The Kings Nearly Stopped The Streak

HANG TIME WEST – Of course they think about it.

The Kings had a very good chance to beat the defending champions on Feb. 26, in Miami and everything. That in itself ranks the missed opportunity pretty high on the regret scale. But now the Heat have 24 consecutive wins, have amassed the second-longest winning streak in NBA history and have the record of 33 in a row by the 1971-72 Lakers within range, and it’s the Kings, of all teams, that had the best chance to end the Miami express.

“It’s crazy to think that we could have been that team to break the streak,” power forward Jason Thompson said.

The Cavaliers had the Heat on the ropes Wednesday in Cleveland, leading by 27 points before Miami asserted itself for a 98-95 victory. Two nights before that, the Celtics were up 17 in Boston and the visitors responded for a 105-103 win. But the Kings. Oh, the Kings.

Sacramento went into the game with a 19-38 record but built an eight-point lead in the first half. It was within 112-110 after consecutive 3-pointers from Marcus Thornton. And after Dwyane Wade missed two free throws with 20.8 seconds remaining in regulation, the Kings capitalized when DeMarcus Cousins put back an offensive rebound with nine seconds to force overtime.

That five-minute extra period ended at 124-124. Sacramento got off the ride there – the Heat opened the second overtime with an 11-3 run and went on to a 141-129 victory, tying a Miami team record for single-game scoring as LeBron James had 40 points, 16 assists and eight rebounds while Wade went for 39 points, eight rebounds and seven assists.

“We still weren’t in the caliber of that basketball team,” Kings coach Keith Smart said some three weeks later. “Close, but we didn’t get the ultimate prize.”

The win.

“I thought we had it, yes,” Smart said. “But until it actually goes in the bucket, you walk in the locker room and say, ‘Man, it was real close.’ But I thought our guys played the right way. For the most part, our team has played pretty well against a lot of teams. There’s been only a handful, if a handful, of games where we just couldn’t do anything and were really blown out. But overall, these guys have competed and played at a high level and worked every day like you were playing for it all. That’s all you can ask for a team. With all the other issues that have gone on with our basketball team, nevertheless these guys still come in with a working mentality and we’re going to keep going until our opportunity comes. And it’s coming.

“That game is in the books until the next time we play the Miami Heat, which is next year. You move on. There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s great for basketball right now. It’s great for our fans and fans of basketball that are kind of watching this and kind of looking.”

That night at AmericanAirlines Arena extended the Heat winning streak to 12, which seemed pretty impressive at the time. In the new perspective of 24 in a row and counting, it is an infant moment in the serious run at history that almost never happened.


  1. Just saying says:

    In fact the magic got robbed,it was clear that the refs did a wrong call against Tobias Harris with a little over 50 sec remaining…I was actually waiting for the NBA to announce the wrong call was made just like other games this year but I wasn’t surprised that nothing came out…Not even a blog about that game when Vucevic were owning the Heat again but no surprise they called a sixth and final foul on him with the game on the line…Battier is a big time flopped,I wonder why he’s not been warned yet…

    • Have you watched the game? says:

      I am an OKC fan and I watched that game between the HEAT and ORL. I would say yes Vucevic owned them, Chris Bosh is so soft that game. But the fouls that were called are legitimate. Battier is one of the best to get on the right position and take those charging fouls. That is called basketball smarts. I hope OKC can get rid of that Russel Westbrook so that they can have a chance in winning a title. Please trade Westbrook and get Harden back!

      • BJ says:

        Westbook is young and is still maturing about the game and life in general. He will be fine. Everyone has to grow up at their own pace. He’s doing nothing any different than Kobe when he first came into the league at 18, Charles Barkley was a complete nutjob when he came into the league, Cousins is really really good, but he’s immature himself and won’t listen. They all have to grow up and that comes with age and experience. Westboork will be fine.

  2. Mike says:

    It’s funny because people try to put down the heat’s streak and mention a bunch of teams they’ve beaten on the streak, or earlier in the season. If they beat San Antonio then I don’t think anyone can really complain

  3. Chris says:

    You mean the magic didn’t?

  4. Mln08 says:

    No one can stop heat

    • dink says:

      a lot of people can here s a list san Antonio , Denver , boston, Memphis , okc , lob city , Indiana , knicks , nets could all beat the heat this yr , just watch , the heat are gonna choke , im predicting Indiana upsets them in 6 in east finals , you heard it here first

      • Marco29 says:

        The only 3 teams from those you mention that Miami did not beat during their streak are San Antonio, Denver and Brooklyn (not the most difficult to beat though).
        San Antonio will have a shot at ending the two current streaks over the next 11 days facing Denver and Miami..

    • Jason Page says:

      The Heat are going to be very hard to beat, probably unbeatable in series playoff games!

  5. BJ says:

    and they will beat the Lakers record with the sorry mediocre teams in the east that are lined up for the rest of the way. The only team of any Caliber on their list is San Antonio, now that will be the game to see what Miami is made up. San Antonio is no joke. that team is flawless and runs like a well lubed engine. Miami is good, but they are standing above everyone in the east because the east is weak. Any with bball IQ can see this.

    Miami should have had a road trip over here thru the wild, wild west and see how they stood up agianst these teams out this way.

    • Marco29 says:

      Sure the SAS game will be a must-see but don’t forget that Miami defeated OKC, Memphis and Clippers twice in their streak, not only weak Eastern teams.

      • BJ says:

        The Clippers did the same thing in theri streak in Dec. they didnt play OKC though. the east coast teams are mediocre, thats why Miami is standing above the rest. I just dont think that streak would have lasted so long if they were out here in the west. the west is strong and their is fierce competition. Miami is not standing out above everyone in both conferences. all the teams you mentioned have won and lost agiasnt Miami.

  6. W/E says:

    “nearly” stopped the streak…