and lost to James lucky three at the end.

    • Francisco says:

      lucky 3 not , clutch 3 , more respect after all he is 33.3 % at the end in the last 24 seconds of the game , which is not good but still better than 31% of kobe since 1997, Carmelo the best 47.5

    • Mytownla says:

      ummmmmm im guessing u dont know much about basketball but come playoffs, they would only have to face one of those western conference squads, so an “or” should replace that “and” after OKC, then your comment would make more sense bruh. And if anything, the Heat WILL NOT see Memphis in the finals, but if they some how miraculously did, im more than certain Miami would not be afraid of their chances at a re-peat…

      Btw…. Lakeshow will be boomin come playoffs, so tell Miami and Bron Bron to watch out, the Mamba is coming to kick u off yo throne homie

      • W/E says:

        Poor weakling Lakers blow BIG TIME, they are gunna get CREAMED AND HUMILATED REALLY UGLY in the first round…i see Kobe crying and yelling to everyone in the locker room..

    • bullsfan0218 says:

      Lucky? He was aiming for the bottom of the net and he hit it. No luck involved hes a great 3 point shooter

  14. KunJayMaster says:

    The longer this goes on, the more dangerous it becomes for Miami to try and get this record. A loss to an unexpected team will drain them emotionally and we need every bit of fire to make it to the end. That Cavalier game took everything they had to win it, i rather they end this streak on their own terms.

    • Sheku says:

      BEST COMMENT on this page…. You are right, the more they win, the more their health is @ risk…We want the ring at the end of the day, the streak is good for the press… not for the players

  15. Bob says:

    After watching that Cleveland game, this streak, is by no means, a cakewalk. This is the Heat’s MO, they can’t get up for some games and get beat around by a Cavs team missing 3 starters and get out rebounded 29-12 by them. They seem to enjoy the drama and the rush of adrenaline that takes them on a big run. David Carradine would be proud.

  16. RB3 says:

    Spurs vs. Heat will definitely be the game of the season!