Heat Have To Be Careful Chasing History


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — As a card-carrying member of the “Go-For-What-You-Know-Right-Now” club, it pains me to even think about what I’m about to suggest.

But after watching the Miami Heat’s latest comeback effort to keep their win streak (24 games and counting) alive in Cleveland, someone has to go ahead and say it out loud: Chasing the Los Angeles Lakers’ NBA-record 33-game win streak might not be worth the wear and tear, both physical and emotional, that the Heat will have to endure on their way to the playoffs.

Their streak is nothing short of amazing in today’s NBA, a remarkable feat by any measure. You only hope this pursuit of greatness — even with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and their teammates Stephen Jackson-ing pressure situations on the regular — doesn’t break the Heat down later.

Remember, that vaunted Lakers’ team led by Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and Gail Goodrich went on their 33-game tear from November 5, 1971 to January 9, 1972. Since I wasn’t born back then, I’m making a huge assumption here, but … the Lakers would have had time to wrap themselves up in the streak, process the mind-boggling feat of winning every night out for months, enjoy being untouchable and then move on in plenty of time for the postseason, where they won it all.

They had plenty of time to rest, recover and recharge for the playoffs and their quest for the ultimate prize.

The toll taken on the only other team to chase the streak into this territory since then, the Houston Rockets from 2007-08, however, was substantial.

Heat forward Shane Battier, as integral a piece on that Rockets team as he is now alongside James and Wade, remembers that 22-game grind well. “That was so different, because that streak was pretty organic,” he said. “It came out of left field and no one could explain it. We couldn’t explain it, because it was a bunch of journeymen and role players doing it.

“The thing I remember about that streak was the Laker game, when we won 22. It took everything out of us. Kobe tried to single-handedly beat us on national TV. And it took everything out of us. And Boston came in the next game and kicked our butts. We actually lost four out of five after that. We just were spent emotionally.”

The Heat will have a such a huge cushion in the Eastern Conference standings whenever their streak ends that they’ll be able to survive whatever comes next and stay atop the standings. What they have to guard against, though, is any lingering residue from the streak that could impact their postseason.

This is a team that will not be defined by this streak, but by how they finish the season. And they know as much.

“We have bigger goals,” Battier said. “It’s cool to win [24], but our main goal is still ahead of us. In Houston, it was so out of left field and no one could explain it. That was fun, because it was truly lightning in a bottle. We appreciate the work and the luck that goes into something like this.”

The marathon that is the 82-game NBA season has built-in pockets where even the greatest of teams need to take advantage of the opportunities to rest their biggest stars. (I am in no way co-signing Gregg Popovich‘s rest tactics for the San Antonio Spurs … but I’m not saying I disagree with his tactics, either.)

I agree with the crowd that believes there is wisdom in preserving the physical well-being of the men who will be charged with collecting 16 playoff wins/ They mean far more than any of the 24 victories in the Heat’s streak.

A day will come when a 27-point deficit will not be worth trying to rally back from, when the burden of this streak, the fatigue of such a monumental endeavor, will not be worth risking what’s to come.

We’re aware, and it’s a special opportunity that we have with this group,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said earlier this week, before sweating through that Cleveland comeback. “And you don’t want to take it for granted. You want to treat every day as a special opportunity to be with this group, to share these moments together, but more importantly to take a step closer to going after our goal. And every day that we improve puts us in a better position in a quest where nothing is guaranteed for anybody.”

He’s absolutely right about that quest. Nothing is guaranteed, especially in the postseason. So it’s best to go in as physically and mentally ready as possible.


  1. Tom says:

    I say go for the streak. People talk far too much trash about the Heat for them to show any mercy. Kill’em Heat! The Heat are not expending energy. If you notice the Heat are not even playing the full game. And also the Heat are a team that can play half the game and still win. And the Bulls won alot of games in 96 and didn’t get tired so it is possible.

  2. dink says:

    the heat play in the weakest division in the nba , southeast , Washington , charlotte , Atlanta , Orlando , lol wat a joke

  3. caloyski says:


  4. Realist2013 says:

    Never compare the spurs to the heat. The Difference is Pop ‘s team is deep enough and he has like a 10 man rotation so it doesnt hurt as much when Parker is out (granted he is a key player) because everyone gets steady play time. I like the , but muscling your way through can only go so far. Like mike tyson in his prime was all about exerting all his power in the first few rounds to knock out anopponent. As soon as they realized his strat the old Ali rope-a-dope wore the champ out. Just my 2 cents

  5. LeBron Devil Worshiper says:

    Its easy for lebron to pull off late game heroics when hes worshiping the devil. Ever notice he and the heat really come alive during the THIRD quarter, just saying id like to see him not throw all those hand signs in the beginning then see how he does lol

  6. ladyshakalaka says:

    I am a DIEHARD Heat fan! When a team can go out there and beat every team in every way possible its an amazing feat! The goal of the NBA is for you to win as many games so you can so you can have home court advantage in every playoff series. Now because they are making every effort to win every game this is going to help them in the playoffs. They are teaching themselves that no matter what happens up or down they can beat every team! Every team is now psychologically affected! I have never seen teams come to play as hard as they did as Boston and Cleveland! Those last two teams wanted to be placed in history as the steak busting team! Miami is getting everybody’s best most intense efforts and if they keep winning there is no stopping them in the playoffs! They should continue the streak until they have 5 games left then rest the main players and allow the bench warmers get their game on so they can help in THE PLAYOFFS! GO HEAT

  7. LebronKingOfNba says:

    before the streak – miami heat should play hard, and win games. they have the switch button. they should always turn it on.

    after 24 winning streak – the miami should lay low. cool down, take a rest. they will get tired.

    this media really makes…. . . . .. ahahhhhaha! just sit and watch. miami will win games and be the champ also this year

  8. KramLessur says:

    Why dont you just let Spoelstra do his thing? Do you think he would just let his stars exhausted when the playoffs starts? Just appreciate what this team is doing. A comeback victory after another. And every win counts. They should positioned themselves for the homecourt advantage especially for the NBA Finals. Cant you see each and every game every player rises up for the challenge. I remember when LBJ just scored 10+ points and they still wins the game. Btw, beating every team/oponent in the league boost their confidence and spirit to win it all this year.

  9. asdfrom says:

    I think the main concern is to stay healthy. Every player of the Heat team. Maybe practice plays for special scenarios (That’s for Eric, accept an elite status as a coach). Explore time management on end games and shot selection depending on the clock. Practice shots that did not go well even if it counted. That’s specially for Lebron and Wade and Chalmers(oppotunistic shots) too. Don’t Panic if trailing, meaning don’t push it hard as to get an injury. And that’s about it. From the beginning, it is the health that brought us here. TAKE CARE!!! GOD BLESS!!!

  10. Katumba says:

    I don’t get it. Do the Heat have to play exceptionally well to continue the streak? i thought they are just playing their game with the same mind set and intensity , streak or not.
    If they were not streaking , i don’t think anyone will ask that they rest their key players. Just let them continue to play the way they’ve been playing always.
    One thing I’ve observed is they did not play extraordinary to win against the Cavs. They just played the right way towards the end of the game.
    Frankly speaking, the Heat have not been playing very well the first 2 quarters in their last 4 games or so.
    I don’t see any one saying anything about that. They always have to fight from behind which kinda puts a lot of pressure on them.

    The question we should ask is that , How effective and productive is their starting lineup?
    Which set of players are most productive on the floor?

    Despite the fact that they are streaking, there’s still lots of corrections to be made.
    I just see that day coming , when a team will just hand them a shocking blowout.
    They cannot recover from large deficits all the time.

    Luckily for the Heats, the other teams don’t hold up well getting to the end of the game .
    You can say the Heat have a lot of confidence and perseverance , but they are not playing particularly well especially during the first half of the game.
    If the streak will end , it will come from one of the unsung teams. Forget about SPURS .
    I think Spoelstra should carefully review the productivity of his starting lineup . I have some concerns with the mix.
    They look potent but really not getting the results.

  11. Kobeblackhole says:

    Every year someone gets crowned a champion a team gets crowned a champion, but does it happen every season where any one team could get streaks like this? ok houston is a champion, spurs is a champion, boston a champion and so on and so on but do they have these streaks? NO… so championship or not go for the record! it will be cemented in the record books on top of everyone else.

  12. LeBlocked says:

    The streak is seeing its final few games as hard as it is to say. The role players are starting to become weary, and it is showing. They have had to pull big comeback out of nowhere the past few games in a row, so I don’t see how they can consistently do that. They would be like this year’s Jazz, always having to come back down double digits.

  13. qdr says:

    I find the article abit pointless, what athlete with any competitiveness would not want to rally back from a deficir or keep playing hard, did m.j ever give up, ever say hey i better rest myself, that is what sets the elite athletes apart, coaches rest their players far to much, what happened to the player mentality of leaving it all on the floor every game. Its sad people don’t want to see greatness anymore, championships are important but i would feel ripped off if that team did not fight every single game, i hate seeing teams who focus on resting players to save them for playoffs.

  14. Sean says:

    A bunch of journeymen, huh Shane? The Rockets had T-Mac, Yao Ming, Mutombo… On a serious note though, the Heat could learn a thing or two from the Rockets franchise cos I doubt anyone believes that the Rockets team that won those twenty two games in a row was in any way as good as the team that repeated in 94-95. Win as many as you may in the regular season, the measure of true greatness is that Larry O’Brien trophy so it would be highly inadvisable for them to expend an irrecoverable amount of energy on the streak and flunk the playoffs.

  15. Jason says:

    Streak or no streak, athletes should try and win every game.

    Popovich is one of my favorite coaches but his strategy of sitting players has not been proven to guarantee victory.

    Good teams win series period. If a favored team loses, that just means they were not as good as advertised.

    I have never heard of a team losing the NBA finals because of fatigue from playing to hard during the regular season.

  16. jjj says:


  17. Venjo says:

    I guess, we should be happy and enjoy what the Heat does. As a team — it’s nice to see your team winning each night out (if not winning most of the games). The basketball games’ schedules is in there — so why not play when there’s a game? And besides give respect to the fans — who paid just to see their favorite player/s playing. I don’t agree resting the players, like the Spurs does — that’s totally being “disrespectful” to the fans (and being selfishness, to whoever does that). And besides what’s the difference of playing a night where you loss the game compared to playing and winning a game? I mean once you played a game, of course, you may get tired (either you loss or win, but as long as you have played, still…you may got tired afterwards). But that’s your job as an NBA professional player. Well, the feeling is more tiring when you loss anyway. Bottom line, these NBA players are professionals — and are being paid by the fans to play. And they got their prior schedules which has been prepared “prior” by the league. So what’s the point of not playing when you’re being scheduled to play for… No fans would want to see such NBA player “sitting out” for a night when they have game. The point is…each team have all the times/means to keep these professionals healthy — and should be healthy to at least be able to play each night when they are scheduled to play. If you don’t want to get tired then simply get out of the NBA (and play chess maybe, and other non-sweating games). And if you don’t want to win — then simply not play or don’t go to the basketball gym at all (and better do it like the whole team “as in no-one” is going to play at all — more so IF you may just let your opponent simply took the win afterwards anyway, so what’s the point?) — this is not basketball then.

  18. Johnny says:

    The fact that the Heat have won 24 consecutive games and counting is a testament to their longevity and drive. I don’t think they will be worn out. At the very least LeBron James won’t be worn out because he is not a human being. He is either a super-human from another planet or a government test tube baby created to be the perfect athlete. Either way, the competition is screwed and the rest of us highly entertained.

  19. Himura says:

    Hi everyone.

    I’m a fan of Miami heat and I think that the Heat must stop to pursuit the record of 33 victories. The playoffs are almost here and we need the Heat Team fresh. I think that the Heat should do like San Antonio did. Get some rest for the players, no matter the game. The Heat needs to be ready and fresh for the playoff.

    I don’t want to see that The Miami Heat happen what it happened to San Antonio last season. They won many game straight but they lost in the postseason.

    • L says:

      The spurs rested last year and were”fresh” and didn’t make it to the finals plus they only rest the guys with grand kids all teams r tired not just the heat and playing but losing wont freshen them up

  20. Dan Wolves says:

    The fans spend their hard-earned money to watch the Heat specially their stars play, and not just to be in their expensive suits. The coaching & conditioning staff know what’s best for the players and would never risk injury with the playoffs just around the corner. If the Heat continue to play the way they are playing, I don’t see any team being able to be an obstacle for them not tying or beating the record.

  21. Venjo says:

    I guess, we should be happy and enjoy what the Heat does. As a team — it’s nice to see your team winning each night out (if not winning most of the games). The basketballs games schedules in in there — so why not play when there’s a game? And besides give respect to fans — who paid just to see their favorite player playing. I don’t agree resting the players, like the Spurs does — that’s totally disrespect to the fans (and being selfishness, to whoever does that). And besides what’s the difference of playing a night where you loss the game compared to playing and winning a game? I mean once you played a game, of course, you may get tired (either you loss or win, but as long as played, still you got tired afterwards). But that’s your job as an NBA professional player. Well, the feeling is more tiring when you lose anyway. Bottom line, these NBA players are professionals — and are being paid by the fans to play. And they got their prior schedules which has been prepared prior by the league. So what’s the point of not playing when you’re being scheduled to play for… No fans would want to see such NBA player “sitting out” for a night when they have game. The point is…each team have all the times/means to keep this professionals healthy — and should be healthy to at least be able to play each night they are scheduled to play. If don’t to get tired then get out of the NBA (and play chess maybe, and other non-sweating games). And if you don’t want to win — then simply not play and don’t got the basketball gym at all (better the whole team as in no-one is going to play at all — IF you may just let your opponent simply took the win afterwards) — this is not basketball then.

  22. mikmaks says:

    they should just win as much as they can. continue the streak or not, what matters is they get the home court as right now, spurs and okc are still with them on top.

  23. NBALogics says:

    If they win 34 straight they have 5 games left to rest. They are getting better each game because they are playing against there self (Mentally) and not the other team.

  24. allan vernon says:

    i remmember that sundayafternoon i was lookin at ohio st minnesota collage game ron behagens luke whitt they had alittlefisticle the game were on cbs the next game were between the lakers vs bucksand the great big O abdul and happy heinstein had this little get 2geather after karrem smoke him wilt came in jabberface an they square offjabbar in his art stance check the tape c b s that the day the lakers streak came too a end big O jabbar allen danridge perry smith

  25. needisaymore says:

    The Heat will be beaten in the first round by either the Milwaukee Bucks,Boston Celtics,or Chicago Bulls depending on which team finishes in the eighth position. all three of these teams match up good against the Heat and have better coaching. it was a big mistake not resting the three amigos down the stretch and it’s too late now to make a difference the damage has already been done. don’t think for a minute that Boston and Chicago aren’t hoping the streak continues cause everyday it continues gets those clubs closer to the second round. the funny part is that Miami plays SanAntonio in Texas and will lose that game and the streak would have been all for nothing. Miami can barely beat Cleveland,do you really think they can beat SanAntonio in Texas…..not gonna happen.

    • Buck Murdock says:

      Boston lost to the Hornets last night – Milwaukee lost to the Hawks and Chicago got popped by 10 tonight against Portland. I’m thinking your match up and coaching theory may look as dumb as your post come playoff time.

    • Conway says:

      You’re matchup and coaching theory will look as dumb as your post come playoff time

  26. Sean says:

    Well, it’s definitely a dillema.

    In my view, it’s more important that they get a historical winning streak than win a championship–however, with the way things have gone, it looks like they might get both.

    Should they go for the winning streak? Definitely. I mean, a 33-game winning streak happened once in 66 years, while championships happen every year. Championships are no rare thing in the NBA. At the end, it’s about the prestige, and nothing are as prestigious than being on a team that is historically remembered.

    Which one do I favor they pick? First streak, then championship–preferabally both.

    For NBA hoops, checkout awesomereadings.blog.com.

  27. r says:

    i don’t think these guys will be fatigued or mentally drained at all in the post season. even if the go undefeated until then. the miami heat right now are a special bunch of guys. with the power to endure anything.

  28. Heat030634 says:

    I think after the game against cavs, Spoelstra will give chance to bench players so superstars can rest. He’s not the type of coach who will sacrifice the team members’ health just for streaks, It’s his job to balance the time.
    What I like about these superstars, it’s very normal for them to play in such long hours. Compare LeBron when he’s in cavs, he had a great stamina. I think he can rest more in Miami Heat than in Cavs.
    We can’t stop them breaking the 33-streaks because their goal right now is getting better everyday. They are challenging themselves. It’s helpful because they can improve their rhythm.
    It’s good to see them breaking the 33-streaks and winning the championship. I trust Spoelstra in securing the health of its members.

  29. Hater4life! says:

    I hope spo does rest his players…against San Antonio. Let wade, lebron, bosh and Allen sit out, then see if the spurs fans hoping to see the heat’s stars are ok with a coach being more preoccupied with winning championships and Sticking it to the league. And then hopefully the game is close. That way, even though its obvious the bench players of the heat will be more amped than the disappointed spurs, and an undermanned team plays differently (effectively negating scouting reports and preparation strategies), the heat fans can still say that the heat would’ve won, and they’re a much better team.

  30. AuguryBot says:

    I think it’s a psychological advantage to essentially “never lose.”
    It may be tiring physically but imagine the confidence gained by this streak. They’ve beaten just about everybody and climbed back to win despite the odds. They simply don’t give up. They play with underdog energy but also with championship confidence.

    All of these wins and 4th quarter/overtime games equals a challenge. They are challenging themselves to be better, to perform more consistently and to produce wins no matter what. I think it’s an unstoppable freight train that’s going to psychologically annihilate opponents come playoffs. The Heat are getting better by playing this way….

  31. David Stern says:

    I just love how everyone thinks they’re such experts about basketball and the NBA when they comment here. Good entertainment

  32. WixWooky says:

    24 is cute.
    But 72-10 is way better

  33. sanjay says:

    It is a misconception that heat is the only team that would be worn out by playoff time due to steak! Dont you see other teams gutting it out every day for the play off match ups from 1 to 8? lakers,spurs,nyk,okc,denver,memphis,celtics, And these teams are already have injury problems. The chicago team won nearly 73 games and won the championship. During that season they have plenty of under 20 steaks! Nearly 16 teams are gutting out every match for the play off spot! There is a dog war on the west even for the first spot! And dog war on the east from 4 to 8!
    So all the teams would be equally tired. In the cleveland come back it was 3 pointers and some stops that made them come back! And the spolstra is managing the minutes very well. Four of heat playes are yet to get the game during this streak!
    Miami has not even hit top gear yet! And scary thing is chalmers is just getting started, ray allen is finding his rhytm,bird is getting stronger, bosh better,lebron finishing better and wade jumping better. Come play off time it is the others who have to conjure lot of energy to challenge heat from coast to coast!!
    watch out!!!

  34. The Heat should pursue this streak, because it will put them in the upper echelon of the NBA… It is not guaranteed that they will win the title so they have to control what they can do right now…. Even the Patriots get some type of respect even though they didn’t win a Superbowl, they are still known as the only team to every go 16-0… They have to attach that they didn’t win a Superbowl cause the failure will always be the main focus…. Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Reggie Miller, John Stockton, Dan Marino, Brian Urlacher, and Jim Kelly will always be known as exceptional athletes with no rings!!! Cause their failures are more publicized than there acomplishments, but they are all still mentioned as one of the greatest ever!!!! PS. Lebron have a ring and he is already ahead of the Jordan curve!!!!!

  35. vitamilk says:

    This article doesn’t make sense. A streak no matter how long is not necessarily followed by fatigue or wear and tear. The same could just as easily happen for a streak of losses or for any team below .500. Every team in the league plays night in and night out. It all depends on how the coach and the players prepare themselves physically and emotionally before each and every game, regardless of streaks. If you view it from another perspective, comeback wins like this can build a teams confidence that any adversary or deficit can be overcome if they focus on the goal and work together. Let them carve their names in history. Let all NBA fans watch and enjoy. We won’t know if this will happen again in our lifetime.

    • SDeeeezy says:

      you all need to calm down cos guess what!!!! they aren’t going to beat the 33 game streak they/ll go to 29 and then guess what!!! they have the spurs at home…GAME OVER streak and you can all focus on the playoffs.. and everyone that thinks this streak is more important that a ring is an idiot.. The championship is why the game is played in the first place.. if the streak is more important answer one question.. Say the heat by some miracle break the streak and then bust out in the playoffs do u think they’ll be walking around saying who cares we have the longest streak EVER..no they will be the laughing stock of the nba…

  36. zgillet says:

    This article goes against everything that is basketball. Every player should ALWAYS play to win EVERY game, all-out, all the time when able. I think the Heat would be just fine going into the playoffs having won EVERY GAME UP TO THEN. Did the 72 win Bulls look tired?

  37. Sigh says:

    I always play to win. why shouldn’ i win all the 82 games plus playoff?
    The Heat thould atleast win more to claim home advantege. Let the streak be the streak.

    • fvfv says:

      I could not care any less for this streak. It is already the best 2nd all time, which is a huge accomplishment with today’s defense oriented basketball.

      I am much more intrigued on when will the heat wrap up first seed on the east. That is the really important accomplishment now before the championship. If my math is not that wrong, I believe either 3 more wins or 2 more wins and 2 indiana losses might wrap up number 1 seed. After that, let the Heat play with the bench and rest the big 3 as much as possible !!!

  38. Max says:

    I am a Heat fan so just wish them well and let them do what they do best, win games. The person that was worried about someone getting hurt well that could happen in any game at anytime. If they get the record great if they don’t so what. Just enjoy the run!

  39. cesar says:

    are you kidding ? if you rest the big three commish stern will be mad and fine them… whatever… the heat know themselves, spo knows the right thing… break the record and win championship.. that’s their goal…. lets go heat!

  40. AJ Mills says:

    Sekou, you wrote this whole post without acknowledging that maybe–just maybe–a win in Cleveland could be about more than just preserving the streak.

  41. PREPUSIO says:

    GO HEAT!!!!

  42. ko0kiE says:

    the nba should really change their 82-game schedule if teams (like the Spurs) are continually going to rest their players.. after all its a fans game and all those championships etc. would be worth NOTHING without fans celebrating their teams, players.. paying for the tixx, merchandise etc.
    and if you don’t play for the fans, just for championships.. what the f…? cut their salary now!

  43. RICKofYANBU says:

    remember the story of the RABBIT AND TURTLE..
    don’t rest until the game is over..

  44. theking0522 says:

    Guys, relax!!! I told you I am huge Heat’s fan already. I WANT the Heat to break the record. However, I am more concern about a championship. What I am saying is that Miami should try to stablish a lead earlier (like they are more than capable of doing). If you are down by more than 20 in any upcoming game in the 3 Quarter, then coach Spoelstra should pull the starters from the game. It takes extra energy defensively and offensively to come back from 20 down. I don’t want to risk an injury. By all means, let’s brake the record. I will be the happiest man on the earth, but we cannot keep playing weak in the earlier quarters and then spend so much energy trying to come back. We can beat any team in the league without having to comeback from 20 or 17 down.

  45. mad scientist. Haley says:

    They are pushing for 40 in a row more power to them…and what it will do psychogilcally to the opposition best of luck team. It will be nice when people stop comparing you to past legends who played in a fundamentally different league and start comparing future and current stars to you…then you will be legend


    Enough of the Streak as of the moment,
    Time to get another Ring for the King…
    MIAMI Heat all day…. –Daniel Razon Oldpath

  47. Patty says:



  48. JMaine says:

    maybe someone will get injured maybe they won’t, but it’s sad that, that’s all you haters have to hang onto because you know that’s probably and the only way the heat are not going to repeat. Minus San Antonio and the C’s.

  49. Tim Brown says:

    Isn’t the whole point of playing basketball to win games? Seems like that’s what Miami is trying to do. Do you expect them to throw games so that they can be rested in the playoffs? it’s ridiculous and a waste of words to think otherwise.

  50. AVAKIL says:

    This is ridiculous…whose ever heard of being criticized for winning too many games…lol…give me a break

  51. danny says:

    Look wade is healthy, lebron is the best player on the planet and the supporting cast is all chipping in. The streak is good but the heat want home court advantage throughout the playoffs, I think that is their priority. Onc that is safe players will rest. These players dnt want to rest, they want to play. The streak will end when it ends, its up o the heat and the players/

  52. mario lima says:

    Look at the 72 Dolphins perfect season they still are talked about. Did they rest no GO HEAT!!

  53. mario lima says:

    Listen people you are young once go for it !!! When you get older you will look back and say you did this your way win or loose championships. You do not want to ask yourself and your team mates could of would of.Go FOR IT !!!!!
    GO HEAT!!!1

  54. paulybitter says:

    hater above me…

    that’s not gonna happen just watch and enjoy the heat history..

  55. standard says:

    The Heat should keep up: you just don’t reach too far
    to lose on purpose come on everybody!!
    the core of the team are young and strong if someone can do it are them.
    i’m not neither a lebron or a heat’s fan.
    but you got to acknowledge the greatness when you see it.

  56. Streak ahead! says:

    Think about it. They’re probably going to sweep or take it to 5 games to who ever is in the 8th seed and get 4+ days of rest anyways…This streak is just perfect to get into playoff mode for the Heat

  57. omar says:

    What team won the NBA Championship in 1976?

    What team has the longest NBA winning streak?


    You don’t know the answer the first question, you had to google it. But you did know the answer to the second question.

    That should tell you which is more important, for years and decades to come, with every winning streak in the NBA, people will talk about the Miami Heat in 2013. If they win another championship, it won’t be a deal after a while.

    The difference is clear to me, do what no one has done before and break the record,

  58. zak says:

    You forget to mention that between their last two games they have a 13 day break.

  59. Do you really think in the locker room they haven’t mentioned it? I don’t. I’m tipping they’ve been mentioning it, and want the all time record AND go back to back. Their game is so dominant up both ends of the court, I don’t remember Basketball being this entertaining to watch since the Laker show time 80’s of the Bulls of the 90’s yet the Heat of 2013 have the depth and trust in each other now to even take on those two past greats!

  60. theholyspectator says:

    yeah, im sure its gotta be a concern for the heat coaching staff…the big 3 needa get well rested before playoffs start…it woulda been one thing for this streak to have started up in the earlier part of the year..but this is towards the end of the season…they clicnhed the playoffs..guess they want home court advantage thru the finals…but i also feel heat needa take advantage of these weaker teams that they face by coming out the first half of the game and destroy these teams, build 15-20 point leads so that they can rest their stars towards the end…lebron shouldnt be playin for 35+ minutes nor dwade against these wack teams…and one injury to lebron or warde/bosh and its gonna be an extremely tough journey thru the playoffs ….def if lebron goes down…and the heat do not need that for this repeat

  61. Sarge says:

    What do you suggest then, Mr, Sekou, they lose on purpose? That’s not how true champions are built. Devoping a never quit mentality is better for them in the long run, because, rest or no rest, everybody will be tired in the playoffs. It takes, great mental strength to get thru those extra 16 games. Look at it this way, there are a lot of teams in the NBA right now putting out the same effort as Miami on a nightly basis, just to make the playoffs or to earn a better seed. Dom you suggest they quit too? Wouldnt the same be as physically and mentally draining? Atleast this streak keeps them focused and gives them pride as a team. As one of my dear friends said, somebody wins a championship every year, but not winning 34 games will be unique to them for them to take a sole position in history where no one else will be mentioned in the same sentence. I say go for the gusto. Conquering that will give them such a sense of confidence and immortality going into the playoffs. It will do them no harm

  62. GottaLoveShaq says:

    I am a Heat fan as well and I do worry about this sort of thing, but I think that it will work itself out though even if they go the rest of the season without losing. Obviously the Big Three are probably going to sit out for the last 2 games (@ Cleveland and against Orlando) at least. This will give them time to rest and prepare for the playoffs mentally and still keep home court through the Finals. If they win those games without the Big 3… great; If they lose… so what? There will already be a record by that point with a week to recooperate. I don’t think that they should intentionally lose on their own terms. That is bad sportsmanship, but sitting the starters for the last couple of chippies is expected. Whatever the outcome, they will be ready to dominate come playoff time!

  63. leo says:

    you gotta think the positive side of it…comeback wins or blowout wins, doesn’t matter…as you can see, players are enjoying themselves though they’re playing so much minutes…if they break LA’s record, that could serve as an additional inpiration defending their title….so just be supportive enough to whatever they do and never wish them to get lose…

  64. pauly says:


    • Pakyaw says:

      Is that what you hoping for?

    • jose says:


    • Delusional Ox says:

      You’ve said the same thing twice now. Good work.

  65. pauly says:


  66. Echo says:

    As what the coaching staff said.. they are not chasing or talking about any winning streak in the locker room.. they only just want to win games and improve everyday.. and whats wrong with that?

  67. Matt says:

    What they are doing is fine. They are winning games. They arent going to lose on purpose, and they arent going to beat themselves up if they lose. Their minutes are fine and nobody needs to rest, as we still need to make sure the heat secure the #1 spot so in the finals they have home court advantage. 33 is just as big of a deal as a ring imo. someone wins a ring every year, no matter what, so as a good team its almost like you did your job well, the best. but to win 34 games straight is something nobody has ever done before in the entire history of the sport. this heat team will go down as one of the best teams to ever play the game. positionless basketball at its best, all being lead by lebron james. go get 34 straight, something nobody has ever been able to do. not mj, not kobe, not chamberlain, not shaq, not anyone. they will be ready in the playoffs, especially since the east is so weak the first round will be a wash. they are mentally sharp and prepared for this. dont quit

  68. Jonathan says:

    they have to be competitive until maybe the last week of the season if their fate in the standings is secured. It’s not like they have the best record in the NBA by a large margin.

    Also mentally resting too soon in the season can prove to be a bad idea

  69. W/E says:

    The HEAT should keep up and BRAKE THE RECORD, they have 2 weeks of rest after so its worth it they can go down in history as one of the best teams ever if they brake the record and get the championship so yes its worth it go for it and dont get distracted by anyone or anything this is it, ITS THEIR CHANCE,THEIR TIME TO WRITE HISTORY ITS NOW OR NEVER.

  70. Logan S says:

    I think we just let the Heat get the record and the championship, then call it a day.


    It’s okay for the 24 WINNING STREAKS… its awesome,
    Come playoff time, needs to take a few rest…
    2nd Best in NBA History, its Great achievement already…
    still MIAMI HEAT all day…

    –Daniel Razon Oldpath

  72. NBA says:

    We all get it now, your a cavs fan

  73. KunJayMaster says:

    You know I’ve asked myself the same question. If the Heat keep on to beat the record it will be April 9 against the Bucks, and the playoffs start April 20. Even though there’s like a week in a half to rest I don’t think it’s worth it. They are already in the History books and even beating this record not winning the championship would be a disaster. I vote to end it on their own terms, so there’s no emotional shock when they lose.

    • The Bulls says:

      End it on their own terms? Emotional shock? This is basketball. Man up and kick butt. Oh it would be a disaster! Boo hoo. Get over it.
      Those who make history don’t hold back. They give it their all and triumph. They take no prisoners and they certainly don’t throw any games. Be a man. Do the right thing. Don’t be a scared weakling. To succeed, one must fight to the end and make history.

  74. theking0522 says:

    I don’t know if I should say this as a Heat fan, but I kind of wanted the streak to be over yesterday. Listen, for me a championship is more important than a 33 game streak. Teams are judged by championships, not by their streaks. I think that the Heat have to do a better job trying to get ahead of bad teams right away so The Big three can rest in the 4th quarter…Don’t get me wrong. I WANT THE HEAT TO BREAK THE RECORD. However, a championship is more important for me. That game took a monumental effort and lots of energy from our main players. If we are down by more than 20 against Detroit tomorrow, get the starters out of the game and rest them for the rest of the night. Period..Either the Heat get a big lead from the beginning or Spoelstra should sit everybody for the whole night. Having to come back every night takes a lot from a team. Championship is a priority.

    • Bruno says:

      I totally agree! Spoelstra should pull a popovich here and just sit the big 3 next 2 games. If they win anyway with the bench, great! If they lose, it will be of Spoelstra’s design. Win win situation.

      • they should continue Pursuing for that streak! and by the time the playoff reaches…they will get worn out! hahaha!

      • Aram says:

        Worn out huh? So if a team losses 24 game streak , eventually they will win in the playoffs?

      • GuitarAttack says:

        I think Spoelstra should just rest the starters in the 4Q regardless of the score. If anything, for such competitive stars as Wade and James it will teach them to play with desperation the first 3Qs and not fall 20+pts behind. Let the stars play so they can maintain a good game rhythm and to give the fans value for their ticket money, just make sure they aren’t overexerting themselves or playing too recklessly. If you absolutely have to rest them for an entire game, do it right before the match up against San Antonio b/c that will be a statement game. Of course they will be judged solely on what they do in the playoffs, they knew that as soon as the Big 3 came together, but if they can pull off history without getting injured I don’t see how that will hurt their chances. James/Wade/Bosh are still in their 20s, and you want teams to fear you come playoff time.

    • Jon (heat fan) says:

      I agree, I don’t want the heat to expend all their energy on a streak, but you can’t take the streak out of context either. Many of the streak games lebron, wade, and bosh’s minutes where reduced heavily. Spoelstra even said that much of their focus for the rest of the season was going to be built around reducing the amount of minutes played by the big three, there was at least 3-5 games where lebron didn’t even play the fouth quarter, their was another game, where lebron and wade sat out the entire fourth. But lebron came out and said it it, these last few games were more personal than just trying to maintain the streak. It’s just settled in lebron’s mind he is never going to lose a game to cleveland…period. As for the other games the knicks, indiana, milwaukee, boston, those games where all personal they just happen to be stacked one right after the other. One thing you don’t want to happen to the heat going into the playoffs is for them to lose their edge, and their competitive drive, and that only comes and is sustained from winning games. The heat know what they’re doing, especially pat riley, he’s not going compromise his chance to win consecutive championships for some streak…especially since michael jordan is their to steal it from him. GO HEAT!

      • The Bulls says:

        Michael Jordan and the Bobcats aren’t stealing anything from the Heat. Except maybe a loss. Or perhaps a better draft pick.

    • ropes says:

      I don’t care for the streak either but i actually didn’t them to lose to Cleveland. Due to the fact that their fans would get all riled up. They might even throw a parade if the broke the streak

    • joseph tiu says:

      i think u dont understand the concept of winning game by game..how will a common fans will be entertained in a moment heat stars will sitdown when they are down in points?look at a brighter side..miami keeps winning,they found strength each time..keep motivated!improve individually and much more important find ways to improve weakness..and who knows 1 day maybe the heat exceeded expectation..won it all this season or even goes 100+wins well thats ridiculous!but who knows?thats palying Basketball in each situation suited..from a solid Heat fans in dubai lets go heat…..

    • The Bulls says:

      I remember the bulls 72 win season. They competed the whole season until the end trying to get single digit losses in a season. They won the championship that year. On the other hand, I’ve seen Popovich with his misguided attempt to rest his team, make them rusty instead. Remember when the spurs lost in the first round?


      The real reason was the rustiness from too much rest.

      Competition makes you stronger. Practice makes you better. Being in sync and on the page comes from playing time. Resting your guys for does the opposite. Unless you’re injured, playing makes a team better.
      Just because Popovich does it, doesn’t make it right. Popovich is a good coach for many reasons. The strange quirk of not playing the starters at the end of the season is not one of them. Everything the team was working on gets a little lost.

    • The Bulls says:

      On the other hand, I agree, Spoelstra didn’t play the reserves nearly enough. In many of the wins, where the Heat are up big, the starters are still in. Put the freakin bench in! They have fresh legs.